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Palingates Weekly Roundup - October 27 to October 30

By Blueberry Tart

The updates to last week’s roundup have a few choice nuggets, including an admission by a Teabagger that he voted fraudulently and a report on Rand Paul campaign coordinator Tim Profitt, the goon who stepped on MoveOn member Lauren Valle’s head at the debate last week. Mike Pezzano is the thug who wrestled her to the ground – cowards and bullies both. I guess this is what Teabaggers do to those with whom they disagree. OMG, the last update shows yet another violent confrontation in which local police act as goons to evict a Democrat from an Eric Cantor event to which he was invited. These are previews of the police state mentality that could prevail if people like Cantor, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin control the levers of power. Chilling would be putting it mildly.

It’s Miller time (again)! This post reveals the details of Joe Miller’s 2008 breach of ethics during his time as Assistant Attorney for the North Star Borough. He accessed his coworkers computers without their knowledge to take part in a political poll, cleared the caches, then lied about it, then changed his story, then finally ‘fessed up once he was caught in the lie. (So much for the West Point Honor Code.) He was suspended for 3 days, put on 6-months probation, and had a mandatory referral to Magellan Health Services. This is the tip of the iceberg re Miller, IMHO. In short: he is Sarah’s kind of guy. H/T to Alaska Dispatch and other media for successfully fighting for the release of these documents!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

David Brock repudiated (with a “p”) his former career as a shill for right-wing extremism, and now works to expose the ways in which these extremists have captured the media and skewed U.S. politics far rightward. Now, his mission is to correct conservative misinformation and his books include a memoir, “Blinded by the Right,” and a book on conservative media, “The Republican Noise Machine.” These should be required reading, so Americans could begin to see how they are being manipulated in the most conniving, albeit effective, way. Brock challenged Sarah Palin to show true leadership by denouncing the violent extremism espoused by Beck, Limbaugh and…hmmm…let’s see, who else? ...why, Palin herself, of course! Either Brock is very naïve or he is very strategic. Far from distancing herself from Beck, she joined him in mocking Brock’s plea.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sarah Palin does not understand subtlety nor the tradition of pardoning prisoners on a leader’s birthday…so the message from the US State Department, suggesting the Ahmedinejad celebrate his birthday by releasing the American hikers, apparently went over her head. But no matter, because her purpose in life is to pander to the far-right by criticizing the Obama Administration on every issue and occasion, no matter how big or small. Her hawkish rhetoric toward Iran deflects attention from her associations with the Alaska Independence Party, and sponsorship of the AIP by Iran at the United Nations. Let’s not forget that Todd was an AIP member for 7 years, a fact that Sarah lied about to the McCain-Palin Campaign, and that Sarah herself attended their conference in 1994 and provided an encouraging video greeting to the conference when she was Governor. Hey, Sarah, how’s that pallin’ around with terrorists workin’ out for ya? Great cartoon!

Saturday finally arrived with an air of excitement – and so did a great group of Palingaters at the Rally to Restore Sanity! What a brilliant day, with a huge crowd, excellent signs, reasonable people, wonderful music and comedy, all in the service of a serious message of tolerance and cooperation. Palingates was well represented by nycgirl, PearlyGirl, comeonpeople, Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel, Vera City, ProChoiceGrandma, Joe Christmas, History Goddess, CaliGirl22, IrishGirl, McNett, BluedogAK, ivyfree’s son, fawnskin (did I miss anyone?). I don’t think I ever heard a more beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner than the one by Troops. Jon Stewart: "If you want to know why I’m here and what I want from you I can only assure you this: you have already given it to me. You’re presence was what I wanted. Sanity will always be and has always been in the eye of the beholder. To see you here today and the kind of people that you are has restored mine. Thank you...We are living in hard times, not END times…If we amplify everything, then we hear nothing."

Comments of the Week

Aview999 copied a comment from HP on Joe Miller’s role in quashing the Troopergate investigation, for which Palin apparently repaid him by appointing his unqualified wife to a state panel that selects judicial nominees. On Saturday, she copied a great quote from Wynton Marsalis about how JAZZ IMPROVISATION = DEMOCRACY – well worth a read!

Cacklingrad: I find myself wondering what else is in Miller's past and personnel file that he doesn't want released…There are some serious questions in this guy's background. He got out of his military commitment with a discharge he doesn't talk about. He went to Yale Law school, but then could only get a part-time job and then a job making $70,000 a year…did Miller attend Yale and not pass? Did he not pass the bar? Did he have lousy references from Yale, so lousy no one would hire him? What's up?

Lisantx (from IM): …Based on his 30 years of hiring or not hiring people in his military unit he deemed it "definitely covering up something". Said he'd checked with a protocols person and yes, the "unqualified resignation" is a category used to get rid of someone or used when someone is forced out, something used, "usually at the higher levels to keep someone…from facing embarrassment, either at the time of discharge or later"…

LouieCypher: …I don't think Obama is all that into you, so instead of waiting for that phone to ring, I say get out there and make some news! Perhaps head stomping, ethic's violations (wait you got that covered), Super PAC donations from secret donors (oops covered again)..Ok I'll get a list later..

I HAD to copy this from Aview999 – very clever!

......... .......... \|||/ ...............
.......... .........( o o) ..............
|~~~~ooO~~ (_)~~~~~~~ |
|..........STOP THE .........|
|......... INSANI-TEA .......|
|............. PARTY .......... |
'~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Ooo~~'
.......... .......|__ |__| .............
.......... .........| | . || ...............
..............ooO .Ooo ...........

Sondra: … I just got info from an old friend who served with Joe in the Army. He knows of NO obvious disability prior to my friend's discharge in '92. You would think a close comrade would know about a disability, unless said disability isn't a true "disability."

Nin1963: If you haven't read "It Can't Happen Here" by Upton Sinclair ("when fascism comes to America it will come draped in a flag and carrying a cross") then you must…

Don Stewart said that Miller’s discharge code “refers to a senior ROTC regulation, loss of confidence to lead by higher commanders.”

Junasie14 asks: Do we know why he ultimately left and took a $12,000 pay cut at his next job? It was reported that he turned in his resignation at some point later on, the day before he was going to be fired, and that it had nothing to do with the computer incident.

Rewood Palinizer: I am continually amazed that folks like Palin and Miller actually think they are fit for office and that their past transgressions, secrets, skeletons and back stabbings will never come to light. Only sociopaths have that kind of audacity.

ForeverAnonymous had a good post with many links about Palin’s role hacking Ruedrich’s computer, supposedly under orders from the Dept of Law.

Cheeriogirl responded: NO ATTORNEY GENERAL would EVER instruct anyone to commit a crime, much less order Palin to hack the computer of a political rival, and look for "something incriminating". The AG would have that hard drive pulled and analyzed by a computer crime expert. Anything less would make the state of Alaska/and the AG liable for malfeasance/derelection of duty/malpractice, and legally damage the case for ANY crimes uncovered.

Igetit2: God Almighty, when the police are the perpetrators we're all fucked.

ProChoiceGrandma: I still say the perfect place for all the teabaggers is Somalia - no government and no taxes - perfect! And Sarah could be Queen, finally.

bluedogAK: Having Palin show up at Miller's rally is a great message to send America in the final days of the campaign: Two liars lying while trying to make the other liar seem less like a liar. Meanwhile, they're lying to themselves if they think decent people are buying it.

Yknott: [Miller] admits he was an "ass," had a "lapse of judgement" and was "beyond stupid." That is enough for anyone to delete his name from any list of potential Senatorial candidates.

Disquxux noticed: Out of those 20 emails surrounding Miller's resignation .... 17 have been deemed nondisclosable on medical grounds.

Emily Peacock: Hubris often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

Grasshopper: You would think that here in the 21st century with so many people owning video phones and cameras, these Neanderthals would think twice before they start handcuffing people and stomping on their heads. That old saying "The whole world is watching" has never been so true.

Bandit Basheert: The Palins have set the bar so low for acceptable behavior, there are no consequences. They go merrily along, lying, grifting, fomenting violence, pimping their kids for publicity ...

SCmommy: Dear God. Audrina of the impeccable abs and immodest costumes LEAVES and Our Lady of the Out of Wedlock is STAYING????

The comment thread early Thursday (about commas) has me nervous about my lax punctuation! ;-)

Janedoeseeker: Our president has so much class, as does his wife. As do his daughters. You can't fake class. BTW, his great-grandparents also had class: one of my family members knew them, and they were known for their kind and peaceful spirits, humility, good deeds in the community, and patriotism. People remembered them for these qualities long after they had died. That is a true legacy. I know of no tea bagger who will leave such a legacy when they die.

Grammy97: I'm sorry that David Brock thought this was a good plan. It dignifies this woman. $arah Heath Palin is not a leader. She's a Figurehead. She's not "beautiful"; she's merely photogenic. She's also Foulmouthed. And a Floozy. If I use cartoon spelling for Fotogenic, I can call her Figurehead, Fotogenic, Foulmouthed, Floozy. She's not fit to be drafted: she's 4F.

Kellygrrrl: She's a Dream for the media…and a Nightmare for the country

Laprofesora: AAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I just got a robo-call from SCARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the bleach, I need to sterilize my ears!!!!! Her screechy voice IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am traumatized for life. I almost tore my answering machine out of the wall to MAKE IT STOP. Oh, I'm going to need a lot of adult beverages tonight, an awful lot...moan...

We had a quote-fest Thursday; here are a few:

Rationalist quoted Churchill: "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing after they have exhausted all other possibilities."

Wayofpeace: "Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." --Albert Einstein
"Wise men [and women] talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." --Plato
Tealwomin quoted Lincoln: “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.” And: “To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men”

Turtle: Please keep reminding everyone you know that Fox News went to court & WON the right to lie and call it news…They LIE and call it news. It's not…Fox News deliberately lies about the news every single hour of every single day.

Sick of Sarah: Can we trade Sarah for the two jailed hikers in Iran?

BuffaloGal: Someone posted that they saw a sign that said , "I don't want to take my country back. I want to take it forward" Nice!

Tmag68 wins the local rally award: Heading out now to the local Restore Sanity rally in Wasilla. Hopefully, I'll see plenty of other sane people there!

Many ‘Gaters live-blogged the Rally, and posted links to great photos. Too much to capture, but here are a few:

Aview999, from HP: Stephen Colbert awarded his Fear Medal to "those organizations who barred their employees from attending Jon's rally because they thought it might make them look biased": ABC, CBS, AP, New York Times, and NPR. Colbert presented the award to a braver person: a seven-year-old girl.

Liz_I had a great press release: Sarah Palin, Alaska Independence Party Spokesperson and Demagogue, is spending the day of the Rally to Restore Sanity in secure lockdown in her …FoxHole on the shores of Dead Lake Louise in Wasilla, Alaska. Mrs. Palin went into a severe depression early Saturday morning, triggered by the loss of today's news cycle. Mrs. Palin is being supplied by deliveries from the Wasilla Taco Bell and Brown Jug Liquor Store… Attempts…to retrieve Mrs. Palin's two Blackberries have so far proved unsuccessful…

Tumbleweek1: ALL Americans are REAL Americans.

Lilly-lily: Sanity is going to take over.

OMG, AzureGhost found Sarah Palin quoting an ACLU icon! Joe Miller - do not give up. It's you against the machine. This is it. "'Lost causes' are the only ones worth fighting for." Clarence Darrow

Vilca: So now, we have three instances where reaching out was provided by progressives: the lady who was "stomped", with her reply letter to that jerk Profitt, the guy at Media Matters who asked Palin to calm down the right wing rhetoric, and the "Restore Sanity" rally. All three were met with either contempt or outright distain and mockery…These three examples do obviously not include Obama's many reach outs. [Many] Teabaggers feed on hate.

Sunnyjane: …I saw (very briefly) a sign that said: It's Not ObamaCare; it's Obama Cares

Leadfoot_LA made us smile: My 7-year old daughter has been walking around singing "Love Train" all day. She was carving pumpkins and just singing softly to herself, "People all over the world, join hands, get on the love train, love train." Hahaha. I could not be more proud!!

BluedogAK had a great comment about her experience at the rally; here is part: I decided I'm not surrendering my emotions to people of little spirit and zero good will, and to a media that hasn't a clue…the rally didn't just celebrate and restore sanity--it restored my faith in Americans… we'll prevail, because ultimately, most Americans aren't Palin or Beck or Limbaugh, who are simply louder and sillier than the average American…Laughter with a hint of mockery really is the best way to scale them down to size. So I vow to fret less and laugh more and remember that life isn't lived on the Internet. Today, I feel just a little saner, and I can't wait to get back to Alaska and vote on Tuesday.

Nycgirl too (from wonderful longer comment): Today was a beautiful thing. God Bless America & those who protect her. Thanks for listening. ( I plan to piece together the rally through pix, articles & YouTube). The aura was contagious. I'm still on a cloud.

And Joe Christmas: …despite the numbers, it was a friendly, festive and surprisingly relaxing day. We have a friend who works near the Mall and we were able to appreciate the show from the sidelines.

Regardless of the media distortion, and faced with onslaught of political sham, I hope all you Gaters out there know we are not alone and our integrity stands.

Peacepax: The line to the Metro station…Looks like that line is a 'peace train'…
I love every single person in that line, and I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

TheRubberRoomHotel told us about the Wasilla Rally – sounds great!

Links of the Week

Seallen and others: How Sarah could become President

KatzKids linked to Malia Litman on what is wrong with Sarah

FormerRepublican: Sarah Palin in San Jose - article by Geoffrey Dunn

8 false things that people “know” prior to the elections

Aview999 to Crooks & Liars on Clarence Thomas and the Koch Bros

And to Malia Litman on whether Palin as President could happen

To firedoglake with Matt Taibbi on Kochtopus

sunnyjane linked to Alternet on Meg Whitman’s disastrous reputation in business and to Leah Burton, showing graphically that “curbing” was not an isolated incident but is a mob-tactic of the extreme right.

ella linked to ADN, which is finally writing on the militia issue

ThanksABunchJohn and other 'gaters posted video of teabag fascist supporters of Rand Paul stomping on a MoveOn member

honestyingov linked to WaPo on Joe Miller

to Mother Jones on Miller lying about his lies

and to NPR on the GOP’s “web of influence”

Patrick found an excellent book about the street fighting that occurred during the rise of the Third Reich and making fun of Palin’s word salad

Cheeriogirl: Wow, ANOTHER GOP assault. At least this time, the police intervened and the arrest was made immediately.

Kellygrrrl and dusty17: Carl Paladino DOUBLES DOWN On Criticism Of Sarah Palin 2012. OMG! The T-Baggers are beginning 2 eat their own.

Texasgal2008 linked to the Guardian on 10 steps to fascism

Wayofpeace (and Vera City) linked to Psychology Today on personalities and ideologies:

Regina and rolliningraves had the latest Bristol bellywatch (outie alert). (Note by Regina: I just provided the photos, but I'm not convinced Bristol is pregnant, she may be just extremely out of shape...)

and this great comparison from curioser11

Aview999 and dusty17 found that Sarah’s not the only one who doesn’t disclose her property holdings; so doesn’t Joe Miller

Lilybart: “They Thought They Were Free” Germany 1933-45

Cheeriogirl on Karl Rove subpoena re election theft

And on argument to impeach Clarence Thomas

Sdilmoak linked to Rachel Maddow’s show in Anchorage

Tyroanee on Joe Biden barred from PA school by Repub school board

Sickntiredofpalin: Charlie Crist flip flops on Sarah

Juicyfruityy linked to crooksandliars, quoting President Obama: " …all of us have an obligation to set a tone where we say the other side…may be wrong but it’s not evil, because when you start going down that path of demonizing folks, then these kinds of incidents are more likely to occur. And my expectation in the remainder of this campaign is that all candidates out there are a little more careful about making sure that they’re framing the debate around issues and sending a clear message to their supporters that our democracy works when we disagree, we debate, we argue, it gets contentious, but that there are certain lines we don’t cross." Full transcript available.

Austintxx linked to Keith Olbermann’s excellent special comment and to Lauren Valle’s brilliant response to the curb-stomper’s demand for an apology. Palinoia also linked to this, and curioser11 correctly noted that “we” are not stomping on each other – the Repub thugs are the only ones doing any stomping.

Pallotine: Media Matters responded to Palin standing with Beck

Aview999/sallyngarland,tx linked to article on Sarah as reincarnation of George Wallace

anonPoster had more on Steve Schmidt’s reaction to Sarah’s attempt to lie about Todd’s involvement with the AIP

maelewis/sunnyjane: The wingnuts may be the President's salvation

wilson201 and others found the best 100 rally signs on buzzflash

Bluerinse linked to DailyKos on What Katie Couric Did

Dusty17 found a transcript of Jon Stewart’s closing statement on RollingStone

Tweets of the Week

Tyroanee: By accepting Stimulus $ 4 Alaska and then Bitching later- is like saying NO to SeX and ending up PG @SarahPalinUSA Hypocrites @ToddPalinUSA

Hi I'm @JoeWMiller and I'm running for Alaska Senator @SarahPalinUSA loves me because I'm a Vet... I Love Alaska, my wife and 8 children, the outdoors and picking up antlers...Oh, did I mention I like 2 Lie?

HT to cheeriogirl for her first tweet: @sarahpalinUSA what's up in AK? Palin & NOW Miller have both kept their EXTRA homes hidden from the press. Sounds rather elitist to me!

And she found this one from sunnyjane: @sarahpalinusa: Thought about dressing as you for Halloween, but can’t find a square pillow to show I WASN’T pregnant. Can I use yours?

Dusty17 with H/T to Moon: What @JohnMcCain should say "Folks, I fucked up real bad by letting the conservatives force me to choose @SarahPalinUSA as my running mate"

@sarahpalinusa: Ignoring W. Point oath, Joe M. lies, cheats, steals, and tolerates others who do. Don’t let him take Senate oath of office!
@sarahpalinusa: Good endorsement record ya got going, Sarah: Cheating/lying Miller, anti-civil rights headstomper Rand and witch O’Donnell.

@SarahPalinUSA, U show FAUX Outrage @D.Kernell Trial b/c He guessed a Password.@JoeWMiller HACKED Multiple Comps.#GUILTY. U endorse HIM? #p2

Is @SarahPalinUSA tuned into the #rally4sanity? Stewart says" We live in HARD times-NOT 'End Times? I doubt she heard him.

Ennealogic: According to @SarahPalinUSA Kernell deserves prison for guessing her pword but throws #JoeMiller a party after hacking gov computers!

AzureGhost: The #Palin Doctrine: Lie through your teeth about absolutely everything

Bluerinse: @SarahPalinUSA Can you see #rally4sanity from your house?

Sleuth: @SarahPalinUSA I realize it's difficult but can you TRY not to be a Twittiot for at least one day?

Heidi1 says she is “twitilliterate” but found this: "JJinWY @catawu Battle looming between @KarlRove & @SarahPalinUSA ? She taunts while he uncovers truth about fake pregnancy? Rove hates Palin..."

Let’s end with Yusuf (H/T to Lilly-lily):



Our reader Jack Slater submitted a guest post, which we would like to present to you for your enjoyment. Thanks a lot, Jack!

Sarah Palin on February 1, 2013

-In a telephone conference between President Sarah Palin and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President Palin made clear in no uncertain terms her policy toward Iranian nuclear development:

"Listen here you chain smoking bastard! Its high time you grow a pair and shut down all nukyoolar facilities in Iran. The United States will tolerate your crap no longer. Am I clear? Your high and mighty wishes to rule the world don't cut it with my administration, and we'll turn you into a glass factory faster than you can say Allah Akhbar. You got that Mr. Anti-dentite? And one more thing; If our ally Israel says jump, you just ask 'how high?' and don't give their leaders any lip."

-Later the following day, President Palin telephoned the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, where she expressed similar sentiments:

"All righty now you little puppy kicking turd, you need to ramp back on your economic development and allow the U.S. opportunity to level the playing field. I don't give a rats ass about how many gazillion soldiers you have. We'll turn you into a southern version of North Korea faster than you can say Sweet and Sour Pork. You got that? I ain't gonna tolerate no Chinese piss pots telling the United States who calls the shots. I call the shots, got it? China, you are on notice, get along with the U.S. or be refudiated!"

-One week later, President Palin telephoned Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin:

"OK you little impotent commie bastard! I can see your ugly mug from my home in Alaska. So don't you get no ideas about trying any fancy stuff with me, you hear? You raise your head up near my Dropzone homeboys and the U.S. will kick your ass all the way back to Stalin's tomb. You just take that hammer and sickle flag and put it where the sun don't shine, you punk! I'm not foolin' around with any of you rusky scum buckets!"

And so it was, the once great United States collapsed under the weight of World War III during the first term of President Sarah Palin.




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