Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bye bye, Sarah

This week has been very liberating for me. I'm convinced that I wrote everything I could possibly have written about Sarah Palin. However outrageous her behaviour from now on, it would just be a replay of some previous idiocy.

There are excellent blogs on my blog list where you can follow her antics, some of them still pursuing the truth about Babygate, always a very popular topic.

I won't be writing main posts anymore and I think it's pointless to keep a political blog running on open threads alone. I designed a new blog back in February, when the fate of Palingates was uncertain. The idea was to do what we normally do on the open threads: A mix of everything, with contributions from the readers or anything that took my fancy. It's time to bring it to life!

As Palingates will be frozen in time and comments will automatically close after fourteen days, all readers are invited to continue chatting, sharing and venting HERE. I believe this community deserves a dedicated space to continue to pursue their friendships and I hope you'll feel comfortable in the new home. That means there will be no open thread on Palingates today... or tomorrow or the day after...

I may not post on Palingates anymore, but the blog list will be automatically updated as usual, so you may continue to use it to access other blogs, if you wish.

It's been fun for two and a half years and I'm grateful to Sarah Palin for bringing us together.

Bye bye, Sarah.