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Palingates Weekly Roundup - September 8 to September 12 - BONUS: Sarah Palin in Iowa on Friday, September 17, 2010

By Blueberry Tart

Gina Loudon, along with Sarah, led the attacks on Michael Joseph Gross after his Vanity Fair article was published. Loudon claimed that Gross lied by deliberately misidentifying her son as Trig – a trumped up charge, given that Samuel and Trig closely resemble each other, and Piper Palin was pushing Samuel in a stroller (at most a harmless error – “no harm, no foul”). However, it turns out that Loudon either lied or was mistaken about her reported conversation with Gross. He denies ever meeting her or speaking with her. Patrick (with help from drpatois) takes a closer look at Loudon, and it isn’t a pretty sight. She is another master of lies, disgusting politics, dirty tricks and nasty rhetoric. The post includes several excellent reports about Loudon from the St. Louis Activist Hub. She seems just as “mentally unstable” as the McCain-Palin Campaign found Palin to be.

My guest post takes a closer look at Bristol’s comment that she didn’t attend her prom because she was pregnant. She previously stated that she didn’t know she was pregnant until May, and the prom was in mid-April. Oops! Since prom planning and shopping would have taken place well before mid-April, it suggests that her statement applies to an earlier pregnancy. That would also fit with her banishment to Anchorage during the 2007-08 school year, which by Aunt Heather’s account was when Bristol was pregnant. Patrick’s bonus shows that Bristol did attend a prom – the 2006 WHS prom. She went with a druggie who was convicted for causing injury or death in a car accident. Yet the self-proclaimed Mama Grizzly (more like Grisly or Gristly) allowed her 15 year old daughter to go with him, displaying her pitiful parenting skills and so-called family values. Fortunately, it seems that this young man is now getting his life together. If only Bristol would.

Micmac and Patrick collaborate to reveal the undisclosed funding sources of AK Senate candidate Joe Miller. Miller’s campaign portrays itself, in fundraising appeals, as a grassroots-funded, shoestring operation that REALLY needs donations. Miller’s FEC disclosure indicates only $5000 funding from PACs for the election cycle. However, our tireless team found that Miller’s campaign was the beneficiary of $587,729 from the Tea Party Express PAC. The post raises the question of whether Miller is involved in an illegal scheme to coordinate with the TPE, and cites a recent complaint filed by – wait for it – the Delaware GOP, which claims the same illegal coordination is occurring between the TPE and the campaign of Christine O’Donnell (another whack job endorsed by TPE and Palin). The post ends by connecting the dots to funding by the Koch brothers. Outstanding job!

The remarkable documentary by Jules and Gedeon Naudet somberly honors the anniversary of this infamous day. I cannot describe it; you just have to watch the film on “probie” Tony Benetatos, Captain Joseph Pfeifer, James Hanlon, Dennis Cardio and their fellow firefighters of NYFD Engine 7 Ladder 1. Tony is “just a person who tries to do good.” The FD superstition is that if nothing much happens at the beginning of a probationary period, “something big is coming.” The film witnesses history, showing lower Manhattan just before, during and after 9/11. Ladder 1 is the first to reach the Towers right after the first plane hits. You feel the disbelief, fear and chaos. You hear the sounds of the first plane just before impact; the second plane; the roar as the South Tower collapses and later, the North Tower; people plunging to their deaths. This is a powerful, emotional memorial to all those who lost their lives, and to all those who braved the horror in the days and weeks after 9/11 to “see what we can do to make this situation better.”

In stark contrast to the solemnity of the documentary is the report on Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck’s exploitation of the tragedy to profit and promote themselves and their fear-mongering. The post covers their poorly-attended event in Anchorage and includes excellent excerpts from Alaska Dispatch and live-tweets from several reporters who recognize how crass and manipulative Palin and Beck are.

Here is a new video about the protests against Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in Anchorage on 9/11 - many thanks to our great videographer!


Comments of the Week

(Sorry, I couldn’t get through all of them this week.)

Maelewis: That really should be Sarah's motto: Something for nothing. She had no qualifications yet she wanted the job of vice president (or mayor or governor). She is paid $100,000. for a speech, and she reads it instead of preparing and earning the money. The MSM covers her for the ratings that she brings, and there is no substance.

Aview999 found this excellent comment on VF: "The woman stepped out onto the national stage and called herself a pitbull, she proudly told us of her high school moniker: Sarah Barracuda. And the lady certainly lived up to all of that, she has been attacking, spreading hate, lies (her death panel fakebook post was last year's "Lie of the year" according to Factcheck}. She attacks our president on a near daily basis. Her brilliant "refudiate" gaffe came in the form of something infinitely more important - it was the first stone cast by a loud political voice at the Muslim community center, two blocks from ground zero. The Taliban has leaked that the debate over the Mosque has turned into a great recruiting tool. So Sarah Palin has put our troops and country in danger, and emboldened our enemies. She appeared in front of her nearly all white crowd of followers, on the anniversary and site of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s greatest speeches, just DAYS after siding with Dr. Laura's racist "n word" rant, telling her not to retreat, but reload. The woman told us she would be menacing, she lived up to her promise beyond anyone's imagination. But when the press points out that she is, indeed, a menace, she and her loyal followers complain that she is being attacked. She wants to be the attack dog, the pitbull, but God forbid anyone fights back. Sorry, Sarah, we are not going to sit down and shut up."

AKRNC had another great insider report (late Tue./early Wed.) on the current reaction to Palin in Republican inner circles. Among other things, apparently she has done something quite offensive that is known only to a few insiders.

Anne_123: The VF piece seems to mainly focus on S.P. being a hot head that is ruthless and vindictive to anyone who dares cross her. The Pee World screams no no no! That's not our Queen! How does S.P. respond to this VF article? By calling the author an impotent, limp...
She chose those words! Her very reaction to the article itself proves the article is right

SCMommy and others spoke up for Michael Gross: …Why the nat'l media refuses to report that the emperor, er, governess, has no clothes--I cannot comprehend, but am so thankful you have written and continue to defend the truth as you have written it…

Several posters called BS on Bristol’s claim that she is a physician’s office manager – she doesn’t have the skills needed and could not take time off on a whim – to say nothing of her reported history of substance abuse.

Maelewis: Special to aview999: When I put "bat shit crazy" into Google images, I was amazed at the number of pictures of Sarah Palin that popped up, with exactly that label…

Pinhead had a good observation: As with all the Palins…Doesn't matter what the reality is: if they SAY something is a certain way, it IS that way! No need to even mention whether the dress will be modest. Of course it won't, it's a dancer's outfit. But gotta give it to them--always trying to bend reality.

Seconded by Linda1961: They do seem to make their own reality. Wonder how they will cope when it all comes crashing down...

Caligirl22: …Every town and city has this situation with their kids, too bad that Sarah did not use HER VOICE to educate America about this real scourge on American families… and later: I don't think she went to the prom, because they kids were talking about her having already baby.....

Molly_WI: I'd like to have been a fly on the wall soon after Tri-g is presented, when B and L tell S and P that they are expecting.....B tells Greta Van S. that "we were ALL surprised" at the news. I have always thought that meant that they were ALL surprised that she was able to get pregnant again that soon.

Lilybart: So, Gina adopted a DS baby with the sole purpose of using him to further her career as an anti-choice activist. [She may not be the only one we know who did this – BBT]

GaleForceWind had a great comment late Wed on a conversation she had with a Palin devotee.

It was all quite interesting, I tell you. The kicker came when I told her about the witch doctor. I do believe this lady is going to look some things up tonight! This lady is really nice. I just opened her eyes a little bit.

Comeonpeople: This family puts the FUn in dysFUNction.

ProChoiceGrandma: Terry Jones and his ilk are fanning the flames of hatred and he seeks celebrity status by this ignorant stunt. Seems to me the best way to douse his flames of hatred is to stand ready with fire hoses, and as soon as he tries to light a match, wash him off his feet with a blast of water. THEN take a picture of him dripping wet sitting on his ass. Now THAT would be a picture worth spreading around the world to regain some of the goodwill this asshole has cost us.

Kellygrrrl: this reminds me of the startling comment from the mouth of John Ensign yesterday: "If you don't hold us (elected officials) accountable then we will do some very bad things in D.C."

AnnaLynne made a good point: When bristol said she was pregnant on Leno she giggled like it was some huge joke, classy

Nycgirl: Oh Dear God, what is happening to our country ? I'm so happy that I live in NYC where anything goes. Well,most of the time.

Honestyingov: As part of a protests to the C/Klan rally in Anchorage on the 11th... some protesters should get together and burn Going Rogue and Becky's book together. How's THAT for some symbolism and imagery.

Dlb44 and daughter had a nice idea: …my daughter and I have decided that our protest of the Quran burning will be to purchase a Kindle version on September 11 and download it. Anybody want to join us?

Cheeriogirl found (on Gina Loudon’s blog) that there is a Tea Party Youth movement, to which pinhead responded: No really, is there such a thing as Tea Party YOUTH? As in Hitler's Nazi Youth groups? Wowee. Cheeriogirl later reposted an excellent comment from VF, showing that the accreditations of Loudon’s on-line university are bogus (one doesn’t exist, one is in question, the third is not rigorous).

BanditBasheert: Ad hominem attacks are considered proof of the truth.

Wayofpiece quoted Jason Linkins from HuffPo: The story of how one lone idiot, pimping an 18th-century brand of community terrorism, held the media hostage and forced some of this nation's most powerful people to their knees to fitfully beg an end to his wackdoodlery is an extraordinary one.

ProChoiceGrandma liked this from kellygrrrl: Nate is rarely wrong, but he also adjusts his numbers often. I'm thinking the Rethugs are peaking too early ... Premature Electionation

And I liked this, also from kellygrrrl: We have nothing to fear but Fear Mongering itself.

Ontohertricks: Perhaps this republican he-man candidate meant to say, "all politics is LOCO". LOL

Friday evening many ‘Gaters shared moving memories of 9/11… a day none of us will ever forget.

AnonPoster: From the GOP master plan of political manipulation (which has no true allegiance to moral, ethical, or ideological boundaries), it makes perfect sense: sow confusion, fear, doubt, and anger in conservatives --- and then reap votes from an agitated, motivated base in November. Anger is a better motivator to vote than a free ride to the polls… I don't believe they expected the lone ranger fundamentalist nutjob in Florida to throw gasoline on their carefully crafted political crusade. It blew up in their faces (like hate usually does)…

MadamDeal: ,,,I was disturbed by Sarah's lack of intelligence and shamelessness in deliberately misinterpreting the Afghan Parliament candidate's threat that if the Koran was burned wherever Americans are seen in the world they will be killed. Palin changed that into "kill US kids" as though to say terrorists were coming to American…to kill our children…This woman with no comprehension skills believes she could be POTUS. I believe she is mentally unstable; no one could possibly be this stupid not to see the seriousness of such a threat.

Jk: Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell...women like this are the ones who feel free to dish out nasty comments about their male opponents' masculinity, but are the first to cry "sexism!" if they are at all criticized for any reason. It's disgusting.

Mrsgunka: I want to go back to being a good country and friend to everyone and not to worry about being killed if we travel. They looked up to us to protect the world, but now they hate us for what the GOP has done the last 8 years! Sarah Palin, you have been their cheerleader. Go home and hang up your pon poms and shut your mouth. Apologize to your kids and the world for the hate you have spewn! It's not cute, you are not cute. You have become ugly inside and out. Let decent people heal our wounds and you and your puppeteers need to hang your heads in shame! I want our friends back that my children and grand children will be welcomed as we were.

And later (with assist from minnesotamud): I really feel we are making a difference. Little by little your story is showing up on the MSM. They act like it's a break-through in journalism! Keep it up Patrick you are breaking the mold…we are making headway. Thanks guys!

I will leave the last comments this week to NYCgirl: I love my community, Blacks, Whites, Jews,
Muslims, Irish, Russians etc....Our tiny peninsula lost about 95 people on 9/11. Fireman, office workers, sons, fathers, mothers & daughters, friends & neighbors… We've had enough. We all just try to get along. AND HEAL. (and later) ...We have so many memories of the day yet one of those memories that stands out was how clear it was & how blue the sky was that day. Sometimes we still refer to it on an exceptionally beautiful day, we say it's a 9/11 sky…I/m going to the beach now to reflect & pray…. The ocean gives me such peace & energy. It's the end of Ramadan, it's the Jewish New Year, to me it's a time of hope & renewal… I'm not a human being looking for a spiritual experience, I'm a spiritual being looking for a human experience.

Links of the Week

Crystalwolflady tweeted this link to the Guardian: Sarah Palin Exposed

Kasha Knish: Check out "Pink One" at "Going Pink on Sarah Palin" (She's on PG blogroll)
"Todd Palin, First Dude? Try First AIP Thug!"

and later had this gem on Sarah the hunter

Aview999 linked to Free Republic: Plouffe: Limbaugh, Beck and Palin are a problem for GOP

and this on the imam who is building the community center: Building on Faith

Zane1: Interesting article by Tina Brown on the influence Murdoch has gotten by illegal wiretapping politicians & stars

Honestyingov reposted from Aview999

Juicyfruityy: depressing article on how the Republicans have been taken over by Koch, Rove, Murdock “and their sick ilk” and the threat they pose and later this link to crooksandliars on the TP exporting its evil brand to Europe

IWantToKnowTheTruth linked to an excellent ADN editorial on the Glenn-Sarah rally in Washington and “symbolic violence.” Good quote: “I’m surprised God tolerates such exploitation.”

Cheeriogirl: Frat House for Jesus(C Street Evangelicalism)

and this on a Muslim prayer room in the South Tower

Dusty 17 had this on the AIP and juicyfruityy followed up with this 2008 article on Sarah’s links to the AIP

And: We're burning a whole lot more than books

BellPeppery linked to Glenn Beck saying that he chose religion for sex

Vilca: Slate had a fantastic "blogging the Bible" series. Well researched and hillarious…

Voiceinwind from MediaMatters: Fox calls for repeal of 20th Century

Patrick: Terry Jones Accused of “Spiritual Abuse” at German Church; “Conducted Brainwashing”

and later a double dose of the hysteria that Sarah foments: A dose of insanity and A double dose of insanity

All [St Louis Activist Hub] posts about Gina Loudon

Kathleen: A new hate video that is propagated by Newt Gingrich

Ontohertricks with several more links on Gingrich: Newt Gingrich ‘Sharing Resources, Coordinating Efforts’ With Oil Lobby and Lobbyist Newt Gingrich Refuses To Register As Lobbyist

Lidia17 found this strange article on the Loudons decision to adopt a DS baby

Jmon66: And let's not forget 15-year-old Willow photographed chugging vodka on the cover of Star magazine and reportedly smoking pot too. Sarah is three for three.

I agree with Sickntiredofpalin: *News media--quit following Sarah's tweets.

Older_Wiser: on the doltish duo exploiting 9/11

And another great post by Sarah Jones

Mxm: worth revisiting - from The NewYorker: How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin

SC_gnomie offered some hope

Rocky in Tx and others linked to the Guardian on Jeremy Morlock

Here is Palingates earlier post on the subject

Crystalwolfakacaligrl linked to Sarah Jones, Pushing Back on the Palin Hate Machine

Kellygrrrl linked to Talking Points Memo: Taking Responsibility

Caligirl22: John Loudon's page. He specializes in Special Needs Adoption!

Cheeriogirl linked to this on Richard Land, who was one of those who pushed McCain into choosing Palin

Mrs TBB linked to McCain’s opponent, Rodney Glassman’s site, where he is posting McCain’s daily flip flop – priceless!

Jason Easley of Politicususa reported on Rachel Maddow’s smackdown of Palin-Beck; good quote from Easley: “Beck and Palin aren’t leaders. They are hucksters…”

BfromC: My Husband Didn’t Stand for Hate

Marieke02 and Linda1961 linked to “A 9/11 Victim Speaks"

Older_Wiser linked to truth-out.org : Democracy and the Threat of Authoritarianism: Politics Beyond Barack Obama

Tweets of the Week

I don’t promise to do this regularly (Twitter isn’t my thing, plus there’s the time thing); but here are a few from last week.

@sarahpalinusa: Does it stab your heart that your boss Murdock is funding North Korean regime? Renounce Fox NOW for the good of the USA.
@sarahpalinusa: Pres. Obama is helping middle class America instead of extending tax cuts for the wealthy. A President we can believe in!
@sarahpalinusa: On Jewish New Year, Pres Obama calls for tolerance, peace and security in Israel. You call for lying, hate, and fear.

@SarahPalinUSA Angelina Jolie is prettier than you and cares more about military deaths due to the Koran burning + her pregnancy was REAL!

Molly_WI (with assist from dusty 17 and Kathleen):
Book burning=bad; Sarah Palin=horrible. Where's media focus?

CR46 (with assist from BanditBasheert): Palin/Back hijacking 9/11 for $$$$$$-where is the media focus?

ProChoiceGrandma found this:
I'm confused; is the FL idiot burning North Korans or South Korans? I'm guessing North, because he doesn't have a Seoul. #atheist #tcot #p2

Caligirl22 and salg:
Right Wing Leaders Plan to Use September 11th Anniversary To Make Money http://tinyurl.com/29v5exh@SarahPalinUSA @glennbeck

Maelewis (with assist from cheeriogirl):
"I thought the Ground Zero Mosque was a "stab to the heart," rather than the tolerance of a civil society."

@sarahpalinusa Burning books because of hate is not the same as building a community center with a room for prayer. #sarahpalin #tcot #p2

Eye on You:
@SarahPalinUSA You Say: "Now Extremists Need 2 Stand Down", so when do you plan to Stand Down? Using Lies & Fear to create Hate= Extremist

Kellygrrrl and salg found this from Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Over Anchorage, AK. Looking everywhere but can't see Russia from here. Will keep you updated as search continues. http://twitpic.com/2mvxod

Here is kellygrrrl’s tweet, with assist from dusty17:
Does "Stand Down" = "Retreat" ? just askin'


Note by Patrick: Sarah Palin in Iowa on September 17, 2010

Sarah Palin will be appearing at the "Ronald Reagan Dinner" in Iowa next Friday, September 17. This event will be hosted by the state GOP in Iowa. Sarah Palin is going to headline the dinner.

Interestingly, Mitt Romney will also appear at a "Ronald Reagan Dinner" in Iowa, but at a later one which will take place on October 26, 2010 and which is being organized by the Scott County Republicans. They seem to have quite a lot of "Ronald Reagan Dinners" over there...

We thought that it would be a good idea to inform people in Iowa about the "real" Sarah Palin, and our reader "ontohertricks" compiled a big list of GOP and media contacts in Iowa - in case you would to contact some people in Iowa!

While investigating these details, our reader "ontohertricks" also found some pretty disturbing details about the GOP in Iowa, for example the fact that they want to re-establish the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment.

The original 13th Amendment?

Yes! The background: The Republican Party of Iowa actually voted last month that it wanted the 13h Amendment (that abolishes slavery) to be repealed and the original draft, which did not provide for that, to be substituted - as a way of "embarrassing" or even impeaching Obama, who many of them apparently believe to be a foreigner!

Newsweek reported:

"Even so, it’s a little startling to come upon section 7.19, which calls for “the reintroduction and ratification of the original 13th Amendment, not the 13th amendment in today’s Constitution.” Since the existing 13th Amendment bans slavery, while the “original” one was about something else entirely, the wording might give the impression that Iowa Republicans wish to reverse emancipation, which is not at all the case, according to state GOP Communications Director Danielle Plogmann. Like many aspects of Republican politics this year, it’s actually about embarrassing President Obama. But you have to wonder whether the delegates knew what they were getting into. In making common cause with “Thirteenthers,” as those who seek to restore the long-lost amendment are known, the party has ventured beyond the far fringes of conspiracy theory, into a mysterious lost land without lawyers or taxes. Maybe they knew what they were doing after all."

The research showed that there are actually SEVERAL leading members of the GOP in Iowa who apparently believe that President Obama is a muslim.

One leading GOP figure from Iowa who made extremely disparaging remarks about Barack Obama is Congressman Steve King. From a report about King in March 2008:

"I don't want to disparage anyone because of their race, their ethnicity, their name - whatever their religion their father might have been," he said. "I'll just say this: When you think about the optics of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected President of the United States -- I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does it look like to the world of Islam?"

He continued: "I will tell you that, if he is elected president, then the radical Islamists, the al-Qaida, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11 because they will declare victory in this War on Terror."

King thinks radical Islamists will say the United States has capitulated because the Obama administration would be pulling troops out of any conflict associated with al-Qaida.

"Additionally, his middle name (Hussein) does matter," King said. "It matters because they read a meaning into that in the rest of the world. That has a special meaning to them. They will be dancing in the streets because of his middle name. They will be dancing in the streets because of who his father was and because of his posture that says: Pull out of the Middle East and pull out of this conflict."

He continued: "There are implications that have to do with who he is and the position that he's taken. If he were strong on national defense and said 'I'm going to go over there and we're going to fight and we're going to win, we'll come home with a victory,' that's different. But that's not what he said. They will be dancing in the streets if he's elected president. That has a chilling aspect on how difficult it will be to ever win this Global War on Terror."

My feeling is that Sarah Palin will receive a very, very warm reception in Iowa!

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