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Palingates monthly message: Our second best month in history - Taking the fight against Sarah Palin to a new level!

Dear Palingaters,

the last month was very special one for all of us. We will never forget what happened in November 2010. A community showed it's muscles and pushed their message into the mainstream media, for several days. America and the world received several sneak peeks of "America by Heart", thanks to Palingates, and fortunately journalists immediately realized what a big pile of nonsense this book is, how petty it is, how laughable it is. ABC, CBS and "The View", amongst many others, had a field day:

We were grateful that "America by Heart", or should I say this giant, unstoppable "leak" gave Palingates so much new attention. In the end, the focus of our blog is not on some silly book which was ghostwritten for this woman who believes that she is destined to become the next President of the USA, but on her various political scandals and dirty personal secrets. The "leaked" book gave us an opportunity to get new readers and new attention.

It's noticeable for everyone right now that Sarah Palin starts to receive much more critical attention, and more Republicans now openly attack her. Joe Scarborough decided to be one of the leaders of this Republican backlash, and in the long run, he will be rewarded for his courage - because there has probably never been a politician with more ugly skeletons in her closet than Sarah Palin. She has the ability to single-handedly destroy the Republican Party, and Joe Scarborough, among others, will later be credited for having saved his party.

But the fight is far from over yet. Sarah Palin still is a strong candidate for becoming the Republican presidential nominee for 2012 - and if you don't believe me that she will run, please believe Andrew Sullivan when he said today:

If anyone thinks this neurotic, delusional force of nature is not going to run for the White House, they should watch the show.

Her alternate reality show, that is.

It's seems to become easier for journalists every passing day to be snarky about Sarah Palin, or to be critical of her. There is certainly no shortage of articles and posts right now to be found in which Palin's deficiencies and delusions are being discussed and exposed. But that's not enough. For two years now, the media with only very, very few exceptions - basically just with the exception of Andrew Sullivan - have "hypnotised" themselves into believing that the various personal scandals of Sarah Palin, especially her badly faked pregnancy, simply do not exist. It seems to be a rare case of mass hypnosis combined with a fear of - well, I don't know, fear of what? Losing your job? Being shamed? Being ridiculed?

Dear journalists, the facts are all out there! It's not a fantasy or a conspiracy! It's real!

Let's take it step by step. Today, one small step for you, dear media, but a giant leap for mankind. We know you can do it, if only you want to.

Let's destroy "myth no 1" once and for all: Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy is not an "internet conspiracy", which was created by a blogger at the Daily Kos. If you don't believe me, maybe you would believe Michael Carey, columnist at the Anchorage Daily News:

See, that wasn't so hard. The faked pregnancy was not an internet rumor. It had been discussed in the newsroom of the Anchorage Daily News for a long time before the "infamous" Daily Kos post was published. There were even people like a "smart lawyer" who claimed that the faked pregnancy was the "absolute truth." Why would people make such claims? Wouldn't that be a good reason for the media to take a very, very, very deep look into these allegations? Maybe demand to see proof that Sarah Palin actually was pregnant with Trig?

Our work is not done until the above clip with Michael Carey has been shown on a major US news channel and until the right questions have been asked as a result! Even then, we don't just want to see the right questions being asked, we also want the answers, the full, inconvenient truth!

We talk to journalists in the background and share our knowledge, and we recently made some new contacts. It's an uphill struggle. However, after the events of the previous weeks, people seem to be much more open minded as far as Sarah's various scandals are concerned.

Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, despite our very pleasant performance in November 2010, the second best month in the history of Palingates:

Palingates stats February 2009 - November 2010

I would have never, ever thought that Palingates would even come close again in 2010 to our result in February, when we were the only media outlet worldwide which published the famous statement by actress Andrea Friedman uncensored (see also HERE).

In February 2010, we received 543,334 page loads and 289,017 unique visitors, which was by far our best result ever - but last month, the 529,615 page loads and 278,711 visitors came very close to breaking this record. The number of returning visitors in November 2010 was, by the way, much higher than ever (87,420).

But we cannot do it alone - we continue to need your help.

Therefore we launch our second "Palingates Moneyblast", which from now we would like to launch every six months!

Palingates Moneyblast banner

Our goal is of course to raise $ 2 million like last time in order to keep Palingates going strong. Let's see how it goes! ;-)

Please send me an email if you would like to donate via check or money order, or you could donate via paypal by clicking this button:

The Moneyblast will last one week, and we will give daily updates.

Thank you all for your donations, and in addition, many thanks to all of you for your valuable, daily contributions to the discussions and the investigations! This is a life-changing experience for all of us, and investigative citizen's blogging will never be the same again. Let's continue our journey with full steam ahead!


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