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Sarah and Todd Palin, Jeremy Morlock's family, and more secrets from Wasilla revealed

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"But that I am forbid To tell the secrets of my prison house, I could a tale unfold whose lightest word Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, Make thy two eyes like stars start from their spheres, Thy knotted and combined locks to part, And each particular hair to stand on end Like quills upon the fretful porpentine."

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Ghost at I, v)

If one is looking for secrets, Wasilla might be one of the greatest places ever. We don't know all of them, of course. ;-) However, ever since we started to investigate Queen Sarah, the creature that came from Wasilla, we slowly started to get to know some of them. We received information from several sources over time, and we are incredibly careful when it comes to publishing it. Several things we have heard we have never published so far, because it was not substantiated enough to back it up. This rule still applies. There are still untold stories for us to reveal at some later point.

Recently a particularly well-informed person from the circle close to Palins came forward. We know of course the identity of the source, and the information we received was very detailed and absolutely credible. After an email exchange, I had a long phone conversation with this person, we also diligently checked the general personal background, and the time has come to let the world know what we were told.

In my little teaser in the comments earlier today I said that it will have a bit of everything. The main part of the events have to do with the Palins and the Morlocks, two families who are very close to each other. The children grew up and played together, they went to school with each other, they had sleepovers at each other's houses, the kids had Sarah Palin's cellphone number saved and some of the adults have known each other for more than 30 years. The association of the families is very, very tight.

If you think you recognize this name: I am talking about the family of Jeremy Morlock, the soldier from Wasilla who was recently arrested for being under suspicion of murder, while being on duty in Afghanistan.

When the news broke that Jeremy Morlock was arrested, John Cook, senior reporter with Yahoo News, already noticed that the "Soldier accused of murder in Afghanistan crossed paths with the Palin family."

Wasilla, as Palin frequently pointed out during the 2008 election campaign, is a very small community, so it's not surprising that the Palin family would have developed relationships, however incidental, with one of its residents. According to a 2009 People magazine profile of Bristol Palin, Jeremy Morlock's sister April is a friend of Bristol's and attended a "pizza and bingo party" at the Palin residence. And in 2005, Jeremy Morlock played in a high school hockey league with Palin's son Track, who himself served in the Army in Iraq. The two apparently attended different high schools.

This little insight set the heads of the Palinbots spinning, because they were upset that the "lamestream media" would construct such a connection between the two families.

But what was revealed at Yahoo News is only a small part of the whole story.

April Morlock's mother is Audrey Morlock. Audrey has a twin sister who is also called April.

April Morlock Jr. is one of Bristol Palin's closest friends, maybe even THE closest friend. They are of course also friends on Bristol's secret facebook account, which Bristol has opened under another name.

The relations of the Morlocks to the Palins go back a long way.

April Sr., the twin sister of Audrey Morlock, dated Todd from 5th to 9th grade in Dillingham.

So now we are beginning to build up a picture as to how long these families have been connected to each other.


Most of you have probably heard that Willow Palin was apparently involved in badly trashing and vandalizing a house in Wasilla along with other teenagers. We haven't written about this story so far, which was reported on several Alaskan blogs, because we didn't have concrete confirmation about the story.

However, recently we received confirmation from our source that this story was true.

The group of teenagers vandalized the house, which was empty at the time, very badly and caused extensive damage.

We were told that this house, which was about to be sold, was owned by the Morlock family.

April Morlock Jr. (Jeremy's sister) called Bristol Palin and confronted her with the fact she had heard that Willow was part of the group that trashed the house. Bristol then said she would check this, and shortly afterwards called April back and confirmed that fact that Willow was part of the group.

Audrey Morlock, April's mother, then visited Sarah and Todd and personally confronted them with these facts. While Sarah immediately rejected the idea that Willow could have been part of this group, Todd was more understanding and said that he would look into the situation. The exact outcome is not known to our source, but it's believed that insurance paid the damage.


However, there is another story which involves April Morlock, Jeremy's sister, which is also of great interest to us all

At some point in the past, April Morlock got in trouble with her mother Audrey. In order to defend herself, April blurted out:

"At least I am not pregnant like Bristol Palin."

According to our source, this was long before the Tripp pregnancy. Therefore April Morlock must have been referring to another pregnancy before Tripp.

I would like to stress again that we have at least two credible other inside sources which have confirmed that Bristol Palin was pregnant in 2007, and I am not even counting Michael Carey's source - the lawyer who said that the faked pregnancy was the "absolute truth".

One of these sources, and I have said this before, is a high ranking politician within the Republican Party in Alaska, whose name we know.

Bristol Palin was absent from public view from the beginning of October 2007 until the middle of February 2008, when she is mentioned as being involved in a car crash. She also didn't travel during this time, unlike Willow and Piper, which we know from the complete travel reports.

Sarah Palin, to repeat this again, faked her pregnancy with Trig. This is not a belief or an assumption. It's a true fact.


On another note: We already suspected long ago that Todd Palin is not the biological father of Track Palin.

Our highly reliable source, who is extremely close to the situation, confirmed that this is true. Sarah was already pregnant when she moved back to Wasilla in 1988 - but not from Todd. She then quickly "scooped" Todd, and they hurriedly married. According to our source, Todd knew at this point that Sarah was pregnant by somebody else.

Our source didn't even know that Palingates had written about this topic before, when we talked about it.

The biological father of Track CJ Palin is Curtis Menard Jr., who was officially his godfather. Curtis died in a plane crash in 2001. See here for details.


At this point I would also like to mention another fact: We recently wrote about the revelations of the National Enquirer from 2008, in which they reported that Brad Hanson had a sexual affair with Sarah Palin in the mid-1990's. The National Enquirer was very certain of their case and they even obtained a polygraph test and an affidavit as evidence.

We have information from two credible sources that Sarah Palin indeed had a sexual extramarital affair with Brad Hanson at this point, and one of the sources is a member of Brad Hanson's family, with whom I spoke on the phone.


I can imagine that it's upsetting for many of the participants in this endless "hide & seek" game which is going on regarding the secrets of Sarah Palin to see some of the details published. However, it's time for the great charade to come to an end, and for the Palins and others to come forward with the truth.

Phil Munger from Progressive Alaska send out a plea to Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, Sarah's (former?) doctor in a blog post from February 22, 2010:

"Palin has repeatedly claimed in the national media that she has presented for public scrutiny a birth certificate for Trig. That is not the case. I've observed a few times here that this seeming lie should be taken up by the so-called media. As yet, to my knowledge, it hasn't been.

Are people too jaded by Palin's lies to take this more seriously than the hundreds of others? If so, that is bizarre, because it is an important matter.

There are few people who could settle this. I don't trust Palin. I do trust Cathy, though, and can never thank her enough for helping save Alex.

Although she is under no legal or perhaps even moral obligation to share more about what she knows of the strange circumstances of Trig Palin's appearance on the scene, Cathy could single-handedly cut the Gordian knot on this, and free us from a somewhat suffocating entanglement."

Phil's request has not been answered. The "suffocating entanglement" still exists. Sarah and Todd Palin have to come clean.

This situation has been created by Sarah Palin's excessive political ambitions. Her severe mental problems apparently make it difficult for her to face the truth, and the longer this situation continues, the more suffocating it will be for the people in Alaska, America and at some point even for people in other parts of the world.


Palingates can anonymously and securely be reached here: "Palingates-Wikileaks"


Please also read our new post about the relationship of the Palins to the Morlocks from November 7, 2010 with more details.


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