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PALINGATES EXCLUSIVE: SarahPAC paid $ 12,000 to Rebecca A. Mansour and $ 8,000 to Joseph Russo, both formerly lead members of "conservatives4palin"

More strong indications to establish that Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo, formerly "conservatives4palin" are Sarah Palin's mysterious facebook writers - thanks to our fantastic readers!

SarahPAC paid $ 6,000 to Aries Petra Consulting LLC, 12728 Directors Loop, Woodbridge, Virginia 22192 on 12/08/2009 and another $ 6,000 on 10/28/2009 for "Media Consulting".

The owner of Aries Petra Consulting LLC is none other than the infamous Rebecca A. Mansour, formerly the "lead attack dog" on conservatives4palin.

Here is the screenshot from the database of the Virginia State Corporation Commission:

Aries Petra Consulting 2

So the owner of Aries Petra Consulting is located in Los Angeles.

Guess who also lives at this address?

Aries Petra Consulting 3
Rebecca A. Mansour, one of the founders of C4P and long rumored to be one of the writers who impersonate Sarah Palin on facebook!

Well hidden, but not well hidden enough! Took me just a few clicks to find it out, and the credit for finding the Virgina State Corporation database goes to our reader "Palinoia"!

But that's not the end of the good news, because our reader "emilypeacock" single-handedly found the proof that the mysterious firm "Callisto Consulting LLC" belongs to nobody else than Joseph Russo - another founding father of crazies4palin!

Callisto Consulting LLC received $ 8,000 from SarahPAC in two amounts on 10/28/2009 and 11/27/2009.

Callisto Consulting LLC is located in 904 D St, Millville, New Jersey 08332, which is coincidentally also the address of Joseph Russo!


This also gives me an opportunity to look back on Rebecca A. Mansour's long history of abusing others - karma is a bitch!

See for example here:

RA Mansour from C4P claims Kim Chatman leaked report 2

Rebecca Mansour - Sick motherfucker

The "sick motherf***er" is yours truly! ;-)

More info will follow.



Just 3 weeks ago, someone left a highly revealing comment on the blog of wingut Dan Riehl.

The comment reads:

"The so-called "adults" at C4P left in June 2009, after a sojourn in Alaska where they had a tete-a-tete with Palin. I use the term "adult" advisedly, because the erstwhile owner of the blog, seemingly having turned it over to some of the more vociferous contributors back in June, had an erratic hand in managing the information she allowed to remain in blog comments, once posted. Dissenting opinions tended, and still do, to disappear, usually with accompanying profanities.

If anyone were ever to find out the names of Palin's "spokespeople" other than the well-known Meg Stapleton, I think you'd find those C4P "adults" in that group.

Posted by: WebmistressEMC Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 10:02 AM"


C4P - RAM and JR meeting

I believe that this commenter spoke the truth and that Rebecca Mansour, Joseph Russo and most likely also Tim Lindell had a meeting with Sarah Palin in June 2009. This time line is entirely consistent with the other information which is available, because around this time, the three suddenly left C4P without any explanation. Now it is pretty clear to me what really happened and who impersonated Sarah Palin on facebook since that time.



Joseph Russo had a blog together with C4P-nasty Toki De La Vega earlier in 2009. The blog was called "Fist of the North Star". It doesn't exist any more, but screenshots have survived. Look what wonderful stuff Sarah Palin's "employee" Joseph Russo was willing to be held responsible for - even though this particular post was written by his friend Toki.

Sarah Palin surely knows how to choose her "employees" - just the best and brightest and with the highest personal integrity!

It's too heavy to post here - see the links to my flickr:






Our friend snowbilly from "Palin's Q&A + fun" had just proven in a blogpost on Saturday that Sarah Palin doesn't actually know what is posted in her name on facebook:

PROOF! Sarah Palin Doesn't Write OR Read Her Facebook Posts - UPDATED

Tuesday, Sarah Palin commended N.O.W. on Facebook; Thursday, she slammed them — for not doing what she had praised them for doing on Tuesday!



A particularly nasty example of how Rebecca Mansour used to deal with "enemies" (=anybody who doesn't regard Sarah Palin as unfailable godlike superwoman) is her exchange with Ennealogic from June 2009 - coincidentally just around the time when RAM was meeting Sarah Palin:

RAM wrote:

Re: Ejected from C4P...

Monday, June 8, 2009 1:16 AM

From: "R. A. Mansour"
To: "Lee Franklin"

"Trig (Palin, right?)"

That's it. Now you are banned for life, you sick son of a bitch.

"may not subscribe" to my beliefs?

Yes, I would also delete and ban racists, Obama birth certificate truthers, and Holocaust deniers.

You are at home with those people.

Don't ever come back to my blog. Don't email me again. Your emails are going in my SPAM filter.

Ennealogic was very polite in the previous email exchange, as is visible on her blog.

"Sick son of a bitch"?

Do people like Rebecca Mansour realize that their abuse gives us lots of "extra" motivation to expose Sarah Palin?

I think we have to take a very close look at the C4P Webathon for Sarah Palin's "Alaska Fund Trust" now which started in mid-June 2009 - apparently just at the time when RAM and the others were secretly meeting Sarah Palin.

Al Capone redux?

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