Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bristol Palin's road to stardom

We had a lot of fun discussing Bristol Palin's performance in Dancing With The Stars. Bristol didn't disgrace herself, thanks to a good dance partner, but the general opinion was that she's not a very gifted dancer. So, what are Bristol gifts?

Our regular commenter maelewis wrote a very sobering post about it:
When we get down to what's important about any of Bristol's money making ventures, we have a young lady whose mother is in the public eye, one way or another. All that Bristol is famous for is having her pregnancy announced on the world stage as Sarah ran for VP. Then, Bristol and Levi were going to get married and learn that having a child while they were teens was a big responsibility. Sarah said that they would have to grow up fast.
Something changed along the way and Levi was kicked to the curb. Bristol became an advocate for abstinence, a little bit late as the proof of her "abstinence" was proudly shown off in an interview with Greta. It is really a difficult message to tell kids, "Do as I say, not as I did."
That would be fine if Bristol worked hard trying to raise her son in a normal way. But, a child of Sarah Palin does not know what a normal life is supposed to be. Tripp was exploited in some kind of vendetta against Levi. He became a prop in handsomely paid magazine articles. (Don't spit up on Bristol's pretty party gown, please. It has to go back to the designer). Bristol glamorized her single motherhood, being photographed in a modern condo wearing swell clothes and baking cookies (well, taking them out of the oven, anyway).
When Bristol appeared on Dancing with the Stars, it was further validation of the single teen mother lifestyle. If you have a kid out of wedlock, choose to keep the baby but not the father, you, too, can wear pretty clothes, high heels and strut your stuff on national tv, even if you have no talent for acting or dancing. Let's be clear; Bristol is being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to generate publicity and viewers for DWTS. Once, the color red and the letter A stood for Adultery; now it stands for Abstinence. Only, Bristol's version is that not being abstinent has paid off big time, which is really not a very good message.
Christine O'Donnell falsely claims that condoms do not prevent the spread of aids. They do. They also prevent the birth of children when the sexually active couple are little more than children themselves, and hardly ready to take on the responsibility of a child and a serious relationship. For Sarah to have set Bristol up as a spokesperson for abstinence is a joke. Bristol has become the unwitting spokesperson for having a child, pretty clothes, a condo and a shiny new big truck, and that having unprotected sex turned out very well for her. But, here is the warning, kids, it was OK for Bristol but not for you.

I don't care whether Bristol gets voted off the island or stays to win the grand prize. Booking Bristol on DWTS sends the wrong message, and she can dance her pretty feet off, the message remains the same, "Bristol is famous for being an unwed teen mother, and DWTS glamorizes it."

Many commenters hoped that Bristol's little adventure away from Wasilla would open her eyes to an exciting new world and that she would finally be able to break away from her mother's grifting ways, embracing a less hypocritical lifestyle.

I have my fingers crossed, but I'm not holding my breath...

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