Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Patrick from Palingates talks on the Nicole Sandler Radio Show about babygate, Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig

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It looks like our extensive, fact-based reporting about Sarah Palin's private and political scandals is starting to attract more attention. Nicole Sandler, formerly with Air America, contacted Regina and me today and asked if we wanted to talk today about Sarah Palin's speech at CSU Stanislaus and about Palingates. I was very happy about this offer and immediately called her to confirm.

Nicole Sandler's show is live streamed HERE. She was very kind and we had a long conversation without any rush. Maybe there will be a repetition at some point! I have heard rumors that Regina is quite keen to go on the air as well! ;-)

The brilliant article by Andrew Sullivan called "Why Does Trig Matter?" which I mention in the interview can be found HERE.

Andrew Sullivan wrote today:

It may be a loony conspiracy theory, like the 9/11 Truthers and the Obama birthers. But we have all seen mounds of evidence that prove the Truthers are out of their minds and we have seen the birth certificate that refutes the Birthers. What have we seen to back up the maternity of Trig? Nada. Not a single page from what must be a mountain of medical records, no birth certificate, nothing but a single page doctor's note confirming the birth in passing, issued four hours before polls opened, by a doctor who once spoke freely with the local press but clammed up completely as soon as Palin hit the national stage. Yes, we have three photographs of her looking slightly pregnant (though much less so than in her previous pregnancies) toward the end of her term, but we also have photographs, like the one above, from the same period revealing almost nothing at all. The story she has told about her pregnancy, moreover, has not passed any sniff test by some of the leading obstetricians and pediatricians in the country's leading teaching hospitals.

No one in the McCain campaign asked for confirmation and some in that campaign now privately wonder if the whole thing wasn't and isn't a scam. Palin, for good measure, directly claimed that the medical records had been released early in the campaign, a simple falsehood. Why would anyone say such a thing if it were not true? How would any mother who had actually given birth to a child with special needs exploit him so publicly for political gain? Why has the press not asked a single question about the insane wild ride that included water breaking at 4 am in Texas and a birth in Alaska a day later after three plane flights?

Please read also the excellent post by litbrit about Andrew Sullivan and babygate! Litbrit really nails it:

"So. Here we are. For nearly two years, the media has been inexplicably squeamish and hands-off about reporting the truth of this lying woman’s fifth child—which would not be anyone’s business if (a) she were a private citizen and/or (b) she had not made said child’s existence the center—indeed, the be-all and end-all—of her pro-life cred, thus “energizing the base”, as they say.

Bravo to Mr. Sullivan, I say. And bravo to all and sundry who, like him, like me, are capable of looking at the evidence already in front of us--who well understand why it matters so much and will thus continue to call for someone in the press to please say something. Do something."

Here is my conversation with Nicole Sandler. Please distribute the link to this post and the other links widely.

In case there is a problem with the video, see the ALTERNATIVE UPLOAD HERE.


Please read Nicole Sandlers summary of her show HERE.

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