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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Open Thread - Sarah Palin Comedy Relief

After so many heavy thoughts about pregnancies, religious nuts etc. during the last few days, it is time for some comedy. Therefore, here is some light relief for you - enjoy!

This is one of my all time Palin-comededy favourites - the "Daily Show" visits Wasilla ("real America") and tries to find out what the Mayor of Wasilla actually does:

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Some of our readers have wondered how Sarah Palin will perform in the Oprah interview. Well, we all know how the journalist-graduate loves to bypass those questions. Here are some examples.

The real interview of Sarah Palin with Charlie Gibson is pretty funny - the parody version is even better:

Remember when Sarah Palin tried to beat America into submission by winking furiously during the Vice-Presidential debate? The parody again comes pretty close to the real thing:

If this wasn't enough comedy for you, then here are two more videos I would like to show you - just click on the links:

The legendary SNL parody which compares the "parody Katie Couric interview" to the real interview.

Last but not least, allow me to leave the Sarah we all "love to hate" and present to you this parody version of the Obama - McCain Presidential debate.

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