Wednesday 25 February 2009

Sarah Palin is a liar (part 2)

Listen carefully to what Sarah Palin says one minute into this video: "Todd grew up in Dillingham... after high school he realised that he had to leave that village... capitalised on an opportunity upon the North Slope... using the skills he learned growing up in rural Alaska...Todd left the village, he has been working upon the slope... it was a win win situation for him... he would come back to the village... blah blah..."

Sarah Palin and Todd Palin both attended Wasilla High School in Wasilla. That's the picture from his yearbook up there.

Was Wasilla called Dillingham back then? Was it a native village in rural Alaska?


Sarah is lying... AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I thought I REMEMBERED THAT. So, basically Sarah lied. So what else is new? Why sould she lie about something that could be googled?

Unknown said...

This amazes me. How can someone twist the truth like this? (yes, lie). It really makes me wonder how their brain cells function (or don't). Do they realize that they are lying? I mean, surely, Sarah Palin knows that she met her husband in high school! And surely she realizes she went to HS in Waslilla and not in the bush. Where is this coming from?


regina said...

Sarah Palin lies just like she breathes.

She loves to tell the world that Todd is a native, a better native than the whinging lot from the villages.

Todd's experience of life in rural Alaska comes from visits to his grandmother when he was a boy. He learned to tend fishing nets while on holiday there.

But Sarah spins it into something completely different, as usual...