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Sarah Palin at a fundraiser for Rand Paul in Louisville, Kentucky: Changing her pregnancy story AGAIN - and running from the media!

Sarah Palin currently tours the country and tries to stimulate one Republican audience after another. On Thursday, September 16, she gave a speech at a lavish fundraiser for Rand Paul in Louisville, Kentucky. Thankfully, the owner of the Kentucky blog "Barefoot and Progressive" visited this event and wrote a brilliant report about it, together with several incredibly interesting video clips. We always love to view Sarah "uncut", without the filter of the evil media! ;-)

For reasons only known to Sarah herself, she again retold in greater depth her famous pregnancy story in this speech. Our friend from "Barefoot and Progressive" remarked that Sarah spoke "to the National Quartet Convention in front of several thousand elderly white people about God and Trig Palin."

Viewing the clip, one detail immediately sprung to mind: Sarah Palin changed her pregnancy story AGAIN!

Please take a look at this clip from this speech in Louisville on Thursday:

From 0:50, she starts to talk about her ultrasound examination at 12 weeks, which she has also told in detail in "Going Rogue" and a few previous speeches.

However, one detail suddenly changed: The "ultrasound technician" who in the past reportedly made the "the neck looks a bit thicker" remark suddenly, magically transforms into a "doctor!"

Well - many people have commented, also here on Palingates, that the story with the "ultrasound technician" is not really credible, because a technician wouldn't be permitted to make such remarks, but here we are - "Going Rogue", page 175:

Ultrasound technician

Here on Palingates we have closely followed the "creation" of the ultrasound story.

In November 2009, we published a comprehensive post about Sarah's changing pregnancy story, after she had introduced the "ultrasound examination" and the "ultrasound technician" for the first time in a speech in Wisconsin. In previous accounts about her famous pregnancy, including the biography "Trailblazer" by Lorenzo Benet, who interviewed Sarah Palin for the book, no ultrasound examination had ever been mentioned, just the equally implausible "amniocentesis at 12 weeks."

In addition, we wrote in April 2010 about the fact that just a few days before Sarah announced her pregnancy on March 5, 2008, she watched the movie "Juno" together with Todd in the cinema - a tale about a teenager happily giving up her baby for adoption. In this movie, as we reported in April, there is also a memorable scene in which an "ultrasound technician" appears (click for video). Inspiration for Sarah?

Knowing for a long time already from a broad variety of sources that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, these questions are more of "academic" nature for us. However, I do hope that other people who have been hesitant to write about the pregnancy story will look closely at these inconsistencies and start to look at other facts of Sarah Palin's "pregnancy" in greater detail as well (see our summary).

"Barefoot and Progressive" posted a variety of other interesting clips of Sarah from this event. Here she is talking about the new brand of "conservative feminists" she loves to embrace:

There is one group of women who is the "face" of these "conservative feminists": Amy Siskind's "New Agenda", who herself has written countless highly supportive articles about Sarah Palin in the past. The "New Agenda" is also closely connected with the group of Palin-fans in NOW.

The New Agenda just published a new video, apparently the first in a sequence of new clips, in which they oh-so-cleverly include Sarah Palin - a subliminal "masterpiece", isn't it just:

Here is a recent blog post at the "New Agenda": "The Rise of Conservative Feminism & a Call for United Sisterhood."

Back to the speech in Louisville:

Interesting also the remarks about Christine O'Donnell and Karl Rove:

Finally, our friend from "Barefoot and Progressive" has a special treat for us: Sarah spots journalists and turns around immediately:

The explanation in "Barefoot and Progressive" about this scene:

"At the Crown Plaza Rand/Palin fundraiser, no media was allowed inside, so various Louisville media were milling around outside hoping to get a quote from anybody as they arrived or left. Andy Barr and Phil Moffett showed up, but the person most in style was David Williams, carrying a beautiful purse with him. It wasn't even a murse, a real purse. After the event, Sarah Palin walked down the stairs directly into the gathering of librul gotcha media. And then this happened (clip).

Abort, abort! The look on Joe Gerth's face is rather priceless. Also, I didn't recognize her at the time because she wasn't buck ass nekid wrapped in a Gadsden flag, but that's Rand Paul's assistant campaign manager Nena Bartlett (click HERE for the picture of her being wrapped naked in the flag - P.) wondering why they wouldn't let Sarah face the demon libruls."

Good ole Sarah in action. She never disappoints! ;-)

Many thanks to "Barefoot and Progressive" for the excellent reporting!



Sarah Palin prays! Really, she does! She truly is Queen Esther! Halleluja! Halleluja!



Karl Rove's positions are getting more and more attention.

Is he working against Christine O'Donnell - and maybe secretly even against Sarah Palin, who recently criticized Karl Rove?

Here is Karl Rove today on Fox News Sunday, discussing the right "winning strategy", Christine O'Donnell, Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin:



ProChoiceGrandma found the following clip, which includes some passages from Palin's speech in Kentucky we hadn't seen so far:

Sarah Palin says in this clip:

“Seven months. But in Alaska not difficult, it’s freezing cold, you’re just puttin’ on more and more layers, lots of fleece. I know that uh my cabinet, my staff, they were being very gracious to me and not commenting on me really chunking up, they just thought are you really that cold Governor, can we turn up the heat for you, do you really need another coat on today? I just didn’t want, it was one of the reasons too I didn’t tell anybody, just wasn’t ready to announce to our state, to the world, about this challenge that I thought I may not be able to handle, to get my arms wrapped around, so 7 months, finally I start telling people I’m pregnant. And then, Trig came so early, he came at 7 ½ months that people still to this day, those internet bloggers, we call them the “Trig Truthers”, they still don’t believe that this is my child because they say she was only pregnant for 3 weeks.”

This astonishing statement is apparently meant to muddy the waters even more. No need to calculate like mad ;-) When Palin announced her pregnancy on March 5, 2008, she not only didn't look pregnant at all, but she said that "said she's already about seven months along, with the baby due to arrive in mid-May." So how can she now say that the baby, which was officially born 5 weeks later, on April 18, 2008, came at "7 1/2 months?"

Nice of her that she mentions the Trig Truthers. However, she got something wrong there:

We do not "BELIEVE" that Sarah Palin hasn't given birth to Trig, we KNOW that she hasn't given birth to Trig.

Nobody should think that it will be possible to keep this a secret forever. Not even Sarah Palin

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