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Sarah Palin's Autobiography "Going Rogue": The "Babygate Chronicles" Revealed! - Full Excerpts! UPDATE! NEW PAGES!


Thanks to one of our readers, we now have access to a copy of "Going Rogue". So let's waste no time - and let's dive right into the parts which are particularly interesting for us.

Sarah Palin's first miscarriage - a very tragic event, but nonetheless, this event is of great importance when we consider it in relation to the rest of Sarah Palin's "babygate story". Sarah has included a very detailed description of her first miscarriage in "Going Rogue". Why has she chosen to do that? I honestly don't have an answer right now, but it could be to head off some controversial information which Sarah thinks is about to be released to the public realm sometime soon and in order to gain some sympathy for her "fate".

On pages 55-57, Sarah describes the events surrounding her first miscarriage. The Palins were "sure" that it would be another boy, and in classic Palin fashion, they decided to name him "Tad" ("a combination of Todd and Track").

She describes in great detail how at the "beginning of her second trimester", the doctor found out that the baby was not alive. Sarah writes:

I waited expectantly for the familiar shoosh-shoosh-shoosh sound of the baby's beating heart. But it didn't come. And the sonogram picture looked empty. The doctor said coldly, "There is nothing alive in there."

A few sentences later, Sarah describes how she had a D&C and then comes the strange episode with the "typo" we already discussed in the last post. Sarah reports:

When the doctor's bill arrived in our mailbox, it came with a typo. In the box describing the procedure, someone had typed "Abortion". Instead of starting over with a fresh form, they painted it over with a thin layer of Wite-Out, and retyped, "Miscarriage". For some reason it just felt like salt in the wound.

So what shall we think of all that? Is that even believable? In the discussion yesterday, several of our readers doubted that in such a bill Wite-Out would be used. It's the usual procedure to properly cross out wrong words in such documents and replace them, or to start a new form. I cannot find a final answer to this question right now, but the description of this event, just like many others parts in this book, has an "aura of uncredulity."

Read and judge for yourself. Here are the pages 55-57 (click to enlarge):


I will publish this part now, so that you the readers can already look over and discuss it. In the meantime, I will write the next part of my post.

In addition, please keep an eye on Celtic Diva's blog today - she will have some punchy things to say about Sarah Palin's view regarding the ethics complaints controversy. Having seen the material, I suspect that Celtic will have plenty to say. Celtic Diva has already published a snippet.




We have obtained the parts of "Going Rogue" in which Sarah Palin talks about her pregnancy with Trig. There is a surprise. After many months of silence and only very sporadic information regarding Sarah's pregnancy story, she now explains it all. Every little detail. Over about 10 long pages (wild ride not even included, this comes later - of course in every little detail, too). How she found out that she got pregnant with Trig, that they have always "dreamed of a big family", that Todd had always dreamed of "having another boy", how she prayed and...ehm...consulted God when there was a problem, how she

...remembered the Old Testament story of Isaac's parents. Yes Lord, I thought. My name is Sarah , but my husband isn't Abraham. His name is Todd!

The basic sequence of events:

1. Two weeks after Track took the oath as soldier in the US army on September 11, 2007, Sarah found out during an oil and gas conference in New Orleans that she was pregnant. She secretly bought a pregnancy test in New Orleans and then...

Slowly a pink image materialized on the stick. Holy geez!

The she explains that she was afraid of "the critics", her administration was making great progress and they were "on a roll", and...

I dreaded the reactions and comments from the Neanderthals who would think of this pregnancy as a distraction.

Sarah then thought that these were "less-than-ideal-circumstances" and goes on to say:

And for a split second it hit me: I'm out of town. No one knows I'm pregnant. No one would ever have known. It was a fleeting thought, a sudden understanding of why many women feel pressured to make "the problem" go away. Sad, I thought, that our society has elevated things like education and career above the gift of bringing new life into the world.

She she goes on about her pro-life values, cites the old Testament, didn't want to tell Todd on the phone, so she "concentrated instead on her role at the conference for the rest of the trip."

Sarah then mentions that she flew home, but missed Todd and only told him a few weeks later about the pregnancy - but leaves it open when exactly that was. Todd was "ecstatic". She then goes on to explain that they...

...kept the news to ourselves. We had always been private about our pregnancies.

"Later" (not specified) Sarah saw her doctor, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson at a Health Care Commission conference. Sarah then briefly explains how CBJ handled Sarah's second miscarriage, which Sarah had "between Willow and Piper". Sarah goes on to say:

At the health conference, I spotted CBJ and smiled at her when I slipped her a note on the way to the exit. I wrote: I need to come see you!

Then, about "twelve weeks along", comes the new sonogram story which Sarah first told in her speech in Wisconsin several days ago, but before that another novelty, because apparently CBJ explained to Sarah Palin even BEFORE the sonogram that she has an increased risk of Down Syndrome because of her age. But Sarah "wasn't worried", as she had "four perfectly healthy children", and goes on to say:

Besides, my sister Heather already had a special needs son, Karcher, who had autism. He was our family's angel boy. In our family, we always said God knew what he was doing when he gave Heather, the most nurturing of the Heath sisters, the child with special needs.

After lots of mentioning of "God" ("God is so good", "God would never give me anything I can't handle", "God knew me" etc.) CBJ apparently called her the next day and told her that there was a one-in-twelve chance that the baby had Down Syndrome as the result of the sonogram. Sarah then did the amnio apparently because she "wanted to be prepeared". Then, she got the results of the amnio THREE DAYS LATER, when CBJ called Sarah ("I still remember what time it was: 2:22 p.m.).

CBJ then gave Sarah the news about the Down Syndrome over the telephone, Sarah was "shocked beyond words" as a result and drove to Wasilla immediately, "gritting her teeth". Then somehow her thoughts turn to Coca-Cola commercials and The Star Spangled Banner, she asks God whether he "is listening"...and then unfortunately two pages of "Going Rogue" are missing in my collection, sorry!! So we will have to wait for the end of the story later. However, the "wild ride" will be discussed in a separate story.

So what to make of all of this?

Well - apart from the contradictions to earlier versions, which are quite easy to spot (especially to the speech in Indiana, when Sarah said that Todd didn't know of the pregnancy when the amnio was performed), there is only one thing I have to say:


None of this ever happened. Sarah cannot produce a birth certificate or any kind of medical documentation that would support her pregnancy and therefore her only chance to make her story believable is to tell it in the greatest details possible. Because anyone who is not familiar with "babygate", and this would include almost all TV-anchors, talk-show hosts, journalists and the large majority of the population could only say one thing: That it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to make all this stuff up.

However, this is exactly what happened, and that's why reading this autobiography is one of the most disturbing experiences of my life: To see an insane, mentally ill mind in action is a truly surreal experience.

Needless to say that in all of these seven pages (two pages are missing so far, unfortunately) she didn't say a peep about the birth certificate. Why should she? The real birth certificate showing the wrong birth date collides with her warped version of reality, which is pure invention.

Sarah Palin was never pregnant with Trig.

Here are the pages which are available so far (please click to enlarge).

By the way, we are sharing these documents which Palingates has obtained with other Alaskan bloggers and authors, who are already putting them to good use. It feels nice to play "Fairy Godfather" sometimes...


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Anonymous said...

Is pg. 57 the deification of Bristol or setting the stage for the disappointment that is to come?

How realistic is toilet-trained at 14 months? Self-trained?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure someone's about to come forward and say he had an affair with her...or something crazy like that so she's doing damage control. or maybe she thinks Levi knows and is short circuiting his book.

In either case, she's lying. She had an abortion. She's protected by privacy laws and so can spin any story she wants with impunity.

It would be awesome if you could the entire thing and email so i can read it ;-)

Anonymous said...

rent-a-baby? page 57.

Anonymous said...

A miscarriage is also known as a "spontaneous abortion." Some people object to the term, could be why it was changed. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Just lost a comment I have typed.
Here is a repeat of it:

Many years ago I was a secretary in an Army Hospital. The diagnosis book and patient reports had the following terminology for what we commonly describe as miscarriage:
Abortion, spontaneous

I do not think that official medical language uses the lay term.

Anonymous said...

anon @13.25

Rent a baby! I know....just another WTF moment in the life of a Palin researcher. Welcome to my world ;-)

Aussie Blue Sky said...

How does she come to call an elective D&C a "miscarriage" anyway?

Sounds like some wishful thinkin' going on there.

And the book is bloody boring!

Anonymous said...

Kids ask where babies come from. I guess you can tell them they come from a rental store ???

Anonymous said...

Imagine a child's terror of being returned to the rental store, if that's what they've been told about where babies come from.

Anonymous said...

Isn't D&C a medical professional's term for an abortion?

Anonymous said...

A D&C is certainly often done for a spontaneous abortion, the technical term for a miscarriage. To be specific, it's done to eliminate retained products of conception. However, I question the use of white-out to change the bill. D & Cs are common enough that I don't see why the office would make that error. To me, it's more likely that the doctor scribbled "abortion" on the form and it was billed as written. D & C is actually shorter than the word "abortion" and it's quicker to write.
Why would the doctor choose to write a longer term than is necessary?

You don't change anything medical with white-out because of the implication of fraud. Our hospital won't even allow white-out to be around. To correct anything on the chart, you draw a single line through it, write "error" and initial it. To correct billing, you'd just write a new bill and shred the old one.

Maybe Todd doesn't know the circumstances?

Incidentally, if for some reason I didn't already think of Sarah as delusional, the comment that Bristol toilet-trained herself at 14 months would do it. Who does she think she's kidding? (and now we'll hear from people who insist that their kids were trained by that age- spare us, please.) To be toilet trained, a child has to be able to understand the need of using a toilet or potty, and be able to realize that s/he needs to evacuate in time to go to the bathroom and get her pants down, and do it on her own. Sarah probably was taking the child into the bathroom, parking her on the potty, and had occasional good timing. No way do I believe her story.

I would absolutely love to have some psychologist actually evaluate Sarah's public persona, as she presents herself, and all her interviews and public statements, and write it up as an opinion article. I can see where it would be time-consuming, but it would make fascinating reading. Why does she lie so much, and why such obvious lies? Does she really believe what she's saying, and does she think we do? How delusional is Sarah, anyway? And WTF what McCain thinking of?


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Other than the fact that we're seeing a train wreck in slow motion, her book is BORING. Does anyone else think it's weird that she planned to name her second son after her first son (who was still a baby)? Do people really do that?

WV = paincont (it sure does).


Anonymous said...

There is an iceberg out there. Why would she create this inconsistency (the D&C) with the health record she released on election eve? That release is now incomplete ... another half-truth at best.

Anonymous said...

Here's how twisted Sarah Palin (and Carrie Prejean) are: if you criticize them for what they say or do, you are infringing on their 1st amendment rights!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's acting like a suicide bomber with this book. She doesn't care if it kills her as long as it gets those meanies, like Katie Couric. But the bomb was mispacked ... it will only eviscerate her!!!

wv = flingbo

lilyf said...

I just don't get the need to talk so much about her reproductive history. It's TMI. Good for you Sarah...when YOU had an abortion, it was really a miscarriage. So you're still perfect. Again, TMI.

Anonymous said...

Potty trained at 14 months! That is an out and out lie.

Anonymous said...

TMI indeed. I have never seen a politician discuss their reproductive history before. The idea of the importance of the ds baby to her image is reinforced here.

Anonymous said...

While SP's back East (just like two Novembers ago) with another teenaged daughter who's apparently not in classes, Rumor Central at the Alaska Report reads:

"An Alaska politico's unmarried, and underaged, daughter is pregnant. Oh, and her mom's a 'Family Values' Repub. To be continued..."

Anonymous said...

I've seen kids being toilet trained at 14 months. It was back in the days when disposable diapers were not available. Toilet training at this age requires a huge investment of time and plenty of patience. Somehow this lady does not strike me as someone who would be able to pull it off.

comeonpeople said...

How come this dead fetus and evacuation of said fetus is NOT mentioned in "CBJ's letter".Since it was so focused on the kids Sarah cranked out, this oversight is blatantly suspect. I've never heard about a miscarriage before - has anyone else?
Don't get too uptight over the toilet training thing. I'm a pediatric nurse and there ARE outliers - by that I mean kids who train that early. It's usually only with a concerted effort on he part of a mom, which I don't see Sarah doing. Some kids just watch an older sib and then hop on the potty. It's unusual but certainly not impossible. In the big scheme, its also unimportant imho.

nana said...

I really love her statement 'And I became a lot more attuned to other people's pain.' Awww..... now isn't that precious.

Anonymous said...

white-out? ON a medical form? Nope. Not unless she did it herself. She'd never admit to it, but if that exists, she did it. So, yes, Santa Claus, she did have an abortion.

lilyf said...

Having your fans picture you with jelly on your naked belly during a gyno PRESIDENTIAL!!!! Wow, she really has that gravitas thing down. "Run, Sarah, Run"!!!

ginny said...

Okay, wait a minute. Now I realize she is saying that the hospital wrote the words "abortion" and then "miscarriage" under the "Procedure" heading? WTH? Even if the changed a "spontaneous abortion" to a "miscarriage", neither would be listed as "Procedures"! Only an actual abortion, non-spontaneous, non-miscarriage, would be listed as a "Procedure." She is lying about something. Either she is making the whole typo thing up to drum up more sympathy for herself, or she is lying about the "procedure" performed. Notice how she describes the doctor as being "cold" and impersonal calling her baby "it." What a load of crap! I simply do not believe her description of how the doctor treated her. Again, she is making it up to garner sympathy from her fans.
My mom works in a hospital, and she says even as far back as 1990, there is no way a bill would be altered with white-out.

WV: foundit, as in, found it, found the lie!

ginny said...

Oh, and I'm not sure about the potty training thing. I tend to believe $P lies, but as someone who crawled at age 4 months, and walked at age 7 months, I'm not so sure it isn't possible that Bristol wasn't potty trained at a younger than normal age.

MimiC said...

This book makes perfect sense now. She knows that someone's going to come forward with evidence that she had an abortion, and this chapter is intended to preempt that. Wow.

Ripley said...

wait a minute.......white out and "reTYPED"? Who uses typewriter anymore???????

Sarah Palin.... YOU LIE

CC said...

Perfect sense, indeed! For all of us who thought abortion/tubal ligation after the 11th hour CBJ letter ... we were right!

Someone has this information and she either was told or got wind of it in June or early July ... hence the breathless quitter speech.

That's why the book was rushed and her handlers decided to make the most money they could for her/them before the proverbial Sh!t hits the fan.

Ah ... justice may be just around the corner. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The simplest explanation is that she had an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, some author that was in Alaska recently stumbled across this information (about one miscarriage) according to Gryphen.

Virginia Voter said...

CC...I was just about to say the same thing! Go back to the CBJ letter, Patrick, and Kathleeen it would be interesting to repost it right now. CBJ says explicitly that Sarah had 5 pregnancies, not 5 baby deliveries! This incident was the fifth pregnancy, NOT TRIG! Here we have it in Sarah's own words, that the fifth pregnancy was Piper.

Go back and read it...I don't care about the D&C, miscarraige vs abortion theory. This is the missing pregnancy. Here is your iceberg, run with it.

Anonymous said...

I think she had an abortion after Track and the miscarriage before Piper is probably legitimate.

Anonymous said...

There is a reliable source that stated that the Palin's sold or gave away their baby stuff after Piper was finished with it.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Celtic Diva's site? The page can't be found. Gremlins scrubbing the site?

CC said...

VV, isn't it nice to have a discussion of the facts with intelligent people on here and the other great blogs? Reasoned, detailed analysis.

Thank you to all the great posters on here and Bree's, Gryphs, etc.

As I mentioned on IM ... she make the Dr.'s office look like incompetent fools with that ridiculous WhiteOut/abortion story. We have a bus 50 feet off the ground with everyone she has tossed under it. And, methinks, it will topple over soon. FINALLY!

CC said...

oops...she make=she makes*

Amy1 said...

I just ordered up SP's book at my local library and was surprised that they had not ordered "Going Rouge," so I requested it for purchase.

My library usually orders any reasonable request, and they will buy it. Lots of sales, and MANY readers if we all do the same. But it's not on amazon, so give them this link:

I just read an excerpt on Huff Po, and while most of us here know the score, author Jeanne Devon (AKM) does an excellent job of presenting the facts for newbies. The excerpt is super advertising for reading the whole book.

Let's give Going Rouge a helping hand. It deserves it.

Anonymous said...

CC and others commenting -

CBJ's medical letter refers to 4 deliveries and one pre-term delivery. It does not mention the word pregnancies or pregnancy.

I always thought that the use of the word delivery was highly suggestive.

Now I am intrigued by the fact that whilst Palin's deliveries were discussed in that letter her "miscarriages" were not.

Patrick and I have been aware that Sarah had a miscarriage before Piper's birth for quite some time now. It was confirmed to Patrick by Lyda Green several weeks ago.

I hope that this fact will assure you of how much care we take when releasing important information. We really do spend a lot of time agonising about what we should and shouldn't reveal. And we are doing our upmost not to be cryptic.

Look out for some important blogposts coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

How PATHETIC is Palin, very. How DESPERATE is she, very. We all know that and now the world will also too making up this kind of crap.

BTW, I am beyond pissed of Gryphen continues to name drop Patrick, Bree and AKM as though he is one of them who seeks THE TRUTH while he continues to LIE LIE LIE and cover his tracks with B*S* excuses.

Today he says over at Immoral Minority, "My understanding is that originally "Going Rogue" ripped into Levi with a vengeance."

I call B*S* again no way after reading the lunacy Palin actually got to print did she "Leave Out", Levi because she was afraid of telling lies or libel or slander. Palin as well DID NOT get her ghost writer to rearrange the entire theme or chapters of this book to exclude Levi. Palin DID NOT get ready to go to print with tales of Levi and than yank half the content. DID NOT happen.

It IS time for Gryphen to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP before he gives all Alaskan Bloggers & others with a decent reputation exposing Palin a Hannity name.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between the whole truth and a half truth.

Anonymous said...

It is my inderstanding that the National Enquirer had a report from a publisher insider which claimed that Palin had substantially and viciously attacked Levi Johnston in her book.

Levi's team when they discovered the fact that she had done so went on a full scale offensive and threatened to reveal the huge facts that Levi knew would hurt and destroy the family if made public.

It seems that Palin withdrew her vicious attack, possibly on the advice of Harper Collins lawyers or her own lawyer.

The lack of index in the book and the fact that the number of pages has been reduced would also allude to the fact that the book has been altered very recently.

P and I are enthusiastic Team Levi supporters but we say what we believe and do not follow them blindly.

Go Team levi - we are counting on you!

Anonymous said...

sorry for any typos....understanding not inderstanding.

BuffaloGal said...

So the sonogram happened at the beginning of the 2nd trimester, around the beginning of the 4th month. Palin makes mention that it was hard to hear the dr. call the fetus it, when afterall, they had been referring to "Tad" for the past 3 months. So they had a name by the 4th week of pregnancy?? Is my math off here ? She would've barely even KNOWN she was pregnant.

And puhleeze - that bit about "everything was right on schedule" and the babies would be born a year apart. Really? With a 2-3 month new baby and only a year of marriage after eloping and being only youngsters themselves they decided to start trying, on purpose, to have the next one ? HUMPH!

lilyf said...

anon at 17:18: I don't go to his site anymore either. I feel sorry for the other bloggers who get lumped in with him--it must be embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, you're right about that phony doctor letter. When I go for a dexa scan (osteoporosis), they ask for a full reproductive history. The standard medical question is: How many pregnancies, how many births, describe other procedures.

I had a D&C. The reason was that after a missed period and the notification that I was pregnant, there came that awful spotting of blood and the sign that something wasn't going the way it should. The doctor determined that there was something wrong with fetus. In the old days, a woman would be left to expel the tissue and everything else; it could be dangerous for her. One big complication could be excessive bleeding. I was ordered to the hospital for the D&C to remove everything. I also stayed overnight. As for "trying again," the doctor advised waiting for at least one normal period to pass before trying again.

(Sorry, guys, if this kind of talk is a little graphic. Women who have had the same experience understand what we go through when our expectations are built up and suddenly come crashing down).

I offer my story in contrast to Sarah's experience, because I find it hard to believe that it was not part of her medical history. It is always part of my medical history, and there was no mistaking the name of the procedure. It was commonly performed because many women had the same experience.

Sarah really didn't have to include it in her story unless she wanted to build up more sympathy among her devoted followers- and- someone else writing a more factual book had already come across the material and she was doing damage control.

Wilbur Mercer said...

This is indeed what Audrey and some others have stumbled upon and decided not to pursue further.

It has been known about for some time in many circles.

A humane person would have walked away at this point out of respect for the woman and her family, no matter how much you despise them.

In this day and age however, with 24 hour news cycles to feed and blog page hits to maintain, this story has now become the tawdry and lurid obsession for those don't know where and when to respect boundaries.

I too never once believed the story of the Wild Ride, and I've followed it very closely since the day it was announced.

I still don't believe it, however, at this point, whatever happened is a very private matter that has now become a cottage industry for some, and big business for others.

Unless of course you can prove without a shadow of a doubt, evidence that would hold up in a court of law, such as emails, or memos, something of that sort, that James Dobson and/or his ilk were behind it, then you would have a story.

That has not been proven yet.

Now it just makes me ask, just how much more can we tear this woman and her family down ?

So keep on truckin, Patrick, Kathleen, Jesse, Shannyn, Jeanne, Linda, Phil, Steve and Dennis. And Bree.

Make this a really big issue, take this story and run with it and spread it everywhere you go.

Tell us again how much Sarah Palin lies and spreads half truths.

It's your karma, you have to live with it.

wayofpeace said...

i just read BREE's and these comments: WOW, as long-time blogger, i have never witnessed such rigorous yet passionate intelligent yet humorous posting.

i believe we may all be running out of adjectives to describe SARAH and her dysfunctional existence.

SORDID comes to mind (involving ignoble actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt) but even that fails to capture the malignancy that is SARAH PALIN.

i am holding on to the hope (mentioned here) that her book is self-destructive.

perhaps her unconscious is going into FREUDIAN SLIP-mode and spilling her deceptions for all to see which MIGHT lead to the collapse of her self-constructed sham.

wv flauntfic

Patrick said...


ProChoiceGrandma said...

Track and Bristol are exactly 18 months apart.
Track was born 4-20-89.
Add 3 months for breast feeding etc
Sarah becomes pregnant with “Tad” approx. 7-20-89 so “Tad” would be 1 year younger that Track. (“Our babies would be a year apart, right on schedule.”)
“Tad” pregnancy ended approx. 10-20-89 or a little later (“beginning of second trimester”)
Add about 3 months for recovery, she then becomes pregnant with Bristol approx 1-20-90
Bristol was born 10-18-90.

Maybe “Tad” had a terrible genetic defect and Sarah chose abortion. Hey, nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. However, her crazed anti-abortion supporters feel every woman should be forced to carry a fetus to term no matter how terrible the circumstances, even when the baby would suffer terribly from catastrophic brain, heart or other defects, and IF it survived, force young parents into permanent poverty to care for a severely disabled child. How many young parents have the financial resources (or insurance coverage) to provide for a severely disabled child as well as the rest of the family, especially when they need the income from both working parents just to survive? I recall Sarah wanting to claim that she and Todd did not have insurance when they were young, but Steve Schmidt talked to Todd and Todd confirmed that they had always had catastrophic insurance. I believe that was in the Vanity Fair “It Came From Wasilla”.

And we know how $arah feels about poverty, it is ok as long as it is anyone else, but not HER!

Sarah could never disclose an abortion, she must re-write history to allege a typo.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Sarah could be that delusional - there is a person with borderline personality disorder in my life...and it IS unbelievable that someone could act such a way, but they do.

But please, Patrick. tell us that you have PROOF. Please reassure me that she WILL be brought down.

I don't think she has a wide enough following to be elected to public office, but I do fear her influence.

Anonymous said...

I'm still of the mind that Sarah WAS pregnant with "Trig". EXCEPT, she aborted him. Later, she discovered she was on the short list for VP. Knowing that it could never come out that she had an abortion, she faked a pregnancy to cover for the one she aborted. I don't know who the bio mother is for Trigg. Could be just an anon. mother.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Patrick, I don't know whether to thank you or not for posting these pages - Yikes! How am I going to get through all 400 pages if just a few make me all headachey?

Anyway, first thoughts that jump out at me are (1) Track starting college (which she is more than a little vague about?) is the same as floundering around after high school and the choice for Track is between floundering and enlisting?

And (2) if not for pro-life groups out there yelling, woman would be naturally inclined to abort their babies? Even happily married women with children? I never have gotten this part of her story - how upon finding herself preggers with her 5th child, happily married and in a good financial situation, she would entertain that it would be desirable for her in some context to get an abortion? And she is implying that she would go do so if her religion didn't tell her it was wrong? WTF? That story just does not compute to me.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

The irony of Sarah’s political position of anti-abortion for any reason, is that on page 171 she wrote that she considered abortion even BEFORE she knew about Down syndrome.

Of course, we know it is all bullsh!t because she did not give birth to Trig.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to read reports of Sarah's book. But reading the actual pages! That woman is juvenile. She has never grown past junior high school. No wonder Lynn Vincents name is not on the cover, "as told to," as they do on most ghost written or collaborative books. What a piece of crap!

I have no doubt that Sarah just started talking with a tape recorder rolling, and Lynn faithfully transcribed it, word for word, "gossip mongers," "elite six," and every other mean girl description included. The book is all about revenge, setting the record straight according to Sarah's version, and trying to make herself seem even more wonderful than she thinks she is.

When people suggested that Sarah should study, write some position papers, learn and grow since she left her job as governor, it's clear that she has done none of those things. She must lie awake thinking how she will get even with McCain's staff, Katy Couric, anonymous bloggers and everyone else. At least God is still her BFF.

What is clear is that Lynn left in all of Sarah's folksy charm, meaning terrible language. We can now say for sure that Sarah has not written the Face Book posts with actual complete sentences and good grammar. Sarah may not realize the she is her own worst enemy. The more she talks, the more she shows us how shallow she is, how thin-skinned she is, and how immature she is.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen always uses the word gruesome when saying why the story has not come out.

What the hell is gruesome about an abortion? It may be a Sarah lie, but it is not gruesome.

Anonymous said...

While there have been times I've been frustrated with Gryphen's teasers, I think that dumping on him or trying to divide the bloggers working on Babygate into "the good and the bad" is ultimately destructive.

He's one of the few bloggers that's gone out on a limb publicly, and he's faced the wrath of the crazies because of it. From what I can see (and I have a pretty good vantage point), he's gone about things as best he can. Has he gotten overexcited at some points where maybe he shouldn't have? Sure...but all of us researching this have at some point.

If this deception were easy to prove, it would be done by now. The real truth is buried deep, and everyone with an interest in revealing it and getting this woman off the political radar needs to support each other. Disagree with theories, disagree with tactics, express your own views--but to make it into one blog vs. another is a mistake.

Just my .02.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur Mercer... what story are you talking about? Abortion?

Trying to find out the truth about Sarah being Trig's mom or not is not BIG BUSINESS or a cottage industry... just a few bloggers trying to find the truth.

If Sarah had an abortion.. let this truth come out to.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said... said:"Make this a really big issue, take this story and run with it and spread it everywhere you go.

Tell us again how much Sarah Palin lies and spreads half truths.

It's your karma, you have to live with it."
What about HER Karma? Do you realize she is the one to thank for the total disrespect of our President?
She has ruined many lives, with her "Karma"
Now its time the truth comes out and whiners like you worry about ruining her life??? Please.
And you are acting like you knew about this info?
Maybe you did, or didn't doesn't matter, you are choosing to judge others for reporting truths, after all Sarah is writing about this in her own book? Are you saying she did have a abortion? Not a DNC? Or is it too gruesome for you?
Patrick could you please add a number #1, #2 to the posts? I'm getting confused here, lol!

Virginia Voter said...

Anon, 18:25...I am leaning toward your theory in light of this new "miscarraige" revelation. One step futher....Sarah was pregnant with a baby T1 (Trig), and aborted or miscarried in the 2nd trimester upon learning of the DS. She legally adopted the baby we know today as Trig Palin, and who the bio parents are are unknown.

Think about this miscarriage news...Sarah had numerous friendly opportunites to reveal this...her right to life speeches, her interviews with Fox, etc after the VP campaign. Why didn't she? Everyone has friends and family who have is a fact of life, and would have garnered sympathy if anything. There is much more to this story.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I have to agree, Gryph is looking less and less credible in light of what he has posted, and what comments he allows to be posted, as opposed to the stories that we are getting from actual named sources as well as SP herself.

Pretty clear at this point that he is in in for himself, not the truth. I guess my eyes were opened by his self serving post yesterday and apparent glee at being indirectly "mentioned" in her book.

It's too bad too, be cause I do believe he has some knowledge and certainly sources, but in his self-aggrandizing, he misses the truth with self serving posts and claims of icebergs on the horizon, etc, etc. Sometimes the truth is more important than protecting a source, but I have finally come to believe he just doesn't have what it takes to be honest.

IMHO, time for Gryphen to make his BM or get off the commdoe.

Anonymous said...

"He's one of the few bloggers that's gone out on a limb publicly, and he's faced the wrath of the crazies because of it."

Sorry I do not agree.

Gryphen brought on the crazies himself and quite honestly he likes the attention.

It is obvious that Gryphen released that threatening letter by Palin concerning her attorney visiting him at an elementary school for sensational traffic to his site where he asks for donations he says is to "Find the truth".

It was blatant when Gryphen sent those thrid grade jabs by Email to McCain and Reihl (Both of them posted in full text) that Gryphen is as crazy as they are for any kind of recognition.

Gryphen had awesome opportunity to bring Palin into court with her threats and get her under oath but instead he dialed up Star Magazine getting himself in a byline.

Gryphen is one of the main reasons there is wild abandonment by so many (Former) posters and "Truthseekers". He is making Alaska look real bad. Tracking to Palin's house taking pictures of her private property in the bushes, I know a lot of people who before wnated to see her hang that are now supporting Palin to get all she can because of him alome.

The backlash will happen and Palin will never stand trail in public opinion the way she should all because of Gryphen's obession with her womb.

Anonymous said...

She can't even keep her story straight in her own book. On page 56 she bursts into tears; on page 177 she explains her trademark stoicism, the reason she never cries.


Pat in Texas

comeonpeople said...

I said this a while back on some blog. I believe among the reasons Sarah never released med recs are because of the letters G and P which would be in there. G stands for GRAVIDA, or the number of times you've been pregnant. P is for PARA, the number of times you gave live birth. Whatever her real numbers are, they aren't going to match her story. These numbers are a basic part of any women's medical history. She's probably a G6 P4, but wants us to believe now she is a G7 P5 .
There's just too much work going back and whiting out all her records, so that's why they were never released as requested.
Wilber dude you crack me up. No one would care if she had two unfortnate miscarriages, so why not reveal this as part of your story - unless you have lots and lots and lots of stuff to hide???

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Gryphen's blog then stop reading it.

Anonymous said...

@ Wilbur Mercer,

When Sarah Palin stops stirring up hate and violence and death threats against Obama and his family (including two innocent children!), I'll stop worrying about her lies.

Until then, all bets are OFF.

I NEVER forget. The secret service asked her to Shut up and back off, due to the death threats they attributed to HER and HER HATE SPEECH.

She needs to go DOWN and I don't care if she gets hurt from her own mistakes and lies in the process. She's had plenty of time to do the right thing and she REFUSED.

She is a wicked curse on this country.

Anonymous said...

If the truth really is that gruesome and Gryph, BlueTx, and others have said, I wish they "grew some" and just put it out there.

ArmchairJane said...

"This is indeed what Audrey and some others have stumbled upon and decided not to pursue further.

It has been known about for some time in many circles.

A humane person would have walked away at this point out of respect for the woman and her family, no matter how much you despise them." -- comment above by "Wilbur Mercer"

I must take issue with this comment above, and say that a humane person would be someone who had the experience Sarah recounted and actually learned something from it, as she claimed to do. Perhaps something about how tragic pregnancy situations can happen to anyone, and that people need to be free to deal with these situations in their own way. The fact is, Sarah had an abortion, whatever she wants to call it, and yet to this day is inhumane enough to want to deny other women their legal rights to do the same. Yes, sometimes she will say "to save the life of the mother" is a good enough reason, but other than that, no reason is good enough. How convenient for her *own* abortion story to be about aborting a fetus that had already died. So of course in her case, it was okay.

In addition, I do not believe her story as told in the book. It sounds like a cover story to explain away details that might come to light. Sarah and her crowd of anti-choice zealots have themselves created the environment where many women would feel compelled to either keep silent or to embellish their own abortion stories so as to make their case a tragedy forced upon them, for fear the truth that they aborted in ANY circumstances would be used against them. It seems that the karma "Wilbur Mercer" mentioned above has actually come back to bite Sarah herself.

The whole story to me is suspect. She apparently had no symptoms that anything was wrong. Only at the appointment it turns out "sonogram picture looked empty". But why would it be "empty", as the fetus remained inside? The doctor speaking coldly and without compassion, saying "there is nothing alive in there" as well as the doctor calling the fetus "it", when the sex had not yet been identified according to Sarah herself, all sound like yet more "feel sorry for me" details at the expense of the doctor. I frankly find it hard to believe an OB-GYN would relate this in such a non-compassionate way. Then the account culminates with the "wite-out" hospital bill. It all sounds once again like Sarah is the victim, and the doctor must be one of those awful abortion types who hates fetuses and calls them all "it". Yeah, right.

The humane thing to do would be for a woman who had her own personal tragedy to leave women alone to make the reproductive decisions that are legal, and not to try to keep making it harder and harder to make these legal decisions.

I have lost a full term baby shortly after birth due to an unsurvivable birth defect. There were suspicions that things were wrong for the last couple of months, with growing concern as time went by. The final determination that the baby had such severe birth defects that they would not be survivable was detected three weeks before the date I delivered. It was a very sad and devastating time, waiting for the baby to be born, only to die shortly after. And I had nothing but compassion from the doctors and other staff. So I do understand the devastation of losing a baby. I also know that I would have done anything I could have to have helped that baby live and be well, another reason I am now even more sure Palin's entire Trig pregnancy and birth story is, as Sarah would say, "bogus".

emrysa said...

"apparently CBJ explained to Sarah Palin even BEFORE the sonogram that she has an increased risk of Down Syndrome because of her age. But Sarah "wasn't worried","

so, a woman who has had 2 previous miscarriages "wasn't worried" about the possibility of having a ds baby?

she is so f-ing full of it.

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane - thank you for sharing and I completely agree.

People who are bashing Gryphen - you're putting Regina & Patrick in an awfully bad position. If you don't agree with G., then don't read his blog. No need to lambast him on someone else's blog.

emrysa said...

people gryphen never used the word gruesome! that can be attributed to bluetx and bluetx only.

sandra said...

All this discussion points to why the Roe v. Wade decision was based on a woman's right to privacy.

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane, thanks for sharing your very moving story. Your comment to Mr. "Mercer" was spot on.

I have to agree with anon above, bashing Grphyen here just puts our hosts here in a difficult position. I have my own doubts about him, but let's just keep it off this blog, how's about it?

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to re-write history, Sarah also re-writes her medical history and Dr. Johnson-Baldwin is going along on the ride. They won't stop until the law puts them where they can't do it anymore.

The Dr. Johnson-Baldwin is suspect and misleading. Are there other examples of the Dr.'s writing? It looks like Sarah's work.

emrysa said...

here's another thing I don't get.

why all this detail about the first miscarriage only to leave out the details about why it died?

if the heart stops beating in the womb don't they usually find a reason for it? it just stopped beating out of the blue, for no reason?

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I disagree. I'm not exactly sure what "awesome opportunity" Gryphen really had to get Palin into court, and whether he likes the attention (which I can't completely disagree with--he obviously loves needling Sarah and her crowd) isn't germane. You can love being the center of attention and still deliver the goods.

Sadly, he hasn't been able to do that, and so in retrospect he should have clamped down a little on the hints. but I do believe it's possible that he's purposely being misled by his sources. And that obviously begs the question "why?". Yet another reason why continued openness between the bloggers is key. The more minds, the better.

Somehow, though, 19:05, since you are concerned with Gryphen's preoccupation with Sarah's "womb"--I'm guessing you're not really here to be helpful.

Anonymous said...

With Tad we read about everything going according to plan, then with Trig we hear thoughts of abortion ...

What happened to the planning?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

There was NEVER any time that Sarah was pregnant with Trig. If you substitute “Bristol” in place of “I” in all of Sarah’s reminiscing, you can see where Sarah has used scattered facts describing the pregnancy of Trig. Bristol was pregnant in 2007. The only remaining mystery may be whether Bristol actually gave birth to Trig as we know him, or if Bristol had a late term abortion and thereafter they had to find a replacement for that baby, since the rumors of Bristol’s pregnancy had spread. And a Down syndrome child would be unlikely to achieve the level of intelligence to question his parentage.

However, I cannot see Sarah adopting a stranger’s DS child. I can see her adopting her grandson and faking a pregnancy to protect her political ambitions. Actually, I can’t fathom anyone FAKING a pregnancy, but Sarah’s mind works in strange ways, as we have seen. And who knows the rabid anti-abortion supporters better than Sarah herself.

Furthermore, I cannot see Bristol being so loving and nurturing to Trig unless Trig was her own child. If he was a stranger’s child there would be resentment and reluctance to take care of him.

comeonpeople said...

I know many people who have had miscarriages and the usual procedure is to do an examination of the embryo or fetus to check for chromosomal abnormalities and such. Especially in the second trimester, it would be unusual not to have some tests done to see what may hve gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008 and is not the birth mother of Trig.

This is fact.

Lying is what Palin does. It's all she does. She is a sociopath.

She will be studied for years in future psychology and psychiatric textbooks.

Anonymous said...

"why all this detail about the first miscarriage only to leave out the details about why it died?"

Not necessarily, but if you're a happy expectant mum thrilled with a surprise pregnancy, and then you find out the baby's dead, I would think the first thing you say is Why? What happened? Odd that this isn't discussed. It would be one more place for Sarah to emphasize how she bows to God's will.


Patrick said...


Sarah Palin can't even produce a bloody birth certificate or ANY kind of medical documentation - she will never sue anyone about babygate!

Sarah Palin: I Thought About Suing Andrew Sullivan For Saying Bristol Might Be The Mother Of Trig

Anonymous said...

ROTFLaughing CNN Ticker Palin sent McCain an autographed copy of her book. So funny.

Anonymous said...

Bristol crawling at 4 months? The poor child was probably starving due to _Palin's abandonment, forced to move on her own to find food.

Kallie in Texas said...

Down with scarah! She has to go!
Palin is toxic. I'm sick of her lies and then claiming innocence. She manipulates the truth so much that she will hang her self...soon I hope.
I agree with an earlier poster, why is Bristol so "motherly" to Trig? Her behavior is so differnt than sarah's. Something doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

(Sorry if this went through twice)

In addition to the rest of the story, why would she claim her doctor told her over the telephone that she was pregnant with a Down Syndrome baby? That's the sort of thing you'd want to sit someone down to talk about. Either she's lying and thinks it's easier to lie about a phone call than an office visit (which might be more easily verified), or the doctor was treating Sarah differently than other patients. At least, I hope she doesn't phone all her patients with news like that.

emrysa said...

lmao @ 20:10 - you're probably right. track wasn't old enough to do the cooking and babysitting at that point, so bristol had to fend for herself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, suing Andrew Sullivan would have given him more publicity, but it would also have opened her up to legal discovery as Andrew mentioned in his Daily Dish post yesterday. Here again we have one of Sarah's half truths.

Wilbur Mercer said...

anon @ 1844

I'm referring to the speculation that James Dobson and his Focus on the Family group was somehow behind Palin's being picked as the VP.

I think the serious lack of vetting on McCain's part proves this theory wrong, if this kind of maneuvering was going on they would have done a better job of vetting her.

THAT is the only way this story becomes credible, and at this point I'd file that idea in the Orly Taitz bin until somebody can substantially prove that it's true.

The arson fire ties neatly into this theory too, until I see definitive prove I'll just file that one away in the Taitz bin as well.

Anonymous said...

Well she is protected by privacy regulations.

No one will find out the truth, she can spin her story any way she chooses till the cows come home, altering a detail here or a detail there.

Calling a Foetus it, and been cool seems to be more in tune with an abortion. A detatched attitude.

Also with her insurance from Todds native blood coverage, why would she recieve this white -outed bill at all. Her insurance would have paid for the D and C.

As far as this grotesque Wilber Character, and the attacks on Gryphon I can only assume they are trolls from the c of peee.

What business is it of theirs how Gryphon chooses to run his blog.

Especially since these are all different folk with different blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur.... I could care less about who picked her to be VP candidate.

It was a sick joke.

Sarah is not qualified to hold any office. She is a liar and a fraud.

Maybe it was McCain's left testicle that choose her instead of Dobson's right one... who cares.

Anonymous said...

How is it a cottage industry and big business. Wilber know it all?

conscious at last said...

Wow- This joint is jumping. This time however, I think the trolls are feeding us! Why- because they are telling us exactly where the truth lies by their hysteria!
Upset about IM (Gryphen)-- then clearly, he's on to something, probably very close. Dobson is not involved, not a concern-HA!, That is nonsense and we know it.
The supposed 5th child was part of SP's appeal to the Christianists.

The whole house of card is collapsing-- why would SP mention the detail about the wite-out on a medical bill in her AUTOBIOGRAPHY ?? Ridiculous and transparent.

HMM.. "Tad" rhymes with "Brad"

Anonymous said...

Actually her entire schtick seems to be for the men sex appeal, flirt outrageously and if that dosn't work, knee them in the groin.

For women, Men put down woman, and all you put down women, here's how to handle those pesky guys. Wink, say ya betcha and pose. And you'll have them eatin out of your hand.

And ya know, it worked. At least for a while.

Anonymous said...

Her whole idea that abortion exists because it is difficult for women to work and have a family is really strange.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering whether the second "miscarriage" occurred about the time of the reporteed affair with Todd's partner?

Anonymous said...

Those of you questioning why her miscarriages weren't followed up on re: why they happened.

Miscarriage is extremely common. As I recall my dr. telling me (I've had two miscarriages) - some 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most doctors will not do testing to figure out why until there have been two or three miscarriages in a row, with no full-term births in between.

SP is lying here, I think, but I don't believe that not finding out why she miscarried is one of the things she would be lying about.


Anonymous said...

Wilbur Mercer's Taitz bin is relevant to what?
It is Carl Gatto that needs a bin, not only the arson.

Can't the disgruntled with gryphen peeps start their own blog? It is off topic here.

Brad and Tad? Has anyone investigated Brad's wife (ex-wife?) and her connection to Palin shenanigans? Palin is not the only one that abuses positions of power.

get real said...

Again, please don't feed trolls, it's just a waste of time.

Moving on:
It looks like Palin in her "memoir" has failed to provide irrefutable proof and evidence that she, in fact, was pregnant with Trig and gave birth to him in 2008.

You've heard it before but proving that you gave birth is perhaps the easiest thing a mother can do. There's obviously reams of medical documents, birth records, photos and much else to absolutely and unequivocally prove that a woman has given birth.

Yet Palin has failed to do so at every single opportunity and has failed once again to set the record straight.

The reason is clear: she is not the birth mother of Trig Palin. Period.

Anonymous said...

1. A doctor would not say, "There is nothing alive in there." EVER. Not even in Wasilla. A doctor would say, "I cannot find a heartbeat." Then press and look and turn to the mother and say something to the effect of, "I am so sorry to tell yu this. . ."

2. Tad does not come from Todd and Track. From Todd and Track you get, "Trodd." Or "Trad." You get Tad from "Todd or Brad."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the photo pages?

There are no hospital bed shots of Trig and Sarah?

CC said...

Anon@ 21:34 ... unless they were staged on the same day as the Gusty photos were we're never going to see any bed shots of Trig and $arah.

Anonymous said...

""" Kathleen said...
It is my inderstanding that the National Enquirer had a report from a publisher insider which claimed that Palin had substantially and viciously attacked Levi Johnston in her book.

Levi's team when they discovered the fact that she had done so went on a full scale offensive and threatened to reveal the huge facts that Levi knew would hurt and destroy the family if made public.

It seems that Palin withdrew her vicious attack, possibly on the advice of Harper Collins lawyers or her own lawyer.

The lack of index in the book and the fact that the number of pages has been reduced would also allude to the fact that the book has been altered very recently.

P and I are enthusiastic Team Levi supporters but we say what we believe and do not follow them blindly.

Go Team levi - we are counting on you!"""

You are counting on "Team Levi?" Two fat men and a teenage fool? I would not be holding my breath if I was you.

Honestly, I should not be surprised by this vapid line of reasoning. You really think Levi has something damaging? Then why doesn't he use this information to leverage access to his son, which, according to his accounts, he is not allowed to see?

You should stop basing your facts off tabloids. Sarah never was going to bash Levi in her book. It was made up, like most things in the National Enquirer.


Patrick, if you have evidence, indisputable evidence, that Sarah Palin was not pregnant with Trig, then show me this newfound proof. Show it to everyone. Otherwise you have nothing.

Anonymous said...

1. A doctor would not say, "There is nothing alive in there." EVER.

It would be remiss if the fact checkers do not find out who that "doctor" is and talk to them. There are people that would know in Wasilla and she has ruined them. They deserve the opportunity to stand up for their reputation and truth.

It is possibly the doctor that delivered Track and/or Bristol. If the whole "wite-out" incident is a sham, she is ruining the doctor or doctors that did deliver Track and Bristol because they are indicated in her version of events.

Whatever comes of her, this book will always be part of Alaskan history and the people she indicates are smeared. If only one person knows who delivered Track and Bristol it will come out who they are one day. If that is when they are dead how can defend themselves against Palin's smear/

Anonymous said...

Troll, troll, go away
Go and piss in Sea of Pee.

Patrick does not have to SHOW YOU ANYTHING.

My God, you are SO obvious.

Go piss and moan in your own blog.

We're not interested. Pathetic and space-wasting.

No more troll feeding, I promise

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, someone's getting testy :)

Anonymous said...

so she had the abortion with "tad" because he was really the son of Brad.

Long ago, a poster on PD said that there were two statistical reasons married women got abortions: one, they got pregnant when their husband's were "gone" or couldn't be the fathers, and I forget the second one. Seems pretty relevant right now.

Does that fit with her affair time line?

Anonymous said...


Prove It. It's not what you know, it's what you can PROVE.

To the rest of the world you sound even crazier than before she put it all in writing for the world to see.

And, if you can't see that, even if you can, and don't care, then you and Sister Sarah are not so different after all.

Her writing it all down, in detail, is the same as ''calling you out''. If she wasn't 100% sure you could never prove it, she wouldn't have written it down.

Now's your time to shine.

Anonymous said...

"Somehow, though, 19:05, since you are concerned with Gryphen's preoccupation with Sarah's "womb"--I'm guessing you're not really here to be helpful."

I am being very helpful. I am echoing what so many others are saying that other bloggers are not allowing to go to print out of friendship.

lisabeth said...

Please, if you are a supporter of Regina, Patrick and Katherine, this is not the place to bash Gryphen. If you have a problem with him, take it up with him please! I like Gryphen and I think he is doing the best he can. I don't like everything he has done, but I don't expect to. He is human and he has taken a lot more risks than many of us have. The trolls are going to try to stir things up as much as possible now while all of these things are coming out and we have to stick together......

One comment-as others have said, there is NO WAY any medical office would white out a word and write another one. It just doesn't happen and I have LOTS AND LOTS of medical bills and have been on both sides of this as a provider of medical services. Even in an old time doctors office, there are now computers everywhere. Plus if something has white - out over it, how do you know what it says?? You can't see it.

Her book is just terrible. It is whiny, and unbelievable! I am speechless, and can't believe the things that keep coming out. Patrick, you are right, it is surreal to see a mentally ill mind at work. She has written so many things that can be proven false with facts! ButI believe that she believes all that she has written. That is what is scary about Sarah Palin and it is why they called her a wackjob and Little House of Horrors.

Wilbur, it is our responsibility to bring out the truth because she uses this story for political purposes. She uses her children and that is just morally wrong in my opinion. As long as she does that, and as long as it appears she might run for office, then I feel it is our duty as Americans to present the truth, as we see it, based on factual information. And we can give our opinions too. What would have happened if not for everyone exposing some about her-she might very well be the VP now and that scares me to death. Why? Would you want such an unstable person in control of serious and potentially deadly international negotiations? Would you want Sarah to control the "button" for use of a nuclear bomb.

This is a woman who DOES NOT BLINK. Don't forget that and this is NOT about tearing Palin and her family down. I would prefer her children not be involved, but she has made them involved and part of her campaign platform.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Patrick has quite a bit of explaining to do, if he wishes to possess any credibility.

However, he wishes to remain a fool and a liar, instead of admitting his own deceptions. He's already ended up just like Gryphen, a total laughingstock.

I wonder, did he vote in the 2008 election? Does he even live in this country? These are questions he should answer. However, I doubt a man who willingly breaks the law by diributing copyrighted material cares much for giving any answers away.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, P and K!!

Yup. No way a doctor talks like that... "There's nothing alive in there.". That is unprofessional at best.

Poetic Lisence? Nah... Just another lie.


Anonymous said...

OT, but may be of interest for investigation into pipeline-gate. C4p posted a front page article from the Juneau paper, because the paper's article disputed the AP fact-check of $P's pipeline story. C4p then took the story down, because they became aware that they it wasn't somewhere they wanted to go. LINK to focus of scrubbed c4p post

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't put it down if she wasn't 100% able to prove her truthfullness.

As we type her book is being torn to shreds because of all the lies and distortions.

Lies, lies, lies, just like the campaign, when they couldn't stop her from lying.

Bring out the violins and flowers.

She tells her story, and of course everyone is on the sea of pee believes every word.

Anonymous said...

Watch where and when the trolls show up. It provides a lot of info about what they're trying to distract you from .. what they don't want you to see.

Anonymous said...

She complains of the cursing, yet she encouraged Piper to go back to talk to the reporters etc. Charm them Piper.

Just as she used Piper during the hockey game in Philley. "They wouldn't dare boo Piper." Well they did.

Go philley. They know when they are being hustled.

Anonymous said...

All right, Jesse, show us where Patrick has broken copyright law.

Anonymous said...

Copyright? Your blabbing about giving away Copyrighted material?

Getting a little nervous Jesse?

Anonymous said...

Patriots for Vetting Palin

As a patriot and lover of this great country, I want a thorough vetting of Palin done finally and I 'd like the Republican party to apologize to us.

Palin stands against the very things this country was founded on.

She is an aberration, a disgrace, and the Republican party will never live this down.

Anonymous said...

It's hysterical how the Palin Cult don't care about the law when she's the one breaking it...

but suddenly find themselves enthralled with copyright law.


The world of selective reasoning and hatriots. I hope they all leave this country and found their theocracy elsewhere -- leave Democracy to those who can handle the responsibilities inherent in it.

Anonymous said...

Last year when the Nat'l Enquirer reported on Sarah's affair, McCain threatened them. They didn't back down!

Anonymous said...

Yuup the republicans didn't vet her. So we have to.

And by gum, we'll get the truth sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

And she is handing it to us on a silver platter. Lies though they are.

Anonymous said...

When I read "Tad" the first thing I thought was tadpole, that would be like Sarah, Tad Pole Palin. Now the Brad name is curious, what is the time line?

Brad Hanson is one of the most vile creatures from Palmer. They did know the Palins for years. The wife was into some funny things with them if I recall right. Her position was a godsend for someone like Sarah to take advantage of.

Anonymous said...

class action lawsuit against Murdoch's HC for publishing a bunch of lies? You betcha. He deserves it.

Anonymous said...

She's the center of attention in the main ring, with Carrie Prejean backing her up at the tabloid circus.

Anonymous said...

§ 501. Infringement of copyright2
(a) Anyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner as provided by sections 106 through 122 or of the author as provided in section 106A(a), or who imports copies or phonorecords into the United States in violation of section 602, is an infringer of the copyright or right of the author, as the case may be.

§ 106. Exclusive rights in copyrighted works38
Subject to sections 107 through 122, the owner of copyright under this title has the exclusive rights to do and to authorize any of the following:

(1) to reproduce the copyrighted work in copies or phonorecords;

(2) to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work;

(3) to distribute copies or phonorecords of the copyrighted work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending;

(4) in the case of literary, musical, dramatic, and choreographic works, pantomimes, and motion pictures and other audiovisual works, to perform the copyrighted work publicly;

(5) in the case of literary, musical, dramatic, and choreographic works, pantomimes, and pictorial, graphic, or sculptural works, including the individual images of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, to display the copyrighted work publicly; and

(6) in the case of sound recordings, to perform the copyrighted work publicly by means of a digital audio transmission.

You're in violation the law, Patrick. However, if you can prove you have permission from Sarah Palin to distribute pages from her book, you may have a defense. But I don't think you do.

Anonymous said...

Nice cut and paste, Jesse. But, your forgot about Fair Use.

Anonymous said...

hmmm. A work of complete fiction masked as biography.

Anonymous said...

Palin's record is TRULY ABYSMAL, it speaks for itself.

She is a failure, loser and quitter. Urinetown can spin it any way they want because they are nothing but sycophants.

Anonymous said...

whoops, "you" not "your"

Anonymous said...

Books have been pulled for less than what already was fact checked.

Anonymous said...

Palinbots are wishing the book would go away. One of them criticized the AP fact check, because the book was not written by Sarah Palin but by a ghostwriter, something they have been denying for some time.

Anonymous said...

The Queen's minions are openly disobeying her. She told them to buy the book, enjoy it and hold their fire.

Anonymous said...

Murdoch won't pull this piece of shit because he has no honor or integrity and has never cared about truth.

class action lawsuit is something he's going to have to contemplate. I am deadly serious about it, since I'm sick and tired of the right's loose play with the truth. Her autobiography is part of the 4th estate and as such impacts our political system and government. I'm not going to sit by while the right lies, revises, and spins reality to such an extent that even the right wing AP is fact-checking them.

I'm contacting a lawyer friend of mine Monday. It will be the cause of my life. A way to stand up for justice, since this creep of a person has made my life and the lives of liberals and Democrats and minorities in this country a living fucking hell with her violence inciting rhetoric.

But who would bother suing her? Not me. Finally, a big corporation to hold accountable as we couldn't hold Old Man POW accountable. Deep Pockets Murdoch. Empty your wallet, big daddy.

Anonymous said...

an hour ago Schmidt calls Palins ,(I won't even call it a book) a work of complete fiction. I guess as far as what she recounts that he was party to.

Anonymous said...

For such a "maverick" she sure's a slave to other people's opinions. See the part where she claims to be worried about what the neanderthals might think about her pregnancy. So she hid the pregnancy -- she says.

wv=pledeed pled to a deed

Anonymous said...

anon 22:47, I'm as on board with the anti-Palin effort as anyone, but no way a class action suit would fly. What are the grounds? There are no monetary damages to us.

Besides -- it's a memoir, she can say whatever she wants. And we can make fun as much as WE want.

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

Now I would even get one of those 4.97 copies just to be part of that class action lawsuit.

Sick and tired of her lies.

Lets have our own little revolution, and get rid of this disgusting and divisive force forever.

McCarthy had his day, and he was tossed into the wastebasket. with Walshes. "HAVE YOU NO SHAME?" that one sentence turned the tide on a monster.

Anonymous said...

No class action?

A memoir?

Oh I was under the misassumption that this was touted as her autobiographical truth telling response to all the meanies.

conscious at last said...

This is getting funnier by the minute-- almost better than reading the comments at Wonkette about SP. Anyhow-- first SP gives us the miscarriage (abortion?) information, then the possible Brad-Tad connection. I can't wait to see what other "secrets" she reveals in print-- she is so transparent. Maybe HC had better recall that book - it's gonna be a "Killa in Wasilla !"

Then, if that isn't funny enough, we have SP's operatives here, absolutely hysterical, trying to goad Patrick (Regina and Kathleen ) into revealing what they know by insulting them. Hilarious, try that with an eight year old-- not on us! Then all these absolutely impotent legal- type threats-- Copyright Law ho ho-- OK now, what copyright has SP violated ??

I am truly entertained for the first time by SP and her lackeys!

BlueTx said...

Bristol, sarah, willow nor mercede is Trigs biological mother. There is another woman with Heath blood in her veins that birthed that boy.

Anonymous said...

It's an autobiography and it is supposed to be factual.

She lies about facts.

There is a lawsuit here and I intend to pursue it:-)

I'm sick of the lies and the bs.

It's not as if the lies are contained to personal disagreements. She lies about the pipeline, she lies about reality, and letting that crap fly is why we had W start a fucking war with Iraq over lies!

I'm so done with it all. Right wing lies have cost this great country so much. Enough. THe media has let them lie and spin so much they never even fear being held accountable for the truth. It's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Someone tells me that Brad Hanson is a coach at Colony High School. The same school where they say Willow is to attend school? Does anyone know if that is true? Both Brad and Willow are at Colony? Is Willow and athlete like Bristol and Sarah?

The whole part about Willow going to school may be a lie. That is why she travels, saying she attends Colony is a ruse.

Who can check that out?

Forever Anonymous said...

Did the troll eat my previous comment?

Any-woo, now "abortion" can be linked to Sarah, as a typo, of course!

Nobody can say she is not in front of the story. The Babygate story.

Forced miscarriage may run in the family.

Anonymous said...

"Book Club" author's best-selling nonfiction memoir filled with fabrications, falsehoods, other fakery, TSG probe finds

Anonymous said...

It's an autobiography and it is supposed to be factual.


You haven't read much history, have you?

I'm sure you'll find a lawyer to take your money, but there are no grounds for a lawsuit here.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean said Sarah Palin is a wonderful mother.


Floyd M. Orr said...

I would like to have the page count of Going Rogue qualified. Some people are saying that a section about Levi may have been deleted. Amazon and B&N state 432 pages. Is that Page 1 - Page 432, or does that include all the unnumbered and blank pages in the front and back of the book? Sometimes retailers list the page count in one way and sometimes in the other.

Anonymous said...

anon 23:09 surely you are a Palinbot, as I determined from the projection in your comment.

For if you had been paying attention, you would know that it actually does matter if you tell the truth in your autobiography.

laugh all you want. It only tells me to pursue it harder. Oh, and I won't have to pay any money - but then you would know that if you knew how class action lawsuits worked. And if you knew who my lawyer was:-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah should take another look to the medical history Dr. Cathy Baldwing- Johnson wrote, with cut and paste is more difficult to spot typos.

I think Sarah uses white out to wipe her lies, also.

Anonymous said...

If her doctor was CB then why did she say she learned the bad news from the ultra sound tech? And why did she say the dr was so mean to her to say "nothing alive in there?" sounds like cbj or whatever her name is has been her "doctor" for a while now....

more conflicts.

regina said...

Please stop bashing Gryphen on palingates. If anybody has issues with Gryphen's blog, please address them directly at Immoral Minority. Gryph is our friend and we are on the same side.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You miscarry when the pregnancy is terminated spontanously. When you have a D&C, it is an abortion.

Anonymous said...

"Fair use is generally a short excerpt and almost always attributed. (One should not use much more of the work than is needed to make the commentary.) It should not harm the commercial value of the work -- in the sense of people no longer needing to buy it (which is another reason why reproduction of the entire work is a problem.)"

Anonymous said...

Amniocentesis - This procedure is used to collect amniotic fluid, the liquid that is in the womb. It's performed in the doctor's office or in the hospital on an "out-patient" basis. A needle is inserted through the mother's abdominal wall into the uterus, using ultrasound to guide the needle. Approximately one ounce of fluid is taken for testing. This fluid contains fetal cells that can be examined for chromosome tests. It takes about 2 weeks to determine if the fetus has Down syndrome or not.

Amniocentesis is usually carried out between the 14th and 18th week of pregnancy; some doctors may do them as early as the 13th week. Side effects to the mother include cramping, bleeding, infection and leaking of amniotic fluid afterwards. There is a slight increase in the risk of miscarriage: the normal rate of miscarriage at this time of pregnancy is 2 to 3%, and amniocentesis increases that risk by an additional 1/2 to 1%. Amniocentesis is not recommended before the 14th week of pregnancy due to a higher risk of complications and loss of pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Amazing family...the children have to toilet train themselves. GREAT parenting skills, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, these are excerpts. A limited number of pages for educational and review purposes. They are attributed and I can't imagine how anyone would think posting a few pages from a 400+ page book would mean that people wouldn't have to go and buy it because they've basically seen it all.

Anonymous said...

I just love bypassing the troll's post.

Thank you Regina, I agree with you about Gryphen. Some people need to back off. We're all in this together whether we agree or disagree.

Anonymous said...

When she talked about the pregnancy after she became governor she mentioned that they hadn't told anyone about Piper until the 5th month. Can anyone check into that? It seemed odd that Piper was suddenly introduced into a pregnancy that -- she says -- occurred while she was governor.

Anonymous said...

I have seen people who have said they would not buy the book Going Rogue change since seeing the previews. Now there are new customers. this is like another promotion for selling more copies.

I am for something going to court, however. The sooner the better.

This book should be easy to prove it is not factual as buyers are lead to believe.

Let Oprah know about the doubts. It will be easy for HC to change it to a book of fiction.

Anonymous said...

If they label it fiction, that would be cool., Let her carry on her celebrity grifting of her loser flock -- but keep her out of the political arena and the government. THis is not a factual book.

It is the fiction of a deranged, mentally-ill person who is fleecing innocent Americans.

Anonymous said...

anon@23:50 Don't worry 'bout Jesse he is a Concern Troll

Anonymous said...

There could be a problem distinquishing the fetus' heartbeat from the mother's heartbeat. In the early 1990s, was ultrasound tech. far enough along that someone could say "there's nothing alive in there?" Even if so, does a 12-week old fetus move always move? Never sleep?

Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
Jesse, these are excerpts. A limited number of pages for educational and review purposes. They are attributed and I can't imagine how anyone would think posting a few pages from a 400+ page book would mean that people wouldn't have to go and buy it because they've basically seen it all."""

I'm not a lawyer, but if you take copyrighted material and publish it on your blog, that seems rather suspicious to me.

The good bloggers here scanned and posted actual pages from a book that has not been released yet, which means that the book was not lawfully gained, in addition to being copied illegally. You don't think Palin could get this blog to take down these pages? They probably won't given how obscure this place is, but don't Regina and Patrick have any respect for another person's intellectual property? No, they do not.

This isn't an excerpt. This is outright thievery. Yet what should I expect from miscreants such as yourselves?

Anonymous said...

Some anon poster over at Gryphen's blog has just posted a very interesting comment. She was barely leaking amniotic fluid, and CBJ would not allow her to go home (15 minutes was all she needed)to collect her belongings for the hospital stay.

Anonymous said...

I think it was an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Trolls shoot messengers because they are on the wrong side of truth and have nothing valuable to say.

Ignore trolls and your life will be better for it.

Anonymous said...

Blue you obviously are dropping a big hint her about the mother of Trig. My guess would be Molly Heath? Even after $arah was tapped as the VP candidate, Molly appeared no where then , nor now. On the other hand, the other sister, Heather was all over national news being interviewed. Molly was on lockdown? Molly had a secret? What was the timing of Troopergate...around the time someone would have gotten pregnant? So Blue you live in Giddings? Lots of tidbits coming out of Giddings.

The only thing we know of Molly is a couple of photos taken in Juneau...that is it.

For the sake of the country...tell what you know!

Wilbur Mercer said...

I don't know who's more hypocritical, the C4Pee'rs or some of the folks commenting on here today.

Let me get this straight, if you have an opinion or feel differently than the majority then you're a concern troll ?

I'm no lawyer so I'm not even going to speculate on his concerns, but he may have a valid point.

Or he may not, we'll see.

If there was an issue I'm sure the publisher would be all over it. The truth of the matter is though, it's free publicity that's certainly not going to eat into sales, so why stop it ?

That's totally a call of the publisher, one that this blogger and others probably won't get.

You know, I don't like this woman's politics any more than the next guy, I didn't vote for her for Governor and I certainly didn't vote for her for VP.

But there just comes a time when enough is enough.

If Sarah Palin announced today that she has cancer and only has 30 days to live, I wonder just how many of you would stand up and cheer for that bit of good news.

I've been following politics in Alaska for a long, long time, I've probably forgotten more than what Jesse, Jeanne, Shannyn and Linda know, and trust me, I know a lot.

Anonymous said...

(Hope this doesn't double post)

I've been a Trig Truther ever since Audrey started her blog, so I say this in NO WAY to explain anything about She Who Shall Not Be Named, but the terminology discussions are getting old. Here it is, from a woman who has 4 beautiful children, and has suffered 9 miscarriages, one of which was in the 2nd trimester, at 20 weeks:

spontaneous abortion = miscarriage, usually discovered by spotting or bleeding occuring in the first trimester

missed abortion = miscarriage, but usually discovered by ultrasound because no spotting or bleeding has occured and the cervix remains closed.

A D & C could be performed for either of the above. Sometimes, even after letting "nature take its course," to make sure there is no remaining tissue to become infected (in a spontaneous abortion), or to remove the fetus and other tissue/material in a missed abortion.

A D & E is performed when the baby has died, but is too large to be passed naturally. Sometimes doctors induce labor and deliver the baby, other times (like if they can tell it's been some time since the baby died and things have "broken down.")

Both of these procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia, and these days they are usually outpatient procedures. Having endured both of them, I can tell you that NEITHER is a piece of cake.

I will say this, however, after nine losses, I have NEVER received a bill that said "miscarriage." You get a bill or a notice that the insurance company has paid the doctor using the name of the procedure (D & C, D & E, etc.). Only in my chart does it indicate WHY the procedure was necessary. I'm sure the doctor provides that info to the insurance company, but it has not appeared on paperwork sent to the patient.

And Anon at 00:02, of course the baby sleeps. But it still has a heartbeat. And is usually moving in some respect, because it's floating around in fluid, not frozen like in an ice cube. So, by 9-10 weeks or so, when the tech hooks up the u/s gear, and you look up at the screen and see complete stillness, that's a pretty good indication that something's gone wrong. And then it gets terribly sad.

But I would imagine when you're having to invent all these kinds of details, it gets sketchy in there as to who said what "doctor v tech," or what week it happened (12 or maybe 13, give or take), or what you've already told whom.

Because as far as I can tell, none of the above information would apply when you've strapped on an empathy belly. Or Spongebob. Just sayin. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilbur...If you did not vote for $arah, and you don't like her poltics, why do you have an entire Flickr page full of photos of her at one of the picnics? An adoring fan? Some of those photos actually look like you were on the stage with her. What say you? S.H.

Anonymous said...

I would not stand up and cheer if Sarah Palin got cancer. Nor would I giggle about it, the way Sarah Palin did with Lyda Green.

Anonymous said...

anon :0:04 good catch. They're so transparent.

Worshippers of false idols; Palin's Pharisees.

Anonymous said...

Blue_TX: You seem to know more about the Palins than most of the folks who comment at this website. Can you answer a question? When Palin was in the middle of the Letterman and interviewed in TX, she said she was there for a "sisterly act." Which sister, if any, lives in TX?

Hanson update said...

Can someone in Alaska further explore this rumor and confusion?

Valley Polaris is the name of a business owned by Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's husband Todd and his one-time business partner, Brad Hanson. The dealership was located in Wasilla, Alaska.
Bonded in sports.

From what I can tell the Hanson affair in question was around 1996. In 2008 Brad Hanson states that he and Todd are still friends. Marilyn Bowden is related to Carolyn Hanson. She was told there was an affair and she was told to deny that. The same for Carolyn Hanson's brother, Craig Bratton.

Brad Hanson is divisive, explosive and depised. They had to remove articles where he was mentioned because of the rancor.
Please remove the story wrote on Feb 11, 2008 11:32 AM:
" This secret Hanson hater club has gone on long enough. "

The ADN also removes articles related to Hanson

The following was typical of comments form coach Hanson dissenters:
Tsk, tsk wrote on Jan 31, 2008 6:55 PM:
"Once again, let's get back to the guy's behavior. It was unacceptable and if any teacher or one of your coworkers at any place of employment acted the way Hanson did, they'd be out of a job. It's unacceptable but the Palmer koolaid drinkers find it okay as long as they're winning. They're simply promoting another generation of kids who grow up to coach kids bully style with foul language and poor behavior.

Also the "breeder comments were removed.
"When you can’t convert any one else, just “breed” your own believers."
“She is Awesome and we’re so glad Alaska breeds AWESOME and FANTASTIC conservatives that we desperately need to change Washington.”

As far as I can tell Brad Hanson is still with the city of Palmer, he is still friends with the Palins and he is a coach in Palmer.

I have never seen anything to back up that Willow actually goes to school at Colony. She is not as hidden as Bristol but there is a cloak of mystery. It is claimed that she does go to Colony, whether or not she attends classes or only has a coach like Bristol (another coach Hanson) I don't know. If she doesn't actually go to school, that explains why she is not in school now and on a book tour.

Without a doubt her attire is unusual for the daughter of someone trying to sell a book on Oprah. She looks like she wants to be home in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Wow! They recognized that Sarah had a cognitive deficit and had a nutritionist come in to help.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Sarah in Texas for a "sisterly act"? Maybe there is another Heath daughter...maybe one no one knows about. Maybe in an institution. Maybe was raped and gave birth to a Downs Syndrome baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi again -- I'm that anonymous person who prefers to lurk.

Just want to jump in here to say that, yes, an ObGyn would say there's nothing alive in there: when there's a blighted ovum -- there never was a baby; it's just an egg that sends signals similar to a baby. The mother's body prepares for a baby; the mother feels pregnant, misses her period, etc., but nothing develops. They usually do end ~14, 15, 16 weeks -- barely into the 2nd trimester. I had one myself. I also needed a D&C, aka an abortion.
It's quite likely a statement of benefits or a bill would say elective abortion or D&C, if that is indeed what happened to her. There is no way it would be whited out though. That is what it's called. If she didn't like it, tough. Please note: I'm not saying I have any idea why Sarah had an abortion; it could have been a blighted ovum. It could have been she didn't feel financially ready for a second child. It could have been for any number of reasons. It is honestly none of my business why she did, or whether she did, except that she has chosen to make it my business by (1) publishing her supposed experience, and (2) sticking her nose into all American women's Ob offices.
It's one of the things that ticks me off so much about Stupak and other anti choice measures. Ending an ectopic pregnancy is also done via abortion. Ending a miscarriage that isn't progressing is also done via abortion.
Back to lurking. ;)

Anonymous said...

apparently, Sarah claims Obama took the mantra of "change" from her.

Good lord. the woman's ego is larger than this entire country.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to ignore Jesse. What a head case!!! It's really odd behavior. Really, he is as crazy as Sarah! Maybe he is Sarah.

Go ahead and sue Patrick for copyright violation. I double dare you Jessarah! What a joke. Palin and bots are always
threatening to sue people.

Why don't we sue Jessarah for making threats on this blog to several people and also for
pretending to be part Sarahs inner circle!?

two peas in a pod--Jessarah

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse- Lets put the shoe on the other foot-You prove she was pregnant, can you prove that, sona grams, amnio, birth certificate,hospital bills, insurance forms, witnesses, as in nurses or doctors, other patients. It should be a lot easier to prove she was than to prove she wasn't.. You have one fake photo right now, so you better get to work.

Wilbur Mercer said...

Anon @ 0:40

So what ?

It was a public event in the town where I live.

I have a lot of photos of various public events around town, including the Don Young protest in 2007, the Anti Palin protest at the library last year, and many others.

I even have photos of her Super Bowl shoot, you may have seen them on this blog or on other websites.

I have photos of the Bill Allen and Pete Kott trials as well.

So what's the big deal again ?

I'm just as critical over at C4P as well.

I don't care much for her politics, but I'm not crazy-rabid-mad about tearing the woman and her family down either.

Oh, and btw.....

The pics that C4P ran....

They asked for permission, that was actually a little joke on them.....

If you've ever read anything by Phillip K. Dick then you might have a clue as to who the real Wilbur Mercer is.

Wilbur Mercer said...

From the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Wiki :

Mercerism is a prominent religious/philosophical movement on Earth. The movement is based on the legend of Wilbur Mercer, a man who lived before the war. Adherents of Mercerism grip the handles of an electrically powered empathy box, while viewing a monitor which displays patterns that are meaningless until the handles are gripped. After a short interval the user's senses are transported to the world of Wilbur Mercer, where they inhabit his mind in an experience shared with any other people using an empathy box at that moment.

Mercerism blends the concept of a life-death-rebirth deity with the values of unity and empathy. According to legend, Mercer had the power to revive dead animals, but local officials used radioactive cobalt to nullify the part of his brain where the ability originated. This forced Mercer into the "tomb world." He strives to reverse the decay of the tomb world and ascend back to Earth by climbing an enormous hill. His adversaries throw rocks at him along the way (inflicting actual physical injuries on the adherents "fused" with Mercer), until he reaches the top, when the cycle starts again, much like the plight of Sisyphus.

Mercer's tomb world is likely a reference to Swiss psychiatrist Ludwig Binswanger and his account of Ellen West's personal experiences of anorexia nervosa in which she conceives of the material world as being like a tomb world.[4]

Carrère, Emmanuel; Bent, Translated by Timothy (2006), I am alive and you are dead : a journey into the mind of Philip K. Dick, London: Bloomsbury, p. 83, ISBN 0747579717

lolololol !

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting tidbit.

I was talking to an acquaintance about SP one day. She mentioned that one of her relatives attended SP's church. She said something to the effect that it had been bombed. She did not say "fire".

Has anyone heard something like this before? Does the flock think that someone bombed their church?

Just wondering...

It really caught me off guard & she said it so casually. I may have misheard her, because I was in a little shock.

So far, no mention of the "fire" in the book.

Anonymous said...

Wilbur, Is anyone in the Palin, Heath or Johnston families a mercerist?

Anonymous said...

You don't care much for her politics,"Wilbur"?

I don't care at all for her politics. She came close to the white house and there are still (unfortunately) many people who still believe she should be there. As long as she sticks her beak in national politics, including her inane facebook posts on health care, etc, she's fair game. I have two daughters and there's no way I want them to live in Sarah Palin's version of America.

Sure, I can muster up sympathy for Sarah Palin, especially now that she's imploding (as I said, much more sympathy than she managed to muster up when some SOB caller Lyda Green a "cancer"). But I feel much more sorry for Sarah's children. She's brought all of this on herself and her family and continues to do so.


Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
Hey Jesse- Lets put the shoe on the other foot-You prove she was pregnant, can you prove that, sona grams, amnio, birth certificate,hospital bills, insurance forms, witnesses, as in nurses or doctors, other patients. It should be a lot easier to prove she was than to prove she wasn't.. You have one fake photo right now, so you better get to work."""

And what photo was that?

Anonymous said...

total fiction:

Anonymous said...

Every day a new troll....Interesting....

Anonymous said...

How does a troll function? To disrupt. To change the topic. To "play offense." There's no point in discussing anything with them, because they are not here to rationally discuss. They are here to disrupt. To change the topic. To "play offense" or distract. To run posts about themselves. For all of the reasons above, it takes discipline to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

When you cross out or white out something you must initial it to make it an legal change. No way would a doctors office send something like that out to someone.

Anonymous said...

Narcissus died because he ended up staring--with love--into a pool which reflected his own image. He fell in love with himself.

Someone who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder will experience an ending metaphorically similar to what happens in the Greek myth.

Anonymous said...

"Palin, according to senior staffers, was concerned about not looking heavy on camera and was thoroughly obsessive about her appearance and every little comment that was made about her looks."

good job people.

Anonymous said...

Too bad she wasn't nearly as concerned with looking stupid on camera.

Anonymous said...

@2:15 - what do we have to do with it? Who knows who Palin listened to during the campaign? She never even listened to her staff, and she couldn't list any newspapers she ever read.

Anonymous said...

"She's full of it." -- Levi Johnston

Anonymous said...

She was dieting ... losing a lot of weight ... her staff decided she had a cognitive deficit ... they brought in a nutritionist

Anonymous said...

2:18 She reads these blogs, apparently:-)

Her looks became the center of her 'platform".

Personally, I find her new wig hideous and indicative of her hillbilly judgment. I think she's lost too much weight and now looks like the "tiny Hollywood starlets" she's always bashing but secretly jealous of.

I think her latest surgery episode was poorly handled, though her jaw line looks slightly better and her lips are finally not ugly, but she really needs to watch it because she's starting to look like Joan Rivers - big head, no body.

Fiction, indeed. She left out all of her losses and plastic surgery forays.

Anonymous said...

"The kids lose their underwear." -- Chuck Heath

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