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Palingates Weekly Roundup - November 1 to November 6

By Blueberry Tart

There were more great first-person accounts of the Rally to Restore Sanity from TruGal, PCG, Vera City, Mrs TBB and others. Thanks again to all the ‘Gaters who went to Washington – you did us proud!

Election Day! By now, you know the results, so I am not going to relive that long night! Patrick’s perspective helped many of us see the positive side of the day: the Dems held the Senate and, for the most part, Sarah Palin’s most publicized picks fizzled: Angle, O’Donnell, Raese, Fiorina, and (it appears) neo-Nazi Joe Miller. In fact, these extremist candidates apparently guaranteed the Dem victories that held the Senate. Looking at the post-election maps, I was reminded of a great ~1973 bumper sticker, “Don’t Blame Me, I’m from Massachusetts” (MA having been the only state that voted for McGovern over Nixon in 1972, for you young’uns)… I’m happy to report that the huge influx of $$$ from out-of-state to the Repub challengers did not cause the loss of any of the Congressional seats here – so, if any of you need a refuge from the red, we’ll leave the light on for you! Funny that even Scott Brown is now a Tea Party target because he’s not extreme enough.

First, hats off to Alaska Dispatch, which did what the media used to do with candidates – it really dug into Joe Miller’s past and didn’t take no for an answer when he refused to answer their questions about his shady background. Their investigative journalism was a big factor leading to the (apparent) loss by Miller in the AK Senate race – so thank you, Alaska Dispatch! Numerous bloggers had a similar take to Patrick’s, that Sarah’s endorsement of fringe candidates was a big factor in the Republicans failing to win the Senate. The post links to Andrew Sullivan, Malia Litman, the Daily Beast, Politicususa and HuffPo on this theme and what it may signal for Palin’s future influence. (Similar articles ran in Boston Globe and other MSM.) Finally, Stephen Colbert interviews David Frum on the future of the Republican party, stating that “What is good for [Palin] is not what is good for the party; it is not what is good for the country.”

Palingates did it again – this time Patrick’s “butterfly wings” (typing away on a creaky old laptop at the dining room table in Germany) started a chain of events that hit the MSM, eventually leading Palin to blatantly lie to try to cover up the twitter mess she had made. To begin: Palin is increasingly out in the open about both her plans to run for President and her intention of doing so without engaging with the MSM. No surprise there; the news is that the MSM is starting to pick up the story. Tuesday, the Washington Post ran a piece on her penchant to embrace extremists: “The leading figure of the Tea Party movement seems increasingly indifferent to Republican fortunes and increasingly tolerant of disturbing extremism.”

Patrick followed up on this theme of her support of extremists, showing that Sarah’s “favorite tweets” linked to a photo of a church sign calling President Obama a Taliban Muslim. PG’s story was picked up by many other blogs and MSM; the “favorite tweets” soon disappeared. (Hi, Sarah!) But, being who she is, Sarah did not leave it there. She emailed Jake Tapper to claim that it must have been the Blackberry’s fault! She claims she didn’t even know she could “favorite” anything and never did before! Upshot: caught in another lie while stirring up anti-Obama hatred again. MANY other blogs and MSM linked to and/or picked up the story from this post.

If you weren’t already convinced to vote for Palingates as best political blog, this post is a great example of why PG deserves this recognition; please vote here, if you haven’t yet: Blogger Choice Awards

Patrick throws down the gauntlet: Sarah, you have it within your power to put an end to Palingates by showing that we are wrong. We say, emphatically, that you faked your pregnancy with Trig. Shut us up. Prove us wrong. We dare you.

A totally "believable" picture from the show

Later Saturday, more fun: Palingates showed a clip from The Young Turks, poking holes in Sarah’s “reality” TV show. Key message: “When your public image is fake, it’s hard to be yourself, and that’s what we’re seeing…I have no problem with her being on a reality show… it’s when she wants to take political power and she has these insane ideas that she’s touting…” TouchĂ©! And from, the title says it so well: “Quit Invading My Privacy While I Film My Reality TV Show.” Patrick sums it up: “Sarah with her faked pregnancy together with many more family secrets seem to be the perfect material for a fake reality show, because their real life actually WAS already just a fake display…”

Comments of the Week (Lots!)

TurtleTears: The punishment for viewing child porn would be jail. Why on earth would he reference child porn? I can only think of one reason.

Kellygrrrl: safe to say Sarah is not quite over the whole katie couric kerfuffle yet

FreeTrig: A Monday morning riddle: What does Willow tell her Dad when 'Mom' goes on a manic rant? Re-pill her now!

Sick of Sarah: I can see Bristol's belly from my house

JCos had a great one: Palin says she doubts Jesus was Mary's baby. First of all, Mary wore flowing garments that masked her condition, then there was that 'wild ride' on the donkey, before Mary delivered at an unqualified facility like the manger. Mary even claimed she was a virgin. Can you believe the chutzpah?

Mrs TBB (on the idea of Sarah as President): Perhaps instead of "Hail to the Chief," one could play "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Haaaaa-haaa," a 1966 hit for Napoleon XIV.

Sunnyjane: Regina, without your starting this blog two years ago, we Palingaters would be mumbling and bumbling individuals, alone in the wilderness. At least here, there is comfort in camaraderie and solace in the strength of our purpose. Thank you FOREVER! [Note from Regina: I only started something very small. Patrick, Kathleen and the tireless palingaters made it what it is today. I should be thanking YOU.]

BfromC: [Sarah sez] Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! You cursed bloggers! Look what you've done!! I'm melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world. Who would have thought that some little blog like yours could destroy my beautiful wickedness.

Cranque1 and others beg us to be more aware of and sensitive to the pain that callous comments about mental illness can cause.

Lea112 summed up the election for many of us: As usual Patrick you keep things in perspective. I actually don't feel as bad as I thought I was going to (thank you Jack Daniels) I was expecting even more loses but the most important thing is that many of Sarah's little minions lost.

Psalm73: I too think Palin's masterplan has failed as she's demonstrating roguish, childish, behavior. Those tweets last night? They show her huge ego; She speaks as though she's been given supreme authority, as though she's an elected representative of the people. She acts like she is an authoritative figurehead. Tweeting a warning to President Obama is chilling.

Lexcade reprinted a long comment (Wednesday) from CREDO about the problems that this election will cause, but also how we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again…


Who: Sarah Palin
What: an idiot
When: since birth, congenital
Where: Anywhere someone will pay her or clap for her..or get a boner going for her.
Why: John McCain, perfect storm scenario


Who: Sarah Palin
What: Faked a pregnancy
When: March 5, 2008—April 18, 2008
Where: Wasilla, AK; Anchorage, AK; Juneau, AK; Dallas, TX.
Why: To call attention to herself as a heroine mother of a non-aborted DS child. To woo extreme right/right-to-life voters. To cinch her nomination as John McCain's VP candidate. To appear younger and more fertile.

Austintxx and others quoted Tina Fey: "On, Fox News, they address her as Governor Palin, which is like calling me Dairy Queen employee, it's like, I was once, but I quit."

Ginny: "Jake, I've never purposefully ‘nuked' any country. I had to go back to the Presidential bunker to even see if such a function was was an obvious accidental ‘nuking’”

Jcos: Would it be fair to say Bush is taking credit for ordering waterboarding because he doesn't want Cheney to get all the glory?

Maelewis: Sarah complaining about her lack of privacy would be like a prostitute complaining about attacks on her virtue. OK, that's harsh. But, it is Sarah who chose to put every silly detail of her private life in a book for millions of readers and millions of dollars. It is Sarah who pimped out her family for photos spreads in magazines… It is Sarah who never met a camera that she didn't love. It is Sarah who chose to exploit her children for publicity…

Shezanid D. Ott: Why does Sarah refusiate to admit she's wrong?

Moldy_Cheese (giving Louie a run for his money): …It's rill simple, Pookiebear. If you want your privacy, then you have to quit running outside naked and jumping up and down while screaming: "Look at me, I'm a mama grizzly!"

And later: You have to hit yourself in the head with a hammer about twenty times before "Palin logic" starts making any sense.


T'was Trig playing with my blackberry
T'was one of the cans I threw at Todd, but it hit MY blackberry
T'was Obama's Chicago thugs that messed with my twitter account
T'was Rubio while twitting my twat, he pressed the wrong button
T'was a mamma grizzly that bit my blackberry
T'was a lib flight attendant that split..spaled..splotched...spilled my Baileys on my Blackberry while goin' back to AK

Kathleenpalingates: Her Blackberry decided to "go rogue".

And later: When a butterfly flutters its wings it can have a huge impact on the other side of the world. I think that you will all agree that Patrick had on his butterfly wings today.


• AT&T was the top contributor — with a whopping $351,500 — to members of the House Tea Party Caucus, led by the extremist Michele Bachmann, according to July totals from
• AT&T contributed to the Senate Conservatives Fund, which raised money for Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, Ken Buck, Sharron Angle, and Rand Paul — all backed by the Tea Party.(2)
• AT&T's political action committee was recently ranked by as one of the biggest political contributors in the 2009-2010 cycle

To which Jula added: ......and in related news, an AT&T case will be before the SCOTUS next week that could essentially end class action lawsuits as we know them....another blow to consumer rights.... [BBT: sounds like an AT&T boycott is in order]

Stuck in the middle: When asked if she would run for office again, O'Donnell said: "I haven't a clue." This statement, in and of itself, is probably the first thing Ms. O'Donnell has said with which we can all agree.

Curiouser11 reminded us of Bristol’s own words: “It’s over. I broke up with him,” Palin told the magazine, accusing Johnston of being obsessed with celebrity. “The final straw was him flying to Hollywood for what he told me was to see some hunting show but come to find out it was that music video mocking my family,” she says. “He’s just obsessed with the limelight and I got played.” [BBT: it’s apparently in the Palin genes to blame others for exactly what you are most guilty of…]

Psalm73: No other mother with maternal instinct would manipulate, use the image of a defenseless baby for power. Anyone who could perpetuate such a hoax should be charged with abuse, not physical verbal or sexual abuse, but a form of abuse that hasn't even been given a name yet. Maybe it should be called "expendable abuse" - Using a child as an expendable tool for one's own gain.

Brie Black: I really don't understand the purpose of someone who was unable to be abstinent, speaking about it. Neither my friends nor I had sex in high school, and still don't have babies. We're in our late 20s. Who's going to pay us thousands to speak about that amazing feat? I owe it to my parents, who emphasized the importance of education and having a career before starting a family. I'm getting my MA next month and my PhD in 2013. Don't whine to me about hard work, Bristol, you spoiled entitled ignorant and uneducated brat.

Insaneredneck (picking up on Aview999): …I pledge allegiance to the flag of the corporate owned states of America and to the republicans,that they also own,one nation, under surveillance,with no liberty or justice at all.

LouieCypher: Hey there Sarah, I'd put down that Bailey's and check the "medicine" cabinet for something with a bit more kick, (might I suggest Everclear) because it's going to be a very long weekend for you… and later: More Sarah Palin examples of policy, like building fences for privacy then wanting to drill holes to spy on the people totally spying on you!! Ahh reminds me of ole Mad magazine's "Spy vs Spy" …

BuffaloGal found this on the cached version of the Sarah Palin’s Alaska site: “Sarah’s freezer is almost empty and winter is approaching. She embarks on an epic caribou hunting trip with her father, Chuck and friend Steve Becker. They travel 500 miles from the nearest city, above the Arctic Circle in search of a caribou for food.” BuffaloGal comments: Are you effin' kidding me ?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY!?!?!? There are families in Alaska (and throughout our Real America ) that truly ARE going to be hungry this winter and they try to paint a picture like this of a freaking millionaire ??? I'm speechless and thoroughly disgusted.

Linda1961 posted a number of brilliant Will Rogers quotes (Saturday). Missharleyquin picked up on one: "If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?" I'm fairly certain this could be Sarah Palin's 2012 campaign slogan. :)

Mrsgunka: A mentally ill woman is running our lives....why? I've seen many elections in my 71 years. Never [before] have I seen a loser control our country… [BBT: loser in VP spot is even more bizarre, at least until you follow the money]

CR46: In any real family that hunts, you certainly would not wait until they were 19 to show them how to shoot. That in itself should be enough to tell everyone just how phony the Palins are. In fact I can be assured that many Gators here would be shocked at how young Fawn and her brother were taught to target shoot. Same thing for cleaning fish or any other game, these are things that are taught throughout childhood. But I am glad she keeps showing that trailer park fence that blew down in the first good storm that went through, kind of proves Tawd was incapable of building a house with just a few buddies in a few weekends.

Sari737: The bottom line is this: Paylin could not deal with a non-threat such as Joe McGinniss, …the man never posed a threat to her or her family…and she threw a HUGE fit over nothing. What is this crazy woman going to do when she has to deal with real threats if she…became president?...if she can't deal with someone moving next to her and minding their business, what is she going to say when a foreign leader says she is an IDIOT, because that's exactly what they will say about her!! Is she going to nuke them???

SCmommy: Wow. Lots to digest here. and how is it that all these horrible things (murders, B & Es, teen pregnancies, total family chaos, baby switcheroos, etc.) happen to these young people, and yet they just up & off to CA to dance & eat frozen yogurt like they have not a care in the world??? It's SOCIOPATHIC. Sick. Sick. Sick.

Cacklingrad: …There is a wide gulf between supporting a friend who did a terrible wrong and acting as if no wrong was done. The Palins and the families are old, old friends. Sarah should have addressed Morlock's crime and condemned it, even as she offered her support to his distraught family. She hasn't done that…

D lusia had a moving comment Sunday on how war affects the soldiers.

Links of the Week

Sickntiredofpalin and others linked to politico on the GOP stopping Palin

Aview999 linked to Karl Rove’s playbook

Last week, austintxx found a great photo of a Muslim woman veteran and later followed up with this link about her

Patrick and others linked to WaPo opinion piece on Palin

brilliant comment from Wonkette: That's the one advantage to being publicly known as a total moron; she can claim, "No, I didn't mean to do that, I was just being really fucking stupid" as an excuse and it can almost seem plausible.

Texasgal2009 linked to AK WTF on Bristol’s latest not-so-immaculate conception: The photos are pretty convincing!

Dsmyre gave us this for a chuckle:

AzureGhost linked to Alaska Dispatch on Joe Miller

One snippet: What we found lurking in Miller's closets was -- pardon the plain language here, but the honest words are the right words -- the detritus of a conman and a liar.

Leadfoot_LA had a great idea for these billboards. Someone please immediately alert me if you see one of these billboards. I will drive (or fly) to where ever it is, climb up it, and spray paint the word "Trig's" over the word "the" -- in Red. I swear on my life.

Tweets of the Week

dusty17: Jeez @SarahPalinUSA AIP-AK Even your employer @FOXNEWS thinks U R a LIAR! @RawStory Oh happy days! #palin

@SarahPalinUSA "Freedom of speech in America means that people who don't like or respect U have a right 2 say it , publicly & anonymously.
@SarahPalinUSA "Man up & deal with the fact that a majority of Americans DO NOT LIKE YOU!!! This is YOUR reality"-BfromC. UR Bitchin =boring

"Can you picture @SarahPalinUSA in the Oval Office saying "I didn't know what that red button was for"? Dumbass!"-S.Tompkins @palingates

"Come on, @SarahPalinUSA! Where are your cojones? Time for you to "man up" and destroy those "corrupt bastards" at @Palingates NOW!"-SJ (H/T Sunnyjane)

Tyroanee found this one: @danozzi Dan Ozzi Don't worry @ChristineOD, you can join @SarahPalinUSA'S club of inexperienced women who lost elections BUT STILL BOTHER US EVERY FUCKING DAY

Molly_WI with assist from dusty17 and Ennealogic: OK, Sarah, you don't talk to the *actual* media if you run for President, and we won't put your name on the *actual* ballot. Fair enough?

ProChoiceGrandma: I concludiate that @SarahPalinUSA lied about degree in communications or journalism &

@Palingates catches dipsy doodle @SarahPalinUSA telling more lies! Great details!! #p2

Honestyingov: #TinaFey sez "I was ONCE a DQ employee, but I quit ", as she wonders Y #FOXNEWS calls @SarahPalin "Governor" still? #c4p #tcot @gretawire

@SarahPalinUSA, UR "EXCUSE" if U can't figure out 2 FAVORITE an Item on Twitter, U R not qualified 2 run th USA.#tcots, @RAMansour @c4p #p2

Curiouser11 (h/t to lidia17): Per @SarahPalinUSA Request--WHO:SarahPalin;WHAT:Fake pregnancy;WHEN:Mar5 '08-Apr18,'08;WHERE: Wasilla-Anch-JunAK, DallasTX; WHY: RTL$$/votes

SCmommy: @sarahpalinusa nice try on the backtracking racist tweets, dear. ur bberry didn't just go rogue on ya-- not gonna fall 4 that lame excuse!

Igetit2: Oh please, someone Tweet: "Protect Sarah Palin's privacy. Turn off TLC!"

Wrapping up, Way of Peace offered some wonderful food for thought and hope for the future: watch this amazing summary animation of RIFKIN's voluminous book The Empathic Civilization

The last word and the last laugh go to Aview999 (quoting from HP):

/ \.....HI Everybody!

I'm not Willie, and I'm not Waylon,
But I don't like......... Sarah Palin.

Not the *wink-wink* and not the You Bet'cha!
I don't like $ister $arah from the frozen tundra.

She's good at shoppin' without payin'
She speaks in tongues while prayin'

It's The End Of Days! she's wailin'
That's our little....... Miss Palin.

She knows the Book of Psalms,
And she reads her own palms.

Among Tea Baggers she's in vogue,
She's the Maverick who's gone Rogue.

Now hear what I'm sayin'
I don't like Sarah Palin.

What was John McCain thinkin'
The he// with it all...... I'm goin' back to drinkin.

♫♪ ♪♫♫♪♫♪ ..♪♫♫♪

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