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Palingates Weekly Roundup - November 22 to November 28

By Blueberry Tart

Leadfoot_LA and Bella are our guest TV bloggers, reporting on Sarah Palin’s Alaska with wit and a bit of wise-cracking. Sarah’s sweaty workout at gym; check. Staged trip to shooting range, allowing for several overtly political jabs by Sarah, check. Bristol is thin! Sarah misses the clay pigeon and claims she thought it was a mosquito. Bristol is clueless about shooting and Sarah and Todd give her conflicting advice. Then they go off for a fishing trip in an RV, bring Tripp (asking for “papa”) but not Trig; none of the kids are wearing seatbelts and the girls are sassy and bickering; Sarah is too busy with her Blackberry to pay attention. They go fishing and Bristol (verified as the Homer bully) clubs halibut, glad to be “getting her aggression out.” Later, Sarah and the Secessionist race kayaks. They cook fish. They compete. “It's the end of this episode -- exactly what I needed,” says Leadfoot. H/T to Bella and her for taking one for the team! Check out the fun with live-chat and other blogs.

Regina’s back with a guest post about how folks in Britain view Sarah Palin. The BBC recently ran a program on the possibility of Sarah Palin running for/ becoming POTUS. With a couple of exceptions, the Brits featured found that prospect “scary,” one caller saying that the idea “terrifies me rigid.” One commenter thought that “Michael Palin would do a better job.” Patrick notes that the Guardian has been following events closely, including linking to Palingates in two articles on Palin’s new book. Patrick then sums it up the current state of the Palin affair: “It's a huge tragedy that the USA is now being tormented by a woman who combines delusions of grandeur with a severe mental disorder and an unrestrained desire to punish her enemies…The insanity will continue.”

Sarah has been busy revising history again, this time reinventing Bristol’s and Willow’s foul-mouthed Facebook rants as though her daughters were innocently victimized. Sarah now claims that Willow simply defended her family against horrible bloggers who said mean things about her family and her little brother Trig. Except that’s NOT what happened. A young man posted a single line critique of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on his own Facebook page, leading Bristol and Willow to attack him in crude language on his page. The young man made NO comments about Trig or other members of the family, but only criticized the TV show. For that, Bristol and Willow unleashed a barrage of insults, using homophobic slurs and other nasty, rude language. In short: this is another LIE by Sarah Palin, enabled by the media. The incident also reveals the true character of Bristol and Willow and the vindictive responses they have apparently learned from the master herself. Call the Supernanny!

Patrick and Kathleen gave us a real Thanksgiving treat, sharing the feast with Kim Chatman! For those who don’t know Kim, she is one of the true Alaskan heroes who stood up to Sarah Palin during her term as governor. Kim was originally a Republican and a Palin supporter, until she saw first-hand that Sarah was faking her pregnancy with Trig. Later, Kim filed the successful ethics complaint against Sarah’s Alaska Fund Trust. The Ethics Commission issued the Petumenos Report finding that this fund violated state law. Kim’s bona fides include being born into an Army family, serving in the USAF for 15 years and working for the military, currently in Germany. She is living proof, along with many others, that our soldiers are not necessarily fans of Mrs. Palin and do not want her to be Commander-in-Chief. Kim also attended Palin’s book-signing and has now given P&K a signed copy of Going Rogue – we’ll soon see how they plan to use it – should be interesting!

I saw the new post just as I was about to send the Roundup on for Regina to work her magic; so here is a quick summary. Patrick presents the firmest proof to date that Palin is planning to run for President. Sarah’s Facebook page and the new Sarah Palin 2012 Facebook group include four of the same people as administrators. This indicates that Sarah Palin has approved the creation of the new group promoting her 2012 candidacy. We see short profiles of some of the key people on Sarah’s team – Rebecca Mansour, Ivy Frye (with her hands full trying to rein in Willow’s behavior), Jackie Stamper Siciliano of “Team Sarah” (not so independent after all), and four administrators of both Facebook pages. The group rules: “No insane stupidity or ignorance, please! Did we forget to mention that any criticism of Sarah Palin is just insanely stupid or ignorant?”

Comments of the Week

MSMSucks: Ms. Palin, should my ancestors say God Bless America for theft and death of millions of Africans who were taken from their homeland to be slaves? Should my mother, grandmothers and grandfather say God Bless America for Racism, lynching, Jim Crow and racial profiling? Should women say God Bless America for inequality, abuse and rape? Should 18 year old men who were forced to fight unjustified wars say God Bless America, only to come home to be treated like dirt? Should the middle class say God Bless America for the Rich who wiped out their livelihoods? …

Older_Wiser: She doesn't want to be the first female president--she wants to be our first dictator.

Hindsite (from comment on ADN): They were …letting [Harper Collins] know that they were not purchasing Palin's book but were instead sending a donation to a down syndrome charity instead in the amount of the book purchase price. This should go viral to bring attention to Palin's greed and her non commitment to a cause that should be dear to her heart. It might garner some media attention if it snowballed. AzureGhost had the contact info: HarperCollins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

Anonposter: The version of that old saying which I remember is: "There are three things you don't discuss: religion, politics and sex." Interestingly enough, Mrs. Palin's career strategy can be easily described as a Venn diagram in which all three overlap. No wonder she's divisive.

Sondra and others shared how divisive Sarah Palin is within families; Palingaters ((((♥)))) Sondra!

Just Ask: It's mind boggling that a person who knows very little about anything feels she has the right to have an expert opinion on everything.

BluedogAK: As I'm constantly pointing out to anyone who comments favorably about her reform record or all the good things she did as governor, etc. "Your first mistake is to believe anything Sarah Palin says about herself."

Sick of Sarah: Sarah Palin's life should be turned into a Twilight Zone TV show script. One where, McCain offers her a magical box, and if she opens it, she will have riches and fame beyond her wildest dreams; but it will, at the same time, destroy her children and her family. We have seen the episode where she opened it... now we are watching the rest of the show.

Elizabeth44: If one of the children were in trouble, I would say, "It happens in the best of families". When the three eldest have major issues, then you've got to look at the parents for sure.

Brian: It is important, I think, to keep an eye on the flow of money to and among the various players in this network. Much is going on in a shadowy way--as seen in the way money was sent to Livestro from SarahPac. My sense is that the press is missing what is going on, and although we here at Palingates are primarily focused on stopping her quest for power, it should be understood that she is part of something bigger.

Kathleenpalingates: Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of going clubbing with Bristol Palin........

Cheeriogirl is digging up some interesting stuff on Alaska health care…stay tuned!

Regina: For some reason, the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" sprung to mind. Sarah could write "How to Make Enemies and Alienate People."

Many ‘Gaters reposted this SP Instant Classic: Palin also weighs in on the state of journalism: “I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree. I studied journalism, who, what, where, when, and why of reporting".

Sondra Tompkins: I think you mean her degree was in lack of communication with an emphasis in eradicating journalism. ;-)

Onejrkitty or Dobie Tracker made a powerful comment on breaking away from a narcissistic mother, including this: True to form, there is no way you can ever "win" when dealing with a narcissist. You just keep breathing and wait for them to self destruct.

There was quite a live-blogging session Tuesday night, as Bristol finally got her due. Many good comments. Nycgirl picked up a recurring theme on Bristol: We have enjoyed watching you grow, AHAHAHAHA

Onejrkitty assembled some of Bristol’s memorable quotes from DWTS: "[Going out there and winning this would mean a lot.] It would be a middle finger to all those who hate my mom and who hate me." "It sucks." "I was screwed." "…all the haters who want to see me fail." [BBT to Sarah: These quotes show that Bristol is the EPITOME (look it up) of an “entitled little whiner [with] unrealistic views of [her] own capabilities…[who doesn’t] take criticism well…"

Former Republican: The costumer certainly had a special plan for Bristol, which was to send her out for her final dance looking like a Las Vegas Yeti. Vengance is mine, sayeth the costumer.

On a more serious note than usual, LouieCypher put in a heartfelt plea to contribute to local food banks for Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

KatieAnnieOakley (from an excellent open letter): People don't HATE you, Bristol. They don't even KNOW YOU. They hate condescending behavior coming from people that have it all, but still continue to cry foul. They hate many of your BEHAVIORS... like the Facebook Flame War with Willow. Like the condescension shown to the teacher in Homer, speaking her mind. Like the dragging of your son's father into court for child support, over and over... just because you can…

FreeTrig was on a roll with “news releases” on missing child Pipper Paylin, Wallow Paylin’s TV dill…

Mrsgunka’s wonderful story of neighborly kindness was the perfect prelude to Thanksgiving Day. As Emily Peacock commented, “Msgunka you are a treasure and part of the heart of this blog.”

‘Gaters had fun with Palin mixing up North and South Korea (any of ‘em, all of ‘em…); Regina posted a great map [Regina could you repost it?] and Kathleen was dead on with this: Sarah would bomb both of them to make sure that she hits the right one!

Yes, I can!

465janedoeseeker: She needs, must have, feeds on, anger; humor, let along side-splitting laughter without stop, that would be like holding a mirror or a cross to a vampire.

Jack Slater is keeping track of Willow’s foul mouth:

dumb shit, effin fat as hell, stfu (shut the fuck up), your so gay, don't talk shit, Tre stfu. Your such a faggot, What an effin jokester you are, Quit talkin shit about my family, You fucking posted it on Facebook, Dumb ass, ..if I posted shit about your family?, Soo stfu, You can't talk shit, You talked shit about my MOMS show dumbass

physicsmom: I believe that part of the reason we see so much bullying among children today is because they see adults acting out the same way and model them…

AzureGhost: Oh, but Sarah, you are very clearly showing that you CAN'T take it, that you and your family DON'T have a thick skin. Why don't you take your advice and zip your lips?

LouieCypher: Hey Sarah, well once again right on, I think you should take bristy's advice and dance, dance, dance around issues, policies hell pretty much everything (opps used the word hell, least it wasn't f#ggot)…

Redwood Palinizer: One thing that really surprises me about the Palin kids is how unpolished and crude they are. Their mother has been in politics and the public eye almost their whole lives and you know they have spent many hours with adults yet they have no social skills whatsoever and simply do not know how to conduct themselves… They are the kind of kids who have been allowed to do and say whatever, whenever they want. They have had no parental supervision or guidance whatsoever…

Austintxx found this on reddit: It's old. It's not shocking. Yes, her daughter is preaching abstinence after becoming a teen mom. Yes, she can't tell the difference between north and south korea. Yes, her book is filled with everything anti Obama. Are you surprised? She has an ignorant view of America, hell, the world. She has zero solutions…I'm not appalled anymore…This is who she is.

Nin1963: Narcissistic rage is not a reaction to stress - it is a reaction to a perceived slight, insult, criticism, or disagreement. Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury. Rage has two forms…:
I. Explosive - The narcissist erupts, attacks everyone in his immediate vicinity, causes damage to objects or people, and is verbally and psychologically abusive.
II. Pernicious or Passive-Aggressive (P/A) - the narcissist sulks, gives the silent treatment, and is plotting how to punish the transgressor and put her in her proper place. These narcissists are vindictive and often become stalkers… SOUND FAMILIAR?

Sjk: tom delay will be starring next in "dancing behind the bars". Looks like he'll get about 5 seasons worth.

Psalm73 had an excellent long comment; here is a snippet: No family can endure the circus that Sarah has set up for them, and not crack… Take care of those kids. They are acting out in frustration and need their parents.

Ltl1: Dear Sarah, …Thank you for tweeting the caustic, stupid, petty, childish nonsense you do. In doing so, you keep reminding us how fortunate we are that you are nowhere near the White House.

AKRNC had a great post about several young Army recruits soldiers who were unexpected guests for Thanksgiving: All I could see was three young people full of life, who would soon be going to Afghanistan… I thought of my sons and their friends and how they are too young to be fighting this senseless war… Palin's name came up… Amy said, "I always hoped I'd be able to vote for our first female President but in all good conscience, I could NEVER vote for her…Josh & Mike said they hadn't heard anyone in their unit say anything positive about her although they heard plenty of detrimental comments. So, Sarah, the troops… see right through your phony b.s.

We later sent hugs and prayers to AKRNC after a car crash involving her son and his family.

ProChoiceGrandma reminded us of this excellent quote from Game Change: “…her grasp of rudimentary facts and concepts was minimal. Palin couldn’t explain why North and South Korea were separate nations. She didn’t know what the Fed did. Asked who attacked America on 9/11, she suggested several times that it was Saddam Hussein. Asked to identify the enemy that her son would be fighting in Iraq, she drew a blank… Later, on the plane, Palin said to her team, “I wish I’d paid more attention to this stuff.””

Aview999 found this comment on Newsweek: This isn't about conservative vs. liberal or democrat vs. republican; it's about the triumph of ignorance over reason and intelligence.

Older_Wiser had a good catch: Did Twitler invent another new word?..."self-resilience"???? (yes, indeed she did, at 5:25)

Sick of Sarah: Sarah leaving Trig after his operation did not get enough coverage in the media or on the blogs. Andrew Sullivan did comment on it as follows: "Yes, she left her two-year-old with Down Syndrome after a “worrisome” operation to campaign half the world away the next day, to save a far right candidate who lost." Sullivan forgot to point out Sarah also stayed an extra day to watch a Jets football game (after campaigning in West Va) versus returning to see how Trig was doing. Sarah dedicated her book to her "miracle from God".. but was not mother enough to stay with two year old Trig after his operation. No REAL mother would ever do this.

Lilybart pointed out: You know her favorite movie from her "book"? Hollywood liberal elitists WROTE, ACTED AND DIRECTED Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Imagine that! Not only THAT but Sidney Buchman, who wrote her favorite movie was a COMMIE:
1951—questioned by the House Un-American Committee, admitted being a Communist Party member, 1938–45, and blacklisted from 1953; moved to Europe; 1961—hired by 20th Century-Fox as writer-producer, and worked in Europe for the rest of his career.

Wayofpeace had an excellent long comment; here is a small part: …the real story is that Palin was discussing a complex, precarious, highly dangerous issue as if she were an expert, even though she clearly isn't.

Links of the Week

Texasgal2009: Mother Jones shows that Palin was repeatedly for TARP before she was against it and Andrew Sullivan calls her out again, this time about grizzlies

Aview999 found these links on Palin’s Unamerican Activities: HERE and HERE [BBT: I’m with Maher on this; why was this never made into an issue? It is an outrage that most Americans don’t even know that Sarah “shares the AIP’s vision.”]

This also from Aview999: another insightful comment from Andrew Sullivan: and this from ADN on Bristol “hating haters” Here is an excerpt: “…a hater is defined as somebody who disagrees or questions Sarah Palin about virtually anything…To the Palins, using the term immunizes them from criticism. You disagree, you're a hater; your opinion, your point of view, means nothing. That's too bad. Hiding behind "hater" is a childish, transparent and fearful self-defense gambit that signals intellectual weakness and a lack of backbone; an inability to defend an idea or principle. It insulates its user to end discourse. It forecloses on compromise, and labeling someone a "hater" is the first step in dismissing and, eventually, dehumanizing them. It's not me; it's you.

Juicyfruityy linked to Oz Mudflats with 10 reasons why Palin won’t be POTUS and later to Syrin’s blog

Igetit2 had another good post by Malia Litman

Mother Jones picked up the Palingates story researched by mxm with on-the-site research by Beardog321 — nice job, gumshoes!

Many ‘Gaters linked to reports of Willow Palin’s escapades

Patrick found this gem,

this from the Guardian on America by Heart and

this on Google censorship of blog critical of Palin

Rustee: Frum on Operation Stop Palin

and juicy found this, also from Frum

Rollingingraves: Richard Cohen in WaPo on Palin’s ignorance of history

Muldoon raised a good question about whether Sarah’s behavior regarding her children is a manifestation of Munchausen’s syndrome; Nin1963 found some good information on this HERE and HERE

Ifitismygame found a new blog from Malia Litman, Just say no to BS

Dusty17 pointed us toward a funny Thanksgiving post from Margaret & Helen:

Sjk found that Roland Martin picked up where Regina left off on Palin and obesity

Bluerinse linked to Frozenjustice

Zane1 found this from Robert Reich on Palin’s strategy

Austintxx linked to : Ryan Witt on Palin’s hypocrisy about the media

“…Rather than owning up to the error, Palin often shows a stubborn ability to stick by her mistake even though she knows it is wrong. This pattern amounts to more than just a gaffe, it is a real character flaw… Palin wants to be able to criticize, but not be criticized when she makes an obvious error…Fox News has thus far granted Palin's wish, but the rest of the media should not follow suit."

Austin also found this on Alternet on Sarah’s Palin’s “feminism”

Sdilmoak (many others shared the link and the sentiment): Stuffed Turkey? You be the judge. Are we being punked or not? As Jane noted, “…if that was a picture of me and I wasn't pregnant, I would be humiliated.”

Anony in FL linked to Andrew Sullivan on how Palin uses her kids for political gain

Cheeriogirl found this on the Koch Bros. orchestrating the TSA revolt

And this on the biggest vulnerabilities of the potential GOP candidates

Jack Slater found more about this on Salon

Honestyingov linked to politicususa on Sarah’s Thanksgiving of Spite: http://tinyurl.com/2ekrbpx

Others linked to Andrew Sullivan's take on her childish rant

Nin1963: “How Palin Flunks Feminism” from the Daily Beast

Wayofpeace linked to HuffPo on why the North Korea gaffe matters

Tweets of the Week

@sarahpalinusa: Hear/see Vice Chairman D. Clark say that Palin was a member of the AIP before she ran for mayor: http://tinyurl.com/5s53d8
@sarahpalinusa: “Poor” untalented, unwed teen mom Bristol brags in vulgar FB rant: “I’ll make more money tonight than you will in a year!”

Dusty17: RT @AmSpec: 'Huge Win' for Palin Publisher vs. Gawker http://bit.ly/cXHfz5 \\Nope No HUGE Win see here http://tinyurl.com/26649q8 LOL

SPECIAL ALERT: @SarahPalinUSA is whining & pouting again on FaceBook! The world must stop and take notice & PITY poor victim Sarah. AHHHH

KatieAnnieOakley: Oh look, Bristol "All Drama, All The Time" Palin on her back. Nothing to see here, nope, SSDDhttp://twitpic.com/390g9p does she ever learn?

Let's play "Six Degrees of Separation" Tim McVeigh 2 AK Citizens Militia Leaders 2 DropZone Bill 2 Joe Miller 2 $arah Palin - Oops... only 4

Rollingingraves found this tweet: @natalymor Bristol Palin is the antithesis of sex. Her "Cell Block Tango" made me want to barricade myself in a Swiss nunnery. And I'm a Jew. #DWTS

ProChoiceGrandma: #Palin flip-flops like halibut, 2009 SOS Address she agrees w/govt. nutrition, now disses FLOTUS.http://tinyurl.com/2g5q9zy FU Sarah! #P2

I actually AGREE with @SarahPalinUSA about “LameStreamMedia”. Why in hell has MSM not reported THIS? http://tinyurl.com/24sf5um @Palingates

Crystalwolfakacaligrl: #clownShow#Palin draws fire with North Korea gaffe http://goo.gl/0cHBy Newspapers in Asia and Europe are repeating the criticism.

Bluerinse: @sarahpalinusa "What Palin has done is use her children, having failed to actually rear them." OUCHhttp://tinyurl.com/35b9soj #2pb #palin

@SarahpalinUSA Sarah Palin's Alaska: 69% increase in Gonorrhea. How's that abstinency/no sex ed thingy working out for ya?

Honestyingov: @TLC, What will be @SarahPalinusa New Show U TRY to sell? "What NOT to SAY!",(excerpts from Willows FB) "100 LIES & Counting"? @spalaska #p2

WillShakepeare: @SarahPalinUSA Pebble Mine v Abundance, doesn't add up. http://goo.gl/h73kY

Is it God talking 2 #SarahPalin all th time, & She won't LISTEN? All of her stories R " fishy "(#Trig, #AIP, @SarahPAC ) FishTales @spalaska

Get A Life: Obama writes inspirational kids book, gives proceeds 2 military families @sarahpalinusa has ghostwriter write book, keeps proceeds 4 herself

The last word this week goes to FreeTrig (from a longer comment): In an odd way....all of us here can be grateful to Sarah Palin for bringing so many good souls together from all over the world in a cause to protect what is truly good in this world from what is wrong. Thank you. It is an honor to stand with you.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having yet one more day of a beautiful and rich life… we had a magical conversation about what it means to be a family and how fortunate we've been to have each other in this ongoing journey here. We talked about the future...and how we want to stay close and find a way to make our paths come together so we can live as a multi-generational family…

A little humor to wrap things up: Palinized pointed out this photo – nice grouping of titles at the bookstore!

And a cartoon from Tom Toles in the Washington Post, with H/T to 465janedoeseeker:


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