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Two videos about Babygate, Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy, which should be watched by everyone! - UPDATE (2x)!

For a long time, our readers have suggested that we should have a video which explains babygate in detail. Today we would like to present two videos that give a precise timeline of the faked pregnancy and also accurately reflect the results of the research which was undertaken by Palingates and by Palindeception.

Our brilliant reader lidia17 took over the huge task of creating these videos. This is a major effort, and we are incredibly thankful. It shows again what power an online community can have, that it can motivate its members to invest a huge amount of time and energy into incredibly important projects.

I hope that you will be as happy with the videos as we are. If you like them, please spread them wide, on facebook, twitter, your own blogs, etc. Feel free to link to them and to embed them! We want these videos to be seen by as many people as possible.



We had a valued reader who was not happy with the choice of the music at the end of the second clip (end titles). In order to address this complaint, lidia17 created an alternative version of the second clip with different music for the titles.

EDIT: I have replaced the version of part 2 in this post with the alternative version which doesn't use the music from "Rosemary's Baby" at the end, as this is probably a more suitable choice for the general public. The first version with the original soundtrack can be viewed HERE.



If you like these videos, then we have another pleasant surprise for you!

Our amazing lidia17 managed to convert the videos into a PDF-document! It's basically the booklet the the movie - and it looks great! The only unavoidable disadvantage is the fact that the size of this PDF is quite large (13 MB), so some email providers might have a problem with this size if you would like to attach it to an email.

However, you can download the PDF document HERE, and then you can simply spread the download link around! :-)

Especially for visitors who are new to Palingates I also would like to point out that we have a summary document with further details about babygate which can be downloaded HERE.

Please also visit the blog of our friend Ennealogic who has written an excellent post regarding recent "babygate developments."


Websites which linked to this post:


Sarah Palin's fans want to censor comedian Andy Borowitz on PBS - He insulted the Queen by making fun of her! UPDATE! "America By Heart" contest!

The Palinbots are after comedian Andy Borowitz!

Andy likes to make fun of Wasilli Vanilli, for example on Huffington Post, on his website and on segments at PBS:

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.


"Her first official act will be to cancel the agreement between nouns and verbs. Next, she’s replace the English language with Palinese….Word number one: “mitteracy.” “Mitteracy” means the ability to read off one’s hand. Word number two: “rignorance.” “Rignorance” means advocating deep-water drilling in the aftermath of an ecological disaster that killed thousands of pelicans. And finally, “mooseacre.” “Mooseacre” means a really fun day in the great outdoors. That’s our lesson in Palinese for today. Now, you may be wondering: Where does Sarah Palin find all these new words of hers? In a little book called the fictionary."

Such dose of witty, but also quite harmless fun is apparently already enough to set the Palinbots off. The Queen has been insulted! Off with his head!

You can support Andy Borowitz and write to the PBS ombudsman HERE!

This episode shows again that the Palinbots are just as thin-skinned as their Queen.

And even though they regard Sarah as their Queen, they obviously have never heard of the concept of a jester. ;-)

Danny Kaye - Court Jester - large poster

There shall be no fun made in Sarah's lands about her! There is nothing funny about Sarah Palin! Why does the lamestream media not understand? Making jokes about Sarah is socialist and subversive!

What's next, a boycott of PBS? ;-)



The Queen meanwhile shows off her patriotic fashion accessories on her new book cover - one flag is apparently not enough:

America by Heart - book cover

We already have the first parody cover!

Our brilliant reader disqusux created this cover:


It's so subtle, at first I didn't even see the difference! ;-)

This gave us the idea to officially announce the

*** Palingates "America By Heart"
parody cover contest! ***

Many of our readers will remember that our readers created hilarious parodies in our "Going Rogue blingee contest" last year. But we don't want to restrict this new competition to blingee covers (see the blingee website for more info), so all parodies are welcome!

Please send your submissions with your username to:

We will start to present the submissions next week.

That will be fun! :-)

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Sarah Palin and her dominionist friends Mary Glazier and Thomas Muthee - "The second weakest link"

Sarah Palin has more than two "weak links". But as she has turned into "teflon-barbie", it's time for us to "zoom in" closer into Sarah Palin's two "weakest links."

The top spot will always be "babygate", and we will soon return to our favorite subject, Sarah's faked pregnancy.

The second weakest link in our opinion are Sarah Palin's religious associations. Fortunately for us, Sarah Palin herself boldly declared in the past that it's not unfair to call other people out on their associations, referring in particular to Reverend Wright, who dared to harshly criticize America - and offended Sarah, who never fails to praise her "exceptional" country.

It seems that Sarah had forgotten, or thought that nobody would remember, that she herself is associated for many years with religious extremists - for example with the dominionist Mary Glazier or with the Pentecostal Wasilla Assembly of God. And let's not forget witch hunter Thomas Muthee, who first delivered a radical dominionist sermon in 2005 and then anointed Sarah Palin afterwards in the Wasilla Assembly of God, so that she will be protected from "witchcraft".

It's also very lucky that Sarah's connections to religious radicals have already been extensively researched - in particular by Bruce Wilson, who published his extensive material for example on the website "talk2action".

First, we would like to present two videos which complement each other. The first video was created by the youtube user "Oilwellian", and is simply brilliant. It demonstrates convincingly why Sarah's tight connection to a dominionist like Thomas Muthee is incredibly dangerous.

The second video was created by me and uses some material from clips previously published by Bruce Wilson. A few weeks ago I presented the first version, and thanks to your suggestions, I managed to greatly improve the video. It deals with Sarah Palin's long-existing relationship to dominionst Mary Glazier, whose belief that Alaskans are the chosen people apparently deeply influenced Sarah Palin - at least that's my impression.

Some of Mary Glazier's teachings are documented in detail in the following clip. Sarah Palin joined Mary Glazier's prayer group when Palin was 24. According to reports from other dominionists, Sarah Palin was a member of this prayer group for many years. Palin called Mary Glazier in 2008 to pray with her over the phone, and afterwards had Mary Glazier as a guest at the Governor's prayer breakfast in 2008.

Apart from that I would like to recommend the following videos for further viewing:

"Witchcraft and War" with more material regarding Thomas Muthee and the Wasilla Master's Commission.

A promotional video about Thomas Muthee with more info for example about his witch hunting activities.

The complete sermon by Thomas Muthee in 2005 with Sarah Palin present in the audience - explaining how the Christians should infiltrate all areas of society, and, well, push all the other people out, basically.

Thomas Muthee's sermon in Wasilla from 2005 is based on the "seven mountains strategy" - this concept is explained in Bruce Wilson's excellent clip "Sarah Palin Seven Mountains":

Regarding Mary Glazier, there is some material available for further reading - for example here and here.

An incredibly important article about Sarah Palin and Mary Glazier was published in the issue January 2009 of Charisma Magazine. The original article is not available any more, but the article has been cited in full length with additional info here: "Sarah Palin's Faith: Pentecostalism & Politics".

An invaluable resource for everything surrounding Dominionism is Leah Burton's blog "Gods's Own Party."

Finally, an overview regarding Bruce Wilson's articles and videos is available on talk2action here.

Sarah Palin, we haven't forgotten your long, close associations to these nutjobs who want to infiltrate all areas of society, who reject the separation of church and state and who want to displace non-believers - just to mention a few things. How could we forget?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Palingates Weekly Roundup, July 18-25, 2010

By Blueberry Tart

Another late-breaking post after I finished the last Roundup – this one on the twit’s recent tweety-frenzy and some of the great tweet responses. To top it all off, Sarah suggests that she is following in Shakespearean tradition by coining such words as “refudiate.” OMG, she takes delusional to new heights! Brilliantly snarky comments and tweets from PG, KO, Ebert and many Gaters offer the best cure: laughter. Don’t miss the comments! Honestly, I am laughing so hard I’m crying… (And Sarah, hon – we’re laughing AT you, not WITH you ;-))

Nicole Sandler pic

Patrick had another excellent radio interview with Nicole Sandler, ably discussing Sarah’s history of covering up her many scandals, her extreme religious views, how her public persona is exactly the opposite of who she truly is, and how babygate is just one of the many skeletons in her closet. The post also highlights the continuing reaction to Sarah making things up – in this case, the non-word “refudiate.” Here we have C4P citing a reference saying that “refudiate” is not a word, as proof that it is a word. Huh? (Are we back in the Buñuel film?)

Patrick’s blockbuster post put together several pieces of the puzzle. The post highlights the Palins’ connections to the Morlock family, including additional confirmation that Bristol was pregnant earlier than with Tripp. Topping this off, Palingates received additional information confirming that Track is not Todd’s biological son, Sarah had an extramarital affair with Brad Hanson, and other sordid tales of the Palins’ “family values.” DumbdedumbDumb DumbdedumbdumbDUMB (my lame attempt to evoke the Dragnet theme)

Street view - NYC mosque
Eye on You’s guest post thoroughly debunks the claim that the Cordoba Center in NYC is on Ground Zero and that it is insensitive to the 9/11 tragedy. Contrary to the disinformation of Sarah and other right-wing extremists, this project promotes religious tolerance and repudiates violence. EOY also calls out Sarah’s willful ignorance of the First Amendment. The post highlights many responses to Sarah’s Facebook screed, filled with ignorance and bigotry. Once again, the ultra-right-wing turns truth on its head, and many people swallow it, hook, line and sinker. The post also cites an excellent piece by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic: “…She calls the idea of a mosque there a provocation. But it is her opposition to the building of a mosque that is provocative...” EOY concludes with “There will always be those who seek power through intimidation and fear, but we can fight it, and we only lose to them if we allow ourselves to change who we are and what we do out of fear and intimidation.”

This post covers the interview that Nicole Sandler did with Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon at Netroots Nation. Moore argued that the “wild ride” is so damning in itself, because it shows such bad judgment, that there is no need to go any further in considering other issues. Nevertheless, they did opine on several points. Regardless of the disagreement of many ‘Gaters on these questions, Palingates has a lot of respect for the work these two bloggers have done. Patrick wraps up the post with this: “Sarah Palin was not pregnant. We want the truth about what exactly happened and who the real mother of Trig is, and I cannot pretend to follow a certain line just because it's politically convenient. Let's take Sarah Palin at her word and ask her: To whom have you shown Trig's birth certificate? Why should that be a taboo? Sarah Palin herself says that these questions are fair.”

Comments of the Week (So many excellent comments, I couldn’t keep up…)

Finny: ...and here is her next predicted tweet: Everything I do is adorable. No matter what. Writing on my hand, quitting my jobs, mangling words, neglecting my children. Got to celebrate it!

MamaGrisly: Also, too, there is a difference between coining new words and completely FAILing at using perfectly good words that already exist.

sally reposted from google comments: p_staatz‎: "@Zirgar: Sarah Palin has trouble pronouncing most words because she suffers from Irritable Vowel Syndrome."FOR SURE!Great#1 Buddy!

Not to be outdone, Ripley in CT: #Palin, I refudiate your mandation to usify ionic mesaging, esp when describulating ravaging beautificence of your progeny.

NJFan: A fitting quote from Shakespeare to Sarah Palin: "I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart: but the saying is true 'The empty vessel makes the greatest sound'."

Lilylake: … Pretty soon, she's going to say she gave the Sermon on the Mount.

Mrsgunka: She's just like a dripping faucet....never stops and is so irritating.

sunnyjane gets my prize for the perfect Shakespeare quote: A poor player that struts and frets her hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is the tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. [We eagerly await the day when this idiot is heard no more.] ProChoiceGrandma then aptly likened her to Lady McBeth.

Mickey7: "mommadona RT @happylittletree: Listen, I'm pretty sure @SarahPalinUSA was just joking when she said "refudiate". It's all part of her self-defecating humor."

Aview999: "Measure for measure Sarah, thou is a tempest in a teapot who is much ado about nothing. So as you like it, a comedy of errors is thy game, but for you alas, all's well that ends well is not in the cards for a bard from Wasilla.”

And quoting OneLegSandpiper RT @SarahPalinsHand: Teacher says every time @SarahPalinUSA tweets, an angel asks God: "WTF?"

A few more reposted by blue rinse; can’t resist: (from
Et tu, Bristol? #Shakespalin
But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the East, and I can see Russia from my front porch.
"How's all that bein' and not bein' workin' out for ya?" #shakespalin
A Midsummer Night's Death Panel #shakespalin

Molly_WI: Andrew Sullivan has a great rebuttal, no, of Dave Weigel's lame "Believing Sarah Palin" post…

Louiecypher: Hey there Sarah, well after much contimplationary, examiphication I once again have come up with a perfect solution, just for you my TweetyBGoode™, first the breathalyser easily attaches to your blackberry… Next a full functioning dictionary!! … If you act now I'll even throw in ScrubUrPhuckup ™ it works so much better than whiteout you'll be amazed!!...
There was an excellent limerick and haiku mini-thread Monday evening!

Maelewis has a great post on how Bristol and Sarah relate to each other; here is a small part: My opinion is that Sarah and Bristol have been yanking each others' chains for a while. For a while, Sarah was in charge. The one thing that Levi said that made sense was that Sarah wanted to adopt their child and raise him as her own; she would even pretend to be pregnant.

Armchair Jane: But she's going too far, it's starting to wear on people. People like Palin always go too far.

Ripley in CT showed that Sarah had tweeleted “refudiate” last week (prior to the current verbal kerfuffle) #sarahpalinusa tweeleted again!!! She erased a tweet that used a made up term "refudiate".

Disqusux: Anything that gets attention she is doomed to repeat ad nauseum. The nature of the attention doesn't matter.

Mickey10: focus on the demagoguery, not the stupidity.

Many commenters on Patrick’s Wednesday post said: WOW!

Espresso4me: Pandora's box has been opened a little bit more! Hopefully soon all will see its contents!

Janpatches confessed to some subtle subterfuge: OK, I confess. The reason Us Weekly didn't sell as many magazines as they had hoped is because whenever I saw the magazine in the grocery checkout line, I turned it around. Walgreens, also too. [Fawn218 and sunnyjane did, too!]

Bluebell had an interesting comment on twin-to-twin syndrome.

Silver_desert: With her personality disorder she's not content unless she's stirring up discord somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. It happens within her own family and she gets off on it so will thrive on stirring up more hatred nationwide or worldwide even more - it gives her a high. She's mentally sick.

AnnM and other New Yorkers reacted passionately against Sarah inserting herself into this issue: New Yorkers, of ALL ETHNICITIES (yeah Sarah "we" include Muslims…) picked one another up, , dusted ourselves off and embraced one another. [She also recommended lilybart’s husband Jesse Kornbluth’s book, Because We Are Americans.}

Turuk1: Palin knows nothing, nothing about what it is to be a NewYorker…

Kasha Knish: It just struck me that $arah Palin is like someone who taunts people at a playground and disappears leaving people to fight among themselves. She posts something from afar (or her ghostwriter does) and quickly scurries away like a cockroach.

AnonPoster: She's a whiny child with a venomous tongue, faint heart, and clay feet. The hallmark of strength and confidence is taking responsibility for one's own mistakes and weaknesses, but Palin has ALWAYS blamed anything and anyone else for her own mistakes. Her toughness is a mirage, and always has been.

Voiceinwind has a disturbing post about how the 9/11 explanations do not hold up; I was particularly struck by this quote from one of the experts seeking to reopen the 9/11 investigation: What we are faced with is a lie of such proportions that even to suggest it makes one subject to ridicule and scorn.

Louie scores again: …How dare they open a community center in a community, now a sports complex that drives the city into deep debt using land it doesn't have a title to, that would have been the common sense conservative thing to do! Louie’s solution: Todd builds a fence at Ground Zero ;-)

Older_Wiser: …Truly, a ship of fools commanded by a female Capt. Queeg.

Smoke and Mirrors: Sociopaths count on the fact that ordinary people operate within the boundaries of conscience and at least some level of decency, and assume that others do as well. The mother-child relationship is universally seen as sacrosanct. Ordinary people simply cannot imagine that a fellow human being would exploit their children to the extent that Palin has…

Leu2500 put things in perspective: Come on guys, the glass is half full. AK Muckraker & Shannyn Moore… are taking the position that the birth story discredits Sarah. That's the same position that Audrey, Gryphen, Palingates, Andrew Sullivan, Phil Munger, etc take. WHY it discredits her is where the difference lies. But AKM, Shanny, Phil Munger etc are miles better than the MSM (with the exception of Andrew Sullivan) - the MSM didn't think enough was wrong with the story to pursue it at all.

anonPoster: We need to keep the pressure and scrutiny intense. If Palin wants the glory, she better have the guts. So far, she's just been one whiny mess whose only demonstrated skills have been lying and artful dodging.

Ocliberal: …The Trig story keeps popping up. And it pops up because it is an unbelievable story no matter which version you accept. Either she faked a pregnancy and stuffed herself (rather haphazardly) with pillows OR she climbed on an airplane, with a high-risk 8 month pregnancy, leaking amniotic fluid and having "big" contractions to fly 12-13 hours putting herself, and her unborn child at an amazingly dangerous risk. Which is it? Both are the actions of an unstable, foolish and dangerous woman.

Links of the Week

Anne_123: another S.P. is a Psychopath article... and a link to an article about how the Repubs appeal to a very limited demographic.

KarenJ: I guess Mark Halperin has gotten his "orders from headquarters", a memo from the Media Overlords.

Midnightcajun: An interesting article on Sarah, the Emergency Committee for Israel, Bill Kristol, and Scheunemann.

Sjkfromthebellyoftheplane, quoting Glenn Beck: You know, it took me about a year to start hating the 9/11 victims’ families… when I see 9/11 victim family, you know, on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh, shut up.’ I’m so sick of them. Because they’re always complaining. And we did our best for them. And again, it’s only about ten.

Sdilmoak: O/T but I just reviewed all of the great works of Flyinyoureye~! Gosh I had forgotten some of these......great fun!

Sickntiredofpalin has a link on Sarah’s connections to the AIP

From Nicky in NY: More of Sarah's qualifications....not

Aview999: …The Globe and Mail weighs in on her TWEETS

Regina: Bumper sticker and New t-shirt available

PMom (GA) and newsOne linked to a GREAT Andrew Sullivan rebuttal of Weigel:

Say NO to Palin in Politics: Help pass this around's very disturbing information.

BuffaloGal: New website - The Global Muckracker - A blog for investigative journalists worldwide

Patrick: Andy Borowitz "Palin Says Refudiate Appears in Fictionary"

FormerRepublican linked to a brilliant new wordle

MariaT linked to firedoglake on the tweets

Bookmark this site (H/T to Bandit) for those times when you need a good laugh: Shakespearean Insults Generator

EOY, espresso4me and others came up with many BRILLIANT insults that will keep you ROFL!

Ella: DO see this film put out by the U.S. War Dept. in 1947 that was recommended by a poster on the last thread - I highly recommend it!

Aview999 was on a mission with many great links:
A peace-making mosque is NECESSARY near Ground Zero
A Sarah Palin Rethink
Watch Out For Mosques!!
Enough Already
November -- A Gathering Storm

Guest1234: Obama’s Business Plan

Huge article on Andrew Sullivan about Trig again!

And: The Palin-led tone of the GOP is increasingly, well there's no other word for it, neo-fascist. As if it is now un-American to support freedom of religion - especially near a site destroyed by those who oppose it.

Sickntiredofpalin had an excellent post on daughters whose mothers who are narcissists:

HelenNPN: Here is a fitting take on Palin and her cronies "tea partying" from the last issue of Vanity Fair - curiouser and curiouser.

Lisantx and curiouser11 posted a gem: To Be Or Too Nuts To Be - by Wasilla Shakes Beer

Kathleen linked to: some very revealing information there regarding the connections between politicians and dominionists. They both feed off authoritarianism.

Disqusux had some links : about Pastor Muthee
and these are part 1 and part 2 of "In the Name of Jesus" (be warned)

And: "Outfoxed" - a documentary about Rupert Murdoch and Faux News - you need to watch this! (slow internet) (fast internet)

Drpatois: If you have not read this, I highly recommend it… about her interference with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, [and] … how she is a threat to our National Security.

Great posts from litbrit

Sdilmoak: Here is the story about the small business owners who were stiffed by Discovery Channel/Sarah Palin's Alaska Show

Cheeriogirl (from 2009 article): "The pattern is inescapable: she takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived."

Joey: "… fundamentalism is one of the three major components…of the right-wing rage that…could make her the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. The two other elements are anti-intellectualism and class resentment that serve as an accompaniment to and a mask for racism."

BanditBasheert, SoCalWolfGal and others posted links to Sarah’s lame claim of a coordinated attack by the liberal media during the campaign (vintage whine alert)

Joey also posted on this topic.

Cheeriogirl gave us something to cheer up about:
The more people learn about her, the less they approve of her"

Say No to Palin in Politics linked to Olberman’s excellent statement on Faux News:

Yknott: Here is Jimmy Kimmel's take on Sarah's knowledge of geography.

Another from Sully, posted by ella.

We’ll give the last word to Sully: Trig One More Time

There were also links to some great cartoons:

Sickntiredofpalin posted a couple of great illustrations, including this one:

Cartoon 1


Palin Refudiate Pees

Palin Refudiate Muslims

Monday, 26 July 2010

Major revelation: "Off-the-record" emails of journalists from 2008 released, discussing Sarah Palin's possible pregnancy hoax ("JournoList") - UPDATE!

"The Daily Caller" currently releases on an almost daily basis the leaked email correspondence from the "JournoList" email conversations, which happened during the last Presidential election. "JournoList" was a network of liberal journalists and academics in which they discussed policies "off-the-record" and, more controversially, sometimes agreed on certain "lines". Andrew Sullivan for example recently harshly criticized this (now defunct) network and accused them of "organizing a media narrative." He gives an example how this network tried to fix certain "lines" in their reporting.

Now we have real sensation: From August 30 to September 1, 2008, members of this network discussed in detail Sarah Palin's "mysterious" pregnancy with Trig. The general public in the USA has never ever heard before that journalists in the MSM ever had any kind of suspicions about the pregnancy. Even with the very limited information that was available on August 31 to September 1, 2008, several participants in the discussion express serious doubts whether the pregnancy really happened or whether Sarah Palin was telling the truth about the pregnancy. In the end the journalists decided "not to go there" for several reasons, some of them nonsensical, such as:

"On a plane you stand an excellent chance that one or more woman who have had several children can be a big help–not to mention the possibility of a doctor or a midwife"


"If you think about it, going into labor on a plane is not the worst thing–much preferable, say, to going into labor in a subway (too dirty) or a cab (only one person too help you.) or a car (with your husband in a total panic.)"


"The fact that her water broke does Not mean that she was in labor."


"None of this tells us what was going on with Palin. Nor is it any of our business."

...which are all direct quotes by Maggie Mayar, who is a "health care expert" at Politico.

Regarding these astonishing statements by Maggie Mayar I would also like to point out that the RGA convention on April 16 & 17, 2008 took place in the luxurious Gaylord Texan Hotel in Dallas, as we know for example from Sarah Palin's official schedule.

The award-winning, top-notch and very posh Baylor Regional Medical Center in Dallas, which has a NICU, was just an eight-minute drive away from the hotel!

From Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google Maps 2

Extremely interesting are for example the remarks in the emails by the investigative reporter Lindsay Beyerstein (please note that through an editorial mistake by the Daily Caller, these comments were first attributed to Harold Pollack - below you will now find the correct version. Originally the Daily Caller left out a part of the conversation by mistake and mixed two email messages together):

The fact that the governor is a public figure cuts both ways, ethically. On the one hand, it’s more embarrassing to have your unplanned pregnancy make headlines in the Alaska papers. But the alternative seems far worse. By sparing her daughter the short-lived embarrassment of a scandal, the governor would be committing her to a lifetime of complicity in a high stakes deception that, if revealed, could destroy her mother’s career and possibly much more besides. The stress of living that lie would be almost unthinkable–given how fragile any conspiracy of silence would have to be. Private citizens can abandon fictions when they are no longer necessary, or break the silence to the people closest to them. Whereas, a public family would commit itself to lying to everyone indefinitely. Imagine the damage this could do to relationships. Suppose the daughter comes to regret giving up her child. She can’t tell the truth now without destroying her mother’s career.

Claiming your daughter’s baby as your own isn’t just a one-off verbal denial at a press conference. A maternity hoax would require various kinds of fraud which would probably include suborning medical misconduct, falsification of medical and legal records, etc. Teen pregnancy, however awkward, just isn’t a good enough excuse in this day and age.

Holly Yeager from the American Prospect also has sharp observations:

I agree that it would be astonishing. But I think it’s quite possible – on this, or some other drama or two – that Palin got away with something in Alaska and so didn’t bother to mention it to the McCain gang. She has spent virtually her entire life in Alaska, and surely underestimates the scrutiny she is now under.

The investigative reporter Lindsay Beyerstein remarks again:

However, if some reporter thinks this rumor is worth investigating further, and he or she absolutely nails this story, that would be great.
If I had the smoking gun, I’d proudly publish the evidence. (I don’t think the story is plausible enough to bother looking, but that’s a separate question.)
Anyone who decided to raise her granddaughter as her daughter is a liar and a hypocrite, not to mention an abuser of two generations of children. What kind of parent would force her family to live that kind of lie?

Kathleen Geier from Talking Points Memo thinks that the story could be a "huge freaking deal" but shouldn't be touched without "compelling evidence":

Obviously, neither Obama nor any other Democrat should touch this story. At all.
But — and that’s a big but — if it’s true, *of course* it would be an issue. And should be! Forget the issue of whether or not she denied her daughter the choice of ending her pregnancy — that’s not the issue. The issue would be if Palin is lying to the McCain’s people, and voters, and basically the world, by trying to pass off a child as hers, if it really wasn’t. Your kids are as much a part of your basic life story as when and where you were born, who you married, and where you went to school. If she’s trying to pass off a child as her own, when that child is actually her granddaughter — that is a huge freaking deal.

Now, that said, this does sound like a pretty wacky conspiracy theory. If there’s no evidence to it other than the fact that Palin allegedly did not look pregnant, and her daughter was allegedly absent from school, that’s an extremely slim reed to hang a story on.

However, if a reporter investigated this story and came up with compelling evidence that it’s true — such as documents or eyewitness testimony from medical professionals and the like — the media should have no compunctions about running with it.

Will these new revelations be a breakthrough? I have doubts, but I am still hopeful. Because the media refused to touch the subject, it was up to the incredible brave Andrew Sullivan to put his reputation on the line and up to citizen journalists to spend much of their free time for years investigating the pregnancy. We are faced with an uphill struggle.

I really hope that Andrew Sullivan will in the end receive the Pulitzer Prize for being the ONLY ONE in the media who was willing to push the subject.

Litbrit has also examined the emails in yet another brilliantly written post.


Sarah Palin has responded on facebook, accusing these journalists of taking part in "a dark and demented conspiracy regarding my son, Trig."

But although Sarah Palin now has the chance to strike hard against the "liberal media", she still doesn't show the birth certificate and/or other documentation. The simple reason for this is: She can't, because there is no evidence!

I really hope that the complacent liberal journalists will now FINALLY wake up and strike hard against Sarah Palin, one of the biggest liars and frauds in US history.


These are the participants in the email conversation - I have also collected links to their profiles and website:

Ryan Donmoyer
Government Legislation Reporter at Bloomberg L.P., Washington, DC

Adam Serwer, writing fellow at The American Prospect
Sara Mead, writer

Harold Pollack, Professor for Social Services at the University of Chicago

Brad DeLong, Professor Of Economy at University of Berkely

Laura Rozen – Politico

Mark Kleiman – Professor for Public Policy at University of California at Los Angeles

Adele Stan – Washington Bureau Chief of Alternet

Katha Pollitt – Columnist for “The Nation”

Maggie Mahar, Politico

Lamar Robertson, speechwriter, Partnership for Public Service

Kathleen Geier, Talking Points Memo

Todd Gitlin - Academic, Intellectual, Writer

Ezra Klein - Washington Post – Inventor of “Journolist”

Lindsay Beyerstein, Investigative Journalist, Feminist

Holly Yeager - The American Prospect

John Blevins, Professor of Law, South Texas College

Avi Zenilman, Reporter, Politico

Mark Schmitt, Executive Editor of the American Prospect

Michael Tomasky, The Guardian

Michael Cohen, New America Foundation

Shannon Brownlee, New America Foundation

Moira Wheelan, National Security Network

Rick Perlstein, Journalist, Author

Rodger Payne, Blogger

Mark Thoma, Professor of Economics, University of Orgeon

Eve Fairbanks, The New Republic


You can read the complete leaked JournoList correspondence regarding Sarah Palin's pregnancy which has been published so far also on the Daily Caller. It's possible that there are other parts which exist and have not yet been made public.

In order to make this email discussion (which the Daily Caller has published on 15 web pages) easier to read I have put all the emails together in one document for download:


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Please, Your Highness Queen Esther Governor Palin, deliver us from evil! - Open Thread - UPDATE!

In Rich Crowther's
"Look at me, Goddess Governor Palin, how brilliant I can write" post at the peezoo from today, a commentator came up with a BRILLIANT idea:

comment trig birth certificate c4p

Yes, please, Governor, show the birth certificate and medical documents and "kill this rumor", dear Governor Your Highness Palin, I really, really, want my old life back, and I promise that I will never ever "meddle in AK affairs" again! PLEASE, I beg you! Show that I am a liar, that I am an evil anklebiter, a liberal scumbag, a conspiracy theorist, please!

Birth certificate and medical documentation would be enough proof for me personally, thank you very much!

Please, Queen Esther....err...Governor Palin, deliver us from evil!

Rich, my friend, from your headline I can feel that you want it too, you want them all exposed as liars, Andrew Sullivan and the other "Trig Doubters", you want to see them humiliated, I just know it!

Rich Crowther Pawn Blogger headline

Please talk to your Queen, I am sure she will have an open ear for your request, after all you write so remarkably well, she surely will have noticed that by now. Tell her to expose us! Now is the time! Proudly raise your head under the banner of the Paliban and destroy the enemy! Go forth, Barbarians!



comment trig birth certificate c4p - 2



As we are having a really nice fun thread here, I would like to post three fun items I have collected over time for your enjoyment (click the links to download the PDF-documents):

1) One of the very few existing articles which were definitely written by Queen Sarah herself, without a ghostwriter: Her magna opus "Who's your Daddy", which was penned by her for her gubernational campaign 2006.

Who is my daddy screenshot

2) The original draft of Sarah's first leaflet for her campaign to become the mayor of Wasilla, handwritten by her Majesty herself! This item should not be missing in any household in which people worship Queen Esther - or simply in which they want to laugh at her. Both probably works, depending on the viewpoint! ;-)

Mayor leaflet - screenshot

3) The complete set of twitter messages from Sarah Palin's legendary, but now deleted first twitter account "AKGovSarahPalin"! Before it was deleted, I made a copy of the complete messages in order to preserve it for all eternity.

twitter - sacrificial soldiers


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon on the Nicole Sandler Radio Show talking about Sarah Palin's "Wild Ride" - July 23, 2010 - UPDATE!

Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon from Mudflats are currently at Netroots Nation in Las Vegas, and yesterday they had the opportunity to go on the air with the brilliant radio talk show host Nicole Sandler. The conversation was of special interest for us, as it mainly dealt with Sarah Palin's so-called "wild ride" on April 17, 2008 - her flight from Dallas to Anchorage, plus an one-hour drive to Wasilla while Sarah Palin supposedly was eight-month pregnant.

Nicole Sandler has shown a great interest in "babygate", Sarah Palin's supposed pregnancy with Trig, and she is one of the very, very few people in the media who are prepared to touch the subject.

Palingates published numerous posts in the past discussing the "wild ride" in great detail, for example closely examining Palin's various accounts of it, and pointing out that Palin's description is simply impossible from a medical point of view - see here, here, here and here.

Shannyn Moore and I also had a conversation about the "wild ride" and Palin's pregnancy several months ago on Shannyn's radio show, see here and here.

You can view Nicole Sandler's complete broadcast from July 23 here (shown above is the full, unedited discussion of Nicole Sandler with Shannyn and AKM, but she had many other guests).

Nicole Sandler's website is

Our brilliant reader EyeOnYou made a transcript of the part of the discussion which dealt with "babygate", and I have looked through it as well, but please note that it's probably still not 100% accurate:

N (Nicole Sandler): I said to you last night, that I thought no woman would get on plane after her water broke, but S made a good point, we need to take her at her word on this one. She did indeed get on a plane from Tx. to Ak, after her water had broken, a month early...

S (Shannyn Moore): Well, what she's willing to admit to, her official story is, which we were covering, I was on the air, actually we broke the story that her, that the baby was even born, so...her official story to me is worse than any of the stories that anyone is making up, so why don't you take the worst one which is the one you can prove, which is the one she admits to,...

AKM (Jeanne Devon): And is the one she doesn't refudiate,

S: She doesn't refudiate that one,

N: She admits that she got on a plane, after her water had broken, for how long of a flight is it from Texas back to Alaska?

S: I don't know, she stopped in, she had at least one stopover,

AKM: Right, she stopped and got on another plane, I think she stopped in Seattle

S: Probably 12 or 14 hours or so..probably 12 hours or so,

N: This is her fifth child

S: um hm

AKM: right

S: ...and she was a month premature with a child that she knew had Down Syndrome

AKM: and she was 45 years old

S: ...and she was 45, so her own health, the health of the child, were of no concern or anyone else's schedule, so all of the quote unquote conspiracy theories, um, that's fine, that people get there, and I understand, because no one can really believe that she do that, would admit to doing this... but she's..

N: She's a pro-life woman, how could a pro-life woman endanger her unborn child like that?

S: That's a very good question. You know what, the week that that happened, that she flew home, um, in labor and all this, there was a man who was evading the police, there was a warrant out for his arrest, he wasn't high or drunk or anything, when he was evading the police, but he had a child in a seatbelt, or in a car seat in his car. He was arrested and he was charged with reckless endangerment because he had driven fast trying to evade the police, that was in Anchorage and this same week, so for that reason I said at the time, I said: How is this not endangering a child? And they laughed it off saying "we didn't want a fishpicker born in Texas"...
N: they didn't want a...?

S & AKM: A fishpicker

AKM: someone who picks fish out of the nets

S: an Alaskan job, a commercial job

AKM: he's a fisherman

S: We didn't want an Alaska fishpicker born in Texas

N: Oh god

S: and that was their reason

N: and that was okay

S: and everybody was okay

AKM: and everybody was like ha, ha, ha

S: Alaska rocks kinda thing

S: So do healthy babies, that's just geography, you know, I think maybe there is something to what everybody says but as far as...its working for her. All of these conspiracy sites, about the trig truthers or whatever, are, it works very very well for her, because it makes everything else look insane, and what she did do actually does look insane but they don't talk about it.

N: what she did actually is insane

AKM: and she enjoys being able to point the finger and say look, oh look at all these people, they don't even think my baby is my baby, and it sounds conspiracy theory, it sounds tin foil hat and it works for her

S: it works for her

AKM: it works for her because it casts everybody else in that light so that everyone goes oh yeah those nutcases, then they don't listen to anything else they say,

S: it's like Orly Taitz, the birthers, and everybody gets cast in the same light, and you know what, if you say I think it was really irresponsible to get on a plane when you are 45 years old, when you know you have a baby with Down Syndrome, and not go right to the hospital...

N: Right..

S: I think that is really dangerous

N: Right if you take the story at face value, and why isn't that being investigated as child endangerment?

S: And I have, I don't want you making decisions for the country, the state, my town or anywhere else because you obviously don't have a very good sense of judgement.

AKM: And the other thing is if she had told Alaska Airlines that she was if she had told them that her water was broken, but that she was that pregnant she would not have been permitted to fly...

N: You told me something else that I found interesting because we see these pictures of supposedly at 7 months pregnant, she doesn't look very pregnant, that she wasn't even eating during her pregnancy and she was running...and doing things that a pregnant woman shouldn't do.

AKM: Well I think that some of that was even mentioned in the book, Game Change, that in moments of high tension and stress, that that was her tendancy, she wasn't eating during the campaign, that she was drinking diet dr pepper and eating atkins diet bars, and like that was it,

S: ...and she lived on like...what was it, some mocha chocolate, skinny..

AKM: skinny white chocolate mochas

S: skinny white chocolate mochas that she was, one of her aids came on my show and...

AKM: I used to like those and now I can't even order them any more

S: of her aids came on my show and was like 'that's all she lived on', and that she would start getting hungry and ... that it was a problem like she would be like...and (doing the hand phone motion) it was like Todd you need to feed her, phone calls had to be made, so

N: okay, so highly irresponsible if nothing else and you don't even need to say..

S: it's bad judgement, at the least

N: okay

(in the last part of the discussion about Trig, being asked by Nicole, Shannyn explains that she doesn't believe that Trig was named after the condition "Trisomy-G", that she thinks it's a coincidence, and AKM thinks if it was true that Trig was named after "Trisomy-G", it would be counter-productive with the special needs crowd)

Please read all posts by Palingates about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy HERE. Our PDF-summary document about the pregnancy can be downloaded HERE.


Andrew Sullivan just published another post about the "Trig-issue", and he quoted from a letter of a reader. As this letter is a very good summary of why the "Trig Truthers" are pursuing the case, I would like to repeat it here:

"I completely agree with you on the importance of this issue and the discredit that the lack of inquiry places on the journalistic profession. However, I cannot agree with your recent suggestion (not the first time) that the story may boil down to a simple exaggeration of the facts of the "wild ride."

While it is certain that her tale is not credible, it is not just the wild ride aspect of the story that raises eyebrows; this has to be taken in the context of all the other things that don't add up about her story. The lack of a pregnant physique, and then the impossibly-morphing body shapes. The fact that no one knew. The timing of the announcement. The odd story of the too-early amniocentesis. The disappearance of Bristol, her pregnant appearance and substantiated claims that she was pregnant in 2007. The lack of any documentation whatsoever of the birth. The changing details. The fact that neither the doctor, nor the hospital, were qualified and certified to perform this high-risk delivery, known to have at least 6 high-risk factors -- and neither ever verified the birth story. The odd discrepancies in the letter released by the McCain-Palin campaign late on election eve. The inability of ADN to disprove the rumors, despite trying. Sarah's long history of lying. Heather Bruce's confirmation that Bristol lived with her while pregnant, which had to be earlier than the pregnancy with Tripp.

And this is not all! This is a preponderance of credible evidence that the story is a lie. As the would-be whistleblower on Bernie Madoff said (paraphrasing), "there was no smoking gun, but too many things just didn't add up." That is the hallmark of a hoax."

Please note:

Addressing the heated discussion in the comments, I would like to remind everyone to make the points on the issue and not personally against other bloggers. We don't want to encourage anyone here to attack other bloggers or commenters personally. We at Palingates are proud to have this free discussion forum which is one of the very few places on the internet where "babygate" can be discussed without restrictions, but let's all try to be civil in our remarks.

We think it is important to discuss the relevance and the details of the "wild ride" - and that's what Palingates has done in previous posts. This issue and the discussion are very important for us.



Let me address some of the issues which are being discussed in the interview. First of all, I have to say that the comparison to the "Obama birthers" doesn't frighten me one bit. The reason is that Sarah Palin herself explicitly said in a radio interview in December 2009 that the Obama birthers are asking "a fair question". But not only that - she even expanded on this point:


HUMPHRIES: Would you make the birth certificate an issue if you ran?

PALIN: Um, I think the public, rightfully, is still making it an issue. I don't have a problem with that. I don't know if I would have to bother to make it an issue, because I think enough members of the electorate still want answers.

HUMPHRIES: Do you think it's a fair question to be looking at?

PALIN: I think it's a fair question, just like I think past associations, past voting records, all of that is fair game. You know, I gotta tell you, too, I think our campaign, the McCain-Palin campaign, didn't do a good enough job in that area. We didn't call out Obama and some of his associates on their records and what their beliefs were, and perhaps what their future plans were, and I don't think that was fair to voters, to not have done our jobs as candidates and as a campaign to bring to light a lot of things that now we're seeing made manifest in the administration.

HUMPHRIES: I mean, truly, if your past is fair game and your kids are fair game, certainly Obama's past should be. I mean, we want to treat men and women equally, right?

PALIN: Hey, you know, that's a great point. That weird conspiracy theory freaky thing that people talk about, that Trig isn't my real son, a lot of people say, "Well, you need to produce his birth certificate, you need to prove that he's your kid," which we have done, but yeah, so maybe we should reverse that and use the same type of thinking on the other one.

These remarks by Sarah Palin are incredibly interesting, because in the last part, she explicitly says that the Palin camp has already produced Trig's birth certificate, and goes on to say: "Maybe we should reverse that and use the same type of thinking on the other one."

So, first of all, this is again a blatant lie by Sarah Palin. She has never shown Trig's birth certificate in public - not to the McCain campaign and also not to journalists who, like Andrew Sullivan and Pat Dougherty, the editor of the Anchorage Daily News, were asking for it. Even the Alaska Benefits Section took the unusal step to ask for Trig's birth certificate in an email to Sarah Palin on May 21, 2008. Whether they received the birth certificate in the end is not known to us.

Second of all, it again shows in which warped reality Sarah Palin lives. It seems to me that it's in fact wishful thinking that she could show Trig's birth certificate. This has the advantage that she now can turn it round: They are asking for Trig's birth certificate despite the fact that we have shown it, and now we can keep on asking questions about Obama's birth despite the fact that the birth certificate for Obama has been produced.

Therefore, an extremely important part of Palin's argument here is the assertion that Trig's birth certificate has been produced in public - which is a lie.

So why should we be afraid of being compared to Obama birthers?

It seems to me that even Sarah Palin recognizes that her argument would NOT be valid if Trig's birth certificate would still be hidden - so she just lies on the spot.

In addition, it's in fact part of Sarah Palin's record to ask opponents for documentation regarding their "associations". Andrew Sullivan quotes the following excerpt from another article:

"Within a few months, Palin was officially challenging Stein and exploiting the cultural shift masterfully. She welcomed a national anti-abortion group in to carpet bomb Wasilla with pink postcards affirming her pro-life bona fides. She orchestrated an NRA endorsement and a mailing from the group falsely proclaiming Stein, a lifelong hunter, "anti-gun." (Stein complained to the local newspaper that Palin was telling voters he wanted to "melt down" all the firearms in the state.) And, in a move practically out of Karl Rove's playbook, she dwelled on how Stein's wife used her maiden name, going so far as to demand a marriage certificate as proof of their nuptials. Palin's campaign literature proclaimed her "deeply devoted to conservative family values"--all in the context of an ostensibly nonpartisan election. (Stein himself was a moderate Republican.)"

Andrew then comments:

So it is part of Palin's record to demand the marriage license of a fellow Republican, but to ask for any medical confirmation of the mysterious birth of Trig earlier this year, any affidavit from the obstetrician, any objective evidence at all that Trig is indeed Sarah Palin's biological child is, well, in the words of John Podhoretz, "virtually unspeakable." Look: this is usually not hard at all. Births are recorded at the hospitals where they occur. And, as you might expect, there's a long list of babies born at Mat-Su Medical center, where we are told Trig was born on April 18 this year. But for some reason, Trig Palin's name is not among them.

So it's just fair and rational to ask Sarah Palin for Trig's birth certificate. I don't think that any rational person would actually disagree with it, after thinking it through.


Let me show again one of the simple reasons why the "Trig Truthers" are convinced that Sarah Palin's pregnancy didn't happen - the fact that the petite and slender Sarah Palin simply didn't look pregnant. Our reader curioser created the follow comparison:

Sarah Palin - pregnancy progression Feb 25 - April 13 2008

A woman from the USA put an overview about the progression of her own pregnancy on flickr. I think that this is a valid comparison, because this woman also appears to be relatively small and slender, very much like Sarah Palin:

Real pregnancy progression

One reader pointed out in the comments today that Sarah Palin could have starved herself during the pregnancy, a point which was also discussed in the interview, and linked to this website. Here a woman describes how she starved herself during her second pregnancy, and she writes:

"When I finally delivered my second child by cesarean section, I had only put on about 18 pounds; yet I hardly looked pregnant. I was 5' 8" and weighed just above 135 lbs. Whitney, my second child, was born underweight but did not have any medical problems at birth."

Well, while I am not a medical professional, I would like to point out that it's on the record that Trig, a baby with Down Syndrome, was born five weeks premature and still had the astonishing weight of 6 lbs. 2. oz. That's not an underweight baby, and Trig looked far from starved when he was presented on April 18, 2008. These are the only available pictures from that day, courtesy of KTUU:

Sally & Chuck Heath with Trig - April 18 - 2008 - new pic 2

Sally & Chuck Heath with Trig - April 18 - 2008 - new pic 1

newborn trig close

At full term, Trig would have been a respectable eight-pounder!

Ennealogic once made a great post with a comparison to "real" five-week premature babies, which I encourage everyone to revisit.

Here is a screenshot from the official birth announcement:

Pregnancy announcement screenshot

Therefore I do not believe that Sarah Palin starved herself and her baby.

In addition, I would like to point out that even very slim woman cannot hide pregnancies - the baby has to go somewhere:

pregnancy-period drawing

This is the picture of an unknown pregnant slim woman I found on the internet:

Pregnancy-Fitness-Clothes-exercising woman

This is a picture of ultra-slim Victoria Beckham when she was pregnant:

victoria beckham pregnant

Sarah Palin was not pregnant. We want the truth about what exactly happened and who the real mother of Trig is, and I cannot pretend to follow a certain line just because it's politically convenient.

Let's take Sarah Palin at her word and ask her: To whom have you shown Trig's birth certificate?

Why should that be a taboo? Sarah Palin herself says that these questions are fair.

Let's keep it simple and straightforward. If we would all do that and pull together in the right direction, Palin's house of lies would crumble fast.



This post is already quite long, but in order to support the lively, very good discussion which is going on in the comments right now, I shortly would like to mention some facts which we will probably discuss in greater detail in a future post. Some commentators discussed the details of the travel, for example the question when Sarah Palin returned to Anchorage. Some of you will probably not be aware of the fact that there are two pieces of documentation available that contain details about the travel:

Please see THIS FOLDER for more copies from Sarah Palin's official schedule and other documents.

This is a screenshot from the travel authorizations:

Screenshot Travel Authorizations Sarah Palin

You can see that the details of the flight from Anchorage TO Dallas are mentioned. However, regarding the flight back, it's only mentioned that they arrived at 11.00 pm in Anchorage on April 17, 2008. Same in the official schedule. No other flight details for the flight back from Dallas to Anchorage can be found anywhere.

These documents also show that Sarah Palin was "in full swing" again from April 21, 2008. Even on April 18, 2008, she signed a bill, which is mentioned in both documents. However, interviews from April 18 with Sarah Palin which are mentioned in the documents have never surfaced, according to our best knowledge.

It is also interesting to note that in addition to the flights to Dallas, Sarah Palin also flew from Juneau to Anchorage on April 14, 2008. There were several more flights which Sarah Palin undertook in the "late stage" of her pregnancy. We will summarize them in a future post. I would be grateful if anyone who finds information regarding her flights from January - April 2008 could send me this information via email.

There is another very curious email correspondence which is worth discussing.

Sarah Palin - King Air 20 April 2008 - screenshot 1

Her staff member Janice Mason answered:

Sarah Palin - King Air 20 April 2008 - screenshot 2

So Sarah Palin, who is supposedly almost 8 months pregnant, was planning on April 5, 2008 a round-trip with the King Air, the airplane which was owned by the state of Alaska, for April 20, 2008?

I personally believe that Sarah Palin would never do anything which could endanger herself.

I am convinced that a highly pregnant Sarah Palin with her history of miscarriages, now supposedly with her 7th pregnancy, carrying a Down Syndrome baby, would not have gone on so many flights. This is just one of many reasons why Sarah Palin's alleged pregnancy did not happen.


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