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Palingates Exclusive: Sarah Palin reveals in her autobiography "Going Rogue" that she had two previous miscarriages! - Updated with chapters

UPDATE: These are the chapters of Sarah Palin's book (six chapters, not five):

1. The Last Frontier

2. Kitchen - Table – Politics

3. Drill, Baby, Drill

4. Going Rogue

5. The Thumpin’

6. The Way Forward

Afterwards comes an "Epiloque", and then an article called "A view from Alaska", written by Dewey Whetsell, a local Alaskan writer from Eagle River.

In the book, especially in the last chapter, she mentions Ronald Reagan over and over again (surprise!).


Sarah mentions that the second miscarriage happened between Willow and Piper. She doesn't mention who the doctor was when she talks about the first miscarriage, but she mentions that the doctor who dealt with the second miscarriage was Cathy-Baldwin Johnson (who also delivered Piper, as we already knew). Although she talks in great detail about the details of her first miscarriage (see below), the description of the second miscarriage is much shorter.

Words you will find numerous times in the book: "God" and "Ronald Reagan".

She overall tone of the book is very condescending, she uses bad nicknames for several people she doesn't like, she calls Andree McLeod for example "The Falafel Lady", without any explanation why she uses this obviously derogatory term!


One of our readers who has obtained a copy of "Going Rogue" has told us an explosive fact:

Sarah Palin reveals in her autobiography "Going Rogue" that she had two miscarriages in the past - one after Track and one before Piper was born!



EDIT - I have now spoken to our source, and the source has read all the relevant parts of the book to me - therefore my report is finally CONFIRMED! I will now add more details during the next minutes.

Sarah Palin writes that before her first miscarriage she went to her doctor during her second trimester for a check-up, that the doctor couldn't hear a heartbeat and then did a sonogram. The baby was supposed to be called "Tad" and would have been born one year after Track. Sarah then had a (D&C) operation. The doctor's bill originally described the procedure as an "abortion", but it was changed to "miscarriage" via white-out correction on the bill.

(EDIT: Previously I stated that it was changed to "miscarriage" at Sarah's request, but that was an error in communication with my source, sorry. The bill arrived with the change already made, Sarah says!)

What I ask myself is: Why didn't the doctor's receptionist just write out a new bill? Such a correction on a professional bill seems very strange!


This revelation is certainly a big surprise, however, I can now disclose that Palingates already knew for several weeks of one of Sarah Palin's miscarriages.

Several weeks ago, I had a long telephone conversation with former Alaska Senator Lyda Green, in which we discussed several topics. In this conversation, Lyda Green told me as a fact that Sarah Palin had a miscarriage before Piper was born.

I hesitated to publish this explosive piece of information, because I wanted to get a second confirmation from another source - and now we have the conformation from Sarah Palin herself! I never dreamt that we would get this information from Sarah Palin!

This detail shines a completely new light on the "official" pregnancy story with Trig. How likely is it that Sarah Palin would have started her extremely risky "wild ride", an endeavour which easily could have resulted in a miscarriage - given the fact that she had two previous miscarriages?

Extremely unlikely, in my opinion!

How likely is it that her doctor would give her permission for the "wild ride" - knowing that she had two miscarriages in the past?

Even more unlikely!

This also makes Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's "medical letter" very curious indeed!

New readers can catch up on what Sarah Palin's "wild ride" is here on Ennealogic's blog - excerpt:

When she was 35 weeks pregnant (eight months) she flew from Alaska to Texas for a conference on energy. The day she was to give a keynote address (Thursday, April 17) she woke up at 4AM leaking amniotic fluid and feeling a different kind of contraction from the Braxton-Hicks she'd been experiencing. She called her doctor and said she really wanted to give her lunch-time speech, and her doctor said okay.

After the speech was over, she left the conference and boarded a flight back to Alaska without getting checked out by any local obstetrician. Her flight had a stopover in Seattle where she called her doctor again and then she continued her flight to Anchorage. Total travel time was around 10 hours. The flight attendants didn't notice she was pregnant said that the stage of her pregnancy was not apparent by observation.

On arriving, she drove past two large hospitals in Anchorage that were equipped to handle premature at-risk deliveries. An hour later she reached a small, local hospital near Wasilla that had no neo-natal intensive care facilities. Her doctor decided to induce labor, and she gave birth a few hours later (early morning Friday April 18) to a 6-pound 2-ounce premature Down syndrome infant with jaundice and a heart condition.

You can also download or listen to the wild ride in "Sarah Palin's own words" (press conference from April 22, 2008) HERE.

I am digging further into the story, and there might be some additional "explosive" details to follow in connection with her miscarriage claims.

UPDATE - Bree Palin just pointed out in the comments:

I think this interesting info is more relevant to the amnio story - anyone concerned about miscarriages would be VERY wary of having an amnio, extra wary at 13 weeks. Especially if one is having an amnio to find out info that one would not do anything about anyway. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Thanks, Bree! I fully agree that the amnio doesn't fit together with the miscarriages.

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Anonymous said...

This is off topic and I know you're super busy now trying to keep up with all the Palin drama and lies, but Ms. Prejean paid too close attention when Sarah told her how to lie and no one will know the difference.

8 more solo videos and 30 topless or completely nude photos she took of herself in the mirror have now surfaced.

Oh the tangled web! Bet Sarah is pissed (or maybe now relieved) that Ms. Prejean is getting some of her media attention.

Damnit doesn't Carrie know that this is Sarah's world and that Sarah always comes first?!

Anonymous said...

Whoops forget a link.

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, Anon, I know!

I had already inlcuded this in an update below in my Carrie Prejean post! :-)

Silver Salmon said...

Doesn't this also throw Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's "letter" into extreme doubt?

I'm reading it right now and it says her hospitalizations have been for childbirth. Would she have been hospitalized for miscarriages?

I know my mother was, but that was in 1980.

Anonymous said...

The press isn't going to let her go. Read the two pages at Wonkette. Sarah's mind didn't get stuck in high school; it got stuck in Jr. High School.

ella said...

SP MAY or MAY NOT of had 2 miscarriages - the book has already been facted-checked by the AP and found to be full of lies. The miscarriages could very well be made-up to garner tears and sympathy from her sheeple. I would not put it past her. If we are going to accept ANYTHING SP says as fact (just because it suits our own arguments about her craziness), then how can we discount the rest of the book?
NOT defending her - for the record, I believe she is a hoax, a liar, a fraud and a mental case.
But I take EVERYTHING she says with a grain of salt - even if she told Lynda years ago about a miscarriage, it does not make it fact (maybe the narcissist needed some attention at the time). Could just be another myth, like the wild ride.

Anonymous said...

I think this interesting info is more relevant to the amnio story - anyone concerned about miscarriages would be VERY wary of having an amnio, extra wary at 13 weeks. Especially if one is having an amnio to find out info that one would not do anything about anyway. Makes no sense whatsoever.

At 8 months pregnant, as her story goes, one worries about premature labor but that is not directly related to miscarriage.

And one is not usually hospitalized for a miscarriage unless one is having a D&C.

Anonymous said...

I read that the Palins gave away all their baby things after Piper was born, as though they weren't planning on having any more kids.

Anonymous said...

I think you and Bree are both right, that someone who has experienced miscarriages would not take undue risks with the amnio or the leaking amniotic fluid -- nor would a doctor ever allow it. The wild ride was not credible by any standards, but for someone who had experienced miscarriages, it is even more unbelievable. We all know it did not happen, but this revelation may help others see the farce for what it is. However, I can also see it as a way of garnering additional sympathy, on top of that which she is already claiming for her "iconic" role as Trig's mother.

Anonymous said...

Nicolle Wallace was quoted by Candy Crowley on CNN that SPalin was making things up!

Anonymous said...

PS Nicolle Wallace is much prettier and looks a lot younger than SPalin! Oh, and the only thing she agreed with SPalin was that the interview with Couric did not go well.

Lisabeth said...

WOW Patrick, just wow!!!

Did you see this yahoo fact checking? Sorry if it was posted before. The lies in this book are unbelievable! Something is really really wrong with her! Also, everyone in the media seem to know that she is a serious pathological liar! It's a bit surreal. I mean they show without a doubt, based on facts, that she lies about everything. How can her fans believe her drivel when facts show she is lying.;_ylt=AuvqFiUp7gyprCY8mSLAhyhsnwcF

Anonymous said...

So, do we know yet what Sarah says about Trig's birth in the book? The wild ride?

Patrick said...

No detailed info about the wild ride yet, sorry. The source is travelling, communication is not easy.

Mouse said...

For those who didn't realize that the written term seems to have changed to acknowledge the usual pronunciation, DNC=D&C, also known as dilation and curettage (Not Democratic National Committee!)


Dianne said...

You know, if anyone is even hesitating in thinking that this woman might just not be possibly deranged and full of sh*t, this I would think would put an end to it. To have suffered a miscarriage (let alone two) and then risk the wild ride is insane. So, either the wild ride didn't happen (it didn't) or she's insane (she is). So, both. She's just batshit crazy and anybody who believes she's not is to be pitied.

Anonymous said...

Off topic. Yesterday while Levi was posing for Playgirl, Keith Johnston filed for divorce from Sherry Johnston. Divorce with children. Mercede will be 18 on 12/21/09. 5 weeks from now. I thought they were already divorced.

NakedTruth said...

I just read CBJ's medical letter for SP again and there is definitely something not right about this whole thing. This letter reads in such detail about Sarah's deliveries and her excellent health but doesn't state anything about her miscarriages. I ain't buying this. CBJ states:

"At the time of her most recent pregnancy, Govenor Palin had no health risk factors other than her age."

Yea, right. Having two previous miscarriages is not a health risk when you are pregnant at 44 years old with your 5th child and 7th pregnancy? I wonder why CBJ did not mention Sarah's miscarriages?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mistake. Patrick is juggling several things at the moment. He will fix that very glaring yet very funny error just as soon as!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a woman who has had two miscarriages, another medical term for it is "spontaneous abortion". Wonder if Sarah wants that changed too.

BTW, way back when she wouldn't release her medical files, I suspected they showed she had an abortion.


Anonymous said...

Just thought of this. Sarah's DNC story, probably a fake because we know how delusional this woman is. In her mind she is still pissed that she was supposed to take all of Hillary's women away from her and bring them to the other side.

She must by now be deeply aware of the fact that she is not very well received or liked or accepted or admired or inspirational, well you get the picture, to very many women in this country. Rather she seems quite dispised by the thinking women of today.

So, what better way to get those bitches to identify and sympathize with her than a miscarriage story that required a DNC. Poor Sarah, she lost the baby, then had to have that horrible procedure. I've been there, etc., etc. and she thinks they'll be hooked.

My radar says this one is bogus, but we'll see what the fact checkers dig up.

All of a sudden with the book people fact checking, think somebody will be able to dig up some more birth information that the rest of us couldn't get? That is if it hasn't been destroyed.


pegoh said...

The media fury about "Going Rogue," before the book is even published no less, may be precisely the opening that Palingates and other Alaska bloggers have been waiting for.

All along, the concern has been that the MSM would never pick up on this story. Well, now--after only a few excerpts of the book have been released--we see the AP, the WSJ, McCain campaign people, disaffected Palin supporters (Althouse, The Other McCain), and others pushing back hard against Sarah Palin. Just wait until the book comes out on Tuesday. I think things will get a lot more interesting.

Already, Palingates is following up on leads such as Palin's "miscarriages" mentioned in the book. Of course, with SP one never knows what is true or not. But I think there's been an assumption that SP would be the agent of her own destruction.

It will be fascinating to watch this play out. So I say: Palingates, keep at it. Your work may only have begun.

ravenstrick said...

We need an OB/GYN Dr., Nurse or billing clerk to confirm this one; but, uh -- seems to me that a D & C is called just that "D & C" or "Dilation and Curettage" on the medical records and billing.

It further seems to me that if that is truly what the procedure was, it would be even more important that it be specified as such for insurance purposes -- as we know not all insurance carriers cover elective 'abortions'. I don't think it is a word any doctor would use lightly on a patient's records.


Anonymous said...

Palin tells Barbara Walters that she did not know Bristol was sexually active before she told her she was pregnant!

She says "Thats why we were so shocked"

Patrick said...

Anon 05:24

That is another BLATANT LIE on Sarah Palin's part!!

We know from Bristol's myspace comments that Sarah overheard a conversation that Bristol had with Johnny Chandler in spring 2007, and Sarah afterwards told Bristol that she now thought Bristol was pregnant!

This book should be called "Multiple Deception"!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking back on when I miscarried the second time, I also (too) had a D&C because it was a missed miscarriage (the baby had died, but my body had not recognized it - and had not passed the baby...sorry if that is too graphic). And no point on my insurance did it say that I had an abortion.

For what it's worth - I don't think anyone here actually needs anyone to convince them that SP lies.


ravenstrick said...

And another thing - why the HELL would she even include this minor detail about the wording on her billing? How is it germane? Doesn't it just beg the question about just what procedure she did have?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

CC said...

What a load of bulls&%t!! She didn't know Bristol was sexually active? Then why did Bristol post on her myspace page that mommie dearest overheard a telephone conversation and ask her if she was pregnant?

Nothing out of this woman's mouth is true.

I hope she goes down hard!

CC said...

Oops ... sorry, Patrick, when I typed the comment yours had not appeared yet.

But I like how we're all thinking alike...:)

NakedTruth said...

If CBJ was Sarah's medical doctor since 1991 she definitely should have known about Sarah's 2nd miscarriage, the one before Piper.

I think Sarah didn't release those medical records because they show her getting a tubal ligation. Think about it. I always wondered why she waited so long to have another child after Willow. Let's see Willow and Piper are 6 years apart. Bristol and Willow are 4 years apart but Track and Bristol are only 1 year apart. Is it possible that Sarah had a miscarriage after Track while giving birth to Bristol one year later? How would Tad have been born 1 year after Track when Bristol was born 1 year after Track according to CBJ's medical letter. I am definitely confused.

Anonymous said...

Ravenstrick - maybe she's worried that someone's gonna find in her medical records that she had an abortion, and she's laying the groundwork now for her excuse - no, I didn''s the doctor's fault for writing it down wrong, I asked to have it changed, blah blah blah.

Sarah's crowd would have a hard time dealing with their queen having an abortion.


ella said...

pegoh - "The other McCain" (ugh ugh ugh) has said something bad about SP? What? Where? When?
pee zoo is throwing nearly EVERYONE under the bus today - all critics of the book who they thought were on their side. Even Greta Van Suckup is on the hate list tonight! WHO is left to adore SP OTHER THAN THEMSELVES???? Rush Limbaugh is the only one they aren't bagging on.

KaJo said...

If Sarah Palin had a history of miscarriages -- also known in medical terminology as "spontaneous abortions", which any NORMAL person in their right mind, even a "pro-life" person, should accept, because it is an ACCURATE description -- I have to wonder what precautions her doctor took in instructing Palin in her pregnancy with Piper, to increase the odds she carried to term...?

We'll never know, probably, unless Lyda Green can undergo total recall.

Ms. Green, was Palin romping around in high-heeled boots in the Wasilla snow in her 7th month (which would be January 2001, since Piper was born March 19th)?

Like she did in her alleged 5th pregnancy...?

Anonymous said...

Huh. The fact that it was changed with white-out is even more suspicious.

An abortion and a miscarriage cost the same?

And of course, no one could question who actually whited it out and changed it, could they? Sarah would never do such a thing herself, right??

I think Sarah's had an abortion AND a tubal ligation. Also. Too.

Anonymous said...

Always remember. Sarah Palin is a pathological and compulsive liar.

EVERYTHING she says and does MUST be questioned. Always.

CC said...

Anon@ 5:46...Bingo!

I've always thought the same thing. Both. I'd love to see it proven.

WV= in we're dealing with trash.(I know, I know but I'm taking liberties...:)

ginny said...

Anon@5:31, I think you are dead-on about "laying the groundwork". I have personally experienced a patholocial liar doing exactly this sort of thing. It's EXACTLY what a pathological liar does when they know getting caught is inevitable...the only thing left is to try to "lie about the lie."

KaJo said...

"What I ask myself is: Why didn't the doctor's receptionist just write out a new bill? Such a correction on a professional bill seems very strange!"

The only reason I can think of is one that is a fireable offense for an employee in a doctor's office.

Perhaps another one of Palin's close ex-high-school friends was that employee...

Lisabeth said...

Why are they mad at Greta? The lies are astounding! She is wose than I thought. Really screwed up. And the other McCain? That's hard to believe

And screw John McCain! He is still saying good things about her like she is great for their party. Either he has dementia or he's still trying to make himself look good. What a traitor.

team johnston said...

Stay strong Johnston fam & btw the truth will set you free!

Anonymous said...

If Track was born on April 20th, 1989, and Bristol came along on Oct. 18th, in the world did she have time for a miscarriage? Is that even possible?

conscious at last said...

Well I hope that they have a good sprinkler system in the ob-gyn's office--

"Hey folks- doctors are always losin' their records and bills."

As we all know in our hearts, SP will ultimately create her own ignominious demise.
(Look it up Sarah!)

Anonymous said...

someone above mentioned that now this seems to be going mainstream. Maybe Oprah planned it that way?
Also, all of her "stop makin things up" rhetoric sounds like she was setting the groundwork for the lies that will be coming out now. If anybody disputes her book, well, she told us people would be makin stuff up, ya know.

ella said...

Lisabeth - They are mad at Greta because Greta said that she is still not sure why Palin quit (how DARE Greta wonder!). Greta thinks SP should have finished her term and let the ept. of Law handle the ethics complaints. So the pee zoo has determined Greta is now a traitor - no questioning (of ANYTHING Palin decides to do) is allowed!

ravenstrick said...

Oh Kristen, that is exactly what I was thinking when I made my comment. She brings up the word abortion connected to this procedure. She puts it out there because of some twisted subconscious confession compulsion. Or to set up the alibi. No other reason.

I commented somewhere a while back that I thought she'd had a tubal. And now Sarah herself has got me thinking she's had an abortion.

BTW folks 'spontaneous abortion' is not the term used when a D & C is required. It is the very opposite of 'spontaneous'.

Anonymous said...

About the form with the liquid eraser...

Why bring it up in your book, unless you were sure it would soon come to light?

Maybe there is another copy(ies) without liquid eraser on it, and it (they) is (are) in someone else's posession...the insurance company, the MD's office, etc etc....

You don't bring up liquid eraser for no reason, unless you know you are caught or will soon be caught cheating, or having made a "mistake". I wonder what that mistake might have been?

Some people consider having an abortion a grave mistake under any circumstances. Her base.

ginny said...

anon@6:21, I was just about to post something very similar!
Seems like a very strange thing to bring up. Plus, how would $P have known that "abortion" was under the white-out? The whole story sounds like BS. Plus, as ravenstick said, a D&C is NOT a spontaneous abortion. The MISCARRIAGE would be the spontaneous abortion, if the fetus had actually been expelled from the body.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

smax said...

I know that Toad has to be telling her, baby this has to stop. We have told enough lies. He says lets give it up. She says are you crazy, did you see that crowd, they loved me (i mean us) Toad says when does my new plane arrive. Like i said by Thanksgiving. But a movie I watch every year, The Ten Commandments were Moses tells Pharoh Through you own words you have brought the last plague with your own words.

Silver Salmon said...

Tad seems like too normal a name for a Palin child. Is there any products or Alaskan geographical features called Tad?

And since it looks like she did indeed have a D&C, the letter from Baldwin-Johnson is incorrect because Sarah would have definitely been hospitalized.

ginny said...

Interesting info on "D&C abortions": from:

"Dilation and curettage (D&C) uses a sharp instrument to remove tissue from inside the uterus. It is a rarely performed type of surgical abortion done in the first 12 weeks (first trimester) of a pregnancy. D&C has an increased risk of bleeding and injury to the uterus compared with the usual procedure that uses suction to clear the uterus (manual or machine vacuum aspiration). 1

D&C may also be done to:

* Remove tissue that may remain after a miscarriage.
* Remove tissue in the uterus that may be causing abnormal vaginal bleeding. The tissue can then be examined to see if there are any abnormalities.
* Remove tissue that may remain after a vacuum aspiration abortion.
* Control heavy uterine bleeding.

A D&C usually takes less than 10 minutes. It is done in an outpatient surgery center or hospital and does not require an overnight stay. It can also be done at a clinic where health professionals are specially trained to perform abortions...

Why It Is Done

Dilation and curettage (D&C) is usually done when another abortion method has failed to completely clear the contents of the uterus. D&C is done to be sure that no tissue is left in the uterus.

Vacuum aspiration is more commonly used for surgical abortion in the first trimester because it is safer than D&C.

How Well It Works

A surgical abortion during the first trimester is safe and effective and has few complications."

VERY interesting!

WHOA! wv is exagnazi, as in "exaggerating about nazis" like the rebiblicans and palinbots do about Obama, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I thought that there was some gossip where Sarah was furious with Bristol when she announced her pregnancy. Sarah was supposed to have said something to the effect that she had just spent two months putting rumors to rest that Bristol was pregnant, and then, lo and behold......

Excuse me, how could Sarah put pregnancy rumors to rest and still not know that Bristol was sexually active. She must have really been angry with Levi. (Of course it was his fault!) Dragging him up on that stage was real punishment!

By the way, I had a D&C and it required overnight hospitalization.
Sarah was only hospitalized for childbirth? Given that the AP has been fact-checking her book, and their list is almost as long as Sarah's book, it is going to be hard to believe some of her stories. After all, it was really Katy Courics's fault, wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

liquid eraser?

ginny said...

Okay, I also found this info on the "D&E" abortion:

"Dilation and evacuation (D&E) is done in the second 12 weeks (second trimester) of pregnancy. It usually includes a combination of vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage (D&C), and the use of surgical instruments (such as forceps)...

Why It Is Done

Dilation and evacuation (D&E) is one of the methods available for a second-trimester abortion. A D&E is done to completely remove all of the tissue in the uterus for an abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy.

* A D&E is sometimes recommended for women diagnosed in the second trimester with a fetus that has severe medical problems or abnormalities.
* A woman who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest may not confirm the pregnancy until the second trimester because of her emotional reaction to the traumatic cause of the pregnancy.
* A woman who doesn't have access to an affordable abortion specialist in her area or whose access is slowed by legal restrictions may take several weeks to have a planned abortion. When an abortion is delayed, a D&E may be necessary.

How Well It Works

Dilation and evacuation is a safe and effective method. It has become the standard treatment of care in the United States for an abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy."

Notice, this is commonly used in the 2nd trimester, just when $P says her "miscarriage" happened and was changed from "abortion" to "D&C" on the bill.
I'm guessing that only HER copy has the white-out change, what do you all think?

ginny said...

liquid eraser= white-out

Kate said...

I'm not a Palin fan but commenters here need to realize that doctors call miscarriages "spontaneous abortions" in their records as common medical terminology. Check Wikipedia for "miscarriage" if you don't believe this. (Long ago there was a gestational inference, I think after so many weeks the term miscarriage wasn't used.)Since the word abortion is a hot button for women who don't understand this, a clerk may well have altered the word, but this one was a bit lazy and just used white-out. This is NOT a detail to get excited and suspicious about.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a professional clinic or hospital would not send a bill with liquid eraser on it. If they did, it would have been initialed at the very least. And the initials would have also been on any additional copies.

Using liquid eraser on such a form as applied for insurance benefits could constitute fraud, I suppose, also.

Anonymous said...

Now would be a good time for Audrey to poke her head out and make some observations about all this.
You out there? :-)

Anonymous said...

Kate you may be very right about that...I don't doubt you're wrong, how's that? haha.

So you think she is just getting ahead of any additional copies that don't have the WhiteOut® on them? I mean, why even acknowledge it? It is trivial, no?

ginny said...

Kate, I think the large majority of us are aware that miscarriages are called spontaneous abortions. But, if this particular "spontaneous abortion" happened in 1990-91, when $P had presumably no political aspirations, then why the need to change the wording?
Plus, why does she feel the need to even mention the change in wording on her bill?
I believe it's quite possible because someone has their hands on a copy of the bill with the original word, "abortion". $P is doing an adult version of changing her grade from a F to an A on the report card.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that Sarah had Track, a miscarriage, then Bristol all in the space of a year. OK, if that's possible, then Bristol could have given birth to Trig, and had a second child, Tripp also withing the space of a year.

(We still don't know Trig's real birth date because we have never seen his birth certificate. And, as Sarah's facts appear to be less than factual, according to the AP fact-checker, then we have much less reason to believe that Wild Ride. We also have no proof that Tripp was born at the end of December, 2008. I also believe that it was all Katy Couric's fault and the tooth fairy brought Trig instead of the stork).

I miss Audrey, who analyzed things and explained them with clarity. I understand the threats of the Big Bad Man, but a couple of posts from anon would be a welcome addition here. (And, you don't even have to tell anyone).

Anonymous said...

@ginny: I'm with you, in fact, why even mention it. After all, this book doesn't have Levi's name in it.

Kate said...

More from Kate
Responding to Ginny: When a woman spontaneously miscarries, it used to be normal medical practice for a doctor to "clean up" her uterus by doing a D&C as soon as it could be scheduled afterward. If there are bits of tissue left, there is a danger of infection, and the uterus continues to contract painfully and bleeding can continue to be heavy. This is the most reliable way to stop it. I've been through this.
This correctly called a D&C but it is NOT a medically induced therapeutic abortion.
Years ago, women would be hospitalized overnight. Probably not now if the cramping finally stopped. and she didn't have fever.

There's enough to wonder about in Sarah's life without misinterpreting her D&Cs.

Anonymous said...

This is all so bizarre. I keep thinking of Limbaugh's remark, is there a liquid eraser policy in here somewhere? My word verification is "dries." I hope the liquid eraser dried by the time Mrs. Vincent finished the book.

I can't believe that the other McCain is disenchanted? I'll try to check him out tomorrow. I've had enough Palin for the night. It looks like it will be another wild ride for awhile.

ravenstrick said...

Earth to Kate: What Sarah is describing in not a spontaneous abortion. A spontaneous abortion is when something goes wrong with the pregnancy and your body spontaneously expels the pregnancy.

What Sarah describes is a fetus that died in the womb, the body didn't recognize the problem and the fetus had to be extracted via a medical procedure. Nothing 'spontaneous' about it.

And not what a doctor would refer to as a 'spontaneous' abortion.

ginny said...

Kate, as I said, I know what a miscarriage is, and I will add, since I wasn't clear, I also know and completely understand what a D&C is and why it is used after a miscarriage in some cases.
I think most of us, at least most of the women, here know and understand this.
The fact is that $P has gone out of her way to mention a seemingly trivial piece of info about the changing of the word "abortion" to "D&C" on her bill, done with white-out.
If we disagree that this is strange, and, because of $P's track record of dishonesty, suspicious, then we can agree to disagree.
But my opinion that it is suspicious has nothing to do with what you perceive as my misunderstanding or ignorance on the subject of miscarriages and D&C's.

honestyinGov said...

W o W !!... things are getting really heated up now..and the Book release is STILL 3 days away. People from every direction just can't stop talking. And the Oprah interview isn't released either. You know she will have contradictions in there compared to the book. Someone do some Photo-Shop work of Her and her head may just spin right off. Nothing excites her and gets her going and amped more than when people play with her ' image '.

There was one little nugget I picked up from someones comment on the last thread where in the Foreward of the book she was thanking people... by first name. To be included and named in her book you would have had to have done something Special for her to get that Honor. R.A.M was included... interesting...?? What did RAM do..?Is that just for writing all those nice stories about her on c4P or for getting the Stooges to give up their CA$H for the Grifter Fund. Or was the mention payback for posting and writing all of those fancy FaceBook Notes... and letting Her take the credit. RAM did 'something' for her.
Sarah truly is Her own worst enemy... this book proves it.( Meg Simpleton helps some too ) Love your posts... keep up the good work. Next Tuesday will be a VERY busy day.

Anonymous said...

I've had two miscarriages myself. The statement "second trimester" caught my eye right away that this doesn't add up. Second trimester is after 12 weeks-24 weeks. During that time you would normally see your doctor once a month. So..a visit would happen at about 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, and 24 weeks. It's possible that at 12 weeks no heartbeat was visible but this would still be considered a first trimester miscarriage since the baby would not have developed after a few weeks. They certainly wouldn't have known it was a boy. The next visit would have been at 16 weeks and the fetus would have been too large for a D & C and instead would have been an induced labor. Again, the language and circumstances don't add. Something's fishy.

Rocky in Texas said... said...

Tad Palin...

I heard his middle name was gonna be ToMuch...

Kate said...

Ginny at 7:17
Yes, I agree, altering the medical bill is weird.

Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I'm way off track here but just remembered during Palin's resignation speech her looking directly at Toad and saying "The world needs more Trigg's". I always thought her tone and Todd's reaction were a little strange. Maybe Todd talked her into an earlier abortion because she was carrying a DS baby? That would definitely be an iceberg big enough to derail her.

Anonymous said...

How about this- Sarah is home/in her office when the mail comes & she opens the bill. She was not expecting such detailed itemization(maybe she was in denial anyway) and panicked because Todd would find out the truth about her "miscarriage" -she'd actually had an abortion. She grabs the whiteout and changes it before he sees it. Since she has such a limited grasp on reality, she believes that having this tale in print now "proves" her story.
Does he believe her? Only Todd will tell.

B said...

18 months between Track and Bristol means 9 months after Track's birth to get pregnant, miscarry, and get pregnant again. That's doable.

Tad is an unusual name and similar to Todd (or Toad) so she's probably not making it up. But I'd have thought she'd use that chosen name for the boy she finally had on April 18, 2008. Except she didn't have him.

The white-out story suggests she thinks someone has a bill that says "abortion" and is going to use it against her, so she's trying to get her version out first.

Dr. CBJ's letter referred to Palin having five deliveries, not five pregnancies, so that's OK. And the D&C could be outpatient, just like an elective D&C abortion.

Hard to believe the MSM is just now noticing that Palin lies about most things. They've been buying the Moosiah portrait for too long, and need to see the Mooselini.

Anonymous said...

anon 07:37 "Second trimester" stood out to me.

Without a doubt this all is questionable. Like she is doing premature damage control.

She could have solicited miles and miles of heartfelt commiserating had she told about her courageous congregation after their church was attacked. It makes no sense if she left that out. Levi Johnston is Tripp's father, did she mention that Tripp's father by name or only the nameless remark from Uncle Track? She is writing a book that her grandchildren will read one day. There grandchildren, too. I'd think that having an accurate record would matter.

Anonymous said...

How nice of Sarah to take the heat off of Carrie Prejean today. :)

ArmchairJane said...

The CBJ letter is now looking even more suspect, poorly written, and misleading.

I always assumed she had some "interesting" reproductive history besides the Trig non-pregnancy story, including the likelihood of a tubal ligation (or vasectomy for Todd), but never thought she would bring it up in the book.

Makes a person think that maybe the whacked out gasping quittin' speech could have come on the heels of Palin receiving notice that these things were known.

Question is, who knew and might reveal? If the truth is bad enough in the minds of her fans, not only does she lose any possible political career, but she could also lose the chance to milk a large base of fans for years.

I would assume some of the major players in the Republican party have at least some of the dirt on Palin. It does very much seem that she is doing premature damage control. The thing is, I already think she was in the process of losing any real viability as a presidential candidate, even without Babygate proven or news of an abortion.

Palin may be ruining her gravy train because she continues to believe she can lie or spin her way out of anything. She may be finding she has finally gone too far with this bio.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get overly excited about this miscarriage/abortion business.

IF Sarah is telling the truth, the medical term is actually "missed abortion".

I can see how some die-hard pro-life ultra Christian person could have a hard time understanding that this diagnosis doesn't have anything to do with a voluntary abortion. We have to remember that she is not that bright, too. Sure, it was a miscarriage of her pregnancy, but not a spontaneous self-expulsed (is that a word?) one.

I myself had to have a D&C for what's known as a "molar pregnancy". Untreated, "rogue" abnormal placental tissue could have metasticized to my lungs, brain, etc, and thus the tissue needed to be removed. (plus additional chemotherapy in my case, but that's a bit OT here).

(And don't fret--I have since had three healthy babies!)

The white-out detail is just very strange, though. Did she mean the diagnosis was corrected with white-out or the billed procedure was corrected with white-out? Guess I'll have to see the actual words she/Lynn used.

I also too would not be one tiny bit surprised to hear that SP had a tubal after Piper. (Or Todd got snipped) I've said before that it seemed that Piper was already their 'bonus baby'. I find it hard to believe she'd risk another pregnancy since she thought she was "so old" to be pregnant with Trig. (again, I don't believe that either)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and, my D&C was day surgery, general anesthesia, and yes, I consider that I was hospitalized for it, although not overnight.

And each subsequent pregnancy I worried I would have another molar pregnancy. I imagine if I had had a fetal demise in the second trimester, I would worry constantly with subsequent pregnancies that it would happen again--so her alleged tromping all over Juneau and God's green earth and throwing caution to the wind by flying after she THOUGHT her water MAY have broken is just....just.....well, ya know.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that some of those Ocean of Urine people will begin to see the light over the next few days. Please?

"Im thinking that a Palin/Bachman ticket might turn every state red :)"

Anonymous said...

I think Howie Kurtz must have had an advance copy of the book, his byline today in his WaPo Media Notes column was something about "evryone's got to feel a little sympaty for sarah palin" or some such nonsense. No doubt he snuck that in there with the knowledge that this very news would break sooner rather than later...meh. He didn't make a very compelling argument for sympathy, but I bet he had read it...

Thinking about the WhiteOut® I can only imagine this is her attempt to derail the conversation when the copy of the document without the WhiteOut® gets leaked or released or whatever, if such a copy even exists.

I suspect Palin knows, or suspects, such a copy the document exists. She may even know who has it, she may not. So, also.

In any case...what is up with the amnio and the plane ride stories if the story about the 2 miscarriages is true? Could anyone be more reckless?

Could she do any more to convince people that if indeed, she was actually pregnant with Trig, beyond all the empirical evidence and lack thereof, that she was intentionally endangering this unborn child? Again, assuming she hasn't lied about a thing, was she trying to pray that little boy to Heaven before he had a chance to pop out?

Cause that's what it seems like, if you follow her own actions and word closely, and take her word for it.

(As an aside...did this possible scenario of "oopsies" actually occur to her before her West Allis screech last week? Didn't she change her amnio story to sonogram?)

So the lies get deeper and more complicated, or the truth just gets uglier?..Either way, she'll make some money on her notoriety if not ultimately political gain or influence.

trev said...

Wow, news is exploding. I didn't see this iceberg coming. I think the main thing is to repeat that sarah had 2 abortions. If people want to argue the point, then fine, let's argue. But my story is that palin had 2 abortions, because that is what they are called. Even the RNC has covered abortion since 1991, I think they stopped it today.

Anonymous said...

and oh, snap, it's WiteOut® not White-Out...

Verbose said...


Oh God, please tell me that person's from Europe, cuz over there red is the color of LIBERALS. Otherwise, the level of delusion is just horrifying.

ArmchairJane said...

I want to point out the difference between the "procedure" and the "diagnosis" or "condition" as it is a crucial distinction regarding what may have been written on Palin's doctor's bill. There is some talk in the comments about the medical terminology used to describe spontaneous miscarriages versus elective abortions. I think it is very important that people remember you get billed for "what services and drugs/supplies were provided", NOT for the condition or diagnosis.

Yes, a miscarriage can be referred to as a "spontaneous abortion". However, what they bill you for on the medical or insurance billing is for the *procedure*, and that is what will appear on the bill, along with the date and provider.

So, you would not be billed for a "miscarriage". You would be billed for whatever service or procedure was performed, whether it was a D&C, "abortion", or some other procedure. The detailed bill may list all the supplies and many line items as well, but many routine procedures are listed simply as something like "office visit, follow up", and the diagnosis does not appear anywhere on the bill.

Diagnostic codes may or may not appear on the bill, but usually you have to look them up to see what diagnosis or condition they refer to.

What this means is that if you had a spontaneous abortion, ie miscarriage, that you would not be billed for either a "miscarriage" or an "abortion". You would be billed for the service rendered to treat the condition, which could include a D&C, among other things.

However, if you actually DID have a therapeutic/elective abortion, then the bill might read "abortion". But "miscarriage" is NOT a procedure. And "abortion" is, when it is induced or performed as opposed to spontaneous.

I can also tell you that it is NOT proper practice to alter any kind of medical record with "White Out" or "liquid eraser". From the very first, whether you are training to work the front desk, or training as a doctor or nurse, you are trained that you don't use White Out or liquid eraser to correct errors in medical documents. You instead draw a line through and initial and date it, and put down the correct information. This is standard practice for written charting. I do not think a clinic or hospital employee would alter a bill with "white out". If an error were made, I would think they would void the bill and issue a new one that was corrected.

To me, it is entirely bizarre to include a detail about how your bill for your D&C was changed with "liquid eraser" from "abortion" to "miscarriage". Remember, a D&C is a procedure, so is an elective abortion, but a miscarriage is not. In any event, why would Sarah be telling us some odd bit of detail about a medical bill that is years old now. Unless she thinks she has something to hide? Sure sounds like the often discussed in politics "attempt to get out in front of a negative story" by putting your own spin on it first...

Kat said...

Here's another "theory" to throw in the mix. What was the time period of her supposed affair with Brad Hanson? Does it coincide with one of the "miscarriages?"

I can't for the life of me figure a logical reason for even mentioning the miscarriages, let alone the supposed error with the bill if she wasn't scared to death that facts are going to come out to expose her & this is her attempt to get out in front of it. Maybe this is one of those things she thinks (knows) Levi is threatening to expose. I'm soooo glad she wrote the book. :-)

Sista Scarah, your days are numbered.

nana said...

Here's a thought. What if one of the secrets Levi is keeping has to do with an abortion Sarah had. Maybe he saw the bill, or heard about it, and she is worried he will spill the beans. So she is trying to get ahead of him by mentioning the altered bill. Not sure if this is the reason, but I am sure that there is a method to her madness.

Anonymous said...

Patrick! How on earth did you get hold of a copy of the book? People are scrambling over each other to see it before its release date.

Even stinky McCain hasn't seen it and he's best friends or something with Palin's writer. So come on Patrick, tell us your secret!

Patrick said...

Anon 12:17

If you are a nice person, then people come to you and offer their help, you don't even have to ask. Apparently Stinky McCain is not a nice person, so that explains why I have access to a copy, but he hasn't. What else can I say? I am very proud that we have such fantastic readers!

Patrick said...


Aussie Blue Sky said...

Yeah, doctors don't use the word "miscarriage". The nurse who holds your hand might - but that's not what she writes down.

Mrs Palin's lies are always so multi-faceted!

They're saying popcorn futures are through the roof in anticipation of Tuesday, but by then some of us will need a few belts of hard likker. And a whiteboard!

Shayfray said...

Anon 8:36:

"She is writing a book that her grandchildren will read some day."

Oh, that's so cute. You think her grandchildren will read.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Palin weilds a mean bottle of liquid paper.

Anonymous said...

The white-out story suggests she thinks someone has a bill that says "abortion" and is going to use it against her, so she's trying to get her version out first."

Yes. I personally have known someone who actually did set fire to a small town court house to get rid of evidence against themselves.

I see no reason to mention this bill and the wording unless she had an abortion.

She clearly did have an abortion. They don't bill you for miscarriage.

I had a miscarriage resulting in a D & C, and the bill said "d & C'- no explanation as to WHY. Common terms at that time were "d and c" for miscarriage and abortion for the choice to abort the pregnancy, even though spontaneous abortion is a real medical term, lay people never used it.

I don't see why a medical bill would say "d and c for spontaneous abortion" unless it read "D and C for abortion", which is sometimes the medically kinder way of giving an abortion to a woman, since she's knocked out.

10catsinMD said...

Just got to jump into the fray. Long ago in the 60's, one of my high school classmate's mother was pregnant in hr 40s, and it was determined late in the pregnancy that the baby was not alive. Good Catholic women did not have any kind of procedures, so the lady just waited out the pregnancy. Everyone in the church population knew about what was happening.

The lady carried the baby into the tenth month of pregnancy and somehow during that period, she was taken to the hospital and had whatever procedures were necessary to have the fetus removed. She may have also gone into labor and the fetus was expelled.

The point is the religious factor. I heard and was told too many times that a "good" woman will sacrifice anything for her child, even her life.

I also worked at an Ob-GYN hospital and became aware of how "miscarriages" and D&C's were used to help women stay alive, etc.

As to Sarah, it is ridiculous for us to believe her story. She was a young, lively woman who got caught pregnant and had to get married. Then another pregancy comes along. I am not impressed that she is or was a mother type. All her language is hype to keep her in good stead with her followers.

Her discussions of her kids upbringing is also very poor. It sounds like bonding issues beginning at childbirth.

Anonymous said...

Remember how Steve S. from the campaign took SP to task by email and refused to put out campaign lies about Tod's AIP affiliation? Remember how Steve alluded to the differences between the McCain campaign's own research on the Palin family and the lies Sarah was asking the campaign to put out to cover her & hubby on that topic?

I'd put money on Steve & co. also having had a pretty big research file containing their candidate's actual health history. I don't think they had it when McCain made the offer, but there were all those "operatives" who descended on Alaska immediately afterwards, when it was too late.

She scraped off white-out on a 20 year-old bill on the chance a corrected insurance code would be personally offensive to her? Please. She's certifiable.

I'll bet no one knows the real health history facts better than John McCain's people, and that Sarah's unrealistic bet is that he and his loyalists will be too vested in protecting their own reputations to take her on. After all, the truth also makes an ass of the guy who guy who picked her.

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to how much detail she goes into regarding her second miscarriage? If that one is lacking in details, then why so much info on the first one?

Anonymous said...

As SP is spending more school time back East with a teenage daughter whom one would think should be in school, the Alaska Report's Rumor Central reads:

"An Alaska politico's unmarried, and underaged, daughter is pregnant. Oh, and her mom's a 'Family Values' Repub. To be continued..."

mary b said...

Palin is clearly lying (as we all know) about her pregnancy with Trigg.
I have five children. I was in my mid 30's with my fourth. I had been bleeding, like a light period, during most of my pregnancy thus far. Around six months pregnant, the Doc wanted to do an amnio to make sure everything was okay. He stressed that the procedure could result in a miscarriage. So, they kept me overnight in the hospital. With ny fifth pregnancy, they did an amnio because I was in my early 40's. They also made me sta in bed a few days to help prevent a miscarriage.
Someone who is carrying a child with medical difficulties as Palin supposedly was, would have never, ever went on that 'wild ride'.
She is lying!!
(by the way, both of the pregnancies described were different Dotor's in different states. So, you know that this is S.O.P.)

mary b said...

I think Palin is setting up the miscairage story for when the truth comes out...Fell sorry for me, I had to adopt a baby cause I kept having miscairages.
She is scared shitless that Levi is gonna tell the whole truth.

comeonpeople said...

I just did a quick search on terms. In second trimester fetal demise situations, a D&E is done, not a D&C. Evacuation verses curettage. If she had a D&C she was earlier in the pregnancy. Not second trimester.
In med recs we used to be able to use wte out when i was a new nurse in the mid eighties. By 1987 though it was a huge NO-No. You have to draw a line through the mistake, write error on top and date and initial mistake. Now, for medical bills, I don't know. Doubt wite out is used. But in any event, the biller would know difference between D&C and D&E.
Things are heating up. I could not be happier. From the first time I saw and heard and then researched Palin I knew she was FOS.
That her ridicilousness will be the cause of her own undoing is just sublime.

Anonymous said...

Bristol potty-trained herself at 14 months?

What, was she left with no diapers and had no choice?

Mommy was too busy with "clingy" Track to bother with Bristol?

I have two cousins who, when they were little bitty boys, had to pretty much feed themselves when they got hungry because their mother was so not into planning meals.

Poor little Bristol.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

ravenstrick & ArmchairJane...thank you!
I think sarah was the one with the white out! Trying to cover a abortion.
And she is telling this story b/c someone, somewhere has this info.
Its so ludicrous she wants us to believe abortion was "whited out" and "miscarriage" which is a condition not a procedure put on there. Its obvious she did it and told this story to toad.
That's why she is telling her minions "keep yer powder dry" and just read the book, b/c she knows they are stupid and won't know the difference between, a miscarriage and abortion, DNC etc.

daMamma said...

It is not clear how far along she was when she had the miscarriage(s), but in medical terms a pregnancy that ends before the 22 week is called a spontaneous abortion. After the 22 week it is a miscarriage. So, yes, the bill, and her medical records would say "Spontaneous Abortion" rather than "Miscarriage".

My own doctor explained the terms to me when I got very upset over the terminology after the first of several first and early second trimester losses.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

but she did not miscarry...her baby (supposedly died in utero)and she didn't "spontaneously abort" she went in and had a MEDICAL procedure done.
D & C or D & E, surgical abortion.
Doesn't matter baby dead or not.... same procedure.
Now you are talking about Medical records, which would not be "Whited out". She is claiming a bill she got in the mail said that. I don't buy it.
Its a lie. She most likely had a abortion and told this crazy ass story to toad. Now she is telling it in her book b/c others know of this "abortion"
JMO of course.

Anonymous said...

I am doing granny counting. If Track was born in late April and 'Tad' was supposed to arrive one year later, then he would have been conceived in late July. 'Second trimester' would at minimum be late November. I don't think anyone has sex right after a D&C or D&E.

My son's birthdate is Oct. 17th, one day before Bristol's. He was conceived on Super Bowl Sunday, and born two days past due date. So I guess it would be possible for Sarah's timeline to work, but Bristol would have had to be conceived only six weeks or so after Sarah's procedure, using the absolute minimum dates for 2nd trimester. (From the text, it sounds like Bristol was a term baby).

Would a woman even be ovulating so soon after such a hormonal / emotional cascade of events ?
Sarah is really pushing the envelope with the timeline here . . .

sandra said...

Why would she be worried about that old bill showing up? The only reason to keep it would be for tax records, and this would be for seven years. They probably weren't filing a long form in those days, so there would be no reason to have the bill around.

Would there be a duplicate record in the doctor's files? If this was the case, there wouldn't be any white out. I was a bookkeeper, and there would never be any thought of using white out. The only procedure to use is to carefully line out the error and add the correction.

I wonder if using white out is similar to selective memory. We eliminate the bad stuff we did and replace it with what we want the truth to be.

Anonymous said...

brilliant. White outing a memory.

A lot of what Sarah palin does is taking a grain of truth and altering it into something that is a fabrication.

Wilma Flatstone said...

I wonder if the altered medical bill has enough handwriting for an analysis to be made against Palin's known handwriting? Anybody know how large of a sample is needed?

Wilma Flatstone said...

Sorry! I just now saw the next post where it plainly says that miscarriage was typed not handwritten. *sheepish grin*

Forever Anonymous said...

Sarah had to make the word "abortion" fit in somewhere, she has to get in front of the story, you see, probably "miscarriage" runs in the family and wrong wording on medical bills is a plague that follows them.

Once again Palin is driving the conversation on Babygate. Now abortion will be discussed and argue in terms of "mistake on a bill", "distortions", "SP wombs troubles", etc.

She dreams.

Abortion buzz will have arrived before her bus, but in the context of more recent history.

We are keeping our eyes on the ball.

It's the Babygate, stupid.

Go Team Thruthers!

Anonymous said...

Schmidt calls the work a book of complete fiction about an hour ago.

I think there will be a lot of flack over the book this weekend.

She may never get to do a book tour.

Anonymous said...

I have had this feeling since yesterday. S'error will not make it till Wednesday. She will implode before she gets to her bots.


CR46 said...

first I would like to start out by saying my mother (in 1959) had an illegal 3rd trimester partial birth abortion to save her life(the fetus was dead and her Dr in the USA told her it was her DUTY to DIE with her child) my father took her to a Drs house in Canada--he saved her life (Iwas born in 1961) I also have had 2 2nd trimster spontaneous abortions and was hospitalized because of life threatening hemmoraging. But if Sarah had a 2nd trimester fetus die and the body didn't miscarry, what she had was an abortion(needed very much) and thats a FACT.But Sarahs beliefs don't want anyone else to have that CHOICE to live, she and her evangelical crowd want woman to die with fetus's(gods will you know)

From the Back of the Plane said...

Sarah, oh Sarah (sigh)

Yup, we did not expect anything but whining and rationalizations from your book.

Notice how the reviewers are reaming the whole enterprise? Gunna blame that on Lynn Vincent?

Your whines have no woof. Steve S. wanted to get you some help by bringing in a nutritionist? Let's see. They were concerned about your erratic behavior and thought, perhaps, also, too, that fueling your body with real food (instead of slaking it with Red Bull and diet Dr. Pepper) might just help. They were right, but at that point, you were beyond gone.

And now you jeer this? C'mon. The link between what you eat and how your brain functions is pretty darned established. It is clear that you have ignored this fact for a long time just to finally squeeze yourself into a size 2. To look good on TV. Too bad you also opened your mouth. No wonder they wanted you to stick to the script.

This week, and on the rest of the book tour, you'll keep spewing the lies and doing the spin. Who knows who will finally start speaking the real truth in the wake of this word-salad, blame-everyone-except-yourself-self aggrandizement Sara-PAY-loser road trip.

WV= untrip

eerie, huh?

Anonymous said...

The idea that Sara Palin received a bill from a hospital with a white out change in the procedure billed is patently ridiculous.

In 1990, all hospitals were billing using integrated computerized billing programs to track accounts, generate HCFA forms for insurance claims and to generate patient account statements.

The doctor would enter information on the procedure into the patient's chart and the billing would be done by procedure code or "cpt" code (Current Procedural Terminology Code).

Billing clerks don't review bills and decide to change the procedure themselves. They bill the procedure designated by the doctor. If the doctor contacted billing after a bill had been printed in order to change it, the change would have had to be entered into the computer record and a new HCFA form printed along with a new patient statement. You can't just white out something on the bill. Palin's claim is ludicrous if you know anything about medical practice and hospital practices in 1990. Her ridiculous story sounds more like medicine as it might have been practiced in 1940 rather than 1990.

The woman is lying drama queen.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Youcansuremaketheshitup Palin - she's such a clear and transparent liar, it's such a relief to see the media catching up with the lot of us - it's like watching "old" news...

The S.S. "Makin' Things Up" is in for rough seas. We're doing the happy dance on lake shores and beaches throughout Alaska. Let the truth ring throughout the world...sheesh / about damn time.
Alaskan Sisu/Xango_Xango