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Palingates monthly message - Bonus: Andrew Shirvell - One of Sarah Palin's fans, Asst. AG of Michigan, called out for cyber-stalking and homophobia

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I recently made some "back to basics" remarks on the blog, and would like to add something. One of the main reasons why Sarah Palin is so dangerous is the fact that she is like a "beacon of light" for many far-right people. With Sarah Palin being a prominent figure in the "mainstream", they receive even more justification. Why is it so bad to hate for example liberals, the Muslims or Barack Obama? What's wrong with having strong religious views? Sarah Palin apparently feels like me as well, and she was just on DWTS together with her daughter, didn't you see?

Examples of Sarah Palin being such an "idol" for politically extreme or disturbed people are not very difficult to find. Unfortunately, these people don't just linger around at the Peezoo or other Palinbot websites, but also might have influential jobs - like Andrew Shirvell, the Assistant General Attorney of Michigan. He hit the news big time this week, especially after Anderson Cooper produced an outstanding report about him. Andrew Shirvell is obsessed with a guy called Chris Armstrong, who is the openly gay President of the Student Council of Michigan. Shirvell started a blog called "Chris Armstrong Watch" several months ago, which has now been made private after the report by Anderson Cooper.

This blog by Andrew Shirvell is one of the worst examples of cyber-stalking, homophobia and obsession I have ever seen online. The pages of this now private blog have been saved, but I don't think that it's necessary to display them, as they heavily violate Chris Armstrong's right to privacy and are very offensive. In the CNN report by Anderson Cooper the case is explained in greater detail. Andrew Shirvell not only followed Chris Armstrong around for months and took pictures, but also copied for example facebook postings by him and his friends and put them online, together with long hate-filled rants about the "privileged pervert" Chris Armstrong, including for example displaying a picture of him with the "rainbow" flag and a swastika on it.

Example from the "Chris Armstrong Watch" blog:

"Chris Armstrong, the first openly homosexual president of the Michigan Student Assembly (MSA), wants the University of Michigan community to believe that he has had it "rough" because he's "gay." Ha! Yeah, right. Chris, a viciously militant homosexual activist who recently joined a notorious secret student organization well-known for its history of racism and elitism, comes from a highly privileged background. The following expose of the REAL Chris Armstrong has been compiled from public information as well as confidential sources who know Chris well.
(...) Chris has used his sexual preference to advance his ambitions. In 2009, Chris received a summer "internship" in Washington, D.C. with the so-called "Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund," which provides financial and campaign support for homosexual political candidates. Chris spent a lot of his time "partying," and when the "internship" ended, what did Chris do? What do you think? He packed his bags and vacationed several weeks at his grandparents' estate in EXTREMELY WEALTHY Newport, Rhode Island. Chris comes from OLD $$$, folks.
During U of M's last spring break (and in the midst of Chris' MSA presidential run), did Chris show some leadership by participating in U of M's alternative spring break program in order to help the poor? No, waaay! Why would Chris spend his time doing something noble like that? He's "gay" and a "victim" of "virulent homophobia," so he wouldn't need to do something like that. Instead, Chris and several of his homosexual friends/lovers spent a week sunning themselves on the beaches of PUERTO RICO at a 4-star resort.

This is the REAL Chris Armstrong - privileged, affluent, and ELITIST to his core."

Screenshots from Andrew Shirvell's blog "Chris Armstrong Watch":

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - Swastika pic

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - protest

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - 3

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - 4

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - 8

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - 5

Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - 6

Andrew Shirvell also took a whacky video at night in front of Chris Armstrong's house, which he posted on his blog and which is still available on youtube. Several photos of this nightly "event" are also available on the blog. It apparently shows policemen "raiding" Chris Armstrong's party. Who called the police, I wonder...?


Screenshot Andrew Shirvell blog - 7

This is Anderson Cooper's report and his interview with Andrew Shirvell:

How can such a loony, deeply troubled individual like Andrew Shirvell become an Assistant Attorney General in the first place? The current Attorney General in Michigan is the Republican Mike Cox, who has subsequently criticized Andrew Shirvell's actions. As explained in the previous CNN clip, Andrew Shirvell is a political ally of Mike Cox, who apparently also has "extreme" religious beliefs. This is disturbing.

What seems to me as an important revelation here is the fact that somebody who obviously holds extremist views was allowed to get into such an important position. What are extremist views, what is the mainstream? When does one end, when does the other begin?

Shirvell is obviously pathologically and inexcusably insistent on using every available method to mercilessly badger others, non-stop, whose lives, IN HIS OPINION, may reflect a different belief system.

In the public discussion, it has not been mentioned, as far as I could see, that Andrew Shirvell also had a facebook profile. It was deleted apparently very quickly, much quicker than Andrew Shirvell's blog has been made private. However, the cached version is still online. Let's take a look - click here for a larger picture:

Andrew Shirvell - Facebook Cache 2

Let's look a bit closer - who does Andrew Shirvell "like"?

Andrew Shirvell - Facebook Cache 3

Good old Sarah - here we go again. ;-)

The facebook profile also gives hints regarding the religious beliefs of Andrew Shirvell:

Andrew Shirvell - Facebook Cache 4

So, did he manage to slip "through the net" because "radical" Christianity today is not considered to be an obstacle any more? Maybe some people nowadays even regard it as a "plus?"

I don't want to jump to conclusions here, but this seems to be an interesting "case study", and it certainly gives rise to many questions. Hopefully some lessons will be learned from these shocking events in the end.

In addition, I wonder if Andrew Shirvell might end up on this list - time will tell:


I am very thankful that Vera City today left in the comments a link to the incredibly important and well-made documentary "White Power USA", by the award-winning filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen from "Big Noise Films" (please take a look at their website).

"As a journalist, he has reported from the front-lines of wars and the inside of social movements in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Mali, Niger, East Timor and South Korea. His work has appeared on BBC, PBS, CBC, CNN International, Al Jazeera International, MBC, MTV, and Democracy Now."

The documentary "White Power USA" has been broadcast on Al Jazeera for the first time in January 2010, and it deals for example with the question how Neo-Nazis and other radical right-wingers see the new "Tea Party movement" as an inroad into the mainstream, and how they try to give themselves new "labels" in order to receive "new" credibility.

These type of hard-hitting and revealing documentaries should be shown all over the place, but I doubt very much that you would see them on the main US networks. Hopefully I am wrong.

Please watch:



By coincidence, I just found the website of the "Michigan Gay Republicans." It turns out that Andrew Shirvell's hateful anti-gay actions started earlier than April 2010 - he wrote abusive emails already in February 2010.

On the website, the Michigan Gay Republicans published email correspondence between them and Andrew Shirvell under the headline "Fred Phelps works for AG Cox?" Please note that the correspondence was also partly published on this website.

From: Andrew Shirvell
Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Join Leon Drolet as He Leads Protest for Our Rights @ State Capital Tom
To: redacted, redacted, redacted

You all are sick freaks. Absoluetly shameful, Leon. Your e-mail is beyond offensive. The grassroots will NEVER let you and your butt-buddies Tyler Whitney, Joe Sylvester, and James Justin(e) Wilson hijack our pro-life, pro-family party in pursuit of your PERVERTED radical homosexual agenda.
P.S. Justin(e), a persistant rumor in D.C. circles is that you and Illinois Log Cabin “Republican” Congress”man” Aaron Schock hooked-up together. Sick. Sick. SICK!!!!! Does your homosexual lover Steve know? Freak.

The second email is a follow up to the first:

From: Andrew Shirvell

Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Join Leon Drolet as He Leads Protest for Our Rights @ State Capital Tom
To: redacted, redacted, redacted

Miss Whitney: Shut the f—-up, f–. Got it? Good!

Also, for the record, what I do on my own time – during lunch or here at home – is my business. Stop trying to intimidate me and block my 1st Amendment right to speak out against your group’s wickedly insane agenda. You might remember a certain member of your group – Jason Vorva – sent out a disgusting hit piece about AG Cox last fall. So, if I were you or Justin(e), I’d shut the f—-up and stop your whining. I’m just so sick of your bull**** lies!! Your non-stop persecution of Christians like me, AG Cox, Paul Scott, and Glenn Clark is disgusting. Why are you even in the GOP? You’re nothing but a couple of perverted, spoiled rich kids who’d rather d— around than man-up.

That’s it; I’m done wasting my time with you two vermin.

Andrew Shirvell, Esq.
“Never Underestimate the Motivation of a True Believer”

This email was Whitney’s response to Shirvell

From: Tyler D. Whitney

To: Andrew Shirvell

Cc: redacted; redacted
Sent: Wed, February 3, 2010 12:52:08 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Join Leon Drolet as He Leads Protest for Our Rights @ State Capital Tom
Andrew,Are you deranged enough to actually think that was sent out with Leon’s consent by the actual LCRs?While we’ve never met, I always appreciate our exchanges. At least you don’t hide behind a fake address like Glenn Clark.


What did Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox have to say in February 2010 to the publication of this homophobic and abusive correspondence which was written by his Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell? We don't know. Mike Cox is on twitter, he tweets about a lot of stuff, including his actions to repeal "Obamacare", so that seems to keep him busy.



Please go over to "The Village Voice" and read the excellent new cover story - "White America Has Lost Its Mind." They really nail it! ;-)

In the comments over at "Village Voice", a culture war is being fought, and it seems that almost everyone is offended by this article, for different reasons.

Village Voice - cover


New clip about the "Andrew Shirvell scandal" by Anderson Cooper on CNN, and an interview with Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox.

Guess what: Mike Cox says that Andrew Shirvell's job is safe. Just wonderful. There really emerges a pattern, and that's pretty disturbing: If you are wingnut, you get away basically with anything.

But if you are a liberal (God forbid!), the full force of the law will hit you. Ask David Kernell.


Our reader ella found the PDF with the text of the application for the restraining order that Chris Armstrong filed against Andrew Shirvell. It can be downloaded HERE - and as ella remarked, it's quite a read!

Andrew Shirvell is a vicious, dangerous stalker. It's nothing but a disgrace that Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is backing him.



Thanks to the team of Anderson Cooper which continues to be "on the case", more information is being revealed.

Anderson Cooper's team discovered that the campaign Mike Cox paid thousands of dollars to Andrew Shirvell, going back to 2002. This is compelling proof that Shirvell is a close political ally of Mike Cox.

Anderson Cooper broadcast a new report, which also features Michigan State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith, who had a run in Andrew Shirvell in the past. Wheeler Smith served on the board of a bank in Ann Arbour, and Andrew Shirvell contacted the President of the bank and demanded to remove Alma Wheeler Smith from the board, because she is "pro-choice."

Watch the new report (h/t juicyfruity):

It's refreshing to see how hard-hitting the media can be - if they only want to.

If Anderson Cooper or somebody else took on Sarah Palin like that, Sarah would be gone within a few weeks!

It was also recently reported that James Dobson's "Focus on the Family" opposes anti-bullying legislation, because it would apparently be used by gay activists to "push their gay agenda." The panelists on Anderson Cooper's show, where this topic was discussed one month ago, did not agree.

Many thanks again to ella for posting the link to another fascinating story about Michigan's Attorney General Mike Cox. According to this report, Cox obstructed the investigations regarding the events at a mysterious private party which took place at the residence of Detroit's mayor Kwame Kilpatrick ("Manoogian Mansion") in 2002. At this party, strippers were dancing, and the stripper Tamara Greene was allegedly assaulted by the wife of the mayor, who came home unexpectedly and saw Greene perform a lap dance on mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Tamara Greene was allegedly punched by the wife of the mayor, fell on a coffee table and was then hit with a leg of the table.

Tamara Greene was killed several months later in a mysterious drive-by shooting (for more details, see the clips and the other information below). Amongst other things, 30 tapes of evidence from the investigation later mysteriously disappeared, and police officers later provided affidavits, saying that the investigations were obstructed by AG Mike Cox. More details also here.

The conclusion in Wikipedia, where this story seems to be very thoroughly reported, contains an interesting twist:

"Seven years after the investigation it has not been proven to have occurred. However, after the investigation was shut down by Mike Cox, new evidence has come to light, including an allegation by a records' clerk at the police department that she saw a police report alleging an assault at the manoogian mansion and an allegation by the chief of police from a nearby city that he was invited to the party and allegations of a witness to the scene at the hospital when the assault victim arrived for treatment with what appeared to be the then-mayor's security detail running escort which witness was told by a coworker that the victim had been beaten by the mayor's wife. And, a 911 dispatcher has given testimony under oath in a civil deposition about officers who were dispatched to the Mansion regarding a disturbance. She also was told by responding officers that Attorney General Mike Cox himself was present at the party. Mike Cox stammers out an excited denial in this video interview and eventually repeats his denials more calmly; he can also be seen smugly giving his "Urban Legend" speech at the end of the news story."

And I thought that only in Alaska Republican politicians can get away with anything! Looks like I was wrong. ;-)

"Just for fun", because it's a really fascinating and also tragic story involving Mike Cox, here is the clip with the summary about this party which Mike Cox later in called public an "urban legend." This clip was posted on youtube just a few months ago:


Here is an even better clip, summarizing the events - the story is as fishy as hell:

Former police officers who now go on the record under oath accuse Mike Cox of killing the investigation in the Manoogian Mansion party:

Quote from the previous clip:

"Officers have never seen an Attorney General taking such a personal interest in a case, they certainly have never seen an Attorney General take the key witness and interview him one-on-one without any lawyers, not under oath, they have never seen this before."

Another addition;

The "party investigation" gets weirder and weirder, the more you look into it!

Another Assistant Attorney from Mike Cox's office left her job a while ago - and moved to Arizona and changed her name! Apparently in connection with the "party investigation." Now she is basically untraceable...

Details HERE.

Haha, maybe Andrew Shirvell will go down this route as well in the end. ;-)

An extensive description about the events surrounding the infamous party in the Manoogian Mansion and the murder of Tamara Green can also be found HERE. This looks like a cover-up of epic proportions.

I have to stop reading about this case, or I have to start "Coxgates."



OMG! Many thanks to mxm for finding this clip - all the suspicions from the other sources are basically confirmed in this clip: The party was not an "urban legend", as Mike Cox claimed - and he knows it very well, because he WAS there, getting a lap dance from a stripper, according to an affidavit. If you are interested in this story, please don't miss the other extensive details on Wikipedia.

More very recent and interesting clips from July and August 2010 about the depositions of Kwame Kilpatrick, his father Bernhard Kilpatrick and Carlita Kilpatrick regarding the events surrounding the party and the murder of Tamara Greene HERE, HERE and HERE.

Another clip from August 2010: Who called Tamara Greene?

Here is another excellent, important clip with a detailed description of the murder of Tamara Greene, and details about the obstruction of the investigation into the infamous party from 2002 - must-see clip:



Our invaluable mxm made a timeline, putting all the events together:

Cox graduated from the University of Michigan in 1986

Cox earned his J.D. from University of Michigan Law in 1989

2002 Andrew Shirvell graduates from University of Michigan

Manoogian Mansion Party -the Detroit mayor's (Kwame Kilpatrick) mansion, a wild party alleged to have occurred in the fall of 2002

Carlita Kilpatrick, came home unexpectedly and upon discovering Kwame with the strippers began to attack one of the women

A woman she reportedly attacked with a table leg, Tamara Greene, had been giving the mayor a lap dance

Witnesses have given sworn statements that Mike Cox was at the party and had also been given a lap dance

Mike Cox sworn in as Attorney General January 1, 2003

Tamara Greene murdered on April 30, 2003, investigators suspected the shooter was a policeman

Mike Cox shut down all police investigations into the Manoogian party

Cox admitted in November 2005 to committing adultery

?2005 Shirvell earns his earned his law degree at Ave Maria School of Law (date uncertain)

Shirvell helped manage Cox's 2006 re-election campaign, earning $3,150 for consulting services, according to campaign finance reports

Shirvell Appointed Assistant Attorney General May 2007

May 27, 2009, Cox formally announced his candidacy for governor

Cox lost the MI Republican primary gubernatorial nomination to Rick Snyder on August 3, 2010

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