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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sarah Palin's world in turmoil - UPDATE

Sarah Palin has a big problem

A few days ago I couldn't find many news items about Sarah Palin. Today my inbox is full of Google alerts, mainly about the explosive revelations leaked from The Rogue and about the Doonesbury comic strip, also related to the book.

Todd Palin made a ghostwritten statement about the stories, via Scott Conroy's Twitter. I can't see a guy who writes the plural of shoes as "shoe's" using the word "innuendo."

This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsession with my wife. His book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears. Even The New York Times called this book ‘dated, petty,’ and that it ‘chases caustic, unsubstantiated gossip.’

The story about the one-night stand with a basketball player wouldn't seem so explosive if it had been about somebody who doesn't preach abstinence before marriage. We already knew that she was pregnant when she got married to Todd and who knows with how many lesser known partners she had practised abstinence by that time... This revelation is bound to disappoint her "family values" supporters and the fact that the guy is black will horrify those who can't bear the idea of having a black president.

There are also reports of rifts among Palin supporters, with some showing their frustration with Sarah Palin's teasing about running or not.

A seemingly irreparable divide has developed between Sarah Palin’s key supporters in Iowa. On one side is Peter Singleton, the California lawyer who moved to Iowa ten months ago, traveled the state meeting with activists, and created Iowa’s Organize4Palin group. On the other side are several longtime Iowa political activists who volunteered countless hours to develop a grassroots network of support for the former Alaska governor.

The dissension in her Iowa ranks goes along with the continuing narrative about Palin being disorganized. The Iowa Caucus is less than five months away. Peter Singleton says his group has “laid the groundwork” for Palin in the state. However, Bergman, Beeber and Rogers do not believe there is a legitimate campaign structure in place. They will try to help her create one, but Sarah Palin is running out of time, and some of her biggest supporters are losing their patience.

C4P lost a member as well. The person who runs PalinTV cites personal reasons for leaving their ranks.

It looks like things are coming apart for Sarah Palin on all fronts...



Todd Palin gave a fuller statement to the Today show:

"This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us. He traffics in innuendo and falsehoods. A few years ago he interviewed members of Sarah's administration for a magazine article, and afterwards they said that he was the most disingenuous and intellectual dishonest writer they'd ever dealt with. He's spent the last year interviewing marginal figures with an axe to grind in order to churn out a hit piece to satisfy his own creepy obsession with my wife. I'd ask that people consider these facts when evaluating his latest lies."

"I'd ask the fathers and husbands of America to consider our privacy when one summer day I found this guy on the deck of the rental property, just 18 feet away next door to us, staring like a creep at my wife while she mowed the lawn in her shorts, unbeknownst to her that he was prying. As well as our teenage daughters while they tried to enjoy our traditional Alaskan summer days outdoors. Joe's son told the media he advised his dad not to move from the East Coast to become our next door neighbor, but said his dad 'was just waiting for Todd to be out of the picture.' Sarah has never spoken to this intruder into our lives, our friends and family don't speak to him, so we have no idea where he would come up with content for his book. He was on our doorstep one day trying to make conversation with our son until Track cut the conversation short after discerning Joe's odd behavior, and I spoke to him one time when I saw him 18 feet away, just to find out who he was. He took that conversation and reported it to the media as me 'threatening' him."

"Unbeknownst" is so Todd Palin...

[Gryphen has the video of the interview with Joe McGinniss on Today's show]

Monday, 26 April 2010

Open thread - Pigs, gates and prizes - UPDATE! Conservatives4Palin complain that Palingates leads Blogger Choice Awards!

Hello Palingaters! I'm back into the thick of the action after a couple of weeks catching up with my sister after six years! Just as Palingates is a truly international community, my own family is scattered over four continents and whilst keeping in touch is easy thanks to the internet, there's nothing like the warmth of face-to-face contact...

Patrick and Kathleen, plus our generous contributors, kept the ball rolling with their usual verve and commitment. Thank you all.

I kept an eye on the blogosphere during my break and one pleasant surprise (among many) was finding Palingates leading the Blogger Choice Awards 2010 in the best political blog category. The comments on the site are very heartening and the prospect of being rewarded with such a prize makes us more motivated than ever in our quest for the truth about Sarah Palin.

Registering and voting is a very easy process. Please show your support and encourage your friends and families to pay a visit to Palingates to see what we do and then cast their votes on the Blogger Choice Awards site. Sending e-mails and posting links on Facebook and MySpace are great ways to spread the word.

My site was nominated for Best Political Blog! (Please click on the badge to vote)

Should Palingates win this award, it would be thanks to this amazing community and we would all share the prize equally.

As well as contributing information, links and excellent commentary, you have been very generous with your donations and that has helped offset the mounting expenses relating to very long distance phone calls, for example. Oh well, that goes hand in hand with having a very active international blogging community...

All donations, however small, help a lot, so keep them coming and we'll keep thanking you!

Keeping up with Sarah Palin is no easy task. The lady is like a chameleon, changing her lies almost daily, but we'll continue to catalogue her ever growing repertoire of falsehoods and to dig deep into her dodgy dealings.

Together we can make a difference!


Andrew Sullivan has an excellent post focusing on the "Will she, won't she?" question of whether or not Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012.

New York's cover story convinces Josh Green that Palin isn't running:

"Palin's prospects in the Republican Party are a good deal dimmer than her star wattage suggests. She's tallied middling performances in early straw polls and shows no inclination to embark on the grassroots work required of a presidential candidate. More to the point, this article makes clear that, were there any doubt, her preoccupying concern is "building her brand"--less in a political sense than a financial one. Palin may yet make a bid for the White House. But all evidence suggests that when the time comes to choose between earning money and running for president, Palin will choose money."

This is the conventional view in Washington. I think it's completely wrong, dangerously complacent, and out of touch with profound shifts in media, fundraising and politics. The political parties are weaker than they once were. The elites cannot control grass-roots Internet-driven phenomena. Look at Obama. He seems a natural president now, but Washington dismissed his chances - as they are now dismissing Palin's - right up to the Iowa caucuses. And because Palin is such a terrifying - truly terrifying - prospect for the US and the world, I think such complacency, rooted in cynicism about Palin's mercenary nature, is far too reckless.

Look: what we have seen this past year is the collapse of the RNC as it once was and the emergence of a highly lucrative media-ideological-industrial complex. This complex has no interest in traditional journalistic vetting, skepticism, scrutiny of those in power, or asking the tough questions. It has no interest in governing a country. It has an interest in promoting personalities and ideologies and false images of a past America that both flatter and engage its audience. For most in this business, this is about money. Roger Ailes, who runs a news business, has been frank about what his fundamental criterion is for broadcasting: ratings not truth. Obviously all media has an eye on the bottom line - but in most news organizations, there is also an ethical editorial concern to get things right. I see no such inclination in Fox News or the hugely popular talkshow demagogues (Limbaugh, Levin, Beck et al.), which now effectively control the GOP. And when huge media organizations have no interest in any facts that cannot be deployed for a specific message, they are a political party in themselves.

Add Palin to the mix and you have a whole new machine in American politics - one with the capacity, as much as Obama's, to upend the established order. Beltway types roll their eyes. But she's not Obama, they say. She doesn't know anything, polarizes too many people, has lied constantly and still may have dozens of skeletons in her unvetted closets.

Do read the rest of the article HERE.



You just couldn't make it up! Conservatives4Palin, who I like to call "peezoo" with all the affection I can muster, imitate their idol Sarah Palin and go into "whining-mode"! The reason? Well, this time their reason is:

Palingates are presently leading in the category "Best Political Blog" in the Blogger Choice Awards 2010 with a pretty substantial margin!

YEAH! That's their reason!

What do they have to complain about? Isn't that great news?

Creep4palin Rich Crowther doesn't share this view:

"From its exalted position of 209,107 in the Alexa Traffic Rank (87,247 in the USA) and despite a 20% fall in its share of global internet users in the past month alone, the European pariah blog Palingates is urging its readers to vote for it as The Best Blog Of All Time, The Best Political Blog, The Best Blog About Stuff, and The Best Blogging Host.

Having taken a moment to consider that blog’s services to the blogsphere since its inception a little over a year ago (for example, its extensive promotion of hate-filled conspiracies about the origins of two of the Palin children), I trust that you will arrive at an appropriate conclusion as to the actual value of the award if Palingates’ readers do manage to vote it, however misguidedly, The Best Political Blog and The Best Blog Of All Time."
C4P - Blogger Choice Awards - Palingates First Place

HAHA! It's obvious that we touched a weak point there. The peelanders are dismayed.

But what about our stats? Is there a reason for concern, as Rich Crowther tries to imply?

I am sure Rich Crowther would highly appreciate to know what's going on in the stats department at Palingates.

I prepared two graphs for you to illustrate the current situation:

First, our views from the founding of Palingates onwards until today on a montly basis. Four days still missing in April, so this month is not complete yet:

Palingates - Stats 26 April 2010 - graph 1

With currently about 6,500 unique visitors and 13,000 pageloads on average per day, we will reach very healthy figures for April again.

But was there a big drop from February 2010 onwards?

Well, the second graph answers this question. Here we see the stats from February 2009 onwards on a daily basis:

Palingates - Stats 26 April 2010 - graph 2

In February 2010, we had the "Andrea Friedman effect" - when Palingates had "the scoop" on February 19, 2010 and received links from a large number of major blogs - Huffington Post, Gawker, Andrew Sullivan etc. - even from the popular right-wing blog "Hot Air"! ;-)

This day immortalized itself also in our stats, with 80.000 pageloads on one day alone and a huge number of pageloads also during the following days. That's the reason why in February 2010 our stats went through the roof.

Apart from that, the second graph shows that our daily views are remarkably stable.

And who knows, maybe one day we will have another scoop, maybe even bigger...?

Don't forget by the way to vote for Conservatives4Palin" in the "Worst Blog of All Times" category! Because that's exactly what they are: The worst blog of all times!


Our personal favorite for "Best Photography Blog" at the Blogger Choice Awards is Bill Hess - Wasilla, Alaska by 300"! Please give him your love!


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Monday, 1 February 2010

Rebecca Mansour: Sarah Palin's secret messenger

Conservatives4Palin have reacted to our discovery (CLICK TO READ OUR POST), and as usual, they try to spin this highly embarassing revelation by telling the public their usual lies.

They write:

"In case you don't know, the two founders of this blog, Rebecca Mansour and Joey Russo, left C4P months ago to work for Governor Palin's PAC after she resigned. They decided to leave quietly because neither of them wanted to draw attention to themselves or be harassed by anti-Palin blogs."

Ok, Palinbots, let's get some things straight here:

1. The only reason Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo "left quietly" without an announcement or explanation was that they didn't want to draw attention to the fact that they were supposed to write Sarah Palin's facebook posts.

2. The secrecy was kept up in the meantime in order to create the false impression through the posts on facebook that Sarah Palin has intellectual capabilities or a deeper understanding of political issues, when in fact Sarah Palin doesn't have a clue. The facebook posts were then celebrated on a daily basis on C4P, although everybody at C4P knew that they were actually written by the "great founders" Rebecca Mansour and Joseph Russo.

3. The disclosure of the direct connection between C4P and Sarah Palin is highly embarassing, because it is now more than obvious that the C4P "Webathon" for the Palin's "Alaska Fund Trust" was most likely not a grassroots effort, but a coordinated effort with Sarah Palin - who offically has nothing to do at all with her slush-fund called "Alaska Fund Trust".

Rebecca Mansour is a shameless opportunist, without any conviction. In an article from Politico, we find an interesting fact:

Mansour, who had briefly volunteered for Barack Obama in the earliest parts of the campaign, says she connected with Palin over energy independence. She did not like McCain from the start and became “creeped out” by people’s worshipful attitude toward Obama.

While in the Obama camp Rebecca was a nobody, at C4P she was treated like a queen. Strangely enough, she had no problem with C4Peers' worshipful attitude toward Sarah Palin.

RAM found out that jumping on the Sarah Palin bandwagon satisfied her own vanity and would be a better proposition for furthering her own personal ambitions. To that end, she spared no efforts to help her new found best friend.

Here are some screenshots of the launch of the C4P webathon, by Rebecca A. Mansour:

ram webathon
ram webathon 2
ram webathon 3

She was pretty certain that the webathon was absolutely necessary:

ram webathon 4

Bending the rules didn't present a problem:

ram webathon 5

Rebecca went on the Eddie Burke show to publicize the webathon:

C4P also started the campaign to fire Letterman and RAM had a chat with Dan Fagan on his radio show. Dan could hardly get a word in, as Rebecca tends to get a bit carried away.

Rebecca Mansour and C4P waged many dirty campaigns on behalf of Sarah Palin while Meg Stapleton claimed that the "governor" had no direct or official links to either of them. They had their own little secrets...

Rebecca, did you really think that all these secrets would never come to light? This reminds me of ordinary criminals. You and Sarah Palin truly belong together.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Adrienne Ross: "Rabid Dogs" in God's Country

C4P-contributor and leading Palinbot Adrienne Ross knows that God is good:

"God is good, has been good, will continue to be good. I marvel sometimes at His incredible faithfulness. Even when I'm not faithful, He remains faithful. His ability to keep me in His care is something that I cherish and hold so dear to my heart. Today I celebrate God, the baptism of His Spirit, and how He rocked my world so many years ago--and continues to rock my world today."

She also knows that Sarah Palin is doing God's work:

"The highlight for me was being given the opportunity to serve at the book signing. I use the word "serve" on purpose because that is exactly the way I saw it. I was glad that I would be able to do whatever needed to be done for Governor Palin. It didn't matter what it was. I wanted to get to spend time with her, but I also knew that if helping out meant otherwise, then so be it. I was just glad to serve someone who has served God, her family, and the American people so faithfully. That was my number one desire--and the Lord opened that door for me. It amazes me how good God is."

Looking closely at Sarah Palin, "the Governor" even has some "Godlike" features, as Adrienne Ross doesn't hesitate to tell her readers:

"People were approaching her (Sarah Palin) in line, and as they came near, I could see some suppressing tears. Others just let them flow. One woman said she had told herself she would not cry. Others were shaking. Of course, over and over, people were staring and saying, "She's so beautiful!" I remember hearing that in both Auburn and Alaska. I will repeat what I said when I first met her: television and pictures do not do justice to how beautiful she is, and you could see that on the faces and hear it on the lips of those gathered. They were in awe. She possesses both an inward and outward radiance."

Adrienne Ross - Rochester

When God sends preachers who proclaim that Sarah Palin is divine...

...then Adrienne Ross is happy:

"Thank you for this link. I watched the video. It is a confirmation! After watching, there is such a burning in the pit of my stomach. Very interesting. I never knew about the word "Palin," but I certainly concur that the Lord has called her for this hour. What He is going to do will shake the nation--especially the naysayers.

God bless you."


Adrienne Ross screenshot crazy video

For more information about the above video clip, please visit Leah Burton's blog.


But there seems to be trouble in Paradise.

Some people apparently don't like Sarah Palin very much.

How can that be? Isn't Sarah Palin the most wonderful woman on earth?

There are rumors that for example Levi Johnston doesn't like Sarah Palin too much.

Clearly a case for Adrienne Ross:

"Levi: When Lying Dogs Won't Sleep

Everyone has heard the expression "let sleeping dogs lie." Sounds good and is arguably good advice. But what does one do when a lying dog won't sleep, won't shut up, that is?

Normally I avoid all things Levi. He's not worth it right now. Writing about him is a waste of space. He wants the publicity, so don't give it to him. I totally understand, and usually I'm in agreement. But I also understand a basic principle, and that is this: there's a time to fight back. There's a time when you just have to deal with the barking, biting dog that's been dropping you know what all over the place everywhere he goes. And sometimes you just have to put him out--not just to deal with him--but for the benefit of those he's sniping at. This particular mutt, who's been wagging his tail all over Playgirl, refuses to sit down, shut up, or play dead--and this dog is lying every time he opens his mouth.


The last thing I want to do is spend a Sunday on Levi Johnston. However, I'll spend a hundred Sundays on the opportunity to applaud Bristol Palin for doing the mature, responsible thing--the hard work. She's a good mom, who has another good mom as an example.

I believe there's hope for Levi; I really do. And I hope he grabs ahold of it soon because he's treading on very thin Alaska ice.

Like I said at the start, there's something to be said for letting sleeping dogs lie. But when a lying dog refuses to put his rabid mouth to sleep, sometimes you just have to put that dog down."

You have "to put that dog down"?

Wow - pretty strong stuff, even for Palinbots, is it not?

Adrienne Ross doesn't think so:

Adrienne Ross - There was no threat

Adrienne Ross - Jesse we disagree

Adrienne Ross - conclusion

There was no threat! Keep going, nothing to see here!

So - "put that dog down" means "put him in his place, call him out, fight back instead of letting sleeping dogs lie"?

Well - not according to the urban dictionary, for example - the explanation is actually rather fascinating:

put down
7 up, 1 down love it hate it

To kill an animal 'humanly' because they are too old or too ill.

We are also totally bullshitting ourselves when we say "There's nothing we can do", "It's in too much pain", or "It'll be better off this way", especially since humans in the same conditions go to nursing homes, hostpitals, get a private nurse, wheel chairs, a ton of meds, and no one ever says "There's nothing we can do, we have to put down Grandma."

Grandpa: The dog's fourteen, and he can't move around anymore, we gotta get him put down.

Grandchild: But why, Grandpa?

Grandpa: Blame the society, not the executioner, sweetie.

What is even more fascinating is the fact that the choice of words by Adrienne Ross was even too strong for C4P themselves - they dutifully published Adrienne's article, but C4P later edited the post and deleted the words "you just have to put that dog down". However Adrienne Ross was not impressed and left the article on her own blog "Motivation Truth" unchanged.

Does Adrienne Ross know what she is doing?

Answer: YES! After all, she is an English teacher in New York and she must be aware of the subtle distinctions, the variations and the nuances of the English language, and how to use them to your advantage!

Adrienne Ross - Profile

In addition, Adrienne Ross proudly states on her website herself that she writes poems and is not shy to present an example to her readers and demonstrates her ability of play with language:

Therefore, she can hardly claim innocence or ignorance.

But why does all this matter? Is it really relevant whether there is one "crazy4palin" more or less?

Well, yes, it DOES MATTER, because Adrienne Ross should also be very well aware of the fact that there are enough people amongst the Palinbots who are just as fanatic as Adrienne Ross and who are in addition freaking gun-crazy!

One example is C4P-reader William Henley who lives uncomfortably close to Levi Johnston - right there in Alaska, the holy land. William Henley commented on C4P about Sarah Palin's book signing back in December 2009, when Gryphen and Dennis Zaki were denied access and were escorted off the premises:

"Sandra, you are lying out your a**. I was at the Wasilla book-signing. As a matter of fact I was there at 10 p.m. the night before and was in line at 05:30. I was one of two people who sat out there all night. The second person (Amy) got there at midnight. I was there through-out and not a single protester with signs showed up at anytime. No single person was there handing out oblabla/hitler pictures. You are nothing more than a lying bi**h and need to go to one of the sights that care for what you are lying about. Just as one of the security heads told me, if anyone started trouble they probably would not have survived. I and many others at the signing were carrying our sidearms. Mine happens to be a police special 357 mag. and I know how to use it and rather enjoy using it for the right reasons, i.e. protecting Sarah Palin and family."


William Henley comment with Sandra

As it is apparent from the screenshot, many readers on C4P were very fond of this comment. I wonder why...?

Therefore, dear Adrienne, please remember:

"MATTHEW 12:36-37
36 But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. 37 For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."

You might want to worship Sarah Palin, if you wish, that's up to you, Adrienne.

Using inflammatory language, however, goes too far.

Especially if you are a member of a bunch that includes trigger-happy lunatics, that is.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sarah Palin in control

EyeOnYou found some nice information regarding Sarah Palin's Facebook page and it came from a good source, a Palin fansite...

"We now have confirmation that Sarah Palin monitors what is stated in the comments section of her facebook page.

Thank You C4P for this tidy bit of information:

Governor Palin is clearly on top of the situation and paying close attention to what is being plastered in the comments section of her Facebook page. She responded:

Just so we are clear, Sarah Palin actively monitors her facebook page and responds quickly when something appears that she does not like or finds herself not in agreement with.

I think we now have ample evidence that Sarah Palin was actively encouraging the harassment of Local Alaskan Judges on the ruling in her daughters court custody case which also prove Bristol was wrong to claim her mother was not involved in this case. We can also infer that since it was reported that death threats were made against these judges, and they now require full time protection due to the threats received from Sarah's fan's, that these threats were also made with Sarah's blessing since she allowed the originator's of the protest to actively post their solicitation for participation on Sarah's facebook page numerous times.

I hope that Rex Butler and any other attorney working for Levi in his custody case are paying attention and taking notes on this information as it will come in handy when showing them exactly what the Palin family is like and how quickly they are to attempt to manipulate the laws and decisions of judges when the rulings are not as they wish them to be.

She posted quickly about the "racist comments" and quickly decried that behavior as unacceptable on her facebook page. She made a point of saying that her page would not be a forum for that type of behavior.

With the solicitation of protesters nothing was said. The comments were posted numerous times over the course of several days by the originators of the protest and they were left in place with no comment from Sarah.

(Click to enlarge)

We know that anything that is considered unacceptable by Sarah (and her moderators who are acting on her behalf as it is her page, with her name, notes posted are signed by her) is quickly deleted and the commenter banned. They have gone so far as to ban supporters.

This is clear evidence that anything that stays enjoys her support. Since the protest solicitiation was not a single posted comment but several of them over the course of days, it should be clear that she was supportive of this protest, which ended up in threats being made to the judges."

The protesters have posted a disclaimer on the protest page.

The campaign of telephone and e-mail harassement is ongoing and runs until May 7, 2010.

The protest had 213 "guests" on January 19, 2010.

Alicia Fix and Dave Smith appear to follow the blogs and must have read the posts associating Sarah Palin to their protest via her silence, so they posted a disclaimer. That's to no avail, as we now have confirmation that Sarah Palin actively monitors the comments on her Facebook page. Her silence speaks louder than any disclaimer aimed at damage control...

The judges conducting the Bristol v Levi case are under threat, thanks to Alicia Fix, Dave Smith and their misguided 213 followers. The judges are under threat thanks to Sarah Palin's silence.

Will Sarah Palin stay silent until somebody gets killed?

Friday, 26 June 2009

Another outrage

This is an outrage! How dare anybody point out that the sacred children of the annointed governor may get tired??? This is an affront to the stamina of ALL children! Palingates should be drawn and quartered for using the image of little Piper Palin to suggest children don't enjoy being dragged around the country and falling behind at school! Is there no respect for truancy left in this world?

We should all write to The Political Props Advancement League and complain about this egregious attack on an innocent prop! E-mail them to express your disgust:

When will we hear a statement from President Obama making clear that political props are off limits???

Let's flood all palingates sponsors with complaints! Would they like to be associated with someone who relentlessly assaults the rights of ALL children to truancy and political propping? Our brave soldiers are fighting for these rights!

Oh, palingates doesn't have sponsors, is not American and lives on France, what do we do? Let's write to the United Nations and President Sarkozy (he's Sarah's good friend, he even rang her during the campaign). This is an international outrage!!!

Come on barbarians, let's spring into action!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sarah Palin is in safe hands...

Meg Stapleton:

"Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned."

It's official. C4P start some outrage over jokes and Sarah Palin jumps in. If she's taking her cues from that lot, she's well and truly sunk.

I suspected they were the ones who started the Letterman whitch hunt and that Sarah Palin had reacted to their outrage after the Ziegler interview. Then, he was "good ol' David Letterman". The next day he was a perverted pedophile advocating the rape of a 14 year old in the middle of the Yankee Stadium, an affront to her daughters and ALL young women.

Now a visual gag about Eddie Burke has become an outrage over Trig and ALL children with special needs.

When Crooks and Liars posted the very same photo of Sarah Palin with Letterman playing the role of Trig, there was no outrage whatsoever.

The "iconic" photo of mother and son was not taken in a private setting, in the context of a loving mother holding her child. No. It was taken during the campaign, where Trig was passed from pillar to post like a sack of potatoes. There are several "iconic" photos of Sarah Palin parading Trig as a prop: "Look at me! I didn't abort the baby with Down's Syndrome!"

This outrage is part of the backlash against Alaska citizens who dare question Sarah Palin's ethics and "transparency".

They don't like Linda Kellen Biegel, aka Celtic Diva, one little bit. Their comments about her are very "grown-up and dignified":

"I'm sure Linda's husband does his own photo shop jobs. They involve cut & pasting an actual human woman next to him in their wedding photos."

"One thing, it is critical that Sarah herself not comment on this. Don't take Diva the Hutt's bait, Sarah. We'll take care of this for you."

"Celtic Sweathog's creepy little friends just realized we're about to go Alinski on their sorry asses. We pwn3d David Pedo-man, so just imagine what we can do to YOU."

"Sarah should just ignore the pig in this situation - others will come to her defense and expose the vileness."

"Celtic Sweathog: You are completely unhinged. You are dangerous, and you belong in a mental institution. It might be wise for Governor Palin to get a restraining order."

"I just encased myself in a full body condom and wandered over to Diva's Blue Toilet. The Trig caricature is still there, front and center."

"It was on the Thingy's site..but she has since removed it! Hmmmm....wonder why? Gutless Pig!"

Will the C4Pees take Crooks and Liars on? Will they respond to Sarah Palin's giggles when Bob & Mark made fun of Lyda Green, calling her fat and a cancer on air? (Lyda Green is a cancer survivor). What, no outrage on behalf of ALL cancer sufferers?

Now that we know for sure that Sarah Palin keeps an eye on C4P to learn what she's supposed to outraged about, that she adjusts the "facts" to suit their latest distortion of the truth, we also know that there's no serious, credible adviser in her camp.

Can you see Sarah Palin running in 2012 "advised" by a bunch of loose cannons?

Oh dear...

PS: A tearful, apologetic Eddie Burke pleaded no contest Thursday to misdemeanor charges for grabbing at a waitress’s crotch, then offering to pay her $400 to keep her from reporting him to the police.

Please visit Celtic Diva to donate to the Transparency Fund. Linda is very near the target!


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sarah Palin: form filling as an art form

Sarah Palin had to submit a financial disclosure form to the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) on March 16, 2009, covering the period January 1 and December 31, 2008.

The detail shown above is a good example of how not to do it. Does it look professional as one would expect from a state governor? It appears to have been filled in by one of her younger daughters, in a snarky and childish tone, with a bad spelling mistake. Please note that there's no exact amount quoted. (Click on image to enlarge)

APOC asked for further clarification regarding some items, such as the Arctic Cat discounts and gifts received. The Palins are trying to dodge APOC's request and her expensive lawyer has sent them a letter with some lame excuse about the gifts and quoting a bunch of statutes that apply only to AGIA to avoid disclosing the Arctic Cat discounts.

In addition to all this "transparency and accountability", Sarah Palin's supporters are going to great lengths to boost contributions to her defense fund via a "Begathon". One of their aims is to provide the governor with enough funds to bring SLAPP suits against the citizens who dare challenge her ethics.

Wiki definition:
A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is a lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Winning the lawsuit is not necessarily the intent of the person filing the SLAPP. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate.

Considering Sarah Palin's form filling talents, the aggressiveness of her "getting richer by the minute" attorney and legislation being proposed by one of her loyal supporters to keep complaints confidential, it seems Alaska has a dictator with the mentality of a 14 year old.

Sarah Palin's fans often say that liberals are afraid of their muse because of her power and wisdom.

No, we're afraid of being complacent and allowing a spiteful, vindictive, immature, vain, divisive hockey mom/wannabe beauty queen/hot governor anywhere near the White House.

McCain didn't have the right people behind him to be able to steal the election the way Bush did, but let's not forget that, like Bush, Sarah Palin has strong ties to big oil...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sarah Palin's frightening supporters

I tried to embed a video of the "Fire Letterman" protest in New York, but it appears to have a technical glitch and it won't play. I gathered a few comments the only time I managed to watch it:

One protester said Letterman has a daughter born out of wedlock. No, he has only one son. Another called Letterman's son a bastard and his wife a slut. Someone said Willow was at a basketball game. One only watches Fox News. The most vocal among the 15 strong crowd said all borders should be closed. They seem to be uninformed and seriously disturbed. (I left the video embed in, but I don't know if it will play.)

The first I heard about Letterman's joke was through the comments on C4P. Of course it all started with the "slutty flight attendant" remark. Rudy Giuliani went on the Eddie Burke show, talked about the game, the remark, but didn't mention Willow at all. Sarah Palin went on the John Ziegler program, talked about the slutty remark and didn't mention Willow or "that" joke either.

Meanwhile, at C4P, they were working themselves into a frenzy, both on the blog and via Twitter. They started talking about raping a 14 year old, etc. Then Sarah and Todd Palin issued their rape, perversion and pedophile statements against "good old David Letterman". After that, Sarah Palin went on national TV and the story had by then turned into the rape of her 14 year old daughter in the middle of the Yankee Stadium and so on and so forth.

As many people already pointed out, Todd committing incest with his daughters is OK, because not only there were no protests against the joke or the guy who told it during the campaign, but Sarah Palin saw fit to appear on the same show a few weeks later.

What has changed since then? Sarah Palin thought she could plow through the doors of the White House. Incest and knocked-up jokes were just a minor distraction. There was no outrage, no self-esteem issues, no feminist crusade.

Another difference is C4P, where a few people believe Sarah Palin farts rainbows and constantly look for "haters" and conspiracies against the hot governor.

Some of their comments:

Sapwolf said..."When the Cuda calls off her wardogs via an acceptance of Letterman's apology, the Sapwolf stands down and heels as the obedient canine that he is."

"I suppose we can give thanks that through facing down Letterman on this issue, we really HAVE had victories and made important inroads among the leftwingers. For once, they DID "feel" how the Palin family did, and since liberals care most about "feelings," their hearts were moved, for once, in alignment with NORMAL people: with us and Sarah. Praise God!"

"I think we should expand this beyond Letterman. Every time Olbermann, Maher, Matthews, or any other media troll slams Sarah we should let their bosses and sponsors know that we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!"

They are bloggers with a difference. The media have used them as sources of hard news, as we have seen this past week, a practice condemned by Sarah Palin...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Sarah Palin, a flawed muse...

C4P must be the most paranoid people around... They're pissed off with Gryph because he told them to stop giving their hard earned money to Sarah Palin. They're pissed off with Dennis Zaki for filming Sarah's speech and selling it to CNN. (They really enjoyed her speech, thanks to Dennis, so what seems to be the problem?) They're pissed off with the Trig Troofers, but then, they always were...

Well, they had this Trig Troofer thread going, but they delete ALL comments by Trig Troofers, however innocent. So you have these one-sided conversations going on, it's most bizarre! It happens in just about all their threads, Trig or no Trig.

Some Alaskan woman came out with this comment:

"And here is that new troll patrick who is actually the person who posts palingates.

If I ever see this person, I will make sure to "bellow" loud enough for everyone to hear before I begin the task of making a mockery of him IN public."

I posted a comment: "I'm Patrick?" They deleted it. So I posted another one: "Why did you delete my comment? I was just asking: "I'm Patrick?" They deleted that one too.

Never mind. I'm feeling much better since I had the sex change operation, but I don't know how I'm going to break the news to my sons... my husband has come to terms with having to become gay to stay married to me. It's very exciting for all of us! Good job we're liberals, it saved us a lot of trouble.

Seriously now, one of their people said:

"Liberals are nuts. Why not focus (as we conservatives do) on the horrible consequences of liberal politics? Instead, liberals bang away with these weird notions in an attempt to discredit the person, rather than the person's policies. And when we conservatives do point out some personal character flaw of a liberal (e.g., consorting for 20 years with Bill Ayers) we are attacked."

It's a very strange comment. Why would liberals focus on the horrible consequences of liberal politics? (duh!)

As for discrediting the person rather than their policies, maybe this person should pay us a visit and see how many posts focus on Sarah Palin's policies. Ethics, politics, environment, wildlife, Alaska Natives, hypocrisy, cronyism, you name it, I've covered it. Babygate is a small part of what I focus on, the other stuff take quite a lot of my time.

As you well know, I only deleted a comment ONCE. Some nutter wrote something longer than "War and Peace", going on and on and on about some very strange theory. It was too bizarre, so I deleted it. All other comments, from trolls, from abusive people are all there, in full glory.

You see, I'm not insecure about what I do. Anybody is welcome to discuss the topics I write about, people can disagree with me, with each other, it's fine.

The woman called RAM takes great pleasure in saying: "Get off my blog!" She says it all the time.

The fact that C4P can't stand any kind of criticism says a lot more about them and their muse than it does about the people they ban from commenting.