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Palingates Weekly Roundup - September 19 to September 25

By Blueberry Tart

This post reports on Sarah’s 9/16 screech in Louisville, KY (with H/T to the blog Barefoot and Progressive). In the speech, and others later in the week, new inconsistencies emerge regarding the stories of the pregnancy and Trig’s birth. In the Kentucky version, a doctor performs the ultrasound, not the ultrasound technician she wrote about in Going Rogue. She also now says that Trig was born at 7½ months, not 8½ months; that’s a rather glaring change from the “official” story. The post ends with a funny new video clip showing Sarah running from the media! (Maybe there is some truth to it when she says she’s a runner.)

Bristol’s latest trick is her debut on Dancing With The Stars. This is what passes for modesty and family values in the Palin household, in case you were confused by her come hither, slutty appearance and false eyelashes that weigh ~5 lbs each. I could barely bring myself to watch this display of utter hypocrisy from the born-again revirginated “teen abstinence advocate,” who criticizes her ex for seeking tabloid fame. She is the one who called herself a slut, and she certainly looks like it to me.

What a brilliant documentary lidia17 made to show how Sarah’s story of the “Wild Ride” is a travesty, a lie and a hoax. This video should get an Academy Award! Please watch this, and send the link to others. Can this be submitted to the various documentary award committees? Patrick adds some new material to the post, including a letter from Sondra Tomkins, a nurse who raised questions in spring 2008 about the wild ride. The post includes many updates, including new tweets by Kim Chatman calling out the faked pregnancy. PG also revisits Sarah’s latest attempt to rewrite the birth history, now saying she gave birth in Anchorage. Now the time (morning or evening?) and location (Anchorage or Palmer?) are muddled, just like the date and the actual birth mother. Obviously Palin intends to have so many different versions of the story out there that those watching from afar can’t tell fact from fiction.

Patrick sets the stage with Monte Python’s court skits, to create the appropriate mood to delve into the latest regarding the David Kernell case. Thanks to a generous reader, Palingates obtained Bristol Palin’s testimony in the trial. The transcript reveals that Bristol may actually have some talent as an actress, or at least a drama queen. She claimed it was a terrifying experience to be alone with the other children, out in the woods, her cell phone the only way to communicate with the outside world. Unless you count the Secret Service, the land line, email, and (if all else failed) the Best Western almost next door. The transcript indicates that Fox’s report that Bristol referred to her newborn child was apparently erroneous, as the transcript refers to her baby brother. She also deftly avoids perjury on several questions regarding Trig’s age and the stage of her pregnancy. Patrick looks into whether this cell phone is the same one later implicated in Sherry Johnston’s drug bust, but the evidence is as yet inconclusive.

Koch brothers

The subject of this post is the malignment of President Obama’s character and personal history in a new article published in Forbes Magazine. The latest smear job against the President is another ad hominem attack, devoid of facts but filled with false, demeaning and inflammatory comments. The updates include an expose by of the Forbes’ author, Dinesh D’Souza, and critiques of the article by the Columbia Journalism Review and The Economist, decrying this yellowest of journalism. Patrick also continues to cover the influence of the Koch Brothers and how they use this influence to reap financial rewards, reminding us of parallels to the rise of the Third Reich.

Comments of the Week

(Memo to self: do not get 4 days behind on the comments again! I only got through half of them; sorry!)

Maelewis: "Every time that Palin lies, another angel loses its wings."

Lilybart: Funny, now the new phrase is, instead of I didn't inhale, it's ....."I didn't join the coven.”

Mrsgunka had a nice (longer) reply to a moving comment from Chakalipankhi: Please know that REAL Americans are loving and we welcome you here to find love and peace you so deserve…

Lilylake: the words "easy, easy EASY" really strike me now because she was using them BEFORE the delivery. "It's just been so EASY, as she pats her tummy. Then, after the delivery, she said "IT WAS EASY, THE EASIEST ONE"..... Now, who would fly to Dallas, give a speech, have broken water, contractions, have to catch 2 planes, travel 12 hours, drive to still ANother hospital, GIVE BIRTH for 6 hours, AND CALL IT EASY!!!!!?????? I'm sorry, but there is NO woman who would think that is easy!!

AKRNC: I don't know of any woman who has had pitocin to induce labor and then called it the easiest labor she had. Absolutely NOT! She is full of b.s. (and later) Being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner…the minute I heard the wild ride story, I literally LOL! No way in hell would a woman risk all that to give birth in Alaska, especially having given birth four times previously. What I can't help but wonder is what is going on with CBJ. If she indeed gave advice like this, she'd be guilty of malpractice and at the very least negligence… If this had been a true story, with Sarah actually being pregnant and something had gone wrong at any time during delivery at Mat-Su, the first thing asked would be what was she doing delivering as a high risk patient at a local hospital that won't even deliver twins??

Redwood Palinizer: I totally agree with your points, especially about the doc's and hospital's insurance. There is no insurance company in the land that would insure a hospital or doc that takes the kind of risks involved with Sarah's wild ride delivery of Trig. Sarah Palin is lying and CBJ and the Mat Su hospital are complicit.

Ivyfree (from longer comment Wednesday): Sarah's lie…invalidates the birth mother's experience. It disappears her. She no longer exists as a factor in the child's life... and all of this was done for what reason? Why, for political advantage. For Sarah's brand. "Pro life, Mother of a Down Syndrome kid..." and I hate that. I hate that Trig gets categorized that way… (and later): Look, this is actually quite a straightforward medical situation for the doctor to be in. A woman calls with leaking amniotic fluid and contractions, she's five weeks preterm, the answer is "go to the hospital." Any questions? Okay, "Right the fuck now." And that's it. That wasn't what the doctor said? Then Sarah wasn't pregnant, wasn't leaking amniotic fluid, and the phone call was about something else.

JoeChristmas: … I have been in acute care medicine for the last 24 years. I am in good-standing and am 100% willing to bet my medical license that SPalin is NOT the biological mother of Trig…A start for any MSM "journalist" with any guts would be the fact there are only three scenarios that accompany the wild ride. 1.) SPalin is a reckless idiot willing to risk her life, a child's life, and everyone on a couple of commercial airline flights -- as well as the vanity factor of "legs akimbo, praying to the patron saint of anesthesia, the biggest joke of the century." 2.) CBJ was grossly negligent in her phone advice. 3.) The wild ride is an utter fabrication. Take it from there.

Cheeriogirl: Palingates deserves nothing less than a Pulitzer for breaking this TRUE story, WIDE OPEN. And to think all of this was put together without one whit of help from our MSM, who chose to ignore this story, rather than report it- to the peril of our once great nation.

Curioser11 (in a long post Wednesday) detailed more discrepancies in Sarah’s many accounts of the pregnancy, labor and birth.

Christine Bennett: I knew Paylin was a liar of epic proportions the first time I heard the wild ride story. At two weeks early, my son was 6 lbs 14 oz, and he was the biggest of all my babies. The baby in the picture held by Paylin's mother at the hospital is NOT in that range--that's a full term infant.

Disqusux noted: So Bristol changes her story from: "Our only source of communication was through a cell phone" to: "[email] was one of our only sources of communication". One hopes the sentencing judge reviewed the testimony.

Madam Deal had an excellent post mid-Friday on how Bristol’s testimony reveals Palin’s poor parenting.

Micmac: Absolutely cannot get over Palin leaving her 17 year old pregnant daughter 'alone' without adult supervision (other than Secret Service agents, total strangers!!!) or compassionate company while she was on the campaign trail. Just stunning. Who among us would EVER EVER leave a 17 year pregnant CHILD by herself with no one but strangers to tend to her in this most vulnerable point in her life? This is worse than the Wild Ride, even.

Cheeriogirl: I hope it's not too late for Willow to have a little chat with family values spokesperson Christine ODonnell. Christine seems to be hell bent on managing other people's sex lives, and Todd and Sarah don't seem to have time for trivial things like parenting. This could be a match made in heaven!

Bastet: …Bristol's testimony was pointless, could've been left out entirely, possibly was an attempt to inflame the jury, has inconsistencies from previous statements given publicly and really had no effect on David's conviction.

Maelewis: …there are two courts. There is one in Tennessee deciding the fate of a youthful prankster. There is also a court of public opinion. That is where we really do have influence, because there have been other crimes…which have gone unpunished, and deserve to be revisited.

Later she recommended a documentary called “God Spoke” on DOC, the Documentary Channel.

Leadfoot_LA debunked the latest smokescreen about Bristol’s “breast reduction” surgery (p.m. Sat.)

Kellygrrrl: We are now supposed to believe these conservative common sense fish pickers have their teen daughter in a plastic surgeon's office in the middle of the school year, all while she is supposedly recuperating from a major case of mono.? W T F ? ? ? Something's def not adding up here.

Regina found this interesting quote: “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ~ John F. Kennedy

ProChoiceGrandma (with assist from Aview999): Abstinence is a great idea. In knocked-up hindsight.

Mrsgunka had an excellent long post about how Sarah is stuck in the high school barracuda phase; she ends with: Their life is so sad. No love, no living, no reality. Just her one memory of being a barracuda on a basketball court. She thinks she is special and the GOP is still paying the bills for her to be Queen for a Day. Sarah, your day has passed!

Witsendnj: When I first heard of Sarah Palin and learned her nickname in high school was "Sarah Barracuda" I thought it was because she was such a great basketball player. Now of course I realize it is because she is ruthless, vicious, and vindictive.

Sickntiredofpalin (on the high winds in AK yesterday): Aaah...too bad the house wasn't picked up in the high winds so it could fall back to earth and land on Sarah. ...nothing sticking out but Sarah and her red Naughty Monkeys. I could pluck them off her feet, put them on me and click my heals three times. Click. Click. Click. *Magically* (insert lovely music) the evil witch would be gone forever and we all could go back to our real sane lives and live happily ever after! If it were just that easy. I can only dream.

Micmac had a great comment Sunday on how the benefits of health insurance reform, mortgage help and other programs are beginning to kick in and affect people’s lives.
Mrs TBB: As editor of the far-right Dartmouth Review, and since, he took pride in his nickname "Distort D'Newsa."

Links of the Week

Patrick: CREW published 81 pages of evidence against COD:


It’s the GOP…that Palin is killing

Come On, People

Murkowslki’s Last Stand?

Maddow on GOP Pledge to America

Lilybart (from NYPost): …she has no interest anymore -- zero -- in becoming P or VP. She now rakes in $45 mil a year speaking, lecturing and etcetering…

Lilylake: Joe Klein on the Iowa speech

Wes in Oregon: Did Saxby Chambliss aide leave threatening slur?

Wayofpeace: Tea party may run its course into ditch

Lilly-lily linked to Malia Litman: B.S. Prayer to Prayer Warriors Re Trig

CaliGirl22 and others linked to Tracy Schaffer on HuffPo: Those Palin Babes

and to Jon Stewart

Witsendnj: Tea Time with Sarah Palin

Austintxx: Van Jones in Think Progress on the Koch Brothers

and to LA Progressive on Poverty on Rise in America

and more on the Koch Bros

Wesinoregon had some C’OD inspired humor HERE and HERE

Kathleen and kellygrrrl linked to Grayson ads.

Here is a link to Mudflats’ Joe McGinniss’ interview

and to Progressive AK on anti-science among the candidates for Senate

wayofpeace: WaPo on Tim Kaine's GOP cannibal quip

juicyfruityy: American Fascists The Christian Right and the War on America and this on mainstreaming Palin’s religious values

Regina posted a link regarding October 2 events

Sickntiredofpalin linked to report of appeal in Kernell case and this on the DWTS publicity stunt and more on the Koch Brothers: HERE and HERE

Thanks to BellPeppery for posting the contact info for Forbes; here is the email to send your comments:

BellPeppery also linked to MediaMatters debunking Forbes article

anonPoster linked to politicususa on the Forbes smear

guest (among others) had a good photo comparison of Bristol

and AKSandhills linked to ADN on Bristol, Ballas and DWTS

Tweets of the Week

KaJo (with assist from PCG): Jeopardy Answer: @SarahPalinUSA Jeopardy Question: Which US politician’s career was blessed by Kenyan witchhunter?

Sunnyjane: I sent some tweets earlier. Don't retreat, RETWEET!
@sarahpalinusa: You R second again, Loser. Your protégé Christine O. is crazier than you are but it’s a toss-up on the cheater/liar thing.

@SarahPalinUSA, Advise RAM prepare heartwrenching speech why u FAKED pregnancy in 3, 2, 1… #palingates #tcot #p2

And of course there are some few good ones in Patrick’s post on Twitter being hacked, and Sarah’s nonsensical tweet about Acorn; here is one:

@Twitter confirms nonsensical tweets by @SarahPalinUSA @ChristineOD@fredthompson are real, not caused by Javascript hack #p2 #p21 #news

ProChoiceGrandma (with sdilmoak): High winds in Alaska on 9/24/10, is Palin’s 14 ft anti-neighbor fence still standing? Curious minds want to know! #Palin #IsAnIdiot

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