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"Pinocchio Palin" does it again - Another BIG lie by Sarah Palin in "Going Rogue" exposed! - UPDATE: Andrew Halcro confirms!

Reading "Going Rogue" is a hard job. It's one of the worst books you will ever encounter in your lifetime - it's a real slog. However, sometimes it can be very rewarding to read what "Pinocchio Palin" has to say, because the book contains lie after lie. Today, we found another big, fat, unashamed lie, which serves as an example for the countless other lies and distortions in "Going Rogue".

Starting on page 110 of "Going Rogue", Sarah begins to describe how she ran for the Governorship of Alaska in the years 2005/2006, first in the Republican primaries, then in the general election.

On pages 115 and 116, Sarah Palin writes:

"It wasn't the last time I'd find that there's no better training ground for politics than motherhood. At one point during the general election, motherhood became the focus of a unique line of questioning. In my responses to a series of debate questions on abortion, I remained consistent and sincere, explaining how personal and sensitive the issue is and that good people can disagree.

But the debate moderator decided to personalize his hypotheticals with a series of "What if..." questions. He asked:

"If a woman were, say, raped..."
"...I would choose life."
"If your daughter were pregnant..."
"Again, I would choose life."
"If your teenage daughter got pregnant..."
"I'd counsel a young parent to choose life...consider adoption," I answered.

I calmly repeated my answer to all of his "what-ifs,", then looked pointedly to my right and my left, to one opponent, then the other. Then I returned to the moderator and said, "I'm confident you'll be asking the other candidates these same questions, right?" Of course, he didn't."

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

This is the full account of the TV-debate which Sarah Palin gives on "Going Rogue".

So far, so good. Sarah is treated unfairly again. The moderator viciously singled her out - because she is a mother! But this time, the "gotcha media" didn't get her, because she was strong and "remained consistent and sincere." There you have it, moderator! See what happenes if you try to "personalize" your questions - Sarah calls you out! Of course, the other candidates weren't asked the same questions. Well, the moderator was probably a liberal. Sarah can sniff these people from miles away, can't she?

However, I know that there is something that Sarah Palin has forgotten: The recording of this TV-debate still exists! It has remained buried since November 2006 in this inconspicious internet archive, before it was unearthed and a substantial part of the debate posted on youtube in December 2008.

Apparently the fact-checkers have forgotten to tell Sarah about the existence of the TV-recording. Oh, there were no fact-checkers? Too bad! It's a real shame that Harper Collins has lots of cash readily available to pay for exclusive private jets, but cannot afford to hire fact-checkers!

Here is what REALLY happened in the debate on November 2, 2006. Sarah Palin debates Tony Knowles (Democrat) and Andrew Halcro (Republican, who ran as an Independent for Governor in Alaska in 2006):

Sarah Palin, I have some questions for you - and we all know you read this blog ;-)

Sarah - did the moderator single you out - YES OR NO?

Sarah - did you give the answer in the debate: "I'd counsel a young parent to choose life....consider adoption" - YES OR NO?

Sarah - did you "look pointedly to your right and left, to one opponent, then the other" before asking the moderator whether he will be asking the same questions to the other candidates - YES OR NO?

Sarah - did the moderator then ask your opponents to address the same scenario - YES OR NO?

Sarah - was the discussion ANYTHING like you described in your book - YES OR NO?

Yup Yup, I know the answers - and now everyone else knows.


No wonder that Steve Schmidt said on the record that "Going Rogue" is "not 70%, but 100% fiction!"



(this is an ironic reference to an incident described by the New York Times in THIS ARTICLE)

So, what happened there in Sarah's crazy mind? Did she just forget what really happened? I don't think so! I think that she didn't WANT to remember, because at the end of the clip, Andrew Halcro completely blows her out of water, by giving an incredible intelligent and thoughtful answer. Sarah just does what apparently is her strategy throughout the whole book: She gives a "fantasy version" of what really happened, in order to make her look brilliant, to make her look like a victim, to make her look as if she is being singled out because she is a woman and a mother, to make her look as if she actually knows what she is doing, to make her appear as a competent politician.

No wonder that this book has previously received labels like









I have just been in contact with Andrew Halcro, and he has confirmed in an email that the facts of my blog post are correct.

The above video clip is the debate that Sarah Palin references in her book.

Andrew Halcro wrote to me on December 4, 2009:


Your blog is correct.

If you review what Clark asks her, he wants to know if Palin has any exceptions to her pro-life belief. This is commonly asked of pro-life candidates because many who are pro-life will accept a woman’s right to choose in the case of incest, rape or the life of the mother.

In addition, Knowles and I were pro-choice so there was no reason for them to try and find if we had any “grey” areas on the issue, as one of the moderators (Chris Clark) had asked Palin.

I would also like to point out on more thing; if Clark is the moderator that she is complaining about in her book…she hired him for her press office after she got elected."

I would like to urge all new readers to visit our extensive documentation about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig ("babygate")! SEE THIS LINK.

Please click on the title of the blog post or CLICK HERE before using the toolbar below for sharing!


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CR46 said...

Sarah is a pathological liar. And it's because she has a borderline personality disorder. People with a BPD lie easily and often, they are often focused on the "moment" lying to whom ever is in front of them at the time, even though they know others know the truth. They can lie smooth enough to pass a polygraph, why? ! because they really do not have a personality ingrained, its all about the moment.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Patrick. She's always makin' stuff up, and her nose is going to get very looong. Just one question: should intimated be intimidated, near the end of the post?

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Patrick! Another great work! And Regina and Kathleen, great blog!

Andrew Sullivan has broken away from the right wing party, article over at HuffPost. Because of religion, and other things!

MK said...

Patrick! You did it again. You nailed her with her own words backed up by VIDEO evidence. No way she can deny this. keep it up like this and she is gone baby gone!MK

Anonymous said...

She is trying her best to continue the myth of Sarah Palin, forgetting that once she entered the national stage (and wrote a book slamming everyone who ever slighted her), the whole world would be watching.

RNP in CA said...

Oh, for Christ's sake. How can anyone still doubt she'd lie about anything?!? Come on, media!

Anonymous said...

PALINOCCIO = never ending lies!

When will she be stopped?

Anonymous said...

I despise this woman, as many of you do, also, too...

To the palinbots who keep saying that she's smart and beautiful: 1) her intelligence, or lack thereof, on a wide variety of issues is what's stirring up the hornets' nest. And 2) since when is beautiful a criterion for leadership (also, too, why is this not sexist?)

Look, she will never, ever, hold public office again. Not President. Not Vice-President. Not Senator. Not Representative. Not Governor. Mayyyybe a mayor of some backwoods hicksville somewhere. But that's about it.


She can't even survive a simple debate or interview. To be a strong player, you have to be able to perform at your best in the enemies' camps. Not just your own.

Oh, and by the way, she's not beautiful. Seriously. And really it's not a physical thing, it's the fact that her corrosive soul is projected so strongly. She is quite hideous (and no, I won't go on and on about what's up with her hair these days ;) Man, I used to be able to watch King of the Hill, but the Peggy Hill resemblance is too much to take.

Anonymous said...

So sad. She is reconstructing the stories of her life so that they play the way she WISHES they would have the first time. Part of me is appalled, but a little part of me is just sorry for her, because it's absolutely pathetic.

Given that a subset of women in this world will fake a pregnancy (since it's been proven to happen), I imagine that Sarah's personality type fits right in with "those most likely to" do so. What? Life handed you a situation you didn't like? Cover it up, and then lie, baby, lie.

Anonymous said...


I cannot wait till tomorrow to discover what Andrew Halcro's rather cryptic post today means.

Go Andrew!

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

Great post. The woman is a pathological liar. It is breathtaking that McCain nominated this woman to be VP, and thought she could responsibly carry out the duties of POTUS.

It is even more breathtaking that in the face of this evidence, the Palinbots still love her and want her to be POTUS. What does this say about our country?

Anonymous said...

Of course she faked her pregnancy!

She hid her "pregnancy" under scarves EVEN AFTER SHE ANNOUNCED IT!

She has created a mythical Sarah Palin and the idiots lap it up and send her money.

Anonymous said...

Either this woman is clinically insane or she's a disgrace. To her gender, to her party, to her family, to her 'homeland'.

She makes me want to vomit.

Sickening, Sarah. Just disgusting.

trev said...

Wow, such a great example of her blatant lying. This should be spread out everywhere and reported in the MSM, but it will not. This also fits in nicely with all of her supporters being unable to state what she stands for, all anyone knows is the bumper sticker slogans.
And I agree with the above poster, she is not beautiful. Her psychological disorders and the ugliness of her mind come out so strong, I do not think she is attractive at all, and why is this a factor anyway? The only votes Palin will get are the boner votes of the deluded men and the hair and makeup votes of the deluded women. She is just an awful person, I really wish she would go away.

Anonymous said...

During the campaign, last year, the Washington Post gave Pinocchio Awards to the candidates. I believe Palin got Four Pinoccios (the max) for claiming she had been cleared in Troopergate. And two Pinocchios for her claims about the gas pipeline, which, by the way, so far has only amounted to a $500 Million corporate welfare giveaway. LINK.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent research. Sarah Palin lies. We knew that. But what your research is showing us is that Palin is incapable of comprehending the world she lives in. Palin has no concept of how detailed the PUBLIC record of her life is. Oblivious to how she can not changed what happened, she does believe that BIG lies are possible. And having told a really BIG lie is no barrier to being Veep of the US>

Is a sociopath sane?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick!! Video like this is the only way to prove to deniers that she lies. There it is, her written "memory" of the event and the truth.

And this is not just a different way of looking at an event, it is just facts, did she lie or not. GREAT FIND.

Anonymous said...

You would think a person who majored in broadcast journalism would understand the concept of video.

Anonymous said...

So, MSNBC, how about a link to this very well-researched post!

CBS? NYTimes?

FOX!!!! (right ;-)

Lynn said...

I think she believes her own lies and that's pretty crazy. Perhaps she's creating her own reality like the Bush people claimed was the way of the future. Without a strong Fourth Estate then that is how it is. Come on big media, step up to the plate!!!!! The trick is for everyone to move forward at the same time and the intimidation threats are useless.

sandra said...

I was very impressed by Halcro's statement. He brought the argument around to having less government interference in our lives. He would certainly change the world's opinion of Alaska for the better if he is elected governor, senator, congressman, et al.

Dianne said...


What a thoughtful and responsible thing you have done by doing Harper Collins' fact checking for them. You are doing their job for them and you're pretty dang good at it, too. Maybe they'll send you a thank you card. Well.....probably not. I'll thank you for them. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

So if she runs in 2012 on any party ticket, will the media call her a liar like they did Al Gore, who really never lied at all??

not holding my breath
the media assumes they lie and that liberals don't so liberals get smeared and they are ignored.

Anonymous said...

She's going to have a class action suit on her lap pretty soon if she continues to misrepresent and lie about people (in this case, the debate moderator).

WV: cuerbu
Answer: What a toddler would call the pregnancy test that Sarah Palin did not take to find out she was not pregnant with Trig.

KaJo said...

Patrick -- or anyone else who maintains contact with Geoffrey Dunn -- don't forget to send him an e-mail about this so he can add it to his book -- and send one to HuffPo's Rachel Weiner, who solicited additional documentation of "Going Rogue" lies in her story "Going Rogue": The 18 Biggest Falsehoods In Palin's Book.

This one -- the 2006 gubernatorial TV debate lies by Palin -- haven't been covered by either Dunn or Weiner yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi KaJo

Thanks for your suggestion.

It won't have been covered by Dunn or Weiner because this is a palingates exclusive.

Patrick said...

By the way,

many, many thanks to all the people who put links to up palingates on Huffington Post today! We received a lot of traffic today through these links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the screen shot of the book page in your post. If Harper Collins wants their lawyer to have ANY credibility, they'll have to send another whining letter. And the web traffic will flow greatly forth.

Dr. Who said...

I have NEVER in my life or experiences with many people, EVER seen someone who lies so much. She lies constantly about everything. One sentence summarizes this.


This really isn't even funny, interesting or a joke anymore. She is off her rocker and we need to keep exposing her. Shame on the media for not doing a better job.

SARAH PALIN IS A VERY DISTURBED PERSON and she is NOT FIT for any public office. As far as her fitness as a parent, we all have our opinions, but God will ultimately decide. How someone can be religious, but make up such huge sick lies is very difficult to understand. It is her sickness. She doesn't even realize she is lying. She is a sociopath and I wish her family would get her help and that people would stop enabling her.

HEY those of you who "fan her" Bill Kristol, Fred Malek, Rupert Murdoch, GRETA and husband - what is wrong with you? Are you so blinded by greed and hatred of others with different opinions that you would encourage and support a sick person like this? STOP IT! You are not only doing our country and her family a disservice, but you are also not helping her. I would love for you to answer questions about her lies. My guess is that you would just ignore and downplay them, which tells me either you are as sick as she is, greedy or come from very dysfunctional families. SOMEONE in her family must see how crazy Sarah is. Get her some help! And stop enabling her sick sick mind.

Forever Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, I like that you listed the labels of other lies.

Time to name that gate.




CR46 said...

I posted this over at Huffpo, quite a few people seemed to enjoy it there so have a good laugh on me :)

Fans worshippers and a special shoutout to AnnfromCA( but no more panties in the mail please, you scared Tawd so much he wont come down off the roof)

There goes the Librul media attacking me for things they weren't supposed to read, please send $$$$$. My family and god and Tawd have been repeatedly attacked because of all of my li/­r I mean family values, please send $$$$. God and Rupert told me to spend money on a plane, God opened that door for me and also too now am being attacked for my christian beliefs, please send $$$$. People making stuff up just because my "gift from god" never has his hearing aides or glasses on or even a jacket or socks, please send $$$$$. To also progress job creation of turret builders in Alaaaska , please send $$$$$. Librul fact checkers interfering with what God and Todd for the sake of the troops quit picking on me ( foot stomp and pout), please send $$$$$. For my health and the need to fix my infected winky cheek muscle, please send $$$$.

Your Moosiah
S Palin

please send $$$$$$$$$$­$$$$$$$$$$­$$$$$$$$$$­$

Daisydem said...

Patrick, thank you. Thank you. Sarah, if you read this: you maybe can close out the press to all your "speaking engagements" so we don't continue to hear the lies, smears, and repetitive palin salad of words, BUT you cannot keep us from accessing your BOOK OF LIES and calling you out on them. HA! You are probably gonna spend the rest of your life in one courtroom or another or paying some fancy lawyers forever to try and keep you out of them.

Patrick said...


Please don't miss the excellent article by Sarah Jones on politicususa about the "Going Rogue" tour:

Palin’s “Going Rogue” Tour Finally Jumps the Shark

Virginia Voter said...

It's time for some psychiatric intervention. Remember the "diva" and "whackjob" comments? That is all coming full circle and is now fully documented in Going Rogue.

I believe Sarah is manic depressive, maybe schizophrenic, and has already been diagnosed. ERither that or it is severe NPD. I think this is the reason her parents are with her on this tour. It is not easy for seniors to pick up and travel around on a bus like that with a special needs toddler in tow. I firmly believe her parents are there to take care of Sarah, as she is incapable of doing it herself.

Todd has had enough...that is perfectly clear, and wants no part of the charade...clearly he has no job, so he could have easliy joined his wife. Bristol is MIA Chuck and Sally were the only ones left.

lisabeth said...

Patrick, This is am amazing discovery. Congratulations as I know this much of taken a great deal of research to find. I hope the MSM does pick up on this. We can all help by posting it on Twitter, HF and other places. I will do that too.

It is really unreal. She is a very sick person. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't so nasty and mean to other people. I can't stand her.
I am thankful for Andrew Halcro for speaking out about her too as well as Sullivan and others of course. But he is going to be running for office and takes more of a risk. I don't see other Alaskan politicians opening their mouths and they should. He really gave a great answer in the debate. I'd consider voting for him, Republican or not. At least he is intelligent enough to consider the complexity of certain issues. So many politicians are black and white (simpletons) like Sarah. I have lost faith in so many on both sides.
Keep up the great work......

Anonymous said...

The reason why there is no index is her book is that it makes it much harder for opposition researchers to track down her many, many lies. Same also applies to her reference to the moderator in the discussion as "he". Note she does not name him in the book because that would make it much harder for opposition researchers to track down the event in question and discover that she has totally lied about this event.

Anonymous said...

Great work! and it's so funny that in Sarah's world, video coverage of events just automatically changes to fit her new story.

Also I did find a few instances of "examplary" as a word but I'm not sure that's really correct (in this alternate spelling it comes from "exemplary" which is certainly not what you mean)-- maybe it would be better, since new people are coming to the site every day, to say this new lie "serves as an example for" or "exemplifies" the other ones.

Anonymous said...

So I finally picked up a copy of Miss Sarah's tome last night -- just to glance thru quickly and put back --
all I had time to look at was the pics. The very first one was about berrypickin' or somethin' and the caption stated that the whole family ate (to paraphrase) nothing but wholesome Alaskan foods
gathered in the wild. (Too bad for you, Alaskan farmers !) Then there was the pic of Chuck and Sally visiting the ghost town of Bonanza. That caption just had to state that they were posing in front of what looked like any other abandoned cabin but was in fact a HOUSE OF PROSTITUTION.
We even learn who was serviced by said ladies, all
in the caption to the pic of Chuck and Sally. Beyond
weird. But the one that really caught my eye was the 'Easter Family Gathering'. Miss Sarah is decked out in a baggy dress and she looks a little disheveled. But AHA ! The caption, ever helpful,
explains for us ! "I had just had Piper" Miss Sarah writes. Hmmm. Where is the similar picture of a postpartum Sarah with a caption explaining "I had just had Trig" ? Where are the pictures of the proud Right To Li(f)e Mom during her pregnancy with Trig? Of pics of Trig as an infant ?

I am still waiting for some picture of 'Trig' at the Governor's Picnics in late July of 2008 to surface so
that the VERY small baby at those events can be compared to the VERY large baby at the RNC one month later. Trig seemed to grow as fast in that month as Miss Sarah did right before the Gusty pictures.

The choices of pictures selected for the book say as much as the pictures themselves. And the captions say even more.

emrysa said...

nothing to see here, move along folks...

so will jesse come on here and say the video was doctored to make her book version seem like a lie? Bwaahahaaa what a fool.

Martha said...

Palin just does not care.

She knows her followers will believe whatever she says.....they are in complete denial about anything she does or says that is wrong or a lie.

Palin pointed that out to Halcro during these debates......... amazed at his knowledge of the facts.......she pointed to the audience and asked you think these people care?

And she was correct. They don't. And she was elected. She fooled Alaskans.

It is so infuriating. They will not believe that this video is real, or it was another debate, not the one she was referring to in her book...etc. I seen them make ridiculous excuses for her in lineups at these book signings.

It is hard to believe that there are that many idiots in America.

I call them "The Glass Bellybutton People".

Their heads are so far up their rear ends they need glass bellybuttons in order to see.

emrysa said...

oh and good job patrick!!

Martha said...

CR46 said...
I loved your comment so much I posted it at (with dedication of course)

I have called her "The Tin Cup Grifter" for some time now.

Daisydem said...

And on the subject of Sarah Palin lying so much, for me it was telling that in the book (I believe this was mentioned on the Mudflats) she indicates that when in school she was supposed to play in the pep band and did not want to - her dear old Dad (Chuckie) would tape up her hand and they would lie and say she was injured and could not play. Am I remembering this right? Because my thought at the time was "is this when the lies began?" Is her father her mentor for creating a fantasy world to live in?

Lynn said...

I was browsing photos over at Team Sarah and saw that in the turkey trot race she is pushing a double stroller. The baby on the right as you face her looks like Trig but I'm wondering who the other baby is. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

The gov. of Louisiana told "a tale" of his actions. It was in a national broadcast. The media NAILED him.

Palin doesn't get nailed for the lies because the media does not WANT to. Palin is too valuable for media income to damage her with truth.

Anonymous said...

You know, from this tape - and I don't know the interviewers, you all seem to - it looked as if that one guy was really pressing her on the question "but if your daughter were raped". He repeats it a few times, right? I don't know about the timing of this debate/campaign. Was it for Governor? She looks like she thinks he's trying to make a point, under the surface of his question, so she answers with this steely stare and a bit of a smile. Like she's saying, "you can't get me, mister, nice try; I won't flinch at your gotcha questions!" But maybe I am imagining it. Someone else can illuminate the timing of this event; when did it happen, exactly? Would there have been rumors circulating already about Bristol and a possible pregnancy, or a possible rape?

Daniel Archangel said...

I really wish Jesse Cornish was a more effective foil to help us hone our arguments. I can't tell if he is supporting SP's version of events just to be contrarian, or really believes that the Empress's new clothes are as beautiful as she says.

Our conclusion (not a theory) of a faked pregnancy would reverse immediately upon the presentation of unequivocal evidence that SP was actually pregnant. Unfortunately for Jesse, there simply isn't any. What we do have is either inconclusive (April 13 photo) or disputes SP's contention of a pregnancy.

Jesse, your tagging us as "Truthers" doesn't bother me a bit. I want the truth, and I certanly haven't heard it from Sarah Palin. You just take her word for it and steadfastly hold to that finding no matter the inconsistencies or evidence. You're the one who doesn't see that her story is naked.

Yes, SP doesn't have to address it. She can just keep lying until we uncover the truth. Once we do, however, all of her supporters have to bear the shame of not seeing the obvious. On the other hand, if she ever does prove she birthed Trig, I won't feel the least bit of shame because I simply followed the evidence, which is far more consistent with a faked pregnancy than a real one.

I'm not ready to call the faked pregnancy a "fact" yet, unlike Patrick (although I accept that one could make such a finding of fact), but SP's unwillingness to lay the facts bare makes it highly unlikely that doing so would help her.


Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry 2005 - 2006. Too early for the rumors we're particularly interested in....but were there earlier ones, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Martha, Thank you for reposting it :)
feel free to use it in any form you chose :)

Anonymous said...

He says an audience member asked how she'd react if her daughter got pregnant or if her son got someone pregnant.... When did Track enlist again?

Anonymous said...

She cries sexism but she's the one who is playing that card. What a LIAR and FRAUD. Excellent way of questioning her, as if she were on trial. I wonder if she were to be questioned like that, what would she do? Cry and start blabbering about the "gotcha" questions? Write another book on being victimized yet again? Sarah stop trying to portray yourself as some sort of heroic victim...cause you ain' it? You're a LIAR and FRAUD and a CON ARTIST TO BOOT and you're such a HOOT also, too. You dimwit.

Anonymous said...

She reacts so dismissively and looks ticked as she says "that's a private matter". I think the audience member and the debate moderator were trying to make her squirm.

Anonymous said...


Virginia Voter and several other readers of this blog and others will be protesting against Sarah at her Fairfax, VA book signing event on Saturday, December 5 at the BJ's Wholesale Club in Fair Lakes Shopping Center. The book signing is from 11-2, but they will be there a few hours earlier!They are looking for other people living in the DC area to join them.

I wish I could be there! I'm really jealous.

If you can spare some time please join them. Make some placards and join in the fun!

For more details contact Virginia Voter at!

RNP in CA said...

By the way, this is EXCELLENT, you guys. I'm emailing all press and saying, "How can anyone believe anything she says at this point? And, more to the point, why is it that those who report these lies still cannot fathom that she'd possibly lie about a pregnancy? She's lying about everything except that?"

Anonymous said...

Not a bot, but someone who does value accuracy:

There were several televised debates during that election cycle.

KTUU-TV in Anchorage (male moderator) aired the main debate.

Don't know if transcripts or tapes are easily available.

Don't know What Sarah said or didn't say.

Don't know if it really matters.

What does matter is you maintain your credibility.

If I might? May I humbly suggest is that you seek information from the many Alaskans who frequent this blog and get their insight? It could save you from having to do an Oops - correction type of thing.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


You cannot say something for a fact because you do not have access to the people in Alaska and the information that Patrick has.

Anonymous said...

Ha Anon 22:24! Since when is Taco Bell 'wholesome Alaskan food?' It barely qualifies as food, though the cheesy crunchy gordita is awesome.

The Sarah version of reality is such a hoot.

She reminds me of someone who starts an argument with another person and in the retelling of the argument swears up and down that they (the argument starter) maintained the upper hand when in reality, they were cowed into submission.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin thinks the best defense against being found out is to pretend like she's not afraid of the topic. She actually brings it to everyone's attention. Over and over. Like she's got nothing to hide. Which she does. Congrats on the fantastic job, Patrick! This is the kind of tangible demonstration which builds the case for the MSM. (I personally think they have their suspicions or even know stuff. The key for them is figuring out what stories they have the guts to run. They are waiting for a sure thing, I guess.)

Anonymous said...

Yes Patrick...

I do believe that the USA MSM....that she conveniently loves to loathe, is complicit in all the Palin cover-ups!

Anonymous said...


Now this is what you call FACTS.

Even though you cannot prove your babygate THEORY, at least you can prove a few of her lies. Should make you feel good to have small successes.

As someone who thinks you are all nucking futs I cant wait to see Jesse Cornish explain this away.

As an objective bystander the convos between palinbots and truthers is pure comedy gold.

sunnyjane said...

I think it is particularly fitting that Andrew Halcro stole one of Sarah's best rants when he said, "I think government should stay out of people's personal lives and decisions." (Or words to that effect.) Sarah and her ilk are always saying "We need less government!"

Anonymous said...

anon @ 22.48

I'll call BULLSHIT on your comment.

Those were not general policy questions - that was a unique question from a member of the audience. Not a usual question as it was very controversial talking about the rape of her daughter.

It is extremely unlikely that those what if questions talking about her daughter etc etc would have been replicated in another interview.

Also the fact that she asked the moderator to repeat those questions to her opponents nails it as being the interview in question.

Again I say you are talking BULLSHIT! It is absolutely clear that it is the correct interview.

Anonymous said...

Truly Madly Deeply...

You cannot say anything Patrick says is fact either.

Patrick is a liar.

Patrick cannot and will not show his supposed proof because he is a liar.

He simply uses that line to bait Sarah Palin in the hopes that she will grace him with a response.

Again Patrick is a LIAR! That is a FACT. He cant prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The proof that Sarah wasn't pregnant is in the pictures-- that has been presented very clearly.

Sarah has shown that she'll sic her attorneys on anyone at a moment's notice. If she could disprove Patrick's claims in a court of law, she would already have filed a lawsuit. There are some people in the public eye who would just ignore bloggers, but Sarah has demonstrated again and again that she's not one of those people.

midnightcajun said...

Never one to sing her own praises, in this brief section of her Book of Lies, Sarah calls herself consistent, sincere, calm and--by inference--brave and tough. Pardon me while I go retch...

Oh, and to the "Not a Bot (sic)" who suggested Sarah was talking about a different interview, notice the phrases "at one point" and "a unique line of questioning." In other words, this was the one, unique point at which that line of questioning was followed. Nice try, Bot.

Anonymous said...

It seems that now that Patrick's babygate theory has nowhere to go, he will quibble over semantics with Sarah Palin.

You know, I would love to debate you face to face, anyone of you Trig Truthers. A formal debate in front of a live audience. It would be too much fun.

You have benefitted from the demise of Audrey, there is no doubt about that. And to be honest, you really don't want Sarah Palin to go away. Your blog would be nothing without her!

So let's see if I can posit these questions again: Show me one doctor who will go on record and conclude from the photos provided on this site that Sarah Palin was not pregnant. Show me one expert on forgeries who will go on the record and demonstrate that CBJ's letter was forged.

Anonymous said...

My brother saw one of the debates she was in. He said that she wad horrible, she danced around all of the questions, & appeared very unintelligent.

Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:24 said: "But the one that really caught my eye was the 'Easter Family Gathering'. Miss Sarah is decked out in a baggy dress and she looks a little disheveled. But AHA ! The caption, ever helpful, explains for us ! "I had just had Piper" Miss Sarah writes. Hmmm."

Easter gathering? Wasn't Piper born in July? Remember the 4th of July kayak story? (A 9-month pregnant belly in a kayak YEAH RIGHT) Or am I mixed up with Willow?

Anonymous said...

She has been a proven liar time and time again, at least 59 times now. So I really don't get it when her supporters say she is honest. Far from it. Of course Fox and C4p never discuss any of her lies or unflattering miss-steps.

She says she took the pregnancy test while out of state, and months later her daughter finds in on her dresser. That sounds very odd now doesn't it.

It has been very easy for her to lie about everything, why people can't believe she would fake a pregnancy I don't understand, she did and continues to do so. There are a lot of people in on the cover up. When she is outed so is McCain and a bunch of others.

She is a danger to herself and others. Thanks for your concern for America guys, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Ignore the trolls. They are being paid to argue against the facts.

Anonymous said...

Patrick's site is about ALL of Palin's many missteps-- the list of "gates" on the right might have clued a more observant person into that fact.

Why would a doctor want to step into the morass of Palin's lies?

Luckily for most of us, Palin didn't get to be VP and so it's still a free country where everyone's allowed to speculate about whatever they want to think about. I don't think many of the people here would be afraid of debating any of the sea of pee'ers.

Anonymous said...

Jesse is avoiding the fact that patrick has caught the empress without her clothes on.

Give us your answer to the topic that we are discussing here - we are all waiting.

Anonymous said...

She faked the bus tour, so is there anything she's incapable of faking?

Anonymous said...

A good time to consider these words of George Orwell:

To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle. One thing that helps toward it is to keep a diary, or, at any rate, to keep some kind of record of one's opinions about important events. Otherwise, when some particularly absurd belief is exploded by events, one may simply forget that one ever held it.


Anonymous said...

SPalin has been shown to be a liar---more than once. So, a good tree CANNOT bring forth evil fruit, according to scripture.

Matthew 7:15-23 (KJV)

-Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
-Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
-Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
-A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
-Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
-Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
-Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
-Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
-And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

In love---

Thank you, Patrick, and Kathleen, and big thanks to Regina! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's not a "gate" when you are caught redhanded.

Anonymous said...

Recently there was a blog post where someone actually gave up detailing the lies. If I remember, there were lies about the weather, etc., which were things that were easily fact checked because there are accounts at odds with what Palin wrote. This debate scene is a good catch. You gotcha self, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

But that is not what she'll say in her next Facebook rant.

Martha said...

Jesse Cornish said...Looky here at my shiny new glass bellybutton.and it ain't even Christmas yet...thankee Sarah, you sure know how to look after your folks!!

Anonymous said...

$arah is a bitter old woman. Track has had no relationship with her in almost three years, Bristol fights with her constantly, Todd appears to have left her, she told lies about friends who have now left her.....all she has left is her faithful flock that are too ignorant to read or educate themselves about this fraudulent woman.

Have youi seen Piper's sad face in all the photos coming out? I have not seen one smile from her. She is tired and bored and sick of the fakery. As an adult, she will leave $arah, too. She will be alone with her millions in her old age. And at the end of her life she will not be spending anytime in heaven.....she will be headed much further south.

I have never seen anyone in my entire life who can lie like she does. Someone in her family needs to do an intervention...she is seriously ill.

Truthbot said...

OK Jesse Cornish...

I would love to debate you. Although I am not a truther, and not a palinbot. I do see that you blindly follow that woman and make excuses for her, where there are none.

Will you admit that in this particular post she lied about her debate. Or at the very least embellished her story to make it sound better. You must admit this for me to believe that you are objective enough to even have a rational conversation.

I can admit after looking at all of the photos here that they are not evidence of a faked pregnancy. Some of them are definately questionable but still not enough for an objective reasonable person to conclude that a faked pregnancy happened for a fact. I will also admit that no doctor can confirm that Palin was not pregnant.

So Jesse are you an intelligent, reasonable person, or a blind as a bat follower who wouldnt know the truth if it sat on his face?

Anonymous said...


Jesse would love to see the Emrpres without her clothes on.

Dianne said...

Anon 23:12. I believe Willow was born in July. However, if Piper was born in May 15, 2001 (I think she was) and Easter was April 15, 2001,(I think it was) unless they have their Easter celebration in June, something is fishy.

no. 5 said...

The best approach with her book, Facebook rants and speeches is to be skeptical. Assume she's lying, unless you can show otherwise. She often lies with half-truths; She doesn't tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Patrick is a LIAR, that is a FACT.

I like this

Anonymous said...

oops should be Empress. (Drat the tiny comment window.)

mocha said...

I hoep this isn't a repeat on my part, Patrick, but have you gotten this to Keith and Rachel at MSNBC? This one has got to go mainstream! Thanks for all you're doing.

Anonymous said...

23:30 So you admit that you are being paid to argue against facts. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Patrick being a liar is a fact that you cant argue, and he cant prove otherwise.

Reesie said...

Anon @23:12 - It was Willow.

"Palin is so determinedly American that, when she went into labor with Willow on the Fourth of July while kayaking on Memory Lake in Wasilla, she writes, “I so wanted a patriotic baby that I paddled as hard as I could to speed up the contractions, but she held out until the next day.” - Maureen Dowd

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's necessary to engage the troll. He's shown up, because a nerve has been touched. That's all we need to know.

He worked with Riehl and McCain to harass Audrey and Gryphen. What do you think he's doing here? He has his own blog.

Anonymous said...

Good job Patrick, documenting Half-Term Gov Palin's lies.

KaJo said...

I hate to go so far off topic, but this is worth bringing up here -- last Monday 11/30/09 the conservative blogger Charles Johnson, author of the blog "Little Green Footballs" issued a declaration that he was leaving the Right because he felt Republican conservatism had "gone off the rails, into the bushes, and off the cliff."

Now, it seems, last Tuesday 12/1/09 similarly conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan -- he of the skeptical outlook last year (and still, to date) about Sarah Palin's story about her alleged 5th pregnancy and her story about what has been called "the wild ride" -- has followed Charles Johnson's lead.

Kudos to both of them!

Anonymous said...

Audrey got called out on some FACTS! and decided to quit her blog.

FACTS are hard to overcome when you dont want anyone to know about them.

I know its hard to admit that one of your idols chose to fold instead of be up front about herself but that was her choice.
She could have if she wanted to, she chose not to have her dirty laundry aired the way she has aired Palins dirty laundry.

Karma comes to mind right now.

Anonymous said...

Borderline Personality Disorder.

Anonymous said...

The photo dated March 14, 2008, taken on the steps with Parnell and from the state website proves that SPalin did not delivery a baby less than 6 weeks later. Photo evidence will stand up in a court of law; as a matter of fact, it is better than verbal testimony. Check it out--

" ... While Justice is sometimes pictured blindfolded, photographic evidence is one of the most effective means of piercing the mask of doubt when preparing a legal court case. Photography is extremely valuable in assuring that justice prevails in our courts.

"Although nearly 90 percent of all evidence presented in court trials is verbal, it is also the most unsatisfactory type of evidence. People lie, forget, and exaggerate; their hearing or eyesight may be impaired, or they may possess prejudices that affect their perceptions of how things happened.

"Oral testimony is not only less reliable than other forms of documentation, but it is also fleeting--lasting only as long as the individual jurors' memories. On the other hand, photographic evidence usually remains before the jury from its introduction to the end of the trial. And it is often present in the jury-room while verdict deliberations are taking place. ..."

Anonymous said...

It's interesting she's said that she kept journals for a long time. But last summer, Chuck was talking to a radio station in Idaho (?) and said that Sarah, working on her book, had called him to ask about basketball. Since she claims that basketball was such a large part of her formative experience, I can't imagine that she didn't journal her experiences and have them at hand. Why would she need to call Chuck?

Anonymous said...

what a lyin skank!

bill in belize

Anonymous said...

LOL... anon @ 23:47

You get one doctor to back that up and you have a case.

Can you do it?

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

I feel no sympathy for Audrey. She was undone by her deeds.

Yet again, her dissapearance must make some you wonder how dedicated she was to the cause?

I ask again: where are doctors to go on record and verify your photographic evidence. You see, even in a court of law, experts will be called in to analyze photographs.

Maybe if I ask just one question this time, I'll get an answer.

Anonymous said...

re: "I had just had Piper".
Since I had not intention of buying the book, maybe
I misread the 'family gathering' caption in my haste
to set the thing down before my hands got frostbite
from it. It was definitely a family gathering and Sarah definitely explains that, "I had just had Piper"; maybe it wasn't Easter ? Could someone who has the book check ? Interesting that Sarah has to defend her postpartum look there, also, too. She is not holding a baby and I can't remember if Piper is even in the picture. There was no need to say anything, really. Sort of like the 'bordello cabin'.
That family really does not understand the concept
of 'too much information'.

anon at 22:24

Anonymous said...

Audreys hubby is a doctor... even he wont help you.

curiouser said...

Patrick - Great research and great post! I believe Andrew Sullivan is also compiling GR lies and hope you will email him so he doesn't miss this one.

Sarah's magical thinking, her paranoia and delusions are quite frightening.

For another look into the bizarre workings of Palin's victim mindset, this might be a good time to review her "Who's Your Daddy?" letter that she distributed during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign. Be sure to open and read the letter obtained by CJR.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah was really pregnant with and gave birth to Trig when and how she said she did, then she has nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, if you had any sense at all you'd know that no court is going to take a DOCTOR'S testimony as evidence of the validity of a photograph.

And we have asked you, and you still haven't answered-- do you have any defense at all for the lie that we're currently talking about? I'll remind you, since it's hard to keep track-- this is her lie about the abortion discussion at the debate.

Truthbot said...

Jesse, you dont deserve an answer if you cannot answer simple questions either.

If you cant have a back and forth conversation like a grown up dont expect to be treated like one.

I answered your question, now answer mine.

Anonymous said...

Is it really surprising that Sarah would blatantly lie about what happened in that debate? She has a vested interest in making herself out to be the embattled pro-life warrior goddess.

Anonymous said...

Again, the Jesse Cornish comments and the folks supposedly taking the bait and wanting to argue with him/her, aren't real, in my opinion. (For all you people know, the original Jesse Cornish stopped posting long ago.) Don't pay a bit of attention. They really do come out when we start getting close to things, don't they? Can someone answer the question about the timing of the debate and whether or not at that point there would have been any rumors circulating about Bristol and/or Track? I am not from Alaska and haven't followed the timeline closely. Also, someone mentions that Sarah has no relationship with her son, not for the past three years? He showed up at the GOP convention, what was that? Where have you heard that Bristol and her mother argue constantly? About what?

midnightcajun said...

Anon 22:24 said: "But the one that really caught my eye was the 'Easter Family Gathering'. Miss Sarah is decked out in a baggy dress and she looks a little disheveled. But AHA ! The caption, ever helpful, explains for us ! "I had just had Piper"

?????? Piper was born in May, 2001; Easter that year was 15 April.

And since there's some confusion about Piper's birth year, In 2002, Easter was March 31.

Anonymous said...

Here is Chuck Heath's letter to The Las Vegas Sun. I only bring this up for those that would like a writing sample. Some have speculated that the letter from Sarah Palin (see, above, CJR link) may have been written, in some part, by Chuck Heath. Some are curious about whether Chuck Heath has written any of Sarah Palin's Facebook rants.

Anonymous said...

Yes SunnyJane!

The problem I have with Republicans (especially the extreme nitwit versions like S.P.) is they cry less Gov involvement in businesses, ect.. yet they want Government involvment in people's moral decisions.

How whacked is that? They don't want the Gov fiddling in their business dealings but it's OK for Gov to tell them who they can and can't marry, when they can and can't have kids

I would rather have the Gov in my "work life" rather than my "personal life"

Anonymous said...

Someone seems to have Audrey mixed up with Sarah Palin. I think someone forgot to read the post to which this comment thread is attached. Otherwise someone might have seen the hilarious irony of discussing unknown and undefined "FACTS" being possibly missing by someone with the name Audrey in a post where Sarah Palin is so clearly shown to have completely rewritten history. Actually, it's even more silly. Someone seems to be confusing what they suggest in their anonymous post to be a deal whereby one person's existent dirty laundry will remain hidden in exchange for someone else's existent dirty laundry remaining hidden. That indicates both sets of dirty laundry are real. Each party knows certain facts about the other. Someone seems to be, rather than supporting Sarah Palin's story that she gave birth to Trig, admitting that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy.
Someone might want to check with the Governor of Real America before continuing down that path.

emrysa said...

if patrick is a liar then why hasn't palin filed a libel suit? she bitches about bloggers and media all the time, seems like it would be a great way to shut the bloggers up if they were lying about her.

exactly - they're not lying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Chuck Heath's letter. Either he himself is Sarah Palin's speechwriter, or the same person has written for both of them. It's the same voice.

Anonymous said...

To answer you Truthbot, I haven't seen the transcripts of all the debates (there were several), so how can I make an informed decision?

And you only answered one of my questions. Do you have an expert that can prove that CBJ's letter was forged? Or should I rephrase it: do you believe CBJ's letter was forged? Yes or no?

And to the anonymous poster above, the courts bring in experts all the time to interpert the evidence. In this case, a doctor's testimony would be relevant.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot to mention that still others are curious whether Chuck's letter and any of the Facebook rants were written by someone else, not Chuck, but a common author. -- anon 0:00

Anonymous said...

Where are these pictures of Sarah at Easter 2002? I am missing something. Is she on record as saying this?

curiouser said...

Anonymous 04 December 00:00 - Thanks for the link. I agree with Anon 00:05. I think it's probable that Sarah's FB ghostwriter wrote that letter for Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 0:01

It was not Palin that knew of Audreys dirty laundry. It was not Palin who told Audrey they found her diry laundry.
It was a Palinbot who cannot be held accountable for they are all mentally insane.

So Palin who was not involved cannot be in the middle of any particular dirty laundry being spread around.

Anonymous said...

haha Cornish I predict that you will regret that last comment of yours regarding the transcripts.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, don'tcha know!


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 0:01

It was not Palin that knew of Audreys dirty laundry. It was not Palin who told Audrey they found her diry laundry.
It was a Palinbot who cannot be held accountable for they are all mentally insane.

So Palin who was not involved cannot be in the middle of any particular dirty laundry being spread around.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is the gift that keeps on giving. Keep talking, Chuck. Tell us more about Sarah's racism and amniotic fluid.

Anonymous said...

I am the "anonymous poster above" and I'm also a lawyer. And there's no way a judge would allow a doctor to testify about whether Sarah was pregnant based on a photograph. A judge might allow a photographic expert to testify as to whether the photograph was faked (though the March 14 one, which I think has the most probitive value, was taken from the state website) but there's no way in the world a doctor's testifying on anything other than medical records and medical practice.

Now that I can see that you're not interested in facts, only in Palin-like "human fooprints in dinosaur tracks" foolishness, I won't be engaging you in any further discussion.

NakedTruth said...

Please just let Jesse answer his own questions. He/she's been doing it anyway as an anonymous poster.

Sarah is really scary. She lies about things that she doesn't even have to lie about. This lady has got some serious problems. When it comes out about her faking her pregnancy with Trig, I predict that she will have a nervous breakdown and will have to be admitted. Hopefully people like Jesse will go see her for moral support.

Anonymous said...

A doctor's opinion of Sarah Palin's pregnancy photos

Anonymous said...

No I do not believe CBJ's letter was forged. I believe she wrote it.
And signed it.

Now if it turns out that this debate is the one Palin talks about in her book, will you admit that she fibbed?

Anonymous said...

Truthbot @ 00:12

Forgot to put my name

MK said...


fibbing is what small children do....Sarah Palin is a proven liar.MK

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that anyone would come to this blog to defend Sarah Palin. It reminds me of people who post on blogs to defend Miley Cyrus or declaring themselves to be on Team Angie!

It's just pathetic.

Truthbot said...

I will also add that Patrick does not have anyone who can prove that CBJ's letter was forged, and Patrick does not have a doctor who will go on record stating that Palin was not pregnant with Trig.

I'll go further and say Patrick cannot prove that Palin did not give birth to Trig. He has no evidence that will hold up. If he says otherwise he is a liar.

He believes with every fiber of his being that she did not though as do many other people on this blog.

And Jesse if you were a rational thinking person you would be able to see how some could come to that conclusion, especially when they are seeing with tunnel vision, the same way you see Palin.

Completely one sided and unobjective in everyway. You and the truthers are alike in this way. Neither one of you is 100% right and neither one is 100% wrong.

You will never find the truth because you all refuse to meet in the middle where sane people live.

Anonymous said...

anon 00:12 .. it doesn't matter whether a palinbot will admit that Sarah Palin lied -- it's more than a "fib"

Anonymous said...

Yeah MK,

But I think fibbing is an easier word for Jesse to swallow than lying.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of a show like Jon Stewart's Daily Show, where they take the statement made by some public figure, and then run old TV footage of him/her saying exactly the oppostie.

The best example was when Dick Cheney denied ever saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Two seconds later, there he was on Meet the Press, saying, "There can be no doubt that Iraq has WMD."

Assignment for Patrick and fans:
We have to find the most blatant lie in Sarah's book, or better yet, in one of her speeches, plus the contraction. There's every hope that in addition to Keith Olbermann's Countdown, Stewart would use the material. It should also go up on You Tube.

Now, we just have to find the very best example. So far, we have a large collection of lies and real facts. Now, we need a whopper!

Anonymous said...

Of course a judge would never allow it, because it would never get to court in the first place. But that's a moot point.

I don't think you are a lawyer. Of course you could always show me otherwise and demonstrate who you are.

Anonymous said...

Could her disdain for attractive, intelligent women be more apparent?? Look at her around :41.
That young woman (grainy film but looked like she had gorgeous skin) was beautiful, YOUNG, and extremely articulate. Palin's nostril's flared, eyes got droopy/glazed/and lifeless.... that woman was borderline seething whilst listening to the other lady propose her question.

No wonder Katie got the treatment she did... Palin is JEALOUS OF WOMEN!! Ha! Tell me she isn't the one with low self esteem.
She is always shaking hands and giving hugs to the old ladies and obese walmart shoppers .... she seemed comfortable with Barbara Walters and Oprah.. but hello?
Greta Van whatever is no threat.

Have we ever seen Sarah Palin around an intelligent, beautiful woman other than Katie Couric? I am trying to think of any interviews?

I think this is one of her biggest weaknesses... women that are threats to her. She looked like she wanted to bite that poor ladies head off.

No wonder she fancies the high heels and glossy lips.. she doesn't want the men! No that isn't it at all! She wants the women to be jealous of her! OH my .. such revelations... what a true kook she is. Explains why she is erratic and lashes out ... she has some deep seated issue...

Anonymous said...

oops sorry it's the :33 mark not :41

Anonymous said...

anon 00:21 We have a whopper. It's the subject of this post.

Anonymous said...

She certainly has some nasty things to say about Nicole Wallace and Nicole said that Palin disliked her from the moment they met.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww, Jessie sounds like Palin now.


Anonymous said...

So JESSE will you admit that Palin fibbed if it is proven that this debate is the one she discusses in her book?

I cant have any respect for your opinion unless you answer this simple question.

No one deserves a pedestal, they all fall eventually.

Truthbot said...

Damn Truthbot above...

Anonymous said...

What kind of people continue to stick up for someone who is an obvious fraud. Very very disturbed people or people who come from dysfunctional families where all problems are minimized.

Feel sorry for the trolls. They are sick pathetic people. Look how they are spending their time. Its sad. They can't even admit lies right in front of their face. Imagine these trolls as parents and one of their children is raped. Would they just deny it and make excuses?

Yes that is the kind of sick dysfunction we are dealing with. Ignore them.

emrysa said...

hey jesse, can you enlighten us as to why the audiences at sarah's book signing events are 100% white?

thanks in advance, lol.

Anonymous said...

Sarah doesn't like to be around too many people who aren't white. Nope, she likes her brown people in small doses.

Anonymous said...

last rant as it truly is off topic (sorry :( ) .. but that video was so eye opening to her manerisms under these circumstances.. yes she had to think.. but her look isnt one of seriousness or ponder .. it is one of "you little biach"... written all over her face

so when i said she doesn't slather on the goo for the men but for the women..
think about it
She knows she is about to go UP on a podium.. UP on a stage.. looking DOWN at a crowd of faces that are looking UP at her
She knows a gazillion women will be looking UP at her while they are down low just a face in the crowd.

Put on those super high heels, gloss them lips and lick 'em (i am grossing myself out here...) the crowd will FIRST see as they look UP at her... them legs!! Those sparkly shoes! She can't show much more of her body as she has no figure. She has those new veneers so her lips will stick out if she glosses them up pretty ...
She "thinks" in her head as she gathers her courage to start her screeching ... Any intimidating pretty faces in that crowd that would normally be looking me up and down .. sizing me up.. (women) are going to be too distracted and will be thinking .. "Who the heck does she think she is ..she is a politician.. they aren't supposed to be showing all that leg action.. what's up with the glossy lips ??"

See? WE don't think that! But that is how she sizes up other women .. so she assumes that is what they are doing to her all the time. To squelch that "fear" she puts on all that glitz so finally she is the object of their jealousy

I think she really did want to be the pretty girl. Poor Sarah.. nah she held moose eyeballs.. had crazy crossed eyes.. she played baskeball when she probably would of rather been homecoming queen.

She tried her hand in the pageant and lost.. she had zero grace and so NOT a pageant body. She tried to be sweet and musical so did the flute... she's more a trombone girl. .. ok i'm done.. maybe i'm wrong but i never saw this before.. Palin is afraid of other women.. they make her feel like that little cross eyed, moose eyeball holding, boyish figure girl. Oh yes she had the boobie tshirt..but she was also a cow. She was super plump .. everyone has boobies if they are chubby.

Anonymous said...

The editor for the Anchorage Daily News has stated there is NO "clear, contemporaneous public record of what transpired with Trig's birth." That's a FACT

Sarah has NOT met the burden of proof for the states largest newspaper, who's editor knows SP one hell of a lot better than Jesse or any other bot. He's not buying her bullshit and he's closer to this story than anyone in the media. There's absolutely NO reason we should believe her either. None.

Patrick said...

See my update!

Andrew Halcro has confirmed that the facts of my blog post are correct.

emrysa said...


"one inconsistency." nevermind that there have already been atleast 2 dozen documented lies in that screed.

you see, this is why people don't answer your questions, jesse. because you're as dishonest as palin.

Patrick said...

Andrew Sullivan has just linked to us!

Thanks a lot, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Great work, Patrick! And thank you, Mr. Sullivan!!!

Anonymous said...

Satisfy you, emrysa?

no. 5 said...

Way to go, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

More traffic from Sullivan, time to put the babygate photos in the top story again!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Patrick! I was hoping you'd get confirmation from Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another link, Patrick! You're doing great!!!

:52, it satisfies me to see Sarah's huge lump come out from hiding! That clump of hair could not keep Lumpy down!

Anonymous said...

00:54 -- One thing at a time

Anonymous said...

I became convinced Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig when she claimed she did, when I saw the Gusty photo.

That photo blows the entire pregnancy charade out of the water. There is just no other way to slice it. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Palin is lying. You can masquerade as a pregnant woman, but you can't then masquerade as an UNpregnant woman before the official delivery date. She totally outsmarted herself on that one.

And I most definitely do believe the CBJ letter is a forgery. The letterhead and signature on that letter are quite obviously scan, copy and paste jobs from other documents. And not very good ones. They would give the game away, even if the oh-so-carefully parsed language in the letter didn't.

Thanks so much for all your efforts, Patrick, Kathleen, and Regina.

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Every time Chucky is asked about Scarah's future in politics, he says he doesn't know, that they don't talk politics.

Yet in his letter he says the opposite, me thinks he's also a big fat liar. Also, too.

"As outsiders, it's clear to our family that Reid has become so wrapped up in the upper echelon of DC politics that he's forgotten about the people who put him into office in the first place."


"This a crucial election Nevada. Our family knows that and it's the reason we're supporting our friend Danny."

Anonymous said...

Terrific post, Patrick!
Has anyone heard anything from Lynn Vincent?
I should think she'd be outrageously embarrassed to have had any part of what is turning out to have been the sloppiest book on the planet.
Good grief, the report on the debate is wrong, people are completely misrepresented, events are misrepresented, whole philosophies are misrepresented, quotes are misattributed, even the weather is misrepresented -- so many things that can be easily checked, could easily have been checked, and that should have been checked. I just don't understand how anyone could be so sloppy or think they could get away with telling so very many lies about anything and everything and present it as reality.

I think it's pretty well established that Sarah Palin is mentally ill, but for a ghost writer to have agreed to take part in such a reputation destroying farce? That, I don't understand. What was she thinking? Someone should ask her.

At this point I'm wondering if there is anything at all in the book that could stand up to scrutiny. If so, it's likely an accident.

Off topic, but her demands to be referred to as "governor" are reminding me of that mentally ill character Robin Williams played in "The Fisher King," who thought he was a king on a quest, but was just a mentally ill person in Central Park.

emrysa said...

OMFG! jesse has found pics of 2, count 'em, TWO, people of color out of how many? have there been about 4000 people so far lined up at these events? WOW!!

so lets see, that means that I should start rephrasing my question.

jesse, can you enlighten us as to why the audiences at palin's book signing events have been 99.9995 percent white?

thanks in advance, lol...

Anonymous said...

Look at that video very, very closely.....she misquotes herself (guess we all agree on that one) when she writes in her book that she asked the moderator if he would be asking her opponents the same "questions". The word she actually used was "scenarios", referring to the hypothetical situations the moderator had used, that her daughter might be pregnant, or her son might have gotten someone pregnant. Watch her and see her temper flare about the SCENARIOS. This is what made her angry, someone getting too close to home for her. And the moderator made sure to say it was a question from the audience, which makes me wonder if an Alaskan wanted those specific words used. Again, I ask anyone here in a position to know, were there rumors at the time of this campaign and debate about Sarah Palin and her family, specifically about her children being wild, or having gotten in trouble of some kind?

Barb Dwyer said...

December 2006 at her swearing in ceremony Sarah spewed "Alaskans hold me accountable."

July 22, 2008 she spewed it again. "I've said all along, hold me accountable," Palin told reporters in Juneau.

Like good soldiers, Alaskans are just doing as her Lie-ness demanded

Here's some other gems from her State of the State address in January 17 of '07.

“You’ll hopefully find this theme consistent throughout my administration – cooperative efforts and personal accountability.”

“Our mission is “Putting Alaskans first” by restoring trust, controlling spending, and communicating between the people’s government and the people"

Yeah.. Not so much

Daisydem said...

I was scrolling back up and reading some of the comments and someone mentioned finding other lies that are in SP's book. I know of one that I checked out partially after reading the synopsis of the chapter at the Mudflats: she apparently talks about letting Willow and Piper trick or treat on the campaign trail to have some fun because they had been so patient and were flying back and forth to go to school during the week and joining her on the weekends. Ha! I don't hardly remember a campaign stop that Willow, Piper, Trig (of course) were not up on stage, waving. So I googled pictures of Piper Palin during campaign 2008 and among the first 8-10 that came up, the dates are shown, and I got out a 2008 calendar and found that many of them were on weekdays. Check it out. I have the list somewhere, but don't know where at the moment. This may not be a huge issue, but it is relevant to the issue of the children's welfare, the importance of education, and plus ... it is just so blatantly a lie, it seems. This is easily disproved unless the children's schools could show they were attending. But, the pictures are there (most are AP photos)and the dates are on them.

emrysa said...

okay I need to be fair.

I'll give jesse some props for doing some research - he atleast made an effort.

Anonymous said...

Don't give him too much credit. He's got those photos bookmarked, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

The confirmation from Andrew Halcro is fantastic news. Great job, Palingates! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be obsessed about the question of race, emrysa. It only reflects poorly on you.

Liz I. said...

Evidence is more than verbal testimony.
Objects can be evidence.
Photographs can be evidence.

And many times photographs can be particulary persuasive evidence.

And no, "Jesse Cornish," it wouldn't be just experts who would "analyze" photographs in court. The trier(s) of fact--judge or jury--would be LOOKING at the photographs and drawing reasonable inferences and conclusions.

Someone would testify as to where the photo came from. It's "provenance" as it were. And sure, someone--expert or amateur--might also give testimony that the photograph was altered--that it is not a true and accurate representation of what it purports to portray. And someone else would testify that it was accurate. (This back and forth is why trials take a long time and are so expensive.)

So even if we were in a court, these photographs would be evidence--very persuasive evidence--that Palin lied. One of the reasons these photographs ARE so persuasive is that most of them were just taken as part of the normal and ordinary process of documenting a governor's activities.

And if Palin, even in court, tried, as she has tried outside of court, to convince us that she WAS X weeks pregnant on Y date, we'd be charged with the duty to evaluate her credibility on this issue, and part of that would be considering other instances where she had lied . . .

Of couse, we're not in a court. We're citizens, doing what citizens should be doing, which is evaluating the fitness of those who serve--or claim to serve, or want to serve--us. That means we look at the evidence of their actions, their beliefs, their values and their character and integrity.

There is overwhelming evidence that Sarah Palin has lied on countless occasions, about trivial matters and about vital matters.

The photographic evidence--and these are photographs that are in the public domain and which have never been disputed--is overwhelming that the story Sarah Palin has told about the birth of Trig is a lie.

It is Palin's burden to convince us citizens of her fitness for any public role. She's failed to do that for most Americans and is instead demonstrating further every day that she is simply unfit for any sort of office or indeed for any leadership role in civic life.

Palin is the worst sort of grifter and demogogue, whose malevolence and greed has hurt Alaska and Alaskans and the Alaskan environment and whose hateful arrogance threatens more harm to innocent people.

I am grateful to those at this blog and others who are bravely and diligently exposing Sarah Palin for the fraud that she is.

Anonymous said...

Daiseydem @1:07 Here's some Alaskan folks that said her book was wrong:

Donald Craig Mitchell

Mike Wooten

Andrew Halcro

John Bitney - See video 11/21/09 with Andrew Halcro and Anne Kilkenny

Anonymous said...

It is a waste of time to engage the bot. If you have to, think about rule #1 when lawyers ask questions in court: Don't ask a question you don't know the answer to.

Anonymous said...

You seem obsessed with Sarah Jesse, which quite frankly, really reflects poorly on you.

Anonymous said...

But Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, gave a different account to Conroy and Walshe. According to him, the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her uncomfortable: 'They were a minority type thing and it wasn’t glamorous, so she came home.'

Dianne said...

So, I can't remember exactly but what was that part about her dad wrapping up her hand so she could LIE about being injued and not play in the band? I don't have the book so I don't have the exact wording. But, unless she's LYING about this, her dad taught her how to LIE. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

emrysa said...

hey jesse, I've lived in a majority black city for 20 years.

so when I see photo after photo of nothing but white people, it stands out to me like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

Watch the tape again, Sarah is visibly irritated by the specific SCENARIOS which the moderator brings up, using an "audience member" question. Paraphrasing, "If your daughter were pregnant, or if your son were involved in a pregnancy, what would you counsel them to do?". I feel like we are watching something significant when Sarah's eyes flash and she smiles/smirks...then says something like she is "sure the moderator will ask her opponents the SAME SCENARIOS". This is what she cared about most in this exchange. She says it's because he "personalized it" generically, but what she really means is that he brought up situations she knew a little too much about already (could't Track have gotten in trouble by this point, potentially, or Bristol for that matter?). Her argument about some sort of double standard being used against her as a female candidate and as a mother is a RED HERRING. Once again, Sarah inadvertently draws our attention to the very thing she is trying to hide.

Anonymous said...

These tapes were available in September 2008, I remember hunting them all down and listening to them after she was nominated (some of the debates were not taped, but partial transcripts were made, as I recall). I even requested an audio tape from KTUU (I think those are the call letters) wherein Palin made her famous pro-contraception teaching in the schools statement.

Anyway, ss soon as I hit that part in the book, red flags went up. . it didn't seem to jive with the tone of the debates that I remembered. I dog eared the page, intending to do what now others have done, reboot the video of the debate in question. So little time and energy these days. . .so pleased that someone else did this!

Jesse, not to be snarky, but your admission that you never tried to research these debates appears typical of a lot of Sarah supporters. Most really haven't done all that much digging on her. I did, specifically from as many non-partisan sources as I could, during the election. I was against Palin, but as a result of my research, I also found a lot that I admired about her. In fact, I thought she did fairly well, overall, in these debates.

Her supporters need to do some homework, Jesse. Most of you have no clue as to her past record. At this point, you are little more than cheerleaders. You need to suit up and get in the game.

Anonymous said...

Why are people talking to this Jesse Cornish? Why? What is the point? He/she does not "provide" some sort of counterfoil so we can all "hone" our arguments. This is not debate team. He/she is attempting to hijack the thread, don't you realize that? Keep you all distracted sparring with him/her so you don't have intelligent and productive conversations amongst yourselves. Ignore Jesse Cornish.

Anonymous said...

Palin has talked about being honest, open and transparent, Harris said, and her plans for the future of the department don't sound different from what Monegan was doing.

"There's no different direction we are going in," the Valdez (Alaska) Republican Speaker of the House said. "That's not being honest about it, quite frankly."

Anonymous said...

There is an interview somewhere (CNN transcript?) stating that the girls would work together to get their stories straight if anyone got hurt or anything got damaged while the parental units (Chuck & Sally) were away.

Anonymous said...

There are families that have a culture of lying. Like the story (from Sarah's book) of her father helping her lie to get out of pep band (and he was a teacher!!). And when Chuck told Wooten to lie about the moose he shot in Molly's place.

KaJo said...

Anonymous @ 04 December 2009 00:35 said, Sarah doesn't like to be around too many people who aren't white. Nope, she likes her brown people in small doses.

Reminds me of the dismissive way she treated Nick Tucker when he travelled all the way from Emmonak to Russian Mission to talk to her in person, and to point out to her it wasn't Russian Mission and Marshall that needed the help, it was Nunam Iqua and Emmonak.

She rudely turned her back on him instead of hearing him out -- there's video of this, too, but I don't expect Palinbots to accept that proof of Palin's bad attitude any more than they do about her debate lie.


Anonymous @ 04 December 2009 00:36 said, I think she really did want to be the pretty girl. Poor Sarah.. nah she held moose eyeballs.. had crazy crossed eyes.. she played baskeball when she probably would of rather been homecoming queen.

I just realized why she was a "barracuda" on the basketball court in high school. She wasn't a very good point guard because she didn't "assist", i.e. hand off the ball to her taller, better-shooting teammates, and she didn't score much when she hogged the ball because she played without the prescription glasses that kept her eyes from crossing. How on earth she was even on the team without glasses just boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 23:49
Good question.
Maybe Chuck forgot to untape her hands after helping her lie her way out of pep practices on those evenings after basketball, so she couldn't write down anything about the games.
I thought Chuck "gave her discipline." Helping her lie her way out of a responsibility (pep club) that comes with a privilege (basketball team) doesn't seem like an effective way to teach discipline. It also doesn't seem like good practice for later positions of privilege (governing) that come with responsibilities. Maybe that's why she quit. She likes privileges and rights but responsibilities in her mind are to be lied out of.
Thanks a lot, Chuck.

a Texas physician said...

Sarah Palin is a mythomaniac.

She needs professional help.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Sarah Palin and Lynnn Vincent had a falling out? Sarah went rogue on her deal with Harper Collins? Would that explain how the book got released early and is so obviously full of holes?

Anonymous said...

That's a good question about Lynn Vincent. Isn't it customary for them to appear at least once together? The woman is listed as one of the authors, after all. Where is she?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @1:42, great point and quite possible. But, then maybe its about that first annual tea party convention scheduled in February.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

There goes that pesky media filter failing to obfuscate the progress of the unfiltered truth our troops are fighting for too also.

She must have NO memory at all. Everything she says is easily refuted by honest people or videotape!

Anonymous said...

The nattering troll, who obviously was never taught logic in school, thinks that unless the Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson letter can be proved to be a forgery, Sarah must have given birth to Trig.

Of course, the other equally plausible scenario, is that the good doctor Cathy is in on the deception.

Personally, I think Dr. Cathy is hiding something. Wonder if she informed her malpractice insurer that she delivers high-risk infants, even though she is not an ob-gyn, and she delivers these high-risk infants in small community hospitals without NICU's. Just askin'.

Malpractice insurers are usually kind of fussy about doctors practicing outside of their specialty and training.

Anonymous said...

There is NO Jesse Cornish. It is a ruse and you all need to stop responding to IT. Stop giving oxygen to a flame, or darkness to a fungus. Just stop. Keep your energy focused on what can be changed, not on what does not exist.

Anonymous said...

Pathological Lying: Symptom or Disease?

ella said...

@1:46 - Lynn Vincent is NOT listed as one of the authors. Her name is CONSPICUOUSLY MISSING, other than a thank-you in the book.
I dunno if this was Vincent's idea (likely) or SP's ego.
Either way, it is bad news for Palin - she cannot blame it on another author (or co-writer or ghost-writer) mistake.

Anonymous said...

Liz I., jurors are both judges of the fact and the law. Don't forget that.

Whole argument is academic. This isn't going to a court.

And to whoever said don't ask questions you don't have the answers to, what do you think I am doing when I ask this:

Show me one doctor who will go on record and conclude from the photos provided on this site that Sarah Palin was not pregnant. Show me one expert on forgery who will go on the record and demonstrate that CBJ's letter was forged.

Come on Patrick, answer me. You claim to have all the answers, so these questions should be simple enough for you to dismiss.

Otherwise, remain silent, and be rendered a fool.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's book was obviously rushed through without fact checking. I wonder why that is? To get the people who are willing to actually pay for something "written" by Sarah Palin before she implodes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The nattering troll, who obviously was never taught logic in school, thinks that unless the Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson letter can be proved to be a forgery, Sarah must have given birth to Trig.

Of course, the other equally plausible scenario, is that the good doctor Cathy is in on the deception.

Personally, I think Dr. Cathy is hiding something. Wonder if she informed her malpractice insurer that she delivers high-risk infants, even though she is not an ob-gyn, and she delivers these high-risk infants in small community hospitals without NICU's. Just askin'.

Malpractice insurers are usually kind of fussy about doctors practicing outside of their specialty and training.

Never said that, did I? But if the letter is true, it represents the solid evidence you seek.

Of course you can keep moving the goalposts. Eventually everyone will be in on this conspriracy. You'll probably turn on Patrick eventually.

KaJo said...

Well, I suppose Jesse Cornish did some of us -- me! -- one favor. He linked to a fine array of pictures dated Nov. 18th and 19th that show that grotesque lump on Palin's right ear/jaw area in great detail.

It looks in those pictures like it's about to spontaneously drain all over her face. Maybe that's what the lank hair hanging over her face the past couple of days is doing -- hiding an angry red oozing sore.

MK said...

“A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.” (Proverbs 29:11) MK

Anonymous said...

There's something bothering me, besides the out and out lies, in her account of that portion of the debate.

She says
"But the debate moderator decided to personalize his hypotheticals ..."

I'm reading this as she took the questions to be directed at her personally.
In fact, such questions are routine in any abortion debate. The hypotheticals are designed with 2 purposes, (1) to get the candidate to think about someone else's situation, not just themselves; to realize that not all people are going to react the same way to various situations where this may come up; and (2) to clarify the candidate's position on abortion, as rape, incest and the life of the mother are the "exception" clauses on which certain states have attempted recently to restrict abortions, and in some cases, not even allow such restrictions.

Did she actually believe that such standard questions were not standard, but directed at her?

Either she's even more self centered than I thought, or that would lend credence to PCG's theory.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

CBJ has been VERY careful to never say she delivered Trig. So, who did deliver him at Mat-su Med on that alleged date? Crickets.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 02:10

Not either/or.


And she's emotionally stunted. That's why she behaves the way she does.

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