Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How appropriate, Sarah Palin!

Detail from a photo of Sarah Palin taken at a Memorial Day ceremony. This woman wants to be the president of the United States of America.

Need I say more?

Full photo, click to enlarge.

Shannyn Moore has more details about this story.

Another nice choice of shoes here.
Looking smart in shiny "something" and jeans for Juneteenth book dedication.


CC ... said...

No, Regina ... you don't need to say more. Good grief!! The woman has no sense of decorum ... and at a Memorial Day service, no less.

The mind boggles. The funny (or actually, sad) thing is she is delusional enough to think she can run for our highest office.

When are Alaskans going to rise up and recall her a$$??

So much for family values. What a load of crap. She is practically screaming "forget this silly service look at my tanned gams!!!"

Women have gone through so much hard work to be recognized and valued for our brains and abilities and this cheap, faux-christian slut coming along is a slap in the face to every woman wishing to be taken seriously.

What a disgrace. Very sad. But worse ... very dangerous. We need to stop this charlatan from ever stepping foot into another public office again.

Tick tock, tick tock ... where is the iceberg?

Floyd M. Orr said...

There is no iceberg until CNN says there is one, and they are not going to do that until they are sure they can make more money from destroying her than supporting her. End of story.

Anonymous said...

The Memorial Day service was to honor the dead-- this outfit shouldn't be worn to a funeral or a state event. We have already discussed how it is all about Sarah and her need to be noticed. The HuffPo account describes her "diva" actions, namely failure to commit to the event even as the program was going to the printers. Then, at the last minute, she insisted on being placed on the stage and allowed to speak. As I said, it's all about "notice me, PLEASE, notice me!" Despite the big shiny new house, I think that they forgot to install full length mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Just as bad is the fact that she would not confirm her attendance and then showed up and expected that the entire program be shifted around to accomodate
Her Highness." She is so full of herself....sickening....just sickening. She has no sense of responsibility. Or respect for ANYONE.

midnightcajun said...

I had the same reaction when I saw that photo--good lord, look at all the leg and chest she's showing! Between tanning and twittering and pandering to her base, how does she have time to do anything else?

And again, notice how skinny her legs have become. She's looking as emaciated as Coulter.

ella said...

I recall that when GINO and John McCain showed up together on Faux News (McCain was, at that point, afraid to let her speak alone)that SP wore a skirt and let it "ride up' to mid-thigh - in the middle of an interview where McCain and Fox were trying to establish her credibility! She is so clueless.
And her c4pers will merely proclaim that we are "jealous haters" if we bring the subject up.
I have been in the business world for many years, and learned early on to play down the sexiness and dress conservatively - the mini skirts came out of the closet (and still do) ONLY for parties and dancing. What did her momma teach her? Or does she simply not listen to anyone?

Kyra said...

Over time, I have noticed that she frequently wears jeans and/or outdoor coats at formal, official Alaska events when everyone else is wearing suits and ties (men) and dresses or suits (women).

The other thing that I really pay attention to and that you can see in the photo of her at the library event, is her body language and expression. She slouches. When she's talking, one shoulder is raised, hipshot (one hip higher), and head tilted. Go stand in front of a mirror like that. What attitude are you displaying?

I've seen video of her at meetings with her cabinet and/or the press and she leans on her arm, swivels her chair, slouches, and usually has a very bored look on her face and a bored tone of voice.

When she gives a speech, she's energized and focused, but either no one has explained to her that the camera is always on, or she doesn't think it matters. When the press falls out of love with her, those clips are what they will begin to focus on.

Consciously or not, people respond to the nonverbal cues. People know when someone is bored, when someone doesn't want to be there or thinks what they are doing is a waste of time. GINO thinks she knows it all, that she is better than everyone, and does not need advise on presenting herself. Hopefully that message will eventually filter through.

KW said...

How she misses the RNC stylists! Bad clothes, bad shoes, bad hair!

If she looked a mess or inappropriate but did some sensible governing and didn't put her foot in her mouth on a regular basis, we wouldn't pick on her so much.

Who let the dogs out?

KW said...

Woof woof!


FEDUP!!! said...

She ever only was appropriately dressed during her stint for VP, when the RNC sprang for her clothes to the tune of $150,000. (BTW: Did she get all those clothes back, now that the FEC has ruled it was OK for the RNC to mis-appropriate the hard-earned moneys from all those misled donors?)

If you check into the photo archives on the official Alaska State site, you can find her wearing way more *in*appropriate than appropriate clothing...
Juneteenth comes to mind, and another one where she is wearing some cardigan that some gramma must have knit for her, and another one where she is wearing what seems to be PJ pants, with a fur-topped sweater, etc.

Off topic: I also saw her and the first dud (sic) at the march of Dimes, with a double stroller - and Piper sitting in it (Toad (sic) carrying Trig on his shoulders).
So, I have a couple of questions here:
a)Why would she have a DOUBLE stroller, if Trig is *her* kid and not Bristols? Wouldn't they have TWO strollers - I mean, Bristol would not stay in her house for too much longer, dontcha think? Then, if B. moves out, she would need a stroller for Tripp, wouldn't she?
b) WHAT IS IT WITH PIPER - always wanting to be a baby - like in this instance, sitting in the stroller, and the pictures from earlier this year, when she was sucking on a pacifier SHE IS 7 Y/O, for crying out loud!!!This is NOT a (mentally) healthy child!

Anonymous said...

Love her "hoochie Mama" wardrobe!

South Buffalo / Southtowns Online said...

OK so -

Even now .... After all the raised eyebrows and after all of the discourse and flat out outrage about Palin not giving due recognition to Juneteenth ceremonies in Alaska, she finally shows up for something and she shows up for the signing in jeans??

She reads the blogs! She knows what's being said for gawdz sake. How can she not be paying attention and making adjustments??

If your holy role is to be a sneaky, manipulative politician with freaky global / "I'm chosen to assist in the ushering in of Armeggedon" ambitions - Well then AT LEAST do it EFFECTIVELY !

**sigh** Methinks that McCain and the CEO of the End Times agenda chose poorly for "who's on deck?"

( Jeans! Mini-skirt? Really and OY!!)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

There is to, a iceberg!
from the Alaska Report:
Rumor Central: Big story still heading towards the S.S. Palin
A deal-breaker is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don't think so. Will it topple the house of cards, all signs say yes. Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

I can't tell is she is raiding the girls wardrobes or is she is back shopping at the Wasilly Resale shops.

Kyra said...

On the State of Alaska website under photos, there is a picture of her with a delegation of officials from Russia and Asian countries and she is wearing jeans and stilletos (they of course, are wearing suits).

And another picture where they are unveiling a new state stamp and Senator Murkowski and the other woman in the photo are wearing nice business wear - slacks and nice tops, and she's again, wearing jeans.

Anonymous said...

You know, she heard the word, VETERANS, so she dressed for all those Veterans (men). I don't think she understood the word, MEMORIAL.

onejrkitty said...



I think you all know how I feel about our Narcissism Poster Child, but we don't need grade school rumors of portending "ice bergs" to hang on like old saturday movie serials i.e. Capt. America etc.

We all KNOW there are is much info, that when finally exposed, will destroy Palin.

We SHOULD understand that you do not "telegraph your punch" if you are serious about bringing down someone as dangerous as Palin.

Enough with the cliff hanger mentality. Those who have the info and who will eventually release what they know are SERIOUS AND ARE NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO "TELEGRAPH" THEIR PUNCH.

Please stop treating this very serious situation like a grade school, saturday movie serial when "capt. America" finally arrives and saves the day.


sandra said...

This is another display of SP's lack of insight. She should have known when she sat in the car that the skirt would ride up that high. It reminds me of junior high school girls who haven't learned how to dress yet.

Anonymous said...

re: Iceberg talk

If the Titanic had adequate warning, do you think it would have been able to avoid the eventual disaster?

You betcha.

These little teasers are a bit tawdry, but I'm hoping for something big this time. I just don't want her to be taking evasive measures, if you know what I mean.


ps. She looks like the hoochie she is.

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS2: Where is the wedding band? Why wouldn't she be wearing it, being all "family values" and stuff....

onejrkitty said...

"These little teasers are a bit tawdry, but I'm hoping for something big this time."

Of course ! We all want it to be "something big" this time. ALL THE MORE REASON TO NOT USE JUVENILE CLIFF HANGERS. A bicycle is NOT a good Christmas present if you were expecting a pony !


They will NOT release ANY info until it is to their advantage, as it should be and all this "kids waiting for a present" LOWERS THE BAR ON THIS SERIOUS TOPIC. LEVI AND BRISTOL HAVE SO MUCH, SO CORRECT INFO ON PALIN THEIR LIVES COULD BE IN DANGER. WHY DO YOU THINK LEVI AND TANK ARE TOGETHER SO MUCH !

Alaska Report is progressive but that does not prevent them from using poor, unprofessional techniques. THE TERM "RUMOR CENTRAL" itself places whatever is said there at the "National Enquirer" level and WE DO NOT NEED TO LOWER OUR BAR TO THAT LEVEL.

Besides, the "rumor" at Rumor Central is now quite old and literally says nothing more than the kind of statement you would read on Team Sarah etc.

I also do not feel that playing around with this topic is beneficial to the work being done, I SPECULATE, by Butler on behalf of Levi and Sherry.

This is not a game ! We lower our bar to that of Team Sarah when we deal in "rumors" and "cliff hangers" and "teasers" etc.



onejrkitty said...

A friend once described his beloved grandfather, a farmer who had lost fingers ( yes, plural !) from each hand as, " He's a nice guy but I would't want to take him on a dangerous mission."

Even trackers, military or civilian, either during wartime or search and rescue, know that lives depend on the attitude you take toward your work.

Friviloty gets you killed.

Or someone else killed.

Loose lips sink ships.

Please read, "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzu to develop the appropriate "attitude."

Ginger said...

Re: Iceberg

Go to Gryphen's Immoral Minority and under the Dick Cheney story, read Anon at 11:40 AM!

Anonymous said...

Proof that you can't take the Ho out of the HoDown...

or the Trash out of the Trailer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with onejrkitty about the 'cliffhanger' stuff; I'm kind of over it.
It doesn't make me wanna come back to read - it makes me annoyed. I wonder, _each and every time_ (including PDeception), what they might actually REALLY know but don't want to post for whatever reason, and whether it's just advertising to draw people back. Ultimately I'll never know what the issue was, and my curiosity is never satisfied. I don't like censorship and I'll never be able to know conclusively what it was. Because the blogger gets to decide what to post.

Either way, it gets silly, right?
There's plenty to be focused on; more than enough that's genuinely concerning and merits real action. Is the "iceberg" thing a way to throw people off of the issues that need to be addressed.

onejrkitty said...

Please remember both Levi and Bristol, and many other most likely, KNOW WHO TRIGG'S MOM REALLY IS.

That info alone is enough to cause Palin to throw even her own flesh and blood under the bus.

Yes, even to the extent of serious if not fatal physical engergy. (Please read, "The Son of A Grifter" by Kent Walker and google his mom, Santee Kimes (grifter and murderer with her other son.)

NO ONE WITH SERIOUS INFO ON PALIN IS GOING TO "play" with this information. This info gets Levi all the access to his son he wants without timely, expensive litigation and keeps Palin from treating him like she did Wooten.

Bristol gets a home, food, clothes, health care i.e. total finanacial support for herself and Tripp.

If Levi even asked for a paternity test on Trigg think how viciously angry Palin would be?

Now, I am SPECULATING, that Levi, his atty Butler and PI/bodyguard Tank Jones are the sources behind the "iceberg." HOWEVER, REMEMBER TALIS COLBERG HAS LOTS OF DIRT ON PALIN TOO!

In other words, there are many people out there who could seriously damage Palin and ANY OF THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR INFO COULD BE THE "ICEBERG."

IF they play their cards right--and I mean ANY of these people--then they may NEVER need to release the info they have on Palin.


Professionals do not start anything they can't finish ! This is why using "cliff hanging" is poor judgment.

However, being as self destructive as she is, and because her narcissism has flown so high, her inevitable fall with be that steep and dramatic. It may NOT happen for years and long after she is out of public office.

Palin -- as all narcissist do-- WILL self destruct as her delusional bubble of reality is burst and her psychological stability falls under the weight of reality.

This will eventually happen even if NO one spills the beans.

Please understand, this woman is seriously mentally ill and that is why she is seriously dangerous.

Her outlandish behavior is nothing compared to what is going on inside her head.

The Art of War, Sun Tzu. Read it.

onejrkitty said...

This is the post referred to by Ginger, above.

9:57 AM
Anonymous said...
So have you stopped talking about the iceberg in the hopes that everyone will forget and no one realize that you are full of shit?

11:40 AM

No, I think Gryphen just realized "You Don't Telegraph Your Punch," and that the info, legitimate as it may be--and I think it is very legitimate---may not ever be revealed as long as it is more advantageous to his sources to keep the info for their own use.

Sam Vankin (sp) whose overly inclusive online site on Narcissism gives one method of dealing with a threatening narcissist. He suggest "frightening them." To let them know by subtle hints that you have the means to destroy them. Let the narcissist imagination go wild and they become afraid enough that they no longer attack, but change to a more "cooperating" tactic. Of course, if your info is too threatening, they may murder you to keep you quiet as did Santee Kimes ( "The Son of a Grifter" by Kent Walker.)

Narcissist who are threatened are extremely dangerous because they feel whatever they do is in self-defense and therefore God is on their side.

It is a delicate line to walk and too many people on Palin's enemies list are being forced to walk that line.

NO ONE, including Gryphen has the right to factor themselves into the situation when personal lives are on the line.

Gryphen is wisely choosing to "not telegraph his--or anyone else's ! ! ! --- punch."

Gryphen now understands timing is everything.

Anonymous said...

OT but who can resist the latest gossip about Bristol and Levi? Check out the Huffington Post's latest (you may have to scroll down a little). Levi has another tell-all coming up in GQ, and there is another preview claiming that Todd offered to buy Bristol a car if she'd break up with Todd. You'd think that he'd be offering the car to Levi to keep his mouth shut-- makes you wonder why they wanted Levi out of the picture so quickly after the baby was born. Can I hear the cries from Bristol, "This one's mine, all mine!" Just a guess, also, there.

Kyra said...

I have seen Sam Varkin quoted several times on Sarah Palin related websites. Please note, if you go to his website, one of the first things that he says about himself, is that he is not a mental health professional. When he lists the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) criteria for narcissistic disorder, he also includes his "suggested revisions" in bold. I should note that a team of 1,000 worked for about 10 years to develop the revisions from version III to version IV and there was an oversight group of 9 MD's and PhD's responsible for just the personality disorders alone, so for someone who is not a mental health professional to revise one disorder (and naively I would add) is indicative of a little narcissism on his end.

Additionally, narcissism is rarely seen alone. It is usually seen as part of the cluster of the group of disorders that include antisocial, borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personality disorders and usually include traits from each. Often, an individual will have personality traits rather than the disorder, or a mental health axis I disorder (treatable) with characteristics of a personality disorder rather than an axis II personality disorder (fixed).

The other significant problem I have with Sam Varkin is that throughout his writings, he refers to "narcissists" rather than "persons exhibiting narcissistic traits" or "persons with narcissism" which is a dehumanizing, degrading way to refer to someone regardless of how you feel about them. Especially someone with a mental illness. I may badmouth GINO along with the rest of you and believe she has some narcissistic traits (although I would never diagnose her as such without a diagnostic evaluation) but regardless of how many books he has written or how much he's posted on the web, I would be very careful citing Mr. Varkin as any kind of expert, especially when he warns you against it right off the bat!

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the Kimes. I used the same title company.

Like Kenny, Bristol is part of the problem. If she's not going to the Feds and getting in a witness protection program, her mother still needs her.

Bristol would have had to share money made on baby pictures, that could have had them thinking about if Levi stayed around.

vw FELLA like in Goodfellas

Kyra said...

I have a victimology certification so my secret vice is true crime shows and I saw a show on the Kimes about the mother/son relationship and crime spree. truly, truly sad how a sick mother can destroy so many lives. I've been saying all along that I feel for all the Palin girls - there's just something not right there.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

One jerkitty,
I have reason to believe the sources behind the "Iceberg" post & Gryphen's to be valid. If you don't want to hear it, stick your fingers in your ear and go lalalalala and keep spouting your bullshit speculations!
If you really care to know, I believe the "iceberg" postings are what keep GINO away from DC a couple of weeks ago, not the flooding in Alaska, as her minions claim.
Just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think most of the ones annoyed at Gryphen are trolls.
Grown ups don't have to read Gryphen or any blog that irritates them.

There has to be those in Alaska that have plenty on the grifters. I don't think they are intending to tease.

Anonymous said...

c aka c,
I find it impossible to believe GINO would stay away from DC b/c of flooding.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

"Anonymous said...

c aka c,
I find it impossible to believe GINO would stay away from DC b/c of flooding."
I know!!!!

Elena said...

President-Palin-A-Go-Go. Bible Spice strikes again.

Re: Iceburg

I've maintained all along that attention to rumors about the birth thing just siphons off energy and talent that could be used to further expose and document the very real, verifiable ever changing chaos that is "Palin In Office". Furthermore, it wouldn't change her "base" one bit - they'd just think up something like "Oh she was in a tight spot and had to cover it up because of all the mean godless liberals out there, but the darling angel is alive and has Downs and that's all we need to have a pro-life parade! Yipee for Joan of the Arctic! Lets have a protest in favor of 'LYING FOR LIFE'. Yeah that's it...that's our Deborah, our Esther, that's OUR Sarah!"

Anyone in their right mind that would be disgusted by the birth lie is already disgusted by Sneuty Queen and wouldn't vote for her even if Todd Palin promised them a car.

That said, I'll have a giant rootbeer to float my iceburg in please.

Anonymous said...

Has Willow vanished?

Janet in Texas said...

uh oh. Where HAS Willow been? We might be seeing another pillow under Sarah's blouse here pretty soon.

sauerkraut said...

Just wait until the peelanders read this post! Oh, they will go ballistic! They hate the truth, especially when that truth shows the continual shortcomings of their trampy little goddess.

Who does she think she is, Brigit Bardot?

onejrkitty said...

Mr. Varkin IS a narcissist, thus his overly inclusive website :)

While Varkin is not the only expert out there, and has his faults, as do others, he does put things in a laymen's language making it easy for those not inclined to the study of psychology to understand what he is saying.

From my own back ground, my own education and my other research, as well as exploring masses of Sam's over inclusive site ( since HE is a narcissist, narcissism is ABOUT HIM and how happy can that be for the guy LOL ) I feel comfortable stating Palin is a POSTER CHILD FOR NARCISSISM.

I also do not find it upsetting to have Sam disrespect a narcissist. After all, not only is he one, but I learned long ago to "never have respect for someone who does not respect you." and narcissist respect no one.

onejrkitty said...

Crystal Wolf;

You are missing the entire point. No one ever said the source behind Gryphen's info are not valid. O

On the contrary ! I know and respect Gryphen and believe his sources are extremely valid.



Grow up -- your are starting to sound like Team Sarah.

onejrkitty said...

Yes, that is a great point. Bristol, like Kenny Kimes, is part of the problem. She is more like her mother than I thought and proves she is more like mom every day.

She -- like mommie dearest-- is in it for what she can get. This kid has never really worked a day in her life, has daddy offering her a car to leave Levi and is not a little "celebrity" in her own right.

Unlike Kenny Kimes, Bristol is not smart enough to know that SHE is not as good at manipulation as her mom and Sarah will destroy her daughter if she feels she needs to in order to preserve her own delusions.

If you read the book by Kent Walker, there is a description where, as a child, he is sent back into a home to retrieve papers. A building his mom has already rigged to explode a device. Kent ( not Kenny, but Kent --different son) is thrown to the pavement by the blast just as he exits the building. It is left unsaid in the book, but it is clear that Kent, and the reader, can not help but wonder if Santee had insured his life and told him to go back into the building on purpose, to collect more insurance.

Unless you have read a lot about actual individual narcissist, or lived with one---I have done both-- you have NO idea what they are capable of and how BANAL THEIR EVIL IS.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

onejrkitty said...
Hey, maybe you need to GROW UP! You have been ranting and raving on the blogs now and gotten kicked off mudflats and cause alot of trouble for people trying to stand up for you and your right to speak.
And who even says this is about BABYGATE???
Maybe you need to step back and take a cup of STFU?
You are turning into a "bitter critter"

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's getting rather "hot" around here. So what if Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy? So what if the "iceberg" does not hit until Sarah Palin is safely no longer our Gov and has lost 2012?

So what if Sarah never wins Lisa's or Mark's Senate seat?

That's the way it will play out. Yes, she's in the spotlight now, but she will never get any further than Governor of Alaska. She may remain pertinent to some factors of the American public due to her keeping herself in the news but she will go away one day, perhaps in 500 and some days when her term is up as Gov.

She does not have the intelligence to be a national player and she's proven this time and time again.

I know we'd all love to see her crash and burn but I suspect she will disappear with a whimper and just be gone, except to her devoted following and to the rest of us when she decides to do something "tabloid worthy".

Clock is ticking and she has no where else to go but AWAY.

Anonymous said...

I don't see her wearing a wedding ring. Did I miss that?

Kyra said...

I think my point about Varkin was, that if you use his information to determine if someone is or is not a narcissist, you're as likely as not to get it wrong.

I object to the objectification of people into diseases (or any labeling for that matter) since I object to having my clients referred to as that schizoid or that narcissist or .... and its a bad habit to get into, that's all.

Kyra said...

sorry, time for bed if I use "object" so many times in one sentence :-)

Anonymous said...

I doubt that if Sarah was diagnosed by professionals it would be public knowledge. Many politicians and celebrities have the characteristics of narcissism. Sarah looks more criminal and garish then most and she wants to drill baby drill and rule the world. Her political career should be over but the whole thing about being "crazy" is that it makes no sense and total maniacs can get into power. She is hardly alone in her quest for power. It is good to keep in mind how ruthless and uncaring for others she can be. The psycho types I've known are experts in using and twisting others emotions. That is how they get their prey.

I also question, is some of what the public is seeing caused from substance abuse? I take her crack ho fashion as a very insecure 45 year old woman who is out of touch with reality. Sex works for her and boosts her over confidence into blind delusions.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Kyra-good point there. I wish there were more mental health people like you out there.
The problem is you can see someone with a problem (like GINO) but they do not think/see that they need help.I just had a experience with my BF cousin who is a classic OCPD. He came with my BF mom to visit and it was awful, his PD was so pronounced. But I doubt if he would seek help on his own or even if someone told him, he would just shrug it off b/c he knows it all.
That is the sad part.
Basereet recommended the book "columbine" for me to read, and the one boy Eric was classic psychopath. He was seen by law enforcement and therapists and they did not catch it.
If I was a psych student right now, GINO would be my thesis!
You are right about the labeling though, I would hate to be known as the "this or that" person. :(
Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Scarah......where is your wedding ring? Problems at home? Your skirt is too short but you DO need some extra attention, my cannot miss one single day without being in a headline.

As for Juneteenth...your body language said it all....and jeans...that's really respectful. Where are your advisors? Meg too busy?

Anonymous said...

First of all, I am one of those who believe that we will only have the complete story of the Palin/Heaths once GINO is OUT OF OFFICE. We all know she does not hesitate to use whatever tools she has to pursue her personal vendettas. It will not be pretty, and those that know the truth are right to use every caution when dealing with this type of personality.

Second, I am pleased (and yet revolted) to see a theory of mine, regarding why there are so many "mis-understandings" around what events GINO might/might not attend. It appears she literally gets up in the morning, and decides THAT DAY what she wants to do. Her staff look like the Three Stooges in part, because they do not know from day to day, which way the wind will blow. (Her habit to hire only for unquestioning loyalty, not job competence is a contributing factor.)

Kyra said...

crystalwolf aka caligirl:
we all have some narcissistic facets and should - if we don't like ourselves, how will others? Politicians - in fact anyone in the public eye - have a heftier dose than most, in fact, that's what draws them into the public eye. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as a personality disorder by definition, is a maladaption, something that causes a problem with functioning whether or not the individual recognizes it or not. It's when you have too much narcissism or use it inappropriately/problematically or it is combined with other mental health problems/behaviors that it becomes a concern.

As far as psychopathy (now called antisocial personality disorder or personality traits if not a full-fledged disorder), to be diagnosed, the individual must be retroactively diagnosed with a conduct disorder which has specific criteria and occurs prior to age 15. If we can't do that, then the "official" diagnosis isn't made. People with true antisocial personality disorders are rare, although we see them more and more - about 1% - 3% of prison populations. They are actually no more intelligent then the general population contrary to popular opinion and no more likely to be substance abusers, in fact, less so as substance abuse is usually associated with self-medicating pain (emotional/physical).

An interesting factoid - we see a higher rate of antisocial personality DO's with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, extreme sports, jet jockeys (scary when you think of who we're giving $25 million fighter jets to). The population most likely to experience those types of injuries are young men, the population most likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.

As far as GINO? I see more histrionic behavior associated with the narcissism than antisocial with perhaps some borderline. Not true evil, but rather a deep-seated insecurity and need to be the center of attention. Her magical thinking, seductiveness, and suggestibility are textbook.

and Bristol? I see a victim, as are the other girls and probably Track as well. remember, Bristol is only just 18, raised by a mother who is apparently unable to connect in an emotionally healthy way with her children and an apparently emotionally remote father. just my guess from what I see, but we've all seen a lot!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Thanks, very insightful...the histrionic, yes fits...She would be perfect for a psych student to write up. Have you seen her speech, the Lincoln day speech was really something, with exaggerated grimaces, and she was all over the place, a palinbot called it "schizophrenic" even. Also her video of Eagle, was very interesting. If you get a chance to check them out.
I never see her REALLY interact with Bristol, or Willow, perhaps Piper somewhat, but she uses the kids more like "cute" props than showing real love towards them.

onejrkitty said...


You said: "Maybe you need to step back and take a cup of STFU?"

Thank you for making my point for me i.e. "... -- your are starting to sound like Team Sarah."

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

onejrkitty said...


You said: "Maybe you need to step back and take a cup of STFU?"

Thank you for making my point for me i.e. "... -- your are starting to sound like Team Sarah."
29 May 2009 01:36
WTF??? I think you are starting to sound like the narcissist GINO, hogging the spotlight, Me, Me, Me!
Back off jerk kitty!