Monday, 1 February 2010

Rebecca Mansour: Sarah Palin's secret messenger

Conservatives4Palin have reacted to our discovery (CLICK TO READ OUR POST), and as usual, they try to spin this highly embarassing revelation by telling the public their usual lies.

They write:

"In case you don't know, the two founders of this blog, Rebecca Mansour and Joey Russo, left C4P months ago to work for Governor Palin's PAC after she resigned. They decided to leave quietly because neither of them wanted to draw attention to themselves or be harassed by anti-Palin blogs."

Ok, Palinbots, let's get some things straight here:

1. The only reason Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo "left quietly" without an announcement or explanation was that they didn't want to draw attention to the fact that they were supposed to write Sarah Palin's facebook posts.

2. The secrecy was kept up in the meantime in order to create the false impression through the posts on facebook that Sarah Palin has intellectual capabilities or a deeper understanding of political issues, when in fact Sarah Palin doesn't have a clue. The facebook posts were then celebrated on a daily basis on C4P, although everybody at C4P knew that they were actually written by the "great founders" Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo.

3. The disclosure of the direct connection between C4P and Sarah Palin is highly embarassing, because it is now more than obvious that the C4P "Webathon" for the Palin's "Alaska Fund Trust" was most likely not a grassroots effort, but a coordinated effort with Sarah Palin - who offically has nothing to do at all with her slush-fund called "Alaska Fund Trust".

Rebecca Mansour is a shameless opportunist, without any conviction. In an article from Politico, we find an interesting fact:

Mansour, who had briefly volunteered for Barack Obama in the earliest parts of the campaign, says she connected with Palin over energy independence. She did not like McCain from the start and became “creeped out” by people’s worshipful attitude toward Obama.

While in the Obama camp Rebecca was a nobody, at C4P she was treated like a queen. Strangely enough, she had no problem with C4Peers' worshipful attitude toward Sarah Palin.

RAM found out that jumping on the Sarah Palin bandwagon satisfied her own vanity and would be a better proposition for furthering her own personal ambitions. To that end, she spared no efforts to help her new found best friend.

Here are some screenshots of the launch of the C4P webathon, by Rebecca A. Mansour:

ram webathon
ram webathon 2
ram webathon 3

She was pretty certain that the webathon was absolutely necessary:

ram webathon 4

Bending the rules didn't present a problem:

ram webathon 5

Rebecca went on the Eddie Burke show to publicize the webathon:

C4P also started the campaign to fire Letterman and RAM had a chat with Dan Fagan on his radio show. Dan could hardly get a word in, as Rebecca tends to get a bit carried away.

Rebecca Mansour and C4P waged many dirty campaigns on behalf of Sarah Palin while Meg Stapleton claimed that the "governor" had no direct or official links to either of them. They had their own little secrets...

Rebecca, did you really think that all these secrets would never come to light? This reminds me of ordinary criminals. You and Sarah Palin truly belong together.

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