Wednesday 17 November 2010

Sarah Palin rails in her book "America by Heart" against "American Idol" contestants, praises her family, slams Levi Johnston and Hollywood


Watch of discussion on The View about Sarah Palin's comments which we published in this post:


Palingates is proud to present another story which you won't read anywhere else.

Sarah Palin's new book "America by Heart" will appear in one week, but a little birdie has already tweeted us some things which will be inside.

And what a read it is. The book is, I will say, not boring, but it's still one of the most stomach-turning reading experiences you will ever encounter in your life.

After this stressful evening with the Palinbots manipulating the DWTS competition and also Bristol's and Willow's horrific comments on Facebook (alternative download HERE), it's the perfect evening for another revelation:

Sarah Palin has to be the most delusional, petty and self-righteous person in the whole wide United States of America.

So that there can be no doubt about this fact, she apparently felt compelled to present the final evidence in the form of this new book, which really should have been called: Praising myself and my family and dishing out on all the others, and presenting myself as the one and only leader of the American nation.

It's Sarah Palin's "Mein Kampf."

And don't make any mistake: "My Alaska" was yesterday.

Now, it's "My America."

Also, let's make clear once and for all that there is somebody who can deliver you from evil.

Guess who!

This book screams: Come to me, my children, and follow me.

See the last page of the introduction (which as a whole is some sort of "political testament"):

Introduction - last page

Have fun with interpreting the last paragraph! ;-)

Sarah Palin is, of course, a true believer. Yes, "some have a problem" with looking at our Creator, "not just for our freedom, but to be better man and women", but Sarah Palin certainly doesn't, as she assures us:

The real believer

These are the contents of the book:

Introduction: An American Awakening

One: We the People

Two: Why They Serve

Three: America the Exceptional

Four: Raising (Small-r) Republicans

Five: The Rise of the Mama Grizzlies

Six: Are We Really the Ones We've Been Waiting For?

Seven: The Indispensable Support of Freedom

Eight: I Hear America Praying

Nine: Our North Star

Conclusion: Commonsense Constitutional Conservatism


In a hilarious coincidence, on the night when Sarah Palin's fans made sure that Bristol reached the final of DWTS, I read in Sarah Palin's new book that there is one group of people which receives the wrath of Sarah Palin: Contestants on "American Idol."

We know that there are quite a lot of people whom Sarah Palin dislikes, but this is a curious case.

What are her reasons?

Well, let's see - Sarah Palin writes:

"Chalk some of them up as victims of the cult of self-esteem. No one they have encountered in their lives - from their parents to their teachers to their president - wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth. So they grew up convinced that they could become big pop stars like Michael Jackson. On American Idol, of course, these self-esteem-enhanced but talent deprived performers eventually learn the truth. After they've embarrassed themselves for the benefit of the producers, they are told in no uncertain terms that they, in fact, can't sing, regardless of what they have been told by others. But in the wider world, these kind of instances of hard-truth-telling are increasingly rare. Instead of eventually confronting the limits of their inflated egos when it comes to paying the rent and putting food on the table, Americans are increasingly told not to worry about it. Someone else will provide for them.

(...) Instead, a growing chorus of voices is trying to convince our kids that hard work isn't necessary any more, that they are entitled to a lengthening list of benefits paid for by others, and that they don't have to accept the consequences of their actions when the consequences are bad."

Hard work? Does she mean earning hundreds-of-thousands of dollars through selling cover-stories to magazines like Intouch, People, US Weekly and others?

Oh, did Willow Palin have to face the consequences when she was part of the group which badly trashed and vandalized a house which was owned by Audrey Morlock, mother of Bristol's best friend April Morlock and also mother of Jeremy Morlock, the soldier accused of killing civilians in Afghanistan?

So, contestants on "American Idol" are "ego-inflated", but Bristol Palin on DWTS is just WONDERFUL!

Read it for yourself:


There is much, much more in the book.

She dishes out on almost everyone, and I have only read a few pages so far.

For example, Sarah Palin slams Hollywood. Apparently Hollywood is unpatriotic - where have all these wonderful John Wayne war movies gone? A true warmonger by heart, Sarah Palin doesn't agree at all with anti-war movies:


But the "grand slams" are reserved for Levi Johnston. In several places in the book, his reputation get's blown to pieces.

In one of the "best" (meaning: most vengeful) passages of the book, Palin is outdoing herself:

First, she tells a miraculous story about Tripp's birth, and that Levi Johnston was AWOL:

"Because the new father wasn't there until the end of Bristol's labour, I helped deliver Tripp."

Well, I wonder how much time they gave him to get there?

Then, she explains why Bristol "made her proud":

"She went to college. And worked full time. And took care of a needy, colicky baby though many, many sleepless nights, doctor's appointments, and lonely, cold car rides to and from babysitters."

Then, she kicks Levi Johnston in the gut again:

"Of course, we all had to bite our tongues - more than once - as Tripp's father went on a media tour through Hollywood and New York, spreading untruths and exaggerated rhetoric. It was disgusting to watch as his fifteen minutes of fame were exploited by supposed adults taking advantage of a lost kid. But we knew him well enough to see how confused he was during that time, and our hearts broke for him and the price he would pay."

Then she explains at length how horrific this all was for the family ("some of Piper's innocence eroded away"), and unfortunately her wisdom at the end of this paragraph was all for naught:

"How could this be worth it? Let's just go back to Wasilla and stop feeding the media beast. Let's give ourselves and our family a break."

God, aren't we SO lucky that Sarah Palin didn't follow her own "advice" and that the Americans can now marvel at the Palins on TeeVee and internet almost 24/7?

This should really go down in history as one of the most hypocritical passages ever written by an American politician, as well as one of the most hypocritical books ever.


There is A LOT more stomach turning drivel in this book from hell, but just to make sure, in case you didn't really understand what this was all about, in one of the last paragraphs Sarah Palin makes one thing abundantly clear:

America wants me - 1a

Count me the "me's."

It's about "ME." And America wants ME.


God save the United States of America. I pray for you.



Our reader sjk made his own version of the contents:

Introduction: An American Nightmare

One: Me the People

Two: Why They Serve Cookies

Three: America the Exceptional 'cause God said so

Four: Raising (Small-r) Republicans that don't swear

Five: The Rise of the Mama Grizzlies Smelly Bear Club

Six: We Are Really the Ones We've Been Waiting For!

Seven: The Indispensable Support of Freedom And Nuke-u-lur Weapons

Eight: I Hear America Paying

Nine: Our North Star is Better than Your Star

Conclusion: Commonsense Constitutional Conservatism Contains Communism


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I come back home, and guess what I find! A letter from Christopher Goff, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Harper Collins!

Here it is:

Letter Chris Goff

This was my response:


thanks a lot for your letter.

We do not feel that we have published "substantial" excerpts from Sarah Palin's book, as we have just published a few pages.

Other websites have published substantially more pages than we have.

We published these pages in the interest of educating our readership.

However, as a gesture of good will, we will take some of these pages down.

The remaining excerpts cannot be considered "substantial."


As you can all see, we have taken down some pages. Just a tiny portion of excerpts remains.

However, the book was leaked to other websites as well, and some of them have published quite a lot of pages. Click on the links below and find the good stuff.


Isn't it funny:

- We can publish posts about Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy (because we know it's true), and no lawyer ever contacts us.

- We can publish posts about Bristol Palin's first pregnancy in 2007 and that she is most likely the biological mother of Trig (because we know it's true), and no lawyer ever contacts us.

- We can publish posts about the fact that Todd Palin isn't the biological father of Track (because we know it's true), and no lawyer ever contacts us.

But GOD FORBID that we publish a few pages from Sarah Palin's newest opus!

In this case, we are graced by a letter from Christopher Goff immediately.

Time to take notice, MSM!


The story was also picked up by Associated Press, they mention Palingates without a link, it went viral (AP story for example published by ABC, MSNBC, Yahoo News and about 200 other media outlets)


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