Friday, 30 July 2010

Two videos about Babygate, Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy, which should be watched by everyone! - UPDATE (2x)!

For a long time, our readers have suggested that we should have a video which explains babygate in detail. Today we would like to present two videos that give a precise timeline of the faked pregnancy and also accurately reflect the results of the research which was undertaken by Palingates and by Palindeception.

Our brilliant reader lidia17 took over the huge task of creating these videos. This is a major effort, and we are incredibly thankful. It shows again what power an online community can have, that it can motivate its members to invest a huge amount of time and energy into incredibly important projects.

I hope that you will be as happy with the videos as we are. If you like them, please spread them wide, on facebook, twitter, your own blogs, etc. Feel free to link to them and to embed them! We want these videos to be seen by as many people as possible.



We had a valued reader who was not happy with the choice of the music at the end of the second clip (end titles). In order to address this complaint, lidia17 created an alternative version of the second clip with different music for the titles.

EDIT: I have replaced the version of part 2 in this post with the alternative version which doesn't use the music from "Rosemary's Baby" at the end, as this is probably a more suitable choice for the general public. The first version with the original soundtrack can be viewed HERE.



If you like these videos, then we have another pleasant surprise for you!

Our amazing lidia17 managed to convert the videos into a PDF-document! It's basically the booklet the the movie - and it looks great! The only unavoidable disadvantage is the fact that the size of this PDF is quite large (13 MB), so some email providers might have a problem with this size if you would like to attach it to an email.

However, you can download the PDF document HERE, and then you can simply spread the download link around! :-)

Especially for visitors who are new to Palingates I also would like to point out that we have a summary document with further details about babygate which can be downloaded HERE.

Please also visit the blog of our friend Ennealogic who has written an excellent post regarding recent "babygate developments."


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