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Palingates Weekly Roundup - November 15 to November 21

By Blueberry Tart

And what a week it was!

Despite producer Mark Burnett’s protestations to the contrary, Sarah admits that her TV series is laced with political messages. So this is an 8-episode, primetime political commercial, for which Palin was paid? I am shocked, shocked, I tell you! The post includes several oldies-but-goodies, including the “gotcha” interviews by the evil Katie Couric and the fearsome Charlie Gibson. Most remarkable is that Sarah said something that I actually agree with, and I urge the MSM to consider this as Sarah’s personal invitation to fully vet her: “… that ultimately harms our republic when a candidate isn’t…vetted by the media, that cornerstone of our democracy… things have got to change for the better in the state of journalism. Otherwise, you know, it could be part of a demise of our democracy if that cornerstone erodes." So, MSM, you have your marching orders from Sarah herself: vet her.

Bonus clip: Bristol claims that her life was perfect until she got together with Levi, and that she only slept with one guy. That is a lie; she aptly described herself a “slut” (her word) when she was 16 years old and sleeping with at least 2-3 guys; she was also “a stoner.” Bristol ended a recent speech saying, “I just want girls to know that abstinence is a realistic choice.” Yet last year, she told Greta van Susteren that abstinence is “not realistic at all.”

Wow! Patrick got the worldwide scoop on Sarah Palin’s new book, America by Heart, “…Sarah Palin's ‘Mein Kampf.’” Rather than inspiring stories, the book is full of standard Palin fare: self-righteousness, vindictiveness, criticism and projection. Let’s see, where to begin… hmm… Levi! Levi is an easy target, as Sarah criticizes him, in violation of Bristol’s custody order. She also criticizes American Idol contestants (jab at Scott Brown?) as “victims of the cult of self-esteem,” pursuing the limelight despite being “talent-deprived.” What poetic justice that this excerpt was released on the very day that Bristol Palin, who cannot dance, was voted into the finals of DWTS! The post elicited a “lawyer letter” from Harper Collins, telling Patrick to remove pages he published. Funny how other Palingates posts, notably those stating conclusively that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, elicited no response whatsoever from Palin’s legal team. Why? Because it is true, and they know it. Palingates got MANY links and mentions by other blogs and was mentioned widely by the MSM. BRAVO!

More on the book, plus a Good Morning America clip mentions Palingates – kudos, Patrick! This post focuses on Sarah’s claim that “the charge of racism is leveled at patriotic Americans” to stifle discussion. In a remarkable chain of weakly linked, unsubstantiated assumptions, she claims that President Obama “seems to believe” that America is fundamentally unequal and unjust, and that “certainly Michelle Obama expressed this view.” She then assumes this must be because they listened to fiery sermons by Reverend (and U.S. Marine veteran) Jeremiah Wright. She brings AG Holder’s comment about America’s inability to confront racism into this train-wreck of thought. She even stoops to using Malia Obama’s question, “did you plug the hole yet, daddy?” to demean the President. I shall resist the temptation to throw in some snark here about hole-plugging. ;-)

This post picked up on some good ideas from the comments: When she mentions Reverend Wright, Palingates will embed the Pastor Muthee video. When she claims that Michelle Obama is unpatriotic, we’ll highlight Sarah and Todd’s affiliation with the Alaskan Independence Party, a secessionist group with close ties to extreme right-wing militias. When she exploits the gulf oil spill, let’s play the tape of O’Reilly’s interview where she said the Norwegians could build a dike…

Several readers noted that Sarah offers a great case study in psychological projection. Simply take Sarah’s criticisms and insert the names of the people she is subliminally describing, and suddenly things make so much more sense. For example: “And how unsurprising coming from a [woman] who is [herself] one of the leading exemplars of the new culture of self-esteem." Or: "In fact, we [are] creating a generation of entitled little whiners…[Like Bristol,] these young people feel entitled to jobs and salaries they haven't earned. [Like Bristol,] they have unrealistic views of their own capabilities. [Like Bristol,] they don't take criticism well, and they demand lots of attention and guidance from their employers."

Palin’s next target is Hollywood. Palin disparages movies that show the ugly, unjust, inhumane side of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She opines that produding these films while the wars are occurring undermines the war effort. She uses names of Hollywood stars who enlisted in the military at the height of their stardom to make her point; we’ve already seen her exploit Pat Tillman’s name in a similar way. Her simplistic notion is that there is no such thing as an unjust war or a war fought for profit; soldiers’ mothers wouldn’t let that occur. Tell that to Mary Tillman, Cindy Sheehan and countless other mothers of soldiers killed or wounded in action. Patrick reminds us that many pro-war films are propaganda. As counterpoint, he recalls the epic “All Quiet on The Western Front.” Sarah reminds me of the character Kantorek, who gives speeches about the glory of serving the Homeland in wartime. But as the film painfully shows, war is hell on earth.

The post includes one of the “inspirational” quotes that we had heard would be in the book. This one is Sarah’s “favorite” part of a Toby Keith song, revealing her utterly simplistic, jingoistic notion of America’s role in the world: And you'll be sorry that you messed with The U S of A 'Cause we'll put a boot in your ass It's the American way. How uplifting. This woman wants to be Commander-in-Chief.

Please consider voting for Palingates for “Best Political Blog” if you haven’t already done so; thanks!

Comments of the Week

(Commenters, linkers and tweeters were in overdrive this week! Welcome to many new readers/posters!)

I am going to start out of order, with this response from Patrick to a compliment about his/RPK’s tremendous work on Palingates: Thank you! We do what we can. It took us a lot of time to be where we are now. However, the key is persistence. If you fight against a truly evil and dangerous person like Sarah Palin, you have to be determined and have to keep up the pressure…You need to build up a community and a network of sources and media contacts. All this takes a long time, and as an anonymous blogger, it's not easy to establish trust. It takes time. So I am grateful and happy about what is happening now, and I DO hope that we will inspire other people as well…

Many ‘Gaters enjoyed hearing from Bill (beardog321): This lady is a fraud, but the under and less educated amongst us have been bamboozled by all the smoke and mirrors and faux charm and sexuality. I have met evil, vindictive, and self absorbed women (And men too.) like Palin, but her handlers have raised it to a national art form. [Check out the update of mxm’s guest post]

Mrs TBB wrote brilliant new words for “I Dreamed a Dream”; here is the first verse:

I dreamed a dream when months went by / And we heard naught from $arah Palin
I dreamed her crowds all went bye-bye / And every poll found $arah trailin'…

Psalm73: This PAC information should raise warning flags to even the most loyal Sarah followers. They don't seem to have the good sense to ask why she spends so much on consulting and speechwriting, but never delivers a new speech or even a new frickin' joke… Wikipedia…: A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.

Marvinmm: …even if every single expense was judged to be on the up-and-up, how can anyone take this woman seriously as a fiscal conservative? She rails and rails against democratic wasteful spending when she manages her own organization as if it were a personal slush fund…

Wheresmyjammies: There sure are a lot of people milking that Sarah Palin gravy train. I don't think she is getting her money's worth. She still doesn't sound any smarter. She doesn't look any more attractive. Her screech is getting worse. Her behavior is more erratic. Her family is still dysfunctional. And her unapproval ratings are at an all time high. Sorry Sarah, but I think that God is just not that into you.

Later: How can such a childish, immature mind exist in a middle age body?

Virginiavoter: On the theme of Follow the Money....This post clearly shows the line between SarahPAC, and for profit " Sarah Palin, Inc" is blurred, if not virtually non-existent…

Lilylake has Sarah figured out: Remember, everything she says; think: THE OPPOSITE

Mrsgunka led a brave band of intrepid bloggers to chronicle episode 1 of “Sarah Palin’s fake Alaska” – very funny!

Daisydem: I feel like this is the Twilight Zone and she is the producer.

Lilybart: Her schizo dressing style is an indicator of mental illness, so not just petty gossip, to me. If Hillary showed up somewhere in purple suede boots and along black velvet goth coat one day, heels in the snow and a Mao hat on the next, I would be very concerned!!

A few days later: Hubby said that DWTS and the faggot remarks are cutting through because they are not political issues. They cut through partisan ideology to bad parenting, which everyone can recognize and cheating, which no one likes.

JCos: I bet watching old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will feel like watching Masterpiece Theater now.

Linda1961: "Sarah narrates while wearing both a cross pendant AND an American flag." Sinclair Lewis was a bit off, he said "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." It seems that it came wearing a cross pendant and wearing a flag pin (both made in China). Good one later: If I'm wrong and $P is elected POTUS in 2012, I'm going to be praying constantly that the Mayans were right.

Ella: Napolitano asked scarah if there was a political message in the "mama grizzly" frame - they showed the clip where sp says mama bear trains her cubs and says "no one else is going to do it FOR YOU." Palin smirks, and proudly BRAGS that you will see MANY political messages throughout the series. Meanwhile, TLC insists it is NOT political at all. Busted scarah.

TruthRocks: "Grandma, why did it take so long for the American citizens to figure out that Sarah Palin was a very sick lady and needed to be institutionalized?”

Disqusux: The original title of this book was "All the Crap That Didn't Fit into the First Book".

Mocha: It was fantastic this morning to open my Columbus Dispatch and see the AP story as told by Bloomberg News and the word " Palingates" right there in my hometown newspaper. Beyond awesome. Great work Patrick and just so excited to see the work of the blog come to the forefront.

There were many good comments about Willow and Bristol’s foul-mouthed diatribe on Facebook. [BBT: I have to wonder whether, between SP’s nasty comments about talent-less contestants on American Idol and how the judges feed their delusions, and the latest proof that Bristol is just another crude diva, DWTS may soon decide that their brand has been tarnished enough by the Palins.]

Maelewis: The freedom of the press is under assault from within, not from Iraq or Afghanistan. Sarah is treated to soft ball interviews. The media reports her twitters and face book posts as if she gave an actual press conference…She remains unaccountable… ABC is part of the media, and…Palinbots [brag] that they voted hundreds of times for Bristol… TLC is part of the media, and they…air political ads in the guise of an hour reality show for Sarah. It's all about ratings, not the truth…

465janedoeseeker: The two concepts – military, and freedom of speech – are completely separate, despite Palin's incessant conflating of the two. The courts enforce freedom of speech, not the military. In fact, the military can even impose a chilling factor on our freedom of speech, as has been the case during periods of political protest. If someone really wanted to shout, "dontcha just love your freedoms?" in sincerity and truth, they would be holding up a copy of the Constitution, not speaking (and chest-thumping) about military invasions in other countries.

GrannyJ: Trying to make sense of what they do makes me feel like Alice trying to make sense of the Mad Hatter.

Anja: This book needs to be called "My Ugly Heart", not "America by Heart". Since this woman first came onto the national scene, she has spewed hate and vitriol. I can't believe that she has gotten away with it for so long. Now her daughters are at it. Ugly Hearts, all of them.

BinCo: That last paragraph describes her perfectly. Entitled little whiner, unrealistic view of her own capabilities, undeserved salary and job, doesn't take criticism well and needs lots of attention… She sounds like Archie Bunker criticizing those youngsters!

PUAAN: As far as I can tell, there hasn't been any commentary in the blogosphere about the fact that Palingates received the cease and desist letter from Harper Collins, yet other sites which posted the same pages did not. I would love to see more on THAT story...

Thank you, Louie! Anyways, me a few million other american's were wondering if daddy could plug one more hole, can you guess which one?

Anne_123 started listing all Sarah’s insults – a new book unto itself!

Maelewis: When Sarah wrote about people who were praised all their lives so that they grew up with a sense of entitlement, while lacking in talent, whining about not winning, she described herself perfectly. Nothing will ever be Sarah's fault; she takes no responsibility for any of her actions. She is the perpetual victim, whenever she perceives criticism…Mae later had an excellent post on war films.

Kdusmdd thought “Heart” in the title must be an anagram, and dusty17 ran with it: Like This?

ApparentReality: Mix up the letters in 'heart', and you have "America by Hater"

Cheeriogirl is right (as usual): You know, the "teen activist" title bothers me. I've never heard of any one else referred to by that title. Just like everything else in Palinlandia, it was created just for Sarah, to make Bristol the Pistol's "situation" more acceptable to the far right minions of the GOP. More smoke, more mirrors.

BluedogAK: Good God. What's the title of her next book going to be, "America by a Tart: Reflections on Shit I'm Still Pissed About"? [BBT: let’s keep tarts out of this!]

Aspiecelia: …How strange to hear her talk about contestants on some TV show, putting them down for lack of talent while her talentless daughter is cheating her way through another show.

Sunnyjane lists the course offerings for Sarah U: Classes would consist of "How to Break the Law and Get Off Scott Free," "Grifting for Fun and Profit," "Not Worrying About How Untalented You Are, Your Parents Will Get You a Gig," "How to Get Even With All the People You Hate," "Constructing Stupid Fences With Secret Peep Holes," "Making a Good Living By Getting Pregnant and Being Unwed at Seventeen," etc. And this about the book title: It was a misunderstanding by the publisher. The correct title was: America by Heartless, Manifestations of Hate, Hypocrisy and Hubris.

Dsmyre: Todd on Sarah Palin's Alaska saying his next-door neighbor was writing a hit piece on Sarah. And here's Sarah writing a hit piece of her own... on everybody.

Casey’s Mom: BTW, it's very hard to see in the photos, but the REAL sub-title of this "book" is ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!

Just Ask: I'm not sure who she thinks she's kidding here. She's the Snooki of politics…

Sick of Sarah: Todd, to prove he loves America far more than Michelle Obama, joined and was a member of the Alaskan INDEPENDENCE Party. Nothing says "Love of Country" more than secession.

Peacepax: Palingates is not here to argue, just to expose the truth, because we love our freedom.

CaliGirl22: Palin's time tested truths are: teeth whitener, tanning bed/cream, black push up bra, red CFME pumps, bumpit, short skirts and a disabled grandson.

LouieCypher: I'm calling it "America by Louie" by Louie Cypher, Here's a little sample from a chapter called "Look at all the great shit I did" Then there was the time I cured cancer, and you would have heard about too if it wasn't for Obama, Obamacare, and Eddie Russle, Eddie made me eat dirt in like the second grade and it was me who had to endure this, after I called him a stinky face.

((((((♥♥♥)))))) from Palingaters to mr&mrsgunka.

Sondra Tompkins: Narcissists feed off of love and hate. Indifference is the way to starve them.

Later: A lot of folks seem to misunderstand the purpose of a military, including Sarah. It is to DEFEND a country, not invade others for seemingly pointless reasons. I served in the military with no regrets. But I am against pointless wars. I don't think we should go around invading other countries…

Ennealogic: Talking heads everywhere, all spectrums, are weighing in on Palin's "recycled racism" as spit out there on the pages of her latest screed. AND YOU KNOW it would not be there now, today, were it not for our incredible blog hosts.

NebraskaNative found that the phrase “confidence and brio” was used in the Christian Science Monitor May 10, 2010 article about Lena Horne.

Dusty17 has a moving comment about her husband’s return from Vietnam to a hostile reception by Alaskans. Dusty concludes with: She is not a leader, she is a divider… She is a threat to our nation's security as IMO she would love to start the biggest race riot this country has ever seen.

Midnightcajun: One can be FOR our soldiers and AGAINST a stupid, unethical war. The truth is that Sarah doesn't give a flying F about our soldiers; she's selling the myth of American exceptionalism, and in that myth, America can do no wrong. She doesn't care how many thousands of young men die or are maimed in order to perpetuate that myth

Ivyfree: Being against a stupid, unethical war IS being for our soldiers. If you ask somebody to kill, or to die, for a cause, it ought to be a damn good cause.

Forgetmyname reported on an interview with Bristol, who said that “hate fires me up” and “hate fuels me.” BBT: Fascinating admission; apparently it’s genetic.

Madam Deal and Emily Peacock quoted several beautiful poems on the toll of war, and Me Guest had lyrics on how most of today’s politicians and captains of industry do not put themselves or their children at risk in war. “If there was honour in the battle... there'd be princes in the line.”

Ginger50 posted a sad, powerful piece on homeless teenagers in Wasilla, AK. Unfortunately, this story will not be shown on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Jenny B: I was a Navy wife for 19 years. I kept the home fires burning through 6 cruises so I think I qualify as part of the military. So I can tell you that I find SP's comments insulting! What has she done to make sacrifices for her country? Did she spent 50% of her life away from her loved ones? Did she have to worry about her spouse who was half way across the world flying off an aircraft carrier? Did she have to raise her children alone most of the time? Yet in her mind, I am not a patriot because I don't agree with her!

BBT says: There are many more comments, but I HAVE to stop here or I’ll have a book of my own! Good stuff, Palingaters!

Links of the Week

Dusty made a Sarah Palin Bingo game for us to play during Sarah’s unreality show!

Palinized found that the evil Katie Couric struck again, with an interview with Lisa Murkowski that is less than complimentary to Sarah.

Juicyfruityy linked to politicususa; to this on Palin’s dwindling influence in AK and Murkowski’s claim that she will work across the aisle.

to more from Karl Rove on Sarah Palin’s famously thin skin

and to Malia Litman on Sarah Palin’s lessons in absurdity

Bluerinse found this brilliant clip from Jon Stewart

Older_Wiser linked to a great one from flyinyoureye

Disqusux with a more appropriate title for the book

CDNpotpourri linked to another brilliant comment by Andrew Sullivan

Cheeriogirl found this, with a GREAT comment by Barb C (scroll down).

Millionaires say tax us; and this with Bristol and the Situation on abstinence and birth control.

Sunnyjane linked to Margaret and Helen with another outstanding post

Pammyg linked to an excellent post by Sarah Jones; here is a great quote: If this were you and you needed to sell yourself as pro-America, and you had no scruples to get in the way, you would do what Palin does best: the best defense is a good offense. Accuse the other side of your largest weakness. Add a bit of deflection, a hint of martyrdom and an exquisite mixture of doe-eyed, thigh-high skirted claims of victimization and you have yourself a winner. Sarah Palin is the Great White Hope of the far right KKK tied secessionist, anarchist movement, the birthers, the white nationalists, and the pseudo Christians who use Christ to demonize “the Other”.

Bandit Basheert: The Hill on Lisa Murkowski as “heavyweight” to SP and JM as “lightweights.”

AzureGhost: The BBC is onto “Sarah Palin’s Fake Alaska.”

and this from the Mudflats

Annettek posted this link to an AIP meeting where the speaker says, “Our [then] current Governor, Sarah Palin…was an AIP member before she got the job as the mayor of a small town…but to go along and get along she eventually joined the Republican Party…”

Honestyingov: "Former ABC Reporter Jami Floyd Slams Sarah Palin as an 'Extraordinary Ass' on MSNBC."

Here is a link to ADN/AP review of America by Heart

Emily Peacock: politicususa on Republicans linking Sarah to Soros

Voiceinwind: why we are in Afghanistan: HERE and HERE

Anja found this oldie but goodie from Dick Cavett

Juicyfruityy found that Phil Munger has a post on Palingates – thanks, Phil!

Tweets of the Week

Ennealogic: SarahPAC paid almost $1mil to consultants so far this year, but @SarahPalinUSA disapproval at all time high!

ProChoiceGrandma: #Palin's Movemnt Urges 'Godly' To 'Plunder' Wealth of 'Godless' She plunders thru SarahPAC

(with H/T to Guest and Joy Behar’s mother): @Palingates: Sarah #Palin, don't spit up in the air, it comes back in your face. #GOPlies

Honestyingov: @NYDAILYNEWS, sez abt @spalaska "just go back to Sarah Palin's Alaska and enjoy that subsidy welfare-y thing" #p2

@BristolPalin CHOSE 2 have Fam. Friend- Morlocks on Nat'l TV. Must be pretty CLOSE? read THIS. @ABC_DWTS #p2

Dusty17/Emily Peacock: Americans R now saying "The lady (I use the term loosely) doth protest 2 much 2 deflect attention from the truth" re: @SarahPalinUSA & FEC.

Dusty17/Nin1963: @SarahPalinUSA "didn't mind quitting on Alaskans, but quitting on a fake mountain climb ($ millions at stake 4 a reality show) is a no no"

Dusty17/Psalm73: Jeez @SarahPalinUSA Rather than piss & moan re:Hollywood & its messages, Y not educate UR self in what is acceptable social behavior? #PWT

Dusty17/laprofesora: Gee, who wouldn't want a president who lists among their favorite movies "Knocked Up" and "40 Year Old Virgin"? umm @SarahPalinUSA #PWT

Sunnyjane: @sarahpalinusa: FEC is investigating A LOT MORE than piddly $25. What about Pie Spy LLC? They’re gonna getcha, Sarah, you betcha!

@sarahpalinusa: Hate to break it to ya, Sarah, but salmon “slaying” and fake mountain climbing do NOT qualify you for President of U.S.

@sarahpalinusa: Palin backs ANOTHER loser, Joe Miller! Palin “winners” include head-stomping advocate, Rand Paul. Very presidential, Sarah.

@sarahpalinusa: The media didn’t vet Pres. Obama, huh? Wait til they start vetting YOU about Rev. Muthee, the AIP, Mat-Su Dairy, Trig, etc.
@sarahpalinusa: Palin’s new book “America by Heart” is NOT about America. It’s about HER, and shows how dark and vindictive her soul is.
@sarahpalinusa: Congratulations on your new book, Sarah! You have effectively given new meaning to the words Hate, Hypocrisy & Hubris.

Crystalwolfakacaligrl: Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Says Sarah Palin Was “Self Defecating” @spalaska Yes she shits on herself all the time, lol!

Roseanne Cash to Sarah: He was pres. of the Harvard law review, a constitutional scholar and a Senator. And you?

Wesinoregon on Sarah’s tweet about WATERBOARDING the editor of Gawker: @sarahpalinusa #sarapalinusa #p2 #tcot Palin calling 4 torture @Gawker 3 hours ago reply

KatieAnnieOakly: My first tweet: "The line between Divine Intervention & Divine Retribution is a fine line. Those who tread recklessly fall hard from public & God's graces."

@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others:
@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others also -
@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others too -
@SarahPalinUSA One of These Things is Not Like the Others, you betcha -

@SarahPalinUSA We've seen how your kids speak and act on Facebook attacking a kid for his opinion. What horrors do they commit in person?

The last word this week goes to Jim: While Bush was President you couldn't utter a single bad thing about him because you were enabling the enemy by being critical about the Commander in Chief. Yet the far right led by Palin now believe it's patriotic to be critical towards Obama, their disrespect bordering on sedition… I served 23 years and I'm tired of being labeled as being unpatriotic because I don't think we should be occupying two countries, countries that didn't attack us in any way shape or form. I'm tired of being labeled unamerican because I'm not a far right conservative Tea Partier. If anything the Tea Partiers…[are] the ones that hate what America is. Sorry for the rant but I've had it with Palin and her act…

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