Tuesday 16 November 2010

Sarah Palin admits that she sends out political messages through "Sarah Palin's Alaska" - Despite fervent denials by TLC producer Mark Burnett

Thanks to our observant readers, one "myth" could finally be confirmed: YES, Sarah Palin's DOES send out political messages through her reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

This might come as a "shock" to those people who believed the previous fervent denials by TLC producer Mark Burnett, who said for example in October 2010:

"People will get to know Sarah and her family, in a completely non-political environment. (...)

It’s completely non-political. I’m in the middle. I’m certainly not on the left and not on the right. I’m right in the middle, quite frankly. We could talk about any politics if we wanted, but it really was just an adventure, fun, romp through Alaska."

In addition, the official website of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" accuses everyone of "bias" who might not believe the official line. Under the headline "Just Admit It, You're Biased", they write:

We expected the show would generate a lot of attention and conversation in the digital/social space and the wider world. One fact we have embraced from the start is that Sarah Palin is an internationally recognized political figure and people would want to talk about what they believed were the political aspects of the show. You have proven this to be overwhelmingly true.

Since I have read almost every comment submitted to SPAlaska.com, and across all the various social channels that have been established to help engage the audience in a discussion around the show, I have noticed some patterns emerging. One glaringly obvious pattern: everyone is biased – with some more ideologically driven than others. Sure, anyone could have told you that, but thanks to all the comments, I have verifiable proof.

(...) So that we are clear about a couple of things. 1) The show has nothing at all to do with the 2012 Presidential campaign and when you watch this Sunday night you will see that for yourself. 2) Liberals and conservatives both get plenty of things wrong all the time – I would be careful not to throw any rocks in another person’s greenhouse. 3) Alaska is/would be an awesome place to visit/live.

Well, we have a message for you, guys and galz: It turns out that Mama Grizzly Palin had different ideas.

Judge Napolitano asks Sarah Palin whether she was talking in the clip from her show with the bear scene "about the Government, or was it at least in the back of your mind?"

Sarah Palin answered:

"Oh, you are going to see all this subtleties all throughout the next eight episodes. Yeah, I am sending some messages out there. Yeah, what I see in a bear, in any other species in their natural habitat, they are self-sufficient. They are not sitting around waiting for something else to catch that salmon for them and feed them. The Mama Grizzly's are taking care of their cubs in order to make sure that their species can continue, but no, everybody is expected to help themselves in order to perpetuate the species and the success of."

Well, Sarah Palin, let me tell you, you are as subtle as a sledgehammer!

I do hope that Mark Burnett and his team are now really, really, really shocked. ;-)


Actually, it seems that Sarah Palin is wrong again (many thanks to JCos):

Squirrel being fed



Palingates can show you exclusively the first glimpse of Sarah Palin's new book "America by Heart!"

She dedicates the book to:

Dedication - detail

Sarah Palin, who by unbelievable luck managed to hide her badly faked pregnancy up until today, has the audacity to continue to use Trig as a political prop.


Hi Sarah, we also have a few quotes by Thomas Paine for you:

"Any system of religion that has anything in it that shocks the mind of a child, cannot be true."

"My mind is my own church."

"Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst."

"Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law."

"There are matters in the Bible, said to be done by the express commandment of God, that are shocking to humanity and to every idea we have of moral justice."


Sarah Palin becomes sassier every day: Despite being one of the most unqualified candidates in history whose multiple skeletons in the closet were mainly kept under wraps due to inefficient research by the media, she now knows exactly where the current problems of the country come from: Barack Obama wasn't vetted properly.

"We know that Obama wasn’t vetted through the campaign, and now, you know, some things are coming home to roost, if you will, which is inexperience, his associations, and that ultimately harms our republic when a candidate isn’t — isn’t vetted by the media, that cornerstone of our democracy. So, you’re right, it’s not about me and whether you like my politics or not. You can push all that aside, and just pay attention to what that message is in this documentary, and that is that things have got to change for the better in the state of journalism. Otherwise, you know, it could be part of a demise of our democracy if that cornerstone erodes."

Well, that happens if nobody dares to critically question the "mentally unstable" Sarah Palin who now thinks she can get away with absolutely everything.


But Palin will make sure that THIS won't happen again.

Nobody vets the Queen!



Bristol Palin explains in an interview with ABC for DWTS that she was the "golden child" and "never really had any problems or challenges" before she "starting dating Levi."

I can say straight away that this is a flat-out LIE, as well as an incredible mean statement towards Levi. We have reliable reports that Bristol had quite a lot of problems in the past, including drug-use, and also had a secret pregnancy in 2007. It's pretty infuriating that she now attempts to re-write history, and is obviously allowed to do so.

It's not 100% because we don't know exactly when and under which circumstances Trig was born. The official birthdate April 18, 2008 is a load of hogwash, as we have proven over and over again.

And then April Morlock appears in the clip as well, the sister of Jeremy Morlock, the soldier who is accused of murdering civilians in Afghanistan. The MSM doesn't take notice. Well, it's not important, apparently. But Barack Obama once knew Bill Ayers, oh the horror!


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