Sunday, 28 June 2009

Palin Hoax

We're all excited about a new site comparing Letterman's fake pregnancy to Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig. How big is this site? Is Letterman likely to "bite"?

Of course we want it to hit the big time and what better vehicle than The Late Show?

I've managed to obtain two e-mail adresses and we could send the link to both of them with suggestions...

What do we have to lose?


e-mail addresses: and

The children may be off limits, but Sarah Palin's womb isn't!


ProChoiceGrandma said...

I googled and brought up this:

basheert said...

Go Dave!!!

Patrick said...

Dave, I congratulate you on this larger-than-life baby!


I saw this hilarious comment by my "fellow Trig Truther" Ennealogic on Wonkette, and I liked it so much that I thought it should get some additional exposure.

The Ten Commandments, Revised Down to Five

Thanks, Ennealogic!

Buffalogal said...

It's been sent to a number of connections and media outlets. My guess is that by midweek, we'll see viral. Maybe not MSM until the following week but alternative news and blogs, this week for sure.

Patrick said...

+++Breaking News+++

Phil Munger from Progressive Alaska said on the Mike Method radio show yesterday (June 27) on the air that they should ask Sarah Palin to sign a statement to release her medical records, so that Cathy Baldwin-Johnson would be allowed to explain on the air (!) whether her advice to Sarah Palin that she was fit to fly back from Texas on April 17, 2008 put baby Trig at risk!

That's what I like to hear! :-)

Let's hear what Cathy Baldwin-Johnson has to say! That would be ***really*** interesting!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oh, Megamouth is going to be a very busy lady!
Has anyone peeked on the "Dark Side" to see if they know?

Trish said...

I sent the link out on Twitter this afternoon, don't know if it got noticed or not. Busy day here, so I had to shut down the Twitter and actually do some 'work'.

Haven't peeked at the darkside yet today, so I don't know if they know or not?

lisabeth said...

I sent the site to both of the addresses. I also gave them your site as "background" Regina and told them to look at the side bar too.

Patrick, that is very interesting.! What radio show is that? Is it Alaskan or national?

I will also send out the link on Twitter....and I will send it directly to some of the reporters that I follow! A few have written me back before! :)

Patrick said...

It's an Alaskan radio show.

The link to the podcast:

You then have to go to the Mike Method box and click on the right arrow until "06-27-09" appears.

Anonymous said...

OT, but have you seen this?

"Candidate Palin has a character problem"

One can always count on the Pee Zoo to direct us towards great critical articles of Saint Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I've been inspired by y'all - please come have a look:

lisabeth said...

I just read the article Greg Erickson wrote in ADN on the opinion page about Sarah's character. He really did not say anything terrible about her. Thanks for posting the link.

What is shocking are the responses, although I don't know why I am surprised. Nasty, nasty responses full of the same we have all come to expect from Palinbots

Here is what you see in almost every Palinbot's response:
1) over the top reaction
2) calling names - you are a wimp, you are a moron, you are x, y, z
3) bringing up President Obama even if he has nothing to do with it and;

I make a lot of typos because I often am on my Ipod. But that is different from the mistakes they make.

Also check out this article by Julia O'Malley

I haven't read most of her articles, but she was right on with this one. She might be a good person to share things with, although I believe ADN has sold out to Sarah Palin and/or are afraid of her for some reason. I still think all of us should send her the hoax website. Maybe someday someone at ADN will have enough chutzpah (BALLS, NERVE) to get at the truth.

Patrick, thank you for that link
I just don't think Dr. CBJ will talk. How do we demand she release her medical records She didn't even do so during a VP race, she just isn't going to do it until "the court tells her to!!"

Patrick said...

Hi lisabeth,

I am convinced that Sarah and CBJ will get a real problem if people continue to talk in public about the "wild ride" and the medical records. It's great that Phil Munger has brought this issue up again. We know that Sarah desperately wants this issue to go away, because the "wild ride" and the pregnancy never happened. The exposure of the massive lie would be Sarah's inevitable downfall. If a journalist would seriously start to confront Sarah, it would all be over soon.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks Bree Palin!!
If you have seen this episode where Bree is stuck with a fork, I would say Sarah has just been forked!
The video is here:

Anonymous said...

It was Philip Munger from Progressive Alaska who has asked for Sarah to release her records. What's even more interesting is the fact that P Munger has had personal contact with CBJ who supervised his wife's pregnancy which required her to have complete bedrest for 1 month before the birth of his son. He says that CBJ is super careful and that he does not believe that CBJ would take any risks with her patients.

It's worth listening to what Phil has to say.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I don't think the other worked, so here is the tinyurl to the Desperate Housewives episode.

Anonymous said...

Religious Tweetybird:
Regina, have you seen the discussion on Mudflats about the religious language coded in Palin's recent tweets? Could her official "tweets" containing religious code become part of "religion-gate"?

Elena said...

Is that really Dave L. in the post picture? He looks so young and dashing! Must have been the hormones giving him that glow...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Helen, a good one!

Anonymous said...

Regina - Thanks so much for the link! I'm a reader and an admirer :)

Ripley in CT said...

How much do I love that you're calling this a "hoax"? It's time to take the gloves off, methinks ;)

trishSWFL said...

Bree Palin, I just took a quick peek at your blog. Amazing, great job!

I have it bookmarked, to go back later and read it all :)

Anonymous said...

I was listening to the Mike Method show yesterday when Phil was on. Someone called in and started talking about SP's wild ride and how it should be investigated. Seemed to have in-depth medical knowledge via his wife. Amazingly good discussion. I recommend you listen to it too.

Thanks Bree Palin. I visited and enjoyed your site today from a link on Immoral Minority & will definitely visit again. Good job!

And Thanks to you Regina. You rock!




Do you have a link to the Mike Method show? It is terrific that Phil is getting the discussion going!

Anonymous said...

God, how I hate this picture!

If Trig even so huch as arches his back a tiny, tiny little bit, he will go SPLAT! on the floor!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Be sure to see the UPDATED Letterman/Palin Pregnancy Hoax! It now has links to the "Wild Ride".
I am also thrilled to see Palingates listed on the side bar. More people will see the links to ALL existing "gates". I'm sure Sarah will provide more gates as time marches on.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

We don't even know if SP still has her womb. If she had had a hysterectomy--for fibroids, let's say--that would have shown up in any genuine medical records.

Anonymous said...

Patrick posted about the Method show interview yesterday on this thread. Here is his comment. It really is worth listening to this show.

"It's an Alaskan radio show.

The link to the podcast:

You then have to go to the Mike Method box and click on the right arrow until "06-27-09" appears."

KaJo said...

There's an interesting back-and-forth going on at Le*gal In*sur*rec*tion, a conservative blog run by a guy who identifies himself as an Associate Clinical Professor of Law @ Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY.

(I wonder if he went to the Founder's Day parade, and what HIS estimate of the crowd size was? /snark)

Since the Wonkette topic was only posted there yesterday (Sunday), it'd be timely for more of *us* to show up there and debate with some of his regulars. :)