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Sarah Palin in Montgomery, Alabama: Says she hid pregnancy with Trig for 7 months, gave birth at 7 1/2 months, adds new details to pregnancy story

Sarah Palin just cannot let go. It appears that she now recounts her pregnancy story in virtually every speech, including a shout out to the Trig Truthers (hi, Sarah!). She also adds new, previously unknown details to the story in virtually every speech.

But she doesn't just recount her pregnancy story. What she does is to tell a NEW version of the story by adding new details. One of the key elements of her new version is the statement that she "hid her pregnancy for 7 months and then gave birth at 7 1/2 months - the "Trig Truthers" think that I only was pregnant for 2 weeks."

This version was not a "mistake", she didn't "misspeak", because she told exactly the same version for example on September 14, 2010 in Waco, Texas, with the exact time frame: 7 months in hiding, born at 7 1/2 months, evil Trig Truthers claim that she was "only 2 weeks pregnant." In Waco, she famously also told the audience that she "had Trig in Anchorage" on April 18, 2008.

However, Sarah now apparently thinks that the story is becoming too boring, and she starts adding new points. For example, she tells the audience in Montgomery that she received from her doctor "a picture of the extra chromosome" - giving everyone something new to chew on.

Then she makes a really bizarre statement regarding her "hidden" pregnancy (at 0:57 in the video below from the speech at Faulkner University):

"I didn't tell anybody for a long time. In fact, I think I probably had a world record. I went seven months without telling anybody I was pregnant, except for Todd, our doctor and the nurse."

Yeah, that's a damn unbelievable world record, Sarah!

Sarah, you forgot the "ultrasound technician", by the way!

Which "nurse", by the way? We never heard of a nurse before.

In Montgomery, Sarah also "corrected" the version which she presented at yet another speech on September 16, 2010 in Louisville, Kentucky. In Lousiville, she suddenly claimed that her "doctor" took the ultrasound and made the "the neck looks a bit thicker" remark, despite her very detailed description on page 175 in "Going Rogue" (screenshot), in which she described that it was an "ultrasound technician" who performed the ultrasound and made this remark.

Now, in Montgomery, in classic Sarah-fashion, she claims that the "doctor tells me, the technician." Problem solved! "Doctor", "technician", it's all the same, isn't it?

It becomes more and more obvious that Sarah wants to "stick" with a version which contains so many holes, inconsistencies and unbelievable facts that we don't even know where to begin when we examine her story.

First of all, Sarah Palin announced her pregnancy on March 5, 2008, telling the world that she was seven months pregnant. Then, she officially gave birth on April 18, 2008. That's more than six weeks later. Not two weeks.

Interestingly, according to the "old" version, Trig was "officially" due on May 18, 2008, according to the Anchorage Daily News:

Leighow said the governor and her son are healthy and resting comfortably today.

The baby wasn't due until May 18. "It was quite a surprise," Leighow said.

That would have meant that Sarah Palin gave birth at eight months.


Trig Palin didn't look like a premature Down-Syndrome baby at 7 1/2 months. Nor was he transferred to a NICU, despite having "holes in the heart." He was allowed to go home with his mom just three days later, according to the story that Sarah Palin told the world. He was also presented on the day of his official birth to the public, just several hours after the supposed delivery. In addition, Mat-Su hospital does not have the facilities to handle high-risk births.

Litbrit summarized some of these points in an excellent post in July 2010:

"The (Mat-Su Regional) hospital that not only does not have the aforementioned facilities to care for special-needs babies, it does not even handle any high-risk births at all (high risk meaning, if the mother is over age 35. Or there are twins or triplets. You get the idea.)

No obstetrician I spoke to--and I have spoken to three in person, myself, and other mothers have spoken to more--once he was made aware of the details (high-risk multi-para mother, special needs baby, leaking amniotic fluid at eight months) would okay a patient to get on two long flights like this. Not a single obstetrician, Dave. Please ask a few yourself, if you don't believe me, a mother who's given birth three times. Tell them all the conditions, and ask if they'd give the go-ahead to an eight-months-pregnant woman with broken water and contractions to skip getting any medical check whatsoever, take a half-day to give a speech, get on two transcontinental flights, arrive some 18 hours after the initial rupture of membranes and continue to bypass hospitals with the facilities such a premature infant would require and finally give birth in a small regional hospital that doesn't handle such high-risk births."

Trig, who now according to Sarah Palin was born as a premature down-syndrome baby at 7 1/2 months, officially had the astonishing birth weight of 6 lbs. 2. oz.

That's not an underweight baby, and Trig looked far from being premature when he was presented on April 18, 2008.

Sally & Chuck Heath with Trig - April 18 - 2008 - new pic 2

Sally & Chuck Heath with Trig - April 18 - 2008 - new pic 1

newborn trig close

Ennealogic previously made a great post with a comparison to "real" five-week premature babies, which I encourage everyone to revisit.

Here is a screenshot from the official birth announcement:

Pregnancy announcement screenshot



We have received new evidence that Sarah Palin's birth story cannot have happened like she describes it - because these events would have violated the policies of Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer, where Trig was born, according to Sarah Palin.

One of our readers from Alaska recently called Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer, where Sarah Palin officially gave birth and asked them about their rules of treatment for premature babies. This is her report:


I called the Mat-Su Regional Hospital again today and spoke with their Lori in their Maternity Center. I asked them what the cut off was for them to deliver a preemie at their facility. They told me that you
must be over 35 weeks pregnant before you can deliver at their
hospital. Of course they said there were exceptions.

I asked them what they typically do if a women in labor comes in at 35
weeks or earlier in her pregnancy. They said that they normally do a
labor check to see how the labor/dilation is progressing and what
stage the expectant mother is in. If the labor isn't too far along,
they will probably transport the mother to Providence Alaska Medical
center in Anchorage, where there is an NICU. If the expectant mother
is too far into labor & there is a qualified pediatrician at the
hospital at the time, they may go ahead and let the mother give birth
at the Mat-Su hospital.

After birth, if the infant has any complications or high-risk factors,
like problems breathing or heart problems, they will immediately
stabilize & transport the new born to Providence Alaska Medical Center
in Anchorage, which is equipped with an NICU."

The fact remains that Sarah Palin's supposed pregnancy was a HIGH RISK pregnancy. Her age, two previous miscarriages, leaking amniotic fluid and flying while in labor, Trig's Downs Syndrome & resulting complications and it being a premature delivery, put both Sarah and Trig at high risk. Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in the Valley should have stabilized & transported Sarah back to Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage (with a level III
NICU) for the birth of Trig!

Perhaps this is why Sarah is starting to slip in "Anchorage" as the birth place?

There was no reason that Sarah could not have been transported to Anchorage. If she arrived at the Valley Hospital around midnight on April 17, had to be induced, and didn't give birth until 6:00 am (according to the official story), there was plenty of time to transport her as it would have only taken 30-45 minutes at that time of night!

Both Sarah Palin and her doctor knew that it was a high risk pregancy. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson and and the Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer need to explain their actions.

If you look at "real-life" stories and the policies of Mat-Su Regional Hospital in Palmer for high-risk births, it becomes more than obvious that Sarah Palin's story is bogus: Trig did not have the appearance and weight of a six or seven weeks premature down syndrome baby, and another important fact is missing in Sarah's story: The NICU, which would have been obligatory AT LEAST for a short time, didn't happen.

How long do we have to report about this outrageous lie, which is so blatantly obvious that it almost hurts, before anyone in the mainstream has the courage to pick it up?





In the comments, the part of the speech from Montgomery was discussed in which Sarah Palin talks about Bristol appearing on DWST and claims that the Palins drove from Alaska to LA in their motorhome. It's a truly bizarre claim. If you believe that, well, I guess then you have to be a Palinbot. ;-)


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