Monday, 5 October 2009

We have a winner and a confession

The six blingees with the most votes are:

scarah palin
1. NoMoreSarah "Scarah Palin"

Word salad
2. Irishgirl "Word Salad"

Sarah Palin Blingee - Diva Goes Rogue - Made by Kathleen
3. Kathleen 2 "Diva Going Rogue"

Palin Goin Brogue
4. BuffaloGal 2 "Going Brogue"

My first Sarah Palin blingee
5. Patrick 1 "Devil Sarah"

Sarah Palin's Book Cover
5. Leadfoot "Yes, I'm pregnant"

It was a fun contest and I thought it was difficult to choose, I really like a few of them equally.

Now, for the confession: Scarah was created by yours truly...

For some peculiar reason, I decided to go anonymous and didn't realize that when you click on the blingee, it takes you to their website where they show the blingee, created by: palingates. I didn't expect to win!

If there were prizes for the ones with most votes, I wouldn't take a prize anyway...

We had a late entrant, KARBlingee, with Palin Going Rogue

Teutonic13 gets a special mention for being the most original and artistic. He created his own pictures before adding the bling.

Thanks to all who submitted pictures. We had a great weekend making visual statements about Sarah Palin. All the blingees together show her real personality and priorities, summing up everything we've been saying for many months...

Congratulations to everybody!


Irishgirl said...

Congratulations Regina. Thanks for starting the competition, it was great fun!

regina said...

Thanks, Irishgirl. I voted for your Word Salad, it's really funny! I felt really stupid when I counted the votes this morning and my blingee was the winner. So I owned up, blushing furiously. I think they were all good and made strong points about Sarah Palin: the money, the Diva thing, how crazy she is.

These blingees were a lot of fun to make!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

You must be present to win, Regina! congrats! I also send my hosannas to Irishgirl for Word Salad.

Even though the Blingee format is quite the migraine trigger, it was worth it. (Heck, I get migraines anyway--at least I should laugh sometimes when I do.)

Anonymous said...

Irishgirl, loved yours! And I love it that AKM featured yours, too! That was a prize right there. Congrats!

And Regina, loved yours. Congrats on the win. This was great fun and a creative way for folks to make political statements. Thanks for giving us the platform.

Anonymous said...

O/T - did anyone else see Levi and Tank's new pistachio ad?

Anonymous said...

That's great news about Levi's ad. Eat your heart out, $P, or endorse that line of Walmart jammies. Now!!!

Levi rocks said...

I think Levi & Tank's ad is clever...GO LEVI!

Anonymous said...

Love the ad...Good work Levi...take good care of your kids, your mom and sis.

regina said...

Another blingee which didn't make the contest, but it's quite funny:

Thanks, Bellyfree.

Patrick said...

Congratulations, Regina!! ;-)

We had so many original and funny entries here, it was great fun. Thanks to Wonkette for the inspiration to the competition!

In case you haven't seen it yet, here is Sarah, the blackberry bunny:

LaniD said...

Love all the creative efforts and expressions! Such talent. They are wonderful.

Patrick, I keep seeing a duality of faces in one of your renderings. Behind the dominant face is one in repose--perhaps spent, exhausted, dead to the world. Very interesting in trying to keep the focus--in and out. Love it.

BuffaloGal said...

Congrats Regina! It really a well done blingee. (betcha don't hear THAT very often!)

We all had a great time venting some steam. Has to happen every so often or we'd go mad.

Teutonic - that one of Palin with the multiple faces haunts me!

Patrick said...


If there ever was a truly two-faced politician, then it's Sarah Palin ;-)

She basically is the female Jekyll and Hide - and I have spoken to several knowledgeable people in Alaska who share this view and have made awful experiences with Sarah Palin in this respect.

Teutonic13 said...

Thanks Buff Gal- All I did was google scry Frankenstein Monster Pics- and superimposed the notorious faced on unto that. It was haunting and surprisingly more accurate a portrayal than I might have anticipated.

It was alot of fun and a nice way to vent.



LaniD said...

!!!Teutonic13!!! My apologies. You are the amazing artist I must acknowledge and appreciate for your vision! Thank you.