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"Acorn-pimp" James O'Keefe: "Punking CNN" - including a false story about Sarah Palin? Plus: Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck - hilarious parody!

James O'Keefe, the young right-wing filmmaker who famously is credited with "destroying Acorn" after publishing manipulated videotapes about visits at Acorn, badly failed with his new venture.

On a side note, his previous venture was a glorious failure as well: Arrested while trying to tamper with the phone lines of a Democratic Senator, pleading guilty and receiving a very light sentence (he is a right-winger, so don't expect serious consequences - but don't you dare to guess Sarah Palin's password).

His new project didn't go very well either: As was reported a few days ago, he tried to set up CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau, attempting to seduce her on his sailing boat, taping the encounter and then embarrass her and CNN in public.

The plot, however, fell apart already shortly after the CNN journalist arrived at the boat.

In James O'Keefe's twisted mind, the "joke" should have been that "the tables have turned on CNN. Using hot blondes to seduce interviewees to get screwed on television, you are faux seducing her in order to screw her on television."

The latter is a quote from a 13-page document which CNN received, called "CNN Caper" - the "script" for the failed plot. CNN thankfully published large parts of it (on six webpages), and it's truly worth reading, in order to fully understand how the sick mind of James O'Keefe (and his accomplices) works.

The details of this failed plot are explained in this new clip, courtesy of Media Matters:

However, there is more. Sarah Jones in politicususa draws attention to the fact that the 13-page script does not only contain the plan to seduce the CNN reporter, but also another plan to trick CNN with a false story - for example about the Tea Party or about Sarah Palin:

"Which brings us to the James O’Keefe (of the inaccurately edited and widely discredited ACORN videos) and his plan or the plan of his “mentor” to set up female CNN anchor Abbie Boudreau, lure her to a boat and video tape her secretly as she was surrounded by sex toys that he placed there in advance. Plan to seduce her in order to discredit her, as a video suggesting she was willing to do anything to get her story would be fabricated from set up footage. That was Plan II.

Plan I was to set up CNN to report something false about Sarah Palin or the “tea party” (apparently they view these as one in the same) and then give their “friendlies at Fox News” (yes, that is an admission that Fox is their propaganda network, but also that they view news as an aggressive act of war) a head’s up so Fox could bust CNN, thereby deliberately attempting smearing CNN with the same discredited stink of Fox News."

Let's take a look of what was mentioned about this "Plan I" in the "CNN Caper" document:

Spoofing CNN with story about Sarah Palin

Spoofing CNN with story about Sarah Palin - 2

When we hear "Sarah Palin" and "planting false evidence", things get particularly interesting for us.

The readers of Palingates know that there is hardly a famous politician around at the moment who has more skeletons in the closet than Sarah Palin - personal and political scandals.


- a faked pregnancy
- a daughter with a first hidden pregnancy which still has never been revealed
- an extramarital affair in the mid 1990's
- some of the children have histories of drug abuse
- a proven track record of intimidation and vindictive behavior
- a long list of documented lies about political and personal matters, with the habit of consistently changing her stories

And we are only talking about some examples.

As we all know, hardly any of these subjects have been touched so far by the media.

It's no surprise that one of Sarah Palin's biggest fans, conservative radio talk show host Tammy Bruce (who confusingly is openly gay as well as a rabid right-winger), presented in a radio interview with Sarah Palin in June 2010 what she called "Bruce's rule": When others "say things about Sarah Palin that don’t make sense, people have permission to automatically reject them.”

So as the first line of defense, try to brainwash your supporters into "automatically rejecting" what might confuse them.

But, as a second line of defense, why not spread fear amongst the media that sensational revelations about Sarah Palin might be false or planted - and therefore imply that it would be best not touch these stories at all? This seems to have been the line of thinking by James O'Keefe and his accomplices.

Who is behind James O'Keefe anyway? It's clear that he must have some financial backing in order to finance his plots.

"The Village Voice" made some sensational discoveries about the support that James O'Keefe receives. He is not the "lone independent filmmaker" that he wants people to believe. For example, one of his documentaries was financed by a grant by conservative billionaire Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and an early investor in Facebook. The amount which was in the end officially confirmed by a spokesperson of Thiel came to "around $ 10,000", disputing the estimate of Village Voice which originally amounted to $ 30,000.

Thiel, by the way, is also openly gay, but rants at the same time against "multiculturalists" and "public homosexuality." Talk about confused minds.

"O'Keefe is a former member of the Leadership Institute, the conservative think tank that has turned out such graduates as Bush strategist Karl Rove, Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, and "Talon News" fake White House blogger Jeff Gannon (real name: James Dale Guckert). The Institute has been involved in setting up conservative newspapers at colleges across the country, and gave O'Keefe a $500 "Balance in Media" grant to begin the Rutgers Centurion in 2005.

On his personal blog (quoted at Daily Kos, O'Keefe has taken the original link down), O'Keefe thanks "LI" for a $4,000 monitor to help him make his movies.

In the same way O'Keefe used equipment from the Leadership Institute to make his future films, he may have made use of Thiel's cash infusion for future projects, too. The "Taxpayers Clearing House" video that Thiel's money made possible was posted just a few months before O'Keefe and Giles set off on their summer adventure. The multiple ACORN videos were shot and produced over the course of more than two months, in San Diego, San Bernardino, Brooklyn, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. (plus an unknown number of other cities, like Philadelphia, where O'Keefe attempted to shoot but the sting failed)."

I personally don't believe that the buck stops there.

Who has an interest to discredit any critical reporting or revelations about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party?

We will have to keep our eyes open.


"St. Louis Activist Hub" has an interesting post about a local connection of James O'Keefe to St. Louis, Missouri. One of O'Keefe's "co-conspirators" is apparently a St. Louis tea party activist named John Burns. The original CNN report indicated that John Burns was in on the planning emails, and was asked for advice about the plan by O'Keefe.

Another famous Tea Party activist from St. Louis is of course Sarah Palin's fan Gina Loudon, who is as batshit crazy as her idol. Interesting connections!

"St. Louis Activist Hub" also revealed on Friday that O'Keefe's friend John Burns and Gina Loudon are closely connected:

John Burns, the St. Louis Tea Party activist who was included in planning emails on Jame O'Keefe's plot to "seduce" CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau by isolating her on a boat full of sex toys and pornography, is scheduled to speak tomorrow at a Southern Illinois Tea Party rally in O'Fallon, Illinois.

(...) The tea party rally is being organized by Gina Loudon, a self-proclaimed conservative Christian who previously called O'Keefe a "hero."

Already in March 2010, St. Louis Activist Hub discovered the connection between John Burns and James O'Keefe, and also highlighted the role of the Leadership Institute (which we know has given funding to James O'Keefe in the past).

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"Rebelliouspixels" created a parody which is pure genius: Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck.

Sunday entertainment at its finest! ENJOY!


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"" just tweeted the following - and he repeatedly said that he is not kidding!

Glenn Beck - Donald Duck tweet


I hope you have all watched this epic Donald Duck clip by now! :-)

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