Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Election 2010 - Open Thread

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Please leave your comments about the election here in this open thread.

Let's keep fingers crossed that the American voters made the right choice.

Immediately after these elections, the campaign for 2012 will begin.

Well, here at Palingates we are certainly much better prepared for that than the rest of America. Most people haven't got a clue yet what's at stake, and which vicious forces are going to be unleashed soon.

Have your Baileys at hand! :-)



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My personal summary of the day:

From my personal point of view, it was a positive outcome, despite some disappointments.

Why? Because the Democratic majority in the Senate is now safe, and Sarah Palin's most important allies have failed, or are about to fail.

If I was Karl Rove, I would think right now: Without Sarah Palin, we would have won the Senate.

O'Donnell was a disaster, it was a safe seat for the Republicans, and Sarah Palin's reckless endorsement ruined it. In addition, Palin most likely turned off people in California when she endorsed Fiorina. She was of no help to Sharron Angle as well, and it doesn't look too good for Joe Miller either, where Palin really could have demonstrated her "authority."

And God knows who else she "turned off" in other states.

I really wanted to see O'Donnell, Angle, Miller, Fiorina fail. If that happens, this election was a massive success from my point of view.

Because had it gone the other way, I believe that nobody could have stopped Palin on her way to become the Presidential candidate, as insane as this sounds.

But now, I am pretty sure that Palin is toast. Her great masterplan has failed. Without the Senate, the great Republican revolution is not happening. She is of no use for Republicans any more, as Sarah Palin being the Presidential candidate would be nothing but a nightmare. She just doesn't know it yet.


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