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Sarah Palin's speech in Houston at the "Heroic Media" event: Abortion is an "essential issue" - Palingates had boots on the ground! - UPDATE


Exciting news every day. How do we keep up? Yesterday, Jeanne Devon from Mudflats had a great scoop and published an email exchange which spread across the media like wildfire. These events give me hope, because they prove that the media is actually willing to report critically "en masse" about Sarah, including some right-wing blogs, provided you hand them a piece of paper with the evidence written on it. I guess we need some more of those pieces of paper... ;-)

A noteworthy commentary about "emailgate" was written for example by Allahpundit on the right-wing blog "Hot Air." These kind of posts are a sign that some of the right-wing blogs are more and more willing to view the events surrounding Sarah Palin from a "factual" and "objective" perspective.

Allahpundit wrote:

"The big media takeaway, obviously, is Todd Palin allegedly demanding an endorsement from Joe Miller, which supposedly points to a Palin presidential run. The way the e-mail reads to me, though, is more as an accusation of ingratitude, not an expectation of official support. If you watch the clip below from September 19 (skip ahead to 8:45), all Wallace asked him is whether Palin’s qualified, not whether he’d support her. Miller’s response was to duck the question on grounds that he’s focused on the Senate race; he never says “I don’t know if she is” as claimed in the e-mail, but yeah, it’s odd that he wouldn’t respond with the perfunctory “sure, she’s qualified.”
Maybe that’s because he’s worried about alienating Palin-hating centrist Republicans whom he needs to peel away from Murkowski. Or maybe it’s because, as R.S. McCain suggests, there are pro-Huckabee staffers on Miller’s team whom he doesn’t want to antagonize.
Miller forwarded the alleged e-mail from Todd to a number of people (their addresses are blacked out), but it looks like they’re members of his staff — and presumably one of them is either the leaker or forwarded the e-mail on to someone who leaked it to the anti-Palin blogger. The question is … why? Even if there are Huckabee loyalists involved in the campaign who want to trip Palin up, why create a headache for Miller by doing this now? Wait until after election day."

So the old "circling the wagons - nothing to see here" strategy of the Palinbots, which C4P still executes on a daily basis, doesn't seem to work any more with some of the other right-wing blogs.

Maybe some of the other blogs have noticed that Sarah Palin never ever produces any positive news - but only one well deserved disaster after the other.

Why are Todd, Joe etc. writing such "incriminating" emails in the first place? Don't they know by now, after so many "email embarrassments" in the past, that this is not really a safe form of communication? Oops, what have I said? Todd, Sarah, please forget it immediately. Forgot it? Good.

It boggles the mind. These people are so unbelievably stupid that they deserve to be embarrassed.

And they most definitely have no place in the White House. Unless you really want the ""

My conclusion:

HAHA pic


And now for something completely different.

Yesterday Sarah spoke at yet another anti-abortion event sponsored by Heroic Media in Houston, Texas.

We have already reported in great detail about Heroic Media, an organization which was founded by "swift-boater" Brian Follett.

Politico reported the following about the event yesterday in Houston:

Abortion is an "essential" issue for midterm election voters, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin declared Tuesday.

Addressing an anti-abortion rights group in Houston, Palin said that President Barack Obama has overseen "the biggest advance of the abortion industry in America" thanks to the health reform law, CNN reports.

"That's why it's essential that we use the 2010 midterms to elect a Congress that will make undoing the damage of Obamacare its first priority," Palin said.

Yep, holier-than-thou Sarah Palin is on the anti-abortion trail again. The "biggest advance of the abortion industry in America?" If you say so, Sarah...(yawn).

Anyway, we have something far more exciting.

Yesterday evening, our valued reader austintxx was surprised to find himself just a few minutes away from Sarah Palin's event in Houston. He had to collect his nephew in the evening at 8.00, but until then had some time to spare. In best Palingates tradition, he took the initiative and visited the gathering of the anti-abortion fans. Luckily for us, he afterwards presented a terrific report which would make Wonkette proud. Please don't take this report too seriously and complain about the language. The report by austintxx is a piece of "rough art" and should be viewed as such. ;-)

I have included some pictures in austintxx's report to illustrate some key points (please note that there are no actual pictures from the event in Texas).

Here is the report by austintxx:

"I DID IT !! I saw sarah in the flesh !!
This is gonna be choppy. I'll try to go in the order it happened. Ask any questions you want.
Saw the post that she was in town and right down I-10 at First Baptist Church. Bam !! I'm goin' !! Took a HUGE swig of Tito's Handmade Vodka and dropped off nephew at drivin' school and hopped on I-10 east. Gotta have tunes.......AH...Def Leppard "Armageddon It".....fuckin' perfect.....LOUD as shit.

Armageddon It
Loud as shit

I skitter into the parkin' lot at 5:47 and notice satellite trucks from CBS,ABC and NBC. wow.
Throw my cigarette butt down in "CHURH" parking lot and walk to West entrance and am greeted at door by a gentleman in slacks and buttondown who is wearing a badge that sez "Greeter".

Shook my hand and said "Welcome" Cruised in and took my bearings and noticed a desk that said "Media".....h-m-m-m......slowly worked my way toward doors leading to "Worship Center"

In Car Worship Center - edit
Worship Center ahead

All your stereotypical WHITE teabag-sarah-lovin'-anti-abortion goofballs were in full force.
6:02....doors swing open and small group moves gently I'm shufflin' along I hear "I was a bodyguard for Nixon"......HUH ?!.....I turn around and this guy looked my age(52) sayin' this to some old bag who was eatin' it up.....get up to the door and I see that they are scanning computer printouts and tickets with these handheld gizmos......I ask lady what I need to do and she pointed me to a table with a computer on it with a guy manning it...sigh..ok......I tell him that I needed a "ticket"......."General Admission or Patron"......"The cheapest"........"That will be $50 , sir".........mighty fine.......not turning back now....I smell blood.......waltz right in and am directed to any seats beyond letter "M" , "A" being 1st row.

Hand over the cash

Plop in aisle seat on row "P"........As I'm gazing around a lady approaches and asks to sit just to my left..."Sure"......lady hadn't even warmed the seat before she popped off snidely "Reckon' there are any Democrats in here?"......Well......ya'll know took every iota of self control to smile and just say "No".........

Nope, no Democrats in here!

THEN she follows that with , and I quote:"SHE brings in money for good things".......Motherfucker...program has not even started and I gotta hear this decide to be a pig and look at all the cutie pies walkin' around , and there were a bunch , fake tits and bumpits galore........she took the hint and left me two women sat down behind me I heard "Tonite we'll get the truth and not the Nancy Pelosi version"...waiting.......waiting.....6:51....program sez 3 speakers before sarah.......fuck....nephew gets out at 8......notice a couple of people with "Going Rogue" in their hands.......couple of Bibles also , too.......7:14.....Senator Dan Patrick comes on stage and welcomes every one and asked that cell phones be turned off and because of "contractual obligations" no video or flash...sez he knows people will snap pictures but reiterates "no flash" this point the pastor came up and gave the invocation.....Dan then began the Heroic Media's been discussed here ad nauseum. Kimberly Guidry Speirs gives "Heroic Media's Mission & Results"......z-z-z-z......I need a fuckin' stiff cocktail...

Palin Cuda
Here comes the Cuda!

Dan starts the buildup....."Gov. Sarah Palin"......."Great Leader".........."Great Mom"
Here she comes........standing ovation.......Hounds tooth waist of outfit is black......flag pin ?? check.
SCREEEEEEECH......"Hello Texas" Make that two fuckin' cocktails , both doubles , NOW !!

Whiskey cocktail
Doubles, please!

Points at the lifesize cutout that is now in seat next to someone and "loves it"........"I love my little sister state Texas"......I came REAL FUCKIN' close on that one folks......"Do you love your freedom".........has any one "in" or "has been" in military stand up......sez she went to Beeville and George West Tx. for basketball tournaments in H.S......"restore honor"......"serve father God"........"good friend Rick Perry" shot coyote that was gonna kill his pup....."I'd probably done it faster , I hunt"...."Glenn Beck"......clapping.......told story about Glenn bragging on a trout he caught and she told him that she just "caught a caribou"....that is not a misprint. She also said she had "blueberry under her fingernails from the tundra"...again , not a misprint......"lamestream media".......

Fingernails white
Show me your nails, Mylady! this time nephew needs to be picked up.......I estimate there were only 200...maybe 250 people there. I left shaking my head laughing....she seemed jittery and it was the same old shit."


THANK YOU, austintxx!

By the way, CNN said that there were "more than 2500 people!" Who did the counting there, I wonder?

In contrast, Fox reported the number of 1200 people in the audience. According to Fox, this figure came from the organizer.

Another publication from Texas estimated that were about 1000 people in the audience (see the detailed report about the event.)

So what the heck is going on with CNN there? Their number is completely distorted!

Our own observer counted much less people than Fox and CNN, as mentioned above.

Fox published a video from this event:

(h/t mmboucher)


Well, after so much fun, here is something else, unrelated - Joy Behar answers Christine O'Donnell:



Today on Hannity, Palin talked briefly about the leaked emails - clueless as always. Apparently, the publication of the emails was a "desperate" act to attack Joe Miller.

I don't even know where to start. Sarah, it was mainly about you and Todd, not about Joe. I am not a psychologist, but I know that something is seriously wrong with this woman. No ability for self-reflection, not even a touch of an intelligent, thoughtful answer. Always the same: THE EVILDOERS WANT TO ATTACK US - THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.


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