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Revealed: The Administrators of Sarah Palin's facebook page also administer the facebook group "Sarah Palin 2012" - More evidence for Palin's run!

Will she run or won't she, that is the question? For many months now, political observers wonder whether Sarah Palin is going to run for President. The "clues" everywhere that she will run, and that's also what we have been hearing behind the scenes for a long time now. However, some people are still not convinced.

My view is that Sarah Palin is hell-bent on running for President, and that it's been more than obvious for a long time. The argument that Palin is only out there for the money is not true at all in my opinion. What she wants is MONEY, but also POWER. Sarah Palin is not a rationally thinking person, she never was, and should not be viewed by "rational" standards. Her "version of reality" is profoundly different from that of almost anyone else. In addition, Palin could still make much, much more money after a presidential run, she could easily publish more books, make many more highly paid speeches etc.

We discovered another piece of evidence which really should leave no doubt of what Sarah Palin's real intentions are:

Some of the administrators of Sarah Palin's facebook page also started the facebook group "Sarah Palin 2012", which appears to be the "official" facebook group for Palin's upcoming presidential campaign.

Let's start from the beginning:

Already in May 2010, the blogger Derek Pangallo published on his website "Electric Outlet" an article called "14 Voices of Sarah Palin (Facebook Page Administrators Revealed)." In this article, he wrote:

"Briefly last week, Facebook allowed you to see the administrators of any page. I took the opportunity to catalog some of the more interesting and controversial ones, including Sarah Palin's."

He then published the list of administrators and provided links to their facebook profiles.

14 voices of Sarah Palin - screenshot
He added:

"It's surprising the page has 14 admins -- you'd think it could get a bit erratic. But perhaps they don't post, just delete nasty comments; that could take some manpower. I believe the admins are listed chronologically in the order which they were added, with the page creator at the bottom because, well .. look who it is."

We only discovered this article a few weeks ago. I think it was one of our readers who saw it - please raise your hand! :-)

(UPDATE: The h/t goes to sleuth!)

I then tweeted Derek in order to get the facts confirmed, and he tweeted me back:

Tweet - how to find the admins

A close inspection of this list leaves no doubt that the list is genuine, and that these were indeed the Sarah Palin's facebook administrators in May 2010.

These are the names of the administrators, with links to the facebook profiles and some other profiles:

Maggie Walsh
Nancy Naish
Lisa Smith
Sherrie Barnett
Jackie Stamper Siciliano
Vern Robinson (and HERE)
Tommy Child (and HERE)
Rebecca Mansour (and HERE)
Zach Johanson
Ivy Frye
Chantel Zandi
Alex Raye Conger
Doug Lane
Sarah Palin

The list includes Rebecca Mansour and Ivy Frye, who are of course well known. C4P founder Rebecca "RAM" Mansour, whose paid services for SarahPAC were exclusively revealed by Palingates in February 2010, is now universally regarded as one of the most important advisors and "staff members" of Sarah Palin. Amongst other things, RAM is Palin's "online communications coordinator", as the New York Times called it. RAM's devotion to Sarah Palin seems to be unmatched, as recently proven once again by RAM's latest interview with right-wing talk show host Tammy Bruce, in which RAM still appears to be "starstruck" (well, the inevitable awakening will be very tough for Rebecca, I almost feel sorry for her). During the first three quarters of 2010, Rebecca Mansour so far received $ 64,000 from SarahPAC, paid to her company "Aries Petra."

It's worth noting that no pictures of Rebecca Mansour circulating in public at all, despite the fact that she for example gives interviews on a regular basis (the same situation exists with SarahPAC treasurer Timothy Crawford, by the way, of whom also no picture exists in public). However, I do believe that there is a good chance that this photo picturing RAM's nephew Joe Mansour looking into the camera, taken at the Republican National Convention in 2008 and published on Joe Mansour's flickr-account with a creative commons license, could show him with RAM standing next to him. However, I am not 100% sure. We do know that RAM attended the RNC in 2008. Rebecca or Joe, could you please clear it up? :-)

Rebecca Mansour?? (with Joe Mansour)

In addition, the inclusion of Ivy Frye in this list is not surprising as well. Ivy Frye is a former pupil of Chuck Heath, also a former receptionist, then one of Sarah Palin's top-Government employees in Alaska, now Bristol's regular travel companion (for example in Los Angeles) and a close friend of the Palin-family.

By the way, a reader sent us some recent pictures showing Ivy Frye, apparently all taken in or around September 2010 in LA. The pictures are pretty interesting.

Ivy Frye with Bristol:

Ivy Frye with Bristol

With Bristol and Willow:

Ivy Frye with Bristol and Willow

With Willow:

Ivy Frye with Willow

With Tripp and Willow:

Ivy Frye with Tripp and Willow

Well, I guess that Willow will have her own TV-show quite soon as well: "Willow, AK gangsta, the wild one" or something like that. Can only be a matter of months! After all, Willow already is busy practising "gangsta" language on facebook (with "Mama Grizzly's" approval), and she also already "witnessed" first-hand how to trash an empty house. Way to go, Willow!

Meanwhile, it seems that Willow's boyfriend Andy Almon, who appeared on TV in the first episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska", currently faces charges in court for underage drinking (h/t Kasha Knish/Knishette).

This most likely won't shock "Mama Grizzly" Sarah, as for example Bristol Palin's prom date from 2006, whom we named "J" in our post from September 9, 2010 and who later had a serious drug addiction, was convicted just one year earlier, in 2005, of "Leaving the scene of an accident - involving injury/death" and sentenced to a fine and to a not insignificant jail term.

Back to the list with the facebook administrators:

One notable person in the list of facebook administrators is Jackie Stamper Siciliano. She is a "Senior Community Guide" at "Team Sarah", the notoriously obsessed and fanatic online community which was originally founded by Ralph Benko in support of Sarah Palin.

The "Salyersville Independent" reported in June 2010:

"Jackie Stamper Siciliano of Surf City, NJ, was the guest at the Susan B. Anthony List’s Celebration of Life Breakfast on May 14, 2010. This special event, attended by over 600 people, was held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. The keynote speaker for the breakfast was 2008 Vice Presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Prior to the breakfast and speech, Jackie attended a private reception at which time she met with Sarah Palin. “Sarah thanked me for my work at Team Sarah and sincerely expressed her appreciation for the work I’ve done on her behalf.” During Governor Palin’s speech, Team Sarah staff and members were asked to stand and be recognized for their “courage and boldness."
Accompanying Jackie to the Celebration of Life Breakfast was her husband, Dr. Ted Siciliano, D.C., and son, Teddy. Jackie is the daughter of Jimmy and Vera Connelley-Stamper of Salyersville, KY.
Team Sarah ( is a diverse coalition of Americans dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process. It was founded by the Susan B. Anthony List in September 2008. Jackie serves as the Senior Community Guide for the 77,000+ members."

This discovery is significant, as it proves that there is a direct connection between Sarah Palin and her own "organization" and "Team Sarah", which is supposed to be independent.

However, the biggest discovery in my view is the following:

Four of Sarah Palin's facebook administrators, namely Maggie Walsh, Zach Johanson, Tommy Child and and Doug Lane, are also the administrators and/or "officers" of a new facebook-group: "Sarah Palin 2012."

If the "doubters" ever needed more proof that Sarah Palin will run for President, then this is it, as there is no way that these people would have set up this new facebook group without Sarah Palin's approval. In addition, the facebook group has in fact a very "official" look and also NO DISCLAIMER that it's not approved by Sarah Palin - and have you ever seen a "non-official" facebook group that has twenty so-called "officers?"

There is no doubt in my mind that this facebook-group is part of Sarah Palin's "own" operation, that this is in fact the official facebook group for her presidential run.


Palin 2012 - screenshot 4

The Administrators:
Palin 2012 - screenshot 2

The first four of the twenty (!) "officers":

Palin 2012 - screenshot 3

It's actually very instructive to read the "group rules":

Palin 2012 - screenshot 5

Only "Team Sarah" has more extensive rules! ;-)

No insane stupidity or ignorance, please! Did we forget to mention that any criticism of Sarah Palin is just insanely stupid or ignorant? No? Well, you will soon find out. Try to post there: "I don't like Sarah Palin." I guess that this would also fall under "dissension based on your opinions." Please note that it's the privilege of the great leader Sarah to provide dissension based on her opinions. This should be sufficient for all of us.

Have a nice Sunday, everybody!


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