Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Twitter had been hacked - UPDATE: All fine now again, it's fixed - More silly tweeting: Sarah Palin thinks that Acorn still exists

UPDATE: It's fixed, twitter is safe again.


Attention, tweeters!

The website of twitter.com has been hacked and has been infected with a "virus" - please DO NOT go the website, not even for looking for what has happened!

Also HERE.

Please note that this hack can also affect twitter accounts.

Somebody already made a video about it today:

You can apparently still safely tweet over third party-applications like tweetdeck.


CBSnews now reports that twitter will make an update soon, trying to remove the security flaw.


Twitter says that they have patched (fixed) the security flaw now, but for anybody who still wants to be on the safe side for a bit longer, you can safely tweet over the mobile twitter website, which was not affected.


It's fixed and it's safe to use twitter again.



Queen Sarah just woke up and thought it's a good idea to entertain her subjects with a very clever tweet:

When we first saw Sarah's new tweet, we thought it's probably one of her "parody twitter accounts" - but Sarah is her own parody now. ;-)


Our reader maelewis left an excellent comment regarding Sarah's new tweet:

"I loved Patrick's tweet about Acorn. Let me think, how many rallies did Acorn have on the Mall in Washington DC? Did they all dress up like Oak Trees and drop their deadly fruit on people? Maybe they dressed up like the fake pimp and his young lady, looking for a government handout? Did they have nasty signs about GWB in a Nazi uniform? (Ooops, no, that's the cover of Glenn Beck's book).

As far as the progressive left wing socialist communist fascist union-loving liberals are concerned, the last time I saw them all assembled in Washington DC was to cheer President Obama as the first person of mixed race to be sworn in as President of the United States. (First person of mixed race that we know of). The rally that is planned by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert is not being organized by people who give donations to political candidates or speak or their behalf. Stewart & Colbert are entertainers. They are boosting their TV ratings during sweeps, a time when ratings are taken, which will influence how much can be charged for advertising. They are going to use their rally as comic fodder for their TV shows. If anything, we can count on them to use satire to make fun of Glenn Beck and especially Glenn Beck's rallies. They might even cry or have a geese flyover. Jon Stewart has done a brilliant impersonation of Beck at the blackboard; I hope they have a jumbo blackboard there, along with the Vicks. (If they don't use Vicks to produce fake tear, how about a bag of onions?)

As for Acorn, I never heard of them before the Right demonized them, set them up and drove them out of business. People who worked at Acorn did not have their own radio or TV programs, where they spewed hatred and launched political attacks. When Sarah tweets on her own, she really does display the depth of her political knowledge. As for the Left talking about who is funding the Tea Party, something hit another sore spot with Sarah. I guess she had to defend her bosses at Newscorp and/or anyone else funding her. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."


Here is a good one - Sarah Palin and the twitter hack nicely mixed together:

Not Javascript hack

Even Greta Van Susteren apparently (?) realizes that Sarah's tweet was moronic:

Greta Acorn tweet

OMG, the Palinbots will go beserk!

Wasn't Greta ALWAYS a highly suspicious person? Palinbot talking point number one (wait for it): "I never trusted her."

Or shall we interpret Greta's tweet as "support" for Sarah...? Well, they could both be just plain stupid, it's possible. ;-)

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