Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sarah Palin: Thanksgiving together with Todd? No way, he's got better things to do! - UPDATE: Sarah's luxury plane for the "bus tour" identified!


UPDATE - December 1, 2009: Please see this new post for detailed facts about the flights and Sarah Palin's facebook response!


UPDATE - November 30, 2009:

Joe McGinniss on the "Daily Beast" and following Joe's article, Andrew Sullivan on the "Daily Dish", Huffington Post and CBS News gave us a nice surprise today!

They reported the story about Sarah Palin's "fake bus tour" - the story which started here on Palingates a few days ago with this post!

On this occasion I would like to thank again our reader "snowbilly" who has the distinction of having identified Sarah's plane!

Sarah Palin is a fake, from beginning to end - and the end is near.

In addition, the extensive reporting of "palingates" with regard to Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig CAN BE READ HERE.


Sarah Palin arrived last night in Tri-Cities, WA, to celebrate Thanksgiving together with her family. According to the local "Bellingham Herald" and TV-station KEPR, she arrived in "her private plane":

So, is it all a happy family, children around the table, relatives, mommy and daddy, celebrating all together?

Wait a moment - daddy? Where is he?

Well - he is...not there!

Sarah told the Bellingham Herald why he is conspicously absent:

PASCO — Sarah Palin is excited to be in the Tri-Cities.

Moments after arriving by private jet Wednesday evening from Orlando, Fla., she told reporters, "It's kind of surreal. But it's really good to be back in the Tri-Cities to reconnect with the roots."

The former Alaska governor's last visit with family here was about a year ago, she said during an impromptu news conference as she held her son Trig and her daughter Piper stood next to her.

"I like the summer here," she said.

Her husband Todd, she added, stayed at home "fixing the roof."

"I need to call him," said Palin, who plans to be in the Tri-Cities through Sunday.

Of course, the roof is leaking! Or it just needs a general overhaul, who knows. Why not fix it yourself on Thanksgiving when the rest of the family takes a trip with the private plane to visit relatives! After all, as Sarah had claimed in the past, Todd apparently had built several things before: A house, a why not fix the roof?

One reason why Todd doesn't have to spend his valuable time to fix a roof on Thanksgiving could be because the Palins are stinking rich now. The New York Times wrote on November 12, 2009 that Sarah Palin received $ 5 million as an advance payment for the book. So, why not simply call the roofer and let him do it?

But then we know already that when Sarah Palin opens her mouth, very rarely will she be uttering something which is close to the truth. I don't know what Todd is fixing at home, but I am pretty sure it ain't the roof.

There have been rumors that Todd is now living in Palmer together with Willow, however, so far we have not been able to confirm these rumors. What we know for certain is that Willow now attends Colony High School in Palmer.

By the way, the "private plane" with which Sarah flew to Tri-Cities is not the same plane which
she used when traveling to meet Franklin Graham, and which belongs to the Samaritan Purse:

However, the planes share similar markings on the outside, but I don't know yet whether this is a coincidence or not (click to enlarge):

Meeting Franklin Graham:

Arriving in Tri-Cities:

Let's see what "surprising" news and unconvincing explanations come next. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!



Thanks to our reader "snowbilly", we have identified Sarah Palin's private plane which she used for her "bus tour" - so far we can reconstruct all the flight movements back to November 21, 2009.

Sarah Palin is touring around in a Gulfstream II (twin-jet). The flight details of this particular plane can be found HERE.

An extended flight log can be found HERE.

Our reader "snowbilly" tracked down this plane, because he saw in the video from her arrival in Tri-Cities, WA that Sarah used a Gulfstream plane, and he then checked this information with the planes that arrived yesterday in Tri-Cities.

The plane took off from Orlando, FL.

It's definitely Sarah's plane. Here are the other details:

On the evening of the November 21, Sarah signed books in Rochester at 6.00pm.

From the logs we can see that the plane then took off a few hours later from Rochester at 9:43pm and after a short stop in Roanoke, Sarah arrived in Fayetteville, which is just next to Fort Bragg, around midnight on the November 21.

On November 22, Sarah Palin flew to meet Franklin Graham and didn't use this plane. She flew to Asheville, NC in another plane (which belongs to Samaritan Purse), see the video clip above.

On November 23, Palin signed books in Fort Bragg and later in Birmingham, AL.

The flight log shows that she left Fayetteville on the November 23 at 03:40 pm and arrived one hour later in Birmingham, just in time for her book signing.

In the evening, at 08:12, she flew from Birmingham to Orlando, Florida (short stop in Jacksonville), where she appeared the following day.

Yesterday, she flew from Orlando to Tri-Cities, WA.

Here are screenshots (click on pictures to enlarge):

So now we know for certain that it wasn't really a bus tour.

But there is more:

From the website shown above, it can be seen that the Gulfstream II plane belongs to "Universal Jet Aviation, Inc" in Florida.

On their website, they have several planes to offer - including a Gulfstream II which also has the registration 750 which seems to match with "UJT 750" in the flight log, therefore I assume that this is the specific aircraft that Sarah Palin has at her disposal.

Let's have a look what the "tribune of the plebs" uses for travel - CLICK HERE. Screenshot:

On this webpage, you can also download of PDF-brochure with more details regarding this plane - the setup inside which is shown in this picture is slightly different from the picture above, but just as luxurious:

Therefore, it is proven that her big "bus roadshow" is just a fake. Sarah Palin is in fact being carried around with her family on a luxury plane. Sarah, why are we not surprised?

By the way, how is work on the chateau progressing?

First a faked pregnancy, now a fake bus tour! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Is that a Gulfstream?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I always sort of like to be around when my
husband is working up on the roof. . .

Anonymous said...

Where did the Bellingham Herald come from?? I live in Tri-Cities and the news paper is called The Tri-City Herald, I hope she chokes on a turkey bone, I know I'm bad!! Anon19:54--maybe she bought some extra insurance,,,She's all about the money.

Where is Track for Thanksgiving? said...

Todd is busy with the roof or maybe he is working on a best seller book of his own. He could earn millions, afford his own defense team and work a better deal with the prosecution. Sarah is already using her replacement husband. No one in their right mind who likes kids would ignore the prop-Trig spectacle that is playing for the campaign circus bus, aka "book tour." Todd you can do so much better! Todd has some s.palin’ to do. "So Piper gets to wear a coat, long pants, neck scarf, and presumably socks and shoes, but poor Trig is in somebody's left-over sweatshirt and a diaper with bare legs and feet." 39 °C = 102.2 °F ???

We know Todd or Sarah never sued the Enquirer, come on Todd stop playing the cockhold fool (Brad Hanson). The time is soon now and everyone will be telling their Todd about Wasilla stories.

Is there anyone in that family that has the best interest of Trig in mind? Bristol? BRISTOL, get crackin’ Tripp need his Daddy.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

NakedTruth said...

And just think, not only is Todd not there spending Thanksgiving with the family but he and Sarah haven't been together for quite awhile - she's been out on her book tour and I guess he's been home doing what - fixing the roof? Yea right! Something is going on with the Palin's marriage and I bet I know what it is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

"So Piper gets to wear a coat, long pants, neck scarf, and presumably socks and shoes, but poor Trig is in somebody's left-over sweatshirt and a diaper with bare legs and feet." 39 °C = 102.2 °F ???

If you follow the link in the comment above mine, you will see this:

"Anonymous said...

It was 39 degress here in Richmond, Virginia Saturday night and I can tell you that Roanoke is always colder than Richmond. Why on earth is that baby in such a state of undress? I haven't seen that child in any of the photos where he was appropriately dressed. What the hell is wrong with her?
November 23, 2009 2:18 PM "

In the USA when a temperature is given as just the number, the Fahrenheit scale is implied. So 39F would be 4C.

snowbilly said...

Here's you plane:

Ident: UJT750
Type: GLF2
Origin: Orlando Intl (KMCO)
Departure Time: Wed 02:40PM EST
Arrival Time: Wed 04:47PM PST

Anonymous said...

The Samaritans Purse plane is a King Air and the "private" plane she just flew in to see her family looks like an older Gulfstream II. FYI it is about 5 thousand an hour to charter the Gulfstream so someone is racking up a lot in costs to pay for her tour busses and air transportation.

Anonymous said...

OK, who's going to tell Scarah that her Pam Anderson Porn eyebrows aren't working or in anymore? DO you think she got the tattoo on them taken off when she got her tattooed lip liner removed? She should have if she didn't. And she needs to grow some of those skanky thangs in!


(like Where's Elmo, only with real consequences)

wayofpeace said...

PEW RESEARCH proves that AMERICANS are not buying the moose shit:

Too Much Palin Coverage?

Nearly one-in-five Republicans (18%) say they paid very close attention to news about Palin and her new book, “Going Rogue,” compared with 11% of independents and just 3% of Democrats. Yet small percentages in all three groups say this was the story they followed most closely (5% among Republicans, 1% among Democrats, 2% among independents).

Overall, the proportion saying they are hearing too much about Palin has risen from 38% in July to 52% currently. Virtually all of the increase has come among Democrats and independents. Fully 72% of Democrats say they are hearing too much about Palin, up from 45% in July. Half of independents express this view, up more modestly from 38% four months ago.

Republicans’ views about the amount of coverage of Palin have changed very little from July. As was the case at that time, nearly half of Republicans (48%) say they are hearing the right amount about Palin; 29% say they are hearing too much about the former Alaska governor while 15% say they are hearing too little.

morb320 said...

Maybe the plane is "on loan" from Rupert Murdoch or Fred Malek. IIRC, a few months back it was reported that Rupert's private jet was in Alaska for Palin's personal use.

I am very thankful this Thanksgiving Day, but I'd be truly blessed if she took her lying butt back to Wasilla and faded into obscurity.

snowbilly said...

Where flight data was found.
Arrival time of 4:47 PM fits with sunset sky; aricraft type matches; origin matches.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that Todd just loves fixing things and spending Thanksgiving with hammer and nails on his roof is his idea of a perfect time. Who knows?
That said, if it were me, I'd want to fly my private plane home, gather all my children around me, cook a turkey, some stuffing, some cranberry sauce, some awesome gravy, some mashed potatoes, some sweet potatoes, some pumpkin pie, and call my husband off the roof to come feast with us.
Sarah is a kook. Why isn't she home with Todd fixing moose chili and bear stuffing with wolf sauce?

Patrick said...

Anon 20:06

The Bellingham Herald comes from Bellingham, WA, north of Seattle.

Patrick said...

Hi snowbilly,

well spotted, that's definitely the right plane!

Sarah’s fancy plane

There are more flights listed during the last days. Could this also have been Sarah's? I haven't checked yet.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. She is quoted that after the turkey trot, her and the family will have a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, probably "Quiznos."

I think Todd is in danger said...

Todd, it would be in your best interest to start surrounding yourself with people who will watch your back. Sarah's 'bots are not the most balanced group of people, and when she does finally announce that the two of you are separated, some of them might decide to attack you physically for hurting their idol.

I know you may laugh, but some of her male fans would do anything to please her if they thought they could be the next Mr. Quitter, and her divorced female fans would make you the target of any negative feelings they may harbor towards their ex-husbands. Those who are still married, but have seen a friend or family member go through a bitter divorce, will direct their negative emotions at you. I could see some of them praying for your death, you to become disabled, etc...

Get a lawyer who knows what s/he is dealing with in terms of Sarah's perceived mental illness(es), and document all dealings with Sarah and her 'bots.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear that Todd is now living with the mother of his youngest child.

Too bad Trig's with Grandma (and Great Grandma).

Anonymous said...

I thought she had 5 kids. Where are Willow, Bristol and Track?
Are Piper and Trig her only kids not old enough to be sickened by her crazy?

snowbilly said...

UJT750 isn't an 'N' number, because it isn't a US plane. UJ ... UT belong to Uzbekistan in the ITU database (call signs). J7-AAA ... J7-ZZZ belongs to Dominica (a carribean island) in the the aircraft registration scheme. I am not sure, but would guess the plane is registered in Dominica, due to its proximity to Florida. Uzbekistan would be scary, wouuldn't it? The aircraft numbers are based on radio call signs, so I looked in the ITU call sign prefix database. It may take some digging to find the owner ...

snowbilly said...

I believe we have it! That plane is the real tour/campaign "bus." If you check out the link Patrick gave, you'll see that UJT750 is arriving/departing cities very close to those on the tour:

Roanoke -> Fayetville
Fayetville -> Birmingham
Birmingham -> Jacksonville
Jacksonville -> Orlando
Orlando -> Tri Cities



Anonymous said...

"Have you SEEN Todd?

Nope, me neither..."


Unknown said...

I just wanted to let you know that one of the things I am thankful for is your blog, "Palingates". I can always come here for a good laugh and the latest info on what should be one of the biggest buffoons ever to appear in American politics, but whose every Twitter is read breathlessly by her adoring minions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

You would think her followers would see the obvious. Sarah is just like them? Do they lease private jets? Think, sheeple, think!

Anonymous said...

Bristol and Sarah, Tripp and Trig need their Dads.

snowbilly said...

The proof that she's using the plane to get between tour stops is that tavel time (by bus) between Ft. Bragg (Fayeteville) and Birmingham is too long to make the tour schedule if she traveled by bus. Also, the Phoenix -> Roswell schedule is impossible to do by bus.

There may be two buses, unless the bus gets decorated like a lot of city buses get decorated for advertising: it's not painted but a preprinted plastic/film/whatever is applied to the bus.

LOL: I could be wrong, if four flying piggies are carrying the bus between tour stops.

snowbilly said...

There may be more fakery: If you watch the interview aboard the bus with Greta, you might think the bus is moving, because the picture wobbles. But I didn't notice any bus noisie, and it would be an awful bumpy road to get the picture to wobble like it did. So, I thought they might be wobbling the camera to make it look like the bus was moving. I didn't watch it all the way through (couldn't take the pain), and I didn't go back to verify there weren't any bus noises.

Anonymous said...

$P DIDN'T EVEN FINISH THE RACE! As the news article listed first reveals, "Palin had announced on Twitter that she would be running the 5k race organized by the Benton-Franklin Chapter of the Red Cross.

"However, she didn’t finish the race, opting to leave the course early to avoid more crowds at the end. About 40 minutes into the run, people gathered at the finish line to get more pictures of Palin started to learn that she was gone."

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Patrick said...

Yes, it's definitely her plane.

On the evening at the 21st November, she signed books in Rochester at 6.00pm.

The plane then took off a few hours later from Rochester at 9:43pm and after a short stop in Roanoke, she arrived in Fayetteville, which is just next to Fort Bragg, around midnight.

On November 23, Palin signed books in Fort Bragg and later in Birmingham, AL.

The flight log shows that she left Fayetteville on the 23rd November at 03:40 pm and arrived one hour later in Birmingham.

In the evening, at 08:12, she flew from Birmingham to Orlando, Florida (short stop in Jacksonville), where she had her big appearance the follwing day.

Yesterday, from Orlando to Tri-Cities, WA.

Wow, we found her plane!

That's really very impressive, snowbilly, excellent work!

Anonymous said...

snowbilly, Patrick
Amazing! How long has she had her own plane? What does she need Todd for now? The ruse? He is already a world wide laughing stock.

wv.. glies grandma lies

ArmchairJane said...

Just a comment because the Bellingham Herald is the local paper for Bellingham, Washington, which is approximately 300 miles away and a 5 hour drive from "the Tri-Cities" area, which is the metro area of Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland WA.

I am really not pleased to know that the Bellingham Herald is willing to send somebody to another part of the state in order to cover Palin and her arrival in Tri-Cities. Yet their coverage of many local issues is abysmal.

After writing the paragraph above, I decided to search the Bellingham Herald online because I have not seen the name of the person who wrote the article about Palin as writing for the Herald in the past.

Turns out all the stories written by author of the Palin story have been local stories about news in the general Tri-Cities area, which as I said above is located hundreds of miles from Bellingham. The Herald has cut costs so much that they now go to press very early the day before the morning paper. I obtained a copy of today's print version of the Bellingham Herald and so far I have not seen the Palin story. Probably it will be in tomorrow's paper.

Just felt like mentioning this since for some reason the Bellingham Herald is the paper reporting this. Tri-Cities is a lot closer to Seattle than it is to Bellingham.

BTW, I just LOVE IT that snowbilly has ID'd the plane that Palin has been using as a "bus", as well as the recent flights it has made. Nice bus, I am sure we'd all love to take a private jet instead of Greyhound...

snowbilly said...

Hey! If that plane is leased, why did she outsource the lease? It is not a US plane! Is the pilot/crew non-US?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, snowbilly, for your awesome, fascinating aircraft-tracking knowledge, and for sharing it with us.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Patrick said...


I will update the post with the information we have so far.

Please keep on digging!

Lucky California said...

My Reading between the lines of Palin's itinerary
Palin will not stop in the most populous state -- California -- or in another biggie, Illinois. She is sticking largely to Republican-friendly areas.......

ArmchairJane said...

I just had to add that when there have been workers swarming all over Casa Palin building the giant hangar/turret dwelling, why would Todd be "fixing the roof"? Like Patrick said in this post, seems like they can afford to have this work done, AND have had plenty of laborers around to do it. Did she think she had used the "sick" and "sniffles" excuse too many times, wearing it out re:Trig? Because frankly I would have found Todd having the flu or a cold as more believable than he is staying home at Thanksgiving fixing a roof. I expect next time he doesn't show up where you would expect him, her next excuse will be that he's got the flu. Oh, or training for the Iron Dog. Can't use up all the excuses too soon!

I also mentioned at IM, when people were pointing out that in Palin's book Track suddenly seems to be the confidant, and gives advice to $P on all the big decisions, maybe she was revealing more there than she intended. In the past it has always been Todd that has been helping make all the decisions. The change in trusted confidant seems like it might be an inadvertent revelation about the current level of closeness between SP and Todd. And now poor Todd is even staying behind at Thanksgiving dinner. Makes a person go hmmmmm....

And yet more quitting, as the "Quittah from Wasilla" quits partway through the 5K! I thought thanks to Daddy Chuck she always pushes on to the end - lol, yeah right.

Re: the plane and the interesting registration number, wouldn't it be interesting if it is registered to some big oil interests, or perhaps even some corporation like Blackwater. I'd like to know if this plane is a Murdoch plane or some other backer.

Anonymous said...

As the investigative reporter at Madcow can attest to there are a lot of nefarious things going on around airports and with planes.

Forever Anonymous said...

Have you seen Todd?

Not on my roof.

Seem like somebody's offshore scheme may be revealed. But, they can't be so blatantly stupid.

Fly, Sarah, Fly

Lets check that video again, do you think she expected "The media" for her arrival?

Anonymous said...

@ Lucky California

Not all Repub states. As far as I can tell, she's skipping Utah, reddest of red states, which is interesting to me -- my Fundie cousins seem to hate Mormons with a white hot passion. It's more evidence to me that Palin and her backers are on a religious crusade more than a political one, or a religiously political crusade.

snowbilly said...

ArmchairJane, Hi! I went to school in Bellingham, WWSC, long ago.

Another interesting thing to look into would be any bus pics that show license plate numbers. That might settle the question about whether there are two buses, or whether they rent a bus at each stop and apply a plastic/film to the bus. It might lead to some other interesting information, too. Also.

Any help tracking down the ownership of the plane and crew information would be helpful also. Too.

Thanks everyone for the congrats. I didn't think of it until I saw the pics in the Bellingham Herald, even though there was a post today at dailykos about the Samaritan Purse plane.

Anonymous said...

@ Armchair Jane:

What surprises me is that, since she's already lying, she didn't just lie a different lie and say that Todd, Bristol, Willow and Track (if he's even around) would be flying in to join them. Who would know the difference? The lie she chose seems designed to underscore more than half her immediate family's absence. I can't imagine she'd want to do that. She probably just threw out the first fib that entered her hairy brain.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! I'm off to get mine served up!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 22.47

A religious crusade is beneficial if you want backing to run for the GOP!

If Palin getsthe backing of the right wing christians she will be the next GOP Presidential nominee. No doubt about it.

ArmchairJane said...

Just watched the video, Palin again claiming it is places like the Tri-Cities, these "relatively small" cities are where people are having small business, the backbone of America, [shoot out some more word salad]. However, the Tri-Cities actually is a metro area with over 242,000 population. In the past, many locals were employed by the US Government at the Hanford Nuclear Site, where in the past plutonium was produced for US nuclear weapons. The bomb that destroyed Nagasaki contained plutonium from Hanford.

In the early 90's, after plutonium production ceased, the Federal Department of Energy turned its attention to clean up of the heavily contaminated site, continuing to employee thousands. From the official DOE Hanford website:
"The DOE has overall responsibility for the cleanup of Hanford and maintains two federal offices at Hanford -- the Richland Operations Office and the Office of River Protection - each of which oversees separate contracts held by private companies.

The Richland Operations Office manages the infrastructure and all other cleanup activities at the site including groundwater remediation, cleanout and demolition of facilities, waste retrieval, packaging and disposal, and cocooning of former production reactors. The Office of River Protection manages cleanup of 53 million gallons of tank waste and construction of the Vitrification Plant. With a workforce of approximately 10,000 the two offices have a combined annual appropriation from Congress of about $1.8 billion dollars."

In other words, a lot of people in the Tri-Cities area are employed using Federal dollars ie tax money, but the money is given out to private contractors... Is this some of the money Sarah would like to see cut from the Federal budget?

Nana said...

The plane is out of FL interesting.

WV pedayis = pay day is I hope it is soon Happy Thanksgiving

ArmchairJane said...

Hey Snowbilly, great to hear from you! Wanted to let you know I always enjoy your comments :-) I can tell it's been a while since you were in B'ham at college, given that you went while it was still WWSC ;-) It's funny, everywhere I go I meet people who went to Western. And you are wondering the same thing I am about the buses. So far I have not seen a shot where you could see the plates... Maybe some locals at the next signings where she arrives by bus can get a snapshot of the plate. IF she even uses the bus for future stops. IF she finishes the tour, considering her history of quitting.

@22:51, I agree, weird thing to say about Todd and why did she say it? It almost makes me wonder if it is some dig at him, that only he knows what it means... Whatever it is, seems like an odd situation and further odd statements from the Quitter.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I am signing off in a few minutes to have dinner.

Anonymous said...

Snowbilly& Patrick... You both ROCK! I wouldn't doubt if the plane was to do with the Russian mob or something equally dark. The actual owner is possibly concealed.
What happened to our news media? They aren't even out getting pictures of Todd on the roof!

Anonymous said...

I checked my roof.. Todd is not on it.

What is next? Brad selling naked pictures of Sarah on Ebay?

Patrick said...

I have just updated the post! :-)

First a faked pregnancy, now a fake bus tour... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane,

Your comment "It almost makes me wonder if it is some dig at him" (re Todd fixing the roof) reminded me of a thought I had when she talked about divorce being farfetched, ie "Have you SEEN Todd?"

I always thought that that was a dig at him, too. I know most people thought, oh how superficial that good looks would be enough to stay married to someone. I took it as Sarah putting Todd down directly - that she is calling him worthless, except for his looks.

Anonymous said...

She quit the race, too.
Man, that's some record of reform there. Also, too.


One thing you can count on with the Queen is Quittin'.

Anonymous said...

sorry this is mean as these are genuine (though delusional) hearted peoples..

this little group of folks are building a bead bracelet for blessed mother sarah

taking time to pick a bead and write your name how Sarah inspires you

So I guess the finished product with all her little fans lovingly picked out beaded bracelet will be mailed to the queen

I am sure every visual opportunity they will be hoping to spot her wearing the bracelet

that is sad.. she never will
Remember how she didnt even open all the boxes of gifts? Just blew them off saying .. they are all piled up somewhere over there.. like geesh no biggie

I am sure there were hand crocheted things and little heart felt poems.. she probably had it all hauled off to the trash or only picked out the valuble things..

here's the link ... don't gag

snowbilly said...

Patrick, thanks for tracking down the plane's ownerrship. I am curious about why flightdata didn't use the 'N' number.

Alos, too: Picture of Sarah doing the Turkey Trot.You can see Chuck, behind her. I think she doesn't have any foresight. She tweeted that she'd do the race. I thought she wanted the publicity, but she quit because of the crowd???

Anonymous said...

Reporter on desk seemed like she was gagging on Palin. Looked to me like she hates Palin. Even the way she announced the other girl bought her book. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I just figured it out. Todd would rather hit himself with a hammer than listen to that screeching anymore.

Ivyfree...have you seen Todd ? me neither !! Very funny. Maybe he is progressing Alaska all on his own.

NYC girl


Anonymous said...

Just another photo op for the Quitter. she quit as soon as she got her pics taken. Remember, it's not the job, it's the press!

NakedTruth said...

Palin fooled again. But nobody is really surprised.

This was a quote from the Canadian comedian.

Walsh said, she found it equally bizarre that no one was allowed to ask Palin any questions at the book-signing....

"We're in a bookstore, at a public event, in a place one would think was a bastion of free speech. And no one was allowed to ask questions. What are they afraid of?"

Yea, what are they afraid of? That someone is going to ask her what she reads or if Trig's really her biological son. The McCain handlers aren't stopping her from answering questions so what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

anyone know who the other baby is in the stroller to the left of trig? (it's the 5th photo)

from the race today

Anonymous said...

OK now I'm pissed. Last week on S'error's Facebook page one of her bots suggusted that everyone should donate $ 100 a month to her campaign. This perticular bot said that she would take the $$$ out of her grocery budget. She was going to feed her 5 kids and 3 grandchildren rice. Rice of many recipes.
And this cow is flying around the country plugging her book of resentments on a private plane.
Sarah the world is round. What comes around goes around.
Remember to be nice to people on your way up because you will surely need them on the way down.

To all my cyber buddies I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.
SP I can only hope that you get everything you deserve.

I'm finished venting now.

NYC girl

Anonymous said...

photo 28
Gallery title
Secret to Sarah's "full lips" .. that seem to disappear the next day
do full screen
That lip liner goes way outside her natural lip line

petty yep but oh welly :D

mr. heath sure looks unhappy
I bet she screamed at him to stop making her look bad.. no spanking butts like a perv

Basically.. you are to keep your head down and shut up.. seems he's doing that

lotta love in that family

Anonymous said...

She may have quit because she went cross-eyed? No. 22.

Anonymous said...

OMG she's wearing an AlaskaGrown t-shirt in the race. Normally I am so happy to see people wearing our AlaskaGrown logo. But not her ! Oh well, at least she quit before the finish line, true to form.

Anonymous said...

Chuck may be raking in some sponsorship $$$. Look at his jacket.

Anonymous said...

Good find on the photos.

Last one is a close-up. Looks like she still has that hideous bump by her ear. Perhaps they should have a plastic surgeon travel with them on the private jet for those emergency fix-its.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about the twin stroller with 2 babies. Neither baby looks like Trig to me. Why would Sarah have a spare baby for the race?

wv=sadisti (enuf said

Anonymous said...

I am sure Todd has a good lawyer. Wasn't there mention of a five million dollar settlement? And I am positive he is not at her home (in wasilla) fixing a roof.

NakedTruth said...

Anonymous above said:

"anyone know who the other baby is in the stroller to the left of trig? (it's the 5th photo)"

The baby next to Trig looks like Tripp, Bristol and Levi's baby. If that's the case, where is Bristol? She could have met them at Aunt Katie's for Thanksgiving.

NakedTruth said...

I definitely think that the baby on the right is Trig. Sarah would not go anywhere without her prop. The baby on the left looks like Tripp but I could be wrong. Sarah brought Tripp out to show the world that he's with the Palin's and not Levi this Thanksgiving. Just a power move in my opinion. Bitch!

Anonymous said...

It's ODD that TODD is not on the big book tour or at Thanksgiving dinner. It's obvious what's going on-just another SP lie.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck rules out a run with Sarah Palin in 2012, because she would always be "yapping," like they were "in the kitchen."

LINK, with Audio

Guess he can't stand hearing her, either!

Anonymous said...

Looked at the turkey trot picture. Honestly, her appearance is the last thing about her that I care about - but how can anyone take this person seriously when she won't go out and about without her makeup shoveled on? Wow on the blush. And the lipstick. And the black eyeliner. Umm, you're at a 5k run?

Don't talk about my appearance - that's sexist! But look how pretty I am!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the roof was about to fall in and only Todd could fix it?

the norwegian blue said...

sounds like Todd found one of those open doors and plowed thru it

childhoodloveofcows said...

Whenever I go to someone's house for dinner, even my parents' or sibling's, I always bring a little home-baked or homemade something. This was how I was raised. What do you suppose Sairey brought Aunt Katie, besides, of course, her own sweet self?

Anonymous said...

At one time she did say that Todd and Bristol would be in Washington for Thanksgiving. Did he surprise her with not going? How many years has he been Mr. Cockhold?
He may be sick of being the Jon Gosslin of Alaska. Could Todd actually assert himself? When she returns will she whip him back in shape? Can she bribe him to show up for the sake of appearances? He has to know most people are seeing through the act now. Will they be able to produce a Merry Christmas Family Show?

I once dated a guy who had a mother that dominated the father. He had major anger issues. Especially toward Mommy Dearest. This may be a big rift between Track and Sarah. In her book it is Track she gave the significant other role to. Track does not want his father to be impotent.

The ball is in Todd's hands. Todd is going to play the part for Sarah while all the Wootens, Levis, Bitneys and Baileys start knocking on their doors?

@ 20:54 I think Todd is in danger... Todd knows better than anyone what she is like and I would think he would take all precautions. I hope he did find an open door. He is entangled in her web.

Good find about the bus scam and the jet. It won't matter to her followers. Will the media report?

Anonymous said...

Levi said that Bristol was taking Tripp to the family's T-day celebration in Washington state. I am sure the baby on the right is Trig, and I imagine that the other baby is Tripp. It is funny about Sarah quitting the race...she can't finish anything at all, can she?!

I hope HuffPo and/or A.Sullivan will pick up the find about the planes. That is pretty cool sleuthing, folks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

mommom said...

"Fix the roof" must be one of those family sayings like "buck up or stay in the truck" .It means something like "gotta see a man about a dog" ,etc.Maybe Todd uses it when he wants to go drink beer"Honey,gotta go fix the roof" as he heads to the fridge in the garage.

emrysa said...

one thing the pics in the link above show - sarah has definitely been wearing wigs. look how short her hair is when it's pulled up. it looks like if her hair was down it would barely reach her shoulders.

wtf is up with wearing wigs???? why are you so fake, sarah?

Mary G. said...

Great sleuthing on the jet! I am still a bit confused about who owns it, but if Sarah wants to buy one I bet she can get a good deal on eBay...

Anonymous said...

Whoa. She admits that they're having QUIZNO'S for Thanksgiving dinner? To my thinking, that might be more of a deal-breaker to her dumbass fans than babygate! What kind of "proud American" is part of a family in which no one can get it together enough to make Thanksgiving dinner?! Apologies to anyone who has Quiznos for Thanksgiving dinner, but that is LAME.

Anonymous said...

To all you nay sayers out there. YES, Toad is fixing the roof because a bunch of people that Sarah threw under the bus are about to BLOW THE ROOF OFF OF HER GLASS CASTLE.

This story gets better and more bizarre everyday. I almost can’t wait for the next chapter.

Sweat is my sanity, I quit the race. Quit quitting quitter.

Also too, could somebody give Tank a big hug and thank him for taking such good care of Levi. They seem to have a good time together.

I hope Trooper Wooten gets diarrhea of the mouth once he starts talking.

NYC girl

wv quiting hehehe

wayofpeace said...

this QUIZNOS is typical SARAH moose-shit: all she does is TALK about traditional values but she's too LAZY ASS to carry anything through.

just like quitting the walk/race.

she is all PRETENSE / PHONINESS. she is a walking/talking LIE!

Anonymous said...

Wasilla enablers ????

Sarah almost never is seen in Wasilla with her children. Well, Sarah is almost never seen in Wasilla period.

Anonymous said...

Anybody in Nevada who can do a court records search re divorce? Just following up on a rumor.

Forever Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking this, Sarah and her relatives got together and organized the participation on the 5k race, it was a big group on T-shirts that read Rogue Runners, they call themselves Team Alaska, they all quit the race and noone was cooking?....noone organized catering?...They got together, just for the show? even then, bad PR.

Anon @ 04:22 She lost an opportunity here, if she would have mention Quiznos before, the Palinbots would not let it happen, they would have dinner in a big tent or church, OMG not a home-cooked meal on thanksgiving what a guilt trip on the overstuffed worshipers! oh, I can see their tears as they passed the stuffing.

Silver Salmon said...

Registration information on the two Gulfstreams:

N750RA, which is assumed to be the plane in question.

Shockingly, there are different details on the other plane.

N410UJ, which is the other one on the site. This number is the one from the page title as N17KJJ is not registered (on the side is listed N17KJ, which is registered in New York).

Something is off, though.

Neither tail number when entered in on FlightAware matches the plane Palin is on, either on flight tracking or on specifics

The UJT750 is listed as a GLF2/Q

N750RA is GLF2/L
N410UJ is GLF3/Q

I'm beginning to think it's neither of the two, but a plane that Universal Jet Aviation doesn't have listed on their website.

midnightcajun said...

Interesting conversation with two relatives this Thanksgiving, one a plastic surgeon, the other a psychologist. In discussing Sarah, they both said they thought she has borderline personality disorder. People with BPD are delusional, frequently very sexual, reckless, impulsive, moody, aggressive, quick to anger; they exhibit poor judgement, must have those they love with them constantly (think about Sarah dragging Piper around Alaska with her), feel victimized; frequently have eating disorders and substance abuse problems, are very manipulative, focus on their appearance, see the world in terms of good and evil--which frequently results in someone who was once their friend being branded an enemy for some perceived sin (think everyone she has thrown under the bus), and they need to appear perfect and happy to others, esp people they consider their enemies (think of Sarah's toast "may we always be happy and may our enemies always know it").

I asked if they thought she'd crack under the pressure, but they said people with BPD frequently are high functioning. Then the plastic surgeon said, "The only thing that would make her fall apart is if her husband left her. Because it would show that she's not perfect and that her supposedly happy marriage is a sham."

Interesting, yes? He also gave me a more in depth opinion on the "work" she's had done, but I'll save that.

KaJo said...

Anonymous said 27 November 2009 00:55 ...I'm confused about the twin stroller with 2 babies. Neither baby looks like Trig to me. Why would Sarah have a spare baby for the race?

In the extended Heath/Palin/Johnson/Jones family, I'm sure there are plenty of babies to go around, handy for borrowing to show how "motherly" someone is.

Enough to borrow one or more from time to time, like what may have been a series of baby-switches early last year.

Notice how close those kids -- neither of whom look like Trig or Tripp (nor does the 3rd kid in a separate stroller)-- seem to be in age to T1 and T2.

C'mon Levi said...

Firstly congratulation to snowbilly on your great work. Hope this information will reveal something special.

Secondly midnightcajun - thanks for bringing this information from your relatives to the table. Always love your comments.

Thirdly, with respect to all of this "again" and "palin" stuff. Seeing she was a Heath does all of this still count? Maybe it's Todd who will do something "again".

Anonymous said...

Her cheek bones are even bigger than they were before, her eyebrows are sky high now, and her hair. Oh, boy. Her hair looks like a cheap trick. Those blonde highlights are so '90's.

Just tacky. The campaign kept her hair brown for a reason. But she's a big celebrity now! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Bristol took Tripp to Aunt Katies. This was confirmed by a friend of hers. I don't know if Willow went south.

naughtymonkey said...

To midnightcajun @05:46--
Thanks for the interesting information. Just recently, I read this excellent post:
Page 2 of this post disclosed many interesting ideas and facts, including answering why "psychiatric health experts" are not discussing Palin's mental health issues "on the record."

ProChoiceGrandma said...

WOW! Snowbilly, what a great catch! Congratulations for busting Sarah's "bus".

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. What a great bunch of people here at Palingates, I am thankful for all of you!

Todd, is that roof finished yet?

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, I have not read all the posts, but sounds to me like you guys have solved the puzzle of how she can get from Roswell to Phoenix in just a couple of hours sometime in the near future...

LOL. My WV is 'ovury' (Ovary?)...

CR46 said...

I'm glad the professionals in your family agree with me on the BPD, I had a neice with those issues and even with meds it is not controllable. Did they say anything about her increasingly erractic behavior? I think she is doing illegal drugs/she is acting like she is on meth.
But quitting a 5k walk/run for charity. How many times are her fans going to get stood up before they decide she is not woth it?

Anonymous said...

I see a few comments are from Tri Cities area. I live there also. It sure would be fun to meet us up for a cup of coffee and some Palin gossip. Even more fun when the proverbial caacaa hits the fan over Todd dumping her any day now. Just to meet up with some other sane anti Palin people. Pam

Anonymous said...

Patrick -

Here's a link to a wonderfully funny short animation about Sarah Palin that was created by former Anchorage Daily News Cartoonist Peter Dunlap Shohl. He's brilliant!

If you think it's worth it, you may want to consider featuring it in your next update?

KellyB said...

Sarah Palin has just proved once again that turkeys can fly!

Anonymous said...

Fixing the roof = Hiking the Appalachian trail

Anonymous said...


Todd is as far away from the Narcissistic Quitter Queen as he can get...good to see he's finally awakened from his stupor.

But gee, dontcha think he'd miss that sweet Downs Syndrome kid he and Sarah supposedly had? Or was he only willing to help perpetuate Sarah's lie when he thought it would pay off during the campaign?

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:47
Thanks GOODNESS she's avoiding Utah! I don't think we could take another big hair fake woman around here! At thanksgiving last night, my big time GOP bro (bigger gop than me!) said 'Palin is soooo plasic! Why can't others see it?" if little big GOP bro can see it, I'm betting others are too!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the significance of Palin and her family hopping on what I'm presuming is a chartered or leased jet, probably paid for by HC, and flying to WA for the holiday.

You're making an issue of that ?!?!?

Seriously ?

You're starting to get seriously askew here if that's all you have to write about.

I'd consider finding a new subject to expose as you're definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one.

It's a good thing that you don't write for a legitimate publication, the editors would throw you out on your ear for writing such a nonsensical story.

Anonymous said...

@anon 15:23. After reading your comment I went back and reread the post about the plane, including the update about snowbilly's findings. I understand the significance of what is written to the discussions on this blog. Are you sure you don't understand or are you trying to start something? Really, you may need a little more education to keep up with us if this is too much for you.

Anonymous said...

...maybe since she's not a 'private citizen', she has an endorsement deal with Quizznos? You know, like when someone wins the super bowl, they say their going to disneyland? When Sarah is asked where she's eating next, Quizznos... Instant mil. with each uttering from the queen.

Anonymous said...

"Fully 72% of Democrats say they are hearing too much about Palin, up from 45% in July"

What it didn't say is that the other 28% of us are fine with her, because we read about Quitty for comedy relief. She's a font of perpetual self-absorbed idiocy, and her cluelessness provides new head-slapping entertainment daily. Best of all, in these troubled economic times, it's all FREE!!!

I wonder if the Canadians have given up their health care system yet? LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I must have missed the Quiznos thing. What is that all about and where does it say that that's what they had for Thanksgiving dinner?

On another point, it's kind of interesting (for us babygate junkies) that the family photo shown in the newsreel is from the Sept 14, 2007 photoshoot, photos in which Bristol looks pregnant.

Finally, re the "he's fixing the roof," it is all the more ridiculous in light of the fact that there are obviously roofers working on the chateau next door...

indy_girl said...

"I thought she had 5 kids. Where are Willow, Bristol and Track?
Are Piper and Trig her only kids not old enough to be sickened by her crazy?"

Willow, Bristol, and Track are old enough to say "Thanks but no thanks" to the hypocritical "bus" book tour and all of Mom's drama and lies, now that the campaign is over. (Todd has had enough too, apparently.)

They are probably at home in Wasilla enjoying Bristol's new pad...I bet it is REALLY nice, considering how desperate Sarah is for Bristol to keep the family skeletons in the closet.

indy_girl said...

Anon said: "Sarah is a kook. Why isn't she home with Todd fixing moose chili and bear stuffing with wolf sauce?"

Because this isn't about her family, or home, or Real Pro-American Traditions or anything like that.

It's alllll about Sarah!

Anonymous said...

"snowbilly said...
Hey! If that plane is leased, why did she outsource the lease? It is not a US plane! Is the pilot/crew non-US?"

oh my. That wouldn't be very Pro-American or patriotic.

ginny said...

naughtymonkey, thanks for that article link, every interesting!

Anon@15:23, obviously this is not about $P flying to WA for Thanksgiving, it's about the rest of the "bus tour" really being a "plane tour". $P is trying to look like a "woman of the people" but is really traveling by luxurious plane whenever possible. You either did not read the whole post above, or are simply being disingenuous.

indy_girl said...

"Patrick said...First a faked pregnancy, now a fake bus tour... ;-)"

Throw in some fake parenting of a (inappropriately-dressed) special needs kid and you have a real Sarah Trifecta!

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
I'm confused about the twin stroller with 2 babies. Neither baby looks like Trig to me. Why would Sarah have a spare baby for the race?"

Maybe she "borrowed" it from an onlooker so she could pretend it was hers.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Palin visiting Utah.

Someone posted, Thank God she is avoiding Utah.

I live in Utah too and I read that she is coming to SLC on Dec 9th.

Aughhhhh! I'm going to leave town. As a side note...I have Evangelical family members in Florida, and they can't stand Palin. They think her actions are very UnChristian-like.

Anonymous said...

anon 15:31 .. she IS famous for spitting out label's in normal conversation
like the running shoes in her book - that she wore for the runner's world glamour shots
Keep an eye on this gal regarding little hidden sponsorship's she may have

I remember an article about this.. and the fact that her book deal only gave a small sum of money -well I mean over a mil- but does anyone in their right mind with a big family quit a high paying job, hubby quit his job as well, fund a bus tour with two fancy buses.. have a private plane... hair extensions, weird facial treatments.. blah blah for just over a million dollars? Unless she thinks the world is truly going to end in 2012.. she has to be getting loot on the side.. hrmmm

I agree with others this book tour is a presidential sweep across the nation... Remember her strange "getting out there" venue when she was running for Governor? She was pretty much a nobody but managed to get a bunch of folks together to hand out pins, do this and that.. alot of prep work..

She truly is like a wind up doll.. she lives and breathes the Palin Political doll.. which only shows she is just an empty creepy person inside with zero life... eeps when she falls and noone wants her what will she see in the mirror? Nada

I can see her being one of those crazy old ladies still wearing the "Sarah Palin bumpit get up" when she is 80 rocking back and forth talking to herself... spouting her little political pundits with old campaign/bus tour footage in a continuous loop on tv

wv: scorke (scorch like what her hiney is gonna feel :D )

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOO! I did not read that she was coming to SLC! Not good. BUT, I don't think they'll be a huge specticale downtown. I wonder, if we ignore her,will she go away?

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Utahns!

I'm the anon that was thinking yesterday that she was avoiding Utah. I wish I'd been correct :(.

I haven't looked at the baby photos from the race that she needed to quit to avoid the crowds at the end, but (1) if that is Tripp, didn't she just make a big stink saying Levi shouldn't have contact with Tripp because he'd just get him in the media spotlight; (2) isn't she in the middle of a big, spotlighted media tour with boatloads of crowds? Why so shy of crowds suddenly?

Her hypocrisy is so transparent, yet she can't seem to see it well enough to make her lies fit her supposed values.

Anonymous said...

There is an interview of a person who is the "go ahead' person of the tour who could easily be arranging for a bus to be 'skinned' for her trips from the airport to the signings. These 'skins' are not uncommon as they are used in racing.

Give another thought - each time the bus pulls up to the signing - it's totally clean. Should it have been on the road for miles - wouldn't happen. The skin would be dirty, possibly scratched and torn etc. Something tells me Palin ain't gonna be seen in a bus (car) wash! You have to think down to the little details that are so easily missed. Someone mentioned the plate numbers - exactly. Now you go look at previous pics to see! It is also the timeframes between multiple signing days. They also have been 'hiding', oh I mean 'parking' (wink! wink!) the bus in the back and security won't let people in the back to see! It's probably not there!!!

This is the same as in the political campaign. The McCain/Palin Bus to Nowhere showing up to events yet they both had the campaign planes flying around. This tour is no different.

Think too about: She's had that luxury and no way will she be caught riding for hours on a bus. That in her mind is for the low lifes.

'Fixing the roof' is misleading IMO - but what else is new for her!

The first house is not very old and should the 'roof' actually need repair, that gives cause why building permits, inspections & building regulations are needed there and should be written back into the law books.

My thought of Todd -- we haven't seen any pics recently of the construction site in AK. 'Working on the roof' may just be words tossed out but he may well be working on the new one as SHE IS NOT THERE. 'Avoiding her at all costs' as it's been rumoured he's been living elsewhere. So he may possibly be trying to finish 'his new residence' for that faux appearance that it is still a family.

The book tour continues as it's been said of dates into December. It sounds to me like she will not be in AK until heading towards Christmas. Gives Todd time to work on the structure. While the cat's away...

Anonymous said...

Nice compliment from Philip Munger

Palingates, which has become far more visited than any conservative Palin blog niche, including C4P, doesn't blanch at calling Palin's stuff what it is, either.

That little traffic boost from the Harper Collins lawyer letter probably didn't hurt either.

Keept those cards and letters (er, LINKS) comming, bloggers.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about this 5K race; Sarah supposedly posted on her Twitter? or Facebook that she was going to be there participating with the family. She was advertising where she'd be, why? So, her fans could be there cheering her on. When does this woman ever STOP, get off the rat race and enjoy her family in private? Every opportunity for her to rest or relax seems to include the media, or the spotlight.

Do her kids ever say, "mom, we're tired of this, can't we just have a private family time?"

If baby Trigg could talk, I wonder what he would be saying.
"Please get me home, in a nice warm environment, with a comfy routine", without noise, cameras, lights flashing, chaos.

Anonymous said...

Someone above had missed the Quisnos statement: Bree Palin has the video of her saying they were going to do a non-traditional, probably Quisnos (sorry if I'm misspelling that!) dinner: making a turkey is just too hard (yes, she really did say that!).

She is soooo easy to laugh at.

What exactly is it she stands for that her fans are so enamored of again?

Anonymous said...

Time to write to Fort Hood.

When is she due Dec 4 2009??

Lets make it a Dec 4 that she will long remember.

Send your protests now.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving Wasilla style is an empty house built by the man of the house and a couple of buddies. Bring the beer in from the garage, Todd and have a cold one while you thumb through some of Sarah's journals and may a few new discoveries about the woman you married.

Todd, you have a lot to be thankful for this year. It will cost her a bundle to get rid of you.

CR46 said...

I keep thinking about Todd not being there for the holidays and I compare it to my own life. I've been married over 30 yrs and yes we have missed a few holidays together, the first year when my husband was still in the service, we missed thanksgiving and xmas( that was a tough year for me) and after my daughter was born ( he had to take a construction job out of state(we missed thanksgiving) and that was hard. At those times, if we would have had the financial means to be together , we would have. Still today, holidays are special for us. Don't tell me the Palins could not afford a roofer?(or one of Todds many friends that "helped" him build the house) couldn't patch it? Doesn't seem like a real marriage to me at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree CR46
If she was able to take "time off" to fly to Washington to be with family.. why couldn't she fly back home and hire a caterer or something if she didn't have time to throw a turkey and the fixin's on the table..

or have Todd fly to WA
Quizznos is just another political blab..
She probably thinks it will make her look less high maintenance.. Oh I don't need a Turkey to celebrate with my family.. a Gas Station sub will do

But once again.. her rabid decision making cost her:
- Thanksgiving is one of the most All-American traditions and she claims she is 100% pro-American Roots

You MAKE time to do this AMERICAN Tradition..

You MAKE time to be with your family (especially the husband you claim you are still in a honey moon with)

and yes. Fixing the Roof - my fatt butt

Hire a Roofer or
WAIT one day before doing the Roof
Question Todd's brain as to why he wouldnt want to spend this holiday with his family (that he adores so much) which he hasn't seen in weeks?

He'd rather be fixing the roof on this All American Holiday
She would rather be eating a Sub Sandwich

And she and her minions wonder why we don't let up?

She is so darn WEIRD!!!! and NOT in an unconventional admirable way
but in a FREAK SHOW sort of way

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:23 said, "Bree Palin has the video of [$P] saying they were going to do a non-traditional, probably Quisnos (sorry if I'm misspelling that!) dinner: making a turkey is just too hard (yes, she really did say that!)."

Okay. Look back at last year's infamous interview in front of the turkey abattoir. When asked what she was contributing to the 2008 family Thanksgiving dinner, $P squawked, "I'm making the turk-eee!" She always made the turkey, she said. Ohhhh-kay.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

I've been married a long time and I just can't imagine not being with my hubby on a holiday. I travel for work and so does he -- but we're always together when we can be and we've never missed a holiday.

Something's rotten in denmark

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Sarah seems to hoard her money. Too cheap to cater a turkey dinner for all her "family" there in Washington state? Wouldn't that have been nice for a small business owner to be able to cater that dinner? It was too much hard work for Sarah and any of her family to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Must run in the family.

CR46 said...

I agree or there are plenty of restaurants that do buffets on thanksgivng too.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

$he probably would have preferred the Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell, but that would have given credibility to Levi, and she might get some promotional money from Quiznos. (Remember Artic Cat?)

CC said...

Bingo! PCG ... with $arah, it's all about the cash. She's probably making a buck or two with the endorsement.

What a lying POS......


Anonymous said...

Making a turkey is too hard? Geeze, there's NOTHING simpler than a turkey- thaw it, season it with salt and pepper, shove it in the oven. If you're okay with Quizno's for dinner you'll be okay without dressing. Can't do frozen peas? Mashed potatoes? Is she that freakin' incapable? And is Aunt Katie on a one-woman strike against feeding Sarah et al? I'm just trying to think what would happen if cousins said they'd be by in MY family: my aunts would definitely cook. So is Aunt Katie telling us something? Maybe she's saying "thanks but no thanks" to a bunch of freeloaders.


Anonymous said...

@ Mrs Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

I guess in typical Sarah tradition she has quit making the Thanksgiving turkey, also, too!
Is there anything Sarah won't quit?

What ever happened to "we eat, therefore we hunt?" Quiznos is doing the huntin' for the Palins these days, I guess. I can't believe they didn't have polar bear stew.

Anonymous said...

@ Ivyfree

I'm with you -- there really is nothing easier or more fun than making Thanksgiving dinner with your whole family around, as long as you basically get along with each other. I'm not terribly fond of cleaning up my house spotlessly in preparation for an influx of family, but the dinner is the easy part, especially with plenty of able hands to help with pealing potatoes, doing dishes after and whatnot.
Aunt Katie would have already had her house cleaned up with guests coming. That part would have been over with.
When she was saying dinner would be non-traditional, that would have been a perfect opportunity to fib that they were having wolf flambe for dinner. Quiznos? That was certainly unexpected and bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember the exact interview - I think it was last week, perhaps with Barbara Walters? - where SP said the whole family was meeting together at Aunt Katie's for Thanksgiving? Maybe it was on Oprah. She can't say that she meant only those relatives she was with yesterday, because I remember it was about meeting back up with Todd and the older girls... She was fairly specific, at least the context was. Maybe someone could put up those quotes. The point is that this woman changes her story almost minute to minute. Nothing she says can be trusted. Others have written about her chronic lying, even about the smallest thing. Maybe a press person can actually ask her if the family Thanksgiving plans changed? Or ask her about specific relatives, and their whereabouts - not just Todd. Also, you'll notice how much she is repeating herself whenever she is doing any spontaneous commenting, on the record. As if she plans a tiny speech for an appearance, and then that's all she's got. But it makes her seem like she's having some cognitive issues. I guess we all realize this much exposure is way beyond her ability to deliver! As for keeping her story straight, there isn't a real story to begin with, about anything. So bizarre. It's as if she thinks we are all stupid and not noticing the inconsistencies.

Anonymous said...

Ivyfree, funny we both said "bizarre"! That's just what this circus is.

Anonymous said...

oops - I meant anon, just above.

Anonymous said...

anon at 20:27

"It's as if she thinks we are all stupid and not
noticing the inconsistencies."

That is EXACTLY how this kind operates. The thing is, we look at her and see what appears to be an individual. But she is NOT an individual, she is part
of a group mind which is all tuned to the same frequency. That group mind is very powerful and
explains why her supporters are so attracted to her -- they resonate to that frequency.

I married into a family through which that 'group mind' functions. It's truly unnerving sometimes, I have to identify myself as some sort of cultural anthropologist in order to stay present in their space. They say such amazing things, such as :
"what you see and know are two different things"
and "if you don't know by now, you're too stupid to
figure it out". And the mother is a demented matriarch. A very ancient version of Miss Sarah.

We can be thankful that Miss Sarah is such a blithering idiot, if she was a more intelligent channel for the group mind then we truly would
be in very deep trouble. As it is, the only reason she is being exposed is due to citizen journalism, and instant info (thanks to bloggers & youtube !)
via the internet.

Imagine how many Empresses (and Emperors) throughout history have been Sarah Palin clones.
And how they were guarded by their handlers so the common people saw only the intended image.

I am old enough to know that most people were not aware that Franklin Roosevelt used a wheelchair.
That was not very long ago ! But it must seem incomprehensible to young people today.

Patrick said...

New post up! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was watching "Whatever Martha" .. the show where her daughter makes fun of her

They were watching a video demo of some fancy dessert trying to emulate it and Martha brings on a little girl introducing her as a "friend" of the daughters... and that she said her daughter just loved desserts or something like that

Well the daughter turned to her cohost and was like Ive never even seen that girl in my life ..and never said I loved desserts... what a lie

ok... no biggie.. it's tv

but just goes to show alot of what you hear is pure bull and just is what looks "good" at the moment

the whole Quiznos/Todd fixing the roof.... all lies

very odd choices... but she is one odd being

If Track wasn't able to attend .. where is he anyway? .. couldn't she at least thrown in the lie about a care package she sent to him and the beloved Troops so they could have a little warmth from home on this American Holiday?

Perhaps.. Aunt Katie was fixing up something good!

Perhaps.. anything? other than my husband wants to work on the house and I'm too lazy to cook a turkey..

Oh and i'd rather eat fast food than finish the race I said I'd do and stand up all my fans at the finish line

what a gem

Patrick said...

Crooks and Liars have linked to our post - very nice!

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to all new readers!

Don't forget to check out our extensive BABYGATE MATERIAL about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

CR46, those holidays apart for real reasons must have been very hard for you and your husband. Clearly, the holidays together seem all the sweeter now, as they should. You made me stop and think: I have spent every single T'giving with Mr. B since we met (even before we married). I can't imagine why we wouldn't. Of course, I'm not $P, thank G-d.

And speaking of THE TURKEEEEE, in the famous Turkey Abattoir video from 2008, at the end the reporter asks $P about her own T'giving plans. $P chirps, "I'm ALWAYS in charge of the turkeeeee" (emphasis added). $P sure has a weird relationship with words. "Always" means "every year," no?

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Also, too, cookin' a turkey is just too hard said...

From Sarah's Facebook page:

" Frank James I've said this before. If Sarah Palin decides to run for President in 2012, she will need our help. She'll need $1.5 billion for her campaign. 60 million people voted for McCain and Palin last year. We need 15 million people to donate $100 dollars each, for $1.5 billion. Or any other combination. I'm good for $500. This is very dooable. It is very important that Sarah Palin is our next President. Thank you."

Give till it hurts, Palinbots!

Nana of the Chesapeake said...

Something to remember about some religious fundamentalists is they don't believe in divorce. After all, they vowed before god and man to stay together 'til death'. A woman I know stayed with her abusive husband; even after running down the street naked to get away from him. A brother was reluctant to sign divorce papers for his ex wife and till the day he died he believed he was still married to his ex. Even though Sarah and Todd may not have a relationship and live apart they may convince themselves that a divorce is not an option.

KaJo said...

The Quizno's Thanksgiving sandwich dinner lends credence to what Levi said about Sarah and Todd not doing any of the cooking for their nuclear family.

What I just don't understand is why didn't any of the other 25+ extended family pitch in to create a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

One answer that I'm speculating about is that Sarah Palin promised the family that she'd provide -- but the loaves and fishes didn't cooperate. (/snark)

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that Quizno's for 25 + would be
a pretty hefty bill. Too bad about all those kids
eating rice so their parents can make donations
for Miss Sarah & Co. to dine on fast food.

Mouse said...

If, as many have surmised, Sarah took some time off a few months ago to have cosmetic surgery, maybe it's his turn for Todd to take the time off to "fix" his "roof" with some hair plugs.


Patrick said...

Ozmud from Oz Mudflats has written an excellent blog about the description of Trig's birth in "Going Rogue":

Baby Trig’s Birth: Revisited

Patrick said...

The religious publication "First Things" has written a highly interesting and VERY LONG review about "Going Rogue".


The first paragraph:

I have defended Sarah Palin on numerous occasions against critics. I thought some conservatives turned on her too soon and that her executive experience outweighed any negatives known about her. I certainly did not think flubbing some interviews made her unfit to be a chief executive.

The last three paragraphs:

Sadly, I now believe the burden of proof has shifted. While an excellent chief executive in Alaska, there is reason to believe that Palin lacks the intellectual skills needed to be an effective President. Most important, she does not seem to recognize this and shows no sign of getting them.

I have not given up on Palin and find much in her to admire, but she would not get my primary vote based on this book and what I know about her to date. I hope I am wrong and am open to changing my mind.

She has more promise than any Republican candidate I can name and I still have hopes for Sarah Palin, but hope needs substance or it becomes a disillusioned faith.

h/t goes to Bree Palin!

Anonymous said...

All of you get over yourselves... It's easy to criticize Sarah Palin because she took a jet. Big DEAL!! The core values that she embraces are true and refreshing! She is the closest thing to Ronald Reagan and I'm sure he flew a jet from time to time too! So... my point being, focus on the important stuff and quick focusing on all of this piddley stuff that truly doesn't matter!

Anonymous said...

I can't understand this rebelion against Palin. What has Palosi or Obama done for this country besides raise the national debt. Palosi flies around in an even more expensive to fly plane and nobody complains about that. Palin will have my vote . She has proved to have more experience to be President than Obama could ever hope to have.

seaangel said...

I have no problem looking into political figures' lives to see if they match their words and claims. If we are gonna go here with Palin, it behooves us to look at all the other popular political figures. Let's start with Al Gore and go on from there. We must compare apples to apples.

Anonymous said...

Well, well. This is the same plane Mr. Graham accompanied Sarah to fly to rural Alaska with, this spring. She only did it because she was trying to safe face after she shut down subsistence king salmon fishing on the Yukon River last fall. It was only another one of her many publicity stunts to lie to the rest of the world that she as Alaska's governor was tending to the needs of Alaskan natives. Stop deceiving everyone Sarah, you failed to ship food or badly needed supplies or even help the natives when you were campaigning for yourself across America. So, because I am a native, I filed a legal complaint against her and her administration, and the State of Alaska, regarding this cause, only to have it dismissed by the state court. When will the real truth about her cover ups be exposed? Most Alaskans have seen the real Sarah and decided not to buy her book, no matter how much the price is slashed!!! The truth will prevail in the end because people are not as stupid as you think Sarah.