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Palingates Weekly Roundup - September 12 to September 17

By Blueberry Tart

There were many updates (after I finished my last roundup) to this post about the Sarah-Glenn crazy-fest in Anchorage – hats off to our “boots on the ground” and to AKM and others who did an excellent job covering this event!

As my grandma used to say, “Will miracles never cease!” Some media outlets are actually refusing to let Sarah Palin walk all over them -- hallelujah! Following the VF rebuttal and some other chinks in Sarah’s Teflon anti-press shield, we now we have the Missoulian calling out Sarah’s claim that the media who attended her event were “moles.” Editor Sherry Devlin wrote: “…that sort of talk…is intended to create distrust of the professional journalists in this city and all across the country who take their jobs very seriously and work hard to accurately and fairly report the news.” Hear, hear! The post includes an astute comment by maelewis, as well as video from the recent Anchorage event.

Help Wanted: Christian lunatic fringe activist to run for federal office; preferably attractive female who can turn on the charm and smile big while lying through her teeth. So read the GOP ad that both Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell seem to have answered. Patrick steps away from the Perils of Palin momentarily to cover O’Donnell, who is running for Joe Biden’s Senate seat in Delaware. Where to begin? The lies about her education? Or perhaps the enemies creeping in the bushes around her house or her dabbling in witchcraft? Or the comments on masturbation and support for the “ex-gay” movement? I particulary like her former campaign manager calling her a “fraud” (it reminds me of Steve Schmidt’s comment about Palin being “mentally unstable.”) And the GOP is supporting her candidacy for the US Senate. Honestly, why do they attract so many candidates who are mentally ill? TEN updates!

This post reveals Sarah’s connection to Lou Engle, who, like Mary Glazier, is a leader of the extremist New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which already exerts major political influence while flying under the radar of the media. Engle also co-founded the anti-gay, anti-abortion organization, The Call, and supported Uganda’s attempt to pass legislation subjecting HIV-positive Ugandans to the death penalty. As Bruce Wilson of Alternet wrote, “Why should Americans care about Lou Engle and or human rights in Africa? Beyond altruistic moral considerations, Lou Engle is a leader in a rising sector of Christianity that’s beginning to reshape right-wing politics in America." The influence of Engle and his ilk on Sarah Palin and a host of other Republicans is frightening, and should be a wake up call about the insidious influence of the ultra-right-wing NAR.

Palingates was quick in announcing Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign. Sarah Palin wrote a very strange tweet about it: "My advice for Lisa is the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods. DON'T RUN." Tweeted by Orora 9/17/10 5:28 pm

Comments of the Week

Starting with a few from last week…

H/T to FreeTrig for coining Twitler!

Ella: The people promoting peace and tolerance are the haters in her skewed world.

Jane: So she says the soldiers are protecting the protestor's rights, but the protestor got kicked out? hmmmm....

MadamDeal: Every time Miss Wasilla lies everyone should tweet: You Lie! I'm gonna tell Glenn on you!

JCos: Maybe they postponed the 'big announcement' when they saw there were fewer people there… than I had at my last yard sale. Mind you, we were both selling junk.

Silver_desert: If Sarah truly believed the message she keeps delivering and has the faith in God she says she has, then she'd have no reason to fear the media. She fears them because she's a fake who has built her message on one lie after another.

Jodman01us: Lesson to be learned, Sarah, don't talk about your children and neither will the press!

SickntiredofPalin: is a beautiful "9/11 sky" today here...I will never forget, but I am not afraid to fly. Thank you *Palingates for spreading awareness and exposing the evil puppets and their puppeteers. And to President Obama--Thank you for all you do. I'm still optimistic about tomorrow. Yes, we can!

Sjef: Guys, what is going on in America? …I'm watching from across the Atlantic and…it looks like the lunatics have taken over the asylum. I hope things don't spiral out of control…My husband and I listen to a lot of American talk radio and some of it is just nuts…The hatred seems so intense…I appreciate this blog so much for keeping up the work, you people are the real patriots, not these violent grifters and charlatans trying to hijack your country. I hope sanity prevails in November and 2012. We'll see.

Patrick found this excellent comment from FireDogLake: She’s the most uncannily aware false complainer about being a victim in the history of American politics. She’s also the most profoundly sick pathological liar to be allowed first rank access to the American political scene in our country’s history. She’s also the biggest, most lame political joke of the 21st century. But, more importantly, she attempted to kill her unborn son. Unless she faked the pregnancy of TriG, her actions during the second and third trimester of her most recent pregnancy point toward a person who did everything in her power, short of abortion, to create a miscarriage and the death of her potential child. (Note: This comment was left by Phil Munger under his pen-name Edward Teller on Firedoglake. You can read all posts by "Edward Teller" on Firedoglake HERE).

Ontohertricks: Bumper sticker: Voting republican or Tea Party is voting for mental illness.

Wayofpeace (quoting HuffPo): “The GOP, its own strategists admit, is undergoing something akin to an identity crisis.” LOL, you think?

Mrs TBB: I had entirely forgotten that David Koch ran for VP on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1980. Obviously, he didn't get far… [BBT: if you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em] And H/T to

marieke02 for naming him (and his brother) Kochtopus!

Krbmjb05: I definitely see the humor behind this, but I'm also VERY disturbed that unbalanced people like Christine, Sharon, Joe Miller can get the votes. THIS I don't find funny at all. We definitely won't be laughing if these nutbars bring more crazy and chaos into our political system (congress/senate).

JCos: Consider this; if these people gained power, they could destroy the economy, engage the nation in needless wars and start murdering and torturing innocent people. Oops, I just described the Bush years.

Wayofpeace (from comment at Malia Litman’s blog): I can tell you that witnesses in Afognak during filming of one of the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” episodes said the whole episode was faked. Upon arriving to the boat that would take Palin and crew out, she noticed a Hispanic man in the boat. She refused to get in. She said she could NOT afford to be photographed with a man who may be an “illegal.” He told he that he was the OWNER of the boat and that he was a thrid generation Alaskan. During the fishing sequence, it bcame evident that Palin did not know how to operate the reel. It was so bad that for the close up shots, they had to use a stand in “double.” Palin later said that the reson she could not operate the reel was that she had a fresh manicure and did not want to ruin it. At some point Palin flipped over the side of the boat in the water. As she was being drug back into the boat she called the man a “Pr_ck” and many other 4 letter words.

WheresMyJammies: There is no danger in electing a woman who faked a pregnancy. No danger in electing a woman who pretends to be a mama grizzly. No danger in the pretense of being a hunter. But EVERY reason to be alarmed about her religious beliefs, her agenda, and the people behind her. For me, this is the whole reason to research and expose her. All the 'gates' are symptoms and behaviors of who she really is.

Lidia17, ArmchairJane, marieke02 and others posted (Friday evening) on the increasingly common attempts to splinter established Christian congregations. The wedge issues include homosexuality, women clergy and “not following scripture.”

CR46: You know I have always thought of myself very tolerant of other religious belief systems and have enjoyed reading up on them. But geez maybe we should just ban all these middle eastern religions like christianity.

Honestyingov had some excellent suggestions (late Friday) on how to build a stronger coalition of groups exposing and opposing Palin’s hateful politics.

Many ‘Gaters agree with marieke02’s comment to Patrick: I keep up with pretty much all of the anti-Palin blogs and bloggers, and…this is by far the best, in terms of numbers, data, commenter-effort and just-plain-wonderful-community. And you've built it and give I can't imagine how many hours/day to keep it thriving.

ProChoiceGrandma: Is there a Pulitzer category for blogs?? There should be, and Palingates would deserve it.

I agree with Patrick: It's actually quite interesting that Christine O'Donnell, although she is batshit-crazy, has no hesitation to go on the "other" networks. Quite a difference to good ole Sarah! COD makes Sarah look like a coward. I like it - but that's the only positive thing I will ever say about COD.

Kevin: I find it very hypocritical that these individuals want the federal government out of their states' governments but they have no problem getting other states' residents and politicians involved in their local politics...

Maelewis: …Sarah really does hunt. She scours the country for speaking opportunities and cheap political appearances. She hunts for bargains…and…hunts through the black plastic bags stuffed in Chuck Heath's basement…She is constantly on the prowl for money making opportunities…she stalks neighbors and Alaskan citizens who speak out against her and she…attack[s]…any one who would criticize her. She has blood under her fingernails, but it's not from caribou. It's from the last person who dared to speak out against her…She shoots to kill, and then reloads and shoots 'em again. Dead men tell no tales.

Honestyingov: Bill brought up the fact that McKinnon was part of that team that prepped WGE for the VP Biden debates. He brought up how He gave her all those books to study to prep for it and she preferred to read emails from her ' Prayer Warriors '... this was her way of prepping. Paraphrasing...Bill asked " What did you think of that ?"... her not studying and relying on prayers.
He answered...After His debate prep, he said a few prayers as well.

Joe Christmas: My wife had it on CSpan radio today and I overheard her tell a story about WWII. She said one of our troop transports was attacked by a nazi YOUTUBE boat.
PurpleAlaska found this gem: "If I had a dime for every time $P gave a new speech, I'd have a dime."

Wayofpeace: no one is safe within a mile of SARAH this morning: cans of tuna are flying…the NEWBIE from DELAWARE is UPSTAGING her 'highness'... is being called SP 2.0 by RACHEL, and praised by having the COJONES to be interviewed by the real news networks (by fox no less).

Jcinco: comment over at mudflats in Open thread that cousin of mark begich, leslie andrews, says bristle smoking, drinking partying at palin cabin & very, very pg in 2007.

Aview999 quoting Daily Beast: "I am afraid very afraid of people like you! Who have been so thoughly brain washed by the right wing you no longer have the ability to reason like a normal human being. And you are out there voting for fools like this. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the bang up job Fox News has done with people like you! You wonder what happened to Germany in the 30's take a look at yourself.

Aview999 had an excellent long comment: YOU KNOW YOU'RE A REPUBLIBAGGER WHEN...

You didn't get mad when:
* SCOTUS stopped a legal recount and appointed a President
* Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy policy
* A covert CIA operative got outed
* The Patriot Act got passed
* We illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us
* We spent over 1 trillion(and counting) on on illegal war
* 10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq.
* You saw the Abu Grahib photos.
* You found out we were t.orturing people.
* The national debt doubled under the previous President from $5.674 Trillion to $10.024 Trillion.
* You saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed.
* We let a major US city drown!
* The deficit hit the Trillion dollar mark.

You finally got mad when :
* The government decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick
* The government tried to create jobs ( and did! )
* The government tried to save the economy ( and especially when they did)
* The government tried to protect the consumer from banks and CC companies
* The government tried to give basic equality to ALL of it's citizens
* The government tried to function for the people and not just rich white guys
* The government was being run by an intelligent and brilliant BLACK leader (.) period

Republibaggers ...Hypocrisy art thou ...

And to wrap up, some poetry from Sunnyjane:

Into the poison'd entrails throw:

Fillet of a slaughtered moose
In the caldron of bloody juice;
Eye of Newt and toe of Toad,
Gleaned from Palin’s red abode.

Add some Engle and some screech
Torn from the witch’s latest speech.
For a charm against the press.
Who give the witch an awful stress.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Links of the Week

Kellygrrrl and SickntiredofPalin: Imam blames Palin for Islamophobia

Nancydrewed on exposing the truth about Joe Miller

SirGuestalot from The Nation on Rand Paul, GOP and TP

Maelewis: Chicago Trib on “if Palin runs”

Disqusux linked to Missoula Gazette on Palin protests in Montana

D lusia: What US militirarism is doing abroad and at home

Dusty17 linked to these photos of 9/11 memorial events

ThanksABunchJohn: Mudflats interviews Joe the Neighbor!! (first of multiple part interview with Joe McGinnis) aview999 also linked to Mudflats, which had a number of great posts around Sarah’s recent media scrum.

Older_Wiser with this from FireDogLake

Micmac: O’Donnell a ‘Complete Fraud’

AKRNC on O’Donnell’s lie about her degree

Ontohertricks: Rand Paul also, too, lied about his degrees; he never received a Bachelor's degree from Baylor.

BellPeppery linked to CREW petition to investigate O’Donnell

Mmboucher linked to a new Emily List ad rebutting Palin

Molly_WI linked to excellent comment by Barbra Streisand

Bandit Basheert posted a link to Think Progress’s O’Donnell (in)digest(ion)

Sdilmoak and others linked to Malia Litman on Sarah’s hunting lies

and austintxx linked to politicususa on the same topic

SickntiredofPalin linked to Sullivan on "the stoppable Sarah Palin"

WheresMyJammies: Leah Burton did a radio show the other day. She did a great job. Here's the podcast

Honestyingov: Sarah Palin's Iowa speech backs Tea Party over Republican elites

Juicyfruityy from Alternet on most crooked candidates

(Just a few) Tweets

Bluerinse: @sarahpalinusa So you poach your children and caribou. Show us the birth certificate and your hunting license #p2

and: @sarahpalinUSA So Co'D is younger, prettier and now braver than you since she'll go on MSNBC. Hell, she may even b crazier than you. RIP WGE

Tyroanee: @SarahPalinUSA Hey twitler... #Lisa Murkowski isn't re-tweeting she's reloading !

Sunnyjane: @sarahpalinusa: Since "it's not off-base…to call someone out on their associations," why have YOU been pallin’ around with Lou Engle?

BellPeppery: A funny tweet - Palin/O'Donnell '12 campaign slogan: Don't Masturbate - Refudiate!

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