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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Sensational audio recording from Sarah Palin's speech in Wisconsin in which she discusses her "Coin conspiracy" claim - UPDATE

No days without big news about the Quitter Queen!

One member of the audience during Sarah Palin's speech in Wisconsin on November 6, 2009 "went rogue" and recorded the speech - or at least some portions of it.

Here is Sarah Palin telling the audience about the already infamous "coin conspiracy" - which has been debunked even by Fox News - and getting a huge applause for telling the story

Imagine you would have to listen to this voice every day...



Update: Oprah has given a first snippet about what she and Sarah Palin discussed on her show. She thinks they covered "everything". I have the impression that the interview will not be spectacular. But just listen to Oprah's voice when she mentions Levi Johnston. In addition, Sarah Palin already let the world know over facebook that she had a "great conversation" with Oprah. Therefore, we can safely assume that it all went her way.

This is what Oprah says:

There is also a report in which it says that Sarah Palin "suggested"that she is considering moving into the talk show business, but she didn't give a direct yes or no answer.

In any case, with a voice like that she would be well advised to consider other career options. But then we know that Sarah Palin is not exactly a rational person. After all, she really did think that she should have been the Vice President.

Oprah even imitates Sarah Palin in her Twitter messages! ;-)

Don't believe me?

Look here! That's what Oprah twittered today, no joke:

"Breaking news from me..."??

Maybe I wouldn't complain if it really had been "Breaking News". But she just linked to the trailer which you can see above. Not "breaking" enough, if you ask me.

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