Monday, 3 October 2011

Sarah Palin will speak, speak and speak

Sarah Palin will speak at the Extraordinary Women Conference at the Liberty University on Saturday, October 8, which will inconvenience the students at the nearby Virginia University of Lynchburg.

(If video doesn't play, please watch it HERE.)

Sarah will be very busy in the next few days, as she's joining her pal Glenn Beck to defend the Republic in St Louis the day before.

A few days later, she'll fly to South Korea, to speak at The World Knowledge Forum. She'll make the second solo speech of the event, early on October 11.

Sarah Palin will have to make speeches on three different themes, so she must be working very hard not to get them all muddled. It should be easy for somebody with a communications degree: The word salad will flow beautifully, delivered in her unique style.

[I've noticed that the same photo is used in the publicity for all her events. Is this her official photo? Couldn't she have chosen something more elegant than a fleece top?]