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Sarah Palin And The Chateau Of Mystery – Exclusive News and Photos From Wasilla

Guestpost by Patrick

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Sarah Palin and her family are busy. As was reported first by Gryphen from Immoral Minority, the Palins are currently constructing a new chateau-type building on a property right next to their house in Wasilla. As Gryphen found out, the ground on which this new building is being erected was apparently bought by the Palins on July 14, 2009 – two weeks after she resigned.

Our brave contacts in Alaska, the number of which is basically growing by the day, have now sent us aerial photos of Sarah Palin’s property in Wasilla which were taken recently – you won’t see these anywhere else.

Click on pictures to enlarge:

(Click to enlarge)

So what is going on there, and why does it matter?

Well, our contacts in Alaska who are very close to what is currently happening on Sarah Palin’s property have reported the following:

On the bottom floor an airplane hangar is being built, with a 40 foot opening, and the doors are already ordered. One should know of course that airplane hangers in Alaska are very common. The Palins own a little seaplane, a “Piper Supercub, N8194D”. It has recently be asserted on another blog that there might be a little scandal lurking in the background, because according to public access databases, Todd Palin presently only has a license to fly single engine landplanes, however, if he flies as a pilot with passengers in a seaplane, he would need a licence to fly single engine seaplanes, and not just for a landplane.

But let’s get back to the building project: On the second floor of this new building there will apparently be room for Todd Palin (our source called it “Todd’s man cave”) and also an apartment for Bristol. On the third floor, there will apparently be an office for Sarah.

I would like to stress that the fact that an aircraft hangar with living space is being built there was reported to us by two different sources, both with direct access to this project. It has also been mentioned by Todd Palin himself that it is an airplane hangar. Therefore, we can safely assume at this point that this is credible information.

A third source who has seen the compound from very close range said that they have dug a huge pit for a very large foundation and that contractors are crawling all over the property to get it done before the major snowfalls hit.

But that is not everything! If you want the news, forget the ADN or the other daily newspapers in Alaska. You will get it right here (or at Gryphen’s blog, at Bree’s blog, at Mudflats, at Shannyn Moore’s blog etc.).

First point: I will word this very carefully. From a source which is very close to the project we have heard that there were “all kinds of OSHA violations” going on with the contractors that are framing/excavating that site. The “OSH Act” is the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which is a federal law. It is being enforced by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Now: I cannot assess whether this statement is correct or which specific violations there could have been. As I was told, complaints are currently being lodged with the OSHA in regard to the alleged violations on this building site, so we should hear more about this in the near future.

Secondly, I have another very interesting piece of information which I have never read anywhere before. It comes again from a reliable source, and it is very interesting indeed: from the pictures on Gryphen’s blog and from the aerial shot, you can see that the neighbouring “white house” is located extremely close to the new building, and that raises the question whether the neighbours have agreed to this unusually close new building, or what their opinion is.

And here comes the cracker: From what we have heard, there are no neighbours to ask – the Palins themselves have rented the neighbouring white building, and it currently stays empty. According to our source, the Palin family have rented it not because they need it right now, but because they don’t want anybody else to live so close to them. In addition, we have been told that the Palin’s plan is to buy the neighbouring white house at a future point.

If you ask me which members of the Palin family are supposed to use which of the buildings in the future, I honestly don’t have an answer right now. We should not forget that apart from Todd and Bristol there is also Track, who, as far as we know, has been in a close relationship with Britta Hanson (click here to see Britta's slideshow!) for a number of years now. So, maybe Track will use some of the space there, too? We can only guess.

(Link to Britta's blog )

Another question to ask is why does the Palin family apparently not want anyone to live so close to them? Well, if you have been paying attention to this and other blogs during the last few months, you won’t have great difficulty to find reasons for their rather unusual behaviour.

UPDATE - Sarah Palin, ever the environmentalist, seems to have cut quite a few trees in order to build her chateau:




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Anonymous said...

Oh my....looks like that turret part of the house onthe corner night be good to use for the Look-Out Tower. That would be a great vantage point for security, eh?

I sure is being built in a hurry. It is much bigger than it looked in Gryphen's photos. It is not surprising. This structure will be over a million dollars...slightly more than the original house. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Well, I went back to Gryphen's blog at Immoral Minority and the obvious OSHA violation is that the two guys doing the framing are not wearing any heard hats. Who is the framing contractor? This is a big violation and it is documented now on film. OOPS!

Anonymous said...

oops..that should be "hard hats"

Anonymous said...

Looks like there will be some full time staff quarters for about 10, a
national public relations office, and maybe a beauty pageant school with a hair saloon products manufacturing factory. We know how industrious quitters can be.

Seriously, this is a ego issue. She knows that she will never get to the white house, so she is building her own mental hospital to keep her "palin bots" under her control.

She has to spend the book money fast or pay taxes on it. How about all those legal bills that she was crying about. She is just proving that she is untouchable and can do what ever she wants.

Yes, she has the nerve to milk the gullible poor public for her gain.

I bet she starts her own non profit for kids with down syndrome to come and stay at her compound for 1000 dollars a night, but she will sign there toys so that they can be industrious and sell them on ebay.

Anonymous said...

The cost of the new house could easily be paid by her legal slush fund (AFT).

They will say it is her office for legal work to defend against all the complaints.

Anonymous said...

Todd believes "a man's home is his castle"... that is the reason for the turret.

Can't wait to see the moat added.

Then again.. maybe Sarah has Turrets Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Britta Hanson has been around for a long time. Imagine what secrets she keeps...
March 14, 2007
Still fresh: Gov. Sarah Palin, left, gives a tour of the Capitol to Britta Hanson, center, a Wasilla
High School senior who will work as a page for the Legislature. Hanson holds hands with Piper Palin, 5, the governor's youngest daughter.
Britta Hanson, Palin's executive secretary, prepared a welcome back surprise for the governor. Thursday, November 6, 2008.
ASCSC Commissioners
Britta Hansen Youth Representative
The commission is comprised of 18 members appointed by the Governor to establish the goals and objectives for the mission of the Alaska State Community Service Commission. Commissioners also provide guidance and oversight to the Executive Director and staff.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article from 2+ years ago:

The Most Popular Governor Alaska's Sarah Palin is the GOP's newest star. Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In the roughly three years since she quit as the state's chief regulator of the oil industry, Palin has crushed the Republican hierarchy (virtually all male) and nearly every other foe or critic. Political analysts in Alaska refer to the "body count" of Palin's rivals.

"The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who crossed Sarah," says pollster Dave Dittman, who worked for her gubernatorial campaign. It includes Ruedrich, Renkes, Murkowski, gubernatorial contenders John Binkley and Andrew Halcro, the three big oil companies in Alaska, and a section of the Daily News called "Voice of the Times," which was highly critical of Palin and is now defunct."

One of her first acts as governor was to fire the Alaska Board of Agriculture. Her ultimate target was the state Creamery Board, which has been marketing the products of Alaska dairy farmers for 71 years and wanted to close down after receiving $600,000 from the state. "You don't just close your doors and walk away," Palin told me. She discovered she lacked the power to fire the Creamery Board. Only the board of agriculture had that authority. So Palin replaced the agriculture board, which appointed a new creamery board, which has rescinded the plan to shut down.

Her campaign for governor was bumpy. She missed enough campaign appearances to be tagged "No Show Sarah" by her opponents. She was criticized for being vague on issues. But she sold voters on the one product that mattered: herself.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that Todd's plane is gone since Gryphen took his photos?

Anonymous said...

Transparency not even from the get go!!

Here is a PDF document loaded with many Palin emails:

Notice the emails $P used exclusively:

Sarah Palin [] Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 (started as governor 12/06)

1) Todd's involvement in AGIA & workforce development.

For sched pls note Todd and Click and Balash may plan to meet on AGIA training $ before we an head to Nenana.

Fyi, jf Click's available for an hour before Nenana would you meet w him and Todd on workforce development monies that were cut.

2)Governing from Anchorage instead of Juneau.

Fyi-he's really going to hit the roof when he gets the message that > come end of legislative session i'm joining YOU) and the majority of > the people of AK) by conducting the state's business where the people > are -where I can access them) and they can access me. (I'll talk to > you &Sharon about this outside of > email.) our gasline team) our commerce and revenue people) and so many > others) are obviously needed in Anchorage once the session ends ... > We're going to have to fundamentally change some perceptions of WHERE > the admin needs to conduct its business in order to stay connected > withe world outside of Juneau. >
> You guys are working so hard -I can't tell you how much I appreciate > you. > > Sarah Palin

3) Gov. Sarah Palin appointed three more members to her administration, including: Labor Commissioner Clark "Click" Bishop.

From: "Bishop, Clark C (DOL) Gov Palin there is no doubt in my mind that you are on the right track with you and your teams leadership you can set the course for alaskas economic for the next 1OO years I am here to help you get there click

The cream always rises to the top god bless click

4) Talk of Walt Monegan and Chuck Kopp (
To: Sean persona12 (Parnell's personal email?)

5) Talk of praying and servant's heart

6) Talk about the AK Legislature

7) Talk about the 2008 campaign

8) Britta Hanson included in some of the emails

Anonymous said...

Without webcams, we'll never get good information on these issues. Some of the neighbors might help. Could one be installed on a platform in the lake? Periscope style under the lake? Why aren't papparazi out there?

Anonymous said...

The "Oval Office" is at the top of the turret. Check it out !!!

Sarah's on her way. She wants the federal dollars that will be pumped into the property for "security enhancements" on the Western White House.

Anonymous said...

re: planegate

In her 2006 gubernatorial campaign there is footage (campaign commercial ?) of the family at the plane. Todd is loading or unloading luggage. It could be that they were just shooting a commmercial and didn't fly anywhere. OTOH, ..., which his license may not have allowed.

A license to pilot a seaplane has requirements/restrictions above and beyond the license required to fly an ordinary plane.

Anonymous said...

Pictures like these can go a long way toward dispelling the notion that "she's just like us."

Anonymous said...

There could be a lakegate, too. Also. I've read that the lake is dead from all the development in the area. It would be interesting to know about the condition of the lake before she went into city government compared to its condition now.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 13:37 said: "Have you noticed that Todd's plane is gone since Gryphen took his photos?"

That is incorrect. Todd's plane is parked in the yard behind the house. You can clearly see it in the third picture down.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

My suspicious mind wants to know: How long has the white house been vacant?

Anonymous said...

These are nouveau riche McMansions.

Anonymous@13:37 said...

Oops! I stand corrected.

regina said...

Will the Palins buy the other house on the left? It's too close for comfort, as can be seen on the first photo.

Anonymous said...

I see the plane in the backyard too. Why store it there? In the Greta interview, Sarah told Greta something about how Todd didn't fly the plane to an airport soon enough before set in. Sarah also said it's like a tin can when she was asked whether she flys the plane.

One of the planegate issues could be that the plane didn't have a federal number on its tail. Are they hiding the plane?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else get the feeling Sarah is going to be broke in a few years?

She reminds me of pro athletes that make big money for a few years and then they spend it all.

Her speaking career does not appear to be taking off. Her book money should be one time deal.

She does not have enough talent to be a high paid Fox show host.

Where is all her future money going to come from?

I am hoping the "ginormous ice berg" will soon dash all her hopes and dreams for big money.

Dancing with the Stars may be her salvation..

anon@15:03 said...

s/b "didn't fly the plane to an airport soon enough before winter set in."

Anonymous said...

2nd anon@15:03 .. could go broke like a lot of lottery winners too ...

Anonymous said...

Let her slash and burn and spend spend spend. Build her little carzy compound where she can entomb all her secrets. As long as she stays in there and shuts up, I really don't care too much. She's deader than that Lake she lives on. Instead of Waco Tx, we have Wacko Flako Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Regina, they would probably like to buy it .. maybe the owner doesn't want to sell .. is holding out for more money. Maybe $arah will have to call some friends and get an eminent domain action going .. propertygate coming!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. Maybe she will get some privacy concerns and build a high wall around the compound, with guards outside. Sarah's private penitentiary!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

This must make the Palinbots so proud that they have sacrificed their hard-earned money to allow Sarah to build that huge house next to her house, as well as rent (with the option to buy?) the White House next door. If I were a Palinbot (blech!), this would feel like a huge slap in the face. What is that saying? Oh yeah, "A fool and his money are soon parted". Gullible fools.

Guess those legal fees weren't so bad after all, eh? Does not look to me like Sarah and Todd are anywhere near bankruptcy. I wonder how many Palinbots have had to file bankruptcy in the past year?

How many mansions did McCain own? Oh, that's right, he couldn't remember if it was 7 or 13?

Anonymous said...

The new building is the soon to be open..Sarah Palin Governor's Library.

Anonymous said...

I guess this mean they're not moving to Montana?

Thks Patrick, I looked at the Britta blog. She is very pretty, and she made no mention of her boyfriend or her boss. Nice pics of Spain and Portugal. What qualifications are needed to be executive secretary to a Governor? High school diploma?

Anonymous said...

You can really see how close the Wasilla Sports Complex is to Casa Palin and how no one else in Wasilla is very close to it...So, bascially, she owns that entire strip. Her personal gym to her rented white house in the hills.

may that be as close to the WH as she ever gets.

Virginia Voter said...

I agree with PC Grandma....I can't believe anyone would be that stupid to send the Grifter family more money, but then again look at Dobson and all those other religious whackjobs, they've been fleecing their sheeples for decades while they live high on the hog.

At least McCain got his houses the honorable marrying a rich beer heiress...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure where to post this, but it is another example of some truly evil "Christians". Remember Palin's Muthee was also into declaring people witches.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read complaints that the gov's exec. secretary was the family's babysitter.

Anonymous said...

It's the Alaska White House for her holiday visits when she is president.


Bree Palin said...

Too bad they couldn't have just bought the Best Western for their current and future needs. It looks like they will have to buy the white house and the house on the other side of them to get adequate privacy.

Awesome photos and info Patrick and Regina! Sure is curious :)

winkwinkWA said...

I don't see an opening in the new house, unless it's on the back side, for an airplane hanger door?
Maybe the new house is for her, sell the old one and that will get rid of the housegate issue. Maybe this is Todd's settlement, she gets the new house he gets the old!!I think there's another cover-up going on, to get rid of evidence.
Looks like there's a small house with a dock on the left of the old house. Will she buy that one too?
How did they get that plane in the back yard, push it between the 2 houses?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

The new house looks awfully close to the neighboring white house. Makes you wonder if they got clear title to build the new house. She did not bother to get clear title to build the Wasilla Sports Complex, costing years of litigation and millions in legal fees. I have not heard if that has been resolved yet. But Sarah has never had to bother with laws and regulations, she is against “big govrmint”.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's all that junk in the background? Looks like an old junk lot. Geez!!!!

It's hilarious that Palin is begging for money to pay her legal bills yet they are building a compound up there. Her fans are such suckers, they are paying her bills while she lives the high life.

Ha, ha, ha!

Anonymous said...

Maybe next door neighbor Chris is willing to talk?
Neighbor Chris says he is excited for the governor.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ a5:36, thanks for posting that HuffPo article. I have tried to post Regina's article:

Now have to wait and see if it passes the moderators. I swear the HuffPo moderators must all be Palinbots. It is infuriating.

Dianne said...

There she goes again, practicing those "conservative values." Those Palinbots who think she's so down to earth and just like them should be pitied and I hope they're taking a good look at these pictures. And, let me thnk, the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend was what, $1,305.00 per person this year? Todd, Sarah, Track, Willow, Piper and Bristol and her two, Trig and Tripp, make what - $10,440.00. Socialist money!! Refuse it! Yeh, right.

regina said...


I tried to post the same link... Last time I looked, it had not been approved yet.

ManxMamma said...

I just had a look at Britta's blog. She seems much to grounded and intelligent to be associated with the Palin clan!

abirato said...

Anon @15:32--That is not the Sports Complex that you see in the photo.

I believe that it is a Best Western Motel.

If you click on the "Virtual Tour" and follow the lake shoreline you can see the same dock layout and gazebo.

Anonymous said...

Went to Google earth satellite view.
I see the old house but not the new one. I looked for the roof pattern to identify the house, but it looks as though there isn't a dock at that house. Further to the right there are some planes in the lake, but not near a dock. The house is not far to the right of the Best Western, which is the biggest building in some of the pics, here.

Anonymous said...

The “rouge cou” is movin' on up!!
Sarah Palin is too Wealthy to be an Average Joe Six Pack

Anonymous said...

Too bad King George isn't in office. She might get her place obscured in the satellite view. If enough people visit on google earth they might update and provide higher resolution zoom, because of the interest.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's dead lake

By promoting runaway development in her hometown, say locals, Palin has "fouled her own nest" -- and that goes for the lake where she lives.

"Sarah," a recent biography of Palin by Kaylene Johnson, features a photo of a beaming Palin, sitting in a rowboat on Lake Lucille clutching a fishing rod. But, according to local fishermen, the Republican vice-presidential candidate would have to be very lucky to reel in something edible.

winkwinkWA said...

Between the Best Western and Palin Land there is the Oxford House, I think it's the one with the blue roof, its a house for drug and alcohol recovery for men. Was the Best Western and the Oxford House built before or after Palin's house?

Anonymous said...

cheney got his place obscured from view, so I'm sure he'll help Palin get her compound hidden.

Her place is a good representation of what she stands for.

It has always struck me as soulless. Clearly, a social climber lives there. and that's OK, but she gives the nouveau riche a bad name. If only she weren't so cruel.

Anonymous said...

The properties kind of look like a middle class junkyard (and not just because of construction stuff sitting around), kind of like a hillbilly property that was experiencing some spending because of an insurance settlement. One can always spend the money, but does one have the class to live with it?

midnightcajun said...

I don't think the new house is to close to the white house; typical requirements are 5 feet from the property line and it looks like there's a good ten feet between the houses.

I also wonder if someone said the bottom floor is going to "look like an airplane hanger" rather than that it's going to BE one. Chinese Whispers. A 40 foot opening would be a three car garage, with the rest of the ground floor as Todd's man cave. Levi already told us that he likes to spend his time in the garage.

I suspect the new house is for Todd, Bristol, and the boys. It will look like they're all still together when they're really living separate lives. Or maybe the new house is for Todd and the white house will be for Bristol. At the moment, Sarah is really rolling in it. What I want to know is, where's the IRS investigation of all the money she'd obviously raked in BEFORE? You don't build a house like that on a $60,000 mayor's salary with all those kids, in Alaska, even if your hubby is a blue collar oil field worker.

gopmom said...

Maybe it's the Palin Pre Presidential Library? It will only have one book - hers. And it won't be storing any presidental papers, as there are none.

Anonymous said...

On the lot at the right of the white house there is a house with big windows and a 'T' shaped dock. It is the color of new constuction, too. Even the dock looks like newer wood.

CC said...

I agree with you, ManxMamma, having just looked at Britta's blog.

She does seem much too intelligent to be hanging with the Wassillabilly clan. Britta, honey, run, run, run.

Just wow, on the Palin compound, though it looks very tacky, but still! Sad part is even though her bots should be pissed at the dishonesty of portraying herself as "one of them" they won't even bat an eyelash at this and justify it.

McMansion is right.

Anonymous said...

Regina and the other person trying to get a link on Huffingto. There is an easy way!! Google for tiny URL or tiny cc. Enter your link and they give you a shortened one and it won't have palingates. This is used on Twitter all the time. I can't imagine huffington tests each link.
Try it and you will see what I mean

Anonymous said...

Some people are attracted to "power" like moths to light.

Get feeling this is the case with Britta. I hope she is smart enough to get her college degree and be prepared for when Sarah crashes to earth.

With Sarah's lack of belief in education, we know the new building will not be a Montessori school.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.........I hope all of Alaska and her groupies KNOW that Sarah is laughing all the way to the bank. SUCKERS!

Anonymous said...

Sarah makes pronouncements on her facebook page. It is soviet-style leadership. One-way. No interviews. No critical, thought provoking discussion. So like a dictator. Only her fans are allowed to stuff notes into her wailing-wall.

Anonymous said...

wow, it looks BIGGER than their current house! which is 4000'? Geez, how well did they do with Arctic Cat?

AND, you know dam well this plan didn't just happen overnight! how long do you suppose this has been in the works? how long would it take to put something like this together?

I can't wait for it to make national news!


Anonymous said...

Now how will she get money for her legal fund when everyone can see how much dough she has for these houses? I hope she has a financial planner because once you let go of the cash it is gone forever. And unless she's planning on becoming a televangelist, she won't be getting a steady income from her middle class worshippers forever.

Anonymous said...

They are totally hustling, look how far they've gotten since Gryphens pics.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's very good at scamming isn't she.

Oh wait, ya gotta look at it differently,it's all by the hand of god. Give and it shall be given unto you 10 fold. So surely Sarah has this coming. NOT!

I hope she gets busted from here to kingdom come. And her lawyer too.

Anonymous said...

Remember her motto.

She can do anything she wants until the courts tell her otherwise.

When are Alaskans going to wake up and wise up.

Why do they still defend and believe in her? Is she that good at conning people close to her?

Is it only those who look at this from the outside who see what is obvious?

Anonymous said...

Is Britta Hanson related to Brad Hanson? It was thought that she was Track's girlfriend. Brad Hanson was revealed to be Palin's Secret Lover

BTW, McCain rattled sabers at the National Enquirer about this .. they don't seem to have retracted! There doesn't appear to be a libel suit.

Anonymous said...

When she said that she could do anything she wanted until a court told her no, it was in the context of the $50000 she spent redecorating the Wasilla mayor's office. See Palin's Wasteful Ways. By the way, it was said that she made the office look like a bordello.

That's officegate. The article goes into the details.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Palin spending her "Inheritance" Ie: book royalties reminds me of an early episode of Little House On /the Prairie. Anyone remember when the Ingall's overspent on credit thinking they were about to come into a large sum?

The difference with Palin's is unlike the "Ingall's, they have no neighbors who will buy their land at auction for .2 and sell it back to them after creditors take it.

Palin not good at math much to spend royalties on a $9 book thinking there will be enough to cover major construction like that going on.

GREED will get you every time.

Unless of course all those morons who went without heat to donate to Palin's PAC's are the funds paying for construction, that would be ROTFFLaughing hysterical her benefactors can't pay their rent this winter and Palin is not only building she is renting an empty house.

Daymn I would hate to be Palin when those rednecks figure her scam out. After seeing their blind ignorant hatred going after AKM, GRYPHEN, OBAMA can you imagine what they will di to Palin who literally took food out of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

anon 18:18

Fortunately a lot of Alaskans have wised up. I used to have to debate with people here about her all the time, now most people just roll their eyes at the mention of her. In Wasilla however, her church numbers nearly 2,000 psychos. This equates to about 1 in every 7 residents there are her sheeple and will always worship her.

Throw in all the gun lunatics spread throughout the valley, who she has convinced will soon be invaded by the black helicopters and about all you have left are the meth addicts. It's long been said that the best thing about Wasilla is you can actually GET to Alaska from there.

Anonymous said...

One way to make money via non-profits, PACs, etc., is to get kickbacks. You could pay a lawyer $500/hour with an understanding that the lawyer would give you a gift that amounted to, say, $250/hour for every hour billed. This can be done with all sorts of goods and services. I wonder whether there is any way to audit the recipients of the fund money and to track gifts to $P.

Too. Also. Many of these organizations are mainly vehicles to pay people salaries and expenses.

Anonymous said...

The bestest part of this story not revealed is when Palin sees aerial shots of her home she is going to go totally insane.

These pics are not even with a high focused lense like tabloids have. She should have known IF SHE BUILDS IT THEY WILL COME and they will come with cameras that can tell whether she shaved that morning or not.

Oh to live like that never knowing who or when lurking is going on will be hell.

AHaHaHaHaHaHaHa, Ms. Control Freak just lost it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how this is being financed? Reagan had the "Kitchen Cabinet." If I was a religious fanatic I might want to build a castle for a spiritual queen for free with my own hands. Her privacy is ultimate and her thugs own the state and have influence with the federal government. Our system favors charlatans and crooks. I would like to see something come out of this I wish I wasn't so discouraged.

If it weren't for this blog and those like it things would be worse. You do give me hope and I am so thankful for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll finance it by doing interviews about her book...she is so good at that...remember this?

Basheert said...

Compounds that remind me of Sarah's.


Ruby Ridge


What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Control Freak will find a way to pass laws to shoot down satellite and aerial images. I can't believe they are ignorant of google earth and all.

Alaska is in the recession. They have an opportunity for a new industry with journalists, researchers, private eyes, lawyers, paparazzi and all that need to keep track of rogue celebrity and political types.

Anonymous said...

When I was looking for Palin AK real estate records in Sept. 2008, I found a Carolyn Hanson who owns (or owned) a piece of property with Todd. Is she the one who was "General Manager, MTA Long Distance"? Is she related to Britta?

I see dead fish said...

I see a Lake Lucille TSUNAMI coming. Dead carcass as far as the eye can see and then some.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know Carolyn Hanson is not related to Britta. She is married to the foul tempered controversial coach and city council member. Why they are so over looked I don't understand. They are in the thick of it with the Palins. No, no one sued when it was reported about the sex between Brad Hanson and Sarah Palin. That is just typical of the sex that goes on in an area like that. The swinger mentality does not have a problem when sex goes on with various married people. They care about the effect it has on what business they may be doing. It is their unsavory business that needs to be under a microscope.

I think they only sold their property because of how it looked or something. Not because they aren't all still in the thick of it.

Lynn said...

I checked Oxford House and it's the small house or houses close to the motel and not nestled just to the left of the Palin original house. So what's the story on the little house with it's own small dock just to the left? Does the Palin driveway come off of the road that leads to Oxford House or is their driveway very long and leading up to Nevada Drive?
Great work everybody!! Nothing like a good picture...

Lynn said...

I checked Oxford House and it's the small house or houses close to the motel and not nestled just to the left of the Palin original house. So what's the story on the little house with it's own small dock just to the left? Does the Palin driveway come off of the road that leads to Oxford House or is their driveway very long and leading up to Nevada Drive?
Great work everybody!! Nothing like a good picture...

Anonymous said...

Current National Examiner - not Enquirer - has a story about the marriage. Summary is that they will continue in a sham marriage because a divorce would hurt her family values image.

Anonymous said...

I have forgotten when this house was built. . .but I question whether or not the clear cutting of her lake front yard met shore land ordinance prohibitions regarding removal of natural trees. . .I see a neighbor also in violation?

Additionally, look how frickin' green her lawn is. . .as compared to others. There are definitely prohibitions against using fertilizer and pesticides within 75 feet of a lake front. . .given that Lake Lucille is particularly challenged in this regard, this would appear (if true) to be the height of irresponsibility.

I remember Sarah had to get a 'variance' granted on her old house, which encroached on the 75 foot shoreland setback, before she could sell it.

Anonymous said...

Kickbacks have been known to occur with construction projects, too. That's what they got Spiro Agnew for.

Anonymous said...

a web cam is a cheap thing to install. It would be interesting to see where Todd sleeps.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the old satellite imagery, it appears there were a lot of trees cut down for the new house.

Anonymous said...

haha .. i'll bet Putin's been spying from a mini-sub in the lake for some time now .. poor Sarah was looking for him in the sky!

Anonymous said...

This bitch has always been all about raping our landscape up here. The fact she do that on her property should come as no surprise

Anonymous said...

Just visited Britta's blog. Britta and Track, together, just doesn't compute.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, I keep getting caught up in the comments and forgetting to compliment you on your excellent posts! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I also am having a hard time believing that those two houses are at or below height limitations. And if they change the grade - lower it to accommodate a below grade hangar/garage/whatever-will-be-will-be. . .that changes the point of measurement.

I would also imagine any sort of extraordinary earth removal within the 250 shore land zone setback would also require special permitting?

"Turrets Syndrome" - that's so good! Clearly a pre-existing condition. . .

Anonymous said...

----what's the story on the little house with it's own small dock just to the left?

Where is the security center? Where do property maintenance people stay? Rich peeps need all kinds of help and space for communication needs in the digital age. Where is all that housed?

Are we to believe everything is done by her extended family and volunteer church members? If you don't pay for labor how does all that work out with taxes and insurance?

Anonymous said...

I've read that one thing she did as mayor was to get rid of building permit requirements. Are there state laws? federal laws? EPA regulations? Water/Wetland regulations?

Anonymous said...

Earlier Anon - I saw an air photo of the adjacent parcel before it was developed. . .oddly, the 'Christmas Trees' planted as shore land screen were just babies. . . now they are much larger. There were other trees there, but mostly within the building envelope area outside the 75' setback. Looks like the natural vegetation/trees were cut down by a previous owner. . .then these pines were planted. . .perhaps to mitigate a violation? Who knows? The natural vegetation at the shoreline appears to mixed hardwoods and evergreens.

Any, can't see anything egregious in that department (from thousands of miles away!)

BTW, I am operating off general knowledge of shore land protection zone ordinances that are common to all states and municipalities, following federal law. Affects all land within 250 feet of lakes, wetland, ocean, etc. - certain rules for that in terms of clearing and erosion - and which requires at a minimum a 75 foot setback from the water for all development.

Perhaps this is a new project for Celtic Diva. . .monitoring and reporting potential zoning, development and labor abuses.

Anonymous said...

anon@20:23 .. the help is likely on the payroll of the PACs and funds she's creating. Who is paying Meg's salary?

Anonymous said...

Methinks this is a story which is about to break. Once Balloon Boy/Attic Boy story dies down, this could be the next one that captures the nation's imagination.

I sent this link on to Andrew Sullivan. I have never done that before and don't know if it will be posted on his site.

One can only hope it gets the attention it deserves.

Anonymous said...

The ownership of all these lots can be found in the public records. That is how news of the purchase of the adjacent lot came out in July.

Anonymous said...

A toxic cesspool in Alaska has the potential to spread birth defects to Canada and beyond. This is an international scandal. If Putin is not monitoring, he needs to get on this ASAP.
word verification

rat is

Anonymous said...

She always gets her way. What a roll model for our young women in Alaska.

I would not call this building complex a house. Perhaps she has bigger goals for broadcasting her swill directly to fox news and the world right from her very own humble international satellite TV station. Palin News goes global !!

She already said that she loves her home and its here favorite place in the her world. She is saving her energy and waiting for her book tour before getting mainstream again. She is getting ready to spread her views from her own TV studio well before 2012. She likes to attack and has her sights set on bloggers and progressive thinkers. She knows its a media war more than the truth that will pad her pockets and keep her in the chips. Money is not a issue for this women.

She is not going away. People forget the past. Its just a matter of numbers and a message that sounds better than another. There will be enough new ears that will fall for her swill. With her new TV station in operation, her values will be mainstream with the 7 mountain movement and all the sheep looking for greener pastures. She doesn't have to field tricky u-gotta questions if she controls the mic and the semi-live feed. ( so that she can do replays at will)

Wasillia was know for a hot real-estate market, big churches, drugs, guns, strip malls, and now Q-GINO is bringing a new political gospel broadcast directly to you from a lake in Alaska.

God, help us all.

Anonymous said...

Britta is young and pretty. She looks like a step up from the hockabillies of Wasilla. That is not to say she wasn't bred and schooled by kooks that look alright on the surface. She works for Palin, they can't allow much to be said about a relationship or it goes to nepotism. Palin is already famous for being siamesed with her whole high school class. It is said Track does not like publicity. Who knows what his secrets are?

Britta's album doesn't say much. Why would it be there except it's alright for the public to see? Is that Britta and Track that are kissing, "kiss me with stars beneath twilight?" Is that from high school?

In high school I was encouraged to date a wayward boy by his Republican well to do family. My school girl crush was to save him from his bad boy ways. They didn't hold out for the military to take over where they failed as parents, it was up to me. Had they offered me a job I might have remained close.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking along the same lines. There could be a big broadcasters heaven in no law Wasilla. That is why I can't understand why the Hansons are not under more scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Geeesh.. She already has a HUGE home for her family..noone works, all those kids, free money from her cult following - yet it's build, baby, build

If she was focusing on issues near and dear to her little ole heart..
wouldn't one think she would, perhaps, build a place for special needs kids?
for unwed, pregnant mothers?
for military personnel coming home from war that face challenges?
a place to further her Christian beliefs? a witness place?
Even though it isnt close to her icy heart
use the money to help the natives since winter is coming?

Oh no.. fancy office for her, man cave for her hubby, room for Bristol so she doesn't have to face the real world, work (as a single mother) and get on her own two feet - grow as an adult..

I think of how everything centers around Palin while being oblivious to anyone else
This building shebang is an example
Those issues close to her heart.. well, uhm.. FIRST she needs this place for HER FAMILY

The way Bristol was put out there like a deer in the headlights
MY daughter is 5 months pregnant
Camera zooms in on her.. that chubby whale of a teenage girl (when she should be enjoying life in these carefree years) for the first time in a national spotlight.. her world.. look at that chubby pregnant girl with a baby in her arms and a burp blanket. She has no life. She sinned and now is repenting and doing the right thing. See her? See Trig has to be my child.
She could of easily just mentioned my daughter is expecting.. then on to the next child.
I do see mentioning her pregnancy as it would come out one way or another
But to out her like that with how far along she was, how she is marrying Levi, how she is now the caretaker of Trig

and then the whole Secessionist part and Todd
OH! squelch that rumor cause it makes me look bad!
Tell 'em Todd couldn't understand the ballot!
That will hush them.,
Yeah tell them that Todd, a 40 something year old man was too stupid to be able to fill out a ballot.
Now people will leave ME alone about it.

Has she yet done a facebook post saying HEY Ya'll.. its Sarah Palin here .. just wanted to take 5 seconds for you guys and say Thanks! ???


Anonymous said...

Hansons? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Bristol will have room for her own bordello.

I haven't heard of Bristol being serious about abstinence. Her hormones ended with child birth or is she sneaking? She won't have to do it near Piper's room, Trig's nursery or mommies lair or at those wild Lake house parties anymore.

ArmchairJane said...

Anon 20:58,
Speaking of that book tour, I still have found no dates or info whatsoever about it.

My husband checked the Harper Collins site this morning and the only way he found the book was with a search. NOTHING about "Going Rogue" on their front page, when you did get to the book page just a very meager summary. No "author tracker" like they have for other authors so you can get info about their book tour dates, new releases, and so on.

Really makes you wonder if she is going to just hide in this compound and instead put out Facebook posts on the book. If so, I am glad she see can see that at least for now, she's like any other citizen and that people can take notice of and photograph things like you building a big giant house next to your already existing house.

Sure fuels the rumor that she and Todd really live separate lives, but for religious and image reasons, must maintain the charade that they are
"just as in love as when they first got married". And I still do wonder about that quickie wedding...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. There is breaking news here.

Anonymous said...

Bristol is hardly alone or lonely. Where is John Chandler now and how did he manage to lay low all this time?

WV: plays

Anonymous said...

NY Times Best Sellers

No mention of the Half-term Former Governor's book.

Anonymous said...

that quickie wedding...

It is darn certain she was knocked up. The question is who was the father. Bitney was never the love of her life like a young Todd, but Sarah was a sport and played around. It was said Sarah and Bristol are a lot a like. Todd gets her out of jams and takes care of her messes all the time.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

A turret, a moat, a plane, a damsel in distress. Sounds like another book to me!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she plans to put the Heaths in the little white house next to the airplane hanger. Or better yet she is going to move the Heath's taxidermy and bonepile to the white house so that the Heaths have room to live in their own home.

Anonymous said...

They're building the Grifter's Hall of Fame. Or should that be shame?

Curiouser said...

Fascinating post!

I do think most of us, given the means, would expand our properties and increase our distance from neighboring properties. Most, however, don't need the increased privacy to carry on their lives

"Big Love" now joins "Desperate Housewives" on Palin's list of tv inspirations...Palin's version is more like "No Love: marriage is a business contract" (see Esquire's SP interview).

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

how fitting this is all located a few hundred feet away from a motel.
(No offense to Motels)

Anonymous said...

This sort of reminds me of the Winchester Home in San Jose, Ca.

"The mansion is renowned for its size and utter lack of any master building plan. According to popular belief, Sarah Winchester thought the house was haunted by the ghosts of individuals killed by Winchester rifles, and that only continuous construction would appease them..."

Now, it is a tourist stop....hmmm, maybe Sarah has $$$ in her eyes and plans to build a Sarah Land a la Dollywood?

People can do whatever they want with their money, but when you are trying to make people feel sorry for you and take advantage of them than you have crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

They could be just as much in love as they were when they first were married.

A shotgun elopement? Didn't Levi say something about the pair having problems from day one.

It could like Sarah said about it in a interview. Marriage can be like a business contract for some.

Might be it always was that.

Anonymous said...

Expanding ones property and privacy from neighbors are one thing. Who would do that on a dead lake, unless you are living to die to be resurrected. Whether it is a geezus or a UFO that is coming to pick her up.

Anonymous said...

Could this be the start of the Sarah Palin Almost Vice Presidential Library sans books... Just a collection of her blackberries, Naughty Monkey shoes and hair extensions.

Anonymous said...

NO more Books please.

This has all the makings for a reality tv show.

Could be part man cave show about snow machine racing & repairing, back stabbing cops, posing as King of Alaska, and selling out the Bristol Bay Ecosystem to a very large open pit gold mine. Pebble is such a nice name for the biggest open pit gold mine in world. Of yea, they want the copper and silver too.

Q-GINO is going after the young drinkers and blue collar workers that are failing with there american dream. Joe the plumber needs a place to say when he comes up to Alaska for his comedy show. In fact,
Joe and John might just be here first live guest on her Palin news show.

Anonymous said...

Levi did say something about problems from day one. Problems about other boys and who is the kids Daddy? Bristol has heard plenty and she may have told Levi about what was going on before he showed up. The whole John Bitney thing is strange. What does he look like?

Is it true that he was friends with Track first and that is how the families were friends at one time? Keith is part of the hockey team fever in the area. Is he still keeping young boys out of trouble with sports?

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time understanding how Wasilla can have certain size business signs and Alaska can have no billboard laws but have such poor or lax zoning rules.

Again, how long would something like this take to plan? when do you suppose those plans began?

If they bought the lot in July, two weeks AFTER she QUIT, did she start planning this right after the election? or when the book offer was finalized in May?

I don't think planning begun in May would have allowed enough time to design and work out all the blueprint details.

Just imagine how much of Sarah's time must have gone into this while working her 24/7 governor job. There are tons of details that go into planning to build a custom house.

Perhaps this was a dream they'd had for a while and were ahead of the game because of that? Perhaps they bought pre-made house plans? Did Todd design the first house?

Did an excited Sarah come up with the bright idea of quitting because she found out they could buy the lot? that the owner would sell it for the right price? That it was available? Who sold the lot. Will they talk?

Are they planning the owner of the rental house next door will no long want the house with this new monstrosity so close and looming over them? So they'll sell to Sarah?

I'd love to know if the rental owners even knew about the new construction before it began. They being out of town kinda gives Sarah the upper hand, did they have no notices required to give?

It seems Sarah's MO of getting her way may be pushing the envelope here. I hope it blows up in her face.

How did anyone find out Palins where renting the house? Can those owners be contacted?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the Sarah Palin real estate @ real estate stalker
She has some good contacts and seems to know everything about every celebrity and doesn't hesitant to tell the dirt.
I think she does remodeling jobs too, also.

I expected to see Palin on her blog. I am a little surprised she is not up to speed.
'But her star turn, the bit that made Miss Tina Fey a household name, was her blistering, spot-on spoofs of former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin which even the right wingers of America have to admit were dee-lishus.'

Anonymous said...

Will it have a hidden room in preparation for being "Left Behind"? or a gun vault to protect the firearms like WAR does for his 200 guns?

Inquiring minds want to know. Where's the National Enquirer, hurry, call em in.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha.....Kristan and hubby must have arranged the deal. What a nice payback for you rub my back I'll rub yours.

BTW.....has anyone heard what came of the meeting of the Matanuska Creamery dairy group? I read it was to happen last week or this coming?

Alaska needs to keep their fingers on the pulse of that event. They should get NO more money or loan extensions, and I imagine with the economy in the pit that's what they'll be crying for. SAY NO Alaska, I sure as heck don't want any more of my Federal tax dollars going into these people's pockets.

will they put this house in Bristols name?

ain't love grand said...

Bitney was "unfairly and unceremoniously fired." Bitney had reason to complain but went silently into the dark night. It is personal to them all, we just don't know how personal.

Was it both Sarah and Todd that had trouble with Bitney's love life while working for the shadow governor? Bitney's affair and Todd's good friend's wife, that was all it was about with Todd?

Did Todd go to school with Sarah and Bitney and were they all good friends all those years. Bitney was very valuable to the Palins early on in the governor campaign and after. Bitney dated which good friend of Todd? That was reason enough for Sarah to throw him under the bus?

Something is not right about that. I don't think the whole story has come out.

CR46 said...

Poor Bristol, what a sad life she will lead in the prison being built for her. No longer needed by her mother, but kept isolated and silent.
Did anyone else find it strange when those pictures of Bristol from the state fair showed her alone with two babies? No family and not even a girlfriend along to maybe help and enjoy the day with her.

Bree Palin said...

Here's an article about the Bitney issue:

Helen said...

And so, "Rogue Acres" is born.

Palin reminds me so much of the despicable 80's evangelists who milked the faithful and lived high on the hog - until it all came tumbling down around their ears - and they NEVER saw it coming, so consumed were they with their own hubris.

Then is will be jailtime, liquidation and a lifetime of public penitence and private prayer. Oh how the once "mighty" do fall.

After doing her jail time and writing another book - this one more honest and more of it actually written by her with a great deal of help from Piper, I see her in about 20 years doing a debate roadshow with Andrea McLeod, sort of like how old arch enemies G. Gordon Liddy and Tim Leary teamed up to hit the college circuit.

Then she'll retire to a nice safe radio show where only fans will be allowed to call in to reminisce about those heady years when radical and annihilating religious extremism was a hairsbreadth away from grabbing power and bringing on those End Times - what a shame it is that they all are still on earth and having to pay their taxes every year.

Anonymous said...

If I could see those pictures of Bristol from the state fair showing her alone with two babies I might find it strange. Where is the link?

Anonymous said...

The notion that Palin got rid of corrupt pols is a half truth, at best. What she did was push some out so that she and her high school chums wouldn't have to share the pie with anyone else.

Grifter and hypocrit.

Anonymous said...

One reason she hides behind facebook is that she can make statements like, "Electric cars don't work in Alaska." They don't work "outside," either, if the distance to be traveled is too far, but they would work very well for many people in the Anchorage area.
No more pronouncements full of half-truths, please.

elmer gantry said...

80's evangelists and Aimee Semple McPherson's castle.

ArmchairJane said...

Thank you, what an interesting article! A few points really jumped out. First, this quote from the fired Mr. Bitney:

"They were, you know, professionally my bosses, but they were my friends," Mr. Bitney said of the Palins. "And so what caused them to want me to leave the governor's office was my relationship, my divorce, my dating a woman with whom they had a personal relationship."

Note how he uses the word "they", referring to BOTH the Palins as his "bossES" - plural bosses! And again, here here he says "them":

"And so what caused them to want me to leave the governor's office..."

More proof that this was a CO-governorship, in which an unelected man, Todd Palin, was such an integral part of Palin's decisionmaking that Mr. Bitney refers to "them" as "bosses", without apparently even thinking about how revealing that is about how Palin ran the Governor's office.

I know Palin likes to act like some of these things she does are normal because she was a "mom" who was also a governor. But I live in a state with a female governor and have never heard about any hiring or firing decision where the decision was supposedly made by the Governor and her husband, furthermore never in my state has the implication been that both the governor AND spouse were the "bosses".

More strange intimacy in the quote by how Palin's ex-close friend Debbie Bitney, formerly Debbie Richter:

"Ms. Richter said in an interview that she understood why her old friend fired her boyfriend. Gov. Palin "was blindsided, hit at 70 miles per hour from behind," said Ms. Richter, who married Mr. Bitney on Aug. 23 and now goes by Debbie Bitney."

Since when is the impact that a family friend was having an affair with some other family friend SO shocking that is like beind blindsided and hit from behind at 70 miles per hour?

I understand this sort of revelation could be a shock and disappointment, but you would expect it would only be THAT MUCH of a shock and disappointment to Sarah and/or Todd Palin if were own of their spouses or lovers that were having an affair... The degree of shock and horror seems extreme.

The article also seems to indicate that Bitney had been praised for how he was doing his job right up until the time SP found out about this affair. But then the co-Governors Todd and Sarah find out about the affair and "they" fire the guy.

Both the fired individual and the woman he was secretly having an affair with act like the firing was entirely normal and to be expected, when in reality it was all about private personal behavior. It really seems there has to be more to this story...

And wasn't there some issue with the computer records of the Permanent Fund data getting accidentally lost or erased while Debbie Richter was in charge? Yes indeed, my recollection was correct, see Regina's piece from June 4, 2009 for more details.

This section of that story leapt out at me, which refers to data lost under Debbie Richter's oversight having to be reconstructed by hand, yet another interesting "mistake" that happened with Palin and/or cronies in charge :

Excuse me, but "manually reconstructing" thousands of several hundred dollar payments from a state royalty fund? That sounds like it could be open to abuse.

Who was the "contractor" hired to help sort it out? How much were they paid?

Why did the Governor refuse to allow disclosure of the mandated state audit report on the computer failure?

Anonymous said...

Palin continues to beg poor people to contribute to her legal fees while she is building a mansion. She does not care for two seconds about other people's long as it ends up in her pocket. Greedy, deceptive and unethical. Hey, Kristan Cole, where is the report on who and how much has been contributed to the Alaska Fund Trust? You promised transparency, correct? Bring it on, sister.

ArmchairJane said...

By the way, thank you Regina and Patrick for yet another great article! Like Prochoicegrandma I have gotten caught up in the comments and forgot to thank you both for the good work.

Then Bree adds that very helpful link. It gets more interesting all the time :-)

Anonymous said...

Aimee Semple McPherson's castle was on Lake Elsinore, a very smelly lake. I don't know how they stand it.

Reesie said...

Patrick, Regina, Kathleen and others, do you think it is a good idea to email Perez Hilton regarding babygate? He likes to expose entertainers in a comical way. His email address is

LisanTx said...

I researched the Alaska public records and found this:
Each lot in the subdivision is 100 feet across and over 900 feet long. The Palins' first purchased Lot 3. Charles Nevada purchased lots 4, 5, and 6. His house is on lot 5; the adjacent lots were not built on. Charles Nevada died on May 30, 2007 at age 87. His widow conveyed Lot 5 to the Palins in July 2009. She is likely elderly also, since her husband died at age 87 in 2007. Therefore, her former homestead being empty and rented to the Palins sounds reasonable.
The Palins saw the privacy that the Nevada family had with an empty lot on either side of their house, so it is no surprise that they would also like similar privacy.

ProChoiceGrandma at 18:47--good question on how long the Nevada family's house has been vacant. Mr. Nevada died May 30, 2007. So your thought may have merit!

Bree Palin said...

ArmchairJane - I know, there are so many things that stink it is hard to know where to begin. Reading about Palin's tenure as Governor is like reading about a banana republic.

Here's an even more informative take on this - especially interesting to go back to the earliest comments back in July 08:

This bit out of a comment jumped out at me:

Debbie Richter was not Bitney’s co-worker. He worked in the Governor’s Office in the Capitol Building and she works in the Dept. of Revenue in another office building. This was not a matter of any state policy being breached. This is an incident right out of high school–”You’re seeing my ex-girlfriend and me and my gang will get you.” The Palins decided to go after Bitney because Scott Richter, Todd’s friend and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend asked them to.

Anonymous said...

I live in the area and the Palins' lakeside lot and the lake they are on are ugly and very close to downtown Wasilla. I'm surprised they are building on instead of selling and moving to a better lake - such as finger lake. there's a nice lake estate for sale in Palmer in lazy mountain for $775K that is beautiful with lots of acreage. that would be a better choice than their current location. they are just off the main strip in Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

Scott Richter? Who isn't an ex something for Sarah?

He went to high school with both Todd and Sarah? Is he Track's father?

Anonymous said...

That is why they are called snobillies and the like. No one with sense would be there much less building more.

Anonymous said...

Why would a "happy" married couple fight from the beginning, about what? Was Levi specific? Something is stuck in Toad's craw going on decades.

Are all their friends of like religion?

Anonymous said...

This is a fairly recent (Feb. 09) article about Lake Lucille, specifically a plan to revitalize it.

Anonymous said...

There is an Angela Carter story, The Bloody Chanber ...

"But, here, it would be easy to be content. In the turret suite he had given me for my very own, I could gaze out over the tumultuous Atlantic and imagine myself the Queen of the Sea."

Anonymous said...

anon@00:45 ... Palmer is a no go. Old high school rivalry.

Anonymous said...

So is Kristian Cole Palin's FRAUD FUND buddy the one who sold this property to Palin and at what commission?

Yup Yup this is how Palin paid Cole off for her LIES AND DECEIT with the FRAUD FUND monies. Cole negotiates a the buy, she gets her embellished tip right off the top.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever seen just who got checks from the permanent fund after Debbie "lost" all of the computer info and had to redo everything by hand?

Someone got extras checks, "by mistake".

And I wouldn't doubt, after reminding myself of the lawsuit filed against Palin re bribery (where she offered state resources in return for him dropping the suit to an African American man who is suing her over discrimination), that she paid someone off by doing so.

Celtic Diva? Do you need more money to investigate this one? I'll donate:-)

Anonymous said...

What palnet is Mayor Verne Rupright on?

WASILLA -- Even if Wasilla is no longer the starting point for either the Iron Dog snowmachine race or the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Mayor Verne Rupright said it could at least be the next lake fishing mecca.

If the swift action the Palins took to build on their lot is indication of how effective they can be, why aren't the fixin' up angler haven for Mayor Rupright? They could get it done before winter. Mayor Rup, you also have to get your land fills to stop polluting with hospital waste and a million other toxic habits you foster in your area. It is going to spill into Canada and we are sick of it.

crystal said...

Off topic -
WHAT in the world would get Todd and Scarah SO MAD at Trooper Mike Wooten that they would STALK him, demand his firing, try to get his disability stopped - endless harassment?
WHAT? Scarah's sister SO angry at Wooten, she is divorcing him - WHY? Tasering a young son (taser set on low, boy ASKED for it to show off - yes, dunb idea, but a big deal?).
The way Todd and Sarah went after Wooten was WAY over the top IMO. Something HUGE happened, something that angered Todd/Sarah SO MUCH that they disregarded all laws and all reason to "get him." WHAT?
An affair with their teen-aged daughter, Bristol that resulted in a pregnancy (Trig)?
CBJ - incest specialist, not OB-GYN.
IF this happened, I can see why Todd and Sarah hated "Uncle" Wooten so much that they threw caution to the wind.

Anonymous said...

When did they go off on Wooten? I thought is was a few years before Trig was conceived. You think he had an affair with her since she was 14, 15 or younger?

Anonymous said...

I realize the conversation has veered, but this is pretty funny. Regarding the Best Western which is near Palin's property, someone who has an excellent way with words left this comment on "my travel guide" in 2007.

“A glorified taco trailer unit on the shores of lake Lucille, catering to lovers of the bizarre, complete with fleets of high school basketball teams, heavy metal music lovers, pickup trucks with tuned pipes and no air cleaner, and snow machine racers. Breakfast tasted like it was mailed to the table. Be sure to ask them for their 30-minute rate.”

hannah said...

You guys, go to -- it is a daily magazine for Catholics. I personally am not catholic but a close friend of mine is one of their features bloggers so I check in now & again

imagine my surprise when today I see a whole new addition to the front page of the site. If you scroll ALL the way down to the bottom, there is a little blurb about Trig and 8 or 9links to articlesabout him.

You guys -- will NOT believe this swill!! Trig is promoting "civil rights" -- did you know?!? Anyway the reason I bring it up is because these single issue voter types (and yes, abortion usually is the "issue") make up a huge chunk of palin's base. When you see how fanatically attached they are to palin's 'mama bear of special baby' act -- you will see even more why palin is utterly obsessed with keeping this "gate" tightly shut.

Also too tho -- I wanted to apologize for my somewhat harsh comments about AKM & shannyn a few days ago. I want to reiterate that I respect the tireless effort they put into exposing the truth. I understand they do not want to devote any of their own blogs to babygate -- I was just frustrated that they would not even acknowledge the many people who DO want to discuss it. I was basically just wanting a simple "look everyone, I understand that the babygate issue has an increasingly large number of supporters. However this is not a topic I am comfortable displaying on my blog at this time. Thank you."
or SOME little acknowledgement of ANY kind!
But after both Regina and Patrick's chastising of the subject -- I feel very chagrined indeed. Patrick quickly made me realise that we certainly have enough divisiveness & criticism afoot -- neither I nor anyone else needs to add any to our OWN side! Sorry for the long comment -- please do check the catholic living site if you is truly stunning how these people view Trig. I swear it sounds like they view him as some kind of deity or second-coming -- SCARY!!

Anonymous said...

So when will we see this place featured in "Architectural Disgust?"

Anonymous said...

In the last photo what is the large bright white building behind the white rented house?

The white house looks huge, what is the square feet? There is quiet a bit going on in all these properties, as happens with construction projects. The new castle-hangar looks bigger than the old red house.

The small white house next to the old red house is what? A treatment place?

What a joke that Mayor Rupright is. How much to dredge the lake and all? I think Sarah's wall paper got to him.

Anonymous said...

Re: Lake Lucille Inn. I did stay there one night with my husband 4 years ago. I cannot believe we were right next to the Palin compound! OMG.

The Lake Lucille Inn is fine. It's not a five star hotel, but it was okay. We were driving to Denali and it was cheaper than all the hotels up there!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I can picture Bristol in the turret of the new house which reminded me of:
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Then I googled Rapunzel and found this very fitting story:

This version is much harsher than what I remembered. Considering the website “familymanagement”, I wonder if it is a Pentecostal version to punish teenage girls for having sex. Damn, that would have scared me! Who does the enchantress resemble in this story? Yep, Sarah the enchantress!

My favorite comment today was by Anon @ 12:56:
“Then again.. maybe Sarah has Turrets Syndrome.”

ArmchairJane said...

Bree - wow, I have to say, she never ceases to amaze me! That payback firing really IS right out of high school!

Apparently taking the combination of Banana Republic governance style blended with the emotional maturity of a high school mean girl, add in the fact that the whole state has fewer people than many large cities, and "everybody knows each other" (or at least the major players do) and you get the uniquely corrupt AND inept governance of Sarah (and Todd!) Palin! And she can't even manage to last out those four years...

Anonymous said...

Have enough people graduated (or evven attended) Wasilla High School to fill all the appointments that a President needs to fill?

crystal said...

To: anon @ 1:46:
I still theorize that Todd and Sarah may of had a darker reason to go after Wooten (a real creep, by most accounts). And yes, Wooten and Bristol had a "scene" back in 2005.
Here is a letter from Chuck Heath dated 10/10/2005 to Colonel Julie Grimes re Wooten.
Per papa Heath: "Wooten confronted 14 yr.old Bristol at a Wasilla High football game and called Bristol a fu------g asshole. Wooten, at the time, was a member of the Wasilla High coaching staff."

Anonymous said...

Dateline 2012 ... On the Republican primary campaign ciruit:

"... . When we asked Governor Palin, "If elected, under what circumstances would you resign the Presidency?", she cut loose with a torrent of obscenities and knocked down our recording equipment. Aides quickly subdued her, and she was led away in a straight-jacket."

Anonymous said...

I see a wonderful irony here. In order for Sarah to maintain any kind of public presence- book, politics, almost anything- it depends on the image that she crafted for herself including all of that happy family stuff. Remember the convention speech, "Todd's my guy." Well, he has to be, no matter how much he costs.

So here's the thing. To sell the book, Sarah has to keep that happy family together. And quiet, let's not forget about Bristol and two boys who should be talking soon, out playing with friends, going to school. So Sarah has to sell lots of books (or make some kind of appearances) to pay lots of money to keep that family together even if they each have their separate little corner. The harder that Sarah works, the more it's going to cost her. She really does have her work cut out for her. How long do we think it can last? She didn't last very long at governor, but then, that didn't pay off as well as this gig. Trouble is, she really has to keep all those loose ends neatly tied up. What a show!

Anonymous said...

Crystal, I'm sorry, but you reported this as a fact; that there was a scene between Bristol and Wooten, when the entire thing is based on a letter from Chuck Heath, during a time when the entire Palin clan was warned by a judge to stop harassing Wooten. Sarah herself was issued a legal warning to cease and desist the harassment.

I haven't noticed honesty being a Palin trait, either, so when I put those two facts together, I can't take as a fact that Chuck Heath heard Wooten say those things.

Maybe he did. But it's not a given.

Sarah goes after everyone like a rabid dog, because her narcissistic ego is in danger of shutting down on her if anyone goes against her wishes. What looks like insane rage is normal for her, she is defending her mentally ill version of reality.

If you try to make sense out of by assuming the circumstances must have warranted it, you neglect to take into account that she has been accused of this her entire life.

It is her baseline.

Maybe Wooten did something to Bristol, but that's a very serious allegation to make against a person and I see no reason to present it as a possibility based on the "evidence".

Accusing people of being pedophiles is also a favorite of Palin and her cult. that's an ugly thing to accuse someone of, and if it's not true, it hurts real victims of rape and incest a lot. It damages their credibility and believability in the eyes of the public.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan has linked Palingates!! Go to the lower right and click on Live Feed FEEDJIT. Thousands of hits. Now more will know of all the "GATES." And they will wonder why Palin is continuing to beg for money to pay her legal fees ....meanwhile she just took a check for $7 million dollars for the book advance and is building a mansion. Hypocrite.

crystal said...

anon @2:32 - I am not accusing Wooten of anything. I am speculating - doing so, because it seems odd that Chuck Heath came up with the Bristol confrontration out of the blue. I agree that the Palins/Heaths make stuff up. But a scene between Bristol and Wooten MAY be rlevant to the discussion - pure speculation, NOT accusation.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, Crystal. Thank you for clarifying that.

I'm not trying to dampen debate, but I am very aware of how Palin has ruined people's lives with baseless accusations, so I'm sensitive to it. :-) Sorry if I jumped too hard.

Patrick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bree Palin said...

Yes, A. Sullivan did link to this post - awesome!!!

Patrick said...

I would like to thank all the people that have contributed to this blogpost. They have sent a strong signal to Sarah Palin that her steps will be watched from now on.

The internet is about teamwork and community building. The work which has gone into this blogpost is an example of that spirit.

I also would like to thank Andrew Sullivan for linking to this post!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Earlier I asked: “My suspicious mind wants to know: How long has the white house been vacant?”
LisanTx @ 10-19-09 at 00:38 partially answered my question! Mr. Nevada died 5-30-07, so now we just need to know when Mrs. Nevada vacated the premises and I think we have another great clue! Thank you LisanTX!! How CONVENIENT would that be to hide Bristol and Trig right next door from 2-17-08 until Trig’s presentation on 4-18-08?! Oh my goodness, I am tingling with curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Nick Carney quote: "She just has no respect for rules and regulations."

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Crystal @ 2:20, you are way off base with your Wooten speculation. That was approximately 2 years earlier.

Go to the earlier post of 8-28-09 “Oh, Bristol” and read my 2 comments at 7:03 and I think you will see the dark side, that in my opinion, was the reason for the panic and insane fake pregnancy idea.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The hits keep coming!
Congratulations to Regina & Patrick.
This is news!

--snowbilly (emeritus)

Anonymous said...

Quitter Gino likes to attack! She is loading her guns, building her headquarters, manufacturing bullet prof clothing, going to the bible bank for withdraws, and soon to be throwing bombs at the no good liberal media.

Its still to early for her to make a serious strike. She will wait until the country is in the count down for the supper bowl, and her compound and staff come out from hiding. Something very dirty and GOP happens just before or after the big game. Its very patriotic to start a attack around the supper bowl with all the distractions, gambling, cheerleaders, and sexy new beer commercials.

After the Superbowl is when the country goes into emotional with drawls. Either there team lost or won, and the sheer pain of not seeing violent behavior to drunkenly root for is a downer for the usa. This is a good time for a frontal attack on progressive thinkers. When the male and female ego's are ready for war is when the GOP will strike. In this case a national political war with Quitter GINO leading the charge for the GOP or a new right wing national party .

crystal said...

ProChoiceGrandma - Wow, I missed your post on that other thread (I think I stopped reading the thread earlier). Your theory does make more sense. Also, too - very recently, when Sarah got the flowers and honors at the "welcome home" ceremony, Track did not appear to be there. I know he had arrived home a week or so earlier, but odd that he did not join the rest of his unit at that welcome home gathering (where his mom was being honored).

Anonymous said...

See attached link to Mat Su Borough property assessments/taxes.

Helen said...

This is part of Mr. Sullivan's Wikipedia entry:

Palin pregnancy rumor

"On August 31, 2008, Sullivan posted on his "Daily Dish" blog about a wide-spread rumor circulating on the Internet that Palin faked her fifth pregnancy, the baby was actually her daughter's, and that this was done for political gain.[79] Eventually, a photograph surfaced in which she appeared to be pregnant in the appropriate time period, though other photographs in the same time period show her as not visibly pregnant. After the photo became publicized, Sullivan admitted that she was most likely pregnant, but "not in the last year" (31 Aug/2008, the same day he cited his theory that various medical personnel conspired to hide the real mother of the child), and has continued with questions about whether she actually gave birth to Trig. [80]"

Anonymous said...

Half-term former Governor Palin has just wished Bristol a happy birthday!

Didn't I read that she went on the warpath earlier this year about media attention to her family?

Anonymous said...

Number 1 on reddit's "what's new," says "Populist Palin building mansion with seaplane hangar"

Anonymous said...

Money can buy a lot of 'peace' in a family. I wonder just how many people are being gifted out of this Legal Trust Fund. They can take as much money as they please out each year AND they can transfer the fund to another jurisdiction.

Keep in mind the trustee is Kristan Cole.

So, "other" property can be given to the fund not just $. I bet that's where they put gifts.

At first I thought maybe they had gotten the neighbor to somehow 'give/donate' the lot to Scarah through the fund, but the fund can only accept $150.00 per year from a person.

Anybody have a clue what the lot was worth?

"I also noticed that $arah's and Clinton's trusts are the only ones that make provision for moving the trust to another jurisdiction. In $arah's case at the discretion of the trustee without notice to the beneficiaries..."

"Each of the beneficiaries of this trust, shall, in each calendar year, have an absolute and unrestricted power to withdraw from this Trust up to the lesser of the total additions made to this Trust during each calendar year or an amount in cash or other property equal the lesser of the total additions made to this Trust during each calendar year, divided equally among such beneficiaries, or an amount in cash or other property equal to the maximum amount which qualifies for the Federal Gift Tax exclusion (...) and shall be exercisable only by written notice to Trustee of the amount Donee wishes to withdraw, but no purpose for said withdrawal need be shown."

"I also noticed that $arah's and Clinton's trusts are the only ones that make provision for moving the trust to another jurisdiction. In $arah's case at the discretion of the trustee without notice to the beneficiaries..."

Anonymous said... says, "The tribune of the plebs is building quite a pile in Wasilla"

Anonymous said...

but, but, but......she was in the poor house from defending herself from all those frivolous ethics complaints.

Anonymous said...

ooowee,I had heard about the fighting but not about Todd having an affair, which friend would that be?

I also hadn't heard about separating the bank accounts, hmmmmm. Was a deal struck here?

"In yet another shocker, Levi says Bristol "thought that Todd was having an affair with a friend of the family."

"At one point, Bristol heard that Todd tried to separate his bank account from Sarah's, and she told Sarah."

Anonymous said...

"Palin also notes that she is interested in “Job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, and getting back in touch.” "

Palin Joins Linked-In

1000s of speaking offers not keeping her busy?

EyeOnYou said...

Palin Home & Property:

Home Appr:$413,300.00
Land Appr:$116,200.00

Total Appr:$532,500.00

New Land being Built Upon Next Door:
Land Appr : $116,700.00

EyeOnYou said...

I forgot to add there are 4 other property listings for which the Palin's have their names on with other "co-owners".

Not really your "average" all American family.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Bristol wants to be a Real Estate agent after college. It looks like Kristan Cole is taking care of the family that trusts her.

ArmchairJane said...

Great news about the Sullivan link! I so much want more people to at least be able to easily access this information, rather than having it actively suppressed by the so-called liberal media.

My cynical view is that the media wants to be able to continue to cover Palin as a "viable candidatee" well into into the 2012 election cycle, even though I think very few believe she really has much of a chance to win the Republican primary.

The press also had an interest in keeping the "Hillary can still get the nomination in an upset!" story going far longer than simple math made it any sort of real possibility. But they wanted an interesting horse race. I think some Hillary supporters who didn't really understand the math behind the Democratic primaries were done a disservice by a media that tried to make Clinton's chance of getting the nomination at the very end seem more than what it was.

I also think that many in the media don't want to cover unsavory family issues when the politician is a woman, but would cover it if the politician were a man. John Edwards being the likely father of his mistress's baby IS being considered news and reported on, even though he's completely left politics, at least for the time being.

Newcomers can read this site, hopefully understanding that there is a lot of material here, and that in order to make an informed decision, it is necessary to devote at least some time to reading the background material.

I thank Patrick, Kathleen, Regina, Bree, Gryphen, and the rest of the researchers on this issue, who have done far more due diligence on their research than some other much bigger media outlets whose journalism often consists mostly of "reporting on other reporting".

The so-called "news" often takes the form of everybody all going to Drudge or similar "sources", then reporting what they find there on the grounds that "people are talking about topic X". This kind of "reporting" often references no underlying source material of any kind.

Fox News seems to love this tactic, whereby they are able to take some planted info and report it as "news". Or they take an editorial piece, which is by definition an "editorial OPINION", and report that opinion as "fact".

In contrast, this site and the other Palin research sites have links to quite a large amount of source material, in the form of video, audio, and various public records, as well as linking to many newspaper and magazine articles.

If people actually take the time to look at what the evidence is, they will see that this research effort could not be more different from that of the "birthers", who offer very little in the way of source material, and much of what they do offer has been repeatedly exposed as false.

In contrast to the Palin "truthers", the "birthers" are working from the end goal, which is to try to President Obama in some way illegitimate as President.

The "truthers" on the other hand, have been trying to find the answers that would explain some very odd circumstances surrounding Palin's 5th pregnancy, as well as trying to shine light on many ethical shortcomings by Palin as Governor.

Are we ever snarky? Yes. Do we ever "make fun of" Governor Palin? Yes. But we also have a wealth of real evidence gathered.

Thank you to Andrew Sullivan for being interested enough in the truth to direct people to where they can look at the evidence and maked an informed opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think the Alaska bloggers that are going mainstream should be careful about being part of the media bandwagon that talks up Palin as a more viable candidate than she really is, just to keep news producers happy.

Anonymous said...

HuffPo is reporting that Sarah has signed up with LinkedIn, looking for work. She even tells her oodles of FaceBook followers to check out her entry. Things must really be serious. There is this great big house to pay for, the book is tanking, no speeches, no lipstick, Todd's not working. What's a poor ex-half-term-governor to do???

indy_girl said...

That's Bristol's "Shut Up and Pretend Trig is Mine and You Can Have This Castle With a Free Nanny" house.

Anonymous said...

For people who are new to this site and haver never even heard about "Babygate", please take some timeto educate yourselves onwhat may be the largest American political hoax in history. Visit and There is over a year and a half's worth of photographic evidence, scrubbed websites, unusual events, nothing adds up.

Check the right hand column of htis site for many of Palin's "Gates." There is nothing ethical about begging poor Americans to donate, donate, donate to one of her many funds....supposedly to pay her legal fees. Folks, get a clue, she just got a $7 million dollar check for the advance on her book. Her legal fees were not as large as she claims. Her trustee of the Alaska Fund Trust promised transparency and has yet to produce a report of who donated and where all that money has gone. Meanwhile, it appears she is building a fortress with other people's money and laughing all the way to the bank. Her trustee, Kristan Cole has a mother who embezzled over $700,000 from two Trust Funds and got caught in Canada.

There is corruption everywhere surrounding this woman. Just educate yourselves. She fired anyone who told the truth and she never takes the blame for anything....ever. It is always someone else's fault and then she plays the "victim" so well.

This has just got to end....the way she uses people just needs to end. We cannot afford to have her making a run at the White House. Please.....take the time to read all you can to make your own decision! S.H.

W/V crash!

crc said...

This is chilling. If we ever have good investigative reporting again we might learn what is going on. Wasilla, Alaska Real Estate and Sarah Palin’s House So much for good Alaskan real estate via Kristan Cole.

Last years Zillow had an interesting exchange about the Palin property.

on September 24, 2008 2:54 pm
Janice England asks
"How close do the Palins live to the closed Knik Landfill (now Smith Ball Fields)? Most closed dumps contain carcinogenic chemicals. Are there public and/or private drinking water wells near the closed landfill?"

on October 17, 2008 9:35 pm
Karen answers
It’s not a dump. It’s a shopping Center that has a tremendous amount of runoff into the lake. Sarah baby (wink wink) brought it in during a flurry of junk strip building she actively recruited during her tenure as Governor. Lots of box stores and such. The construction runoff ruined the lake. Nothing grows in it any more.

on October 20, 2008 12:38 pm
Janice England continues
Karen, thank you for responding to my question. Where is the shopping center located? It may be one of the many shopping centers that were developed on top of closed dumps.
I was referring to the Old Knik Landfill on the south side of Lake Lucille. The closed dump is beneath Smith Ball Fields, Iditarod Headquarters and possibly Lake Lucille Park. Most closed dumps contain carcinogenic chemicals and highly explosive, highly flammable gases. Is the Wasilla community concerned about children playing on top of the Old Knik Landfill?
(there is more @ Zillow)

A year later and no one has any answers.

Are there significant quantities of dioxins?

Where is John and Nancy Oliver's Safety Waste Incineration? What is happening with there case?

CR46 said...

Totally off topic...does anyone know if Todds sister was ever tried and sentenced for those breakins she took her child along on??

indy_girl said...

The tower is actually a dungeon... for Levi, Todd if he doesn't shape up, Bristol if she gets knocked up for a third time, mean ol' pajama bloggers, katie couric, Track so that he doesn't go cuttin' those school bus brake lines again, Putin of the Rearin' Head, John McCain for losin' the election, anyone who dares to say DROPOUT, mean ol' Republican governors who are runnin' away from Political Suicide Sarah as fast as they possibly can, Trooper Wooten, the Anti-American retailers markin' Sarah's book o' made-up stuff down to $9 before it is even released, and that beehotch who dared to cut Quittypants off in traffic yesterday.

Anonymous said...

This shows more trees on the lot where the castle is going up.
What is the small building right next to the Palin red house? Do they own it? That is not the Nevada place? That house is close to the palins. That is the one I would want to buy.

Anonymous said...

Indy girl

how did you forget the special chains and torture area for David Letterman?

EyeOnYou said...

CR46 @06:21 asks....
does anyone know if Todds sister was ever tried and sentenced for those breakins she took her child along on??

Her sentencing isn't until January of next year.
Hearing Set: Event: Sentencing: Superior Court Date: 01/22/2010
Diana Palin
I have mentioned before how I am bothered by the amount of press coverage given to Sherry Johnston and her case, and yet the coverage of Diana Palin has been minimal at best.

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