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Sarah Palin's Alaska - Episode 6 - A reader's review

By Leadfoot_LA and Bella, Age 7

We begin today's episode of All Sarah-All The Time with a view of the ridiculous 14-ft fence, then pan across the yard to the turret, where Sarah is getting ready for a TV segment inside. Todd is helping her prepare by moving a fish on the wall behind her. He refuses to fix her hair because it is "above his pay grade." Sarah does not remind him that she now makes ALL their money, so he should probably fix her hair. She fiddles nervously under the desk. She explains that sometimes they just want to get away from the press, so today they are leaving on a two day road trip in a "big RV."

Creepy Chuck, Sally, Sarah's nephew Happy and "the next generation of Palins" -- Willow, Trig and Piper -- tag along. They are going to the Talkeetna mountains, an area the family has visited for 40 years. In the RV, Trig is listening to country music on Willow's iPhone (on speaker, not with earbuds) and dancing. He is not wearing glasses or hearing aids. And for you ear theorists, he appears to be the round-ear Trig. Sarah says it is just natural for babies to want to dance. (He is a toddler now, not a baby, but this escapes her.)

They go to the Matanuska River to go rafting. They meet up with Sarah's sister and brother and the river guide, whose name, I kid you not, is Mudflap. They all don life vests except Todd, who has volunteered to stay behind with Trig. Piper falls in the water before she even gets in the boat. She says she "hates this" while Sarah laughs at her and says, "hehehehe, she's already scared." She adds, "do not use his (Mudflap's) mullet as a towel." Bella laughs at this.

Mudflap tells Sarah she has to sit up front. She says she'd "rather be in the back of the boat and let someone else have to do more of the work." SHOCKER. You don't say, Sarah. But she decided to accept the challenge. They go down the rapids while Piper screams bloody murder and Mudflap keeps yelling "I love my life." I like Mudflap!

Sarah's nephew Heath (Heath Heath?!) and Sally meet up with them at the end of the river ride. Sarah says it was much more physically challenging than she expected, but it was "Awweeeeesooooome." Oh lord, it is hereditary!

Back in the RV, Piper and Sarah play with Trig. Sarah says, "Trig is the light of my life. People are jerks about him being born with Downs Syndrome. 85 to 90 percent of babies are aborted with Downs Syndrome. They can have their opinion, but we have ours." Okay, first of all, Sarah, NOBODY has EVER been a jerk about Trig being born with Downs Syndrome. We all adore Trig. People are "jerks" because you LIE about having given birth to him and act like this big martyr saint of a woman when you are nothing but a LIAR. When you had to make a choice about a pregnancy -- you chose abortion at least once, possibly twice. So you are NOT some big pro-life hero. You are a phony. Second of all, when you said "85 to 90 percent of babies are aborted with Downs Syndrome," -- I am pretty sure you actually meant that 85 to 90 percent of babies who have Downs Syndrome are aborted. That is completely different.

While she is talking about Trig being soooooo important to her, he is standing on the seat of the RV, dancing and looking out the window while it is barreling down the highway. No seat belt, no car seat.

Sarah vacuums the RV and yells at all the kids that their feet are in her way. Willow tells Sarah that Andy is oh his way. Sarah says, "Willow!, did you double check with dad?!" What, Sarah has no authority? Willow says she misses him and that he is funny and she is excited to see him. They should have animated in some sparkly hearts floating all around her head, the way she is beaming. She tells Todd that Andy is coming, and he ignores her. The kids in the RV all giggle. Bella giggles. Willow and Andy ARE actually kind of cute together.

Sarah says, "where are the s'mores ingredients? This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day that we should not have dessert." WHAT!? What a bitch.

One hour later, Todd is starting a fire when Andy drives up. Sarah says that she gave Willow permission to have Andy camp with them, as long as he would help out. She says they "give their kids a lot of freedom because they trust their kids and want to make sure they are on the right path, they are gonna make mistakes, we all make mistakes." Yes, that was all one sentence. Take a breath, woman! She says she "feels sorry for some of her kids because their mistakes are played out on the front page of the National Enquirer which really SUCKS for them." I don't even know where to begin. First, you give your kids "freedom" because you are lazy. Look what happened when you gave Bristol freedom! Did you learn nothing?! Everybody knows you can't trust teenagers! Second, YOU put your daughter's pregnancy in the headlines to hide your lies about Trig. YOU did that to her. Third, nobody who is almost 50 and wants to run for president should say "sucks."

Andy and Willow carve their names into a log. Piper burns her marshmallow, whines, and throws it in the fire. Sarah gets a text from Happy's mom and reads it aloud to everyone in the RV, "she says she loves you, and to shower, brush your teeth, and put on deodorant." Willow sneers at him. Um, she probably meant for you to tell him that privately, Sarah. God this woman is rude and obtuse.

This morning they are ready to "kick up some mud on the family's four wheelers." They are going to their friend Bones' old abandoned mining camp. Sarah says it will be "nice to get the heck away from idiots and bloggers who do not like our family." What the hell?! She is like 10 times meaner and more bitter in this episode than she was in the others. I didn't even think that was possible. Why doesn't she get the fact that people don't just dislike other people for no reason?! They dislike those who quit, lie, misrepresent, fake pregnancies, use children as props, etc., etc.

She calls Piper, "Piper Diaper" as they take off on the ATVs. Bella says, "that was mean!" Sarah says four-wheelers area common mode of transportation since only 30% of Alaska is accessible by roads. They run into some people shooting clay pigeons and Sarah just has to take a shot. This time she hits it on the first try (yah, right), and yells "I shattered it!"

They arrive at Bones' place and he pretends not to know her. He says he didn't know they were coming. He is wearing a hat that says "Sarah Palin Governor" -- nope -- time to get a new hat, Bones. They go panning for gold and Chuck says on a good day you can find an ounce of gold, but, Sarah adds, "you have to work for it." And there it is, folks. Every. Single. Show.

She again says that they are the "nerd family of America" as they go hunting for fossils. (Sarah, you know nerds are different from grifter hillbillies, right?!) They find one, and Chuck Jr. says it became extinct with the dinosaurs and is 62 to 350 million years old. No wheels are seen spinning in Sarah's head to indicate she realizes her Earth time line does not match up with Chuck Jr.'s. She says she keeps the fossils that they find, and her "thrill" would be to have them cover the whole exterior siding of her house.

We head over to Creepy Chuck's House of Horrors. He talks about the antler mountain and how proud he is of it. Tripp is there (but no Bristol). Tripp hands a bottle to Trig, and says "baba?" and Trig hands it back. Awwwwwwwwwww. The two boys are the exact same height. That is odd. I think about how Audrey was threatened just when she posted about Bristol possibly faking the TRIPP pregnancy after Sarah faked the Trig pregnancy and the theories that the two boys could be twins. But Patrick's voice in my head tells me it isn't true, and I am snapped back to reality by Bella telling me to fast forward through the commercial.

At the Palin concrete palace, Sarah is looking for her Juicy diaper bag. Piper practices basketball. Todd takes Trig somewhere while Sarah drives Piper into Anchorage for some mother-daughter time at Peggy's Pies. Sarah tells Piper to be gracious and patient if tourists want to meet her. Piper says, "but you have to bribe me." LOL! At least the girl is honest. Sarah is wearing a Juicy Couture sweatshirt (about $140) as she talks about how hard it was when she used to be a waitress. Sarah and Piper fill in as waitresses. Piper says Sarah is a horrible waitress because she stops to talk too much. Piper collects tips, and Sarah takes them and says they are "gas money to get back home." She says Piper "saw what hard work was all about and tolerance for other people and what it means to be truly of service to other people." Really Sarah? She served pie for like 10 minutes and then you took the money she earned!! HA!

On the drive back to Wasilla, Piper is not wearing a seat belt. Bella notices right away and says she can't believe Sarah would allow that. Piper looks miserable and tells Sarah she is in the wrong lane. They go to a kennel to drop off a pie and we get a quick Iditarod history and dog training lesson. Piper gets to pick one of the puppies to be named Piper. They get in a helicopter (marked Alpine Air Alaska for you researchers) to go to a glacier to ride a dogsled. They tour the Iditarod team's camp and play with some adorable puppies. The trainer says that the female dog leads the team because she is the Alpha, and is the "brains." Sarah says, "because the females are the more intelligent ones." Yes, that is exactly what he just said, genius.

Bella says she really likes this episode because there are lots of babies and puppies. I give her my "gross" look and she says, "but I still don't like Sarah Palin!" I feel bad for not just letting her enjoy it.

Sarah is wearing the same red wool coat she wore when she was "pregnant" with Trig and pictured in both the Vogue shoot and with the Target dog, late in her "pregnancy." It fits the same way now as it did then. They take a ride on the sleds -- Sarah on one, Piper on the other. Sarah's sled wins. Sarah takes off on a dogsled all by herself and Piper says, "does she know the brake?" Sarah thinks that seeing her mush alone will make Piper think she is cool. But Piper is totally over her mom, does not even watch, and plays with a snowball. Haha... Piper is my favorite Palin.

We end on a screen that says Bones died between the making and the airing of this episode. RIP Bones.

Next time... Sarah goes Lumberjack!


Thank you, Leadfoot and Bella! Brilliant review!

There was also a very funny live chat going on again during the broadcast of this episode on Palingates - the transcript can be downloaded here. Many thanks to our reader sleuth for capturing it!

Sarah made a few very revealing remarks this time.

For example:

She says she "feels sorry for some of her kids because their mistakes are played out on the front page of the National Enquirer which really SUCKS for them."

Leadfoot already commented on that sentence above. I just find it incredibly revealing that it apparently doesn't occur to Sarah that her kids made their mistakes because of bad parenting. We already know from countless occasions that Sarah is unable to admit any kind of mistake or failure, which seems to be a part of her severe personality disorder. So her children's mistakes couldn't possibly be her mistakes.

You would think that psychologists would have a field day with Sarah Palin.

The funny thing is: They already had.

"I studied liars and their lies for decades. I found that the vast majority of liars do care about the truth in at least one fundamental way - they want to be able to assure themselves and others that there is something honest about what they are saying. They want to have some wisp of truth to hang onto.

What would you do if you hated a particular painting, only to have the artist who painted it approach you, point to it, and say, "That's one of my paintings. What do you think of it?" Along with my colleague and friend, Kathy Bell, I actually did research like this. (It is described in professional paper #4 in the book, The Lies We Tell and the Clues We Miss.) A completely truthful answer would have been, "I hate it." Unsurprisingly, that's not the answer our participants preferred. Instead, they tried in all sorts of ways to convey the impression that they liked the painting, while still including something that could be defended as truthful. For example, they might tell the artist that they liked the shape of the leaf in the plant in the background - without acknowledging that the shape of that one leaf was the ONLY thing they liked.

From my post as an outside observer, it seems to me that Sarah Palin doesn't care much about the truth. In that way, she is a very special liar. Instead, Palin seems to love the effect her disingenuous pronouncements have on her audiences and so she just runs with them. Her fans adore her claims about "death panels" and about Obama supposedly "palling around with terrorists" and all the rest. Look at how they roar with approval and fervor when she tosses that red, bloody moose meat to them - how can the mere (non) truth-value of what she is saying ever compete with that? Plus, the fact that her taunts drive her detractors over the edge - well, that just adds to the fun!

Sarah Palin seems to relish the reaction she gets to her claims and complaints. Among her core fan base, the theme that the mean media and the full-of-themselves campaign staffers were unfair to noble, authentic, small-town Sarah seems to be a winner. Whether it is really true is almost irrelevant.

I do love the irony of Palin flaunting her authenticity with lies."

Well, you might not remember, because this experiment which could be called "exposing Sarah Palin from a psychological point of view" turned out to be quite nasty (for the author), and was probably never repeated for this reason.

"In this space, originally, was a post about Sarah Palin as a very special liar - one who seems to care less about the truth, and about saying things that could be defended as truthful - than the vast majority of liars I've studied for decades. I thought that was interesting psychologically; hence the post to Psychology Today.

I have now moved the post, in full, to the Huffington Post; you can find it here. Alan, in the comments section here, was right. I should have posted it there in the first place. The comments the post drew were mostly personal and political, not psychological. My personal e-mail box has also been filled with scathing personal attacks. I realize that the blogosphere is the wild, wild web, and that if I write colorfully, I'll attract some vitriol. I'm also sure other bloggers have been treated in far nastier ways than I have, so I'm not complaining. I'm just noting that in my personal experience as a blogger (at Huffington Post, since June of 2006; here at Psych Today since March of 2008), this is as scurrilous as it's ever gotten."

I just had to think of that, because one of the main reason why America is still being tortured by this ridiculous woman is the fact that there is a little army of nasty Palinbots out there who are just to eager to follows Palin's perceived demand: Smear the "enemy", and harass them, if they dare to criticize the Queen in public.

But back to the "National Enquirer": Funnily, in this episode Sarah basically admitted that the stories that the National Enquirer published especially in 2008 were actually true. I find this quite remarkable.

For a selection of the stories from the National Enquirer, please also revisit our post from July 9, 2010.

NE Sarah Palin - What's she hiding

NE Other man revealed screenshots

Sarah Palin other man revealed

Screenshot Sept 15 - 2008 - Troopergate

Screenshot Sept 15 - 2008 - Pregnancy - secret wedding

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Vindictive

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Track Oxycontin 2

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Bus incident

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Bus incident 2 and Bristol

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Brad Hanson affair 1

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Brad Hanson affair 2

By the way: One of those stories in the National Enquirer in 2008, next for example to Track's drug abuse and Sarah's well-documented sexual affair with Brad Hanson was the story that Sarah "banished the pregnant daughter Bristol from their house":

Screenshot Sept 22 - 2008 - Bristol banished from house

Regarding Bristol's "banishment" from the house, I would like to repeat what Blueberry Tart wrote in our large babygate post from July 2 (also included in our summary pdf document for download):

"Heather Bruce confirmed (in the book Trailblazer by Lorenzo Benet) that Bristol lived with her while pregnant and while going to Anchorage West HS. This extended stay with Aunt Heather had to be during the 2007-08 school year, because it was reported at the beginning of the 08-09 school year. Inside Edition aired a report on 9/2/08 stating that “Halfway through the school year, about the time Bristol discovered she was pregnant, she transferred to another high school.” The Washington Post reported that Bristol went mid-school-year to live with her aunt in Anchorage, finishing at the city's West High School.

The principal of the Wasilla High School also confirmed that Bristol transferred from there halfway through the 2007-2008 school year. The National Enquirer reported this as well, with some additional details: “When Sarah found out the teen was pregnant by high schooler Levi Johnston, she was actually banished from the house. As part of the cover-up, Palin quickly transferred Bristol to another high school and made her move in with Sarah’s sister Heather 25 miles away!”

While many people apparently assumed this referred to the pregnancy with Tripp, that cannot be true. It can only refer to the winter 2007-2008 period, which coincides with the Trig pregnancy, not Tripp. Adding support to this conclusion, Bristol herself reported that they told Sarah and Todd about her pregnancy with Tripp “after school was out.” The logical conclusion is that Bristol’s banishment to Anchorage was not for the Tripp pregnancy, but for Trig."

Back the episode 6 of Sarah Palin's Alaska:

Naturally, I was pleased that Sarah Palin mentioned the evil bloggers again:

Sarah says it will be "nice to get the heck away from idiots and bloggers who do not like our family."

Oh, Sarah, that's rich: As I just mentioned recently, through a little video clip, it's in your hands to "get rid" of a huge portion of those bloggers immediately: Show proof that you were pregnant with Trig and "eliminate" many, if not most of those pesky bloggers by discrediting them.

You don't do it?

I know why, and you know the reason for it as well!


Finally - if you have missed episode 6, then youtube is your friend!



Many readers have remarked on the fact that Piper, Trig and other passengers in the RV are not wearing seatbelts while footage shows the RV charging along the road. It is quite clear that from 4.12 onwards that Piper is jumping up and down in the RV while the vehicle is in motion, so she cannot be safely belted up. From 11.07 Trig is also seen standing on the sofa seat without a seatbelt.

Our reader, Joe Christmas, found the following information which makes it clear that according to Alaska state child passenger safety law seatbelts must be worn:
Alaska law says that a driver may not transport children under 16 in a motor vehicle unless the child is properly secured according to state child passenger safety law. Children who are not yet one year old or who do not yet weigh 20 lbs must be properly secured in a federally approved rear-facing car seat.

Once again Sarah Palin's complete lack of awareness jeopardizes her children's welfare.

MXM nailed the fact that it is not sensed threats which endanger Sarah's children but the Palin's lack of parenting skills which put them in constant peril.

However, I will point out that it is unlikely that any action will be taken against the Palins as it seems that not wearing seatbelts is regarded as a secondary traffic offence and that the RV could only have been pulled over if a more serious offence such as speeding had taken place. Ludicrous? It would seem so to me, but there you have it.




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