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9/11 rally with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in Anchorage: Reports, pictures and videos from the events - UPDATE: Heckler-video added!

The most politically charged 9/11 ever has started (thanks to crybabies Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck) - and Sarah Palin made a "surprise visit" to the rally in Wasilla earlier today, as Alaska Dispatch reports.

Here is the video, showing Sarah Palin speaking and answering questions:

Picture of Sarah Palin and Piper earlier today in Wasilla - courtesy of Alaska Dispatch, see there for more pictures:

9-11 Wasilla Sarah Palin

9-11 Wasilla Sarah Palin 3

No way that there were 300 people attending in Wasilla like the Palinbots at C4P reported - certainly not more than 100-150 people:

9-11 Wasilla Sarah Palin 2

However, Palingates has boots on the ground in Alaska today as well!

We can already show you a short clip with images of protest signs which were specifically made for the protests in Anchorage today. I think the signs are very, very clever:


Another clip by Palingates - protestors against Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck gathering in the morning in Anchorage. I still love the new protest signs!


Alaska Dispatch has some great pictures from the protests - for more photos and reports, click here!

9-11 Anchorage Sarah Palin

9-11 Anchorage Sarah Palin 2

9-11 Anchorage Sarah Palin 3

9-11 Anchorage Sarah Palin 4

The ADN has more pictures from the events HERE.


KTUU is live-tweeting from the 9/11 rally in Anchorage.


AKM live twitter 1


KTUU Anchorage Palin Beck rally tweet 1

Palingates Anchorage tweet 1


It's getting more and more insane - from AKM's twitter:

AKM live twitter 2

AKM live twitter 3

AKM live twitter 4

9-11 Anchorage Sarah Palin 5

9-11 Anchorage Sarah Palin 6

Sarah Palin - Twitler

Our brilliant Palingater "FreeTrig" today created name "Twitler" for Sarah! :-)

We should submit it to the Urban dictionary - "a tweeting fascist, e.g. 'sarahpalinusa'"


Palingates Neighbor tweet


Alaska Dispatch has a very good report about Palin's and Beck's speeches.

Some highlights:

Reading from a polished script, Palin opened the show in her now familiar Minnesota twang. She referenced meeting Beck in New York in the shadow of Lady Liberty -- a monument given to the United State by France, she said, as "a gift to warn us against socialism.''

Palin continued, referencing her touchstone president, Ronald Reagan, in almost biblical terms: "and then Reagan said" and warning that "freedom is not free; freedom is worth fighting for.''

That set the stage for the arrival of freedom-fighter Beck. Palin introduced him as a regular victim of the "leftist media elite,'' but added "he's not retreating; he's reloading.''


There was a dose of that Saturday night, too. Beck and Palin got briefly heckled, called hypocrites, which led to a Palin shout-out to former Anchorage talk-show host Eddie Burke, a failed candidate for Alaska lieutenant governor --who she strangely enough refused to endorse during the campaign -- after he apparently intervened to help grab the heckler early in the show.

"God bless you,'' Beck said to the heckler. And Palin chimed in that her son, Track, who has served in Iraq, was protecting the woman's right to protest, although protection of free speech in America was never one of the reasons former president George W. Bush cited for invading the Middle Eastern country.

The audience didn't seem to mind. They were all with Palin when the dissenter was hauled away.

"Eddie Burke,'' Palin said. "Eddie Burke, hey!''

The crowd applauded.

Beck then said, "It's like a high school classroom in here." And there was applause.

Note by Patrick: Eddie Burke's "approving acknowledgement" of Adolf Hitler's ruthless killing spree amongst liberals, socialist and communist after Hitler came to power always heavily irritated me. Some see Eddie Burke just as a big right-wing Alaskan teddy bear, but I can't, for obvious reasons:

twitter - Eddie Burke - Hitler did this once



AKMuckraker Jeanne Devon published an extensive report about Sarah Palin's 9/11 appearance in Wasilla at Huffington Post, together with an excellent video - the raw, unfiltered Palin:

Video courtesy of Mudflats, camera: Zach Roberts.


Wonkette published a hilarious report about the event in Anchorage!



The heckling video from the 9/11 event in Anchorage has surfaced!

The woman shouts: "You are hypocrites, both of you , hypocrites!"

Then Palin responds, saying that "my son and his soldier buddies standing over here, they are protecting your right to say things like this!"

THEN, wingnut talkshow host Eddie Burke immediately removes the woman from the audience, and Sarah Palin thanks him for that!

So Sarah Palin proved instantly that she IS a hypocrite, because she has no interest in freedom of speech whatsoever.

This youtube user also uploaded another short clip from this event in Anchorage on 9/11, in which Glenn Beck holds his monologue and tries to ridicule people who have in his opinion not accurately reported about him and/or about the facts regarding his 9/11 "Restoring Honor" rally.

Talking about heckling:

Here is the comparison to an earlier event, a rally for John McCain on March 27, 2010, at which Sarah Palin was also heckled (click for more details) - at the end, she says something very similar, pointing out that John McCain fought in Vietnam apparently in efforts to defend the constitution and "the right to protest":

This protester was then also immediately very forcibly removed, and Sarah Palin seemed to be very satisfied with this action.

In addition:

Here is another heckling incident from the Presidential campaign, and Sarah Palin responded in exactly the same way like she did yesterday in Anchorage and said: "My son down there in Iraq is fighting for your right to protest!"



A new, much longer clip from Sarah Palin's speech on 9/11 in Anchorage has surfaced. This is also relevant for this post, as it contains HEAVY media bashing, see for example from around the 7:00 mark: "I can tell you, folks: It is a brutal leftist dominated lamestream media world our there - what would we do without Fox News, by the way?"

This youtube-user also uploaded another long clip from this event with Glenn Beck's speech, 14 1/2 minutes long - click here.

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