Sunday, 5 December 2010

"Bristol the Pistol" and "Sarah the Hunter": Shooting together for world domination - Targets today: Margaret Cho and "anti-hunting hypocrites"

I thought that it would be a quiet Sunday today with nothing much to report, but it turns out that Sarah Palin and her "mini-me" Bristol had different ideas!

We already knew that Sarah Palin was a professional victim, but what we didn't know so far is that her little apprentice Bristol is quickly following in her footsteps, almost on a daily basis.

DWTS-contestant Margaret Cho, an accomplished comedienne, fashion designer, actress, author, and recording artist and long-time campaigner for gay and lesbian rights, had the audacity to write a critical blog post about Sarah Palin, therefore violating the first amendment ("Any criticism of a Palin will be considered as an attack on American values and the constitution and has to be repulsed by any means necessary swiftly and forcefully.").

Margaret Cho - post

Margaret already realized that there probably would be some sort of reaction. Haha - YOU BETCHA!

So here we are - Bristol the Pistol shoots back on her "official" facebook page:

Bristol post - screenshot 1

Bristol post - screenshot 2

There you have it, Margaret! Sarah mobilized her ghostwriters and BOOM goes the cannon!

I guess that Sarah Palin, whose legendary vindictiveness easily seems to match the one of Josef Stalin, also did not miss that according to Wikipedia, Margaret Cho uttered the following wise words after Sarah Palin was nominated in 2008:

"I think [Palin] is the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11."

It was already the second time within days that Bristol via the ghostwriting department shot back at somebody. Keith Olbermann recently also violated the first amendment when he declared Bristol Palin to be the "worst person in the world", and the following response was published on December 2 on Bristol's facebook:

Bristol Palin - screenshot Olbermann post

If this is not enough professional victimhood for you, then you should listen to Bristol Palin on the Alaskan "Bob & Mark Show", Sarah Palin's most favourite program ever (and Sarah promised to announce her run for President on this radio show first):

But wait a moment! Doesn't this remind you of another appearance on the Bob and Mark Show - by Sarah Palin, back in 2008?

Yes, it does! ;-)

So Bristol Palin now has a new, polished, official facebook with ghostwriters, and her old private facebook apparently has been deleted. Which is no big surprise, because without a ghostwriter, Bristol sounds for example like that - she left these comments on the facebook page of another teenager, who also violated the first amendment:

Bristol - Willow 1

Bristol - Willow 6

Bristol - Willow 9

Bristol - Willow 12

But that's of course not everything!

Already about two years ago, the Palindeception team unearthed Bristol Palin's old myspace comments from 2006 and 2007 - they can be downloaded HERE.

In there we find many more original comments by Bristol Palin, published without the filter of the evil lamestream media:

Bristol Palin - Myspace new 1

Bristol Palin - Myspace new 3

Bristol Palin - Myspace new 2

Jan 18&19 - fat stoner

April 18 - 2007 -Track

April 20 - 2007

June 25 - 2007 - motherduck

june 25 - 2007 - slut comment

Bristol Palin, who already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars with her claim to fame as an unwed teen mother, took exception to Keith Olbermann's complaint that she is not a good role model for abstinence. She also took exception to Margaret Cho's claim that Sarah blames Bristol for the lost election in 2008.

Anyway, Sarah Palin is busy. She has twitter mania today, shooting at her own targets, the imaginary "anti-hunting hypocrites":

Hunting tweets Sarah Palin

Oh, yeah, it's all so controversial, Sarah! They are all after you, really, they are! Everyone wearing leather shoes is a vicious killer! KILL, KILL, KILL, Sarah!

Sarah Palin's Sunday-messages are a bit different. That's just the way she rolls.

Good that Tina Dupuy decided to start to write "Sarah Palin's Enemy List", a work in progress. Otherwise it would be pretty difficult to keep track during the next two years!

Our fellow-blogger Ennealogic appealed to the media yesterday: Pull the plug on Sarah Palin! We fully agree, but it seems that the Queen of mean and her little princess will continue with their hunting tour for a long, long time.



Earlier today when I was about to take a look at Bristol's facebook post, there was a surprise!

Although I clicked on the correct URL, all I saw was this message on facebook:

Page unavailable

I was really confused at first, and didn't know what the reason was, but after a lot of testing I came to a conclusion which was also confirmed by another reader: Bristol Palin's facebook page is not accessible in Europe!

Do you think I am joking?

Well, you can check for yourself!

Even if you are in the USA, you can get a German IP with a German online proxy, for example with THIS ONE.

When you try to reach Bristol's facebook page via this German online proxy, you receive the same error message.

But when I tried to access Bristol's facebook page for example via an online proxy which gives an IP address from the USA, everything works fine!

Therefore, as confirmed by another reader who lives in another European country and also by Regina who lives in France, Bristol and/or her handlers apparently try to block access to Bristol's official facebook page from Europe.

What a pity to hear that we Europeans are apparently not worthy of reading Bristol's ghostwritten masterpieces.



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