Monday 15 February 2010

Hiking with Sarah Palin in Juneau - Video - UPDATE: Sarah's pregnancy with Piper!

The video below was mentioned several times in some recent threads. It was filmed in late February 2008.

You can watch a higher quality version HERE.



Please read Barb Dwyer's excellent article with much more background information about the "Hiking in Juneau" video and the "mysterious b-roll"!


UPDATE (by Patrick):

I would like to use the "rediscovery" of this famous "hiking video" (many thanks for that to our friend Barb Dwyer!) as an opportunity to present more "views" on Sarah's pregnancies which haven't been looked at for a long time - or which haven't been presented so far at all.

Naturally we are very curious to see how Sarah looked like during her previous pregnancies.

The pregnancy with Piper which happened in 2000/2001 is particularly interesting for us. Fortunately, the publication of "Going Rogue" gave us another insight.

A "long time ago", in April 2009, Palindeception presented two pictures of Sarah's pregnancy with Piper, which PD had received from a reader in Alaska. The reader was in touch with us again a short while ago and we received from the reader the full available copies of these newspaper articles, which were published in the Frontiersman (thank you!). They appeared as follows:

IMG_0006 new

IMG_0008 new



There is also a copy in color of this picture available. Unfortunately the quality is bad. The original color copy looks as follows:

Sarah with Piper pregnant color 1

I played a bit with brightness and contrast, and that was the best result I could get:

Sarah with Piper pregnant color 3

Now, with the publication of "Going Rogue", we have more, because this picture was included in the book:

IMG_0003 smaller 2


IMG_0003a_bb new

Funnily, in this "post partum" picture after she had Piper, Sarah's looks more pregnant than she ever did with Trig (excluding the infamous "Gusty picture").


Let's summarize:

Piper was born on March 19, 2001.

The above pictures in the Frontiersman were taken Friday, 30th November 2000 (Sarah standing together with Debbie Remus, publication date December 5, 2000), and the other picture with Dan Wood was most likely from the same week (the article was published on December 1, 2000).

That means that when the pictures were taken for the Frontiersman, Sarah was approximately 24 weeks pregnant with Piper.

Despite of the mediocre print quality of the above pictures from the Frontiersman, Sarah instantly looks pregnant in them, especially in the one with Debbie Remus. Sarah wears "sensible shoes" and therefore does what every responsible mother during the late stage of a pregnancy would do. It certainly doesn't appear that Sarah was "hiking" at the time in the snow in high heels! Her whole posture and the belly area instantly suggests a pregnancy. In addition, her face seems much fuller than normal.

As a comparison, watch for example how Sarah Palin looked at January 15, 2008 - the day of her "State of the Union" address in the Capitol Building in Juneau. Sarah would have been approximately 22 weeks pregnant with Trig by then, so it's a fair comparison. See especially at 0:57:

See also Sarah Palin on February 5, 2008 ("Super Tuesday"), together with Democrat Beth Kertulla (Alaska House Minority Leader), about 24 weeks "pregnant" with Trig:

Sarah Palin on "Super Tuesday" - 5 February 2008


Regarding Sarah's "post partum" picture after she had Piper in 2001:

Easter Sunday in 2001 was April 15, 2001, almost one month after the birth of Piper. According to the description in "Going Rogue" above, that's when the "post-partum" picture was taken.

Here is for example a picture of Sarah from May 15, 2008, just about one month after Trig was officially born, which would also be a fair comparison:

Sarah Palin on 15 May 2008

So, what do we learn from these pictures?

Sarah's "fifth pregnancy" was very different.

Actually, this statement is not entirely correct. As a reader reminded us today, the pregnancy with Trig would not have been Sarah's fifth pregnancy, but her seventh pregnancy - because she previously also had two miscarriages, as she explained in "Going Rogue".

So, was she NOT pregnant with Trig...?


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