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Sarah Palin's open and transparent deals - UPDATE

The issue of Sarah Palin's transparency returns...

We're glad that this particular topic will not go away. Sarah Palin harped on this note since her gubernatorial campaign, continued on the same note in the vice presidential roadshow and made several references to being open and transparent in "Going Rogue".

Sarah Palin used her influence and her Personnel Board to hide her transgressions from the public when she was governor.

But her accountability is still in question.

Alaska Dispatch (Part 1 and Part 2) obtained copies of some e-mails sent from Sarah Palin's yahoo account and they are very interesting:

Certain recipients had their names redacted, but some of them are easily recognizable as government officials, such as Kris Perry, Frank Bailey, Ivy Frye, Talis (Colberg) and Meg Stapleton. Hardly family or friends. We suspect her chief of staff, Mike Tibbles, was also included among the recipients:

Another e-mail was sent to quite a number of government officials:

I love the tone of Sarah Palin's e-mails. Yes, she's definitely transparent, but NOT open. Her intentions are quite transparent, but she certainly didn't want to be open to public scrutiny.

This video shows it very clearly:

Two years later, Sarah Palin and her family still adhere to the same old style.

Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin has started her very own LLC (Limited Liability Company)
The NAIC code 541820 is listed in the state of Alaska simply as Public Relations Agencies:

But in the document NAICs Definitions 2007, on page 444, we find an expanded definition of Public Relations:

So what is BSMP, LLC all about?

Our friend Archivist, of So it goes... , believes it's a convenient way for the Palins to get their hands on SarahPac's money:

IF Sarah decides to pay BSMP LLC $500,000 to 'consult' ... she CAN do that.

It's a FRONT to absorb the PAC funds... avoiding tax on Bristol's earnings is small potatoes compared to being able to essentially PAY HERSELF out the the PAC to 'consult' and 'endorse' candidates!

Bristol doesn't have to do a thing, all she has to do is accept the 'fees' for the 'Political Consultations'. And Sarah can 'pay' for 'Political Consultations' out of the PAC ... most of those donations by Sarah's schmucks are going to stay in the Palin family; some of it will pay for travel to speak and she might give $2000.000 here and there to 'candidates of her choice' ... but ... she can blow the whole wad on 'Political consultations' if she wants to! Political Consultations with BSMP LLC, her daughter's company. A daughter who barely has a High School education...

On page 428 of the NAICs document, there's an overview of the 54 sector as a whole:

Bristol does not have a high degree of expertise or training, does she?

Rachel Maddow has weighed in as well:

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Rachel didn't appear to buy Van Flein's explanation.

We don't buy it either... the Palins may not be open, but they're all too transparent.

I suppose we'll have to wait for the next SarahPac accounts to be disclosed. Does anybody know when it's due?

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Celtic Diva has a very important post regarding the harassement of the judges in the Bristol Palin v Levi Johnston custody case. Sarah Palin's supporters have a protest organized on Facebook. I made some screenshots of the protest page and of Sarah Palin's own Facebook page, where the link to the protest appears unchallenged and unmoderated.

EDIT: A PDF-copy of the facebook page can be downloaded here.

This is the event page:

The link was posted on Sarah Palin's official Facebook page:

Bree Palin has obtained screenshots of Jessica Beehive's and Eddie Burke's Tweeter postings:

The Facebook Barracuda Brigade are simply supporters of Sarah Palin, but they were allowed to post their link on Sarah's own page. She's responsible for the content of her only "official" platform.

Jessica Beehive and Eddie Burke are much closer to Sarah Palin. They're both in Alaska and Eddie Burke in particular has very good access to the whole family.

Sarah Palin has not condemned this campaign to harass the judges, which makes her just as guilty as the rest of her misguided supporters.

We know she reads the blogs, so we may see a twit or a Facebook note about it in the near future... or not.


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