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Patrick from Palingates talks again to radio talk show host Nicole Sandler on the air - UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS

After the pleasant experience of having talked to radio talk show host Nicole Sandler on the air on June 29, I was very happy that Nicole Sandler yesterday asked me again if I wanted to go on her show. Of course I said yes, not only because Nicole is a brilliant host, but also because these are valuable opportunities to bring our points across to a wider audience.

I had a very good conversation with Nicole on the air yesterday, who guest hosted the national Randi Rhodes show. While the focus during the first conversation on June 29 was on babygate, it was slightly different yesterday, as we talked about several issues. I do hope that the next conversation will follow soon. :-)

You can visit Nicole Sandler's website HERE.

Listen to the recording from yesterday:

Alternative upload HERE.


What else has happened:

Please visit Progressive Alaska and enjoy the take by Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks regarding Palin's latest twitter disaster!

I am confident that Mrs. Shakespalin will reclaim the headlines soon again. After all, she has so much success right now in her role as "rebel without a clue."



Everyone in Alaska is hoping for an invitation to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston's August wedding to land on their doorstep, everyone that is except the state's most famous resident and mother of the bride, Sarah Palin, who will not be attending.

"It's going to be the wedding of the century in Alaska. Our version of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding,' a Palin family friend told me with a straight face. "Everyone would kill to get an invite even if it means having to buy them an expensive gift. It's just too bad that her mother has refused to attend. Although I can't say I blame her after everything that boy has put her through."

It is true that Levi has not always acted like the perfect future son-in-law towards Sarah and her family. But Sarah's refusal to go to her daughter's special day has even Levi shocked.


The Peezoo is proud that Politico writes that "refudiate" is not a new word.

Here is what Politico found out:

In fact, the New York Times featured it nearly a month ago.

"With a couple of exceptions — Mr. Bellingham among them — interviewing pot sellers is unlike interviewing anyone else in business. Simple yes-or-no questions yield 10-minute soliloquies," David Segal wrote in a piece titled "When Capitalism Meets Cannabis. "Words are coined on the spot, like 'refudiate,' and regular words are used in ways that make sense only in context."

And, according to Lexis-Nexis, Sen. Mike DeWine deployed the word years ago. The Hotline quoted DeWine's 2006 remarks on "Fox & Friends," criticizing comments made by Sen. John Kerry.

"I think anyone that is associated with him campaigning needs to refudiate these comments," DeWine said. "Sherrod Brown needs to refudiate these comments."

Sooooo....another dumbass Senator and pot sellers (users?) have "coined" the word before? Good to know! ;-)


HuffPost published an article about the #shakespalin twitter explosion with a hilarious slideshow.



You gotta be kidding me. I had just finished my update, when junior-creeper Rich Crowther published a new post at the Palin-fanclub. Believe it or not: He made a google book-search! How sophisticated! Palinbots can use google! But it get's even better: He found out that "refudiate" was already used in 1980!

C4P refudiate google search

He presents three screenshots, and it apparently doesn't occur to him that in the first two screenshots it's most likely only a misspelling of "repudiate".

But then comes the third screenshot. And believe it or not: This one is definitely NOT misspelled! Did Rich Crowther find the holy grail? Did he exonerate his Queen and destroy the evil liberals and anklebiters once and for all?

Judge for yourself. Here is his screenshot. The red annotations are made by me.

Refudiate is not a word - with red

Am I a gotcha journalist now?

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