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Fort Hood might cancel Sarah Palin's visit - Palin flying in plane of Samaritans Purse - CALL TO ACTION!

This is
an article by Celtic Diva, which she posted today and which we repost with her kind permission, partly edited.

Monday, Palin took the "roadshow" to Ft Bragg, North Carolina for her book signing...a move which has angered many military and civilians alike. According to Fort Bragg Public Affairs, she is "clearly not a political figure."

Huh? I would agree that she is "clearly" not a "candidate" but considering her interference in NY-23 and Facebook tretises, she is MOST DEFINITELY a political figure.

And by the way, she chose the title "politician" on her Facebook page.

As if to try and "mitigate" the obvious danger of having an out-of-control Palin on record at Ft. Bragg potentially slamming the Commander-In-Chief, the military originally tried to keep the press away so as not to "encourage" anti-President Obama rhetoric. However, they relented when the media strongly objected.

After what we've seen at Ft. Bragg yesterday, it's easy to see why they didn't want the press to document the activities.

AP reported that the bus parked nearby, splashed with her photo, encouraged donations to her political action committee and supporters made clear that she should run for president.



Thanks to one of our readers, we found the picture of Sarah's bus, with the SarahPAC logo printed on it (click to enlarge):

Therefore Harper Collins, who have paid for this book tour, directly support SarahPAC with their actions, and in doing so they support an insane woman who desperately wants to come to power (so that she can display her personality disorder in the White House). Well done, Harper Collins!!


It's illegal for this event on base/post to reflect any partisan politics. It's also putting active military careers in jeopardy if they are seen as participating in these activities.

Sarah Palin had promised to limit herself to signing books at Fort Bragg, no politicizing her visit, amidst general concerns that her signing would violate Federal Law (Titles 10, 2, and 18, United States Code), Department of Defense (DOD) Directives, and specific military regulations strictly limit a military active duty person's participation in partisan political activities.

I don't think it gets more partisan than SarahPAC.

Palin's father, who greeted supporters as his daughter signed copies of the book, said in an interview that Obama's handling of the military was "scary."

"I see a decline in our might," Chuck Heath said. "People used to be afraid of us and respect us, (but) they're not afraid of us and don't respect us anymore."

Errr...did I mention it was illegal for folks to spew partisanship at this event on base/post around active military personnel?

The Department of Defense defines "partisan political activity" as "activity supporting or relating to candidates representing, or issues specifically identified with, national or State political parties and associated or ancillary organizations."

According to AP, G.R. Quinn, 58, a veteran who spent 20 years in the military, wore an "Impeach Obama" shirt at Sarah Palin's book signing at Fort Bragg. He blasted the president for closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, for the plan to hold a key Sept. 11 terrorism trial in New York and for Obama's handling of the military overseas.

Should I NOW mention that partisan thing again...and add that a veteran with benefits may not want to break federal law?

I'm going to have nightmares tonight because while she was restricted from speaking at Fort Bragg, she is not yet restricted from speaking at Fort Hood! However, we might be able to change that.

There are new developments on the horizon regarding Sarah Palin's planned visit in Fort Hood on Friday, December 4, 2009.

It seems that outrage across the country over the behavior of Palin and her entourage at Ft. Bragg has shown itself in stories on military-themed websites.

For example, the AP story on Palin's Ft. Bragg visit appears on a website widely-read by our nation's military, Military.com, and they titled the piece "Some Anti-Obama Tones to Palin Bragg Visit." The comments are dominated by folks who are incensed by the behavior at the event.

For example:

"I wonder what would have happened if someone wore an impeach Bush/Cheney shirt when he was our CINC?"

Perhaps an even bigger indicator of the ripple effect after Palin's visit can be seen in a comment on this blog. The story below includes contact numbers to Public Affairs on Fort Hood, including the Col. who is the Public Affairs Officer. I requested that folks contact them and express (respectfully) their feelings.

Reader Pearlygirl took me up on that:

response from Ft Hood
I just called Col. Danner. He was very polite and also expressed that he has received many concerns about this book signing. It was set up before the recent shootings but it is being rethought. It was worth calling.
by: pearlygirl @ Tue Nov 24, 2009 at 05:04:18 AM AKST

I thank pearlygirl and all who have called. I'm following up with a phone call to Col. Danner to try and get more of an explanation.

My understanding is that blogs across the country have been making similar posts and are encouraging phone calls as well. It looks like it may be working.


As if we didn't have enough reasons...

Here is the portion of the Greta Van Sustern interview last night where she accused Obama of not acknowledging/not respecting the troops as reported on Politico today:

I was angry when I read about it, but not NEARLY as angry as I was after I watched her attitude while saying the words:

"There's been a lack of acknowledgement by our president in understanding what it is that the American military provides in terms of, obviously, the safety, the security of our country," Palin said during an interview with Fox News's Greta Van Susteren. "I want him to acknowledge the sacrifices that these individual men and women - our sons, our daughters, our moms, our dads, our brothers and sisters - are providing this country to keep us safe."

There's much more.


Sarah Palin arrived in North Carolina Sunday by way of Asheville. She was slated to have a much-touted dinner with Franklin Graham and his father Billy. While this is a video made by a fan (so pardon the drippiness) it does provide a good view of the plane she arrived on...and the call number. You may also see some "interesting" dynamics at play:

I received this message this morning regarding the plane from a trusted reader:

"Linda, Thought I would let you know. The plane Sarah flew in to Asheville had the N number 262SP. The SP does not stand for Sarah Palin but the plane is owned by Samaritans Purse. I checked it out at the FAA registry. Wonder if that plane is being used at Rochester and other book signing destinations? Samaritan donations being put to good use to haul Palin's carcass around."

As if that was not interesting enough, he wrote back later:

Tried to check the flight activity for this airplane (N262SP) at Flightwise.com. The flight activity for this plane is blocked by the owner. Guess he doesn't want anyone to know where he is flying. This is a good site to track an airplane's activity. Might come in handy for checking the use of AK state airplanes.

Yup, especially those Alaska planes now leased by Samaritan's Purse up here.

It seems that one must apply to have their plane's schedule made "private" and in doing so, a reason must be provided. I'd love to see the reason Franklin Graham gave for blocking access.

Did I mention that my readers are awesome?

EDIT by Palingates:

Franklin Graham is the President of Samaritan Purse, an organization which has caused some controversy in the past. They also seem to spend only a relatively small amount for the projects the donations are designed for - see HERE and HERE (but they seem to have enough money to fly Sarah Palin around!).



Please get in touch with Fort Hood and tell them that Sarah Palin's planned visit does not conform with military regulations.

Col. Stephen Sicinski is the Garrison Commanderof Fort Hood and his number and email are restricted.

However, here are the phone numbers of the PAO (Public Affairs Office) on Fort Hood. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL when you speak to them. Also, please no profanity or insults, no matter how much Palin might irritate you:

PA On Call Representative Phone: 254-291-2591
PAO - Col. Benton Danner
Email: benton.danner@us.army.mil
Phone: 254-287-0103
Deputy PAO (Civilian) - Mr. Bruce Zielsdorf
E-mail: bruce.zielsdorf@us.army.mil
Phone: 254-287-8506
Deputy PAO (Military) Phone: 254-287-6694
Remember...RESPECT...and let me know in the comments if you called and what happened.

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Anonymous said...

There is an excellent suggestions over at IM:
Ron said...

It's time to initiate a blog-driven campaign to force Sarah Palin to put her money where her mouth is. On her latest Facebook posting she says about the military:

Read my books's dedication page. The book is for these Patriots who fight for freedom.

Start a nation-wide campaign for Sarah Palin to donate all proceeds from her book to military family organizations. If the book is "for these Patriots," then the proceeds should be for them as well.

Time to end the HYPOCRISY.

Patrick said...

Politico reports: Insider says Sarah Palin uninformed on Latino issues

A top adviser on Hispanic issues to John McCain’s presidential campaign said Sunday that a joint interview with McCain and Sarah Palin planned for Univision last fall had to be canceled because Palin was unprepared to discuss Latin America policy.

“She did not feel comfortable speaking about issues regarding Hispanics and Latin America,” GOP consultant Ana Navarro told Univision anchor Jorge Ramos in an interview. “Those are not topics that come up frequently in Alaska. So she asked to cancel the interview and, unfortunately, you were already there.”

Anonymous said...

Palin is trying to undermine civilian control of the military when she says things like, "give the military what it wants," and "give the commanders the troops they want." She is at odds with the constitution in this matter. Does she know that? Has she ever studied the constitution? Does she know how our government works? As for her talk about having "second to none" troops, they are already second to none. What's her point? And for all her talk about the debt-bogeyman, isn't she aware that a tax increase or less military spending would help eliminate the debt?

snowbilly said...

The thing to point out when you call the army about the Ft. Hood appearance is the solicitation for SarahPac on the side of the bus -- that shouldn't be allowed on the base. The other thing is the statement made by Chuck Heath, at Ft. Bragg, in which he denigrates the Commander In Chief.

Anonymous said...

It's quite chilling to hear her refer to the United States as the "homeland".

lisabeth said...

Patrick, I sent emails to both of the people you mentioned. In the subject line, I put "unpatriotic, partisan activities at Fort Bragg"
I do believe her behavior and words are very unpatriotic. She is ALWAYS criticizing the President and the government and everyone in Washington. I can't stand it any more. She is such a know it all bitch. There is no other way to say it. It is real easy for her to sit back and say everyone is doing this or that wrong. I don't see that she was a success at Governor. If she was so great at it, why did she quit? She has not given anyone an intelligible reason and I think she should STFU about President Obama, the senators, the house of representatives, Rahm Emanuael and every other politician she gets down on. Who does she think she is? I really believe she thinks she is right up there on the same level as God. I can't take it anymore.

And she is flying around on a Christian organization plane. UGH. She is a NIGHTMARE for this country. A total NIGHTMARE Almost everyone knows it but her and her stupid supporters.

Anyhow, I am SO MAD right now. I don't think I can listen to the Greta tapes. I told both of the men in the letters that I felt it was very unpatriotic and wrong to say such horrible things about the President during a time of war. What is wrong with these people- I am including Sarah, Dick Cheney and other Republicans. All they care about are politics and getting back in power. They don't care about the American people and those that are hurting. Sarah is clueless. Someone said she was asked about poor people and she actually said we are all created equal and can get the same job. WOW, this is someone totally out of touch with MOST of America. Her America is not the real America. The real America are people of all religions and races from around the world. They do not all have the same opportunities. The woman is insane and I hope she continues to do and say such stupid things and screw herself. She only appeals to the far fringe right and I am glad she is running for President because I can't wait to see her make a fool of herself. She is already doing that. The woman needs serious psychiatric intervention. I can't believe after she FAILED at governor because she couldn't hack the criticism, she would even consider running for President. She has no idea what she is getting into.....And she has made so many enemies - her emotional IQ is about 30.

Anonymous said...

Considering that this silly bitch quit her job, she really has no standing to talk about anything at all, ever.

This whole "book tour" has been nothing but Campaign '08 redux for this delusional person and she is finally at the top of the ticket in her own crazy election. As someone pointed out on another blog though, what happens when the tour is over and it's back to the tundra for the tartlet? She'll still be an unemployed doofus writing her Facebook diatribes and Barack Obama will still be president and making grown up decisions

Anonymous said...

I called several of those numbers to express my concern. One person told me that they had many,many calls about this situation.
Last night I wrote a letter to the White House on their website.
I can't stand this woman for so many reasons but this is the last straw.
My son is on his second tour in Iraq and this bird brain and her batty father can go there, beg for money and knock our military and Commander in Chief.
I'm going to call some more times tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the military article for stating plainly,
Guess that shows how the headline writer feels.

Agree with poster above, right now Miss Sarah is on
a high she has been missing since the glory days of the campaign last fall. But it won't last and her depression this time will be deeper and darker.
That is the nature of these things.

Anonymous said...

I didn't believe the post about the SaraPAC on the bus, so I researched and IT IS THERE! Right on the side of the bus where people at Fort Bragg were posing for photos!! Go to Charlotte observer and look through her visit photos.

How can they say she isn't a politician, when her own "book tour" bus asks for political donations? More like a campaign tour.

OMG how inappropriate.

CR46 said...

I have called and emailed Ft Hood during the afternoon and Just to let you know, my sweet DIL hand delivered a letter to Col Danners office this morning, for most Military ( my son is stationed at Hood) there may be some backlash, but my son only has approx 5 weeks left and since he has already been "back-door drafted) He will be free completely. My son could not present the letter, but my DIL as a civilian could.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. Really, I do.

When I can't take it anymore, it's so nice to know I can come here and know I'm not alone.



Is Gitmo still open? NYGirl and SJK from the plane (is that right?), your posts always make me smile.


It seems the PX is trying to say they are different that the base. I wonder how that works. The PX is on base. So I'm confused.

sandra said...

The use of the Samaritan's Purse plane may have been just for the visit to Montreat. It's unlikely they would be supporting the entire book tour.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I called earlier today and talked with Col. Danner's Secretary and told her that I thought Palin coming there was inappropriate and she is soliciting funds for her PAC and her father is criticizing the President. She assured me she would convey my concerns to the Col.

Daisydem said...

Thanks Patrick for cross-posting Celtic Diva's blog on this. I too have a suggestion. After not getting through by fax, I called Fort Hood's general information line and got a fax number for the Public Affairs Office there (the office of Col Danner and Mr. Zielsdorf as mentioned in the Diva's blog)and wrote a nice, but pointed letter about SP's proposed book signing. The letter format also gave me a way to express my sympathy to Fort Hood and to also express to them my support of our President and Commander-in-Chief and that the whole world rejoiced when he was elected and I think it has made us more safe not less (as per Chuck Heath). I was cordial and professional, but also pointed in my suggestion that Ms. Palin's visit there by handled differently and according to the code of conduct expected on a military base or it be cancelled. BTW, I have been told (this applies to communication with your senators and congressmen also, about health care, or whatever) that if they receive a letter or fax from you, it becomes a "record." THE FAX NUMBER I USED IS: 254-288-2750. Another plus is that most fax lines are dedicated lines now and "on" all the time, so if you fax even during the wee hours, it should go through.

Frank LI NY said...

Thanks Patrick for posting this here. I have tried many times to read CD's posts, but that blue wallpaper totally destroys my eyes. Can someone help her change that color as I know she has asked for help with it.

ps. You guys are doing one helluva job.

okay carry on ;-)

Anonymous said...


This had me rolling ;)

Sarah's Power

Anonymous said...

Do you see how emboldened she is becoming? Even though she has nothing more to say, she keeps repeating herself and has a snarky theme and tone to all she is doing these days.

Her personality disorder is all pumped on adoration and love from her uneducated following.

For God's sake, does no one in her family see she is ill? She is going through a manic period right now. Why are her doctors allowing her to continue this farce? She exhibits all the signs of bipolar. And we want this running the country?

I cannot stand to watch her ignore Trig anymore. She mindlessly was turning the pages of his book rapid fire and he was looking anywhere BUT at the book. For the love of God, Scarah and handlers, give Trig his GLASSES! This is cruel and unusualy punishment.

Sarah, just because your world is always withing 5 feet of yourself, does not mean Trig should live like that.

Please take your money and go home to Chateau Palin. Hopefully Todd will be thre. S.H.

Frank LI NY said...

Daiseydem, that was a great idea. If anyone is interested, you can go to freefax.com where you are allowed 2 free faxes a day. Being unemployed I use it quite alot.

Daisydem said...

Yea CR46. Yea Frank LI NY! (Free faxes - !) Bloggers United! This is great. Go Bloggers Go!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the garbage Palin is spewing isn't just unpatriotic but treason.

Daisydem said...

Oh and everybody: go read the blog "And So It Goes ... " today. It addresses the "high" SP is on - more like the alternate reality she seems to be living in.

Anonymous said...

Keith O. has done a story on Sarapocalypse.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

re: Latino issues..Methinks her obsession with Taco Bell wasnt quite enuff to understand the complexities involved.

Lisabeth said...

Anon 1:58 I think it is treason!! She is a private citizen and we are in two wars. I am SICK to death of her constant ridicule. She couldn't do that job. She only think she can but she's off her rocker.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said that Samaritan's Purse (the "charity" headed by Franklin "I have daddy's last name but hollywood's values" Graham, Billy's son) probably only allowed Palin the use of the flight/plane belonging to the charity for the flight into montreat... Possible, but if that is the case, why did Franklin take extremely pointed and deliberate steps to hide the plane's current and recent flight activity? It's a very deliberate process, normally only afforded to very specific purposes that warrant it (such as witness protection relocation) and NOT something often granted to whiny "celebrities" because they think they are important. Nor to "rogue" charities, who beg people for money in a down economy saying they need Christians to 'take up their cross' and 'dig deep' to help the poor...and then USE said money to make sure the Paliban Caravan gets the Private Plane experience.

Ugh, I hope at the next stop when she parades Trig out half naked in thirty degree weather, she just leaves him there. Poor baby would have a better life with poor but sane people than with the rich, egomaniacal amphetamom he has now.

For God's SAKE people...Trig's bio parents, WHO ever you are...please step in and end this baby's misery. He is fast losing hope for any kind of normalcy and productivity...he needs his interventional therapies....EVERY DAY.

Trig's bio parents: if you aren't coming forward because you think you can't afford to care for him...I can PROMISE you that this community WILL help you.

exbg said...

Contacting those at Ft Hood and starting a blogging movement asking her to donate all proceeds to military orgs. is good, but I'm also wondering if we shouldn't be looking at this from another angle. What I mean is: Harper Collins set up this book tour.

Just think about that for a minute.

What I'm thinking is this: If we can't get Ft. Hood to "ban" her from the base, maybe we could find an attorney who would be willing to seek an injunction against SP and/or Harper Collins which would prohibit SP from stepping foot on military soil, on the basis that she is NOT a civilian, but at least a political activist (honestly, what civilian has a political action committee?) and engaged in illegal activities (PAC bus/soliciting donations on base) while at another military base.

Another thought, criminal action was caught on tape, who would we need to contact to report this action/ask to pursue criminal charges?

wv: eigineu

Kallie in Texas said...

Keep calling Ft. Hood. She has no business there. Do whatever you have to to stop this idiot woman

Anonymous said...

Here's a picture of Palin's bus with 'SarahPAC' and 'donate' on the side.

Anonymous said...

We should contact Samaritan's Purse and inquire why the donor's dollars are being diverted to flying Palin around rather than helping people in need. Can't imagine these donations were made for the purpose of hauling the Palin family around.

Anonymous said...

S'error can just leave the bus with the sarahPac info at the gate for Ft. Hood.

The more uproar about not letting her do a book signing, the better S'error will like it. Victim is her specialty.

Anonymous said...

Too bad there is a break for Thanksgiving because she is on the verge, and she is saying the most stupid things. Give her more rope, MORE ROPE!!

Anonymous said...

Palinbots think a 'state dinner' is a 'steak dinner'- Link

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

stake dinner. as in, time to put a virtual stake thru the zombies...

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

did upchuck heath ever serve? didnt think so. if so, i apologize.

Anonymous said...

In The Religion Section
Nov 21, 2009

comeonpeople said...

I just googled "meds that cause pupil dilatation". The first hit i linked to was METH USE lol. Doesn't Sarah hail from the meth capital of Alaska?

hahaha. That explains her manic-ness and pressured speech and overall nuttiness and need for new teeth. Get help now SArah.

WV: barma= bad karma!!

Anonymous said...

1:38, I see the same thing. I couldn't stand her back in Fall '08, and then I didn't strongly feel that she was mentally ill. Seeing her recent appearances, it's so obvious. And that makes me sad, considering that young children (and, especially, a special needs child) are involved. The MSM is truly negligent if they allow this farce to continue. And by that I mean, putting her out there as a viable candidate for 2012. It is not to be, as she is ill.

Anonymous said...

I think she is using some sort of drug and meth is easy to access (and apparently really easy in Wasilla). She does seem to always be on that manic drug high that she never was last year. She has at least one personality disorder but has never shown this manic side until these last few months. She most likely is using an illegal substance.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

*Chers! Live blogging at KTUU for quitters interview***

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Sorry you guys, they just shut it down...maybe it was the white out comment they didn't let through....

Anonymous said...

It's a small world after all.....

Graham's son set to officiate at Hill funeral
San Antonio Express-News - Saturday, June 15, 1991

A 43-year-old Baptist minister, who at different times lived with evangelist Billy Graham and reputed crime boss Joseph Bonanno, is to be buried Saturday by Graham's son.

Peter Licavoli Jr., who doesn't share his father's old-fashioned views about drugs, smuggles her
David Lee Hill Jr., himself a world-traveled evangelist, was found dead Wednesday evening in his home in Terrell Hills. He had been ailing and was under medical care, police said.

David Lee Hill's father, David "Tex" Hill, was the founder and leader of the famous Flying Tigers fighter unit during World War II and still lives in San Antonio.

The Rev. Franklin Graham of Boone, N.C., a longtime friend of Hill, will officiate at his funeral First Presbyterian Church, where Hill's grandfather was an early pastor.

On Monday, Hill had been sentenced to four years' probation in federal court for failing to file income-tax returns in 1982 and 1983.

According to court testimony, Hill solicited funds from wealthy Dallas followers for cancer research, but used them on himself.

Hill's grandfather, the Rev. P.B. Hill, was a chaplain for the Texas Rangers and from 1921-40 was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

David Hill lived with reputed Mafia boss Bonanno in 1968 in Tucson, Ariz., and is the subject of a chapter in Bonanno's autobiography.

He was ordained as a minister in Castle Hills Baptist Church in 1973. Later, he was Billy Graham 's house guest for two years.

The Rev. P.B. Hill was a longtime friend of the Rev. Billy Graham 's father-in-law, said Drew Fuller, whose wife is a cousin of Hill's.

"In 1971, David went to visit (Graham's father-in-law) in North Carolina. It was through that meeting that David came to faith in Christ and began a friendship with Billy Graham 's son, Franklin Graham," Fuller said.


Joe Bonanno Calls The Shots
Put out to pasture by the mob, he explored new fields of crime.
REGISTER GUARD Eugene, Ore. March 27, 1977

The Alaska pipeline, with its thousands hof highly paid, free-spending workers, was virgin territory for the mob and two Bonanno associates, Salvatore Spinellin and Max Pasley, who work for the Licavoli group.

A constant stream of cocaine, prostitutes, and stolen goods, particularly the silver and turquoise Navajo Indian jewelry, began flowing north and today Bonanno's influence is strong in that state.

Admitted bomber first tipped cops: The Mafia Bombings By Enric Volante
Arizona Daily Star Feb 02, 2004

Back in 1974, at a time when he was under law-enforcement surveillance in Tucson, the 5-foot-9, blond and blue-eyed Pasley married the widow of U.S. Rep. Nick Begich of Alaska, presumed dead along with Rep. Hale Boggs of Louisiana after their plane vanished near a glacier in Alaska.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OMG! here is KTUU second interview and she is such a lyin' sack of Sh*t!!! Now she is saying Parnell will run again...(thus furthering her agenda!)
Stop her!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In A Man of Honor, Bonanno prefers to recite poetry written by his son, Bill, another ex-con who was the principal character in Gay Talese's 1971 celebration of organized crime, Honor Thy Father, which chronicled the rise of the Bonanno crime family. In his own book, Bonanno discusses his wife's "Recipe of Life," and he goes on and on about how much he loves his dog. Hiding behind God and Country, Bonanno recalls praying with Billy Graham at the gangster's home in Tucson, and his tone seems to indicate that his eyes well up every time he hears the National Anthem. Readers are cautioned to wear dark glasses and lip gloss while going through the book; they'll get windburned from Bonanno constantly waving the flag in their faces.

Day 2: Admitted bomber first tipped cops
The Mafia Bombings

By Enric Volante
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona Feb 02, 2004

Pasley said he scammed thousands of dollars from Prideaux.
Once, he accepted $10,000 from Prideaux to kill Joe Bonanno and his son, Bill, because Prideaux had become convinced that the Bonannos were blocking his high-rise project. Pasley said the plan called for shooting them with an AR-15 assault rifle at a North Side steak house.
But one week after paying the money, Prideaux backed out, Pasley recalled.
"I said, 'You put your money up to have something done and now you're calling it off. OK, fine. But I'm keeping the money.' And I kept the money and bought the Cabaret with it."

Barb Dwyer said...

Parnell HAS to run again in order to keep their lies under wraps. She's going to dump every cent she has into that campaign, because when he goes down, she goes down. He will have to be taken out in the primary by Bill Walker or we will have another 4 years of this crap.

I would urge all registered independants and democrats in Alaska to register "undeclared" and vote in the republican primary for Bill if you want to see an end to this madness.

Anonymous said...

Cindy McCain's daddy, James Hensley, was Az mafia.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with those of you suggesting that Sarah may be abusing a chemical substance which accounts for her over-the-top frenzied behavior. She seems manic, and the opposite reaction will come when they turn off the cameras and lights, and the crowd goes home for Thanksgiving.

Even better, the campaign, I mean book signing tour may end on Dec.10 in Sandpoint, ID. At the Sea of you-you-what, they still refer to her as Governor Palin.

When we (and Sarah) are finished with Camp Hood, we are going to have to remind everyone that Sarah is the former, half-term governor of Alaska. The Governor of Alaska is some other dude.

Anonymous said...

Her royal Highness of Insanity made quite the spectacle of herself on Fox. Lucky for her, not many people watch Fox.

Can you say CRAZY?

Anonymous said...

Still no shoes for Trig in the Greta video. Sarah....what would it take...just an extra two minutes. You can shave that amount of time easily by spending less time applying your eye liner. Piper is always dressed for the weather but poor Trig appears to be your little prop..that is it. Did you even notice when you were frantically flipping pages of his book on the bus, that he wasn't even looking? Why do you ask...he can't see anything without his glasses! You are a really poor excuse for a mother. What about Piper missing all this school again??? Now you are dragging your family on stage and are even signing books. they did not write the book...no one cares.

wes_ben said...

I called it months ago...she's doing speed (white cross, black caddies). The eyes, breathlessness, weight loss, hair loss all point to a speed addiction.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I want to be taken seriously when I do a national interview I wear a T shirt so everyone knows I mean business.
S'error you are a moron and your days are numbered before you are exposed as the fraud you are.
In you honor I posted the turkey slaying from last year while you were flapping your lips.
Enjoy your $$, you will need it for bail and back taxes.
PS you are a lousy mother. And your hair is a rat's nest.
Happy Thanksgiving Turkey neck.


Anonymous said...

I started suspecting Todd when she described him with an hour of sleep a night and other traits. Her quitter speech was convincing that she on something. I thought she went to a rehab? Now she does look like a speed addict again. Crash and burn.

Levi probably knows what is going on with all of them.

midnightcajun said...

I kept trying to make it through the Greta segments but couldn't. Every time I hear her saying, "So-and-so needs to understand" or "So-and-so needs to know" I want to start screaming at her. Who the hell is this ignoramus to tell India and Pakistan what they need to know about their own history and current situation? To tell a man of Obama's education and experience what he needs to understand about the economy and international affairs? She's a joke and an idiot. The only people who take anything she has to say seriously think that being educated is an insult.

How can she have all that plastic surgery and still have a mean-girl face? She used to smile when she got all snarky. Now she sneers. It's not a good look. She seems to swing between manic ego trip and frothing-at-the-mouth angry. I pity her kids. I guess her husband finally got fed up and left her.

jo said...

lisabeth, I totally agree with you.

She actually told Greta that people can go to the Emergency room for health care. What a dumb ignoramus. She is only going to cities where she will be adored. She couldn't handle going to places where nobody cares about her, and if she thinks she had it hard last year, she will lose her mind if tries to run for president. She will be so smacked down, she thought she could run for VP and everyone would keep quite about her record and lies. A good question for her: is she willing to die for her country? Thanks to her and her kind Obama may be killed, she should be willing to take the same risk he is.

Keith O let people know her statement about Israel has to do with her belief in Jews returning to Israel before the rapture can happen. Which is a warning she is an end of days apocalyptic believer. She also consulted Billy Graham about the mid-east and he has the same end time views. Her rapture beliefs drives core elements of her foreign policy.

We don't need a TV evangelical president and she is proving that is just what she would be. She sounds just as phony as the rest of them, talks about God, but does not follow the teachings of Christ herself. I'm fine with God, it's Christians like her I can't stand.

People talked about her saying to Hannity we should profile Muslims, which is outrageous. That would mean you have to profile Conservatives too, after all they have a history of killing, the latest being Tiller, and the Holocaust museum shooter. I think it was also outrageous that right before she said that Hannity said we have a Holocaust denier President who wants to wipe Israel off the map. We need to focus on the fact that people she supports lie and say horrible things about our President too. These are the people she listed in her book too.

There is too much of her kind of crap being spewed right now. More people are going to be hurt or killed because of her kind. I wish all of them would just follow their queen to AK and leave the rest of us alone.

CR46 said...

Only around 500 people in the Orange Park/jax area?? And thats numbers from her people?? Sarahs popularity is already slipping :)
And if anyone is ever in Orange Park ( I have some friends from there) head to "Whitey's Fishcamp" right on the St Johns river for dinner, casual, relaxed, fairly inexpensive, great catfish :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the Arizona Mob has so much in common with the Washington-Alaska mob.

Hensley & Co. was the second-largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the nation.

Irving J. Levine, tight-lipped president of K & L Beverage Co., told how he and Beck sweet-talked St. Louis' Anheuser-Busch into giving Levine's company the sole distributorship of Budweiser in Seattle, and later in other areas of Beck's domain of Washington and Alaska.

Then there was the time, too, when Dave Sr. decreed that Dave Jr. was to receive 5¢ on every case of "Bud" sold in the Alaska territory, but no less than $1,000 a month. When Levine squawked, Old Dave politely upped the ante to $1,000 minimum, plus 5¢ a case.

Midas said...

This article seems flawed on a deep level.

Servicemen and women are not forced to check their opinions at the door, they are simply barred from actively participating in a ongoing political campaign. This is a commonsense law intended to prevent undue military influence of civilian government. Juntas are bad, right? Right.

However, this isn't an election year, and Ms. Palin isn't running for anything at the moment. She's selling books. There's nothing illegal about what she's doing, and no one involved is breaking the law by being slightly critical of President Obama. We still have that whole first amendment thing.

Free speech, right?

What they are doing is no more or less unamerican than the scores of anti-bush bumper stickers and paraphernalia that I saw everywhere the last few years.

Dissent is part of freedom. Don't forget that now just cause your guy is in charge.

"I wonder what would have happened if someone wore an impeach Bush/Cheney shirt when he was our CINC?"

the same thing that happened this time. some people thought it was tasteless, some liked it, no one really cared.

Anonymous said...

Screw the environment, clean air is for sissies!

"Jennifer Massey Mrs. Palin we need a common sense party. Since the Democrates are green, we should be the Black Party. We vow to drill for black oil, offshore and on shore. we will mine black coal and get some black smoke coming from industry stacks again. We vow to get the black grease of industry under working mens nails and on their shirts and finally the workiing man will have some green money in his wallet instead of the black hole these Democrats and Republicans are leaving there."

Anonymous said...

she is peddling for PAC donatations on the side of her bus. Can you get that that IS campaigning?

Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic and need to get a life. After 15 months of delusional hatred against Gov. Palin and badgering her, now you're still trying to "control" her every move.

Don't you realize that YOU ARE the problem in this country? You FREAK out over every little thing people do, and call the freakin' ACLU. You are the reason we can't develop our own natural resources, the reason the water is shut off to farmers in California, the reason there is still a PIT at Ground Zero because we're trying not to offend any terrorists with an honest memorial.

You are the reason Chicago won't crack down on black men beating the shit out of gays because the unemployment rate is 50% and PC-liberals continue to ruin every urban area in America.

Sarah Palin OFFERED to cancel the previously scheduled trip to Fort Hood in light of the terrorist attack there, but Fort Hood WANTED to keep the schedule.

You can't get it through your thick heads that the military LOVES honest hard-working people like Palin and can't STAND the Waffler-In-Chief.

You can't stand that Sarah Palin sold 700,000 books in her first week of release, surpassing Hillary Clinton and nearly matching Bill Clinton. She has already surpassed Obama's Dreams of Bill Ayers memoir.

You are sick pathetic deranged people who hate life, hate your country, and have very little else to do with yourselves than virtually terrorize a good woman who loves the "homeland" ...

(Yes, it's called Homeland Security, idiots!)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how God loves you even when you show up uninvited, use foul language, and throw a hissy fit on a stranger's blog?

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

chuck heath is a traitor to our wonderful country and should be tried, convicted and hanged

EyeOnYou said...

WOW, Nicole, such hate spewing from someone who blogs on "The Palin Doctrine, & Adoring Palin" (ROFLMAO) you are just like your idol!

We love our country which is why we are all here fighting to keep the Bitter Quitter from doing more damage to it than she already has.

She is an abusive, nasty, self centered narcissistic BITCH who treats her special needs child like trash, and care more about her padding her bank account than she does anything else.

She has pretended she is qualified to give any kind of opinion on anything that goes on in the world, but time and again proves she knows next to nothing.

She can't stick with a job, she can't behave in an ethical manner and has the intelligence level of a garden slug.

People like YOU and your idol are the reason this country is in the mess it is today, and we intend to try and change that for the better.

Your idol is good for spewing out talking points and riling up the ignorant masses and that is about it.
And to defend the "Homeland" idea surely you jest? That is kinda like the Nazi idea of "Homeland" isn't it? People made that connection when Bush named it that, so one would think you would be cognizent enough to grasp the revulsion behind the idea of using it for our country! But then again, maybe not since you are a Palin cult club member (which is oh so obvious from your post).
By the way, odd that you would come to speak somewhere that allows free speech, unlike the blogs you belong to that demand a cultish "think only like me" mentality and deliberately set out to ban anyone who doesn't.

Hahaha bacci40..wv: Tratierc= Traitor Chuck

Celia Harrison said...

The first time I called Fort Hood they were very abrupt and turfed me. The next time their attitude had changed. I think the phones were being answered by young people who were kind of freaked out by the onslaught at first. So, if anyone got put off at first keep trying.

Anonymous said...

EyeOnYou, the Nazi's called it "The Fatherland", but it means the same thing. It is code for the us vs. them (them being anyone not white or stupid).

Marcy said...

If the Samaritan's Purse plane has been used even once for a non-charitable purpose, doesn't that jeopardize their 501 (c) (3) standing? And yes, the fact that Franklin Graham tried to hide the flights from public view clearly says that he knew that those flights were improper.

It would be a full time job for anyone to try to bring this to the attention of the IRS, and I'm retired, so I won't take it on. But since I'm a Christian who actually worships the Lord Jesus Christ, I'm going to pray for this bit of righteousness: that the IRS will take away the non-profit standing of Graham's honey pot.

wv: whookie .. . grammy

snowbilly said...

IRS may have some sort of rewards program for people who show them where tax dollars can be found. It would help reduce the debt Sarah Palin has been raving about.

wayofpeace said...

whoa, NICOLE. you're going PALIN on us. LOL.

like her, you throw all this platitudes, lies, half-truths and THINK that if you say them loud and often enough, that will make them TRUE!

here's the truth, confirmed by sane republicans, independents and democrats: SARAH IS IGNORANT of the most basic facts about EVERYTHING.

if you cannot see this, you need help.

you've been snatched into a CULT and can no longer see but thru her delusions: you've been ZOMBIED!

please get help ASAP.

Frank LI NY said...

I have a question.
If she wins the presidency in 2012 will she give God a call to cancel the Apocalypse?

EyeOnYou said...

Anon @12:47;
In German, homeland is translated as "Heimatland", and this was a term used by the Nazis to refer to the more common German term "Vaterland" ("Fatherland"). It was also the name of a strongly pro-Nazi magazine edited by Wilhelm Weiss during the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.

Wiki: Homeland

Anonymous said...

Good blog at Huffingpost


Anonymous said...

When Palin arrived and spoke in Florida, she did refer to Chuck et al as her 'entourage'. That being said, the fact it is her family, her entourage and there as a guest, said family/entourage have to respect the rules as set out by the base for her appearance.

As has been written, those rules were not followed by Chuck. Their theme of going 'rogue' - sorry Chuckie, you should BANNED on ANY BASE, AK included as he has displayed he does not follow or respect guidelines placed by the Military. Chuckie was a 'guest' on the Base and failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is not a liar in the eyes of her fans, because deep down, in their hearts, they know that she's out of touch with reality. When a person is out of touch with reality to the point of insanity, her fans recognize that it is WRONG to call her a liar.

Anonymous said...

midnight cajun: she has had some weird surgery. Her jawline is less square. Nevermind the completely forzen upper face, the lower is thinner and that was a stupid decision.

Her square jaw was one thing I envied her for. It keeps the lower face up during aging so to make that bone structure smaller is not so smart.

Anonymous said...

I think she is showing signs of being bi-polar.

Manic now, depressed per Levi.

Red Bull and no food might just cause a mental illness if you don't already have one!!

emma said...

I've been lurking for a long time, I found this last night and it doesn't look like it's been mentioned yet so I thought I would post it. It's a link to a Canadian news story where Palin gave out her "advice" on health care.

Anonymous said...

From the tubes of the sea:

hooi4theGuv: Folks, I think you will want to check this out. On Chuck Pierce’s website (he’s a respected prophet based in TX), there is a 8:40 video of a black woman giving a word concerning “palin”. From Chuck’s email, where the mention of this msg was just a short item, we know that the woman’s name is Deborah Degar, apparently aka Lady Degar. She says the Lord has been shouting and screaming at her the word “again” as in Galatians 4:19. After the 5 min mark, she explains that the Greek word for “again” is “palin”. Also, according to Chuck's email, you can view a portion of her msg on this video at http://media.gloryofzion.org/ It is the second video from the top, below the one on thanksgiving.

Adrienne Ross:

Thank you for this link. I watched the video. It is a confirmation! After watching, there is such a burning in the pit of my stomach. Very interesting. I never knew about the word "Palin," but I certainly concur that the Lord has called her for this hour. What He is going to do will shake the nation--especially the naysayers.

Anonymous said...

By all accounts, Palin seems to be headed in the direction of wanting to be the Commander-in-Chief, so why wouldn't she suck-up, promote, and defend the military in order to schmooze them all to get their eventual support?

Quite the transparent tactic if you ask me. Tasteless.

Anonymous said...

Emma's link at 15:38 did not work. Here it is.

Just so you know, Palin is not welcome in Canada. Hasn't been for quite sometime.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I dont know why you bother to fight these little battles when you have the bomb at your disposal. You are like little mosquitoes, a bit annoying, but harmless. You think you are picking away at her but you aren't, she rises above it all. When I hear people talking seriously about her becoming the next president I am dumbfounded. But we may still be in a hard situation come 2012, and people will be hungry for change again... letting her get strong enough to silence you is a stupid stupid mistake. Right now you have a voice, you may not always have that voice.

Just stop this madness before it becomes out of control.

Anonymous said...

Greek word for backward is also, Palin and that makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone worship a god that sends cryptic messages through someone called Lady Degar? In NYC that is a drag queen name!

Anonymous said...

16:22 got to keep something in reserve -- as $P says, keep some powder dry ... be patient, 16:22, all will be revealed at the proper time ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon@16:41

I dont think those in the know, actually know what the proper time is.

Striking while the iron is hot and while Palin is forced to do many interviews and answer some questions is the right time.

Waiting till all the interviews and the tour is over is just going to allow her to ignore the questions again.

Its a mistake, a big one that could cost us a lot.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any indication that Sarah Palin is aware of this Chuck Pierce and/or Lady Degan? Is there a connection on record, of any type? I don't care what anyone's religious background is, this is where we enter absolute crazyland. If the general public thought she bought into this stuff, it would keep her potential popularity in check. It would sideline her. Maybe Olbermann or someone else in the MSM can look into it? The resistance to covering this religious stuff can't just be some huge media conspiracy. I think it truly makes people uncomfortable because it's so very extreme. But if SARAH isn't uncomfortable with this kind of thing, the world should be aware of that. Obviously this notion of "again" is pointing to her being part of the Second Coming of Christ? (I can't bear to watch the videos or follow the links myself.) The good people maintaining blogs and the few in the larger arena (Sullivan, Olbermann) must keep the pressure on. It's the only way. She and her backers are not going to get away with this, no matter how stupid people can be.

Anonymous said...

Anon @16.41

I wouldnt follow any advice given by Palin...lol

MK said...

anon @ 4.01

Those people are seriously scary. I mean it. They believe that God is "speaking" to them. I'm becoming more and more depressed. I wish someone would do something about this before Palin becomes even more powerful. MK

Anonymous said...

Lady Degar, pardon.

Anonymous said...

C-span is airing Sarah Palin book signing in Cincinnati right now

Anonymous said...

I think the reason officials like those in Ft. Hood allowed Palin to be on base, and why the China group had her speak, is this is the bio they get on her. (Washington Speakers Bureau).


Anonymous said...

I agree she seems to be in the manic stage right now, just as she was last year. Pumped up, juiced up on either her own bi-polar illness, and possibly with help from some other substance.

This whacked out silly woman is as dangerous as anyone we have ever had running for the presidency. And lets face it she is running, and running hard.

I only hope the depressed stage hits her soon and she deflates climbs into her jammies and sits watching the T.V. for the next 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Is this a rash on her forearm in this picture? nerves perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Here's the link again. (looks like it was cut-off.)


snowbilly said...

The smarter 'bots who used to try to put together an argument for Palin have now fallen into Sarah-mode: blame everyone else and whine, whine, whine. I think they know it's about to end. They listen to her answers and realize there is nothing there but empty platitudes and falsehoods. They know she can't make it on the national political stage.

Anonymous said...

Palin looks like a tranny. You can't say she doesn't.

Maybe she never gave birth. LOL. OR maybe it's all that ugliness in her heart.

Palin has the ugliest heart I've ever seen. Still can't find one thing she cares about other than herself.

I think she's alwasy been jealous and petty. I wondered how she felt about not being high school prom queen and then losing to two others in AK pageant. She's never been first. And she's gotta be first so that Chuckie will love her.

Sorry, but that's one sick sick relationship, and it has all of the earmarks of deep sickness.

Which makes me slightly sorry for her, but she's letting herself be a monster.

She is desperate for approval. And that sucks for someone whom more than half of the country disapproves of.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 16:01 -

That video is seriously insane, I was waiting for the snake handlers to come out and start speaking in tongues.

That video should be captured and preserved before it disappears.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the video anonymous 25 November 2009 16:01 wrote about.

Back in '08, the various "prophets" were fighting with one another because some of them believed that God had given a prophecy that McCain/Palin would win, while others believed in a prophecy that Obama/Biden would win.
Here's guy who believed in one of the McCain prophecies and here he is again shortly after the election.

Anonymous said...

On limbaugh she is saying she is fighting for the little guy. I won't even say how she pronounces America. I think she is getting folksier by the day.

She is fighting to put big bucks in her pockets, and to get to the presidency and bigger bucks if she can.

I don't even think she believes in this Rapture garbage herself. A means to an end.

Anonymous said...

Picture 12 in this sequence could be usefule to a palm reader. Anyone?

Her face looks artificial and plastic, like the face of a video game character.

Anonymous said...

Well I made my protest phone calls again today. The family was out. They think I'm a little obsessed. I don't care what they think. Palin is toxic.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my buddies here.

Once Palin goes down, could we look into Michelle Bachman, a little 3rd Rock From the Sun ???

Anonymous said...

I think she does believe in the Rapture, but she also believes in having a ton of money (not very Christian, in truth - he tells us to give up everything....). I think she made a deal with her band of fools (some of her family, particularly her parents and her sister) that if they were all going to be rid of money concerns for the rest of their lives, then they darned well better go with her on this bus and airplane book tour, put up with all the discomfort, the daily grind, the pushback from the bloggers and some of the press. That all of it would be worth it because they would be rich. If they wanted in on all this cash, they had to help her. That was the bargain.

Anonymous said...

Sarah will never go down...ho hum.

Sherry's date has passed. Palin's book is out. Yet, noone has the goods on Palin or they would have released it, by now.

No, I'm not on her side. Just trying to be clear and end the delusional 'Gates' theories.

Palin has given enough interviews as of late to torpedo any chances of public office outside of Alaska. Which is kind of funny, I think, because she can still get elected to something else inside your state.

Now, somebody, make my day and prove me wrong.

ginny said...

Re: emma's post about Palin comments to Marg Delahunty, here's a link to the video:

Anonymous said...

Sarah's palm is flabby: hasn't worked a day in her life, doesn't hunt, doesn't fish -- Lady Dogood

Anonymous said...

It is a huge mistake to underestimate this woman, the people who are supporting her behind the scenes, and the absolute ignorance and unhappiness of a huge number of Americans. There, in fact, is a very real possibility that she could bamboozle enough voters to attain public office again. The fact that she hasn't just disappeared into deserved obscurity already, should tell you something. Also, as Frank Rich pointed out, she may just be used as a rallying force to mobilize a big voting block, whether or not she becomes a candidate herself. That is not a good thing. These blogs are fantastic, and I am so grateful for the work being done, but unfortunately it's like preaching to the choir or the proverbial tree in the forest....it's got to be those in the MSM who break this thing open. Get whatever you can on her, keep bringing it into the public eye, keep the momentum going, keep the pressure on. If nothing else, doing so will increase the chances of her misstepping and showing her true colors. Without that, the truthseekers here will just be relegated to the tinfoil hat crowd.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nicole! Fourth generation professional military officer here, with two tours in Vietnam, three bronze stars and a purple heart. I have nothing but respect for a president who thinks before he sends American kids off to die in a war, and nothing but contempt for airheaded beauty-queen wannabes who wrap themselves in the flag and whip up jingoism disguised as patriotism to further their own ambitions. So stop assuming that you and your Fuhrette speak for everyone in uniform.

Anonymous said...

Palin has echoed Cheney's "dithering" comment on the Afghanistan decision the President is making. We must remember that Cheney's interest may be more aligned with the companies he has an interest in than with the nation's and troops' interests.

Anonymous said...

Buck up or get out of the truck, Sarah! ... on a cold, freezing road in Alaska, miles from nowhere.

Anonymous said...

@ Marcy 13:19

Oral Roberts son was finally caught in some kind of funny business. The Grahams and others have it coming to get their just desserts.
Oral Roberts Jr. Says ‘God is My Attorney’

"Christian Fundamentalists" and The CIA

Anonymous said...

Right - Cheney and the Oil Companies. Sarah would be a perfect puppet, just like GW. I think the Alaska aspect has far more to do with oil than it does with being a Rapture refuge. Or else the two agendas are complimentary, conveniently for Sarah. It's a perfect storm. Andrew Sullivan posted some guy's opinion that the Left (and the Center) needs Sarah Palin, and we should hope the Republicans crown her the nominee in 2012 because she's sure to lose. I believe they are using her, and they won't necessarily put her on any ticket. But she will have bolstered the Republican base, and for me this is too dangerous a game to play, egging them on while hoping she brings them defeat. (Has everyone forgotten 2004? The closer the margin, the easier it is for them to mess with the vote.) I say get her out of the public eye as soon as possible. It's not worth the risk.

emrysa said...

I agree with anon @ 18:03. the repubs are using her - the moderate repubs use her because she makes them look sane, and the wing nuts use her because they can keep the 30%-ers all fired up as long as she's out there running her mouth.

and I'm sure sarah couldn't care less about being used - it's putting money in her pocket - in the short term. she may come to regret it in the long term.

snowbilly said...

Bring on the clowns. Palin will not rule out running with Glenn Beck in 2012: Video at this link.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Jim Jones followers. They will gladly go to Jonestown/Palintown.
Suicidal is suicidal whatever religious fervor they are stuck with.

ArmchairJane said...

Compare these recent interviews to the one with Oprah and the one with Barbara Walters. It's not just that she's saying more extreme things and giving a lot more "advice" on what various people/countries etc should know or dp. It's also the way she comes across, way her voice sounds.

During Oprah and BW she had really cleaned up the fake folksy and didn't use that phony dialect that is not from Alaska or Idaho. In Michigan, she came out and started up with it, especially with regard to the "huntin' and the fishin'" - sounded like she was back in that movie "Fargo". Now she seems to be losing her voice: too much shrieking, straining her voice in other ways? She is not giving long speeches, so I do wonder why her voice already seems to be giving out. Too much yelling on the bus, or has she been screeching away at some of her private appearances she keeps rushing off to go to?

Now she's sounding more and more crazy in her interviews. If people go back to the O'Reilly interview part one, she ignored easy questions several times, saying "whatever" and waving her hand like one of the questions was a pesky fly, and instead said something she wanted to say. Bill really looked a bit irritated and astonished at how she was handling herself. She didn't seem to notice - I guess she assumes all of Fox loves her. In that segment, I don't think Bill was convinced she is at all Presidential material. He's not a Rapture type, and he thinks the President should actually be capable of handling complex issues and making tough decisions. He's not keen on having a President who might use a nuke for theological reasons in an attempt to usher in the "last days".

Do people seriously see her holding it together to even just get to the primaries, much less getting through a general election? It is only 2009, a long time until the next Presidential primaries, much less election. I am starting to think she will self-destruct long before then. I did notice that as Governor of AK, the events she seemed to prefer were ones where she got to just sign a bill or make an appearance with Piper in tow, and get to schmooze with people who were excited to see her. After the election, many Alaskans were no longer so thrilled with her. Being Governor was starting to be more like work, rather than a lot of the kind of appearances that are similar to what a pageant winner does. She wanted some more adoration of the crowds as well as revenge on people who criticized her, so now she's back out on the trail.

After this tour is done, yes, she has some speaking engagements, but I think she's going to need more and more of the kind of adoring crowds we've seen on this tour. If she doesn't get that, she's not going to do well. She's also going to be hearing much more criticism, and she doesn't do well with that either. Should be interesting to watch her over the next few months. Will she go into hiding again if the mania passes? It would not surprise me. I'd say keep up the pressure, and Palin is likely to bring herself down with some spectacle that completely destroys her chances to win high office.

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Slate have already made Palin's 2009 Turkey video


Anonymous said...

Agreed about her having much too thin skin for politics. Her accent was studied by some linguistics professors, btw, and they said it is legit. Apparently there was a big migration, in the 19th century I believe, by Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota folks, up to Alaska, and these are probably among her ancestors. One of these blogs had a comment and a link to an article. Remember, they propped up the fragile GW and probably gave him "medical assistance" so he could get through the rigors of the campaign, which is why this whole thing has me completely spooked. I hope she brings herself down, too.

Anonymous said...

25 November 2009 17:12
Sarah will never go down...ho hum

What the blinded ones miss are the signs of her health.
Her handlers can try and cover her main problems.
In the end she will be like any other addict.
Before that Levi and others will come out with what goes on behind her curtain.

Bitney, Bailey Mitchell and others will be opening a few of the other 'Gates' along the way.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Ft. Hood Public Affairs officer. People are so unsuspecting when they enter into Palin's World. Now, he has to deal with outrage and divisiveness brought to him by the Drama Queen, who is the "prop" of The Family, Samaritan Purse, and the fundamentalist power groups. Before she was selected as McCain's VP Candidate, she said nice things about Obama (last summer). She is un-principled. Someone found her hot button, and told her she had a "calling". Whatever Ft. Hood decides, to cancel her appearance, find a compromise, or whatever, I doubt that other bases will sign her up for a book tour, and that will be the end of that venue.

Anonymous said...

In response to EVERY troll and hater who spews their nonsense:


1) When Sarah Palin was elected mayor of Wasilla for the first time, she got 616 votes.

2) Sarah Palin served half a term as governor, and then quit.

3) To support her foreign policy credentials, she said, quote, “You can actually see Russian from land here.”

That can’t be said enough. And it can’t be said loud enough. Those are the core foundation of Sarah Palin’s political experience – whatever she decides to run for.

You can’t get past that. It’s reality.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many other authors have taken their families on a book tour?

Anonymous said...

The IRS explains at their website how you can turn in tax cheats. Those you turn in tax cheats are entitled to between 15% to 30% of the amount collected.

Here is the website.

MaryG from AK said...

Nicole, I am a devout Christian and I already praying for you. I happen to like Sarah but your message to these people only hurts Sarah. You come across as angry, elitest (you people), low class, nasty and un Christian. Where did you learn to spew such hateful spiteful words at people who have different beliefs than you. Have you even studied Christs teaching and do you even try to practice his word? Is this the kind of venom and hatred you teach your children? It is hateful and immoral and goes against everything I believe as a Christian.

You also make Palin supporters look vile and unhinged. "People like you" do not help Sarah one bit. Instead you should be calmly spreading and explaining a conservative point a view. Although I support Sarah, over the past months she has started sounding bitter and angry like you. She sounds intolerant and elitest as if her way is the only way. Yet I know she is not like that. She is ruining her chances of appealing to all Americans and she has no political future if she continues on this path. Instead of attacking and berating people, try kindest and calmness.
President Obama has these traits and they help him.
Finally our President is a good Christian family man. Just because you don't like all of his political views does not mean he does not deserve respect.

You had better look inward at your true beliefs. Sarahs followers are becoming angrier and more extreme and this is harmful to the conservative movement. Frankly, you owe these people here and our President an apology.
Your contempt for them is uncalled for and I pray you do not teach your children this vitriol. I pray for you. And I pray for Sarah that she will start talking postively about our country, our government and our President while pointing out political differences. Her behavior and words have been so full of spite and venom. Is that what our Lord teaches? You know the answer.

ella said...

Thank you MaryG from AK - It is so refreshing to witness the true Christian spirit. Although you and I may disagree on some issues, your calm, sane voice gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 19:41
The IRS explains at their website how you can turn in tax cheats.

HERE: ...turn in tax cheats you are entitled to between 15% to 30% of the amount collected.

15% to 30% of the amount collected!!!! Secret religious doings are cheats, also, too!

Anonymous said...

I honestly do not believe that Jesus Christ would approve of Conservative principles, specifically as carried out by the Republican party. I think those who consider themselves to be Christian Conservatives need to take a long, hard look at the policies of the Republican platform. Supporting a party that supposedly chooses life, but could care less about the well-being of so many who are living, is a contradiction. Supporting the right to bear arms when so many are needlessly gunned down in our streets because of the availability of firearms used in war zones, is a contradiction. I know, you all think those people I am talking about aren't worth caring about. And what about Jesus spending time with those society shunned? That was his message. This is what your Lord and Savior taught: DON'T JUDGE, just show love and compassion, no matter what. Even if it means turning the other cheek. The real Christianity is almost radical, because so much of the world, so much of life here on earth, doesn't work that way. If it were so easy to follow Christ's teachings, we all would be doing it. Unfortunately our human will thinks it knows better; some who call themselves Christian forget that his challenge to us meant thinking about others, not our own self-interest, our own cozy, self-satisfied sense of being above everyone else and "safe" from eternal damnation. Christianity isn't about that, at all.

Patrick said...

New post up!

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane - I'm with you! I was actually thinking this yesterday. I believe Sarah will self-destruct or otherwise prove to be incapable of conducting her own political campaign come 2012. There is no way she can handle having to interview with all the MSM, and deal with the ongoing criticism. Even though most of us are getting very weary of all the Palin discussions and energy we devote to it, I believe a continued force from these blogs will further eat away at her. Piece by piece. We are witnessing the nervous, manic craziness again, which will undoubtedly lead to some kind of collapse. Next time, what is left may not even be viable for the "king-makers" running the show. Sure, she'll be used for crowd gathering and fundraising. But not for the big job.

Therefore, Nate Silver can analyze all he wants about how Palin could win the nomination, but until he includes the crazy, quitter factor into all of it, his stats are not providing the full picture.

B from C

Anonymous said...

And lest someone get going on the Democrats, saying they are 'pro-abortion", listen - no one in the Democratic party is pro-abortion. They are pro-choice, they are for letting doctors and women make the decision together, and for supporting policies which will help keep young women and others from becoming pregnant in an unplanned way, thus removing the need for them even having to consider abortion as an option. Btw, many right-to-lifers are against contraception all together. Your girl Sarah isn't. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mary. Your post here gives me great hope, and I concur with you. Our President shows respect for all of the people he governs, and in fact, all cultures around the world.

Mary, this is why I voted for him and supported him. I do not consider myself a Christian anymore, due to the utter hate and vitriol spouted by "christians" these days. But I see in President Obama a person who upholds the beliefs and values I was taught from a young age. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

I have never been sure of what Sarah Palin stood for, as the things she claims are very different from her actual record. I do know that she has lied on record enough to make me know that I would not be proud to have her as my President. And I know that she has hurt people who helped her, with no understanding of how to be diplomatic.

After 8 years of Bush using those same tactics and destroying our American Moral Authority on the world stage, I couldn't vote for Sarah Palin.

While I disagree with her on many of her "positions" (those she takes now but I haven't seen her implement), I could overlook that. It's her character and judgment that make her unfit for office.

She does not show our military any respect, nor does she show our President any respect. She is a divider. She bears false witness against her neighbor. She causes chaos and anger in her wake.

Those are the signs of evil; not of light.

Using our military and her child as props to further her agenda do not endear me to her. I was taught that our faith should be evident by our actions. So I look at someone's actions, not their words.

I was also taught it was blasphemous to assume God was on your side, and to use God as a weapon. Sarah does both of these things, and I can't abide it.

That said, I have the utmost respect for you, as you are walking your talk in deed and action.

I hope that you get a leader who would honor your beliefs with integrity, and not use them as cheap jingles. Our spirituality is deeply personal, and should again, be evident by our actions.

We are none of us perfect, we must always try harder and be open to others experiences. I'm so thankful our current President embodies this spirit and I'm thankful that we have people like you in this country who can disagree with respect.

That is what makes a democracy work.

Anonymous said...


You guys are still here trying...

Wow what a waste of life hours.

You cant stop her... you are not strong enough, brave enough or even smart enough to even try.

I will always win...

Anonymous said...


You guys are still here trying...

Wow what a waste of life hours.

You cant stop her... you are not strong enough, brave enough or even smart enough to even try.

I will always win...

Anonymous said...

I mean she will always win.

Anonymous said...

I mean she will always win.

Anonymous said...


But shrewd handlers have advised her and

She is promising to give the proceeds of sales in Fort Hood to the victims families.

Anonymous said...

She continues to make a fool of herself.

Lets see her latest stupidities.

Canada give up your health care.

Lets see are we going to bomb Iran or Iraq? I don't know which is which. Iran, Iraq, of what the heck bomb them both. Iran is building nuclear reactors ya know???

Pakistan and India get along. What will she do. Put them in a corner if they don't behave. HUH????? They both have nukes you know.

KaJo said...

Anon @ 16:51 asked Is this a rash on her forearm in this picture? nerves perhaps?

I think she is either heavily freckled, or she has a lot of sun and tanning bed skin damage -- or both.

Booby prize Palin said...

Always win what? Lt. Gov? Beauty contests? Always win best Halloween wig?
Winning in the hereafter.

Hairway to Heaven Send them your grocery money for another multi-layered pink wig special and some of that good old CHRISTIAN LIPOSUCTION. Win the booby prize.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1801 - Nice find, Madcow is a favorite of mine for background on Jack Abramoff.

Dr. Jerry Prevo of the Anchorage Baptist Temple and Alaska's Number One Hater also happens to be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Falwell's Liberty University.

Another interesting story is that of Alaskan Neil Bergt and his former airline, Markair, and the work that they did for the CIA, as well as a former President who once worked for Bergt when he was still in college.

Bergt goes back a long ways with a man named Charlie Cole who was once his business partner in Fairbanks, and who ended up being Wally Hickel's Attorney General during Hickel's second term as Governor.

Wally Hickel was at one time Sarah Palin's political mentor and still is one of Alaska's most respected elder statesman.

Anonymous said...

I will be great if SP takes down the GOP and charlatan Christians on her way out.

MaryG in Ak said...

Anon20, you make excellent points about today's conservative movement. Believe me, it was not what it was 30 years ago. And you are correct, some of the things you mentioned are certainly not Christ's teaching. I don't think being a Christian is partisan. One should have nothing to do with the other. I have Christian Democrat friends as well. One other point is that there are extremists everywhere. I am afraid that Sarah's experiences "on the road" are going to her head and she is losing any humility and reverence to God that she once had. It is quite disheartening to witness. Writing letters in God's name? It is a bit sinful to even consider yourself chosen by God or so important in his eyes that you are "the one." God loves everyone, Sarah seems to have forgotten that.
When I said I like Sarah, I am thinking more to an earlier version of her as well. I knew she was ambitious but to be so arrogant and disrespectful to our President? Its terrible to see.

MaryG in Ak said...

Anon 20:26, thank you for your kind words. I admire your morals and your beliefs and your ideals. And while I did not vote for President Obama, I agree with you 100% about his character. I pray daily for people to see this about him and for people to help him and support him. I am shocked that the Republicans are more concerned with politics and the next election then they are with the people in our country today. Sarah is very disappointing to me too and you make many good points.

I will keep praying and hoping that she will see these things. We all can do that, even those of you that dislike her so. And if you don't believe in God, you can still hope and meditate on the goodness in our country and in our world. All of you are speaking out because you care about your beliefs. That is a good thing as long as we also look at the good in others when we can find it.

Anonymous said...


This is anon 20:26.

Your post moved me very much. I do, actually, believe in God. I believe God loves us all equally. I try each day to do something kind for another person, and as my Grandmother taught me, it must go unnoticed or it doesn't count!

I will join you in praying for Sarah and for our President. I hope there are more people like you, who want the best for our country and our President, even though you didn't vote for him.

It seems to me that he's been very respectful and inclusive of those whose beliefs differ from his own, though he is a man of deep integrity, a Christian in the real sense of the word, and loves his family.

I worry about Sarah Palin stirring up anger and hatred. The lies she tells about our President cause me a lot of anxiety. I know she's been a part of praying for his death, and I can't tell you how sad that makes me.

Has it really come to that?

And I can't make sense of it all. He seems so kind to me. I don't understand the hatred. I fear something will happen to him.

I pray for myself every day, that I will not become full of hatred for the people who follow Sarah and pray for the death of a good person.

If anything, they are martyring him -- but we need him here, to raise this country up and use his diplomatic skills with the world to forge new allies. America needs him so badly.

And of course, his children and wife...I can't imagine how they must feel hearing these things.

I am still trying to forgive Sarah Palin for the now proven lie during the campaign "palin around with terrorists" which caused the death threats to spike against Obama, his wife, and CHILDREN!

According to Newsweek, the SS asked Palin to tone it down due to the death threats, and she refused.

I can't find it in my heart to forgive this yet.

I don't understand it. I was taught that your actions matter-- every step of the way. That if you "won" by bad behavior, the win was worth nothing.

To gamble another person's life, children's lives, for ambition -- I don't get it.

So, please pray for me, that I find understanding and peace with this. And thank you, friend, for the kindness, gentelness and light that you've brought.

Anonymous said...

I'm really curious about your take on these two shots (from Palin's appearance at Fort Bragg), especially the second one which really freaks me out. (And why is this woman allowed anywhere close to America's military installations with this PR charade?)

Palin's Bragging Rites

Anonymous said...

Libel, slander case against Heath/Palin?
It looks like Chuck Heath will need more forgiveness. He shows no remorse, it is too soon to forgive. He is doing the devils work and has not let up on Trooper Mike Wooten. It may come down to a court room or a huge cash settlement. Palin and Heath don't show respect for persons in uniform or the military it seems.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Oathkeepers organization regards this woman and what she represents? Wait a minute----what in the hell DOES she represent? Living in a real 'theater of the absurd' is quite different from just viewing the play 'Rhinoceros'----or is it? Good luck to us all. We will need it. I may have to register to vote just to keep her away----maybe even contribute funds towards retiring her in a nice little cottage on the Chena River in Alaska.