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Sarah Palin caught "red-handed": The "road trip" with the "motor home" from Alaska to LA that never happened - Quit making things up, Sarah!

Sarah Palin is doing her best to keep us on our toes. Her speeches are filled with so many lies and distortions that it's virtually impossible to keep track.

But sometimes her little or larger lies are just too good to give them a "miss."

On October 7, 2010, during the speech in Montgomery, Alabama, Sarah Palin told her audience a story that ordinary Americans, the "little guys", can identify with: Assemble your family and drive spontaneously with your motor home from...well...from Wasilla to Los Angeles. But listen yourself:

"I tell Bristol, I am texting her and say 'Bristol'...and I wasn't kidding, I thought that this was a practical thing to do...'How about if Todd and I we load up all the kids in our motorhome and drive down, park on Rodeo Drive and we come to see you.' And I honestly didn't think that it was an unusual thing to suggest, that's what you do, a road trip. (...) But anyway, that's what we did, though, we parked a little bit further away from Rodeo Drive, and we got to watch Bristol."

Well, time for some fun-fact checking!

Mama Grizzly "first class or private plane" Palin, driving in a motor home together with her family from Alaska to Los Angeles, going on a road trip?

Let's see:

From Wasilla to Los Angeles it's...

Google Map 1

Google Map 2 least 3375 miles!

Well, nothing that a tough Mama Grizzly couldn't handle, right?

How many miles could one drive per day in a motor home? I would say, 500 miles, realistically.

But even it were 600-700 miles, it wouldn't matter too much...

The "road trip" only existed in Sarah Palin's crazy mind - she shamelessly used this made-up story to impress her audience in Montgomery.

Why is that?

Well, at first, we started to check out the dates.

These already didn't fit in with her story.

Also on September 22, Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin arrived in Wasilla and stayed there until September 24.

Both were seen taking a walk together with Sarah Palin in Wasilla and greeting fans, on September 22 or 23:

Sarah Palin - Mark Ballas visit Sept 22 - 2010

Ballas Palin pic - Sept 23 - 2010

So why doesn't this fit in with Sarah's trip in the motor home?

Screenshot Sept 26 LA

So there wasn't exactly much time available for a 3400 mile trip in a motor home, just about 2-3 days.

However, the typical Palinbot might now think: She did it anyway. Sarah didn't care about how much time was left. Surely they drove day and night, slept only very little, spared no effort and discomfort, used of all this tough Alaskan frontier spirit in order to make the dream come true: See Bristol dancing on DWTS, see their daughter become a star, with tears in their eyes and boundless joy in their hearts! And they made it! They made it! Our Sarah, she always succeeds! Halleluja!

I hope you liked my little trip into the mind of the Palinbot. ;-)

Back to reality - unfortunately we have to destroy this illusion:

In the course of doing this research, we received a tip from a reader, who identified himself, whose details "checked out" and who reported the following story:

Our reader was on a flight with Alaska Airlines on September 26, 2010, which left from Portland, Oregon at 6:45 am for Los Angeles, arrival 9.10 am. Sarah Palin sat just across him, she was flying together with Piper and Trig.

There goes your road trip!

It's obvious that the Palins took this connection, which Alaska Airlines offers on Sundays, with a stop in Portland, Oregon:

Alaska Airlines 1

Our reader even provided some more details:

Our reader read the newspaper, and Sarah and the kids were asleep, but about 20 minutes before landing Sarah woke up and ordered a coffee and a bottle of Bailey's. After 5-10 minutes, she ordered another Bailey's. Our reader was touched to see that she is "human", but he now also knows through personal experience, after having seen the clip with the speech in Montgomery, that she is a "big liar" (his own words).

We gotcha you there!

Quit making things up, Sarah!





I wasn't aware that earlier today, the "motorhome story" was already discussed in the comments on C4P - after one of the commentators dared to question Sarah Palin's version of events.

Predictably, the Palinbots were not amused to be confronted with such heresy.

Here are some excerpts for your enjoyment:

C4P screenshot 4

C4P screenshot 5

C4P screenshot 2

C4P screenshot 1

C4P screenshot 3

C4P screenshot 6

C4P screenshot 7

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