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REVEALED: Bristol Palin strolls around in LA with April Morlock, sister of soldier Jeremy Morlock, accused of "killing for fun" in Afghanistan

Another day, another story you won't read anywhere else.

Bristol Palin is trying to enjoy her stay in Los Angeles, where Sarah's fans faithfully keep her on DWTS.

However, with the limelight comes the paparazzi, those pesky, inquisitive individuals. Sometimes, you can even find a photo through which some facts might come to light that the Palins would rather not discuss in public. Facts which might not necessarily be a "crime", but which are definitely newsworthy. Pesky little facts which might came back to haunt Sarah Palin when she makes her run for the US Presidency.

Here at Palingates we can report a story which hasn't been spotted by the media so far, despite it being "out there", for everyone to see.

Over the years, Palingates and its research team closely examined the Palin family and their friends and associations. Today that intensive work once again pays off, as this enables us to "spot something", together with the help of one of our readers, which others simply would not realize - and it's an important observation.

On Friday, the UK Daily Mail published a rather shallow, innocent story about Bristol Palin in Los Angeles, together with some paparazzi pictures titled: "Cooling off: Bristol Palin grabs frozen yoghurt during punishing dance rehearsals in scorching LA heat."

Bristol in LA with frozen yoghurt

Bristol was well aware that the paparazzi were taking photos her - she was waving at them. From the collection at

Bristol Palin with Morlock waving

So Bristol enjoyed her frozen yogurt, and she wasn't alone. The Daily Mail noted that a "friend" was with her, and also published a picture of Bristol and her dark-haired friend.


Bristol Palin with April Morlock in LA

But who was this mysterious friend?

This friend is none other than April Morlock, sister of Jeremy Morlock, the soldier who is famously accused of "killing for fun" in Afghanistan, and according to the New York Daily News has already confessed his crimes:

Jeremy Morlock - NYDailyNews article

The New York Daily News reported:
Videotapes of his interviews with Army investigators surfaced on Monday, in which Morlock details how he and fellow soldiers Calvin Gibbs and Adam Winfield mercilessly targeted civilians.

In one clip, Morlock describes how they forced an innocent man to obey their commands and stand still while they killed him with a grenade.

"We had this guy by the compound, and so Gibbs, you know, walked him out and set him in place, like 'Hey, stand here,'" Morlock says on the tape, telling the invesigator they had the man stay "where Gibbs could get behind cover after the grenade went off."

"He pulled out one of his grenades...popped it...throws the grenade and then tells me and Winfield, alright dude, wax this guy," Morlock says. "Kill this guy, kill this guy."

The civilian was fully cooperative and unarmed, Morlock told the Army. "He wasn't a threat."

Morlock's attorneys are trying to suppress his remarks from being brought into evidence, saying the statements were given under the influence of heavy medications the soldier was taking to deal with the pain of traumatic brain injury, caused by repeated concussions sustained in combat.

An Army official, however, has testified that Morlock was lucid and present while making the statements.

It apppears that Jeremy Morlock has repeatedly shown violent behaviour in the past. The Anchorage Daily News reported on September 27, 2010:

But another former hockey coach, Sean McCoy, said Morlock had a violent temper.

McCoy cited an incident that occurred in the 2004-2005 hockey season, when as a junior in high school, Morlock joined in a practice session with middle-school players.

Booted off the ice for bad behavior, McCoy said, Morlock went into a locker room and assaulted a younger player. Morlock punched, squeezed the player's jugular and slammed the younger boy's body again the wall, narrowly missing a coat hook, according to McCoy.

"It was definitely meant to hurt and intimidate, and for no reason," McCoy said.

He said his team contacted Wasilla police, who came to the locker room to investigate but declined to press charges. Smith said he learned of the incident but discounted it as a minor scuffle.


Morlock joined the Army after his 2006 graduation from high school. While stationed in Washington state, he got married. By summer 2008, the marriage turned rocky amid allegations of abuse by both parties.

Last June 19, Morlock was charged in Auburn Municipal Court with fourth-degree assault for allegedly throwing a beer glass at his wife and pressing a lighted cigarette against her chest.

In a statement to Auburn police, his wife said she was concerned for her safety and contacted her husband's Army supervisors.

Morlock was convicted of a lesser charge of disorderly conduct and paid a $518 fine. The incident wasn't deemed serious enough to bump him from Afghanistan duty.

Another picture of Jeremy Morlock:

Jeremy Morlock 1

Here is a picture which shows April Morlock with her brother:

April Morlock with Jeremy Morlock

April Morlock with Bristol and Trig - 2

April Morlock with Bristol and Trig 4

The connection between April Morlock and Bristol Palin was first noted by John Cook, senior reporter at Yahoo News in June 2010:

A U.S. Army soldier who's been charged with murdering three Afghan civilians appears to have crossed paths with the family of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. On Friday, Spc. Jeremy Morlock, 22, of Wasilla, Alaska, was arrested on charges of premeditated murder related to the deaths of three Afghans near Kandahar, Afghanistan, where he served with the Army's 5th Stryker Brigade.

Morlock is the first of 10 soldiers under investigation for the murders to be charged. The inquiry began after a soldier at Forward Operating Base Ramrod, near Kandahar, went to his superiors with allegations of illegal drug use in his unit last month. The whistleblower was severely beaten by his colleagues; while recovering in a hospital, he came forward with the murder allegations.

Wasilla, as Palin frequently pointed out during the 2008 election campaign, is a very small community, so it's not surprising that the Palin family would have developed relationships, however incidental, with one of its residents. According to a 2009 People magazine profile of Bristol Palin, Jeremy Morlock's sister April is a friend of Bristol's and attended a "pizza and bingo party" at the Palin residence. And in 2005, Jeremy Morlock played in a high school hockey league with Palin's son Track, who himself served in the Army in Iraq. The two apparently attended different high schools.

A representative for Palin would not state on the record whether or not the Palin camp would comment on any past contact with Morlock. April Morlock did not immediately respond to an email.

Palingates then revealed more details of the incredibly close relationship of the Morlock family to the Palins in a post on July 21, 2010. This post found only little attention, despite the fact that it was based on detailed information Palingates exclusively received from a source very close to the Palin family.

1) April Morlock Sr., the twin sister of Audrey Morlock (mother of April Morlock Jr.), dated Todd from 5th to 9th grade in Dillingham.

2) Willow Palin belonged to a group of teenagers who in 2009 badly vandalized and trashed an empty house in Wasilla which was up for sale. This house was owned by the Morlocks.

3) Audrey Morlock, April's mother, then visited Sarah and Todd and personally confronted them with these facts. While Sarah immediately rejected the idea that Willow could have been part of this group, Todd was more understanding and said that he would look into the situation. The exact outcome is not known to our source, but it's believed that insurance paid the damage.

4) At some point in the past, April Morlock got in trouble with her mother Audrey. In order to defend herself, April blurted out:

"At least I am not pregnant like Bristol Palin."

According to our source, this was long before the Tripp pregnancy. Therefore April Morlock must have been referring to another pregnancy before Tripp.

Bristol Palin's FIRST pregnancy which happened around the second half of 2007 was also confirmed to us through other highly reliable sources in Alaska. Please download our summary about "babygate" HERE and read all the posts on Palingates about "babygate" HERE.


My view on this case is the following:

While it's a terrible tragedy that very young soldiers turn into mindless killing machines when they are serving in a warzone, it's curious that Sarah Palin has never addressed the Morlock case, despite the fact that his sister April is one of Bristol Palin's best friends.

Sarah Palin shouts out at every giving opportunity, in almost every speech she gives that the "US military is a force for good in this world, and there is nothing to apologize for."

Shouldn't the example of Jeremy Morlock and his accused fellow soldiers give Sarah Palin a reason to start to question her own incredibly simplistic statement regarding the US military?

Should Sarah not at least address the issue?

Even April Morlock herself talked about it on her facebook while it was still public:

April Morlock - facebook comment 2

Why does Sarah Palin keep silent about it despite the fact that her own family has been very close to the Morlocks for decades?

Also, what does Sarah Palin think about this "guilt by association" concept that she herself applies to President Obama's alleged associations?

For example, Sarah Palin used the vicious "Obama = Ayers" meme during the 2008 presidential campaign all the time:

Sarah Palin: "I believe that it is not negative campaigning or off-base
to call someone out on their associations."

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: We DO NOT believe that Palin's "guilt by association" concept is valid. It's a moronic concept, developed by a moron called Sarah Palin. But why shouldn't she be held accountable to her own standards, and if it's just to show how badly conceived these standards are? She certainly had no hesitation to smear Barack Obama over and over again in 2008, and she would do it again.

It's incredibly tragic that very young men are thrown into horrific environments and turn into killing machines. Many more people bear responsibility for these kind of events apart from the accused soldiers, because good leadership and a careful selection process should ensure that those cases just don't happen. I am well aware that this is all a great tragedy and that these young men most likely would have lived a life without committing crimes if they hadn't been sent to Afghanistan to kill people for reasons which are not easy to understand.

Nobody here blames Bristol Palin or April Morlock for any wrongoing. The focus is on Sarah Palin. Her ignorance is sickening as always. Anyone in her place with a sense of responsibility and humanity would try to address this case in public, as the Morlock family are very close friends.

Sarah Palin doesn't address it and just ignores this case - a case which doesn't go along with her glorification of the military. It also appears that she is apparently not keen to advertise her connection to Jeremy Morlock in public. She is not presidential material, and never will be.

I would like to point something else out as well. I personally do not believe that April Morlock or the rest of her family are particularly happy that Sarah Palin is not openly defending Jeremy Morlock, but that Sarah Palin instead just ignores the case.

I also do believe that April Morlock knows very well what she is doing when she as the sister of a young man who is the defendant in a nationally reported murder case puts a picture up as her facebook picture which shows her together with Bristol and Tripp - and also when she walks around in LA together with Bristol, after Bristol has been hunted by paparazzi on a daily basis for weeks.

What I want to express is that there might be "layers" in this case that might not be apparent at first sight.

Back to Sarah Palin: Doesn't it concern Sarah Palin that her idealistic view of the US military is not at all an accurate depiction of reality, but that horrible things can happen in the de-humanizing environment of warzones?

This type of critical reflection and analysis would be expected from somebody who aspires to become the most powerful person in the world.

But don't expect it from Sarah from Alaska.


Please note:

I made a few changes and additions to the post in order to address some of the points which were made here in the comments and in order to point out in greater detail why I believe that this story is newsworthy. I also included the fact that the first one to mention the connection between the Palins and the Morlocks was John Cook from Yahoo News in an article in June 2010. Palingates then later followed up with more details.

I apparently wasn't careful enough at the beginning to explain my intention, and a few people simply misunderstood what I wanted to say.

Palingates cannot shy away from subjects which might be controversial. We are sometimes dealing with very serious issues, and have done before. The reason why we take such an incredibly close look at Sarah Palin and her friends, family and associations is that this person who aspires to become the most powerful person in the world has A LOT of baggage and MANY skeletons in the closet which she herself conveniently ignores, or is even "forced" to ignore due to her personality disorder.

Bristol and Track in particular grew up in a drug infested environment. We also pointed this out in September 2010 in our post about Bristol Palin's "prom date from hell." We have received very detailed information about this, and it's not really a great secret. Through the extensive research for example by our fantastic research team we got a very clear picture about the fact that drug abuse is rampant amongst teenagers in the "Valley" and other parts of Alaska.

In addition, there is for example the case of Todd Palin's half-sister Diana Palin, who was indicted in 2009 for burglaries she had committed in March and April 2009 while being a drug addict.

Press reports suggest that drugs also played a major part in the killings which were apparently committed by Jeremy Morlock and his friends in Afghanistan. These are all issues which were never addressed by Palin, nor does it seem that she cared too much in the past about what her children were actually doing. This is not what you expect from a future US President.


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