Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sex, Lies and Videotape - Sarah Palin's new friend Carrie Prejean exposed as a pathological liar and hypocrite - UPDATE: Seven more sex tapes found!

Originally I planned to write a rather short blogpost about Carrie Prejean and her relationship with her new "Christian comrade" Sarah Palin. However, during the last days and especially during the last 24 hours, the story developed into something much bigger and already can be regarded as a "case study" for shameless lies and hypocrisy within the Christian right.

A few days ago, the old controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California, who lost her crown after topless pictures of her were discovered, took a completely new turn.

In August 2009, Carrie Prejean started court proceedings against California pageant officials for "libel, slander and religious discrimination". Then, the very well informed website "TMZ" reported on November 4, 2009, that during settlement negotiations for Carrie Prejean's claim (she apparently wanted more than one million dollars), the lawyer for the Pageant suddenly presented a sex tape which featured Carrie Prejean. The website wrote:

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let's just say, Carrie has a promising solo career. We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist -- a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

The story could have been finished with this event, and Carrie Prejean could have quietly disappeared into oblivion. However, that is not what Carrie Prejean has in mind. After all, she has just published her tell-all book "Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight against Gossip, Hate and Political Attacks", for which prominent Fox News right-winger Sean Hannity wrote the foreword. It appears that it is not her plan to leave the scene quietly - quite the opposite.

This, however, seems to be a very bad decision on part of Carrie Prejean. This revelation about the existence of a sex tape proved to be only the beginning of a remarkable story of lies, hypocrisy and self-destruction which is currently unfolding in real-time right in front of our eyes.

Let's "rewind the tape" for a moment and look back at the beginning of the whole scandal - back to the beginning of May 2009. Because back then, several things happened which didn't receive a lot of attention at the time. A central part plays the gossip website "", which originally had published the first (rather harmless) topless pictures of Carrie Prejean. Just a few days after the publication of the first pictures at the beginning of May 2009, received a cease and desist letter from Carrie Prejean's lawyer, dated May 8, 2009:

In this letter, Carrie Prejean's lawyer claimed:

One of the displayed images of Ms. Prejean was illegally taken under false pretenses when she was a 17 year old minor and unable to consent to its creation.

CNN reported on May 5, 2008:

Prejean said the photos -- taken when she was 17 and aspiring to be a Victoria's Secret model -- were being used in a "vicious and mean-spirited" effort to silence her for "defending traditional marriage."

One photo published Monday on a Web site -- The Dirty -- showed barely more skin than the bikini Prejean wore in the pageant's swimsuit competition. While she appears topless, she was turned away from the camera with her arm covering most of her breast.

In the news release Prejean -- who finished as runner-up in the Miss USA pageant -- defended the photos, which she said were taken when she was a teenager.

"I am a Christian, and I am a model," she said. "Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos."

However, the claim that Carrie Prejean was only 17 years old when those pictures were taken was a LIE - TMZ reported:

We obtained an email sent by the sponsor (we were asked not to use his name) and he says Carrie sent him one of the topless photos after January 6, 2009, asking "if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant." The date is significant, because that's the day Carrie got a boob job. The former sponsor says the pic was post boob job and she was well over 18.

See also the subsequent report in TMZ HERE.

It was to be the first lie in a whole series of lies by Carrie Prejean and was destined to find its climax yesterday.

There is another fact from May 2009 which is not widely known. The existence of the infamous sex tape, which was so dramatically presented during the settlement negotiations in November, was already known in May 2009! The website "" got hold of the tape in May 2009, but didn't publish it. However, they made it publicly known that this tape exists. Nik Richie from "" wrote on November 5, 2009:

I am not understanding why the Sex Tape is is such huge news today. I told everyone about this back in the day. (...) It was too graphic to post on

See Nik Richie's further statement about the fact that Carrie Prejean back then had accused him of lying about the sex tape HERE.

When I read this, I slowly started to realise in what an utterly delusional world Carrie Prejean lives - and certainly she is not alone. Despite the fact that Carrie Prejean knew that the sex tape had already been discovered, she ignored it and pretended until the very last moment that this is all just a work of fiction - TMZ reports:

When the video started playing, Carrie's first reaction was "that's disgusting" ... and Carrie denied it was her. Then, the camera angle changed ... and panned up to her face. She was caught red-handed ... so to speak. Carrie was rendered speechless and immediately began talking with her lawyer. We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million dollar demand.

How deluded can one be? I believe that someone who has been convinced that they are on a "divine mission" can go so far as to ignore reality.

It's even worse, because according the TMZ, Carrie Prejean's mother was in the room when the sextape was played! TMZ explains:

TMZ has learned her MOM was in the room when the Miss California USA lawyers pressed play.

Sources tell TMZ Carrie's mom was in shock -- instantly turning sheet white as she watched her daughter give herself a hand.

That is not the end of the story. But before we continue, let me shortly give you a deeper insight into Carrie Prejeans family background. I am well aware of the fact that we are not responsible for the actions or beliefs of other family members. However, I still had to raise an eyebrow when I learned about Carrie Prejean's brother Billy "Willis", because that was not how I imagined what a American conservative Christian family would look like:

Here is an interview with Carrie's brother Billy which was posted on youtube.

So, is Billy just a normal nice guy, despite of his rather intimidating appearance?

Well, not according to the divorce documents and restraining orders that "" got hold of!

Anyway - hopefully Carrie can help her brother to find Jesus. It looks to me that this is a task which would keep her occupied for a while.

The inconvenient revelations about Carrie Prejean did not escape the attention of the religious right. Already in May 2009, "" received for example the following letter - amongst many other hate emails:

My name is Pastor ********** and I represent a Church in Waynesville, North Carolina and I felt compelled to let you know how despicable of a person you are and your attack on Miss Prejean is malicious and a bold face fabrication. Miss Prejean has the courage to stand up for what she believes and it is her God given right to speak out against those men who lay with another man. That sin in our church is the highest sin one can commit and if a good Christian woman cannot speak out against our most heinous of sins, than what is a good Christian to do?

Here is the example of another email from the same crazy Pastor - quite disturbing to imagine that he apparently has 500 people in his church.

OK - end of the interlude, back to the sex tape (and finally, Sarah Palin).

When Carrie Prejean's sextape "was unveiled" a few days ago - what was her first line of defence? Please take an educated guess....yes, you got it! She was of course AGAIN only 17 years old when the sex tape was made! As a consequence, everyone who gets hold of the tape would basically be guilty of child pornography!

Is this the truth? Yes? No? Please take another educated guess, everyone - the answer is: OF COURSE NOT!

TMZ reported today (I just love these guys!):

Carrie Prejean's ex-boyfriend -- the guy to whom she sent the XXX solo video -- tells TMZ Carrie and company called him last week and tried getting him to "lie" and say she was 17 when she shot the video.

During an audio interview with TMZ, the man -- who asked us not to use his name -- says Carrie sent him the video when they were involved with each other in 2007. He says Carrie sent him numerous explicit videos and insists the one in question was shot when she was 20.

We have verified this is indeed the guy to whom Carrie sent her solo video -- which ultimately torpedoed her settlement with Miss California USA.

Here is the audio recording of the explosive phonecall that TMZ had with her ex-boyfriend. He said that Carrie Prejean send him in total 15-20 "very explicit" videos of her while they were together, and that Carrie Prejean now asked him to lie for her and say that she was only 17 years old when the infamous sex tape in question was made:

You want more? You want to see even more madness, more hypocrisy?

Then take a look in Carrie Prejean's book, where she displayed grave concerns about the evils of hardcore pornography:

"Unfortunately, pornography has become mainstreamed -- it rushes at us through big screens, portable screens; soft-core porn is on mainstream TV cable stations, hard-core porn is just a mouse click away on the internet, and the envelope of what seems acceptable seems to get pushed farther and farther as more and more people are exposed to this material."

"The result is that girls grow up in a culture where it is hard to have an innocent, healthy, normal view of themselves, how they should behave, how they should act, and how they should dress."

Carrie then addresses the topless pics directly, and states, "Our bodies are temples of the Lord. We should earn respect and admiration for our hearts, not for showing skin to look sexy ... I have since learned that your outer beauty can only get you so far in life.

If this STILL is not bizarre and hypocritical enough for you, then please have a look at the hissy fit that Carrie Prejean had yesterday on the Larry King Show, where she nearly walked off and thought it was ok for her to lecture Larry King about morals:



The youtube video has been deleted in the meantime.

Here is the original CNN video:


PLEASE NOTE: I replaced the original youtube video with another one, because the new version is better. In the new clip, Carrie Prejean explains first why Sarah Palin is her "hero" and why she admires her, before she is having her hissy fit afterwards.

A reader said in the comments that in the USA calling Larry King "inappropriate" would be the same as in the UK calling the Queen of England "inappropriate". I think our reader has a point there!

The long version can be viewed on the CNN website here.

In the long version of the Larry King interview, Carrie Prejean yesterday said that she had been "palinized", and went on to explain:

"You look at Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, they are relentlessly torn down by the liberal media, they are wonderful women, they are intelligent, they are great mothers, there is a double standard that conservative women are fair game to be attacked, and it’s not right."

Which brings us back to our usual favourite subject, Sarah Palin.

I wonder whether Sarah Palin today, in light of these facts, would still try to defend Carrie Prejean against the "the liberal onslaught of malicious attacks".

The question I ask myself is:

Has Sarah Palin, amongst some rather undefined conservative Christian beliefs (no gay marriage, please! etc.) even MORE in common with Carrie Prejean? Maybe something - improper?

What I do know with certainty is the fact that Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of Trig - and thus a hypocrite and liar of the same calibre as Carrie Prejean, if not greater. The final result of this bizarre "competition" between the two is still open.


UPDATE: Radaronline reports today that 30 more new nude pictures and 7 more sex tapes of Carrie Prejean have surfaced!

Now a investigation has uncovered that there are SEVEN more “biggest mistakes” of her life – all of them solo performances, just like the one sex tape that the religious beauty queen has admitted to. And there are 30 photos of Carrie, most topless, some showing everything, and most taken by Carrie using her reflection in a mirror.

On one tape Carrie is wearing just a flowing white blouse as she touches her own body in an alluring manner. Carrie can be heard moaning on a few of the tapes.

Further news:

Keith Lewis, President of Miss California, finally reveals his real thoughts about Carrie Prejean to TMZ:

"The public is finally getting a glimpse of the real Carrie Prejean who lives in her own delusional world.

The childish behavior, her negative attitude, the sarcasm and condescending tone, the disrespect and continual lying she is demonstrating now is only a fraction of what we endured during her reign and after.

Anyone who buys her book is supporting a woman who is actually the opposite of everything she claims to be.

I sincerely hope she is able to get the psychological help I believe she has shown to clearly need."


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Anonymous said...

Great blog, Patrick! Carrie Prejean is one crazy woman.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean believes that she will be protected by her Christian Right friends. She's sadly deluded.

The email from the pastor makes threats and reveals a disturbing new trend in religion which seems to be becoming more and more peverse by the week.

Thanks for covering all the issues Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Stormy Daniels, a porn star, is running for the senate in Lousiana against David Vitter, a family values politician involved in a prostitution scandal. She was interviewed by Marie Clare and said, "I'm not one to judge someone's sexual activity, but what annoys me is that he's so hard-core "family values," and he puts his wife and kids out there, saying he's a Christian family man. Then he's caught up in a prostitution scandal. He's a hypocrite. [...] I have nothing to hide. A sex tape of me isn't going to pop up and shame me; there are 150 of them at the video store."

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, on one of the network morning shows, Carrie Prejean says she has a relationship with Bristol. I wonder whether Sarah put her up to that thinking that Carrie would be a good mentor or role-model for Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Ms Prejean needs intensive therapy, she's a narcissitic psycopath with probably a few other problems.....Dr Drew Pinsky has a book out called "The Mirror Effect How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing aAerica".....I'm sure it will shed some light on the likes of Ms Prejean

Have a good day all

Anonymous said...

Patrick.. well done post exposing what a liar Carrie is. She is very similar to Sarah in many respects.

Will Sarah lift a "finger" to again help her sole mate Carrie?

Maybe Sarah needs to let Bristol spend time with Carrie and her brother. They can discuss who parties the hardest.

Maybe Candies can hire Carrie for the abstinence tour.

10catsinmd said...

What a con artist! Maybe Scarah is teaching her. She is really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Anonymous said...

Never been to this blog before.

The biggest hypocrisy is to do with her statement regarding pornography in the book. Anyone who knows anything about the Prejean sextape knows that she was watching a porn video when her own tape was shot. And yes, it is very graphic. She is a liar and a fraud and I'm glad that bloggers are exposing her.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Carrie walking off Larry King show will reduce her TV time.

Glad to see she is such a supporter of her hero Sarah.

Gyalist said...

I've posted the link to this article to HuffPost. Hopefully it will make it through the moderation.

Anonymous said...

I think Carrie and Sarah probably have a LOT in common--more than we can imagine. It is horrible that Sarah promotes this sort of behavior in young women such as with her own daughter Bristol's friendship with psycho Prejean.

I would love to know what the relationship really was between Michael Phelps and Prejean, too.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Carrie Prejean expects us to be tolerant of her intolerant views. She wants us to respect her and her "Christian Faith" whilst she ignores the rights and dignity of those views that she finds personally abhorrent.

It's no surprise then that she has lots of skeletons in her closet and that she wants people to lie to cover them up for her.

She is the queen of hypocrites.

Patrick said...

Thank you, everybody, for the kind words! This post was very important for me, because here we have a case-study of right-wing Christian hypocrisy happening right now in front of our eyes, and we shouldn't let these liars get away with it. On the internet you can find at many places "snippets" of the whole story, but I wanted to bring the most important pieces of the Carrie Prejean story together in one post.

Anonymous said...

Great post Patrick. The scary part is that it's hard to tell how much of her lies are told out of ruthless ambition, and how much is her really believing she's being "Palinized" for her religious beliefs.

But then again, I wonder the same thing about SP - whether she plays the victim card because she really sees it that way, or just as a tool to get what she wants. Truly delusional or crazy like a fox - the lines are probably blurred in both cases. And does anybody think these two would still be getting airtime if it weren't for their good looks?

Anonymous said...

Great post, Patrick! You did an awesome job.

Anonymous said...

"You tell it like you see it, Carrie. People are sick of politically correct answers. You're doing awesome."... (Carrie telling of Sarah's call to her)

She told me her daughter Bristol was a big fan of mine, and would love for me to call her. We have been keeping in touch ever since."

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Carrie could be named along with Sarah in an alienation suit.

Anonymous said...

Carrie sent sex tapes to someone she had just met for a few days... WOW

Carrie is DUMB, maybe even dumber than Sarah.

Have to believe more tapes exist.

Carrie partied in Vegas with swimmer Mike Phelps... Mike, how many tapes do you have?

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Patrick. I happen to catch the Larry King interview last night and could not believe her strange behavior. Sarah Palin is her role model alright. They both go to the same school of denial, lies and hypocrisy. Thank you for pulling this all together.

The Palins and Prejeans are backed up and trained by those that want to target large portions of our society and "cure" or destroy them. They put on the false fronts but they are not different from Fred Phelps. It is no coincidence that Palin's church is homophobic. If I remember, it was Progressive Alaska that pointed out how churches bused in children to Anchorage to protest against the rights of others. That is child abuse to some. Of course, Prejean is someone Palin picks to befriend Bristol. Bristol does not have the martyr act down yet. Palin wants her out doing her work for abstinence-only. She can't do that while a political prisoner. Bristol is of interest to me because she is a public figure who has been brainwashed by a cult. We'll have to see how that plays out.

While no one is mentioning it, Levi has taken an opposite position. No one will come out and say it but it makes sense that Sarah would not want any of her family close to Levi unless he comes around to Sarah's religious dogma. I understand her faith (religion) is a big part of her book. What has Levi said about his experience with religion? Did he and Bristol receive counsel from her church? Does Tripp belong to the church, in the way the other parents dedicate children to do the Lords work (like protests)? I find it unusual that someone who is so deeply into their faith (religion) could have someone living in their house and nothing came up about that.

Levi and Bristol would not be the first parents to have differences of a religious nature.

Anonymous said...

Carrie and Sarah think they were victims of "gotcha" questions.

Anonymous said...

Wow, let's compare Levi to Carrie Prejean's brother....

Truly Madly Deeply. said...

Let's compare Levi to Carrie Prejean! palin pals around with some interesting folks, yes indeedy!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Prejean.

Oh please. I can't hear what your preaching, because your actions are speaking louder than your words.

I have said all along that she was not an example to young woman. She said the other night that she made this tape for a man she 'loved'. Well, in my christian faith, we teach not to put yourself into positions like this (pun intended). Waiting until marriage is a good thing, and not making embarrassing tapes is even better. I teach my sons: Would you like to marry someone who did something like this?" It's more than a youthfull indescretion. Even my 8 yr old daughter knows that taking off clothes in front of a camera - or anyone - is WRONG.

I guess in the palin/prejean moral world, it all grows back once you find Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Certainty, eh, Patrick?

Where's your proof? Remember, Gryphen begs to differ.

Dianne said...

I saw Carrie on the Today Show yesterday morning. She's a spoiled brat mean girl - just like her mentor, Sarah. It would seem obvious to me that if you film yourself having sex (either alone or not) you want SOMEBODY to see it. Otherwise, why film it. Her whining about being only 17 is BS. Those were filmed with the intention of being seen. Too bad she didn't get her million bucks first.

As far as she and SP having someing "improper" in common, Patrick, could we have a sextapegate? Hmmm. Who's got it? Where's it hidden? Under the couch cushion? In the library with the candlestick? In the freezer with the moose meat? And, was she only 17, also, too?

Anonymous said...

There was a comment on IM many months ago assuring us that there IS a Palin sex tape and that both sides have it. And I believe there was a comment on this blog about that topic as well not too long ago....

Anonymous said...

There doesn't appear to be any expression of support for Carrie from Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a fast friend. Good-bye Carrie!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, this is an absolutely fabulous post! WOW! The similiarities of Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean are astounding. No wonder so many people are "flocking" to the new "christian" religion, especially the old white men. Do they get personalized sex tapes from these upstanding "christian" women to entice them to their "religion"?

Makes you wonder if Sarah has any "promotional" tapes just waiting to be discovered.

I also like the part that Sean Fannity wrote the foreplay, er, foreword for Carrie's book. Well, you know what I mean.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


Gryphen is sure that Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of Trig. And so is Patrick. Patrick is also sure that Bristol was pregnant in 2007 and Gryphen has never said that she wasn't.

So scurry on back to your hole your concern has been noted!

Sunshine1970 said...

Please excuse me for just a moment:

Okay. I think I'm done now. Prejean was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

When will the goods spill on Palin, now? I know they're out there, but there are just too many people keeping quiet. It's got me floored they've been silent all this time.

Maybe 'Rogue' (or is it 'Rouge'?--haha) will make some of those people talk if they find they've been outed for whatever they did to Palin during the campaign.

WV=signen...Made me think of the canaries will sing...

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean Fingers Palin As Hero…Then Quits!

Anonymous said...

I love it how Carrie is coat-tailing the Palin brand now--saying Palin was her hero on Larry King Live. She couldn't really say why; that was the best part. But now we know why: she sees her as another a ex-Beauty Queen Pageant Walking to Arouse the Flock...I mean Base.

caught in the act said...

Hmmmm...yes.....hahaha! Miss Good Finger was a naughty girl......hahahahaha!

Patrick, you nailed this one. No little hidey holes for Miss Holier than Thou.

I hope you write more posts like this.

When's the next babygate post coming?

Dianne said...

It's just a gosh darn shame that Sarah doesn't come out and show some support for her friend. Afterall, one lying hypocrite deserves all the support they can get from another lying hypocrite.

And, I didn't mention it earlier, Patrick - great post!

vw - rougg!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that in the Carrie Prejean sex tape, she is watching a hardcore porn movie while playing with herself. It wasn't too difficult to find the tape. I am sure it will be all over the torrent-sites very soon.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, Sarah is going to let you fall under the bus. Why hasn't she issued a statement of support? Passive-agressiveness at its best!

Anonymous said...

I am Anon 16:56

Forgot to say:

The clip was filmed with a handheld camera (who was the cameraman?). The cameraman walked around.

It was clear at first sight that this was not her first clip - it was almost professionally done.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Patrick--

The holier-than-thou types always repulse me, and it's good to get confirmation of my gut reaction.

anniebgood said...

How does it look better for her if she was 17 when the tape was made? Is it just me, or wouldn't that be worse?! WTF kind of thinking is that? This woman is an absolutely pathetic, hypocritical, nasty piece of work. Oh, and she looks like Mr. Ed might be a distant relation, if may go a little "mean girl" on her. Hey, if she can dish it out, right? HA.

Anonymous said...

Sarah proving she is dropping a friend who worships her is as ugly as all their lies and martyrdom. Stand by your friends crazy woman or you look like a fraud again.

What's this about Sarah invites Levi to dinner?

Carrie Prejean's Xboyfriend deserves praise for not being intimidated by the religious right would have silenced him.

If not for him she would get by with more, like her idol Palin.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you really know Sarah Palin wasn't pregnant? Then present the evidence, as I have asked you time and again to do. However, you don't have it, and never will. It may take time for your readers to catch on, but they will eventually discover the fraud that you are.

Trying to block me doesn't help you cause, either (Windows Defender found a virus?). However, it is understandable, as if I were in your place I would be afraid of someone calling me out on my lies.

anniebgood said...

I see in the post now how if she had been 17 in the tape, it would technically be child pornography. Ok, nice try Carrie. What a sicko.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! A concern Troll! Sounds eerily like the one who bugs Gryphen!
My prediction this time next week Sarah's book out 2 whole days, she will be a laughing stock, and when the RNC hears what she has to say someone is going to lash out at her....! Let the games begin! The laughingstock part is her lies coming home to her "coin lie" (someone putting words into my mouth) Whiner, no one puts words in her mouth she was caught telling lies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Patrick, you don't have to prove anything. There is so much evidence about Sarah Palin's lies on so many topics that she needs to come out and provide convincing proof that she's not a liar. Where there's smoke there's fire and that's what her supporters secretly obsess about. If a detective quit before there was "proof," nothing would ever be investigated. If the palinbots are so confident in their Queen, it is surprising that they would worry about an investigation that won't go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Someone at Publisher's Weekly said that initially Palin's book would see some interest because she's controversial, but he also said that she's got to make hay while the sun shines, because it's going to get cloudy real fast. It may have been in a video yesterday at Bree's site.

I read yesterday that only about 40000 books have been sold, so it could well turn out to be an epic fail.

idedne said...

This is the best post about Prejean so far and I've read quite a few. You nailed her to her own cross. I've seen the tape, there are links left on all sorts of blogs although most disappear before very long.

Daisydem said...

Anniebgood, please DO NOT insult Mr. Ed. I love Mr. Ed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If Carrie's video was made when she was under 18, she'd be facing jail time for distributing it, if not for makint it. LOL!

Anonymous said...


This is well laid out. Great post. It is a perfect lead in to Sarah fraud. Sarah and Levi will be making news, so I hope there is room for a babygate post soon.

I am particularly interested in the unsolved crime of the fire at the Palin church. I may watch Oprah just to see if that topic did come up.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock together ... you're known by the company you keep ... hmmmmm ... Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean !!!

Anonymous said...

Britsy Bluebell said

"Miss Prejean has the courage to stand up for what she believes and it is her God given right to speak out against those men who lay with another man. That sin in our church is the highest sin one can commit and if a good Christian woman cannot speak out against our most heinous of sins, than what is a good Christian to do?

This qoute by the pastor disturbs me so much. Of all the terrible things some people do to others against their will, ie, rape, murder, etc, two men lying together is the worst sin ever????
I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

We should spend some federal dollars to widen the Appalachian Trail, so all these melancholy conservatives have more room while they hike.

Anonymous said...

It is comical to watch the "opposition points" presented here. All they have are ad hominem attacks.
Just like Carrie Prejean, calling Larry King "inappropriate" for asking her about the ONLY NEWS item she has--a settlement in legal situation for which she asked $1 million and DID NOT GET IT.

In US media, calling Larry King "inappropriate" is like calling the Queen of England "inappropriate."

anniebgood said...

Sorry, Daisydem! You're right - Mr. Ed was no Prejean.

Anonymous said...

News update: The next President of the U.S. will start her campaign next week and she is not afraid of Levi.

Anonymous said...

"There is so much evidence about Sarah Palin's lies on so many topics that she needs to come out and provide convincing proof that she's not a liar."

She can't. It's impossible to prove a negative. She could sue for defamation of character, I suppose; she'd then have to prove that she has a character that could be defamed, and was. To win anything, she'd have to convince a jury that her character was worth something to begin with. I doubt if Sarah would ever take anyone to court: a competent attorney could tie her in knots with her own lies, and her own attorney would surely advise her not to proceed.

I don't care, really, that Carrie Prejean posed for the photos and shot the porn and distributed it. She was of age and it's not illegal. I don't much care that she got fake boobs, either: there's nothing illegal in that. Where Prejean crossed the line was in signing a statement that she had never posed nude when she knew she had. I understand that the Miss California pageant provided the boob job with the expectation that she would pay it back; if that is true, then she is a thief for not doing so. The lawsuit thing demonstrates her stupidity: did she seriously think that the porn film would not come to light? What I don't understand is why the Miss California people are paying off her lawyer. She was clearly in the wrong, her lies- and everything else- exposed.

Really, I never thought she was that pretty. She has an entirely manufactured California look. Bleached hair, contact lens blue eyes, capped teeth, straightened nose, fake boobs, acrylic nails, phony religion.

Carrie Prejean is a dime a dozen.


Unknown said...

Speaking of fires, what ever happened to investigation of fire that killed Dar Miller?

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean's statement about gay marriage may not be what she believes, because she ended her statement with something like, "that's the way I was raised." Sarah Palin did something similar, with respect to her story about Trig .. she said that she didn't do an abortion because it was an opportunity to walk the walk.

So, with both of them, you have the question about what their personal beliefs on the matter really are. They have both said that their values came from outside themselves. What do they really think and believe?

Both of them apparently think there is something wrong with the values they have professed, because both of them "blame" their values on either their family or the anti-abortion agenda.

Anonymous said...

From Hollywood Gossip....

It takes a lot to get on Donald Trump's bad side.

In May, the real estate mogul referred to Carrie Prejean as "honorable" and defended the beauty queen's risque photos as "beautiful... and, in many cases, actually lovely."

But Prejean throws her former supporter under the bus in her new memoir, writing that Trump divvied up Miss California contestants based on looks.

In response, the Donald has joined the ever-growing line of critics that have finally realized how self-serving and hypocritical of a human being Prejean is.

"Carrie should be ashamed of herself," Trump said." Certainly I would never do a thing like that because it would be too hurtful. I don't stand the ones that are less attractive to one side, and the beautiful ones on the other side. It was total nonsense... I don't even know how she came up with an idea like that."

As for Prejean's sex tape, Trump has a proposal for the woman that claims to espouse wholesome values:

"She's trying to act like she's a nun... so maybe she should release the sex tape and people would see whether or not she is a nun."

Keith Lewis already has an answer to that question: she's not!

The Miss California pageant director is considering legal action against his former employee because she spread lies about him in Still Standing. Reads Lewis' recent statement:

"Her book is full of inaccuracies and outright lies. We are considering all legal options, but remain committed to the business of beauty. Ms. Prejean was fired because of breach of contract and her most recent admission is only further proof that our decision was not optional but mandatory.”

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, Patrick! I love this blog!

Anonymous said...

From the Superficial.........

Donald Trump threw Carrie Prejean under the bus yesterday by commenting on the convenience of her sex tape being revealed just in time for the release of her book. Via Extra:

"She's trying to act like she's a nun... so maybe she should release the sex tape and people would see whether or not she is a nun," Donald tells "Extra."
At the end of the day, Trump chalks up Carrie's revelations to self-promotion.
"She's trying to sell a book," Trump explains. "She's doing the best she can... I can't imagine too many people would be interested in it, but you never know what sells these days."
Of course, I should point out Donald's Miss USA Organization gets a cut of Carrie's book, so he basically played both sides and cashed in like the savvy bastard is. He's probably enjoying the last laugh right now, or watching an HD copy of her sex tape while masturbating into a bucket of diamonds. Let's assume both.

Anonymous said...

@17:52 - I don't know if you're kidding or not, but Palin is a middle-aged woman who is afraid of EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. She is one of the most insecure folks on the planet. She went into hiding this year and quit a governorship out of fear.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much Sarah and Carrie have in common. I saw a clip of Carrie being interviewed about her book "Still Standing." The commentator laughed that she never had much standing to start with, and her fight with the California Beauty Pageant people was a joke. Still, Carrie had to rush something into print to justify her actions. Sounds like Sarah rushing her memoir into print in order to insult those who she thinks hurt her.

Carrie was quoted as keeping her eye on the prize; she was in it for fame, fortune, that apartment in NY and more attention and money. Sounds like Sarah, who, instead of progressing Alaska, is in it for the money, the fame, the attention, and did I mention the money?

Neither can be bothered to face facts. Sarah told her coin conspiracy story based on a story that a friend told her. No fact checking. Carrie seems to have the same problem with the truth, especially when there are photos and video that undermine her story.

The fact that we pay attention to both of them, when they are so trivial and meaningless is a "shame on us." But, guilty pleasure, we watch tabloid TV for the latest silly story, whether it is a boy in a silver balloon, another blond missing on Aruba, Anna Nicole Smith took too many drugs, our values really need a wake up call.

Thanks, Patrick, for bringing the proper attention to the silly people like Carrie. Michele Bachmann uses the same attention getting tactics. When her statements are shown to be lies, she moves on to the next outlandish piece of theater. Sadly, we continue to cover her, too.

There is no other word for Carrie except "media whore." The fact that she and Sarah Palin use religion as a pretext for their grandstanding is an insult to devout and religious people who chose to follow their faith.

yes, my wv=carai (Carrie)

Anonymous said...


Hey it's great that she's not afraid of nineteen year old Levi. Now we won't have to declare war against Wasilla will we? I was so afraid of that......tossing and turning in my bed for weeks on end.

Anonymous said...


That was from a news report. She is not afraid of Levi. She can give him visitation and he will leave her alone. He is only doing what he does so he can see his son. Sarah controls that.

Anonymous said...

Margot don't mention fires!

There are things that are best left unsaid, if you get what I mean.

Leadfoot said...

OT but....
If any of you are on Twitter, Oprah has invented the #palinonoprah hashtag. I suggest we all tweet our real feelings about the interview and what WASN'T asked. Use that hashtag so your comments come up when people are reading about Palin on Oprah and in the "trending topics" to the right. Please include links to Bree and Palingates.

Something like:

#palinonoprah - Shame on Oprah for Palin interview! When will someone expose the lies & crimes? See

Off to tweet now...

Anonymous said...

Will Palin have to throw Carrie Perjean under her tour bus next week?

Anonymous said...

Does the carpet match the drapes?

add link to TMZ story saying her mom turned sheet white when they showed Carrie's solo tape.

Carrie's mom will NEVER be able to wash that memory away.

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like Palin and Prejean are both taking the same Crazy Pills!

Anonymous said...

Leadfoot - you seem to be living up to your name and driving here with a lead foot. Don't you think you should at least wait to view the Oprah interview before making all these comments? Sorry - but you are behaving like the other side does, spreading rumors when they don't even know what actually happened.

At least wait until Monday! There is hope that some clever Q&A could expose a thing or two, after all.

Leadfoot said...

Anon 18:27:
No, actually. Audience members who were present at the taping were interviewed and the most controversial thing they had to report was that Sarah was coy about whether she would pursue a talk show career.

If Oprah pushed hard and asked any babygate related questions -- one of those audience members surely would have leaked it.

The time is now to use the power of Twitter to spread the word and grow an audience for this blog.

But thanks for your opinion.

Anonymous said...


It appears the Dar Miller investigation is over. There was very little said or printed about the fire up here. From what I have been able to dig up, they are listing the official cause now as a slow smoldering fire started by a cigarette, which 2 dogs a bird and somehow Dar all managed to sleep through.

The story leaves a lot of unanswered questions. The odds that a 54 year old neo natal/hospice nurse (who would surely work around and possibly store oxygen), described as a "rugged outdoors woman", would smoke I think are pretty slim. This theory is also interesting since Alaska is only allowed to sell "no burn" cigarettes, which are specifically designed to put themselves out if left unattended.

They also claim to have found 2 smoke detectors melted into the floor. Most nurses are rather detail oriented and I can't imagine her leaving both without batteries in them. Then there's the issue of the 3 animals all sleeping through the fire that "smoldered for quite awhile" according to the MatSu Fire Chief. None of the explanation makes much sense.

There are boots on the ground up here trying to get the police and fire reports released from Wasilla. If the investigation is closed, they have no choice but to hand them over. It will be interesting to see if any toxicology reports were ordered for Dar and the animals. If any testing was done on what was left of the smoke detectors. If they bothered to investigate whether she smoked etc.

My guess is none of these things were investigated. Rep. Gatto and his firebug friends have managed to cover this up pretty well so far. We'll see what the police reports have to say

Anonymous said...

I had thought Palin might use Oprah to debut Trigg's birth certficate. After reading the comments from audience members after the taping, I think we can safely conclude she did not produce proof she gave birth to trigg.

Anonymous said...

I think we don't really know how Oprah's interview went. Oprah said it covered a lot of areas, and she is the only one in a position to know that has provided any details.

Anonymous said...

John King is taking Lou Dobbs' slot on CNN, so Sarah has lost another opportunity. Earlier, Clear Channel rejected her radio show proposal.

Patrick said...

Leadfoot and others

Thanks a lot for your support!!

Also many thanks to the reader who suggested that I should include the part of the story with Carrie's mother. I have done that now. Somehow I overlooked it at first.

You are right, her mom will NEVER be able to wash that memory away...

What a sad and embarassing story.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Now Michele Bachmann is backing away from Sarah's teabag supporters. Concerning the use of holocaust images, she says, "These regrettable actions negatively shift the focus of the current discussion on this issue. The American people deserve an open and honest debate to ensure the best possible solution to our health care problems, and I agree that these unfortunate instances are wholly inappropriate."

Waiting for Sarah's take? Don't hold your breath. As Paul Krugman said, if Sarah Palin were interested in governing she would rein in the crazies.

mxm said...


Your investigative research on the Carrie Prejean saga is outstanding. Thank you so much for revealing more of the truth behind yet another charismatic, charming, confident, conservative, chronic confabulator. Where do they come from, do they have a secret signal? Interesting that they all feed off one another. Can't wait to see how quickly her hero dumps her once the extent of the lies and the porn production becomes widely known. Can't wait for Keith to pick this up tonight. Or better yet, Jon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

Will they let Carrie into heaven with breast implants?

Anonymous said...

Having listened to the first part of the Larry King interview, Carrie refused to answer the question of whether or not she had disclosed to the pagent the existence of her private sex tapes. He asked her about three times and each time she answered that that was not why she was fired. So, I guess the answer would be NO SHE DID NOT disclose the existence of the sex tapes, and therefore YES the pagent would have even further reason to can her, even beyond the failure on her part to show up for official things. Perhaps THAT is why she dropped the suit.

You know, Carrie, ya can't just claim to be "saved" and then nobody is allowed to ask you questions. And if it's true that those tapes were done a mere two years ago when you were 20 years old, that shows your bad character/bad judgement even closer in time to when YOU claim you did the tapes.

Somebody needs to explain how (as proported here) she managed to tape herself with a handheld camera that panned around her. Who was doing the filming? She is turning out to be such a liar.

Oh, and Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin are "brilliant"? ROFL

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anon again from above (1656 & 1701)

To Anon 19:26

It WAS filmed by a cameraman (or camerawoman)!

SOMEBODY filmed her. She was not alone. The cameraperson walked around in the room while filming.

Kevin said...

It's amazing that these self proclaimed righteous people have so many scandalous situations...

When will people realize?

Great blog!

LisanTX said...

I just read an article describing sociopaths as having a malignant sense of entitlement, grandiosity, contempt, and judgement-level stupidity (not IQ stupidity).

Detail on Entitlement: she is entitled to obtain the gratifications she wants. One of the most dangerous aspects of the attitude of entitlement is how it renders impotent rules, limits and laws.

When you feel entitled to something, if it’s not accomodatingly forthcoming, you feel entitled to take it. You’ve laid, in your entitlement, a kind of psychic possession of what it is you want, so that now it becomes, in your mind, yours—specifically, your right to have.

And so if someone obstructs your seizing what now, in your mind, is your right to possess, then you are free to take it—to take, in fact, whatever is yours—by any means necessary.

Sound like anyone we know?

mxm said...


Did you see Gloria Allred's public letter to Carrie, warning her that sexting is a crime and that at 17, sending an explicit video to her boyfriend is a crime and she could be prosecuted.

(I don't know how to embed the link)

So many lies, such a young disturbed woman.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to feel sorry for the two Sarah cult members who come here to post, claiming she is our next president.

Mental illness of this magnitude deserves our pity, not our derision. Please treat these poor people with kindness. They need help that they obviously wont' ever get.

Maybe we should start a Palin Fund for her followers, to fund their detox programs and their deprogramming programs.

Or at least their medication.

Anonymous said...

"Palin's most enduring characteristic during the past year since she and John McCain lost the presidential election is to hurl tirades at imagined or unnamed enemies on the left who are apparently hellbent on her destruction."

Carrie Prejean: All-American Sore Loser

wayofpeace said...

KUDOS on the post, PATRICK.

Kallie in Texas said...

OMG...Carrie and Bristol are friends. Watch out for those fingers, Bristol. Palin and Prejean,two media hos, whose mothers are probably suffering for their actions. I'm wondering why we haven't heard anything from Sally Heath lately?

Anonymous said...

Somewhat O/T

Deconstructing Sarah, Ctd
A reader writes:

My son, Calvin, has Down syndrome. We did not find out until after his birth, but it would have been nice to know. My wife and I love our son more than anything in the world. When you receive the diagnosis, though, you go through a mourning. You mourn the loss of the future you thought you had. Knowing before-hand would have allowed us to go through the grieving process before his birth. We would have been able to just enjoy him. We look back now and wonder what we were even mourning. Our future, and his, is nothing but bright. I think you might be overstating things with the amnio. A recent study has shown the risk to be very low.

Also, I want to point out that my son was not a "Down syndrome baby," nor was Trig Palin. They are people who have Down syndrome, just like you are not an HIV man - you have HIV. You are not defined by HIV, it is something you have. Calvin and Trig are not defined by Down syndrome; it is a condition they have. Trust me, to people who are involved in the disability community, whenever you write "Down syndrome baby" it comes across as ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Wonder when Prejean appears in Girls Gone Wild type vids? LOL

She's proven herself to be perfectly suited for them!! Never know, this could be her next employment opportunity as she is quickly running out other than a McD's or BK server!!

Anonymous said...

In passing a television, I just saw SP with new hair. I think it was Oprah or Waters interview? If it was she still looks like she is on speed and not well balanced. She is making weird faces and offering Levi to put it all behind and make this positive.

fluffer nutter palin said...

I apologize if I offend anyone but I just have to ask .. how many people will think twice before shaking her hand now?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sarah can get Bristol a date with Carrie's brother...

He looks like a find young church goer type fellow.

Anonymous said...

If the clip I just saw is any indication of how she comes across on Oprah, it would be best to soft ball her and let her do herself in. May not be the hard hitting questions but her appearance, tone and freaky faces reveal a lot.

When someone says "interesting" that is often a nice way to say she's nuts.

anon 20:25

Anonymous said...


The great part of being a pathological liar is when someone informs you that you committed a crime, all you have to do is change your lies.

If that doesn't work get saved again.

Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred to Carrie Prejean: "Sexting" Is A Crime

Never one to shy away from a tough situation, powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred is taking on Carrie Prejean with an open letter to the former Miss America.

In the letter, exclusively obtained by, Allred takes Prejean to task for her recent confessions regarding "sexting" with her then boyfriend when she was a teenager.

Allred points out to Prejean that she was actually committing a crime, one that could even result in prison time upon conviction!

Open Letter to Carrie Prejean
Dear Carrie:

Yesterday, I heard you admit on the Today Show that when you were a teenager you engaged in “sexting” to your boyfriend.

While you did not discuss the specifics of what you sent, I think it is fair to assume that you know that “sexting” refers to sending sexually explicit photos via cell phone.

Carrie, when you admitted that, did you realize that those who engage in sexting are at serious risk of severe legal consequences that include the possibility of being prosecuted for transmitting
child pornography?

Do you think that you should be prosecuted or that others should be prosecuted for distributing an inappropriate sexual image of a minor or should there be a “Carrie Prejean” exception to the law?

Carrie, as you read this letter young people throughout this country are being prosecuted and have been prosecuted for “sexting” to their boyfriends (as you said you did) or to their girlfriends.

Some may also argue that the photos of themselves that they sent were for private use (as you said your photo was).

Carrie, it doesn’t matter. Please understand this, getting breast implants is not a crime, Sexting is!

Upon conviction, some of those convicted of sexting have been sentenced to prison and were required to register as a sex offender.

If you were prosecuted and convicted, do you think you should have to register as a sex offender and have that follow you the rest of your life on public records?

How would you feel if your resume read: “Former Miss California, opponent of marriage equality and registered sex offender”? What kind of an example is that for young girls?

Carrie, you said that conservative women are being attacked for their beliefs. Carrie, to be clear, I am not attacking you for your beliefs, but I am criticizing you for your behavior.

I know you are out there trying to market yourself and your book and in many ways trying to profit from positioning yourself as a victim, but please think about what I have said.

Those who are being prosecuted for crimes are being called “defendants” not “victims”, and when convicted “sex offenders” - not “conservatives” or “liberals”.

It is time for you to take full responsibility for what you have done. Are you ready to strip away the excuses and do a “perp” walk instead of a walk on the runway in a bathing suit or are you hoping that the statute of limitations and your conservative buddies will be your “trump card” and prevent any prosecution of you?

I look forward to your response.


Anonymous said...

MSNBC Oprah/Palin Interview

$P looking very artificial. Verify the check is good before agreeing to anything, Levi.

Sunshine1970 said...

...I have to admit, I'm ashamed to share the same first name as Ms. 'Hands On' Prejean.

I can just see the jokes rolling my way now..

Someone above mentioned someone was filming Prejean...I wanna know who... Was it the boyfriend? A roommate? Brother? Some stranger off the street...?

Things that make you go Hm...

wv=musnes. Musings...

Anonymous said...


Here is more from Carrie's brother Billy Arnone. Anyone ever watch the show Lie for Me?

Anonymous said...

"I look forward to your response."

Not as much as I do!

CrabbyPatty said...

I heard a clip from the Larry King interview with Prejean - what a chucklehead. She kept on lecturing King with this tone of voice you would use for a child - Now, Larry, that's CONFIDENTIAL, I can't talk about that. Larry, you KNOW that's confidential ...." and on and on.

She's willing to dish the dirt but can't sit down and answer a basic question or two about anything. She's been involved in p0rn0 and pageants and got a boob job to boot. And this is what the Christian Right considers someone to look up to?

SoCalWolfGal said...

Patrick, thank you for this excellent post on Sweet Carrie. And yes, I think she and her hero $arah have quite a lot in common. Her appearance on Larry King was beyond the pale. It is just a funny idea that people have when the word "interview" comes up that questions are going to be asked, so unless you don't want to take a big chance again Carrie, only do Faux interviews. And you are right Patrick, I feel so sorry for her mother, especially after seeing the photos of her son. But this is what the right wing nuts seems to produce isn't it?

Keep up the good work and look forward to the next post Patrick.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC... if that is rehabilitation of her personality, she is doomed. Oprah did a fluff celebrity because that is what she is.

Yellowgirl said...

Patrick and all:

You HAVE to check this out....

"Take the Palin-Prejean Challenge"
PERRspectives -

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I did pretty dang well on that quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

John King is taking Lou Dobbs' slot on CNN, so Sarah has lost another opportunity. Earlier, Clear Channel rejected her radio show proposal."""

Except for the fact that Sarah Palin never had an offer from Clear Channel in the first place...

conscious at last said...

To Anon @ 18:36--

Thank you for sharing this information and for all that you are doing. Please know that we are with you and that we truly respect your courage at this time.

Anonymous said...

Half-truths are so amusing. Of course, Palin never turned down Clear Channel, because she didn't get an offer from them. Palin didn't get an offer from Clear Channel, because Clear Channel rejected her proposal for a radio show.

Anonymous said...

anon@2136 ... the reason Clear Channel turned her down was that they were concerned that she couldn't work for three hours a day. That's why they turned her down!

Anonymous said...

From Think Progress.........

Clear Channel not interested in hiring Sarah Palin.

On Monday, Inside Radio reported that former governor Sarah Palin’s representatives “have been quietly testing the waters to see how much interest radio syndicators have for her.” While Palin isn’t committed to radio, she is reportedly open to it as “a possible next step.” But the interest in her might not be as great as some had speculated. According to Broadcasting & Cable, Clear Channel Broadcasting, the country’s biggest radio conglomerate, has already turned Palin down because of fears
that she wouldn’t be able to “hold forth for three hours a day.”

– Claire Teitelman

Elena said...

Patrick, would you consider adding yet another BIG LIE to your post?

It is being overlooked that in her interview with the conservative host (Hannity?) yesterday Prejean insisted that she made a tape for a man who she thought "was the one" as in that she would marry, and I believe she said she only made one tape.

According to this man's testimony, she saw his pic on my space, looked him up, got him to fly in for a 4 day romp at a hotel and started sending him sex tapes - more the profile of a sex addict than a dewy eyed young girl who thinks she is engaged to "the one."

honestyinGov said...

How has she been able to get this far with this publicity and even get a publisher to print a book selling this phony ' pure image '. Where have the pictures and the story of this Brother of her's been. What is his background..? You know they won't have HIS picture in her book. Yeah... it looks like he has a thing for tats but.... when I first saw him I said... " This guy looks like a skinhead" WHO is HE..? Anybody Know????

Sunshine1970 said...

O.M.G, Helen, this just gets better and better.

I really thought it was her boyfriend she was sending this stuff to. Now, it's just some random guy?

Okay. Who was holding the camera then?

Karen said...

Patrick, Thanks for the excellent post, you do such a great job, making things concise & clear.

Anonymous said...

Jesse-do you think Carrie is a hypocrite? Or is she a true Christian? Curious as to what you think.

CC said...

Bravo, Patrick!

Outstanding post ... as usual.

And welcome, Kevin! Yes, this is a fabulous blog.

Elena said...

Good Morning Sunshine! (I love saying that)

"who was holding the camera"? According to the boyfriend she just did it with her cel phone and then called him right away after she did it to get his ooooos and ahhhhhs over her hotness and etc...and she did it many times, to the point he sounded a bit annoyed with it even. It's all on the tape embedded above.

I mean really, I don't know exactly what the profile of a sex addict is but:

1. There are studies to support that so called conservative states download more pornography. Repression equals acting out?

2. Engaging in compulsive sex acts and then denying it and lying about it to oneself and others sounds like an addiction

3. Engaging in sexual behavior that causes problems with your csreer and personal life sounds like addictive behavior.

(This last one applies to Prejean but wouldn't if she were honest about her sexuality.)

If she is a Christian sex addict, she'll just try to use that, sell some more hootchie photos, go to fake rehab, hook up with some loser like Ryan O'Neil and then flog a sequel to her first book "Still Standing", probably called "Taking It From Behind" saying she was just so young and confused boo hoo, and I still intend to stop those gays from holy matrimony by God!

Anonymous said...

Another door failed to open for Sarah: Some guy from Florida was chosen to be CPAC's keynote speaker.

EyeOnYou said...

Carrie Prejean just pulled out of a talk she was supposed to give this afternoon at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C. -- an exclusive club for Republicans only.

An insider at the Capitol Hill Club tells TMZ Carrie canceled five minutes before she was supposed to speak because her camp wanted to avoid a repeat of last night's "Larry King Live" fiasco -- when she almost walked off the set.

Carrie faced a fresh wave of criticism this morning after her ex-BF told us she wanted him to lie about her sex tape and tell people she was underage when she filmed it ... when she was really 20-years-old.

Carrie Pulls A Palin

I guess she is trying really hard to be just like her hero Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Let me clear up this confusion about Clear Channel (pun intended).

This is republished from a blog of mine.

Another blog, written by someone of the name of Paige Albiniak, has run a hit-piece on Sarah Palin, indicating that the former Governor has been covertly seeking to see if there was a market for a radio talk show hosted by her. However, the blog further states that Clear Channel Communications rejected her outright, given her supposed inability to hold her own for three hours a day. (1)

This is a totally manufactured story. It cites no reliable sources, no let me correct that, it cites no sources! Everything is coming from anonymous, meaningless sources who are speaking to Insider Radio, of which 99.9% of all people have never heard of before the last few days. Basically, there is no credible proof to support the aforementioned claims. Why should anyone be compelled to believe a news story that has not the validity of the evidence to support it?

So, what's the relevance of this blog? It serves to point out how the press in its many forms will go completely out of their way to take a shot at Sarah Palin. She has never indicated she wants to host her own radio program. And personally, I think it would be a mistake on her part. While I am certain she could pull off such a talk show if she wanted, it take too much of her precious time. A far more advantageous method of receiving media coverage is to simply request to be a guest on top rated news and television shows. Think about it. If Sarah Palin wants to appear on either of Sean Hannity's radio or TV programs, she'll get it. If she wants to call up Rush Limbaugh she'll be put at the front of the line. This is guaranteed airtime for her ideas, without all the hassle of having to run her own media operation. Furthermore, it keeps her in demand. Every appearance on a major media outlet would be a big event. If she runs her own talk show, then her appearance in the media will simply become routine, much like Huckabee.

But I digress. The blog closes by noting the irony that Sarah Palin although bashed the press a few days ago, now she wants to be part of it. Well, you're half right, Paige Albiniak. There is irony here, but on you're behalf. You mock Sarah Palin for criticizing people like you, yet fail to realize in the very process of doing so, you prove her point precisely. You people do make things up.

Anonymous said...

TMZ has learned Carrie Prejean just pulled out of a talk she was supposed to give this afternoon at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C. -- an exclusive club for Republicans only.

An insider at the Capitol Hill Club tells TMZ Carrie canceled five minutes before she was supposed to speak because her camp wanted to avoid a repeat of last night's "Larry King Live" fiasco --when she almost walked off the set.

Carrie faced a fresh wave of criticism this morning after her former hookup told us she wanted him to lie about her sex tape and tell people she was underage when she filmed it ... when she was really 20-years-old.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant post, Patrick; thanks for all your work. Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin, like many uber-conservatives, present great examples of psychological projection or projection bias, which (according to Wikipedia)) is the unconscious act of denial of a person's own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are ascribed to the outside world. It is by definition hypocritical (like Larry Craig and Mark Sanford and so many others who would foist their inner immorality on others). It's a psychological disorder, another non-clinical name for which is "whack job."

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin:

The Associated Press says it found a copy of the Palin book on sale (no details as to where) and has begun filing a story on highlights from the 418-page volume. The AP says Palin describes CBS news anchor Katie Couric as "badgering," (see below for the back story) and claims that the campaign of GOP presidential candidate John McCain made her pay a $500,000 bill for the costs of checking out her background before she was tapped as the vice presidential nominee. We're seeking response from the McCain camp.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's now saying Levi is part of the family!? He's got truckloads of dirt on her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @23:11

MSNBC...someone on Hardball said the McCain camp said that was ridiculous, they never sent a bill for vetting.

Of course, $500,000 was a high price to pay for a poor job vetting.

Irishgirl said...

Fantastic post Patrick. I commented way back when there were only two posts. It got gobbled up by the intertubes. That has never happened to me on this site before.

Anonymous said...

From the Carrie Prejean article in Christianity Today:

You wrote that you don't regret getting breast implants. Have you ever wondered whether it might be incompatible with your Christian faith?

No, I don't think there's anything wrong with getting breast implants as a Christian. I think it's a personal decision. I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants.

Anonymous said...

And listening to the "boyfriend" interview, he says he met her ONE time, for 4 days! It sounds like she talked to him online and agreed to bump uglies before even meeting him in real life! I wouldn't call myself someone's boyfriend just because I talked to her online and had a sexy weekend with her, so the "boyfriend" is another made-up fact by the Prejean side. Not very "Christian" of her is it.. I think this fact should be emphasized more!

Anonymous said...

Hey! The Bible doesn't say you can't make sex videos. What's her problem? Why doesn't she take the million dollar porn offer?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Carrie Prejean's book is 18.45 at Amazon! That's pricier/classier than Sarah palin's book.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that Sara told a huge lie like that!! In writing!? John McCain and others could sue her for libel. The problem is Sarah really believes she is above the law and look what she got away with in Alaska. If she really trashed people by name in the book, she is even dumber (or more delusional) then I thought.
I have a strong feeling this book thing isn't going to go how Sarah wants at all! Katie Couric was kind to Sarah. Sarah looked bad because she did a crappy job! And she may come off like a nutcase with Oprah and Barbara too.
She is a real piece of work and Carrie Prejean is her double.

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment on the Chris Matthews interview was when his guests discussed seeing an advance copy of Sarah's book. They were amused, no, laughed out loud at Sarah's list of all the books that she has read (as if to say, "Take that Katy Couric, I just got back to ya.") The problem was that the books read like a high school reading list, "The Pearl," "Animal Farm," Chris Matthews laughed. No one who is serious about politics lists every book they ever read and tell people that they are a "voracious reader." Nora O'Donnell commented that Sarah keeps fighting last year's fights instead of looking forward. She also noted that the book tour looks more like a campaign tour, hitting battle ground states. Harper Collins said they selected places where Sarah would sell the most books (small town American).

As for the Oprah interview, the clips show Sarah looking gaunt, bad hair, bad makeup, shrill voice, cackle laugh, and she wants her own TV program! Sarah should have spent the time since she quit her last job with a voice coach, makeup artist, hair stylist, political science teacher, history teacher, what am I thinking?! Sarah is no author, she is a poor politician and a lousy speaker. Just right for a job at Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Keith Lewis unloaded at TMZ. He says Carrie needs psychological help. And that she is "A woman who is actually the opposite of everything she claims to be."

that the public is just getting to know what they endured at the pageant.

Looks like he blasted her.

Lisabeth said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that Sara told a huge lie like that!! In writing!? John McCain and others could sue her for libel. The problem is Sarah really believes she is above the law and look what she got away with in Alaska. If she really trashed people by name in the book, she is even dumber (or more delusional) then I thought.
I have a strong feeling this book thing isn't going to go how Sarah wants at all! Katie Couric was kind to Sarah. Sarah looked bad because she did a crappy job! And she may come off like a nutcase with Oprah and Barbara too.
She is a real piece of work and Carrie Prejean is her double.

Elena said...

Anon 23:50

You are absolutely right! I don't recall anything in the bible that absolutely forbids making porno or even slightly more discreet leg spreads in Playboy. With a strict reading of the Bible, Prejean can have all of her Christian morals, get a porno paycheck, and STILL tell gays what to do.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Sarah Palin to do a press conference and explain her relationship with Carrie Prejean.

Sunshine1970 said...

OT from Prejean..

1st reports from SP's book from the AP from Huffingtonpost: Palin Book Excerpt

At the end of it it says she has been hunting since a kid...yet in the VF article, Levi says she asked him how to use the gun she pulled out from under her bed...WTF?

Anonymous said...

Sarah's book has 16 pages of color photos! Is that the centerfold?

Anonymous said...

Prejean (pre jean / as in naked)

Her boyfriend said he has 15-20 of those sent by her. Now, 1 I might say is just a young girl being silly but 15-20 is Freudian for 'I want the world to see me'. Come on she knows he's gonna show those to his friends, he's a guy, that's what we do.

Now, just think of how many boyfriends Prejean has had...ahhh, we might have some really good stuff popping up soon. Pun intended

Anonymous said...

You know folks, if people in this country would pull the plug on cable television, en masse, these people would fade back into their sorry lives, as they should. It's all bread and circuses. Remember OJ, Gary Condit, et al, years and years of the fascination with the trivial at the expense of genuine civic engagement. Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean are just the obvious signs of a drift back to evidence that Americans have short memories. The sooner the implosion the better.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of those ''...concern Trolls...'' and I'm not a Palin supporter; can't wait to see her fall. If you're willing to take Patrick's word or Gryphen's word without supporting evidence then, how are you different from Sarah's supporters who believe what she says without question?
It's a funny thing, too, because I want to believe that Patrick and Gryphen are right.

Anonymous said...

According to the leaks about "Going Rogue," Sarah claimed that part of her huge legal bill was the $500,000.cost of McCain vetting her. She claimed that McCain would have paid the bill if they had won. Since they lost, Sarah was stuck with the bill.

Except for one pesky detail, the truth. On the Chris Matthews show, one of the guests (who authored the recent book that looked behind the scenes at the McCain Campaign) called former McCain staff with whom he has contact. They claim that Sarah's story is bogus.

Sarah is still fighting year old battles with Charlie Gibson (in what regard, Charlie?) and Katy Couric (I'll find some and bring 'em back to ya.) Since those two horrible interviews, Sarah has never had a real press conference when she answered actual questions from tough journalists. (Fox News does not count. They are not serious journalists and they do not ask tough questions of fellow Republicans).

Sarah is also fighting year old battles with the McCain staff. That's a real good way for the GOP to want to embrace her and call her their next candidate, going all mavericky and rogue on them.

Sarah and Carrie have so many things in common, including the ability to react in a trivial way, trying to get even with people who they think wronged them. And, both of them are doing it in books, in interviews and with lies.

Anonymous said...

@0:55 "concern troll" - I haven't taken Patrick or Gryphen's word. I have actually read all the evidence amassed on many websites, and looked at photos, and made the objective call myself. I'm a woman, and I understand what reproduction means. I know it is not possible to be "7 months" along at age 43/44 and jogging. I know it is not possible to have a square pillow under your shirt one day and a huge belly a few days later.

It has nothing to do with Patrick or Gryphen. The circumstantial evidence--much of it from Palin's own mouth--is overwhelming that she did not give birth.

So, that's how I'm different than the "other side," concern troll. I do research and use common sense. I also understand that it is impossible for a 44-year-old woman who is about to give birth to even BOARD an airplane looking like Palin does in the Gusty photo--and yet NO ONE on all of her flights even knew she was pregnant. Right. And she's the Governor!!!

So, it really doesn't matter to me what Patrick or Gryphen say. I have a brain. I use it. That's another way I am very different than the "other side." We are not bound by the patriarchy on this site. That's another big difference.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what "wv" means? I keep seeing it at the end of posts, like "my wv=x"... but I can't figure out what it means!

Thanks in advance! :)

Anonymous said...

@1:23 - it means "Word Verification." It's the security code you type in. Some folks have found great meaning or coincidences in it. For instance, mine is: "nosys."

No system? Nosy S?

Anonymous said...

@ 13 November 2009 01:17

Well said.

signed - 'concern troll'

comeonpeople said...

Great blog!
Big thanks to Hands On Barbie's "boyfriend"/hook-up for being honest about the tapes and Prejeans lies. I watched Prejeans LK segment and she looks CRAZY, definitely high on something. She is way out there crazy and fortunately it is all tumbling down around her. I wonder if she is the token fall guy and eingused to take attention away from Sarah and any potential info that may try to come out about her? Or maybe its just an early Christimas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Soltice present for all of us and soon all the craziness involving Sarah wil be outed.
Prejean really looked mentally ill on Larry King segment. Laughingstock ridiculous. She needs to just go away and slog some beer at Hooters call it good.In Jesus' name.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1:17:

There is no circumstantial evidence. You are not a doctor. Have you the credentials to judge a woman's pregnancy based on a few photos?

Of course, if you could get a doctor to go on record and say otherwise. I might listen to you. But you can't, and won't.

You mase your brain, but you do not use it very well.

Anonymous said...

At C4p they are so mystified that Sarah got stuck with a $500K bill for the vetting, but it hasn't occurred to them that Sarah is lying.

Anonymous said...

1:55 wrote: "You mase your brain, but you do not use it very well."

What does "mase" mean?

Anonymous said...

Sarah should speak up about Carrie. Either denounce her or support her. Sarah thought Carrie was the greatest and even got her involved with Bristol. What is her view now? What is Bristol's view?

Anonymous said...

Poor dog. Quick someone call Human Society

Anonymous said...

Haha. McCain fobbed off a legal bill onto Sarah, so Sarah fobbed it off onto her supporters. So Sarah's supporters are mad at McCain?

Anonymous said...

@C4P, they are just NOW figuring out that that paid for Palin to be vetted by the McCain campaign, ipso facto

Anonymous said...

C4P's donations paid for McCain's vetting. Good move!

Anonymous said...

Wait a, Sarah's own lawyer tendered the $500,000 bill? It was not the other way around:

''This senior McCain campaign official says they considered the $500,000 bill from Palin’s lawyer to be exorbitant — plus, even if they wanted to, they couldn’t use their general-election funds to pay for it (remember that McCain accepted some $84 million in federal funds for the general election).

“Everyone thought it was ridiculous,” the senior McCain official tells First Read.''

Anonymous said...

There is no need to "judge a woman's pregnancy based on a few photos" since she wasn't pregnant. You don't need a doctor to judge a non-pregnancy.

How about the good Christian Carrie Prejean? Hooking up with random guys from MySpace and sexting to her heart's delight....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, $500K from her lawyer works out to 1000 hours at $500/hour. And 1000 hours is very close to 6 months work. I am not sure that her lawyer could command $500/hour in August/September 2008.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean's face looks artificial. I don't know how she could ever win a beauty contest.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2:17 thanks for the info!

and are right!!

By the way, Dr. Nancy (MSNBC) watched Carrie on that tape today and said that was passive aggressive behavior and she needed to be taken off the headlines!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's behavior is passive agressive, too. She is letting Carrie fall under the bus. She should either throw her under the bus or stand up for her.

Anonymous said...

A trait that defines passive/agressive behavior is:

Victimization response: instead of recognizing its own weaknesses, the passive/agressive personality tends to blame others for its own failures.

That is Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean!

CrabbyPatty said...

Good lord - I'm still LOL that Palin thinks America would believe the McCain campaign PAID one thin dime to vet her. After the first 48 hours, it seemed pretty clear that the McCain Campaign has an EPIC FAIL in that area.

Anonymous said...

Levi, tell us what meds Sarah is on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick. All I can say is WOW. Who better to know the evils of porn than the porn princess Carrie. I would die if this were my daughter. And the brother! Had fun on HP tonight with Sister Sarah. Quite a few HTs to palingates.



Anonymous said...

Oh Patrick! Such a great post and so many articulate posters!

How clever to put the two..."Sweethearts"... together! Carrie and Sarah..."what a pair."



teal said...

Anon @ 23:39

"I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants" as long as its not mentioned in the bible, its OK. I doubt that the idea of breast implants were on the agenda way back then - for men or women...

& what does the Bible say about:
sex befor marriage
women being modest

these hypo-lying ppl do everything that they say the rest of us shouldn't do, only when they are caught, they have a million excuses for their own actions, and no mercy for those they blame for the ills of society...

smiling faces tell lies, and I got proof...can you dig it?

she is hella weird!

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Bree, Patrick, Kathleen and fans of Audrey's PD: (I'm going to post this at Palingates, too, also):
I tivo'd Entertainment Tonight, and I just had a chance to watch it.I recommend that you all watch it, too. Included in the program are "home movies" of Sarah and Todd in Wasilla. The movie may have been attributed to Elan Frank. What was interesting is that Sarah is "pregnant" expecting Trig. She says, "It's a boy." And, she is wearing that colorful yellow/red/orange scarf that appeared in some TV footage to is shown routinely on MSNBC. Audrey was trying to date the footage exactly, because it matched photos of Sarah at her office, conducting a meeting (energy meeting?), and Sarah wears the same scarf and bear pin-- and most definitely does not look pregnant in the office pictures.

Please watch Nov.12 ET. When they announce that Sarah is pregnant, for a moment, with that billowing black jacket, she looks pregnant. Then, she leans down to pick up something, or turns, it's just for an instant. The scarf lies flat against her body as the jacket swings away, and there is no way that woman is expecting a baby in a month or two. In this film, Sarah is busy making dinner, talking a mile a minute about how she met Todd (he was 16 and I was 17, and my dad said that he had this great basketball player and that cinched it for me). In the midst of the family scene, Sarah turns to Todd and asks the question that we had all of us interested, "Have you heard from Bristol yet?"

They play the same Oprah clips; yes, it sure looks like a wig, and it is not Sarah's usual hair style. And, stay tuned, they promise more tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

04:36 - I saw that ET and wished Patrick and all were watching. Was that the Elan video? I don't know the data that well. Didn't they say it proved she was pg? Someone should contact Mary Hart.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

“but she reveals that about $500,000 was a bill she received to pay for the McCain campaign vetting her for the VP nod.”

IF there is any SHRED of truth to that claim, what do you want to bet it was the expense of hiring computer experts to scrub all existing pictures that would prove Sarah was NOT pregnant with Trig, and deleting all the MySpace material of Bristol and all of her friends chatting about Bristol’s 2007 pregnancy with Trig, as well as cleaning everything off of the Johnston’s computer? This would have been AFTER McCain picked Sarah as his running mate, and the work would have to have been done post-haste, incurring huge fees for the IT people. I recall several comments of people exclaiming that they saw something one day and it vanished the next day, or that same day! In particular is the green sweater picture of Bristol which several people commented it originally said October 2007, then it was miraculously changed to October 2006 overnight (by the ADN I might add, very Sarah-friendly folks at that paper). I still say Audrey was wrong about that green sweater picture. Bristol’s face and hair (& belly) looked exactly the same as the 9-14-07 First Family photo. Here is my favorite comparison pictures of the green sweater picture:

Anonymous said...

PCG @5:26 Me, too.

Oh, and I read that the $500,000 included Troopergate legal fees. And someone from the McCain camp said what she said was untrue, 100%.

Anonymous said...

04:36 - I don't think that was the Elan video.

Someone who knows details needs to watch Entertainment Tonight 11/12/09.
They need to be corrected and not put out wrong information.

PCG - Did you see ET tonight?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I did not see ET tonight, but I am pretty sure I know which video you are talking about. It is Part 4 of Greta's series using Elan Frank's videos from April 8, 2008.

See at 6:30. But the best part is at the very beginning in the stairway. Bree discovered this video, bless her heart!! We love you Bree!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 18:36, thank you! I am extremely concerned about that matter.

Anonymous said...

OT: The War on Christmas is back! I know some people who get completely obnoxious about this, so I purposely wish them Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas just to watch their heads explode. *grins evilly*

hannah said...

Oh, brother! We should have guessed that Carrie Pre-jeans-on-the-floor would call palin her "hero". Good grief. I guess Carrie Busyfingers heard about Sarah's "34 C's" and thought she had found implant kinship...too bad nobody told her that Sarah's 34 C's -- were her final grades from five different colleges.

Ohhhh this is too good! My wv is "mtuters" -- as in "empty uterus"!

Anonymous said...

Anon@18:36 and PCG7:21 I bet Dar's partner would have a few things to say about the fire, if she felt safe enough to do so. At a minimum, did Dar smoke? Any testing? Any other odd details that her partner would have been the first to know about. But no comment at all so far. Not that there needs to be -- she has suffered enough.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anons @ 18:36 and 08:06, I will never be satisfied until we know where Trig was kept hidden from January 2008 until his presentation on 4-18-08 as a chubby cheeked “preemie” and who was assisting in his care during that time period. Also, even if she was a smoker, a hospice nurse would never smoke in bed!

Anonymous said...

I used to think people who mentioned Dar Miller in context with SP were way off base, the kind of thing I would expect from HER lemmings.

But the more I read..

Something IS off. It is. This woman did not smoke according to all who knew her. She was incredibly safety conscious. I really do not believe both smoke detectors would have just happened to have dead batteries or no batteries. I do not believe that her dog, by all accounts a steadfastly protective longtime companion, would have "slept through" a horrible, violently brutal death.

I also do not believe she herself would have slept throuh a raging fire. It defies all logic. She was a smart lady who loved life and her partner and pets...

No, something is not right here. Why not have a real investigation? Where is all the information that would normally be forthcoming in a case like this?

I will say again- something is not right.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


The fee from the McCain campaign for legal fees was for $50,000 - it seems that the $500,00 has either been misreported or misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Dar miller is not the elephant in the room? Well maybe in Alaska.

To me, it's no more surprising than the guy whose plane crashed right after he was forced into deposition.
The guy who ran the servers the votes went through after the 2000 election. Yeah, a split second before they were forwarded to the appropriate election committe. He was protected from testifying until someone found a judge who forced him into court. Week later he was dead. Really? Yeah Dar Miller, too?

Anonymous said...

Wait, my bad. The elephant in the room is:

Why hasn't anyone asked Levi why he needs a bodyguard?

MK said...

Patrick, I'm a bit late to say this but this is a fantastic blog post because it so clearly gives readers the information that they need about Prejean and her hypocrisy, especially regarding her views regarding porn. What a joke she is!

Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to your next big expose.MK

MK said...

anon @ 12.00

Gryphen has already covered that question and Patrick wrote an excellent blog post about intimidation tactics in Wasilla. It's clear why Levi needs a body guard.MK

LisanTX said...

anon @8:59 wrote re: fire: Why not have a real investigation? Where is all the information that would normally be forthcoming in a case like this?

no real investigation in order to protect certain people....?

all the information normally forthcoming...has been destroyed, suppressed, and covered up....?

It's easier to do these things when you have power or authority over people. And when there is a history of corruption in Alaska, which adds to the situaton.

Several comments have mentioned Rep. Carl Gatto, who has a background as a fireman as being in the know. We know SP was governor, and had/has loyal contacts throughout the state.

It certainly seems problematic.

Anonymous said...

30 naked photos and 8 more sex tapes. Mostly of Carrie photographing herself in the mirror and moaning.

Looks like her love object is Carrie.

Nothing like loving oneself.

Except most of us don't photograph it in detail

Anonymous said...

Her brother is seriously scary looking....prison yet or just prepping?

Anonymous said...

The Mat-Su Valley has an arsonist.
It is an area too intimidated to speak the truth.

There are big problems. The law abiding citizens need the Feds, and not the ones that will take pay offs.

Keep working to expose the truth and rid the area of corruption. They have been extorting the people for too long.

Carl Gatto knows plenty. He won't talk unless it is to save his own skin.

Anonymous said...

The right wingers at a site I "used" to belong to blasted me for starting a thread about poor Carrie. They didn't like the news, stating why she dropped her lawsuit. They had asked why I seemed contemptuous of the lovely Carrie. After all everyone makes mistakes, and she was a naive 17 according to her story. They were blackmailing her, blah, blah. So I said she was a hypocrite and a phoney and was 20.If the man aceeded to her pressures and demands, to lie and say she was 17 in 2007, he would be a predator who had a sex romp of 4 days with a minor.

They seemed more fixated on terrible Perez Hilton for daring to ask that dastardly question, and virtuous, body beautiful Carries woes with lustful predators.

Anonymous said...

Wonkette calls it bullshit.

Call it like it is wonkette, what do they call moosedroppings?