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THE GREAT LIE - Sarah Palin's own account about the "wild ride" in 2008 compared with 2009 in "Going Rogue" - UPDATE

I am not sure whether future generations will understand the "phenomenon Sarah Palin". How could a woman who is a compulsive liar, inarticulate and mentally ill have been able to build up such a great following? I am sure that legions of historians will have a hard time to find convincing answers.

But we are not there yet. In a vain attempt, Sarah Palin now starts to rewrite her own history in "Going Rogue" - including her biggest lie, her faked pregnancy with Trig.

Now it pays off that the Trig Truthers have not only started to become active "yesterday", but more than a year ago. Lots of material has been collected since then - including material which now is not available any more from their original sources and which would have been lost, maybe forever.

We are prepared.

The material I am talking about includes one of the most important pieces of evidence that the Trig Truthers ever got hold off: The audio recording of the press conference which Sarah Palin held on April 22, 2008. In this press conference, Sarah talks extensively about what would become known as the "wild ride" - her travel back from Texas to Wasilla on April 17, 2008. The Anchorage Daily News (ADN) once had this audio recording on their website, but later it was removed from there. However, I downloaded it many months ago from the ADN website. The Trig Truthers were highly conscious of the importance of this recording and knew that it would most likely play an important role in the future. Now, this moment has come.

The audio is included on the right-hand side of palingates and here it is again - click on the banner in order to listen to the audio or to download it:

ON APRIL 22, 2008:

On April 22, 2008, Sarah Palin said:

Palin: And, uh, he wasn’t due for 4 or 5 weeks later and um, while I was at energy conference I felt perfectly fine but uh, had thought maybe a few things were starting to progress a little bit that perhaps there was an idea there that he might come early. So I called my doctor at about uh four in the morning in Texas and um I said ya know I’m gonna stay for the day here at the energy conference - have a speech that I was determined to give at one o’clock that afternoon and, um, had Todd check on a couple of flights that were earlier than we had scheduled. I decided it would be ok to, um, skip the reception that night that we’d already by that time have taken care of our meetings and my speech. So Todd checked on flights. A flight allowed us to get out a little earlier than we had planned. Skipped the reception and, um, called my doctor before I got on the plane to say, ‘Yea, we think that we will come home a few hours early,’ and, uh, she said ‘OK call when you land and I’ll check you out.’ But none of my babies had been early and being my fifth child I know what labor feels like (laughing) and if I had felt at all that I was really engaged in uh, labor activities I would not have desired to fly and, um, get back uh, to deliver in Alaska. But anyway, so no real huge labor signs. Landed in, uh, in Anchorage at about 10:30. Got out to the valley at 11:30 and she met us at the hospital, checked me out and said, ‘Um, Yea you look, you may have it um tonight or in the morning.’ And it was smooth, it was relatively easy, in fact it was very easy, the easiest of all of them because he was so tiny. And, um, it’s just been absolutely wonderful. It was all, it just all seemed meant to be… the logistics and everything else just worked out so perfectly and to us he’s absolutely perfect, too.

Reporter: Of course you’re back to work already today and actually signed a bill that day, right?

Palin: That day, yeah, staff came out to the hospital and I signed a bill there so I could uh make sure we transmitted that in time and then uh here today also yeah, we have some energy updates I didn’t want to miss so that was good look and at him he’s just doing so well and it’s been easy and relaxing and again all it seems just meant to be this way.

Reporter: You said you felt some signs of labor, what were those signs?

Palin: Well not contractions so much because I had Braxton Hicks contractions for months as every pregnant woman does, and nothing real painful but just knowing that, um, it was feeling like, I may not um, be ale to be pregnant a whole nother four or five weeks knowing that it would be not a bother to call our doctor and let her know. And um she’s delivered how many babies over the year did she say?

Todd: Lots.

Palin: A lot. It’s been a couple of decades of her delivering babies. We knew to call her and just get her advice and, um, from there we again decided to skip the energy conference reception and come on home and get checked out.

Reporter: So did your water break?

Palin: Well, if you must know more of those type of details, but, um…

Reporter: Well, your dad said that and I saw him say it so that’s why I asked.

Palin: Well that was again if, if I must get personal, technical about this at the same time, um, it was one, it was a sign that I knew, um, could lead to uh, labor being uh kind of kicked in there was any kind of, um, amniotic leaking, amniotic fluid leaking, so when, when that happened we decided OK let’s call her.

The full transcript of the press conference from April 22, 2008 can be downloaded HERE.

The Anchorage Daily News (ADN) reported about this press conference HERE.

So Sarah Palin's amniotic fluid was leaking. She said it herself!

From what I have heard, such a situation is very uncomfortable for a woman and all you want to do in this situation is to go to the nearest hospital ASAP - especially if your baby isn't due yet and you had two previous miscarriages!

But Sarah Palin seems to have now decided that this version of events is not good enough. Which is hardly a surprise -after all, it was the "amniotic fluid statement" was one of the first things which started the Trig Truther movement in the first place!

In "Going Rogue", Sarah Palin's account of these events reads like that:

The next month, Todd and I checked into a hotel in Dallas. The following day I was scheduled to keynote another oil and gas conference. My pregnancy was going fine, and with five weeks to go, I felt great. But at 4 a.m., a strange sensation low in my belly woke me and I sat up straight in my bed.

It can’t be, I thought. It’s way too early.

Moments later, I shook Todd awake. “Something’s going on.”

He sat up in bed, instantly alert. “I’m calling CBJ.”

“No, don’t do that. It’s one a.m. in Alaska.”

I didn’t want to call anyone yet. I just wanted to take stock and see whether this baby was really coming. I also wanted time and pray and asked God silently but fervently to let everything be okay. Desperation for this baby overwhelmed me.

Please don’t let anything happen to this baby.

It occurred to me, once and for all. I’m so in love with this child, please God, protect him! After all my doubts and fears, I had fallen in love with this precious child. The worst thing in the world would be that I would lose him. God knew what He was doing.

Over my protests, Todd called CBJ. I told her that I felt fine and absolutely did not want to cancel my speech and disappoint the folks at the conference, including my cohost, Texas Governor Rick Perry. We agreed that I would stay in contact with CBJ through the day, I’d take it easy, give my speech, then catch an earlier flight back to Alaska. I still had plenty of time.

Later that afternoon we entered a packed house at the energy conference, where I’d speak on the urgent need to tap conventional supplies and innovate on stabilizing renewable sources.

The pages of "Going Rogue" which deal with the wild ride can be downloaded HERE.

So, what is the problem here?

First: Where is the leaking amniotic fluid?

Second: In 2008 she said that she called CBJ, because of the leaking amniotic fluid - in 2009 it's Todd who called CBJ, and Sarah now writes that she didn't really want to call CBJ in the first place!

Third: Sarah Palin actually had a very full schedule on April 17, 2008, as we know from her official schedule which the Trig Truthers had obtained through a FOIA request. Therefore, both accounts are misleading, because she gives the impression that there was "just one speech" that day - in reality, she had scheduled a whole series of meetings and events, and there is no indication that she missed any of them. The schedules of Sarah Palin which we had obtained always just mentioned events which actually DID happen.

Here is Sarah Palin's schedule from April 17, 2008 (click to enlarge):

In addition, we have rare footage from the conference in Texas on April 17, 2008. Sarah Palin appears to be perfectly relaxed - and shows no signs of labour whatsoever. Is this a woman whose amniotic fluid is leaking? From 0:33:

Sarah should have checked her old version before writing the new one.

Sarah Palin: You are a LIAR!


Sarah Palin: You are MENTALLY ILL and should SEEK HELP!



As an update I would like to include a comment by my fellow blogger and Trig Truther Bree Palin:

"Just as an aside, I think the way she retells the birth of Track on pages 51-52 are really interesting. She spends a considerable amount of effort emphasizing how unbelievably painful labor is. "In fact, I began to pray that I would die." Now how much sense does it make that a person whose primary recollection of her first birth is about how overwhelmingly painful and difficult it is would nonchalantly go through the events as she tells them for the birth of her fifth and premature baby?"

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Anonymous said...

Yes, great post! She is mentally ill. The woman needs HELP. Does no one in Palin's family care about her?

Anonymous said...

She is mentally ill but knows right from wrong and I want her and Todd and all involved in fraud to spend many years behind bars.

CC said...

Jail for the lot of them. I know there are other enablers and crooks.

I hope Andrew Sullivan has been made aware of the "audio" recording since he is fact checking the work of fiction.

Though, I'm guessing there is no need for hoping when Patrick is on the case. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"I’m so in love with this child, please God, protect him! After all my doubts and fears, I had fallen in love with this precious child. The worst thing in the world would be that I would lose him."

Why didn't she consult a doctor in Dallas?

Why did she embark on a long plane journey back to Alaska?

Why did she risk a car journey in bad weather conditions to a hospital not equipped to deal with her precious child's condition?

Precious indeed!

Anonymous said...

Please don't leave out all the child abuse that is part of what the perpetrators are doing. Sarah Palin sucks all the air out of the room and people over look how she uses children. I'm talking about the media, they just don't care if she lies and that is her example. Carrie Prejean and Bristol Palin are the same. That doctor is another one, just not as visible.

Terrific post!!

NakedTruth said...

Just posted this on Bree's site as well.

William Bradley on HuffPost is saying that Steve Schmidt, John McCain's presidential campaign manager, is saying that the campaign did not learn about Bristol's pregnancy during the vetting process before she was put on the ticket. Didn't know if you were aware of this but IMO this is another significant lie by Sarah that she just told on Oprah Monday.

Bradley said:
Five minutes into yesterday's Oprah extravaganza with Sarah Palin, I messaged Steve Schmidt, John McCain's presidential campaign manager: "So how did you know Bristol was pregnant before it was announced?"

His immediate reply: "I didn't, untrue."

Sarah is just making shit up.

Anonymous said...

OMG! So because she left out the gory details in the book, you assume she changed stories. She was obviously uncomfortable talking about the gross parts in the first accounting. Wow, just wow. What a stretch! Your ability to create something out of nothing is just astounding.

This is too much! I dont know how you expect to gain any credibility with rantings like this. Of all the things you could have picked to say she stretched the truth on and you pick the one thing that doesnt even sound like a lie.

How truly dissappointing.

Anonymous said...

From The Dish:
"There is a possibility here of such a huge scandal that we would be crazy not to take our time either to debunk it or move it forward for further examination."


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, we've disappointed someone who cannot even spell "disappointing". Imagine my chagrin.

Anonymous said...

see for a video clip of the palin fans waiting in line at the first book signing...

my take is that dropping a piano on their heads would not make a difference much less a comparison of wild ride stories...

BUT, I'm still very, very grateful for you work, Patrick (et al). It is keeping me san.

Anonymous said...

Now NakedTruth you actually have a post that makes some sense and actually shows a lie occured. Maybe Patrick could take a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Driving past a hospital with a neo-natal intensive care so you can have a high-risk baby at a small local hospital is NOT leaving out a gross part, or simplifying a narrative.

This not a report or a something taken out of context. It is a FACT that Palin did the drive by and it is a FACT that it was/is INSANE.

Anonymous said...

"I told her that I felt fine and absolutely did not want to cancel my speech and disappoint the folks at the conference, including my cohost, Texas Governor Rick Perry..."

So, the choices are get checked out while laboring with the blessed little angel or disappoint the conference attendees. Well, this is a no-brainer, there is no way in hades she or any other self-respecting mother to be would disappoint a bunch of strangers at a conference! The angel will just have to stay put until mommy's good and ready to produce him, since labor and delivery are variables that a mother can very easily control. No problem with this story at all and Sarah really is as pure and good as the driven snow.

Ha! As Stewie Griffin said "It's like she's f***** five!"

Patrick said...

Just to let you all know that I have extended the blog post (schedule of April 17, 2008, and video).

Anonymous said...

Patrick, the trolls are really getting upset. You're doing a GREAT job. And I just want to say to all of the loyal and new PG fans and posters, you guys are an amazing group of people. I always love coming here. Good spirited, kind people who are sick and tired of the injustice. Truth seekers, unite!

We will overcome the dark soul. We WON the election. Yes, we CAN.

I'd like to close with a reminder that I am so proud of our President. Can you imagine having those other two representing us? We'd be at war with Russia right now over another piece of "wrong" information. President Obama is a god-send to this country. A gift. A wise, thoughtful, steady person who does NOT react to emotional slights and name-calling. He's always above the fray.

May God bless him and keep him safe. And his beautiful family.

We got him elected. That's some pretty awesome mojo there, peeps!

We can do this:-)

Patrick said...

Please do not miss the excellent and extremely funny review of "Going Rogue" in the Wall Street Journal!


Sarah Palin is toast.

Patrick said...

Anon 23:36

Great comment, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Sorry cant call someone a liar because they didnt include enough facts in thier story to suit your fancy. Every little detail is not required to retell a story.

NakedTruth said...

Great post, Patrick. Sarah is just a hypocritical bitch. Can you imagine praying to God for your baby to be alright and leaking fluid/having contractions and not getting checked out. If she was that concerned about her baby you would think that she would have taken her ass to the hospital. The speech was not until 1:00 PM anyway. And on top of all of this just like anonymous above said she drove by a NICU hospital in Anchorage to deliver at a non-NICU hospital, Mat-Su knowing she was delivering a special needs child 4-5 weeks early. Yea right! Palin is lying her ass off and Patrick's post proves just that.

Anonymous said...

This is what she would be told if she actually DID speak to a doctor in this condition.

From the ADN article linked above:

"A Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant woman's water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. That's true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks out, said Dr. Laurie Gregg.

"To us, leaking and broken, we are talking the same thing. We are talking doctor-speak," Gregg said.

I can't believe the AMA isn't looking into the advice "supposedly" given by CBJ. Apparently this doctor who has been delivering babies for decades has never heard of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema either. What a joke. This hoax is falling apart at the seams

NakedTruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Okay, well go tell that to the people who are in Palin's book who have already come out and called her a liar. And the AP, who called her a liar. And the video that proves she's a liar. over and over and over again.

She's a liar. That has been established. It is a FACT. Not an opinion. And the only reason you don't see it is because you have an obvious allergy to reality. Sorry for you.

You are defending a woman who put her fetus at risk of death if her story is true.


Anonymous said...


You are a blethering idiot and you still haven't learned how to spell "their". You always ALWAYS spell it wrong and I always, always know it's you!

Now back to your dark gruesome hole where you belong.

Patrick said...

Wall Street Journal (see my link above):

"This is the memoir as prolonged, keening wail, larded with petty vindictiveness. With an impressive attention to detail, Ms. Palin settles every score, answers every criticism; locates a scapegoat for every foul-up, and fastens an insult on every critic, down to the last obscure Palin-doubter back in Alaska."

Archivist said...

Ok .. so the April schedule has been checked ... BUT has anyone been able to check the MAY schedule, when Trick/Trap/whatTever was SUPPOSED to be born?

Did she have any meetings/events scheduled for then? How much time had she allowed 'free' for the birth of the baby? Is there a 'week' blocked off for any personal time? Most women who are expecting plan around the due date.

Anonymous said...

Palin has lied in this book thats for sure, but this blog posting is not calling out one of the lies.

Its totally made up

Patrick said...


Unfortunately, we haven't got the schedule for May 2008.

All we have can be downloaded from this folder:

Anonymous said...

It's just physically impossible for her to have made that walk and talk through the snow "thrashing her guts" while 7 months pregnant with a special needs baby.

In heels.

Anonymous said...

Calling John Stewart.......Fox does it again in only a week's time. Using campaign footage of Palin with crowds and claiming it's footage of all the people clammering to get her book.

Geesh how stupid does that network think people are.

ArmchairJane said...

Great post, Patrick! I am glad you have that video added to the mix. It might help to compare the mileage traveled to other common flight paths. For instance, New York to San Francisco - maybe I will just go ahead and look that up, see how close that is in distance to how far Palin traveled, and she only started her journey HOURS after the water breaking and "funny feeling".

Wouldn't you think that most people would think it was NUCKING FUTZ to undertake a cross country flight 8 or 10 hours after waking with leaking amniotic fluid 4 or 5 weeks prematurely?

I just checked the Alaska Air info. The Dallas DFW - Seattle SEA - Anchorage ANC route is 3300 miles.

In comparison, JFK New York to San Francisco SFO is only 2579 miles. And that route doesn't include a stopover and change of planes. Flying into a headwind East to West that flight takes 6 hr 55 minutes, as opposed to more like 10 hours for Palin anti-Texas fishpicker flight.

Doesn't that help a little to show just how insane this account is?

Anonymous said...

WSJ is a Murdock paper

Going Rogue published by Harper Collins which is also Murdock owned.

He sure can play both sides of the game

Anonymous said...

I just got home for the day and am catching up. Thanks for the tip on what Andrew Sullivan has posted. I went and read the whole thing. He is on this, folks. I can only assume he will be connecting with the Paligates team (if he hasn't already) to do the heavy research he is planning - to put this baby story to rest.

I actually emailed Sullivan last night with my own personal story of premature birth and loss, to emphasize why I, and so many other mothers, can't let the crazy wild ride story go. It is personal, and I urged him to step up and be the MSM person to take it on to the end. Now I can't even assume that he read my email, but I'm still grateful that he and his team are determined to get to the bottom of it. Thank you Audrey and Palingates and Gryphen. And the new folks reading this and the new Alaskan who came forward yesterday to start sharing what she knows.

Did we really think that Palin's own book was going to be the thing to bust this open? I guess I didn't anticipate it. But probably some of you did. I'm loving that aspect of it the most.

While we will all rejoice for the truth to come out, there is no joy in realizing how her own children have been manipulated and forced to live this charade with her.

B from C

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has viewed Palinocchio for some time knows she has does something everytime she tells a HUGE whopper. She raises her hand as if she's under oath. She's done this since she was high centered on a barstool in the early 90's. Like when saying she "wasn't married".

There's a video of her in her house talking to a reporter about Trigg and she raises her hand as if under oath, saying "Trig is my child". She also does it during her last legislative press conference when she refers to Levi living in her house as "over her dead body". She's so stupid she telegraphs her lies

Anonymous said...

Awesome post putting it all together, Patrick!

Just as an aside, I think the way she retells the birth of Track on pages 51-52 are really interesting. She spends a considerable amount of effort emphasizing how unbelievably painful labor is. "In fact, I began to pray that I would die." Now how much sense does it make that a person whose primary recollection of her first birth is about how overwhelmingly painful and difficult it is would nonchalantly go through the events as she tells them for the birth of her fifth and premature baby?

Daisydem said...

There is so much wrong with the discrepancies. I am so glad you did this post Patrick; finally we have in Palin's own words, first spoken, then written hard evidence that she lies. Over and over again. She lies to cover her lies. She is extremely sick. I may email Andrew Sullivan, but then I think he may already be aware of the discrepancies AND more importantly, he may actually have more than we do or at least be more aware of more than we know.

Dangerous said...

The two versions can't be reconciled, as we already know, because her original story couldn't be reconciled either.

As I had noted many times on PalinDeceptions before Audrey left, Sarah Palin can't answer a simple question about these events: Was it urgent or not?

In her Going Rogue account, she's trying to downplay the urgency. But we know she dashed from the stage and changed her plans to get back ASAP. But she didn't see a doctor, so it must not have been urgent. She has to make it non-urgent or her judgment in flying back is so out of whack that nobody would believe it.

BUT THEN SHE GOES STRAIGHT TO THE HOSPITAL IN PALMER. It's the middle of the night, and he doctor is there to meet her. It's like 4 AM by her body clock with the time change, but she goes straight to the hospital anyway. That screams "URGENT", but she doesn't say when that urgency began.

The other reasonable conclusion was that is was urgent that she get to THAT HOSPITAL, enough to change her plans but not enough to (a) forego her speech or (b) seek a medical opinion. The ONLY set of circumstances that fits those confirmed actions (especially combined with the other evidence and her admission of deception in the "pregnancy") is that she wasn't in labor and was never pregnant.

The Wild Ride did not happen as she says in either version. It can't. There has never been a women whose water broke and felt labor contractions in Texas, but gave birth the next day in Alaska (or anything like it). Can't happen. Didn't happen. She has to be lying.

I'm hoping that Andrew Sullivan finally throws down the gauntlet and forces MSM to sit up and pay attention, and make her come clean about what really happened with Trig by presenting documentation. I suspect he is because otherwise Daily Dish wouldn't have gone silent.


mel said...

Anon @23.16 said: "OMG! So because she left out the gory details in the book, you assume she changed stories. She was obviously uncomfortable talking about the gross parts in the first accounting. Wow, just wow. What a stretch! Your ability to create something out of nothing is just astounding."

SP seemed perfectly willing to share the 'gross parts' of her ultrasound. Really, I nearly gagged when she talked about the gel being rubbed up and down on her belly. Entirely too much why would she spare us the fluid-ish details in the case the the wild ride??

Anonymous said...

The phony labor story has several versions. Each little point, all by itself isn't much. In one version, Sarah calls her doctor at 4 AM. In another version, Todd makes the call against Sarah's wishes.

If this was the only discrepancy, no problem. But the book is riddled with such inconsistencies. The Wild Ride already has different versions. A few days ago, fact checkers (opposition researchers) at AP found three pages filled with major errors. Errors and misstatements regarding what Sarah said about energy, or what action Sarah, as governor, took while in office. Most recently, McCain released a statement that Steve Schmidt's version of campaign memories is the correct version. By now, it is clear that the book is fill with self-serving lies. False in one, false in all.

Mudflats has started picking through the mine field, and every page contains some overstatement or lack of factual material. So, the fact that the Wild Ride fits the pattern of the entire book is the real fuel. The Wild Ride, either version, is simply not believable. And the more details that Sarah added, the worse the story gets.

I had the same experience with my second child. I was standing in line at the supermarket, and suddenly, there was no standing in line, I doubled over. I had a young child with me, we made it home, and the doctor said, "Get in here, now!" I was in the hospital for a day and a half, experiencing those same sudden jolts, and all the while, I didn't realize that I was losing amniotic fluid. (No way could I have given a speech and taken two long airplane rides + car trip in that condition). The baby came 4 weeks early. And, since there is a picture of the Heaths holding a fat-cheeked baby Trig right after he was born, I need to tell everyone that babies add their fat during the last weeks in the womb. My baby did not have big fat cheeks like Trig. (They weighed about the same at birth). Trig was kept somewhere, probably getting better after an earlier delivery, in order to make his appearance (or as Sarah said, she delivered him to the world, meaning she showed him off to everyone) on April 18, 2008.

As for Charlie Heath being there when Trig "poppped out," I thought about how I would feel with my father watching his grandchildren being born. No way! I asked my husband if he would like to have been present when his grandchildren were being born. No Way! Charlie was there when Trig "popped out" meaning arrived on the scene and was delivered to the world. I doubt that he saw Trig actually being born. (Show us the video of you cutting the cord, Chuck!)

Forever Anonymous said...

People, with this printed version she is trying to get Dr. CATHY BALDWIN-JOHNSON off the hook.

With all the criticism to the wild ride, wouldn't you have expected this Sarah to blame the Dr. however subtly?

Sarah doesn't eat her own s..t yet:
Dr. CBJ has lawyered up.

This time Sarah didn't have to give details of her faked labor pains, but she wants to take the focus away from the Dr. and let us know that she prayed also, she just forgot that part.

ArmchairJane said...

I suspect that the McCain campaign was well aware Palin was unstable or had hoaxed everybody, or both. I recall a news account that said she was the only candidate who did not get a security clearance and receive briefings. If anybody recalls where that account was given, it would be interesting to read that again.

Of course there has been great resistance to the worst of the truths about Palin coming out. After all, how bad does it make McCain and the higher ups in the Republican party look, as well as the so-called MSM and the ownership of any of the media outlets who know or suspect the truth but have held off from revealing it? It is really a matter of a failure of our system that we ever saw such a completely incompetent and erratic individual get as close as she did to the White House.

That is precisely why Andrew Sullivan has temporarily stopped his prolific blog in order to dig into the matter. He GETS IT, just how bad and scary it is that something like this could happen.

I suspect one reason for the McCain campaign's unprecedented leaking about Palin's diva and whack job nature was because the staffers were in the best position of all to see just how unqualified Palin was for getting anywhere near the White House. I have to think that there were at least a few who were secretly relieved that McCain lost the election. In some ways I can understand how it was possible to make the decision to pick Palin. After all, who would have thought that somebody so unqualified would have made it to the governor's house, and have such a high approval rating? I am sure many of the campaign professionals involved have given long and hard thought to making sure such a poor selection can never happen again.

Leadfoot said...

Patrick -
Did anyone ever identify which legislators supposedly visited her in the hospital on the day she gave birth to have her sign a bill?

I recall that most of the legislature was against her (with their "Where's Sarah?" buttons. So you'd think that we could figure out what bill that was (was one actually signed on 4/18/08?), dig around to see which legislators sponsored it, then get statements that they never visited her in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is not mentally ill and, IMO, it weakens your case to make that claim.

What Sarah Palin is a liar. She is shamelessly dishonest. But she persists in being this way because it's how she succeeds in life.

So far, no one has held her accountable for her words or actions. She just says whatever and keeps climbing upward. The McCain campaign didn't hold her accountable; the press -- at least those who have access to question her -- continues not to hold her accountable.

HarperCollins doesn't hold her accountable. Rather, the publishing house pays her millions of dollars for this year's "A Million Little Pieces."

The most useful course of action is to stick to the facts until they stick. There's no need for name-calling and speculation when the inconsistencies and lies are so obvious. Otherwise, it's all too easy for a very well-researched blog to be dismissed as a bunch of partisan 'haters.'

Nonetheless, good work here. Keep at it.

Anonymous said...

Did Sullivan shut down the Dish before? What was the situation?

Patrick said...


Thanks a lot for the additonal information! Unfortunately, living in the good old world, I will receive the book only with great delay. These pages were not amongst the pages I was given by our terrific source in advance. (big shout out again to our fantastic and forever anyonymous source!) ::--))


We have no knowledge about the identity of these legislators, as far as I am aware.

By the way:

Andrew Sullivan will be my hero forever. He was the most courageous of all of the Palin critics. He knew right from the beginning that something was seriously wrong with Palin's birth story, and was not afraid to say it openly. He has suffered MASSIVE abuse since then. He was in a very different situation than an anonymous blogger, and the fact that he is gay was also viciously exploited by the Palinites. He is a real hero, and he has throughly deserved all the credit he will receive in the future for the exposure of that mad woman Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

To anonymouse 00:31:

Which part of paranoid, narcissistic, pathological, and bipolar doesn't indicate mental illness? You've got to be kidding me. Cute little troll.

Patrick said...

Anon 00:31

I know for a FACT that Sarah Palin is mentally ill.

Lisabeth said...

Damn!!! I just wrote a great long post but it somehow did no through!!

First, anon 23:57 what are you talking about?????

Patrick great great job!! This is so clear and so obvious. She makes me sick. The wackjob was just giving a BS speech in Michigan standing in front of the "Sarah is The Saviour" bus with her big huge head. Of course she came out holding Trig. Ahhhhhhhh!!! She has got to be stopped! What kind of society do we live in where an ignorant disturbed bitter lying person can get millions for a book or be a VP candidate!? Screw you McCain...

Anyhow this post is SO clear and so well done. Great job! How can we get it out there? Who can finally blow this pregnancy fairytale wild tail wide open? Are you going to send it around? I am! Maybe you could try to talk to Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, or others she screwed over in the book.

You should hear her fans on TV! They are nuts and Wolf Blitzer seems to love her. They give her too time.

Finally I am trying to ignore the trolls. It's hard but hope everyone tries.

Anonymous said...

Does a non-stop flight between anchorage and dfw exist or existed around trig's alleged birth date? if so, does anyone know the SHORTEST duration of such a flight?

the shortest flight that i come across from dfw to anc is around 9 hours with 1 stop in seattle. the airport is about 20 minutes drive from the venue. if she rushed as soon as that was done, which i assume is around 4pm, then she would have to boarded the plane as soon as she got to the airport, which i find hard to believe, given the whole security check, etc. that we have to go through - which would take at least 20minutes at a big airport like dfw. there is no way she got to anchorage by 10:30pm, if she left the convention center at 4pm.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you could also point out that she said to the reporter she felt "contractions not so much", whereas in the book she says "Big laughs. More contractions." Also in the book where Rick asks "But don't tell me you're going off to have the baby right now?", her thinking "if you only knew!" in response contradicts her earlier statement of not being engaged in labour activities and "no real huge labor signs".

I also wonder if the audience really did graciously give her a standing ovation, or if that is another one of her embellishments!

Anonymous said...

I believe Palin changed flights enroute from texas.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLaughing I was just at the Wal-Mart on A Street here in Anchorage. When I arrived there were three shelves full of Palin Going Rogue books. Maybe three "Missing".

I walked around awhile. When I approached the display again a woman was viewing a copy.

I winked at her not to buy it. She said she was not considering at all, she was curiously peeking at the photos inside.

A little over an hour later as I was leaving I peeked once more and one full shelf was nearly empty. I was thinking damn should have stayed there distracting buyers than as I approached the check out some blue haired elderly lady walked past me with at least 15 copies in her basket.

Lol, what is the possibility Palin is recruiting old people through her Pie Spy fraud to buy up her crap?

Daisydem said...

Armchair Jane: you are right on except for your last sentence. I am not sure that any "professionals" in the Republican Party have learned anything by which they would not select Palin or someone as bad or worse to rile up the base and run for office in the future. That is why it is imperative that we bring Palin down completely (to a prosecutable level if possible). On some levels this is the scariest scenario imaginable. Look at what has happened since the election in the Republican Party. There has been scandal afte scandal. And yes, we have scandal in the Democratic Party also (e.g. John Edwards). However the conservative wing of the GOP and the teabaggers are fraught with hypocrisy in that they are attempting to legislate our morality, our healthcare, while providing only for themselves and while throwing all morals to the wind in their personal and professional lives. We have to hope that Andrew Sullivan does just what he says: gets it right. Gets it all! And btw, I think McCain is toast too!

Anonymous said...

Great video find, Patrick - hadn't ever seen that one. Is it new? It's superb.

Would love to see another Babygate photo montage of: Screen shot from the video of Sarah "preggers" at that Texas speech; Sarah photo when she's HUGE during that early pregnancy with Track or Bristol (you know the only preggers photo we have of her being HUGE) contrasted with Heidi Klum, or another supermodel at a similar time frame in their pregnancies. If you contrast Sarah faking it in Texas with an empathy belly vs. Sarah looking HUGE in that old photo, plus add in how real women (with killer abs) look when they're close to giving birth, that simple photo montage would help all the new visitors really see what you're talking about. Never hurts to remind the new visitors what's really going on because it can take a while to wrap your mind around the enormity of the lies she has told.

Daisydem said...

Anonymous at 00:47: I love that. Members of PieSpy, your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to go to your local book sellers and ....

Patrick said...

We have never found any evidence that Sarah Palin in fact switched flights to an earlier time on April 17, 2008.

Anonymous said...

It's Anon 0:31 again.

Patrick, please show your 'facts' that SP is 'mentally ill.'

I assume you're talking about court orders, custodial legal papers, or state disability documents. Or perhaps you're her psychiatrist or the attending who evaluated her on intake -- but then if you are, your ethics are as bad as SPs.

I'm not a troll. I believe very strongly that SP should be stripped of her low-rent veneer and exposed as a know-nothing liar. But I also believe there's a strong enough case to take her down without resorting to inappropriate speculation (or, if you will, diagnosing from afar) and name-calling.

In the medical profession, we call it 'pulling a Bill Frist' -- you know, how Bill Frist 'diagnosed' Terry Schiavo from his office on Capitol Hill.

But again, Palingates makes a great case without resorting to Fristhood. It's just not necessary, even if it's fun on a junior-high level.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to read the true life story of a pregnant woman going through labor and having her water break, Mudflats has posted the long, very graphic and emotional story of Ann Strongheart.

In case you haven't followed Ann's story, she blogs from a native community in rural Alaska. Last year, her stories about her neighbors were heartbreaking. Due to a poor salmon harvest, the high cost of fuel and other factors, many had to choose between fuel and food. No one should have to make a choice like that during a cold winter in Alaska.

Many good citizens filled USPS flat rate boxes with food and essentials and sent them to Ann, who in turn, distributed them to neighbors in need. Throughout, Ann described her young daughter and loving husband. Then, sadly, we learned that her husband died while Ann was expecting a second child.

(A note here: Alaska state government did not come to the aid of these people until much later. Finally, Sarah brought a plate of cookies and Rev. Graham.)

Yesterday, one anonymous blogger was touched by the sense of community at Palingates. (I have to add other blogs such as Immoral Minority, Bree Palin and Mudflats, just to name a few). Ann's story is important reading for two reasons #1 her beautiful life in a tough place to live and #2 a real life version of what is involved when there really is labor and water breaking-- and, it does not involve getting on an airplane after giving a speech-- it involves being checked immediately by a doctor, surprise!

Anonymous said...

Patrick you know for a FACT Sarah Palin is mentally ill? I think she is, but you have proof? Oh Please do tell!!

CC said...

Patrick, I just love it when you use the word FACT....

Yes, ignoring the trolls is difficult but I'm sticking to my promise though through gritted teeth. Grrrr....

Anonymous said...

A Sarah Palin diagnosis may never be public. She behaves like she is mentally ill.

Forever Anonymous said...

Anon @ 00:52,

Given what you have read about Sarah Palin behavior, would you agree she is deeply disturbed?

Anonymous said...

I can wait for the mental illness facts. The fact she abuses children is what I am looking forward to having acknowledged.

A Judge warned her in regard to abusive actions within the family. The next time I hope she gets a big time smack down.

Anonymous said...

We know from Levi that Palin has suffered severe depression in 2008, which is categorized in the DMS-IV.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Should be DSM - IV.

Patrick said...


Thanks! When I use the word "FACT" I always mean it. :-)

I know that Sarah Palin received counselling from a doctor in Alaska because of her mental illness. If this was to be disputed by the Palin's or her lawyer, it would be relatively easy to get more details.

We are very well connected in Alaska by now...

leu2500 said...

Ann Strongheart, of Anonymous Bloggers, just did a post on the birth of her new daughter. The following jumped out at me:

"Then [...]SOMETHING happened. OOOOH what was that I thought to myself? Did I just pee my pants? Ooooooh I know what that was!!! My water broke!! [...] But first I had to keep from making a watery mess anywhere I walked [...] After taking necessary measures to contain my water (sorry if this is too much information but any mom who has gone through this knows what I am talking about *wink*) I started going down my list of necessary phone calls."

Contrast this to Sarah's wild ride story.

Patrick said...

Anon 00:51

No, the video is pretty old, actually.

Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of the MSM, this story was never followed up at a later point.

Barb Dwyer said...

10:30 pm. Anchorage time is 1:30 am. Texas time. Just to clear that up. It is somewhat in the realm of possibilities if there was no delay in Seattle and they had a strong tailwind. What I don't think is possible would be Toad calling to check for and/or book an earlier flight. There aren't that many flights from Seattle to Anchorage daily. Usually just one at night and that flight is always packed.

Also, everytime I've left Anchorage that time of year, it's been on the plane that came from Seattle but it's always a red eye leaving after 1-2am. I find it strange that an Alaska Airlines flight was arriving at 10:30pm. It sure would be interesting to see their flight schedules for that day. I know someone has already tried to dig that up and was only able to locate the 2007 schedule

emrysa said...

"I am not sure whether future generations will understand the "phenomenon Sarah Palin". How could a woman who is a compulsive liar, inarticulate and mentally ill have been able to build up such a great following?"

because, as bill maher so accurately stated, we are a stupid country.

this kind of thing wouldn't happen in a country that values education, knowledge, and advancing the human race.

we value one thing: money. and stupids can play that game, too.

Anonymous said...

Only someone with mental illness (severe personality disorder) who is a national figure would write a book of lies. She thinks these things are all true, try many others see it much differently. Her perceptions of many things are off.
These are signs of mental illness but there are other signs.
We are not talking simply about depression or anxiety. It is obviously much more severe.

PS and hint. If you want proof ask her about her bedroom and her meds.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin certainly acts like she has some mental health issues. I know this is all very serious, but damn it's fun piecing everything together! Better than any mystery novel. You just can't this shit up.

WakeUpAmerica said...

The video won't play here or on YouTube. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Forever Anonymous,

Anon 0:31 here.

You asked if I think Palin is 'deeply disturbed.'

I am not Bill Frist and won't play him on TV. Thus, I have no basis on which to make that judgment. I also have no idea what 'deeply disturbed' means to you. It's a subjective term no matter how you slice it.

I think Palin is unethical and dishonest. I've seen plenty of evidence of that. I also think she is uninformed to the point of ignorance on serious political/policy issues. Again, there is plenty of evidence to support that conclusion.

Whether her lack of ethics and persistent disregard of reality constitute something that crosses over into pathology -- I'm just not qualified to make that judgment and so I won't go there. I don't need to go there. Not with all her on-the-record lies.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe she talked to any doctor, and I don't believe Dr.CBJ wrote that letter for her either. MaCain people know the truth, they scrubbed all the computers and their hiding all of it, Mrs. Sarah Palin knows they will never tell.

She never was Preg!!and McCain knows it.

I believe Mrs. Sarah Palin used that doctors name without her consent. If CBJ comes out and tells the real story, people will condemn her for waiting so long, she's probably hoping the real story will come out but can't go against Mrs. Sarah Palin and the church, remember SP could be the "chosen one"!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

When will the lawsuit threat come? The first of NEVERUARY!!!!

Patrick said...


I am still waiting for the magical lawyer letter - I have already prepared an excellent reply!

However, I am certain that we will wait forever.

Anonymous said...

It's not real obvious to me that the counselling had much effect. But, I suppose, something really major might have been averted with the general public none the wiser.

WOW, I finally hit the WV jackpot: harascu

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Patrick, You da man! I have $100 ready to donate to an AK charity if it ever does. I'm glad you picked up the trail when Audrey could no longer do what she did. Can we do Housegate next? Please???

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

too many lies attract too many flies. palin is a steaming pile of lies, and deserves all of the flies that are buzzing around her decaying carcass.

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't interviewed Palin personally, but it's fair to say that her behavior is pretty evidently that of a deeply disturbed person. I grew up around two psychiatrists, and I have my own degree in Psy. I understand that diagnosis is not meant for labeling purposes. Nonetheless, when a person was running for VP and had a prayer warrior group praying for her mate to die so she could take over, her mental health becomes our business. I can most assuredly say that I am not comfortable with her coming anywhere the nuclear codes.

It is obvious that Palin has a ver tenuous grasp on reality and lies constantly.

Her mind, as revealed in this book, is that of a very adolescent person -- narcissistic in the sense of not being able to see outside of herself at all. She sees events only as they impact her and is apparently unable to view things objectively at all. Even with time and distance.

We've heard over and over again how she's abused her power and behaved cruelly to those who thought they were her friends.

She's not stable and the Republicans NEVER should have allowed it to go on. OF course, John McCain isn't a bastion of mental health, either and his ambien combined with arricept was a dirty secret they kept from us until AFTER the election.

Republicans played a dangerous game. One we had better not forget.

And yes, Palin needs to see a mental health expert ASAP. For the nation, for her children, and for herself.

It would be irresponsible NOT to acknowledge what we all know. She is mentally ill.

Anonymous said...


There are people up here that are still working diligently on housegate. I can tell you that records requests have been made through the Wasilla City Clerks office. That scenario is far from over

B said...

I think her various labor stories are inconsistent, but I don't think her failure in the book to mention leaking amniotic fluid means that one of the stories must be a lie. Not mentioning the fluid was smart on her part, because it got her in so much trouble before--the Wild Ride, the failure to get checked out in Dallas before her speech, the need to give birth within 24 hours, etc.

Every story Sarah Palin has told about TriG's birth has been a lie, but not because some mention leaking fluid and some don't.

Now that the MSM is covering all these people countering Palin's tales and saying she is lying, you'd think they'd at least admit to the possibility that she could have been lying about TriG's pregnancy as well. You'd think.

Anonymous said...

19 November 2009 01:15

Is there any chance a Johnston or any other witness will be able to answer that question?

ArmchairJane said...

Daisydem, thank you for the feedback. I hope you're not right about what the Republicans might do in the future, but you certainly could be. Maybe I am just being overly optimistic? Because Sarah was so disruptive to the campaign, I think as a practical matter that what they would like is to find someone with the same "attractive" qualities as Palin, but someone who would be a bit easier to handle. I definitely do agree that it seems very likely that Palin has done things that are prosecutable, and that's the only way I would feel really safe...

I will check to see if I still have my Alaska Airlines schedule from 2008 on my old computer. I had the electronic downloaded schedule for purposes of scheduling my own travel. I was going to delete it to free up disc space, but then I got a new system and so I might still have a copy. If so, I will look at the dates and report my findings here. Or even possibly package up the file and send it off to Patrick? I think it is pretty large, is the only problem. Off to go check the old computer...

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

anon@01:44, Glad to hear that!It has always been the gate that I thought was the most damning.

Babygate is a shame, since actual children are being abused, and is evidence of her serious illness. It is a crime on several levels.

Housegate is an orange jumpsuit waiting to happen. Glad to hear that is still an active initiative!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan has posted an update on the Dish, saying he'll be back tomorrow. He ends with this intriguing statement: "Anyway, we're done now. And I hope to be up half the night trying to write a post on the great mystery of the stories about Trig, stories that have bedeviled the blogosphere and many others for months. There is no proof here of anything, but there is a much more nuanced and detailed narrative of the events (especially now we have Palin's first considered version of the events since the campaign) that when taken together has definitely helped illuminate what was once obscure and, well, bizarre. Believe it or not, it makes a little more sense now."

mxm said...

Now that McCain's team of advisors is responding publically to the lies she has memorialized in her book and there are columnists considering the hows and whys of SP's selection as potential VP, I would like to share some thoughts.

She was selected for the immediate 'flash bang' that she in fact did provide to the campaign. Many have written this, I am not the first to reach this conclusion.

I suspect McCain also succombed to her womanly charms, enjoyed her appearance and had lust in his heart. He thought she would be fun to have around, a sparkly beauty queen to amuse him on the bus.

I believe that from the time of the decision, the campaign recognized that she was unqualified. But, they hoped that if they controlled her tightly and took every advantage of the bright and shiny 'flash', there was some long shot chance they could pull it out. This in part is why they spent 150K on her wardrobe, allowed her family to play such a dominant role in the VP campaign; they wanted to keep her happy and performing. Kind of like a trained dolphin at sea world. Feed them fish and they jump through hoops and wave and wink.

I strongly believe that from the time of the decision to choose her, the plan was to force her to resign her position within the first months of the presidency, if they somehow won. They would orchestrate her resignation by having her claim that her infant needed more dedication from her than she could provide as the VP. Tearfully and regretfully, she would quit. Then McCain would get who he really wanted to step into the job, Joe Lieberman.

What they did not count on is what Patrick, Regina, Gryphen, Audrey, Celtic Diva, Bree, and so many others have skillfully disclosed to us all. She was not smart, she was not wordly, she was inherently dishonest, she was gulity of criminal acts, she was petty and mean-spirited, she was crazy, she had a major personality disorder and she was a chronic liar. Perhaps they discovered infidelity on the part of Sarah and Todd, perhaps they discovered an abortion or two in her past.

She never would have left the position on her own, they would have had to force her out with an indictment. Now they can not find it in themselves to own what they did and to apologize to America. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

@MXM 02:06

AH, but your narrative begs the question WHY, WHY, WHY did the McCain camp not know what they were getting (aka whackjob). Were they so incompetant they couldn't figure out she was a disaster as their puppet.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the good old days when candidates revealed medical information by way of real doctors? Her mental health history should have been included in the report that was a letter about Trig. No he was not running for any office. Our system is screwed. John McCain will never be man enough to step up with his wrong doing but he should be pursued to the end. Everyone else should do prison time for any complicity. McCain's legacy can be old Chesty trying to redeem him but continually a failure. She was probably in on the hoax, she can work on old pop's legacy from her cell.

01:19 said "I don't believe she talked to any doctor, and I don't believe Dr.CBJ wrote that letter for her either. MaCain people know the truth, they scrubbed all the computers and their hiding all of it, Mrs. Sarah Palin knows they will never tell."
Someone mentioned there were also photos stolen from the Johnston's refrigerator. For Sarah, wouldn't that be like taking a magnet from her parents fridge? Can you imagine her outrage?

She is confident the other rats won't rat her out. Those things only change when people are required to take a deposition. We know Todd was guilty of obstruction, that doesn't mean there is no one who will ever talk. It just means it may take a littler longer. Piper is an unwilling victim and part of the scheme, she can't be left out if her testimony is significant. Willow, Track and Bristol may not want to face jail for obstruction. This is a serious fraud and no one should slip out of their part.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Andrew Sullivan means in his Update about it all "making a little more sense now." Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I'm just chuckling, here, with a question that I've had for some time: Was Bristol pregnant at the convention? Don't answer. I won't believe what anyone tells me either way.

Anonymous said...

Just stare at the photos of Bristol at the RNC until a voice gives you your answer.

LisanTX said...

anon at 1:44: Thank you for the information! I respect your determination and hard work.

Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Anonymous said...

NOTHING Sarah says can be believed. If you believe anything, you run the risk of making up bogus stories to account for what you "know." The only thing that's safe is to have her tell a story more than once, then you can work on the discrepancies. A good example of how some of the merry-go-rounds this story can get on is to believe a particular birth date, etc.

Patrick said...


In order to share large files easily and without hassle, and can recommend:

Upload it, then send the the download link to the other person.


I known that Regina was always very interested in housegate and will certainly pick it up again after she has returned (that will still take a little while).

mxm said...

Anon @2:10-

I think they had done enough vetting early on to disqualify her. She was insufficiently educated and experienced, end of story. Then when they needed a miracle, she came back up as that 'flash bank' or Hail Mary pass. So, they knew she was unqualified but not that she was corrupt, crazy and vicious.

They took her into the campaign as a VP place holder. They planned to treat her as a beauty queen. With the expensive and fantastic wardrobe, personal stylists, makeup assistant, nannies,etc., what beauty queen wouldn't be content.

Only Sarah could not be controlled; she was a maveric rouged rogue after all. And crazy to boot.

ella said...

Barb @ 1:13 - regarding the flight;
There is speculation (due to Palin's stated arrival time in AK) that they flew a sister airline (American) from TX to AK. Not trying to confuse things - I do not know if there is ANY validation of which airline she was on, but I offer this just in case Patrick (or someone) can use the info. It comes from the comments section of this blog:
BTW, this blog is from 2008, pre-election - and the comments are very good - people calling BS even then.

" Reports state she flew Alaska Airlines home. I called Alaska Airlines who told me that out of DFW their sister airline, American Airlines has ONE flight to Anchorage per day, that is at 3:45 arriving 7:40 in the evening which coincides with what Sarah states herself as her arrival time. The American Airlines person on the phone told me the duration of the flight is 6hr 55 minutes. American Airlines REQUIRES a physician's approval for flying at eight months. In another article she stated, "I didn't tell the airlines I was pregnant, nor did I try to hide it"

Anonymous said...

Already saw the pics of Bristol at the convention ... voice says "she's not pregnant" ... "Hollywood makeup artists did their job"

Anonymous said...

Just read the Daily Dish, and here's a thought: could SP be disturbed enough to have had a hysterical pregnancy? (I think that's the term.) I've been unfortunate enough to deal with an individual who, I'm convinced, is as seriously NPD as SP. The ability of these individuals to create their own reality is, truly, frightening.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wondering about her mental state should google Emotional IQ. Sarah's is very low. I don't remember where I first heard it mentioned but it was many, many years ago, but I think it might have been on Oprah. It caught my attention because my daughter was still pretty young at the time, was my first child and what the speaker said made me listen up.

Speaker said if your child never develops a high emotional iq then an intellectual iq wouldn't matter much and that your child would be less equipped for handling complicated and uncomfortable situations.

Sarah's Emotional IQ was not only not nutured, it was severely stunted.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting on the movie. I wonder what Sally Fields is doing?

The first time I watched SPalin and her husband on video describing that wild ride story, I knew she did not experience leaking amino fluid.

I delivered two babies, seven years apart, and with both I leaked amino fluid hours before the onset of labor. No way, no how do I believe her story. After a rupture, what would happen when a woman fastens a SEAT BELT over the abdomen? And how many times was she required to fasten seat belts during those flights?

Hat tip to you, Patrick, and Regina, and Kathleen, and Audrey, and Morgan, and Gryphen, and Bree and all the rest of the TRIG TRUTHERS (HOORAH) for putting forth the effort to hold a politician accountable for her behavior!

I am hoping the story breaks before Thanksgiving Day. Last Thanksgiving I was mocked by my family when I told them she did not have that baby. Anyway, love to all!

Barb Dwyer said...


Thank you for that information. The verification I can find is in the ADN article linked by Patrick in this post. It says she flew Ak Airlines and people from Ak Airlines seem to verify that, stating:

Alaska Airlines has no such rule and leaves the decision to the woman and her doctor, said spokeswoman Caroline Boren. Palin was very pleasant to the gate agents and flight attendants, as always, Boren said.

"The stage of her pregnancy was not apparent by observation. She did not show any signs of distress," Boren said.

It's obvious they didn't see the fake belly Sarah from the Gusty photo. I think the "stage of her pregnancy" would be quite apparent if that was the case. Can anyone say "seatbelt check"

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan saying the story makes more sense now is a good development. I am thinking what he means is that it's now easier to explain why what she says is not so.

indylindy said...

totally off topic but I just saw coverage of Levi's playgirl photoshoot on The Insider. He looks incredibly good! What a cutie!!
Rex and Tank have played this perfectly in my opinion!! Every show that talks about Sarah talks about Levi as well. He is getting equal air time. She has got to be seething!
I also get the feeling that the hosts of The Insider really like this young man. Go Levi!! We wish you the best!!

Anonymous said...

If you watch sarah's face towards the end of the video clip, when she is standing with Todd who is holding 'newborn' Trig, her expression is VERY similar to her
expression when she is being 'prayed over' by Rev.
Muthee. Easier to see when you can't hear what she
is saying.

And yes, I have wondered about her actually having a 'hysterical pregnancy' since I watched a neighbor go through that many many years ago. She actually grew a belly and everything. Finally one day I was visiting and asked how things were going and her
husband said, "she's not pregnat-o. never was."

Maybe this is what Andrew Sullivan means when he says things actually make more sense now.

wv : preppers -- everyone here is 'preppers' for babygate to open wide.

Anonymous said...

An "hysterical pregnancy" might be connected to mental health issues, too.

Anonymous said...


Please make sure that you archive the ADN article and any others as well, in case they also get wiped.

There are discrepancies in that story vs. the wild ride audio. Will post more after I've read all.

Anonymous said...

Distance and directions between the Gaylord Resort (where she was for the energy conference) and Baylor Medical Center: 3.1 miles, 8min

1Depart Gaylord Trail 0.7 miles
2Turn right onto SR-26 West / State Highway 260.5 miles
3Keep straight onto SR-114 Bus West / E Northwest Hwy1.4 miles
4Turn left onto S Dove Rd, and then immediately turn right onto W Wall St0.4 milesVALERO on the corner
5Turn left onto Azalea Dr0.2 miles
6Turn right onto W College St0.0 miles
7Arrive at 1650 W College St, Grapevine, TX0.0 miles

To heck with why she passed hospitals in Alaska -- why didn't she go get checked at a hospital 8 minutes away in Texas? The one time I thought I leaked amniotic fluid I called my doctor and she said to get to the hospital which was 20 minutes away.


Anonymous said...

i so hope you are correct in all this. i would LOVE to see it come out as fact!!!
but if it don't,,you may look a bit,, silly.
please make it correct!!

bill in belize

Anonymous said...

I don't get a good feeling from Andrew Sullivan's latest post. It seems like they had planned on being "silent" for longer than one day. Hopefully I'm misreading this, but to me it reads like they are buying the wild ride story combined with the book version, somehow.

Anonymous said...

@3:06 - That's what I thought, too. Hope we're both wrong!

Forever Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:35

Yes Sarah could have had a hysterical pregnancy and deliver a hysterical baby in the privacy of her own hysterical mind. so, who procured a baby to go along with Sarah state of mind?

Anonymous said...

Pretty convenient timing for an hysterical preg, just as John McCain clinched the nomination.

LeithAnne said...

I'm looking at Sarah's hair, when, I assume, she and Todd were leaving the hospital. Unless Jessica Beehive made a house call, no way that woman went through labor with her bumpit firmly in place.

There is a reason why we gals braid our hair before delivery. At least, after the first time....

lilyf said...

Thank you so much for all your work on this blog. I knew that especially this week, I would be frequently checking in at mudflats, bree palin and your site. I am sickened by all this, and maybe I'm just tired in the middle of the week, but it seems like Sarah is really about to get away with all this. A little background: I was brought up by evangelical parents who gave away most of their hard earned fortune to missionaries and "Christians" asking them to contribute their money to "God's work." So much of what Sarah does is emulate this same huckster behavior. I'm sickened by it and it's bringing everything up by watching her talk about "what God knew what he was doing" where Trig was concerned. And she didnt' even have him. She is such a scam artist, and she is at this moment running her scam on everyone. It's just depressing.

Silver Salmon said...

Don't tell Sarah Palin, but she's used in a joke in an upcoming movie.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Palin line is 1:30 into the trailer.

ella said...

mxm@2:06 - I agree with your theories, but consider this: What IF someone else's plan was to "get rid of MCain" and seat HER as POTUS? Not beyond the realm of possibility when you consider her connections to the powerful religious right zealots and AIP.

Anonymous said...

I just read Andrew Sullivan's latest update. He is a bit cryptic, but basically, I don't think he found anything new. Too bad.

CC said...

@ anons 03:06 & 03:10, me three but I hope we're all wrong.

Anonymous said...

Holey Cow!!! on the feedjit as I was reading the update:

Capitol Hill, District of Columbia arrived from on "palingates: THE GREAT LIE - Sarah Palin's own account about the "wild ride" in 2008 compared with 2009 in "Going Rogue" - UPDATE"
Way to go R,P,&K. Looks like you have someones attention.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, the bumper stickers are still there..

Anonymous said...

interesting to see how un-post partum sarah looks in the video where she's apparently just given birth. Here's a link about post-pregnancy bellies.

A friend of mine had a baby last week, she was prob 5'9 and 120-130 pounds before pregnancy, and she definitely looked pregnant. I also saw her photos a few days after the birth, leaving the hospital, and her belly still looked obviously pregnant.

I guess Sarah is one of the lucky ones whose belly magically disappears into oblivion after birth. Has anyone ever looked at Sarah's postpartum photos? Where did all that stretched uterus and belly skin go?

Anonymous said...


Have you seen that has created an INDEX of the book.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan's 2 posts are only about 7 hours apart. In that time, "Believe it or not, it makes a little more sense now." and "much more nuanced and detailed narrative of the events" has formed.

Not very optimistic about what tomorrow's post will hold.

Anonymous said...

Geeze...there's no way that Sully could have determined that she had doesn't make sense.

Grrr.. why so cryptic, SP?

I've always maintained that the larger sin was the wild ride -- endangering her baby -- but of course, the MSM never discussed that. Had Hilary done that, we'd have known the size of her amniotic fluid leakage by the second.

ArmchairJane said...

Not sure what to make of Sullivan's update. Previously there has not been a consensus between Andrew and the others who write The Dish. I wonder if now consensus has been achieved, but the issue as a whole may still be considered unresolved.

Even with all details of the central mystery unresolved, it is still easily possible to draw a conclusion from all the available data that there is no way that such a pathological liar belongs anywhere near the White House. Perhaps Sullivan is going to come out with an even stronger statement on that point than he has already made to date. It is clear he is onto the level of lying, and so maybe that's where he will focus his central point...

But I am just guessing. I do know I will be checking back often until Sullivan posts his current findings.

ArmchairJane said...

@ Patrick,
Thank you for the tip on exchanging large files!

Unfortunately, it appears I did indeed delete the old Alaska Air offline schedule tables. However, I will keep trying to check my backups. Since it was not my own data I may not have backed it up. Weather conditions are interfering with my ability to get access to some of my backup files.

Anonymous said...

she looks pretty pregnant in that video; even if it's fake belly, her face looks very full. just commenting.

Lisabeth said...

First let me say that I do think Sarah is mentally I'll based on her actions and words.

But seeing a counselor for depression is not proof of mental illness. Most people like 4 out of 5 experience depression and anxiety. And I am sure that loss would be hard on anyone. So my question Patrick is this the only factual evidence??

Again I do think she is. But I think she has a severe personality disorder. I also do not think it was a hysterical pregnancy. I think she knew exactly what she is doing.

Mary G. said...

So much great commentary! And another wonderful informative post, Patrick!
Regarding the bill Palin signed, I believe that "staffers" brought it to her in the hospital April 18, later in the day. Probably her trusty Ivy Frye or Meg S. What strikes me about this is that the bill signing seems to have been scheduled in advance--but why do that if Palin were just arriving from Texas (that is, assuming she changed to an earlier flight due to labor?) It seems that the flight after this evening one would certainly have been the next day.
As for the plane tickets themselves, I believe that the travel authorization for this trip is in the sidebar on this blog and in the boxnet of the schedules--it seems that HER ticket was booked in March! And Todd had a different seat (maybe even a different class!!! So he wouldn't have been much use with the Lamaze breathing on that flight home! dang!)

Forever Anonymous said...

IMSO, Sarah got Trig in a calculated attempt to attract sympathy and deflect criticism on the campaign trail.

Also, she could really be confusing everybody by allowing rumors that Bristol is Trig's mom so whatever happened with Bristol's first pregnancy stays a secret?

She has introduced the word abortion as a personal experience, what if that happened to Bristol instead?

And now she let us know that Todd's cousin had a DS baby, but, remember when she was devastated and didn't even now what a DS baby would look like?

Could she be saying that Todd is Trig's dad after all?

I think is alarming that Sarah was not pregnant, didn't adopt a baby, yet claims a baby as hers.

If Trig's end up belonging to a relative of Sarah I will certainly send her my apologies for the intrusion.

Gee, people, now I made myself sad.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick I wonder if you could get a screnshot @ 46? She does look preg there? Yet I have saw a pic where she is posing with them all and she does not not preg?
Also too...
A resourceful reader has posted this:
I just checked the Alaska Air info. The Dallas DFW - Seattle SEA - Anchorage ANC route is 3300 miles.
Now having recently flown (for the first time) to AK.... Horizon air usually goes out from SEA-TAC. Horizon air is a 'mile'(very far) away from Alaska airlines gates!!!!(I left Sea-tac on Horizon, so if she was flying into SEA-Tac she most likely transferred to Alaska Air at SEA TAC from Horizon)
too, also...
if she was about to deliver...her baby would of dropped, so she would of had to ask for a seat belt extension! The attendants would of remembered this! The flight attendants are EXTREMELY conscious of their visitors or whatever they call the people flying...No way she got on looking like .46 and they did not notice!!!
She was shapshifting for pictures at this conference! And didn't want her pillow discovered in security!

Anonymous said...

Forever anon: a hysterical pregnancy clearly couldn't be the whole story, you'd have to combine it with a Bristol (premature) baby, or one of the other scenarios that have been discussed. The question is, if we assume she cooked up a Desperate Housewives-esque ploy, is she sick enough to have half-convinced herself that she was pregnant -- gaining some weight, etc? The other thought was that maybe she was pregnant, just not as far along, and the baby died as a consequence of the Wild Ride, or maybe before that. But in this case it's harder, I think, to explain where the real baby came from.

Anonymous said...

'' ArmchairJane said...

I suspect that the McCain campaign was well aware Palin was unstable or had hoaxed everybody, or both. I recall a news account that said she was the only candidate who did not get a security clearance and receive briefings. If anybody recalls where that account was given, it would be interesting to read that again. ''
Here ya go! Video included.

Anonymous said...

If Trig is not Sarah's baby, then a simple "we have decided to adopt" would cover it. Faking a pregnancy when you are the governor of a state and very frequently photographed MIGHT be plausible, but piling on a run for VEEP would mean the probability of exposure is very high... unless the campaign you join has great skill in scrubbing computers.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm starting an official "draft William Shatner to do the Going Rogue audio book reading". He did such a great job with her word salad on Letterman, a whole book of her "poetry" would be... well let's just say, snorting coffee through my nose from laughing.

Anonymous said...


Andrew Halcro has installment II up on youtube now. It is hysterical! Forget politics, go SNL!

Anonymous said...

Patrick et al---do you really think this story will ever break? I really hope so but it seems so unlikely that MSM will ever pick it up. I think this has been pretty much proven but really, do you think it will break? Today I saw sp again talking to Barbra Walters about "being pregnant" and it makes me so mad!

Anonymous said...


If you know for a FACT that Palin has seen a counselor this FACT alone will be as scandalous as anything else because of American bias towards seeking professional help.

Print It. Get it to the MSM or Huffington Post or someone who will print it.

Then sit back and watch.

And there is a certain large document I'd like to see on bizhat...please can someone post the link.

Anonymous said...

There aren't that many flights from Seattle to Anchorage daily. Usually just one at night and that flight is always packed.

Huh ? Alaska Airlines alone runs 12 jets daily between Seattle and Anchorage. That doesn't include the Juneau milk run which is another possible way to go. AKAir isn't the only airliner that flies between Seattle and Anchorage either.

There are 2 daily Alaska flights out of Dallas to SeaTac one at 2:00 pm and the other at 6:45. She had to have taken the 2 pm flight in order for the time line to work.

There are any number of flights that she could have taken between SeaTac and Anchorage, but it's generally about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour flight depending on the wind.

The people in that photo that I can name off the top of my head are Mary Nelson, the pregnant woman, Ivan Ivan on the far right, not sure about the two on either side of Mrs Nelson, and the guy on the far left looks very familiar to me but I can't recall his name at the moment.

I think his name is Mike, might be a Dementieff.

She didn't exactly want to talk about the gritty details with the ADN reporter (Lisa Demer) and I can't blame her for not mentioning it in the book.

I've been following this since DAY ONE folks, the day it was announced that she was pregnant.

Nothing about her story adds up, however I know some things that most, if not all of you don't.

No offense, but this latest narrative of Patrick's convinces me of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Did Sarah send Sully the bc? Her photos from the hospital? He's been in touch with dr. Cathy? A hysterical preg is understandable because? Did Todd and everyone suffer from the same hysteria?

She either gave birth to Trig or not.
If not it is fraud and it involves others.

Would her close friend and neighbor Rep Carl Gatto be the one to go to the hospital? With his work in fire dept why does he not update about his church arson?

ArmchairJane said...

@ anon 04:35.
thank you for the link! That was a great blast from the past. I had forgotten about Condi Rice and Laura Bush also making plain their feelings that Palin was lacking in the foreign affairs department ;-)

I always thought Romney was the candidate preferred by the majority of the Bush family last time around. And Poppy Bush still would like to see Jeb run for President. However, Jeb is staying far from the spotlight. It's never been clear if he really still harbors presidential ambitions. If he does, it is probably smart to stay out of things for now, and then look to see how things are going closer to 2012.

I have no doubt that if the Bush family wants to bring Palin's reputation down that they have the resources to do it...

Anonymous said...

I love how all the trolls "know something",lol! He like "bring it on" Patrick has invited people to email him as well as Regina!
You troll, are FOS.
They allways come out when the truth is!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:00

The only people Patrick can convince are the die hard readers of this blog.

Hes gone too far off the deep end, and made impossible statements he either cant or refuses to prove. No one is going to take anything posted here seriously.

Anonymous said...

@5:12 - I take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5.00

Your narrative convinces me of nothing.

In Going Rogue Palin goes into great detail regarding her "miscarriage" and the fact that the bill was edited with white-out. She discusses the sonna in plenty of detail. It seems that she has little hesitancy in discussing the nitty gritty - after all she is a maverick, is she not?

It's perfectly clear that Palin omits the details of leaking amniotic fluid because she knows that if it were the case that her waters had started to break then there is absolutely no way that she should have got on that plane. Not without possibly gravely endangering the life of her child.

She changed her narrative. Patrick hasn't. I'll trust him to tell it as it is.

Anonymous said...

still here, eh, BlueTx? Why the fascination? Nothing better to? OY

Anonymous said...

@5:12 - If there's nothing to see here, why do you haunt this blog?

Anonymous said...

I fly a lot.

If she took flight 661 from Dallas to Seattle, that would have her getting into Seatac at 4:49 PST.

From there she could have taken any number of flights to Anchorage, 107 at 6 pm, arriving at about 9 pm AST, flight 731 leaving Seattle at 8:30 pm arriving in Anc at 11:18 pm, flight 117 which leaves Seattle at 10 pm arrving at 12:48 AM.

That schedule hasn't changed in a while, although I believe in the summer time Alaska adds another daily flight between Seattle and Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan in his update:
There is no proof here of anything, but there is a much more nuanced and detailed narrative of the events (especially now we have Palin's first considered version of the events since the campaign) that when taken together has definitely helped illuminate what was once obscure and, well, bizarre. Believe it or not, it makes a little more sense now.
Could it be he discover that the wild ride and Trigs birth are not true???
That she did in fact "fake her pregnacy"?

mxm said...

OMG, Jon Stewart is doing Palin tonight, hysterical

Anonymous said...

"They allways come out when the truth is!"

Ahhh There it is my favorite excuse. Never gets old. Werent you using that same line last year... oh the truth is so

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've all seen the Canadian Broadcast footage; here it is if you haven't. It's got maps and clear questions.

Anonymous said...

@5:15 - Taunting becomes you. Go look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I love how the troll now has her on the "milk run".. Now that's funny. I can see a pregnant sitting Governor taking a plane with no first class seating (that's where they place the cargo) and stopping in Sitka and Juneau on her way to battle the ice and snow across the Knik bridge to the rinky dink MatSu Hospital. Now that's rich.

Anonymous said...

It's BlueTx itching to get the story out! But he won't because he prefers the masturbatory frisson he gets from coming back here to taunt.

Forever Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:32

Gaining weight in this instance is more align with being logical than hysterical, she planned the hoax and internalized her role to the point of sounding hysterical now when she claims that she was losing weight during the VP run because she finally quit nursing! oh, no there is not hysteria, just sticking with the story.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the trolls bother you all so much because they usually speak the truth and the truth hurts.

The truth and FACT is that you have tried so hard to prove your babygate story and have failed miserably.

I know it hurts but you dont have to hate on the people who point out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Believe me or don't, it doesn't bother me one bit.

I know the truth and the truth is that I know way more about this than Patrick, or Bree or Audrey, or any of the rest of you that are trying to debunk this story.

And I can prove it too, I have unpublished video and photos that nobody but myself has ever seen.

Why ?

Because I shot it.

I didn't believe it the day she announced that she was pregnant and I don't believe it today.

However, I'm not all-consumed by it either, I don't feel the need to spend my every waking moment of my life trying to figure it out.

So there, I love reading the comments of all the NewbieTruthers who think they've found the smoking gun, when in fact they're just chasing thier tales in circles.


ArmchairJane said...

RE: flights from Seattle to Anchorage. Alaska Air was specifically mentioned as the carrier for Palin's flight home. And I think we can draw no FIRM conclusions about the flights available at the last minute in April 2008 by comparing to the flights available now. Maybe they are the same, maybe they aren't. I recently found out a Horizon flight I used to take all the time for business and assumed it was still in service had been dropped some time back.

The airline industry was in a different position in April 2008 compared to now. Alaska Air was not in as severe of financial trouble as some other carriers, but they did cut back flights when the combination of high fuel prices and the economy tanking really put the pinch on the industry, and only gradually have they been adding them back. Remember when fuel prices were so high that it was a constant story and many carriers in the airline industry was adding fuel surcharges?

I know our city lost Alaska/Horizon flights, and then gradually resumed them. Other carriers pulled their service entirely. Now we again have additional carriers. I don't think we had nearly as many flights in early 2008 as we do now.

I was a frequent passenger on Alaska and Horizon flights for years. I remember the "good old days" when they had LOTS of flights, and also empty seats. As fuel costs rose and the economy tanked, they cut back on flights and also packed the planes. I checked for seats on the DFW -> SEA -> ANC run earlier today. The first few random flight dates I checked were already full, no seats left. I ended up using dates in early December to view sample reservations that had seats left.

I am going to continue to try to recover a backup of the 2008 flight schedule, but so far I have not been able to locate one. I think the backup drive is not here now, I am pretty sure my husband has it at his business.

Maybe somebody else has a copy of the schedule? Other frequent fliers may have downloaded the Alaska/Horizon offline schedule utility to be able to look up flights when you didn't have internet access. Or perhaps somebody who works for the airline has access to the data and could give us a tip on where to find that file.

Anonymous said...

@5:28 - BlueTx, what is truth? What is reality? What is a lie? What is exististentialist about Palin's pregnancy?

CR46 said...

The sad part is Trig is NOT being properly cared for. In the pics that Bree has up at breepalin, there's little Trig withe NO GLASSES and NO EARING AIDES, effectively being "shut off" from the outside. Early and intense therapy and care is imperative to a DS child to grow, learn, and live up to their full potential. These early yrs have been proven to be extremely important, you cannot learn at the same rate after a certain age. This is an example of extreme neglect, but I suppose by not being able to see or hear he is easier to drag around. It's disgusting that no matter who his bio mother is that he is being so outright neglected. If this is how they treat him in public, I can't imagine what happens at home.

Anonymous said...

So the real reason is she's paying you to not publish or show them. Perfect, so why taunt? Enjoy the financial freedom and travel. No need to spend time here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilber Mercer @ 5.29

Why are you posting as an anon now?

Attention seeking again, aren't you. How gruesome, you are.

Your I know something you don't know crap is tiresome and no-one cares what you think about anything.

Anonymous said...

Im @ 5:28 and I have no idea what BlueTx means, are you smoking something? Please dont share it.

But the truth is you have tried for more than a year to prove this story to the world and have failed. That is a FACT. Lies have been told all the way around by Palin and the Truthers. Reality is your own perception of the facts. The perception of the facts by people dedicated to this blog is so far off base, but you are too invested to see your own delusion.

Anonymous said...

It's BlueTx, not Wilbur. He gives himself away every time.

ArmchairJane said...

All I have to say to the folks who are coming here to say "nah nah, you've got nothing" is that politics is littered with people who said "you've got nothing on me" and they are now either footnotes in history or in some cases, in prison. After all, right up until the truth reaches a critical mass or is otherwise revealed, it is STILL A SECRET to the general public, even if some have suspected the truth for quite a while. As time goes on, the scandals are more and more likely to be revealed. It's not like Babygate is the only one. Palin's negatives keep rising. The word is getting out.

And for anybody who knows Palin wasn't pregnant but supposedly has footage and other material that could prove it, I fail to see how coming here to watch us "chase our tails" is any better a use of your time than how we use ours. If Palin ends up President and oh, say rounds up enemies and puts them in camps, or NUKES another country, maybe you will reflect that you could have put your time to better use than to gloat because we are supposedly so clueless.

Anonymous said...

@5:44 - I don't think you know what "success" means.

Anonymous said...

someone thinks sarah is getting a raw deal.

The only Fact is: Palin get rich either by good press or bad press.

The people who have Facts but don't show them for whatever reason might as well be quiet about it because they just sound ridiculous liars. I'm not saying they are, but that's what it sounds like.

Action talks and bullshit walks. Show it or shutup, already. Geez.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:29 I watched Nate Silver on Countdown, and Nate has been pretty good about election predictions, in fact 100%. Nate doesn't rule out Sarah in 2012, in fact, he thinks that she is dangerous. And, I agree.

If you know that Sarah was not pregnant when she announced that she was, and if you have proof, you owe it to citizens of the United States to come forth with your proof. You can post it anyplace that you wish, but, please get it out there.

The reason is important. We have seen and heard nothing but Sarah Sarah Sarah during a time when health care is at a critical place. There is still no resolution about Afghanistan nor Iraq. These issues are far more important than Oprah, Barbara, Levi, Playgirl, a silly book and the big bus tour, and all of the fine folks at Fox News. Sarah is a distraction.

Sarah thinks she gains national importance because people line up to buy her book. As John Stewart pointed out earlier tonight, there's no there there. She is an empty designer suit. There is no thought, no intelligence. It took her a year to figure out what newspaper she read. She does not do critical thinking. She is drives people apart; she is a divider not a uniter. She couldn't govern Alaska; she quit. She would be a disaster anywhere near national politics. And you have the pictures. What are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Yet you are perfectly willing to accept the "I know stuff you dont but I will never tell" from the Trig Truther blogs you love so much...priceless


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:48

you've got it right, and that goes for all sides of this issue.

pacos_gal said...

You probably already have this, but I didn't have time to go through and check everything.
I just saw on CBS news that they say that it was reported by one of the senior officals in Sept 08 that she Did put it on the vetting form and asked to speak with them about it prior to getting the nomination.
I'll include the link:

CR46 said...

anon at who brought up the fact that The Gaylord Texan Resort where Sarah gave her speech is 3.1 miles from Baylor medical center and 8 minutes away.

I know that area of Grapevine, and unless it was rush hour you could get there within 5 min.
Not only that the Dallas/Fort Worth area has multiple hospitals that
1) that have NICU's
2) that are used to celebrities and WILL maintain privacy (many ctors, singers, pro athletes, ex-pres etc live there)

Anonymous said...

Why the troll invasion? Ah, well. Why not? They remind us who Palin's supporters truly are. They can never spell. They can never punctuate. They never use logic. They can't really communicate in a 21st century medium. They are old. They are white. They are male.

Anonymous said...


Steve Schmidt denies that they knew she was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

The trolls have warts and carry big clubs too.

Because they disagree with us is plenty of reason to call them names and denegrate their opinions because it makes us feel better about our opinions.

Keep on trucking guys... its a long road but eventually we will reach that truck stop and get to see all the nudy photos on the bathroom walls...woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is another reason why Sarah Palin really is an idiot. According to the Huffington Post, now she wants to be White House Chief of Staff so she can make appointments to fix the economy and security (and stuff).

The Chief of Staff does make appointments, but not the kind Sarah is thinking of. He/she schedules when people visit the Oval Office. That is also called making an appointment. And, it doesn't affect the economy.

And, once again, Fox used old footage to amp up the crowd that greeted Sarah. They never learn either; good company for each other.

Anonymous said...

@6:05 - please show us where someone called you a name. Thanks.

Barb Dwyer said...

anon 5:50

"Sheep" are the people sending her money. The good people around here are trying to expose her for the fraud that she is, which in the end will save those sheep a lot of money.

You are doing nothing but berating folks who are trying to do something important for these "sheep" and this country. You don't live in Alaska, you didn't "shoot" anything unless you're targeting squirrels off your porch. People up here have lost their livelyhood and worse, who did nothing more than happen to be in Sarahs path on her way to making all her con artist buddies filthy rich in the valley. MOST of that money coming from taxpayers that was handed right off to her friends. If you pay taxes YOU got ripped off as well by SP and her buddies on now defaulted Government loans she set up and handed to them. By the way, these same people are now lobbying for even MORE of YOUR money to put directly into their pockets. So instead of helping, just keep right on handing it to them. That makes YOU a stooge and a reprobate.

Rest assured she WILL get caught, we aren't working on a time frame here to please you. Babygate is only one of her many, many frauds. There's a special place in hell waiting for Sarah after Alaska gets done with her as well.

Anonymous said...


You wont beat her with lies and rumors.

Anonymous said...

@6:17 - You have no idea how it's going to happen. That's why you haunt this blog.

onething said...

You left out the part where she says that while giving the speech and making people laugh she was getting contractions.
How very odd after all the criticism she has gotten from the bloggers for not taking her labor seriously, she actually makes the irresponsibility sound even worse in the book.

Barb Dwyer said...

You know nothing about me, what I have in my arsenal and who is backing me up. I'll take my chances and continue to do that right thing. That's more than I can say for you.

Goodnight lonely boy

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah...

Same story... different day... never happens... someone is full of it.

Anonymous said...

@6:25 - You are so silly! I think if I had to vote, I'd nominate YOU for being full of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was at the book signing today. Please please stop this woman now. The crowd was huge. I really am truly shocked about the number of people who showed up.

These people loved her! I am so disheartened that this is allowed to go on.

Why wont you stop this madness before its too late to stop it?

I implore you not to let this tour go on without the truth known. She must be made to answer for her crimes. She cannot keep going on untouched.


Anonymous said...

I was at the book signing today. Please please stop this woman now. The crowd was huge. I really am truly shocked about the number of people who showed up.

These people loved her! I am so disheartened that this is allowed to go on.

Why wont you stop this madness before its too late to stop it?

I implore you not to let this tour go on without the truth known. She must be made to answer for her crimes. She cannot keep going on untouched.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brianus and friends!!

Forever Anonymous said...

Yesterday there was a comment about Sarah having had a bar stool named after her. Today Chucky Heath was at Burke's radio show saying that after she was picked for VP Obama's operatives were in every bar asking questions about sarah' drinking habits then.

These are not your common trolls. these are Flying Monkeys, the ones thaat can read.

Anonymous said...

And I think we can draw no FIRM conclusions about the flights available at the last minute in April 2008 by comparing to the flights available now.

Alaska has been running 12 flights a day between Seatac and Anchorage for years.

The Dallas run is fairly new, but you can rest assured that they've been running 2 daily flights between Dallas and Seattle since they announced the run.

They haven't changed thier schedule.

I was a frequent passenger on Alaska and Horizon flights for years.

I still am, racked up over 65k on AK Air alone this year, including a flight from Dallas to Anchorage in 2008.

Patrick has invited people to email him as well as Regina!
You troll, are FOS.

Patrick should know this IP address by now and he knows who took these photos.

Ask Patrick who I am.

Wilbu® or Blue Tx ?

You should be THANKING me !

Patrick, do you still have that addy that I sent you ?

You should go check it out, there might be something interesting there for you.

Better hurry.

Anonymous said...

@6:40 - I have been trying to find accurate crowd estimates for Grand Rapids. CBS reported hundreds by the morning. FOX ran old footage. I have been reading Grand Rapids news stories, but I have not found one yet with a crowd estimate. It sounds like there were over 1,000 by 10 a.m. (according to one story), and I don't know how long she was there. Does anyone have a link with a count?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think someone is bipolar? Many of us have talked about it for months. It all seems to fit now.

ArmchairJane said...

O6:46, read this part again "about the flights available at the last minute in April 2008". That would imply the Palins would need actual seats available AT THE LAST MINUTE, since 12 flights a day would do no good if they departed too early for the Palins make the connection, or if they had no seats. Or if it was one of the combinations that resulted in a 4 hours layover in Seattle.

I agree about two flights a day from Dallas. But in order to match up with the claims made, most of the 12 SEA -> ANC flights would not be candidates, having departed too early in the day. The ones that did "work" would have needed to have had to have seats for a "rush" to have actually occurred.

The claim was made by Palin about looking for an early flight back, in effect RUSHING back, and discussion has taken place about whether or not this is a true claim. Or did the Palins plan to take the flight they did take all along, as part of a prearranged plan?

When I just checked earlier today, the direct route of DFW -> SEA -> ANC that most closely matched Palin's reported schedule was already completely booked for several random days I checked that are within the next week or two. There wasn't even one seat, much less two.

I am not trying to get into a pissing match with you about who has flown more miles on Alaska Air and in what time frame. Even if I had not flown a mile, logically only a few of the flights out of the "12 a day" would have fit the time frame laid out, and last minute seats would have been needed. Plenty of times I have not been able to book a seat at short notice on my preferred flight because these days they run those flights full.

Anonymous said...

Airlines overbook flights all the time. Some are offered vouchers to take a later flight. That way the airline gets the last minute fare for flights instead of a cheaper fare.

Anonymous said...

Jane - I'm just trying to make the point that I'm familiar with AK Air and their schedule, not meaning to start a pissing match.

I'm also very familiar with this story, what I see here is a lot of speculation and nitpicking about every word the woman says.

Don't get wrapped around the axle, the simplest story is always the most likely.

If I were a bettign man I'd say that Trig is her sister Molly's kid.

I think that you can reasonably assemble her travel schedule for that day.

Maybe she laid over in Seattle, she does have relatives in the area, including Auntie Kate, where they're having T-Day this year.

Has anyone in that part of the country thought about tracking down where Auntie Kate lives and seeing for yourself, you know, verify whether Palin will actually be there ?

tm68 said...

In the audio- which, just listening to her screamed lies- she mentions actually having staff come to the hospital that same day so she could sign a bill. Was she still in bed at the time? Is there any further information about this? Within the first 12 hours of giving birth, there was no way I was up and around, showered, and inviting my co-workers in with work that needed to be done. NO WAY. She's delustional to think this will hold up, but then I read in another book review that Palin didn't write this book for the thinking people of the world. She wrote it for the "Believers"- those who worship the water she walks on.

Anonymous said...

Plus Im quite sure the gov had priority over regular passengers

Patrick said...


Anonymous said...


I was induced with my second child and the labor was nonexistent with an epidural. My family even said I didnt even look like I just had a baby. My first was torture. So it can happen, all labors are different.

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